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Title: Chapter 4: Fate's Decision
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Karla knocked on the door where Dray was said to be. So many things were running through her mind at this point. There was much to do now that her village and people were free. They had to rebuild...bury the dead...organize a small army to defend themselves...apppoint a village leader. She also had to see what her newfound allies were going to do. If they were to stay, they would make a fine addition to the people of Sheren Village. If they were to leave...then she ahd to make sure they didn't leave empty handed. Even if they did attack their own in the beginning, they atoned for their sins in the end. She was proud to call them allies. Karla sighed to herself as she waited for Dray to open the door.

"Are you okay?" asked Carak, looking a little worried.

"You could say that my friend. I'm just a little worried about things...that's all."

"Once again, the lone soldier walks off into the sunset..." -Anonymous

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