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Title: "Subject"-line now editable
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on September 17, 2000, 06:15:22 PM
BTW: The last ezBoard-update contained a valueable improvement - subject-lines can now be edited. This is very helpful if Chapters have wrong names>D - Just wanted to let you know!

Title: new ideas for santheria!
Post by: Danser on October 10, 2000, 02:29:22 AM
well, santheria looks like it is progressing quite well so far, but i am suggesting to not use message boards. i think it is quite slow. some internet rpg's i have played are set up like chat rooms except there are pictures, a place where you type your actions, a place for what you type what ur char is thinking a place for OOC and a place for speaking so that all of this can be in one post. And is it possible to change it like this? it should be like, you type your post and then it pops up on the screen rather than waiting for these message boards. please reply to this and tell me what you think soon, thankies

Title: Re: new ideas for santheria!
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on October 10, 2000, 03:09:22 AM
Hello again, Danser!

Thanx for the proposals. Anyway, I'd like to say that the Message Boards at ezBoard are pretty fast and we had no major problems concerning speed or servers being down for longer than 10 minutes in the past 6 months. We've set up this role playing Message Board in order to seperate it completely from the world developing Board, so that only Role Playing Games can take place here. I guess if you ask people playing here they are quite satisfied with the current state (only thing is: we need more players). We have an own OOC thread in every story, all other things can be integrated directly into the post. You can also post the image of your character, you may integrate HTML in your posts too as well as pictures if you like. We could also give every single story a unique Board design including other title pictures etc.

If you can tell me an URL where I can view what kind of board/chat room you exactly think of I could take a look, but I fear that changing the role playing board again isn't likely to happen very soon.

Santharian Role Playing may not be that professional like at other sites, main reason for this is that I'm spending most of my time to push world development (I'm doing writings, drawings, design and administer the site as well as the 2 message boards etc.). My goal is to add more and more background information to the lands so that e.g. role players can enjoy their stay here as much as I and other members do by designing the world. I'm pretty happy with what we have achieved currently, but there's still a lot to be done.

Of course the situation could change if someone could be found who likes the Santharian idea so much that he/she/it  takes over the responsibility of administering all things related to Role Playing. As I'm currently doing approx. 100 things at the same time, it's a bit difficult. *grin*

Title: Re: new ideas for santheria!
Post by: Centorlinson on October 10, 2000, 03:21:22 AM
*smiles* i see, i used to rp in a place called vaxia, it went down about a mon ago, it is being remade and should be up by the end of this month. when it is up i will show you it, you will definately understand what i am talking about. And i dont meanchanging everything at once, just gradually. And by fast i meant well, you have to wait a while between every post because of the message board format. When i post i have to wait for other people to read it and reply when they get the time, on the system i amm talking about everyone is online at one time so that it is much like a chat room set up. the message board is fine with me. oh and you can goto, to wiew this you have to submit an application and get approved. i have never actually seen it, i am still waiting to get approved but from what i have heard it is almost just like vaxia was, you do have to be eighteen to join it though. You should take a look at it, i am sure you will like it and you will get an idea of what i am talking about, thanks alot Danser  

Title: New ideas for santheria!
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on October 10, 2000, 03:25:22 AM
BTW: If you know some friends interested in role playing (especially when the server you spoke of is down currently) - don't hesitate to tell them about this place. The more people the more fun :rollin

Always trying my best to satisfy everyone's needs *grin*

Title: Re: New ideas for santheria!
Post by: Centorlinson on October 10, 2000, 03:30:22 AM
*smiles* okies, i will tell all of my vaxia friends about it, but try that rune game i told you about im sure you will like it

Title: Rune game
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on October 11, 2000, 02:29:22 AM
Rune game seems to have an interesting concept, however, it lacks a bit design and often links to pages which don't exist. I still prefer longer, more elaborate posts which form into a story of its own instead of a semi-chat-version of RPGing. I guess it adds more depth to the storyline. But of course role playing alternatives are always worth a look, they can be a good source for further inspirations and improvments of our own RPG design. Thanx for the link;) 

Title: Concerning changes
Post by: Krisstofier on October 12, 2000, 02:44:22 AM
I understand that most RPGs are played in a quicker fashion, but one problem here is that we are spread out in so many time-zones. Many of the posts I read when it is morning here have been posted in the midnight hours.
Another concern that I have is that Dakor and I do our posting on university computers that are only available during certain hours.
I also agree with Artimidor that the storyline approach is working well. I tend to think out different situations before posting and adapt to what has been posted. I would not be able to do that on a chat-type board. I would dquickly get lost in the shuffle.
But these are my opinions, and if the consensus was to change I would yield.
I am also glad to hear that subject lines can now be edited. There were times that I had wished so.

Title: Re: Concerning changes
Post by: Centorlinson on October 12, 2000, 05:49:22 AM
*more smiles* you have the wrong idea about that chat rpg's that i am talking about. it isnt as complicated as you think and isnt as fast as u think either, i highly doubt you would get lost in it. it is just a little more active than the msg board rpg's. goto this site and check out the temp vax site, reply here and tell me what u think of it, remember it is only temporary.

Title: Vaxia
Post by: Artimidor Federkiel on October 12, 2000, 07:03:22 AM
The type of role playing game you refer to has indeed some interesting points and it may be a very good opportunity for people who have got some hours to spare and want to live through some adventures during an evening with other people over the web. However, I guess there is still a different philosophy working there, but for all those who like to do some immediate role playing I guess it's very recommendable:) 

Title: Re: Vaxia
Post by: Xenos Ravenbeack on October 12, 2000, 07:41:22 AM
*nods* yes, I agree that this type of RP has its advantages, but realy wolden't work here, after all I think you are the only person who uses the RP forum who is NOT a member of the team, but just to note, we are scattered around the globe and many time zones, a shat style RP whoulden't work well, also most of us have other contributions to the santharian cause witch also takes up time

Title: Re: Vaxia
Post by: Centorlinson on October 12, 2000, 10:37:22 AM
okay, but it works for everyone else scattered about the globe, i believe there was players from england and even yugoslavia and the uk that used vax when it was up though

Title: Re: Vaxia
Post by: Greybark on October 12, 2000, 11:05:22 AM
I used to use mIRC a few years back, which is a similar thingys are more interconnected, so more new people, also people just hang out there for hours and hours....I think it might work well for Santharia someday, if we decided to go that route, once we have 20 or so people highly active...

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