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Author Topic: 6th Hour of Sunblaze Warrior Battle  (Read 1685 times)
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« Reply #150 on: Today at 05:30:07 AM »

Isoto laughed and Joey recoiled from him. What was he laughing at? Turning to look into the ring, where Arcuthra and the black haired Kar-ii prepared to fight, Jo took her hand from Chingu. There were good reasons she did not allow herself to become so connected, she mused. Very good reasons indeed.

However, her eyes softened again as she listened to her friend recounted the way he was brought up and the reasoning for his clan being the way it was. When he finished, he said in conclusion, “So Jo, in all truth, my strength left me..the day my men were slaughtered. So here I am, only a shell of who I was, just looking for someone precious. Some one I can die for.”

Sighing a little, Joey really did not understand. She was starting to feel her age in comparison to his. She was merely seventeen, and knew nothing of this elf beside
her. She knew he had skin pale like her own, striking hair and dark eyes. She knew he had a companion, so he mustn’t be unbearable, and now she knew he was in search of something that could possibly be unattainable, at least in her own eyes.

”And this will redeem your mistake?” Joey asked this carefully, not asking in a spiteful way, but more curious. Her voice was soft, but had an edge of discomfort. They were both being extremely frank, something the girl was not used to. Jo lifted a slender arm to run her fingers along the nape of her neck where her Rover tattoo lay. The Rovers were tight knit, as were the Kasumarii people, both nomadic and travelers by nature. However, Joey had felt only a survival instinct with them, nothing else.

No urge to die for any of her kinsmen had overcome her, simply the intuitive will to stay alive and disregard others. Perhaps that was her own doing that led her in that direction. Perhaps her kinsmen would have died for her all along. Jo looked at Isoto again, and gave a smile in return this time.

"It is in this solitude that we discover ... we are worth more than the result of our efforts."
miss Jo.
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« Reply #151 on: Today at 06:04:07 AM »

Nogra Ungorra

Nogra gathered the Kasumarii's name as the orc Arcuthra entered the ring. Looking glowingly from Vincent to the orc, Nogra was delighted. Each year at the Festival only got better! He loved every battle. Clearing his throat, Nogra bellowed louder than normal in his excitement, "Onlookers! Prepare for a battle between the infamous Kar-ii and the dangerous orcs! It shall indeed be worth staying to observe. May I introduce Vincent and Arcuthra!" As the crowd cheered, Nogra lowered his voice and addressed the contestants, looking at each meaningfully, "Remember, men, only to first blood or until one of you yields. when I leave the ring you may begin."

Nogra sauntered from the ring, a little more showy than normal, but bubbling with renewed excitement. Ahhh, a day at the fair, such fun and excitement. Grinning as the crowd's applause died down, Nogra turned back toward the ring seated himself.

(ooc: you know the drill, three posts each, then wait until you recieve a pm of the outcome. We will judge you based on your skill, the quality of your posts, and a random (luck) roll. Afterwards will be two more posts each indicating the outcome of the battle. Happy fighting!)
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