The Santharian Dream website is updated weekly, yes sometimes even daily. If you aren't visiting the site regularly
, you sure would like to know what's new since your last visits. Well, of course we are prepared for this, though we wouldn't mind if you visit the site more often of course;)

Well, you will always see the latest updates displayed at the main Web History page, which is also the page you'll see when entering the site. You can also access this page when clicking on the Santharian Dream logo on the top left of the site. If you want to see more details than the recent three website updates the Web History Archive pages will inform you about these past updates. Per year there will exist a maximum of four pages of Web History, each single page contains 3 months of updates:

  • Page I contains updates of the months January-March

  • Page II contains updates of the months April-June

  • Page III contains updates of the months July-September

  • Page IV contains updates of the months October-December

The links to these pages will be displayed on the bottom of the Webste Menu, along with the number of the year they refer to of course. Simply click on I, II, III, IV to view the appropriate Web History update pages. And well, that's it! And now have fun digging through the Santharian Archives...

Yours Santharian Webmaster,

 Date of last edit 26th Frozen Rivers 1668 a.S.

Written by Artimidor Federkiel View Profile