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Author Topic: The Palace(Voldar)  (Read 3545 times)
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Simonne Miller
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« Reply #240 on: October 18, 2007, 12:28:07 PM »

Lance was quiet as Cadence spoke to him. Very, very quiet. At first they were walking side by side, but the more she talked, the slower he walked, until finally he was standing completely still when she was finished. He looked at the grapes in his hand thoughtfully. The very thing he'd wanted to talk to her about, and here it was coming out of her mouth! He directed his gaze at the girl - no, the young woman - next to him.

"I know about Iris and the King, Cadence. The Baron might be too preoccupied with getting an heir to notice anything else, but I used my eye, and I saw her reaction. And his, as well. I would do much to allow them their happiness together, because she deserves it. But more importantly, I want to be able to keep you from harm. I..." Suddenly the full impact of what she'd said registered in his brain. "You'd trade places with her? My... the way I look, it's not repulsive to you?" He was suddenly nervous at the impulsive decision he took. He knelt down on one knee on the stones next to her, the grapes falling forgotten from his hand. He took her hands in his.

"Cadence, if you really mean what you said... if you would trade places with your sister, so that she can be happy.... then will you let me try and make you happy? I want to protect you from harm, in any way that I can. I will talk to the Baron, don't worry about that. Will you be my wife, Cadence?"

He looked up at her imploringly, the intensity of his feeling obvious in his brown eye. He wanted to communicate the force he felt in the small, dainty hands he was holding, but he held them carefully, making sure not to frighten her in any way. If only she would say yes... But she'd already said she would trade places, hadn't she? So she wouldn't say no now, would she?

Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art...

Simonne Miller
Cherri Rowandyn
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« Reply #241 on: October 19, 2007, 02:11:42 AM »

Cadence had not realized they had stopped until she finished talking.  So focused on not losing her nerve to speak to Lance she had not ventured to see his reaction until now.  She was half afraid that he would laugh at her proving that once more she was inept and naive about judging the character of men.

Lances features were thoughtful for a moment and then suddenly her fixed his eye upon her.  For a blink Cadence thought that she had been mistaken to trust Lance but the most unexpected suprise dispelled any doubts.

He confided that he knew about the feelings between Iris and Voltigar and Cadence almost smirked at the thought that it was hidden from anyone.  Everyone who paid any attention at all could see the two had deep feelings for each other.  A weight seemed to be lifted from her shoulders and Cadence breathed a sigh of relief.  So far so good. 

Cadence had been unsure as to how the knight would react to her bluntness.  She was deeply attracted to Lance and did not know why...and tho he was betrothed to Iris, Cadence felt it natural to be with Lance; in his presence, on his arm.  the thought of her sister being with him, of sharing his bed and not loving him as he deserved stirred something primal in her and she knew if need be she would fight to show him that she could make him happy.  But what is she displeased him?  What is he wanted Iris and not her?  She knew she would not try to force her attentions on him if they were unwanted.  She wanted Lance to be happy, even if it meant not being with her.

Feeling dejected Cadence's attention was brought back to Lance as he was talking.  Her eyes were casted down as she knew that he would reject her.  He was leading up to it.  She could feel it.  Yes he wanted to keep her from harm.  Why wouldn't he since she was Iris's sister after all and if something happened to her then Iris would be unhappy thus making Lance unhappy.  She was ready to finish his sentence with '..just do not care for you in that way' yet those words did not come from his lips.

Cadence looked up into his features, looking beyond the misshapen face, seeing only the handsome man he truly was.  His voice was one of astonishment as he thought outloud.  It had finally registered what she had been trying to say to him.  He appeared nervous and then suddenly dropped down on one knee before him.  He had questioned whether she found him repulsive and tears began to form in her eyes.

Cadence watched the remaining grapes roll away from where Lance had dropped them, the remaining of the bushel in her own hand absently discarded as well.  Her stomach clenched and for a moment she thought she would be ill.  Was he really doing what she had been fantasizing about since she had met him?  He couldn't be.  And yet here he was kneeling down before her taking her hands into his own telling her that if she meant what she had said he would do all that was within his power to make her happy.

The stone beneath her feet seemed as if it had suddenly began to moving causing her to feel as if she were about to fall.  Catching at Lance's hands for stability, Cadence felt the strength in his hands and the gentleness in his eyes and her legs melted.  She sank before him as he asked her to become his wife.  Tears spilled happily down her cheeks unheedingly. 

She freed one of her hands from Lance's and gently caressed the side of his face.  Her eyes held his one good eye.  She wanted to make sure he knew one thing for certain.  "I have never found you repulsive nor could I ever.  I see the handsome man you truly are and I would be honored to be your wife.  I have never wanted anything more in my life than to be with you as your wife and bear your children."

Tears tumbled down her face as the intensity of his feelings radiated from his brown eye.  Cadence was captivated that someone could care for her with such emotion.

Taking Lance's large hand in her own she brought his palm to her lips and kissed it softly before lowering his hand and cupping his face within her own callased ones.  Raising so that she was level with his own face Cadence tentatively brought her body close to his and kissed his lips softly.


Cherri Rowandyn
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« Reply #242 on: October 19, 2007, 06:09:03 PM »

Voltigar put out an arm on each side; one for Lady Cherri and the other for Lady Naya. They both graciously took the proferred arms and he began to lead them out into the outer hallway away from the dining hall. He turned and looked at Clayton. "Sir Clayton, I am sure that nothing will happen to me with these two lovely, yet superbly athletic warrioress's at my side. You are dismissed, unless of course you wish to test yourself against either?" Voltigar taunted.


Baron Thorigor stood up and his knights with him. "Master Garth I hope to hear from thee before the sun sets this day; until then I wish thee well."

He left with his knights in tow. He asked a servant where the Baroness's quarters were and was led to their door. He turned and looked at his knights. "I think I should do this alone. You are dismissed, and when you see Lance, tell him I am displeased with him and will wish to see him as soon as I retrun."

"Yes M'lord," they all replied and then left.

Thorigor faced the door, hesitantly raised his fist and then lowered it. What would he say? How could he ever explain to them? What hardships they must have faced? How could he ever face Iris's eyes again. The venom, the hate that was in them when they first met was enough to turn a man to stone.

He sighed, straightend his wizend shoulders and then rapped upon the door and waited...
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