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Author Topic: Drake Wolven/ Eyelian/ Beastmaster  (Read 297 times)
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Drake Wolven
New Santharian

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« Reply #15 on: December 08, 2007, 08:53:53 AM »

Thanks. Added in the weight.
Nelique A’drosa
New Santharian

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Human ~ Anpagan

« Reply #16 on: December 09, 2007, 01:24:55 AM »

"Maybe pondering the basic rules of this forum would help you gather more useful comments. The thread at the top of this forum with the words "Must Read" might be an indication you should .... read them."
1) When you create the thread in which you are going to post your character description or CD. CD is the short form of “Character Description”, pretty commonly used in these parts. So it would be wise to become acquainted with it now. The Moderators and Administration respectfully request that the title of your thread contains nothing more or less than Name/Tribe/Occupation. These simple notations draw the attention of those most qualified to help you. “Not so difficult, don’t you think?”
"I think the above quote from that thread is most fitting here, don't you? Possibly reading it in its entirety would save from future misunderstandings. When the effort to do the best you can is ignored, sometimes the Mods feel that their efforts are not being appreciated." *Curtsies lightly and departs*
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¤•••Gods?! Oh, you wish to speak of fairy-tales, sure I know a bit about them.•••¤ Quote: Nelique A'drosa
Drake Wolven
New Santharian

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« Reply #17 on: December 12, 2007, 03:30:25 PM »

Thanks, I have changed it
Celebriän Véneanár
New Santharian

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Gender: Female
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« Reply #18 on: December 13, 2007, 07:20:18 AM »

You said you have a lightning scar, is the scar form lightning or in a lightning shape?

"I wash my hands of the weirdness"
                 -Captain Jack Sparrow
Drake Wolven
New Santharian

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« Reply #19 on: December 13, 2007, 10:33:52 AM »

It is a zigzag scar that looks like lightning. I have edited the CD.
Celebriän Véneanár
New Santharian

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Gender: Female
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« Reply #20 on: December 15, 2007, 08:26:54 PM »

Is it me or do you seem a little overpowered in your S&W, I mean you seem to have more strenghts than you weakness can keep up with.

"I wash my hands of the weirdness"
                 -Captain Jack Sparrow
Drake Wolven
New Santharian

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« Reply #21 on: December 16, 2007, 06:16:54 AM »

I have lowered my archery range of 20 peds now. Also, I have increased the weaknesses to 6. That is one more than my strengths, I think.
Vesk Lyricahl
Woeful Rover
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Human, Eyelian

« Reply #22 on: December 18, 2007, 10:14:11 PM »

Allow me to assist a fellow Eyelian. ;)

Title:The Tamer

Name: Drake Wolven

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Race: Human

Tribe: Eyelian

Occupation: Beast Master


-Height: 1.5 peds

-Weight: 1 pygge and 2 heb

-Hair Colour: Dark Brown

-Eye Colour: Black

-Physical Appearance:

His skin colour is darkish brown in colour. As mentioned, he is short. He is rather slim and slender, but is very strong. You can see his muscles bulking out from his loose clothes. Bulking muscles are the opposite of slim and slender. He has a zigzag scar that looks like a strike of lighting on its left cheek. His right leg is broken, and the lower portion is replaced by a stick. I'm confused. Is his leg broken, or is the lower half missing altogether? He has a staff to support himself. The Eyelian Coat of Arms is tatooed on his right shoulder. And where is the tattoo that marks him as a member of the Wolf Clan?

 He wears a Sognastheen green loose shirt.
 He wears Sognastheen green lose pants
Surely you can describe his clothes in greater detail than this.

Drake Wolven is an intelligent, sharp and perceptive person. He likes to stay unnoticed, observe and listen to other's conversations to learn more about the place he is in. However, if a traveller asks about his tribe and his history, he is never too tired to tell him about it. He is very proud of the Eyelian history and community. Partly due to the fact that his own leg is crippled, he loves animals, and would bandage the wounded leg of a small bird or hare when he sees one. He is a quiet person, and do not normally talk with people. He likes to mingle with animals more. He does not give his trust easily, but he is fiercely loyal once he does so. Drake is also a resilient person. He has a strong will and would never give up once he set a target no matter how many obstacles he faced.



He is a excellent tamer, and knows the languages of wolves very well. He knows simple bird talk, but could not call to them for help when he is in danger. But he can tell them to pass messages. I want to mention here that an Eyelian does not command an animal to do anything, rather he asks, as he would a friend.


Due to his disability, Drake Wolven decided to practise archery to overcome his defect, and he proved to be a very good archer. His shots are powerful, accurate and sharp. Also, owing to his strong psyche, he could shoot 20 peds. You do realize that 20 peds is quite the short range for an archer? My own character can shoot over ten times as far, and his range is only the average for a longbow. Such a short range is fine, but there needs to be an explanation as to why his range is so short, an injury perhaps. Even if you've only lowered the range to lessen his strengths, the reason for it has to be there.


A natural talent of Eyelians, he is able to survive in the wild without any help. He knows how to look for food in the wild, and also knows how to make some makeshift weapons. He knows how to look for tracks and catch game.

As his aiming is good, and he still retains his strength, his throwing is accurate and strong. And what is it that he throws?

-Wolf Familiar
Wolf can defend Drake if needed. He can also help to find food. I'd like more of a description of how Wolf comes to Drake's aid.


-Uncomfortable in Cold Climate
He hates cold climate and would shiver uncontrollably if he is in one. In cold weather, he would need THICK THICK clothes to protect himself.

-Crippled Leg:
His leg is broken when he felt down the waterfall. Earlier you described him with a peg leg?

Sometimes, Drake is rash, as can be seen from his attack of the bear. He did not think whether it is dangerous. He just thought of his broken leg and attacked.

He has a fear of heights. I'd like more of a description as to just how this fear affects him.

He is very guillible and believes what others said easily if it makes sense or sounds nice.

-Bad Social Skills
He is a loner, and does not talk a lot. He does not have many friends and does not like to make friends as well. This does not seem to mesh well with his gullibility. If he does not talk to others, then how do they manage to take advantage of him?


   Drake Wolven was born under the lush green trees of the Zeiphyrian Forest. His father was a beastmaster and his mother was a hunter. Both were from the Wolf Clan. Drake was taught to love the forest. Due to his parents' jobs, he explored the forests very often. He learnt how to survive in the forest from his mother. He learnt to look for tracks of animals, learnt to identify edible plants, and also learnt to make makeshift weapons like staves (He learnt how to tell whether a type of wood is suitable for making a staff). Most importantly, his mother taught him how to make use of the bow and arrow. Under the strict guidance of his mother, a skilful archer, he learnt to stable his bow and arrow and aim accurately at objects.

   Drake's father taught him how to use a staff, and also planned a training schedule for him to ensure that he was fit. He also taught him the language of the animals. As a Beastmaster, he was most suitable. I assume you mean just wolves and birds, as your strengths say? He was able to impart to him all the intricacies and nuances of communicating with animals: the occasional call, the sudden twitching of one's face, the winking of eyes, and the subtle positioning of the body. As a member of the Wolf Clan, the first language Drake learnt was the wolf language. Drake was fascinated by the magnificence of wolves. Their mysterious, wise looks, their powerful runs, and their stealth at killing amazed him. Drake eagerly absorbed the language of the wolves.

   Drake's first attempt at communicating with a wolf was with his father's bonded wolf. Trying to suppress his nervousness, he slowly walked up, postioned his body posture, looked directly at the wolf and howl softly, "Greetings to you, Mister Wolf." The wolf ignored him. Puzzled, Drake looked up at his father, who was watching him. His father remained quiet, and his facial expression did not betray anything. Drake tried to remember what he did wrongly and tried again. However, the wolf still ignored him.

   But Drake was not a child who would be daunted by a small failure. He kept trying, modifying his posture here and there, correcting what he taught were mistakes, and tried again whenever the wolf ignored him. Finally, he remembered his father's teachings about exchanging looks with a wolf. "If you are speaking to a senior or old wolf, you should make sure that your gaze is lower than the wolf's." Drake immediately lowered his gaze and tried again. This time, the wolf gave an approving grunt, and his father nodded approvingly. Drake smiled. He had finally succeeded.

   After that, he started communicating a lot with his father's wolf, and also tried communicating with other wolves. His language slowly improved, and a lot of the wolves became his friends.

   Drake grew up quickly, both in his age and in his skills. He became an extremely good archer, and could shoot objects 40 peds away. This contradicts your strengths. His usage of the staff was good as well. His survial skills were solid. But his parents were most proud of his taming prowess. He had the uncanny ability of learning animals languages and making friends with various animals quickly. Drake learnt a lot more language now, and were fluent in all of them. Any animal languages he knows should be mentioned in his strengths. According to them, he only knows those of birds and wolves. However, he still loved wolves the most.

   However, the bright future of Drake Wolven seemed destroyed when his right leg was crippled. He was exploring the forest when he met a bear. The bear roared and advanced towards him. Drake ran while calling to wolves for help, but it seemed that there were no wolves nearby. The bear was advancing closer. Frantically, Drake ran and ran. He forgot to check where he was going, and fell down a waterfall. Drake tried to soften the fall by grappling anything he could get his hands on to slow down his faling speed. However, he still fell heavily. There was a sickening snap of bones, and Drake roared from the overwhelming pain. The bear saw that it could not reach Drake, and left. Before he fainted, he called to a bird passing by and asked her to pass his whereabouts to his clan.

   When Drake awoke again, he saw himself surrounded by a lot of people. Among the faces, he saw the overjoyed faces of his parents when they saw that he woke up. They were not crying at that moment, but he could still make out the deep red lines on their eyes.

   Drake suffered a lot of cuts and bruises from the fall, but none were fatal. However, his right leg was broken and could not be repaired no matter how hard the doctors in the clan tried. When his injuries healed, Drake became a cripple. His lower broken portion was removed and replaced with a stick.

   It was a bitter blow for Drake. He could not move as freely and swiftly as before. He could not fight with his staff anymore, because it was hard to balance himself without the support of his staff. The other Eyelians would often look upon him with pity. A promising young lad ruined with such an injury.

   However, Drake refused to accept his fate. He refused to believe that his life was ruined because of this. He wanted to fight back. He wanted to change his fate. He wanted people call him the Cripple, not with pity and sadness, but with awe. He refused to give up because of his injury.

   Drake started training very diligently after this tragedy. He forced himself move around swiftly with his crippled leg. It was a hard struggle. He fell a lot of time, but he always got up again, tried again. Again and again, he fell. Again and again, he climbed up, with the determination on his face growing stronger and stronger.

   Day and night, he practised. Day and night, his leg grew strong, and his coordination became better with every practise. Soon, he was able to move
around with speed and swiftness, not as fast as before, but near enough. From his practice, he also formulated a way of moving quickly: leap-walking. He
woould leap with his leg and then balance himself with his staff and stick(on his broken leg). Day and night, he practised his techniques. Day and night, he became quicker, swifter and more agile. Drake smiled. He had overcome one obstacle.

   Besides this, Drake also trained hard in his archery to overcome his ineffectiveness in melee combat. He also practiced on throwing little stone at objects, to make up for his loss of melee combat. He improved quickly. Soon, he was able to shoot targets 50 peds away. His communication with animals reached a new level as well. He had started "talking" with falcons, and was getting alone quite well. He'll never be able to communicate with falcons or any other animal as well as he does wolves, considering that his spirit animal is a wolf. Also keep in mind that his fluency in each language depends upon the time spent studying it. The more languages he knows, the less proficient he is in each.

   Drake soon reached manhood. It was the time for the seeking of the spirit. He stayed in the Lodge of Purification for five days with only minute amounts of water. After the five days, Drake was given a small knife and was sent out into the wilderness alone. Before he was sent away, his parents were worried. Although they saw that their son overcame the defects of being crippled, they were still worried for the safety of their son, alone in the wild. However, Drake was undaunted. Time and again, his determination had proved to him that he could achieve what he want. He relished the chance of overcoming an obstacle and the taste of victory.

   For the first day, Drake wandered around, looking for food and water, and a strike stone, as fire is a vital resource for surviving in the wild. At night, he gathered some dried branches and leaves and started a fire. Staring into the fire, he prayed for the spirit. However, it did not appear on the first day. The second day passed similar to the first. On the third morning, Drake saw a bear fighting a young mithral wolf. The wolf had a few cuts on his leg, and the bear seemed to be dominating over the wolf. Remembering how his leg got crippled, Drake became wild with fury. Just as the bear was about to strike, Drake picked up a big rock and aimed it at the bear's head. It hit. Blood started gushing out from the back of the bear's head. The bear was furious and charged at Drake. But this time the young wolf saw the chance and tore a huge piece of meat from the bear's leg. Injured and bleeding, the bear lashed about insanely in all directions, but Drake kept his distance and threw stones, while the wolf attacked cautiously, biting here and there. Finally, the bear gave one final roar and dropped, dead.

   Gasping, Drake slowly calmed himself down. The wolf approached Drake and "spoke","Thank you, brother." Drake smiled, and replied, "It is my duty, brother." Then, he turned to leave, to continue his seek for the spirit. However, the wolf followed him. "I got lost with my clan. Can I follow you, brother?" Happily, Drake nodded.

   For the next few days, Drake wandered the forests with the wolf, and prayed for a sign. Through his journey, he had begun to like the mithral wolf(He had even came up with a name for him, Wolf). As they journeyed through the forests, their friendship grew. Every night, Drake prayed again for a sign, a dream, but he could only see blurry and distorted images.

   On the fifth night, when Drake fell asleep (the wolf was beside him), Drake got a vivid dream. He dreamed of a strange wolf who spoke to him. "My beloved child," the wolf said, "through your life, you have proved yourself to be determined and strong. Today's fight also proved your bravery. It is clear to me that you are fit to become an Eyelian priest. However, in order to make yourself strong so that you can survive the trials, you must cut out of the heart of the wolf beside you and eat it raw." With that, the wolf disappeared.

   The next day, Drake wandered around the forest again, with Wolf beside him. He was deep in thought. He had always looked upon the priests in awe and reverence, and really wanted to become one of them, and speak with Grothar and Jeyriall. However, would he kill Wolf in order to become a priest? Drake was torn between his desire to become a priest and his love of Wolf. He spent the whole day looking sombre, deep in thought. Wolf sensed his sadness, and sometimes licked his face to comfort him, but Drake still seemed sad. As night drew near, Drake came up with a decision. He would not sacrifice his friend's life in order to achieve his own's greatness. He would not kill Wolf so that he could become a priest. He would become a priest through his own means, and would not harm a friend for his own selfish ways. He would not kill Wolf!

   That night, Drake met the strange wolf in his dream again. "My beloved child," the wolf spoke, "I have sensed your answer, and am satisfied with it. Coupled with resilience and bravery, you also have the ability to sense right and wrong, and would not let your friends suffer to achieve your own goals. These are the ways of the True Eyelian. With your decision, you have shown yourself as a True Eyelian, and have saved your bond, Wolf, from his death. Drake Wolven, from this moment on, you have entered manhood, as a True Eyelian." The wolf turned away and slowly disappeared. Just before it did, it turned around and said, "A piece of advice, it would be better if you become a beastmaster. The life of a priest is not for you."

   Drake returned home that following day and recounted all that happened to the Elders, and he was led to meet the fellow Beastmasters. His father, happy that he had come back safely, also gave him the Wolf Talisman he wore around his neck, the artefact passed down for generations as a blessing. Artifacts are currently banned from play. I would prefer if you called it a heirloom, so there is no mistake about it being magical, as that would not be allowed.

   Drake quickly learnt the job requirements and the daily chores of a beastmaster, and did them well. This is the life of Drake Wolven until now.



Maple Longbow- His father gave it to him after his leg was crippled.

Staff - It is a normal wooden stuff cut from an Oak Tree. He knows what kind of wood is good for a staff.


Quiver of arrows

Small Hatchet - Used for cutting branches that may be needed to start a fire. Also, it can be used to cut staves.

Wolf Talisman - unknown use, passed down through the generations as a blessing

Strike Stone - For making fire


Wolf - He met Wolf during his seek for the spirit. I'd like more of a description for Wolf. Describe him for us, so that anyone you role play with will know how your wolf looks.

I am but a dreamer in this waking nightmare some would call life. ~ Vesk
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« Reply #23 on: December 18, 2007, 10:42:48 PM »

Is it me or do you seem a little overpowered in your S&W, I mean you seem to have more strenghts than you weakness can keep up with.
Also, I have increased the weaknesses to 6. That is one more than my strengths, I think.

It's not the number of strengths and weaknesses that matter, but what they do.  You could still be overpowered if you have far more weaknesses than strengths, if for example, those strengths make you really powerful and the weaknesses don't really hinder you much. 

Drake Wolven
New Santharian

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Gender: Male
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« Reply #24 on: December 19, 2007, 10:16:52 AM »

Thanks for the comments, and thank you mod! Sorry for some inconsistencies in my history and my strengths/weaknesses, because I just lowered my strengths and forgot to edit my history.

I will need a bit of time to edit my CD, so I am changing my icon to pencil for now.

And about clothing, can I know what details I need to make? I am not very sure about this part. 
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