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Title: Ongoing Story Info
Post by: Khiera Meneris on November 21, 2003, 06:36:22 AM
Here i will place general information that has been uncovered or discovered throughout the course of the story as we go along. Various announcements and notices that are relevant to the progress of the story will be placed here too. Notice that i wrote general. This is because different characters will have access or knowledge of different information as they go along, depending on their progress and what they do or say, apart from the general information that everyone knows. Hope it helps with the game and story!

Remember to check this thread periodically ... you might miss important clues or reminders if you don't ;)  

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Title: Re: Ongoing Story Info
Post by: Khiera Meneris on November 21, 2003, 06:51:22 AM
Tavern Info

Lady Bretha >>> Owner of the Regal Rusik
Boy behind the counter >>> Yerun
Cook in the kitchen >>> Omis

Tavern maid #1 (the young, happy tavern maid)
Tavern maid #2 (plump, with dirty blonde hair tied in pigtails)
Tavern maid #3 Millie (curly dark brown hair, freckled face, tired-looking with dark eye circles under her eyes)
Tavern maid #4 Tilia (quite tall with straight dark brown hair)
Tavern maid #5 (shorter than the rest of them, short dull auburn hair, wrinkled hands)

Old man that entered, then left hastily after being briefly seated at the table (looks very old, clad in grey robes and hood)


For convenience and easy reference, imagine the tavern to be of a rectangular shape, with four corners of course. The characters who are seated at the tables in the:

Top right corner:
Bottom right corner:
Middle: Kalina & Sephariath
Top left corner:
Bottom left corner: Arggosh

At the counter:

In the kitchen:

Outside of the tavern:

There are, of course, other tables around. But for the purpose of this story the patrons at those other tables will be insignificant to the story. Picture around 13 tables in total, but only the above 5 table spots are availible for "interaction" within this story. The main entrance door we will just say is right opposite of the middle table.

As more relevant information is discovered (eg.names etc.), it will be accordingly added here.

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Title: Re: Ongoing Story Info
Post by: Khiera Meneris on November 22, 2003, 10:34:22 PM
Role of Co-Mods

As everyone knows, Kalina and Valannia are my two co-mods, and as i mentioned previously, they will be helping me by taking on your threads occasionally, depending on the progress of the story, and more importantly, to make sure that everyone gets "taken care" of with uncomprimising detail and attention :)   When your thread is going to be taken over by Kalina or Valannia, i will post a note for you in my last post for your thread in bold gold text. All other in game instructions (such as instructions to post in another thread) will also be in the same way.

Kalina is playing a PC in this game while Valannia will be playing the role of a focal NPC. Interact with Kalina just as you will with any other PC, and with Valannia as you would with any of my NPCs. Since Valannia is an NPC, she will only be appearing IC at certain points of the game and at various locations. You will also bump into Valannia as an in-game NPC depending on what you do or where you head to.

As is the case with myself, please feel free to e-mail or contact Kalina and Valannia to discuss any issues, suggestions or preferences that you might have regarding your thread, if the need arises :)   Their contact info is posted right before their CD in the Character Descriptions thread.

I trust that Kalina and Valannia will be doing their best to provide you with an enjoyable experience, and in the process enjoy the story themselves :)    

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Title: Re: Ongoing Story Info
Post by: Khiera Meneris on November 25, 2003, 07:11:22 AM
General mystery clues, hints and and notes

1. Princess Nalaere disappeared seven years ago into the Shivering Woods.
>> there are "dangerous" elves in the Shivering Woods
>> there are rumoured to be the evil souls of the Silver Hand in the Shivering Woods.
>> it is rumoured that no one goes into the woods because those who go in alone are never to find their way out again ... but there may be exceptions ...

2. An old man appears at the tavern, and leaves hastily after only a short while without even waiting for his food to be served.
>> moments later four Kyranian guards led by Valannia storms into the tavern, searching for the old man
>> Valannia serves Prince Viginold, who is the crown prince and Princess Nalaere's elder brother
>> Valannia informs all the patrons in the tavern to get into contact with either Sir Olpeg at his residence or Captain Gavrin at the main encampment if they have any information at all regarding the old man's whereabouts. Any person with information leading to the discovery of the old man will be handsomely rewarded.
>> Valannia was heard giving orders to the guards after leaving to find a man called "Thaetum" in order to find the old man
>> Evelaria had an angry outburst at the counter at Lady Bretha, supposedly for charging an obscene amount of money for "privileged" information

3. Ah ... the confusing crowd of people and places at the market place, here's a couple of hints:
>> If you're searching for information, what kind of shops/stalls or people would be the best to source information about the woods and the disappearance of the princess from? Old or young? What kind of people would have reason to know about the woods in some way or another?
>> If you're looking for the man called Thaetum, based on the information that your character has gathered about him, where would he likely be in the market? Who would he be likely to speak to usually? What kind of shops/stalls that he would most likely visit?

4. A commotion erupted in the middle of the village center as armed Kyranian guards pursued and surrounded Thaetum who was fleeing from them. By pure stroke of luck, he managed to escape by snatching on of the guard's horse. Before gathering the guards and leaving the village, Valannia extended an invitation to all who was present at the village square to appear at the main encampment later in the evening if they wished to speak to Captain Gavrin, who is in command of the Kyranian Royal Guards stationed in Eresh and around the Shivering Woods.

Specific information obtained by individual characters that is not known in general is not displayed here.  

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Title: Re: Ongoing Story Info
Post by: Khiera Meneris on November 27, 2003, 02:23:22 PM
Combat and other "Ouchy" stuff

As the story progresses there will arise the need for combat between players and NPCs ... or perhaps even between PCs :devilish  But of course, for those of you who are not into fighting and combat and all that, i will always provide a way for you to avert violence/combat.

As the PCs gradually start moving out of the tavern and begin following up on the various clues and hints through the exploration of other areas and NPCs, armed conflict becomes very possible, depending on the plot turn that you are taking.

I am assuming that everyone knows how to uhm ... combat in RP. If you are not sure, please check out this link, so that we won't have any confusion or disputes arising from uhm ... combat situations ;)  Be assured though that i will create combat situations that allow your character to do what they do best in combat, i'm not out to pummel anyone with NPCs ;)

However, in the course of this story, there will be occasions when the situation arises that your character will be knocked out unconscious (temporarily of course) to allow the plot to advance. This of course is also dependant on which plot turn you take etc.  

Now, if you strongly object to your character to be subjected to such uhm ... KOing actions, then please post in the OOC thread to let me know, so that i can adjust the plot for you to avoid knocking your character out if you just happen to take that particular plot turn. Ok? :)  

Right, any additional combat related info will be posted here when appropriate. Thank you all for your attention and feedback :)

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Title: Re: Ongoing Story Info
Post by: Khiera Meneris on November 29, 2003, 12:15:22 PM
Village Center Info

To allow for ease of orientation in the village center so that players won't just all be "clumping" together as they explore the village center, imagine the the whole village center as a compass circle with 4 lanes/forks protruding from the center where the fountain stands. Locations availible in the forks will be in parenthesis, and who's where will be typed in and changed accordingly.

Center, at the fountain:

North Fork: Quegon (vegetable stall)

East Fork: (Liquor stall)

South Fork: (little herb stall, fortune teller lady)

West Fork: (Butcher shop)

All players exploring the village center will start out at the center of this "compass circle", and then state in your post which fork/direction that you head or want to head in. Eg. Adam the thief starts at the fountain in the village center, and then decides he wants to go explore the East Fork to see if he can find a uhm ... well let's say mobile barber. Hope it's not too confusing.

Locations/stalls/services that are found in the various forks/lanes will be added above as discovered by the players.

Also keep in mind that Eresh is a small village. Hence it's not too hard to run quickly from one Fork to another in a matter of say, 5 minutes.

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Title: Re: Ongoing Story Info
Post by: Khiera Meneris on January 07, 2004, 06:41:22 AM
Information Pertaining to the Woods

Most of you will probably be making your way around or into the woods right now or very soon. Thus, it would be helpful to know a few basic things about the woods in this story/game.

Our main focus in this story, is of course, the notorious Shivering Woods. From now one, "woods" will refer to the Shivering Woods. Here, i shall make the distinction between in the woods and around the woods.

The dark plot that you see on the story map will represent all locations in the woods, and we have the location points of #5 and #6 within the woods, with additional locations to be unlocked if discovered by the players.

Location points #1, #2, #3 and #4 are located around the immediate vicinity of the woods. If you have read the entry on the main site regarding the Shivering Woods (if you haven't i would suggest that you do so), you will know that the Shivering Woods contain "special"/unique trees called the Larkentir. Locations around the woods will contain "normal" trees and whatever plants and vegatation you usually find in woods, and thus you will also find roaming wild animals in the areas around the woods as well.

The main concentration of Royal Kyranian Guards are stationed in location points #2 and #3. Now, sometimes groups of guards are sent as scouting teams or patrol teams around the woods, and that's when you will bump into them if you are somewhere else other than location points #2 and #3. Otherwise, the guards will not be a common sight.

For the purpose of this story, the Shivering Woods will be treated as being "different" from normal woods/forest areas. Therefore, when your characters venture into the Shivering Woods, you should not be applying what you commonly know about woods and forests to the Shivering Woods itself.

When you are about to indicate that you are entering the Woods, please take a quick look at the story map before posting, and indicate which direction that you are heading into the Woods from. For example, say you have just left the Main Encampment. You may choose to enter the woods immediately after leaving the camp, in which case you would be entering from the East of the woods, see? Or, you might choose to walk up a bit further and enter the woods from the SouthEast.

Now, the way that i have planned it, WHERE you enter the woods from does make a difference in who and what you encounter, and the events that get triggered so forth ... so, feel free to be creative in picking an entry point ;)

Happy exploring! :devilish    

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