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Here are some tips and tricks that might make things eaiser for you here on the RPG Board:

eceiving email notification of replies
It is possible to have the RPG Board automatically email you a notification if a reply has been made in a particular thread. There are two ways to do this:

The first method is to click the "Notify" button of the thread, which is located near the "Reply" button, as shown in the picture on the right. You will then receive an email from the board each time a reply is made to the thread.

The other way to do this is available when you reply to the thread. Beneath where you enter your reply, there should be a link labelled "Additional Options". Click on it to reveal these options. One of these, as shown in the picture on the left, is "Notify me of replies". Check it before posting your reply to receive email notifications for the thread.

Also possible, though perhaps less useful, is the ability to have the board send email notifications if a new thread has been made in a particular forum. To do so, click on the "Notify" button that is located beside the "New Topic" button of each forum.

At the "Notifications and Email" page of your profile, you can change the settings for your notifications, as well as choose to stop receiving certain notifications. Return to the top

hanging your display name
Your display name is the name that is shown in the posts you make. Initially, it will be the same as the username which you registered with. If your display name does not match your character's name, you will be required to change it.

To do so, go to the "Account Related Settings" page of your profile. Near the top of the page will be a field listed as "Name". Simply enter your new display name and click the "Change profile" button at the bottom of the page to change your display name. Return to the top

eneral roleplaying advice


Read the Roleplaying Tutorial
If you are not familiar with freeform play-by-post roleplaying, you should take a look at our Roleplaying Tutorial. Though written very long ago, it is still useful as an introduction to the style of roleplaying practiced on this board.

Don’t solve all the problems yourself
Even if your character is capable of single-handedly solve all the problems encountered, you should avoid doing so. If one player is always hogging the limelight so to speak, it tends to make the Story less interesting for the other players. Be sure to include all the players; everyone should have a chance to do something great in the Story. It’ll make things more fun for everyone.

Be detailed
Detailed posts are more interesting to read, and in active stories where a player might have to read through a lot of posts, making yours more interesting would make things much less tedious for them.

Details could also help other players to picture the scene better. For example, when you post in a story thread for the first time, you could add a description of yourself. It helps people to visualise you, and they do not have to rush to your CD just to be able to say if they see red hair or black hair. However, don't include that description in every post.

Once further in a Story, a great way of adding detail is to give a description of what you feel when you see something. For example, when two people are fighting, don't just say 'two people are fighting', but say, for example: "X watched the two people fighting. He felt a little worried, because it was rather rough, but both of them seemed like they could handle it, so he didn't interfere". For more tips on how to add detail and colour, check the Roleplaying Tutorial.

Make sense
Try to make sure your posts make sense. Don’t have weird things happening for no reason. At times these things might add humour or excitement, but when things simply don’t make sense, it only adds confusion. Try to keep your writing clear and the plot running smoothly.

Check your spelling and grammar
Read what you have written before you post it, to check for spelling and grammar mistakes. If necessary, spell-check them before posting. Sometimes even one or two misspelling or grammar mistakes can send your fellow players reeling in confusion, so make sure your posts use proper spelling and grammar, at least to the best of your abilities.

Be patient
Be patient when waiting for replies. Everyone has things they need to deal with outside of the RPG. Also, as there are people from all over the world roleplaying here, one should take into consideration the fact that the differences in timezones may cause things to move more slowly. So just remain patient.

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