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Author Topic: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame  (Read 170496 times)
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Twn Arerwn
Death's Mistress
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Elf, Iferhm

« Reply #1590 on: November 30, 2007, 07:36:18 AM »

A pointed ear perked a bit as she heard Torscha hollering for a drink. The only thought on Twens mind was simply, was he drunk already. Injera had not even reached its apex and the human was screaming as if he were in the seedy ports of Ciosa. Nimbly the mage twisted upon sandaled feet and returned to the main hall, consigning that breakfast could wait. Nearly bumping into Lori as she did so, tiny hands came to rest upon the barmaids arm. The elf whispered softly to her Dont yee be worrying about him, Ill get his drink.

Metallic grey eyes studied the obvious circus that had moved into the common room. Evidently her words from not more than two days previous had failed in bringing forth the desired affect. Petite shoulders shrugged gently, leaving the subject for a few moments to handle the boisterous Centoraurian. A solitary hand climbed to grasp a tankard, nimbly twirling the mug about a tiny digit before placing it under the keg. Almond shaped eyes peered over her shoulder at Torscha, rugged and handsome as usual.

Twen had actually missed his company over the last few days or was it he reminded her of someone. Unlikely as that may be for the mage rarely associated with the less than savory people she encountered. Maybe it was his flamboyant style that attracted the elfs attention. The gambler existed in a world the mage had never allowed herself to be part of, a place filled with laughter and a carefree atmosphere. Lukewarm foam spilled over the rim of the tankard bringing the elfess from such whimsical thoughts.

Casually the elf shook her tiny hand to get the foul smelling fluid from between her fingers. Setting the mug aside she hastily began to fill another, barely narrowing her opaque eyes she started to chill the contents. Why she did this for Torscha she would never know, none of the other patrons noticed the warmth of their ale. Then again the Centoraurian had never perceived that his drinks were always colder when she served them. Ancient eyes filled with a swirling maelstrom of nearly perceptible fire, Twen was forever overflowing with euphoria when working magic. 

Two tankards of ale grasped gingerly in her hands she turned about and sauntered over to stand before Torscha and his friend. Softly spoken words overflowing with sarcasm rolled soothingly over the mages supple lips. Mlord must yee be screaming for a drink this early? Would yee prefer to just whistle and have a band of harlots to serve yee? Pursed crimson lips blew gently upon wandering curls, an attempt to move them from her field of vision. Nonchalantly placing the tankards in front of the men, Twen made sure the colder of the two went to Torscha.

A tiny hand slipped a bottle of reddish pink wine from beneath the bar and hastily filled, to the rim, a slender goblet. A look of glee could be seen dancing in the obscure facade of the ancient elf's eyes as she stared into the liquid for a few moments. Only she knew what it was a mixture of and it was not common liquor in these parts, which was without question. A beaming grin displayed over Twens petite features as she raised the goblet to Torscha and Tiras.

The spell fell upon the crowd like a dragon,
ancient and full of death.
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Garret Arroway
The Wolfling
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Human, Kyranian

« Reply #1591 on: November 30, 2007, 08:09:22 AM »

     Garret had set down his mug and tore off another strip of meat and began consuming the food as Shadowfoot was finishing his bit. The wolf seemed content to take his time with the meat for now, knowing that his human would be busy filling his own stomach to notice him again so soon. It was the usual for the two in buildings, both wolf and young man watching their surrounds while enjoying themselves at the same time.

     The silver wolf gobbled up the last bit of meat and began watching the room like his human. An excited bark coming from across the room caused Shadowfoot's head to turn towards the sound swiftly. A brownish-gold dog was running towards the grey wolf, Garret having heard the bark as well had turned in that direction and watched the animal. Golden and grey eyes watched the dog as he came closer to the pair. As the animal approached he lowered himself closer to the ground, and when it got fairly close it rolled onto its back and let out a little whimper.

     Shadowfoot looked up at his human quizzically, but Garret just watched. When the wolf turned its almost golden eyes back on the dog, it had climbed back to its feet and was running to the other side of the room. As the dog looked back, Shadowfoot just watched it then yawned and lifted his head to his human for more meat. Garret agreed and pulled another chunk free and tossed it down to the lazy wolf. Usually Shadowfoot was always in the mood to play but it seemed that the heat was getting to him. Garret watched for a moment as the wolf chewed on the strip of meat before tearing off another piece and kneeling next to his animal. The great silver animal looked greedily at the strip and turned his head toward it but Garret just playfully pushed him aside, and the wolf returned to his meal. Garret turned toward the dog, whistling lightly and patting his knee, trying to get the animal to approach him.

Before you kill him, think of what you take from him. Remember what it is to be alive.
Quote: Robin Hobb
Nyxthia Calfuray
Inquisitive Regenade
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Human, Hjoria

« Reply #1592 on: November 30, 2007, 09:33:22 AM »

Nyxthia gave a sigh of relief when the Kar-ii beamed at her. She thought that would be the end of this encounter, but no. The Kar-ii slid into the free seat beside Nyxthia, and ordered two plates of what she had been eating. "Now back t' breakfast, lass. How'd ye come by a bear?" she asked, curiosity shining bright in her blue eyes.

How did I come by Glacier? Interesting question. Nyxthia pondered over it for a moment before opening her mouth. But before she could speak, however, a loud shout erupted from the dice game, interupting her thoughts. She glanced over; it seemed that the lucky man was the Centoraurian. It seemed that the Kar-ii also enjoyed games of chance, as her xazure eyes was observing them too.

Nyxthia took this time to examine her newfound friend. Her snow white tresses were something that Nyxthia usually saw on the elderly, but hers had a vibrancy to it that the seniors lacked. She moved with a fluidity that was almost unconsious, her slender hand had a certain grace that was often present with the skill of dance. A dancer, perhaps? Nyxthia's observations were stopped short, however, as the lady turned away from the dice game and smiled at her, waiting for her answer. When the food arrived, Nyxthia decided to start the explanation.

"Oh, Glacier? Well, it wasn't me finding him, per se. It's more like him finding me. I was travelling in the Shaded Forest for a while then, and he just came. I thought he just wanted my fruits at first, but after I fed him, he just kept following me, no matter what I did. So, here he is, my faithful furry companion." Nyxthia grinned at both the lady and Glacier. "How about you? Do you have any pets?"

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