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Title: Preface to the Guide
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on August 14, 2001, 05:37:22 AM
My name is Ormelor Avaesthancis, and I have taken the task upon me of trying to give all who are interested an introduction to role-playing on the Santharian boards.  When you have read through all of this, you will have a, as I hope, decent idea of what role-playing is, and how you do it.

These guidelines (for that is all they are, by no means are they rules or laws) are the same ones that I have lived by for as long as I have been RP'ing in something you might call a liberal RP system. I'll explain that later on. I have been writing like that, weaving stories together with others, for about 18 months. Not once has anyone ever taken offence at any of my posts.

However, I donít have all answers, and I donít even pretend to know everything. These guidelines are mainly my personal opinions, but they are also what I know other proficient role-players to value in an RP. I just took the liberty of putting it all together in a format that I hope is easy to understand and amusing enough to keep your interest to the end of it.

Disclaimer: As said, I donít force these guidelines upon anyone, and you may disagree with me on certain aspects of it. I welcome any comments, be it positive or negative. And if you can prove that something I have written doesnít make sense at all, I wonít hesitate to change it. The guidelines are not complete, I donít think they ever will be. But they are in my humble opinion rather thorough and they do cover the most important basics, at least those that I view as the most important basics.

I hope you enjoy them, and that they may encourage you to try out this different form of story-writing.

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