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Author Topic: Kalina Merenwen ~ Mélad'rhím/Injerín ~ Storyteller/Namer  (Read 615 times)
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Kalína Mërénwèn
Bringer of Song and Dreams
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Elf, Mélad'rhím/ Injerín

« on: December 27, 2003, 08:11:22 PM »

Name: Kalina Merenwen

Gender: Female

Age: 297

Race: Elf

20th Day of the Frozen Rivers

Tribe: Mélad'rhím/Injerín

Title: Bringer of Song and Dreams

Occupation: Singer, Storyteller, Writer

Appearance Overview:

~Height: 1 ped, 2 fores, and 1 palmspan
~Weight: 119 ods
~Eyes: Korwyn Gold
~Hair: Cyhalloian Snow

Layered bangs of silky white tresses frame a slender oval visage, accenting her naturally high-set cheekbones. Her porcelain complexion lacks any rosy disposition, giving her a somewhat sallow appearance. Small thin lips have only a slight pinkish hue, yet they easily create a stark contrast between the tone of her skin and the color of her lips. Her skin, though livid, is soft and smooth both to the eyes and touch. A petite nose with a minute point is flanked by and slightly below eye level. Two miniature ears are placed opposite of one another, each retaining the apex of her heritage.

Wrapping her in a nearly two peds of satin beauty, lengthy tresses of white silk cascade thickly about her tall slim figure. Jaggedly cut bangs hang low upon her features, almost covering her soft golden hues, but are easily swept to the side to be tucked behind one of her ears. Sporadic nor’sidian strands decorate her hair with dark sleek highlights. Its length and weight make it impossible for curls of any size or shape to hold their arrangement. The only wave in her hair is at the ends, as they curl under slightly from the way it had been cut.

Clouded by dark emotions from the past, warm golden hues are full of knowledge and memories well beyond their time and comprehension. Thick and luxurious nor'sidian lashes are long and straight, surrounding each eye in a canopy of expressive shadows. Emaciated yet well kept eyebrows sit above both eyes with an animated nor'sidian arch, adding even more intensity to their swirling sentiment.

Hidden beneath worn cotton clothing and heavy ashen locks, is a feminine figure which bares the extreme of what her lifestyle has given. Though tall and lean, she is fairly skeletal in stature, having a small bosom and a fragile disposition. Lack of proper eating habits and rest has left her with a visible ribcage and hipbone, both being easily seen when she stands. Gradually, she is attempting to gain weight, yet nothing but a few ods and an occasional healthy glow, is to show for her trials.

Her body is void of any major scaring, which is highly contributed to her chosen profession and livelihood. Unlike many adventurers and warriors, she has no physical weapon and would have no idea how to wield one if it was thrust into her hands. Music is her life and it is her fingertips which tell the story, as they are thickly calloused from years of instrumental practice. A santhran violet tattoo decorates the area from her left wrist to her right ankle in a pattern of interweaving lines and shapes. Received at a very young age, it is not uncommon for members of her father's tribe to have such intricate designs.

Draped loosely over her narrow shoulders and reaching to the ground with a slight train, a hooded nor’sidian cloak envelopes her slender frame within its dark folds. It is made of a coarse yet ample cotton cloth, tightly woven to withstand the most brutal of conditions. The lining of the cloak is rich amethyst color; woven from a finer, softer cotton threading. A deep cowl, lined with the same amethyst cotton which covers the inside of the cape, covers her pale complexion from the sun and precipitation. The overall cloak gives her elevated build an aura of mystery, which she appeals to in her instrumental and vocal practices.

A santhran violet, floor-length skirt adorns the lower half of her slim form. Made of a plain durable cotton, it is simple yet elegantly fitting for her personality. Layered beneath the  skirt are several fine underskirts, used for both warmth and protection. The waistband sits just above her hips, concealing the bony structure underneath. Ivory silk caresses her bosom in a soft embrace. The shirt is as simply sewn as the amethyst skirt which covers her legs. A large scoop neckline drops low upon the chest and often reveals a pale shoulder or two. Tying in the front to close a small "v" shape are two strings, threaded through the neckline and gathering it mildly. The shirt is loosely fitted and almost seems to be too large for her body, being nearly down to her knees in length. The shirt is then tucked into the waistband of the skirt, hiding the size of her overgrown apparel. A wide leather belt buckles about her at the point where her shirt and skirt meet, securing their position into place.

Supple adlemirene leather boots match the coloration of the belt about her waist. They are sturdy enough for traveling yet comfortable enough to avoid giving her bruises and blisters from running or walking. Lacing up high upon her calf, nearly halfway to her knee, they aid in the avoidance of injury. Gloves of a similar material cover her small hands for protection from the elements. She has no jewelry to her name, with the exception of a ring and a necklace, which never leave her person. A raw uncut amethyst cluster hangs from a adlemirene  leather binding around her neck. The crystal is of an average size and weight, being around six mut in total. Its color is a shadowy violet shade, darker than usual for the gem. The ring is a bare silver band her parents names finely engraved along the inside.


A quiet heart with a musical soul, punished by the sinful desires of others. Having endured what no woman should, her disposition has been painfully shattered to a near fatal climax. Though years have gradually passed, the wounds of such memories linger, still delicate to the touch if not handled with care. As such, music has become her escape, a protective aura, from the world and the turmoils it brings to a fragile spirit. Being a quiet and reserved woman, her words are soft and few, preferring the sound of her harps to that of her voice in either spoken or song.

Tender and loving in nature, her reputation is that of a selfless being, more than willing to put the needs of others before her own. This characteristic is often accounted for by the past, the diabolical violation of her womanhood and later, the tragic death of her newborn son. She also suffers from a severe emotional instability, making her quite unpredictable when in social gatherings and situations. Never violent, as her temperament is reclusive, but she is at the mercy of fierce panic attacks which come upon her without prior warning or obvious reasonings.

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Insanity is only a perception made by those who have yet to attain its greatness. While those of us who have already stepped inside its bounds find bliss in our utter madness.
Lady Kalina
Kalína Mërénwèn
Bringer of Song and Dreams
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Gender: Female
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Elf, Mélad'rhím/ Injerín

« Reply #1 on: April 05, 2008, 01:26:18 PM »

Bumping this back up so I know I need to finish it ^.^

Insanity is only a perception made by those who have yet to attain its greatness. While those of us who have already stepped inside its bounds find bliss in our utter madness.
Lady Kalina
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