Accumulated on this page we present you all kinds of articles published in magazines or newspapers where our site, "The Santharian Dream", is mentioned, in order to give you an idea how our project is received "offline" if you so want. If you're a journalist yourself and would like to write something about the Dream, feel free to contact the webmaster and we'll provide more information and pictures you can use. We think a good project can need the deserved attention.

ImagineFX Cover April 2006
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ImagineFX, April 2006. In April 2006 the Santharian Dream for the first time to our knowledge made it on the pages of a magazine. Though mentioned only briefly in ImagineFX's April issue, it's definitely a start - it surely has been about time for an 8 year old internet project to be noticed by an editor and become the topic of an article, in this case addressing the art community.

Article on Santharia ImagineFX Artist News Overview The ImagineFX Article
View picture in full size Picture description. News overview and article on the Santharia Dream published in ImagineFX, April 2006 issue.

ImagineFX at the time of publishing the Santharian article was a brand new Fantasy & Sci-Fi Digital Art magazine, started in January 2006. The magazine is based in the UK, but sells copies world wide, featuring mainly artist workshops and interviews, artist galleries, reviews on tools and resources. Though quite expensive, the magazine has its uses for everyone interested in trying to produce digital art, and even includes a DVD with Photoshop, Painter or Corel Draw sources. If you're into digital art or planning to start seriously, take a look at the magazine.

The focus of the Santharian article of course is limited to the art side of the project (and a tad off in some aspects), so that it is a bit one-sided and won't give people interested in this kind of fantasy project that much insight. In general the lack of explanations on various details about the purpose of the project has to be mentioned, but on the other hand: that's what the site is here for. So if you've found your way to Santharia from reading the ImagineFX article, make sure to take the site tour to learn more about our project or just ask at the Development Forum.

Used in the article and on the overview page are artworks of Eratin (Jeff Lee Johnsen, US), who drew the Kuglimz lancer, Faugar (Rafal Hrynkiewicz, Poland), who did the Ylfferrhim elf and a part of the Volkek-Oshra picture by Quellion (Santiago Iborra, Spain) is shown as well. All three pictures are artworks exclusively commissioned for the Santharian Dream. Return to the top


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