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Author Topic: The Boar's Beard  (Read 2256 times)
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Benedict Bennett
Paladin of Armeros
Approved Character
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Human, Erpheronian

« Reply #105 on: May 23, 2008, 01:45:30 AM »

The paladin raised his gauntleted left hand to grasp the firm leather of his saddlebags.  He wore every piece of armor in a futile attempt to stay warm amid the wisps of frigid air that battered about him and nipped at his well shaven face.  Even the two tabards the possessed were tied about him hoping they might provide some relief from the icy blasts.  Benedict stopped his stride just as the walls of the city passed behind his armored shoulders and breathed in heavily of the night hair till it burned his lungs.  A feeling mixed with relief that the voyage was finally over with his feet on solid, albeit frozen ground and a deep foreboding of what laid in store for him in Remusiat. 

His xazure colored eyes drifted to his left as he heard the creaking of a worn, fading sign in the night air.  Snow fell about him and he pulled the hem of his cloak tighter about him.  The wooden board that designated an establishment creaked loudly on its rusted metal posts as the chilly night air blew about it.  The paladin squinted as he tried seeing what visage remained on the dark and fading placard.  Above a picture of a fanged beast where engraved letters marking the tilted building that it attached to as The Boars Beard.  Benedict cursed himself for never learning the skill of letters and shrugged his broad shoulders with a heavy sigh.  I guess this is it, the paladin said in a low voice and took a stride towards the open door.  His booted feet struck the old floor and the boards creaked under his weight.  Moving just inside and away from the portal, he glanced about the darkened interior.  His nose protested at the reeking order of unwashed bodies and liquid spirits.  At his male coved feet were chards of glass and splinters of broken wood that had not been removed from what the paladin assumed must have been a brawl.

It was not the first time Benedict had been in such an establishment and every time he was a not appeared in the pit of his stomach that gnawed at him reminding him of his less than respectable upbringing.  Slowly his free hand found its way to the pommel of his sword hoping the gesture would lessen the chance that the seedy patrons would bother him.

The voice of the man who had raised him snapped into his head as unwelcome as the aroma that accosted his senses, whats a matter Carrion too good now for the likes of these, it taunted.

Benedict shook his head to remove the unpleasant thought and glanced about again, for what looked like the owner.  His eyes fell on the form of a large, gruff looking woman.  She sat looking weary in the wooden seat she occupied next to the fire.  Making his way about the patrons he walked the distance between him and the woman, his gaze lowered slightly but his eyes keenly took in his surroundings.  The wooden boards beneath his feet protested loudly as he moved around what patrons were moving about until he was in front of the woman.

She is armed and rightfully so, he thought before taking a position with his back angled towards the wall and turned slightly to the woman.  He notice a flask in her grip as well and wondered if the woman was dipping into her profits.

Begging your pardon Milady, he began with a slight nod of his head in her direction, but would you be so kind as to tell me I might obtain a hot meal and a room for the evening?

His glance did not stay long on the woman but drifted back to the patrons hoping that if any of them tried something unsavory towards him he might notice it.

The value of a nation is determined by the weighed of gold bars.
The price of justice is determined by the volume of spilt blood.

Unbound Rogue
Story Mod
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Human, Eyelian

« Reply #106 on: Yesterday at 04:29:37 AM »


Anxiously Maryn watched the door as it creaked open, a rush of icy air finding its way over the hearth. To her dismay, it was not the two she'd sent with her maid, but rather a man who looked ready for battle. She'd heard the cries of guards in the harbour, the evidence that her city was indeed being attacked. Fearfully she awaited more news, but did not leave the Beard; it was her only comfort in times like these.

A few men had arrived from the plaza, telling her of commotion at the West Gate and insisting on drink after drink. She longed for that storyteller to come and distract them as he had with countless others in the past weeks, but she surmised he would not be returning. She kept the drinks coming, cleaning up broken mugs as they fell off the tables, but had just sat down to enjoy a drink of her own. The skinny barmaid now swept the floor under their table to the taunts of men thirsty for something other than spirits.

Shaking her head, Maryn watched the armored man approach. When he asked for a hot meal and a bed, she stood, nodding as she said, "I can provide ya that, lad. Don't ya be lookin' too nervous, now. I know ya folks are on edge, but I can't be watchin' ya all the time. There's been enough fightin' fer one day 'ere and I imagine there'll be more 'fore the night's out... Ahh, see I'm talkin' to ya like I know ya. Now, sit, and I'll getcha a meal a' wison steak an' some ale." Motioning to her table, Maryn gave the man her seat and lumbered towards the kitchen.

Maybe, if more men like this one came and came quickly, Remusiat would be safe and sound after all.

..tell me your heart doesn't race for a hurricane or a burning building. -asw
Your pal, Khel
Benedict Bennett
Paladin of Armeros
Approved Character
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Gender: Male
Posts: 114

Human, Erpheronian

« Reply #107 on: Yesterday at 06:37:13 PM »

The paladin turned his head back towards the large woman he hear the woman rise from the wooden chair he had found her in.  The fire cast a warm glow about the woman as it burned with the hearth.  He could not hear noise it produced for the noise created by the establishments guests.  The warmth that emanated from the flames began to warm the man despite his best efforts to remain alert to the possible threat the patrons may hold to him.

Benedict heard her offer a steak made from an animal he had never heard of before but was not surprised.  May times in his travels, the paladin had partaken of meals far less appealing in description that had turned out to be rather enjoyable.  His mouth began to water as he thought about eating the slab of meat bathed in the warm glow and heat from the hearth but these were not all the message implied and he knew it.  To be honest he was a bit nervous.  If he had been here a few more time before the paladin was sure that the feeling of mortal peril would have already lifted as he became accustom to the gruff patrons, as it was he knew nothing of them or the ice encased land he had just arrived in.  In his hast to obey a direct order to go he had failed to acquire information about the place or even directions to important locations he would be obliged to go.

The woman also implied that a battle had ensued and this struck the warrior like a swords blow to his shield.  To Benedict's credit, his intentions were honorable.  He had wished to assist at the earliest possible moment in whatever skirmish might occur but it occurred to the warrior that somehow he had missed obvious signs that conflict had already erupted.  He winced from the piercing mental pain of failure.

Have I missed something
, Benedict thought, if there is a battle and I do not attempt to assist than I will be in even more trouble.

The heavy set woman had already begun her trek across badly worn and cluttered floor to a destination the man could only guess as to.  Benedict sighed but knew he must find out the answer to the question that burned hotter and larger in his inner being than that in the hearth.  His long legs began to take strides towards the woman with whom he had just spoken.  The paladins mind insisted that he inquire even if it meant admitting his ignorance and foolishness.  He knew if he did not ask he could retain the aura that he knew what was going on and then face the consequences later as he stood before his new commander or he could risk admitting his failings publicly now and spare himself from whatever additional punishment might be added to that which surly awaited him.  The crunch of mug shards beneath his boots brought his thoughts back to the situation as the paladin decided on the former option.

Sorry to bother you again milady, Benedict ventured raising his voice slightly in the hope that he might arouse the attention of the woman whose retreating back was towards him, but what fighting are you referring?  You see, he began again, I have just arrived from Lorehaven and have heard nothing about the events of the evening.  I carry papers that must be delivered to the command here in the city and, he stopped his words for a brief moment hoping the woman would turn and acknowledge his words, I have heard nothing that would indicate that a battle is in progress.

The value of a nation is determined by the weighed of gold bars.
The price of justice is determined by the volume of spilt blood.

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