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Title: Character Description Archives ~ C
Post by: Gararion on October 20, 2003, 09:30:22 AM

Character Description Archives


Welcome to the Approved Characters Archives.  In here you can find most of the approved characters that have come through this board.  Please note that some may have been lost or some may not be added to the archives yet.


  2. If you wish to edit you CD {Character Description) you will need to copy it from here and edit it in the original CD thread at the top of the board.  It will then be either edited in this archive or the thread will be moved once you are finished to this forum.  Then if I am in the mood I update it in the archives.

  3. Once a CD has been placed in the archives it original thread will be removed.  So if you first see that your original CD is no where to be found check out the Archives here.  If still you see no hint of it, it may be that it has been pushed off the end of the world and been lost forever.  This Archive is created to prevent that from happening.

  4. Only Admins are allowed to post within the Archives, with the few exceptions of Mods who we grant.  This is to prevent people from messing this Archive up in their process of editing something..

  5. Each CD that is in the Archive has been obtained from the thread from the CD with the newest date on it.  If there was more than two CD's in one thread I have taken the one with the newest date on it.

  6. Please note there there is always a place of mistake.  So if something isn't the way you want it don't start yelling at a admin who tried to do something good.


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Title: Re: Character Description Archives ~ C
Post by: Gararion on October 20, 2003, 10:36:22 AM

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