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Wanna chat? Wanna talk with other Santharian members about Santharia/Caelereth or about life, the universe and everything? Do you have questions to the RPG administration concerning role playing issues or do you need to discuss things with your role playing partners on how to progress? Then welcome to the Santharian IRC channel!



Click here to connect to the channel

Connect to the Channel through any IRC client installed on your computer with the instructions stated below this box, or simply click on the link above or at the picture to the right to connect directly from the website to the chatroom. If you connect to the Santharian channel with the link above or by clicking on the picture, make sure to follow these instructions:

1.) Click the link on top of this box and confirm the question at the appearing popup window with
YES or ALWAYS - this way you will never again be asked.
2) Wait for the connection to be established. If the connection is successful, continue with 3) otherwise close the window and hit the Connect button once more to try again.
3)  Chose your nick by typing:
/nick yournick for example: /nick John
If nothing happens try another nick as it means that nick is currently in use.
4) Enter the channel by typing:
/join #santharia - Have fun!

If you have further question, read the details below:

hat is IRC Chat?
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a chat platform Santharian role players as well as developers can use to communicate, whether it is Santharian related or not. Feel free to discuss in the channel whatever comes into your mind. Return to the top

o I need to install something in order to join the chat ?
You don't need to know much to join such a chatroom - you can either access it directly from the site, or you could install a mIRC client (a program of its own), which gives you some more possibilities, or you can simply add the Santharian channel to your connection list if you use multiple messenger programs like Trillian (recommended!).

Note: Mac users can try www.snak.com to download a client which works with this machine as well (shouldn't be too different from mIRC to set it up).

If you want to connect to the chat channel directly through the site, simply click on the link you can find on top of this page and a few seconds later you're in...
Return to the top

ow do I install mIRC? What do I need to do to set up IRC?
  Below you can find a list of steps you should follow to join the Santharian IRC channel with mIRC, which is one of the most common IRC chat programs. If you use any other messenger program, which allows you to connect to an IRC channel, simply put the information stated below into the according fields in the messenger's settings.

If you're new to IRC please read the details below it all carefully and you shouldn't encounter any major problems...

a) Installing the mIRC Client

First you need to download mIRC. mIRC is a client to IRC, there are a lot of other clients as well, but this is what you need to continue your travels into the world of IRC. Now go ahead download & install it and return to this page when you are done ;)

IRC Options

b) Setting up mIRC
Got it? Fine! -Now its time to configure your client (Mirc), so you need to make sure that it's the right server you connect to, so look in the File menu, click on Options and make sure that the server/network you are connecting to is: Sorcery (select this entry from the list of IRC Servers). Accept the random server choice and head on to filling out all the other things like Full Name, E-Mail Address, your Nickname and an Alternative, in case your first Nickname is already in use. Press "Connect to IRC Server" and you are close to reaching our chat.

c) Joining the Santharian Channel
Next Stop is to join the right channel. You can either add the channel "santharia" to the list which appears on opening the mIRC client and then select the entry from there. Or you can close down the window and go down in the bottom of the main window where there is a typeline. Here you can enter text.

ype the following words carefully: /join #santharia and you'll jojn the Santharian channel.

ven the slightest mistake here and you'll miss the good fellows of Santharia - so take care... If you enter it correctky you should end up with us and if you don't, you are welcome to send an , our dear IRC Instructor.

d) General Commands

The most common Commands on IRC are as follows:
/join #[channel] ... Join a certain channel, replace "[channel]" with the channel you desire to join. E.g. "/join #santharia".
/nick [nickname] ... Changes your nickname to a new name, replace "[nickname]" with the new name E.g. "/nick Kanga".
/me [action] ... Used in order to express actions, replace "[action]" with a certain action word. E.g. "/me smiles" will display as "Kanga smiles" in the chat window in case your nickname is Kanga.

Doubleclicking on a specific name (either at the chat window or at the list nearby) will bring you to a private chat with the person who owns the name.

Now these instructions are as simple as I could do it, so please write a to me if you still have any problems:)

Advanced Commands
You can register your name at
NickServ which helps identifying you as the rightful owner of the name. To register type in the following command:
/msg nickserv register [password] [e-mail] ... If you change nick you have to registrate over again, NickServ takes your current nick. This command should be followed by /msg nickserv identify [password] this command helps NickServ identify you as the rightful owner of the name.

If you want to open mIRC to go directly to the Santharian channel with only one mouseclick you should prepare your client a bit:

- First untick the option "Pop up folder on connect" at the Channels Folder window which appears on startup by default.
- Register your name at NickServ as described above
- Open the Files Menu and select Options. Search "IRC", then "Perform" at the treeview and tick the checkbox "On connect, perform these commands". Then enter the following lines in the textbox below:
/msg nickserv identify [password]
/join #santharia

Confirm with ok - and that's it. Close the mIRC channel and you'll end up straight in the Santharian channel if you open it again. Just wait a few moments (though you won't see a hourglass) and you're in:)

f) Admin (OP), Topic, Kicking & Banning
If you are opped at a channel (made to an operator/admin), there are several useful tools, one of thmem is the "Topic". It can be used in many ways - for information, messages & just a simpel topic -, dont be afraid to use the "Topic", its there to be used. Doubleclick on the channel to get a textbox where you add & edit as you please. Once and awhile some jerk enters the channel and starts to behave rude, now there is no need for that so simply ask him to leave or keep his voice down and if he don't, kick him (will force him out of the channel) and if he comes back and continues, then ban him (can't re-enter channel) - some people just cant understand a hint. How do you do it? Well, rightclick on the name and go to "Control" and hit the required option. That's it:)
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