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Title: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Mina on November 05, 2006, 02:16:23 PM
New IC thread.  

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Drasil Razorfang on November 06, 2006, 07:00:23 AM
After hours of attacking his system, Navar’s deadly poison was finally neutralized within Drasil’s body.  The unconscious elf woke slowly, his blurred vision catching fading glimpses of the drab wooden ceiling of the tavern as his golden eyes fluttered open.  His arm ached, despite the white bandage that engulfed it.  The wound which had finally healed over had stained the once spotless cloth blood red.  Propping himself up in the unfamiliar bed, the elf took in the unfamiliar surroundings.  His tattered shirt lay sprawled across a chair, a jagged slash through the sleeve.  Barren walls suggested that the patron was relatively new to the tavern.  Few belongings lay scattered about, the most noticeable of which were small pouches of leaves and a few odd clothes.  Beside him lay Cherri slumbering fitfully as she tossed on the mattress.  Her beautiful dress was torn, and her pouches lay sprawled upon the floor next to her.  Beads of sweat rolled down the woman’s face as she thrashed about.  Reaching over with his good arm, Drasil gently pushed a few plastered strands of damp hair from the exhausted magess’ face before lightly brushing his lips past hers, planting a soft kiss.

Scooting out of bed, his head spinning the elf staggered over to his shirt.  Slipping the ruined garment over his muscular torso he proceeded to the small washbasin in the corner of the room.  Filling the shiny basin with water provided in a sizeable pitcher, Drasil quietly began to wash.  Using a small piece of cloth that he found on a small wooden table with the pitcher, the elf began to clean his body, erasing most traces of the fight.  Plunging the small rag into the cool water, the warrior wrung it dry before setting about his cleaning.  Starting with his face, the elf began to scrub, removing the grime left by cooled sweat.  When his pallid features began to glow red do to the excess scrubbing Drasil proceeded to washing the rest of his body.  Carelessly flinging his clothes on the ground as he stripped down, the elf checked upon the sleeping woman to make sure she had not seen his nakedness before plunging into the cool bath.

Starting at his blood spattered back he slowly and methodically rinsed his entire body, carefully avoiding his injured arm.  Carefully removing the bandage from over the wound with a wince, the elf proceeded to clean out the gruesome wound.  Despite Cherri’s expert skills with stitching, blood has still managed to work its way out through the seams.  Now dried, it covered the majority of the arm in a giant scab.  Gingerly using his rag, wincing every time the two made contact, Drasil wiped off the excess scabbing and blood, cleaning the sore arm and exposing the stitches and sewn skin.  Satisfied with his work, the elf grabbed a clean bandage from Cherri’s pile and re-wrapped the wound to prevent infection.  Dripping wet, Drasil stepped out of the now bloody water and onto the creaking wooden floors.  Drying himself quickly, the elf encircled his waist in a towel, covering his groin and upper thighs before heaving the dirty water out the window.

Hearing two patrons coming up the stairs, he hastily made his way over to the door, quietly shutting and turning the lock.  A smile on his face, he turned towards the bed that contained the sleeping Cherri.  Silently creeping across the bed towards her slumbering figure, the elf saw that her vehement thrashings had continued.  Shaking her gently, hoping to awake Cherri from her troubled rest, the woman began to speak, though her eyes remained closed.  As she spoke, electricity sparked between her outstretched hands, ready leap towards the ceiling at any moment, sending the whole roof crashing down upon the couple.  Quickly flipping through his knowledge of magic, Drasil had an idea.  Seizing a handful of damp silver hair, he winced as he tugged ferociously, hoping to cause enough pain to end the spell.  “This better work,” he thought, looking nervously at the wooden beams that supported the ceiling.

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on November 06, 2006, 11:52:23 AM
The forest seemed to grow darker and the moon seemed hidden behind the clouds that floated cross the star studded sky.  Her concentration was intense and she barely noticed a dark figure emerging from the shadows of the forest.  As her hands began to part ready to strike the being down to its death with a bolt of lighting Cherri suddenly became overpowered by a horendous pain in her head.  She must not break her concentration, was all she could think.  But the pain grew worse and the static between her hands began to flicker as if ready to fade.

Cherri continued on.  It felt as tho something was tugging at her hair.  With a startling cry Cherri was ripped from her dream.  The pain in her head had been to great.

Cherri's breath came in fast gulps of air.  She sat straight up and was at first disorientedby the sights that came slowly into focus.  The room was dark as the last rays of light filtered in through the window.  And something had a holt of her hair.  Her memory seemed to finally grab hold of where she was and her body eased back onto the pillow.  Her back felt wet and cold as she layed back down. Turning her head slightly she felt the pain ease in her scalp.  Drasil's golden eyes seemed to almost glow in the fading dark.  

She had been dreaming.  There were more gentler  ways of waking a person, was Cherri's first thought.  He must have been tugging her hair.  It felt as if she were bald in one spot.  Cherri gently probed the area that hurt to make sureshe wasn't.

She had been casting in her sleep.  She had been taught that mages could inadvertingly cast spells in their sleep if the were not careful.  Perhaps this was the case.  Cherri rolled to her side facing Drasil and propped herself up on her elbow.  The low cut of the bodice of her dress showing her milky white cleavage perfectly.

Her eyes took in the sight of the elf before her.  His muscles were tensed and as her eyes swept over the rest of his form, she noticed he was only clade in a towel which at the moment was not hiding much.

Cherri's thoughts played over this notion for a moment and then slowly her eyes found their way back to Drasil's.  She took a deep breath and felt her body and the sheets were soaked in her sweat.  She would need to bathe and change the linens.  

Releasing a long sigh Cherri spoke her voice soft and melodious.  "Are you okay?"  Cherri's eyes roamed briefly over the room and what the light allowed her to see, she saw bloodied bandages on the floor and Drasil's cloths scattered here and there.  Apparently he had taken a bath for when her eyes returned to him she noted no traces of dried blood.  Cherri's gaze went to the ceiling momentarily.  There were no scortch marks and no hint of chared wood.  He had stopped her just in time.

She owed him a thank, apology, and an explanation.

"Thank you for awaking me.  I was dreaming a dark dream and felt threatened.  I didn't know I was dreaming orelse I would not have attempted a spell.  I am sorry for any worry I may have caused you, tho..." her voice trailed off as her eyes swept pointedly back down Drasil body, her voice taking on a more huskier tone she continued "I can not say you are an unwelcomed sight."  A broad smile spread across her full lips and a sudden heat seemed to engulf her body sending a flush from her breasts to her cheecks staining them a soft pink.  

Noting Drasil'sstill partily damp hair Cherri figured he had just finished his bath.  "I believe I will need to take a bath as well now."  A mischevious grin parted her lush lips softly as she thought of just what she might have seen only if she had awoken on her own moments before.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on November 06, 2006, 02:05:23 PM
Navar, felt a strange pulling force as he wept, a pulling force that edged him on to keep struggling. Even though his father was more than he could bear he had managed to pull him to a grave sight, Sniff that dastard....he killed my daddy, and I wasn't strong enough to protect you....Im so sorry. Sniff And there in the moon light he began to dig his fathers grave by hand. I will advenge you day.

I WILL Navar shot up and wiped a tear from his face, and looking down at his wet finger he thought, and here I thought I couldn't do that anymore....aparently Im not strong enough yet....why am I still so weak.

Navar stands slowly urg I feel worse no then after that fight with Drasil and I still have to.....crap what time is it, whirling around Navar noticed the sun set Good its SunDrown I still have time. Navar takes a step and is pulled back by a twinge in his leg Ow it still well I could Navar sits down and rummages through his pack and pulls out a pipe, and stuffing it with some Hash lights it and begins to smoke it.

Aw, he sighs as his body goes numb I hate using it but just once in this case, ok back to work. Navar stands and searches and is pleased to find his rum is untouched, ok time to get ready. Navar took and conected the outer peremeter of the alters with one ped high tall barriors, taking one bottle per alter he dowsed each one with a bottle of rum making sure to coat evenly. Navar the quivkly walked a few paces and created a pen sized circle with two more bottles of rum.

Hopping back over to the wooden structure Navar began to take shredded parts of his cloak and stuffed five bottles with the cloth, having only a bit of the fabric hanging out, turning the bottles up a few time soaked the clothe with the rum. placeing two in the bushed behind the structure one on his belt and hiding one in the center wooden stucture, he walked over, carrying two more bottles of rum, to the center of the alchol ring he had made.

Placing his stuff and the last two bottle on the ground he sat down and began to soak the cloth that he had wrapped around his arrows earlier, with rum. Having placed them back into his quiver he grabbed two stick and made make shift torches with the cloth of his old cloak and the rum. looking at hte bottle he though What the hell as quickly swigged down the last of the alchol.

And with two bottles of rum left one on his belt and one in his hand, both with soaked cloth sticking out,  Navar sat back and waited fo the fight that would be...most satisfying. throwing one torch towards the wooden structure said dreadifully, Coor Ill be sore once this hash wears off

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Rvahr the Hunter on November 06, 2006, 07:25:23 PM
R'vahr nearly runs into the closed door, catching a glimpse of a half clothed elf before the portal shuts on his face. This makes things difficult Quickly he feels the door, finding it sound and strong he sighs and bends low to look at the handle. Kak, kak, kak, kak He drones and murmurs in a worried tone.

There are several methods of locking a door, each was effective at its task. If he were to enter, the door was the wrong way to do it. With a sly smile, the hunter races to the stair case, and leaps onto the first floor. His eyes wildly search the room for his table, upon which rest his fangs. 'scuse me, miss, but urgent matters call. With such an apology, he grasps the two daggers and charges out into the desert air. His beautiful Nor'sidian self is lost to vision as the heavy door slams shut behind him.

His legs pounding, and excitement and adventure coursing through his veins, R'vahr churns to the side of the building, and glances up at the window he is sure belongs to the mage's quarters. Easy climb He mutters to himself, and twirls the Fangs on his fingers. His body tences, and his muscles grow taunt, slowly he lowers his center of gravity, and crouches close to the still hot sand. With a startlingly sudden burst, of the speed which might  suprise a jubat, he leaps into the air and towards the side of the building. His booted feet connect first, then his razor edged fanges find holding in the aged wood of the siding. If I can climb a kakin' tree without making a kakin' noise, I sure as hell can climb a building. So reassured, he silently pulls himself up, toward the small window.

Quietly, as he quickly ascends the wall, he prays that the window was not latched, he has no need to be breaking anything in order to get in. In only a moment, he is level with the glass pane, and filled with curiosity as to what a mage summoning "lightning" while fitfully sleeping might look like, takes a peep in. The vision which greets his nor'sidian eyes is quite unlike the one he had been expecting. Quite supple, eh? He remarks to himself upon witnessing the ample curve of the cleavage which he assumes must belong to the mage. Across her is that elf, who seems ready to get a bit of shock, if not from magic than from a certain other mysterious force. He sees nothing which might be cause for alarm, though he certainly did feel happy for the elf chap. While everything seemed safe enough, R'vahr felt it neccessary to assure himself as to the stability of the tavern's current situation. He knew he might be tempted to find solace in sexual fervor had he knowlege of a doomed future. With a quiet sigh, the R'unorian pulls open the window and slides into the room with a serpentine grace. I apologize for the intrusion, dearest fellows, and realize that my words may be unwelcome to such lovers in such positions as you now find yourselves, but I must query as to the current situation and ascertain that certain perils have been assuredly prevented? I was called to aid in a case of casting?

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Vesk Lyricahl on November 07, 2006, 12:12:23 PM
As iron forged, tested with endless trials, a lone figure emerged from the desert, a longbow seemingly crafted of darkness upon his back. A slight breeze tousled his windswept hair, stirring the sand around his boots, as dark eyes looked upon the tavern. His very mettle had been tested in the vast Rahaz-Dath as it sought his death, only to be denied time and time again. Not yet had the day come when he would reunite with his beloved Raelyn, for now he had another to live for, his sweet Nyssa. Ever would his lips curl into a soft smile upon remembering her gentle laughter or the ribbons she so gaily plaited in her hair. Yet tears would stream down his cheeks as he recalled her sou’cald blue eyes, the very eyes of her mother which had mesmerized him as a youth with their depths, and time ceased to exist as he would gaze into them.

A shrill cry uttered from the beak of a raptor returned him to the present moment, and Vesk replied in kind, one could scarcely distinguish one cry from the other. Breathless, taken aback by its beauty, he gazed upon the sky as it bled crimson, the sun beginning to descend into the Void. Softly the former Rover laughed to see the sky so, as if it had succumbed to despair as the darkness grew, soon to enshroud all in shadow. The sand was barely disturbed as he sauntered toward the tavern, leaving only the slightest of footprints, two falcons soaring high above, casting their shadows onto the sand below. With scarcely a sound, he opened the door to the tavern and stepped within, his boots light upon the floorboards.

The familiar scent of bloodshed assailed his senses as he gazed upon the bedlam the tavern had become, scowling to see blood on the walls and even more puddling upon the floor. Dark eyes widening in shock as memories of another time when blood stained the floor flooded his mind, Vesk fell to his knees, one hand grasping the hilt of his dagger, knuckles turning white, as tears descended to the wood below, each new drop seemingly suspended as time halted within his mind. Softly he called her name, “Raelyn, Raelyn, Raelyn . . . ,” as the memories took hold.

Her blood stained his trousers as he knelt in the crimson pool spreading around her prone form, gently cradling her head in his lap, his voice barely audible as he whispered of his love to her. Lovingly his fingers stroked her maroon tresses, his gaze lost within her azure eyes even now as they slowly dimmed, life itself fleeing from her body. With his strong arms wrapped around her, he held his wife as though he could keep her from passing beyond this world with the strength of his will and the love which burned as an inferno within his heart. Her own delicate, shapely arms held an infant to her breast, a smile upon the child’s face which was weakly mirrored on that of her mother. In this moment in time, there was no death, no sorrow to darken their lives, only a happy family made complete by its latest addition.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Kali Rae on November 08, 2006, 05:12:23 AM
Kali smiles as R'vhar speaks, is interrupted, addresses her question about the turtle, is interrupted again, begins to comment on his distaste for battle, and is finally, and terminally, interrupted by the gibberings of an elf.  The elf speaks of magic and danger to some other patrons and leads R'vhar off, up the stairs to the upper level of the tavern.  A more curious person may have followed, but Kali simply sits where she is and waits.  With most of the patrons gone, the tavern is strangely quiet.  Kali sits back in her chair and sets the fang she is holding back down on the table.  She then picks up her dagger and slips it back into the sheath at her belt, unties her cloak, and casts it off leaving it to drape on the back of her chair.  The back and underarms of her travelling clothes are damp with sweat as is her brow, and the relative coolness of the evening air comes as a relief.  She wipes her forehead with her sleeve and realizes that she is quite tired.

Kali watches as R'vhar comes flying down the stairs, races over to their table and snatches his fangs from the table.  'scuse me, miss, but urgent matters call.  And with that he dashes out the door.  A weary smile crosses Kali's lips as she watches the R'vhar's retreating form.  Feeling inconspicuous and, quite frankly exhausted, she slumps back in her chair and bows her head.  She relaxes as she begins to doze in her seat.

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on November 12, 2006, 07:12:23 AM
Cherri was throughly enjoying watching Drasil squirm a little under her incenuations.  Her fun was quickly ruined.  Her ears pricked as she vaguely heard a soft thud of boots landing upon the floor in their room.  Quickly she brought the sheets up around herself and the lower half of Drasil.  Her eyes quickly found the culprit by the window.  She entertained the idea of blowing him back out the very same window he had just entered but thought better of it.  He was only concerned for the safety of people.  He was not being rude on purpose.  

Cherri wondered to herself for a moment just how this man had come to know just what had been happening and the danger that she had unknowingly been placing everyone in.  

Resting her hand gently on Drasil's arm so as to try to keep him in place and not to go lunging at the invader Cherri tried to sort through the haze that had developed over her mind.

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on November 12, 2006, 02:17:23 PM
Navar sat waiting for the sun to finally set and his much anticipated battle to begin. Losing patience and unable to fall asleep began to look aroung at the scenery "Coor that hash was good....I cant feel a thing....ahhhhh. Navar sighed. and with that he looked up at his window and noticed a man standing in it, Perhaps its Drasil....but no its not, who the hell barges into MY room.

Slowly rising Navar began to see little white dots in front of his face. Wow I wonder how I'd feel if I wasn't doped up on hash.. Knowing that he shouldn't be up, due to the fact that he had lost alot of blood earlier and needed rest, but his foolish pride lead him to be rather....upset with the fact of an uninvited stranger in his room.

Slowly making his way back to the tavern Navar crossed the Tavern and noticed a man in the center of the tavern on the floor. Fool must be insane...heh I guess not every one is lucky enough to keep their sanity. Walking to the stairs he finally makes it to his room.

What the hell, I come to beat a man for barging in my room but instead I find this. Glaring at Lady Cherri and Drasil in disgust. I expected something like this from that loser Drasil but you. I open my room so that you could heal that fool and you use it to skrew around in, I mean how hard would it have been to take a few steps and go to your own room. feeling rather angerd by this Navar loses his cool GET THE HELL OUT OF MY ROOM YOU NO GOOD HARLET AND TAKE YOUR PATHETIC DASTARD OF A BODY GAURD WITH...., the sudden increase in blood pressure was to much for Navar and all of assuden the room went black and Navar slumpped to the floor.

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: so orril miesefer on November 12, 2006, 04:03:23 PM
Orril had falen asleep in that dark corner of his room... his dream had been quiet pleasant, the revenge over Navar, a good shock on him... but it had been just a dream...

All the sudden Navar shouts in front the room made him, Shadow and Storm awake, then the sound of someone falling flat over the floor. Fearing that Navar had killed someone Orril rose from his bed and moved to the door, just to see Navar's body uncounsious in the floor.

Oh my... I know I wish to see Navar death, but isn't a reason to kill him... Orril continues to walk over until he is close enough to see Cherri and Drasil on the bed, and R'vhar near the window. hmmm... so that's why he was so outraged... I don't blame him, yet he deserves this. Whispered for himself. Looking at navars body Orril noted that he was bleeding againExcuse me, can anyone lend me a piece of silk or fabric? This elf will die if we don't stop the bleeding. Though I wouldn't care a lot... he deserves that... Orril stood there, trying to stop the bleeding with his hands while waiting for the silk or fabric piece.

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Lorlessa Tamaana on November 13, 2006, 12:25:23 AM
When Lorlessa and Ivory finally made it back to the tavern, the sun was just beginning to set in the sky. The maiden slowed her horse from a gallop down to a walking pace as she headed towards the stable. She didn't bother getting the stable-hand, simply hopping off the back of her steed and ushering the animal inside the building. I must remember to bring her an apple, the half-elf thought as she walked back into the smoky building.

Looking around for a table with no occupants, she dug into her pack and made sure that she still had a few coins left. The ride she and her horse had been on had taken most of the day, and Lorlessa had not eaten since Firstflame. Humming a tune that had implanted itself in her mind, she made her way over to the closest empty table and sat down, waving the barmaid over.

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on November 15, 2006, 10:54:23 PM
Thorgas woke up from his refreshng sleep by the sound of somebody's voice. He recognized it as the voice of the arrogant dark elf. Can't he keep his big mouth from shouting for atleast one day? The dwarf kept thinking. After a short time he decided that it was useless to just sit on the bed thinking all day; he hastily put on his pig-hide boots, drew on his moleskin cloak and went towards the source of the sound. Out of curiosity, he peeked inside the room and saw the golden haired elf trying to stop the bleeding on the dark elf. Feeling compassion for the wounded creature, he entered the room and tapped the elf timidly on the shoulder.
"I can stop the bleedin' long enough fer ya to find yar reagent.  I think I rested long enough, too."
Thorgas looked at the wound, which is still bleeding. He then rubbed his head, trying to remember the names of these people. After some futile attempts, he gave up and cleared his throat before speaking.
"Gold elf, may I see the wound?"

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Callie Sornak on November 16, 2006, 05:53:23 AM
The small figure stumbled across the road, trying to seek shelter before it got too dark and too cold. It was clothed in a thin dress that had tears all over it. Her feet had the same type of cloth, though, with all the tears in them, one couldn't see much good in them.

Callie shivered from the cold as the sun drew closer to the horizen. She had not wanted to take this journey, but a man sort of forced her along with least until she got away. She saw some lights ahead and headed towards those. As she got closer, she could hear several voices, most of them male. She shivered again, not from the cold, but from fear. Her brown eyes widened, but she knew that she had no other choice.

Her eyes darted from the door of the inn to the road. She knew that she would die out there if she continued walking, but she was too scared to enter into the building. Something caught her eye. Just beyond the inn, she saw a low building...the stable.

She gave a small smile as she realized that she could stay there. Looking around her, she made sure that there was no one watching before she darted to the stable. Once inside, she had a small coughing fit. Her lip re-opened, a wound she had recieved from the man, and a small stream of blood ran down her lips and chin.

Shivering, Callie looked around and found a blanket near one of the stalls. She took it and found a pile of hay where she could lay down on. She covered herself with the blanket and curled up upon the hay. Closing her eyes, her breathing became light as she drifted off to sleep. Her small form shivered, not from the cold, but from the images of the past that often haunted her dreams.  

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Kali Rae on November 16, 2006, 09:06:23 AM
In her light doze, Kali's head swims with the events of the past months since she left Isthrius.  Life was so comfortable at home, R'vhar claims that many people live for the road but so far I do not find it to my liking.  R'vhar... quite an amazing man.  She imagines him in all his grace walking out the door and wonders briefly what he's doing now.  The sound of someone coming into the tavern makes her start but it is only Navar re-entering the Tavern.  He stares briefly at another man she hadn't previously been aware of and then continues up the stares.  Kali closes her eyes again, but only has several moments before there is a violent outburst from upstairs.

Kali sits up straight and scowls.  She turns and checks her pack to see that all her belongings are fastened and mutters bitterly to herself, "All I want is a little rest and some quiet.  Won't get any of that in this place it seems."  Her venomous thoughts catch her off guard and she realizes that she must be tired.  She glances out of the window and notices that the sun is sinking towards the horizon.  I'd do well to set up camp nearby before it gets too dark to see.  I can always buy some food and eat out of doors, that would keep me out of the tavern anyhow.  She has one fleeting thought of R'vhar and with effort, hoists her bag onto her shoulders and arranges her cloak about her.

As Kali is leaving she passes a young woman coming into the tavern and thinks briefly about telling her that she ought to avoid the place but, as usual, her tongue is held.  She walks past the madman on the floor and out the door.  The cooling world feels soothing as an evening breeze wraps itself around her arms and she looks for a place to set up her tent.

Before long she realizes that it's going to be very dark soon and it would be a good idea to find wood for a fire, and maybe a torch.  A thought briefly flies through her mind suggesting that she ask someone in the tavern but it is quickly quelled.  Why go through all that trouble when I can probably just as easily find some?, Kali thinks.  Unable to see a woodshed from where she is standing she walks over to the stable and peers inside.  Already the outside light does a very poor job of illuminating the interior so she pushes open the door the rest of the way and steps inside.

It takes Kali's eyes several moments to adjust to the dimly lit stable.  She notices a couple horses in stalls absently munching away at some hay and makes an effort to avoid them.  Her nose starts to prickle as the hay dust enters her sinuses with every breath but she quells the sneeze.  She starts to rummage expertly arond the vacant stalls and finds little of use to her, but eventually her explorations take her to a small pile of hay topped with a quilted horse blanket.  More out of habit then hopefulness Kali draws back the quilt, stirring up more hay dust in doing so.  Unable to hold it back any longer she gives in to a short and repressed fit of sneezing.  She sniffs back mucus and wipes her nose on her sleeve and then looks down to the pile of hay from where she had pulled the blanket.  She was surprised to be looking down at the form of a small child dressed in little more then rags.

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Callie Sornak on November 16, 2006, 09:42:23 AM
In the back of her mind, Callie could hear someone enter the stable, but she was too exhausted to do anything about it. If they woke her up and did something awful to her, then so be it. She continued to slumber on peacefully.

Suddenly, she felt the cold air of the night upon her as the blanket was taken off. She snapped open her eyes and looked. There was a woman standing above her hay bed, holding her blanket. Giving something between a whimper and a cry, Callie pushed away from the woman, pressing her small form against the wall.

Her large brown eyes began to fill with tears. The woman looked nice, but...with her dark hair and her dark eyes contrasting with the pale skin of her face, it was almost a scary sight for the poor child.  

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Phyth Glenfield on November 16, 2006, 01:14:23 PM
His drink finished, Phyth took a quick look around the bar with a little disgust. At least the fights had quit for a time. Phyth stood up quietly and walked over to the bar, slapping his mug and a couple sans on it. Time to check on Iago.

The door creaked and shut quietly, as Phyth exited the tavern without a sound towards the direction of the stables. Suddenly he heard a small neigh coming from the stables. It came from Iago, but Phyth wasn't too concerned. The neigh was more grumpy than angry. He just hoped no one would make her go from grumpy to angry.

The stable was dark and musty, and there were noises other than Iago's neighs inside. Phyth walked inside, heading straight for Iago. She looked as if she had been waken from yet another nap. Suddenly Phyth noticed two people in another stall. Why they were there, he didn't know. Leading Iago out of her stall, Phyth walked over addressed them. "Horses sleep here," he said gruffly. He motioned over to the tavern. "People sleep there."

"No matter where you go, there you are..."
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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: so orril miesefer on November 16, 2006, 01:55:23 PM
I don't know, you've already fainted for this... Said Orril but then looked again to Navar and decided to go for some reagents to try to stop the bleeding. Now that I think it... please sear this while I get my reagents, but be sure you don't waste a lot of energy on this. without waiting for an answer Orril moved to his room again and picked some quartz powders, then headed back to Navar's room. Getting ready to reduce the bleeding arround the area so the new seared patch wouldn't burst open again.

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on November 16, 2006, 04:29:23 PM
Nodding to the elf, Thorgas went cautiously towards the assassin and looked at his wound. It's still bleeding and he knew if it would not be stopped, the elf would die. He cannot risk using the burning regeneration spell; it might fizzle. He decided that he should do it the more painful way. that is, to sear the wound close with a real flame.
"I'll close yar wound with a real flame, dark elf. Prepare yar screams, this would hurt aloot."
Thorgas began to conjure a flame in his hands, and without hesitating, touched the wound of the dark elf. He could hear the flesh sizzling. He did not look at the face of the assasin, it might make him stop the spell prematurely.
After the spell Thorgas saw the wound was seared close, but not enough as to properly clot the blood.
"Thar now. Wait for yar long eared friend to return and put the finishing touches on the wound."

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Kali Rae on November 17, 2006, 04:56:23 AM
Kali looks down at the cowering child, unsure of what to do.  As a child she had spent much of her time in the company of adults, helping cheats and scoundrels make coin at games of chance.  Only rarely did she spend any time with her peers and even then she found it uncomfortable.  Still, she feels pity for this little scared little creature, all alone in the dying light of the day.  Unsure of what to say, she crouches to meet the child at eye level.  "I'm, uh... Kali," she says a little unsure of herself, "how long have you been here?"  She holds out the blanket, feeling guilty for taking the child's possession.  Her mind searches for some explanation as to why this emaciated child is sleeping in the stables with the animals.

The door opens and Kali's head turns and she watches the silhouette of a man enter and make his way to one of the horses.  He checks the horse over then leads the horse out of the stall, walking towards her and the child.  She twists her body so as to be able to face the man and moves swiftly to stand up but fails to notice that she has one foot firmly planted on the same blanket she is holding in her hands.  The unexpected unwillingness of the blanket to rise with her throws Kali slightly off-balance and she steps forward with her other foot to steady herself.  That foot becomes tangled in the blanket also.  Unable to keep her balance Kali tumbles onto the same pile of hay on which the girl had previously been slumbering.

Kali is aware that the man had said some short words about proper sleeping places.  She untangles the blanket from her legs and kicks it off her, and it lands in between her and the stranger.  Feeling foolish and small Kali looks at the blanket and mutters, "Thankyousir," and then forcing her eyes upward towards his face she continues a little more clearly though still softly, "I am aware of that."  Prodded by the need to regain some dignity and emboldened by the solitude of the stables she brushes off the hay that is clinging to her shirt, remains sitting and says, "Although I doubt any sleep got in that place would be either long or restful, so I thank you for your concern but I'll make my own arraignments for the night."  Kali glances briefly at the girl and then returns her gaze to the man with the horse.

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on November 17, 2006, 07:33:23 AM
Navar felt odd, as he was submerged in a swirl of colors he begins to hear a cry Son Father Son Father where are you Son why did you let me die, why were you so weak But father I was….and Hantyn was....*sniff* Navar hangs his head Im sorry. Sorry won’t bring me back, sorry won’t fix my life….or your mothers Navar jerks his head and cries Father….. I…. Then all of a sudden standing befoe Navar is a dark figure with a darker voice. You failed them, you failed them both and know you fail. And with that the dark figure fire a flaming arrow at Navar and with a gasp It’s you, its…. And then the flaming arrow engulfed Navar and an intense searing pain shot through his entire body, a pain so intense, it caused Navar to be violently jerked from his nightmare and with a scream shot up

HANTYN, ahhhhhhhh. And with a sudden uncontrollable reflex navar darts his hand out and firmly wraps his hand around the Dwarfs throat. Blinking a few times and looking around he soon realized where he was and swiftly removed his hand from Thorgas’s throat. Glared hard at him. Well what kinda welcome did you expect with a wake up call like that. Blasted Dwarf *ugh* heh heh you sure know how to make an impression *Cough cough*.

Propping himself against the door flame frame he looked at the dwarf, and feeling the need to some what apologize and thank this dwarf for his kind services. Even though Navar had done nothing but smart off and been an annoyance, this dwarf had come to his rescue. So mustering up the strength to do so Navar glared at the Dwarf and said What took you so long?

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: so orril miesefer on November 17, 2006, 09:17:23 AM
Better you don't move Navar, we haven't finished with you, that searing will only held your blood for some moments not long enought to go anywhere exept your bed. Said Orril, rubing his hands with the quartz powder. Now, better you lay down, I will reduce your blood movement so it can heal faster. Not waiting for an answer Orril pushed Navar to a chair, and started to touch the wond, focusing in the slower movement, Orril the moved to Navar's heart zone, and focused in the slow motion. Navar's heart started to reduce its pulse, the bleeding stoped slowly, forming a new scar quickly.

Better you sleep, your heart beats will be slow for some minutes more and better you keep them at this phase or you will die dried of blood. You will feel dizzy but is far better than death.

Orril rose again and with a hand over his head said Better you don't hurt for a while, both the dwarf and me have some mind fatigue and that won't pass quickly so we are unable to casts spells till we recover.
And... better latter, I don't want to make your heart beat rise again.

Then looked to the bed and said Please step to your room, Navar will need a long time to recover fully of his rage and I prefer no one to bother him or make his hear beat rise. Then looked to the dwarf and whispered Consider that a thanksgiving... we will hardly ever hear him say that... let's go, better he be alone

With this Orril moved out the room still touching his head while he tryed to put order to the ideas that where flowing inside it. Grrr... this is so frustraiting, I really hate when I can't order my head after the spells. Caresing Shadows head with his free hand and taking Storm over his right shoulder he walked downstairs and moved out the inn to take a long walk in the desert with his familiars.

The falling sun in the horizont made Orril move to the stables, just to set up the place for Shadow and Storm and make sure no one would had taken the space he had for his animals.

Entering in a stable wasn't something that Orril loved, the smell wasn't really pleasant, yet he preferred to keep Shadow and Storm there, in his room at night, both of them would bring havock...

When he passed the door, Orril noted he wasn't alone, the human that had helped out the several brawls was there with his horse, a lady a bit hidden from the sight in front a stall, the stall he had used for Shadow and Storm the past day.
huh, seems here's a party and I was uninvited... My lady, may you excuse... While saying this he walked to the stall where the woman was standing, followed closely by his animals. His thoughts were suddenly stoped when he noted that in the stall wasn't only the woman, but a girl that looked really bad, her cloths were tore in every place, and she looked like she was freezing out there. Orril's heart wasn't really cold... wasn't cold at all, and seeing the poor girl made him feel the need to know more about her.

For all the Gods, how did you came to sleep here? And... well, you surelly don't want to be here all the night dear girl, come to the inn and I'll pay you a room. Let me introduce myself, I'm So Orril Miés'éfer, but most just call me Orril... or golden elf... Who are you? Orril stood there while Shadow jumped over to the stall and started to walk near the girl, just to aproach and lick her hand Seems you like him... he want's to play with you. Orril stood there, watching Shadow aproach again the girl.

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on November 17, 2006, 10:14:23 PM
Thorgas loudly gasped for air as the assassin's hand closed around his throat and nearly lifted him off his feet. The elf, realizing his mistake, released the dwarf's throat as quickly as he had grabbed it.
Thorgas felt very dizzy after the choking experience. The blasted elf nearly yank out a piece of his treasured beard! Thinking that the dark elf will kill him now that he is defenseless, Thorgas moved groggily towards the hall. He didn't bother to hear the assassin talk; He just walked as fast as he could to his quarters. Just outside Navar's room though, Thorgas slipped and fell face down on the floor. His head was spinning and he can't get up; there was nothing to do but to squirm away from the thug, try to get downstairs and ask for help from his mercenary friend.
Deciding that it was a useless attempt against an agile killer, he sat up, faced the assassin, and held his palms open and facing Navar. It is very obvious that he can't cast spells yet, not with his state of mental fatigue.
"Don't come any closer," The dwarf said weakly, his voice shaking with fear. "Please don't hurt me."

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on November 18, 2006, 07:32:23 AM
Navar stared at the stunned Dwarf and listen to his pleas for life and began to fell a weird tug at his heart "What? what is this emotion, I feel...bad for him. Urg"

Navar groaned as he forced himself up and slowly stumbled towards the dwarf and glared at him, and with all the strength he could muster he held out his hand to help the dwarf up off the ground. "I must appologize my friend, I was having a nightma......I thought you were someone else, someone who I killed years ago. Navar pauses and and averted eye contact from the Thorgas I thought you were the man who killed my parents

Here take my hand, I have no need to kill you, or I would have done so by know Navar still feeling bad bent down and put the Dwarf's arm around his shoulder and hoisted him up. You need rest, come Ill take you to your room

Navar began to cough under the wait of the stout Dwarf and as he walked he began to cough up blood Pay no heed to me have done enough for I will help you.

Navar made his way to Thorgas's room and helped the Dwarf to his bed. Feeling tired Navar decided to head back to his own room and as he approached the door he stumbled and fell flat on his face, using his arms he pulled himself to the door's frame and rested. Navar laughed "Look at the both of us...too weak to do anything" Navar breathing very heavily swalloed his pride and did something that he did not do offten. Speaking asoftly and sincerly Navar whispers "Thank you Dwarf.....I....I owe you one" and with that Navar drifts back to sleep, where again he would surly be confronted by the pig that murdered his parents, Hantyn

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on November 18, 2006, 01:33:23 PM
Thorgas was stunned as the dark elf took him to his room and on his bed. Certainly he never would have expected such treatment from a savage, compassionless brute like Navar.
After saying a silent 'thank you', He lied down on his bed, thinking of what the rogue assassin said to him as he was brought to his quarters. Why, he's nice. I do feel sorry for his family though.

He was rather concerned when he saw the dark elf stagger and cough blood as he help him towards the room. Very commendable, but risky, he thought. Thorgas sat up and limped towards the table,. He picked up a jar full of cold water and after pouring himself a mugful, he drank it greedily. It's time for him to rest again.

I better check on Buri and make sure he is comfortable. Afterwards I'll check the assassin and tend to his wounds. With these thoughts in mind, the dwarf tucked himself in his warm blankets, thinking about his warm supper as he went to sleep.

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Gamaliel Ironforge on November 19, 2006, 10:39:23 PM
"Huh? Where am I? What time is it?"
Gamaliel woke up and found himself asleep in the common room. He looked around, gathering his wits together like straw blown about by the wind. He looked through the window, then at the rest of the patrons. There are new ones in here,  but he can't see his brother anywhere."Ahh, that's what I call a beer. Too strong." He then looked at the bottom of the pitcher, then to his mug. Both are empty. Grumbling a little, He went upstairs to his brother's room and found the dwarf sleeping.
"Oh right, I remember. He fainted after using magic too much." he said to himself. "That's what you get from trying to be a hero."
Gamaliel went to the drawer and searched for blankets and pillows. He found a couple of soft, heavy blankets, but not one of the soft pillows with which to rest his weary head. Sighing, he spread the blankets on the floor and lied down on it. After a day of drinking and sitting around all day, rest in it seems wonderfully good. He decided to take a little nap, and perhaps wake up later to enjoy a warm supper of roasted meat and fresh vegetables.

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Rhaki Tekashi on November 20, 2006, 01:17:23 AM
With the sun now sinking beyond the horizon, Rhaki sauntered out of the bloodsoaked in to watch the golden glow of the sunset. It was not quite down yet, but in a few hours it would be. His Kuatu hopped from his shoulder and scuttled aimlessly across the ground. Upon catching a glimps of a chestnut, he bolted over to it and ravenously began to tear open the shell. Rhaki sat down on a cool stump, and pulled out his daggers. With a rag, he cleaned off the blood-encrested blades, and slid it neatly back in it's sheath. Hopefully he wouldn't need them again.

A light breeze brushed Rhaki's hood off of his bedraggled hair. It seemed to whisper to him. To give him instructions on where to go, and what path to take. It told him to continue to Strata - he must reach it as soon as possible. He pondered this possibility for a moment, then decided he would leave early the next day - he would make it to Strata before sundrown that way.

Having made up his mind, he called over Teku, and wandered back inside. Rhaki pulled up a chair and sat heavily down, relaxing every joint in his body. It had been a long afternoon, and most painful for everyone to. A little rest would do good.

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Callie Sornak on November 21, 2006, 07:54:23 AM
Callie didn't know what to say to the woman. She had rudely woken her from her quiet slumber....but why? She wasn't doing anyone harm. Perhaps, since she had taken her blanket, she thought that Callie had stolen it.

"I'm, uh... Kali. How long have you been here?" She then held out the blanket as if she were sorry for taking it. This confused Callie very much. She looked up at the woman with a quizzical look in her eyes.

But, before she could say anything, someone, a male by the look of the shadow, came into the stable. Callie jumped a bit, and nearly ran when Kali fell down next to her. Her large brown eyes filled with tears as the man spoke few words in a harsh tone of voice. She was so concetrated on flashbacks, that she didn't even hear what the woman said.

Before anything else could happen, another male walked into the stable, this one an Elf. With him came a large wolf. Callie pressed herself against the back of the stable wall, but the wolf approached her and started to lick her hand.

Letting out a small cry, Callie pushed off from the wall and took off at a run out of the stable. She ran around to the back of it and sat down upon the ground, shivering. Suddenly, she started to go into another coughing fit. This one shook her entire small frame. Her hand soon was covered in spots of blood; some from the cut on her lip, and some from the blood that she was coughing up.

Unable to catch her breath, Callie gave a small weezing gasp before her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her small form slumped against the back of the stable and slowly slipped to the ground.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: so orril miesefer on November 21, 2006, 09:27:23 AM
What's wrong? said Orril, looking the little girl run, Shadow returned to Orril, and as the little girl coughted Orril nderstood she wasn't really good to run, provably she was sick and with the look she had it wouldn't be a surprice.

I think we should take her into the tavern... seems she needs rest and food... and cloths and care in general... who could do this to her? Said Orril, before picking the little girl in his arms and starting to walk back to the tavern.

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Drasil Razorfang on November 22, 2006, 06:48:23 AM
Drasil quickly retracted his hand from Cherri’s damp hair as she screamed in pain and the spell shaped by her subconscious began to subside.  Leaning over the sweaty figure of the woman beside him, Drasil cautiously peered at her face, looking for any signs to denote the woman’s state.  A few moments later, after the worried elf had removed his head, the woman awoke, gasping for air and jerking her body erect.  Golden eyes staring, Drasil watched silently as the woman regained her bearings and fixed her now disheveled hair.  Satisfied with her appearance the beautiful elfess rolled to face the barely clothed warrior, propping herself up with an elbow.  Diverting his gaze from her purple eyes, the shy elf noticed the ample cleavage the magess had managed to display in such a casual gesture.

Suddenly remembering his own exposed form, the elf abruptly slammed his hand into the damp towel, obscuring the blatent view that Cherri had already found.  Wincing in pain as the blow struck his crotch, the warrior blushed, squirming awkwardly under the woman’s quizzical stare.

Satisfied with the accidental viewing Drasil had displayed, Cherri looked back into the blushing elf’s eyes, sighing deeply as she obviously wrestled with an idea.  “Are you ok?” she asked, scanning what was visible of the room in the fading light, lingering over the bloodied bandages and the remnants of the elf’s clothes.  Without waiting for a reply she continued cautiously  before trailing off to once again stare at Drasil’s body and continuing in a huskier tone.  “Though I cannot say you are an unwelcome sight,” she said, broadly smiling as she blushed, spreading a rosy color across her face before disappearing into her dress.

Pausing briefly to notice Drasil’s damp hair and towel, the woman mischievously continued her monologue, causing the shy elf to blush profusely as scandalous thoughts entered his head, he watched Cherri broadly grin, having sensed his thoughts.

Leaning in timidly, as if to kiss the woman, the couple was suddenly interrupted as a man slithered through the window on the opposite wall.  Drawing back abruptly, Drasil scrambled to cover his exposed form, as Cherri hastily flung the sheets over the pair.  Gripping his thigh firmly under the sheets to prevent him from moving, she smiled warmly at the intruder.

The new man was stunningly handsome, easily overshadowing any attractive features that Drasil possessed.   “I apologize for the intrusion, dearest fellows, and realize that my words may be unwelcome to such lovers in such positions as you now find yourselves, but I must query as to the current situation and ascertain that certain perils have been assuredly prevented? I was called to aid in a case of casting?” he asked, delivering an omniscient smile to Drasil, showing that he had seen what was about to take place.  Opening his mouth to speak, the elf choked over his words in embarrassment, before abruptly snapping his mouth shut and letting Cherri deal with the situation.  She is much better at these things anyways, he thought, eyeing the weapons in the handsome man’s hands, looking for a way to easily disarm him.

After a long awkward silence, the warrior realized that Cherri expected him to handle the situation.  “Ummmm….Its no problem…I guess,” the timid elf responded, golden eyes awkwardly flitting around the room.  Remembering his lack of attire, Drasil, wishing to get the man out of the room as quickly as possible, gestured to the deadbolted door.  “The door is that way…erm…You just…um…shift the bolt to the left.  Sorry for your...trouble.”

Fidgeting on the bed as he waited for the man to leave, Drasil was startled once again by a sudden noise coming from the door.  Outside someone was pounding the solid wood, causing the hinges and bolt to squeek as they gave under the pressure before flying off, sending the door crashing inward.  As the hulking mass of wood settled to the ground with a heavy bang, a figure stormed into the room, ranting passionately.  The obnoxious tone and self-centered attitude allowed Drasil to easily identify the figure as Navar even before he could clearly see the assassin.  Promising himself that he would not be provoked into fighting nude, he quickly tuned out the Coor’hem’s tirade, though by the looks of disgust the assassin was delivering in his direction, he assumed that it was not a positive discussion.

Suddenly, the flurry of angry words trailed off as the child of Co’or abruptly fell to the floor unconscious.  Ignoring the fallen body, and the multitude of people who made their way into the room, Drasil stepped from the bed, double checking the security of his towel and scooped up the remains of his clothing.  Handing it to Cherri, he picked up the woman, using her weight to support the slipping garment and carried the woman into his room where he covered and locked the window and bolted the door.  “Now, about that bath,” he said, a scandalous smile flitting across his face, “I think that it could easily be arranged.”

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Rvahr the Hunter on November 22, 2006, 10:41:23 AM
It seemed the elf had cleared the situation and there would be no more trouble, he was invited to leave and was about to move in accordence, hoping that the couple's flaunted lusts had not been dampened by his intrusion. "Well, try to keep the scares to a minimum." He sort of chuckles out, eyeing the discomfort of the elves with a sly grin. Before he is able to take a step toward the door, it explodes. Suddenly, R'vahr is very confused. There comes screaming and yelling and accusations, and while R'vahr found few of them very insulting, the tone seemed to belittle himself and the two cuddling elves. "I really don't see whats wrong with a little evening play? Though I assure you I have been given no invitation as to join in the occation." Even as the R'unorian attempts to bring the Co'orhem to a more stable state, the elf faints. Now, whatever confusion had riddled R'vahr's brain before now comes twofold, as a multitude of healers, elves, and dwarves come to the screaming elf's aid. He gives a quiete greeting to all and asks his leave, quickly slipping out of the room and begining for the stairs. Finding that delightful girl seemed the best idea.

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Twén Aråerwén on November 22, 2006, 12:28:23 PM
Frail hands fell away from tear soaked cheeks, coming to rest in the elf's petite lap. Ancient, metallic gray eyes opened to narrowed slits, their opaque surface tinged red with overwhelming tears of sorrow. How long have I been here? Delicate neck careened about, surveying the surroundings in which the elf had hidden. A dim light filtered in beneath the oaken door of the kitchen pantry, assuring Twen that not all she had dreamt was indeed a delusion.

Rising tentatively from her stooped position, quivering hands came to rest upon supple cheeks. Hastily wiping the remnants of despair filled tears from them. The elfess dropped white knuckled fists near her supple waistline, forcing them to cease trembling. Drawing in a deep breath over crimson lips, then releasing it ever so slowly, the maiden finally began to grasp hold of reality once more. I have failed Lady Ana. Was the only thought upon her mind when she opened the door, nimbly stepping into the kitchen.

Giving Samuel a forced beam, hurriedly she passed him on a beeline for the door to the main hall. A gasp of repulsion held in check when the elf witnessed the bathe of blood that marred the walls within the dining area. Hands rose to be cuffed over delicate features, eyes narrowed once more allowing tears to trickle down porcelain cheeks. Pools of tears formed within the creases of the mage's tiny digits. Lady Ana, forgive me! I pray that my hands did none of this. Only a single blurred vision brought Twen from sinking into melancholic weeping again. A solitary figure knelt in the midst of the carnage, a lone human, lost in his own grief.

She quickly surveyed the people within the room, taking a quick note that all danger had seemed to of long since dissipated. Who or what could have done all of this? Her gaze came to respite for but a few moments upon the transom to the rear of The Herald. I have been gone for hours, many it would seem. An unwavering gaze, again turned towards the weeping human near the doorway. Would seem he has lost much more this day than I have. A tinge of lament shivered upon the elf’s supple lips within her first steps toward the human.

Prancing dexterously around the pools of coagulated blood, she came to stand next to the man. Lissome hands running vigorously over the hem of the forest green dress, an attempt to quickly dry the tears from them. Crouching next to him, one hand coming to rest upon his muscular shoulder the other fell upon his hand. Golden cascades of curls shimmered in the setting rays of Injera as Twen tilted her head to the side attempting to draw Vesk’s attention. “M’Lord, ……” The word crackling with tinges of regret and distress. “M’lord, please come with me …… there is not yee can do here.”

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Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Kali Rae on November 23, 2006, 05:23:23 AM
As Kali sits on the floor waiting for the horseman to speak another person enters the stables.  By the gods, I'd love to get out of here, Kali thinks.  She turns to look at the doors as a newcomer enters and notices that he has a large dog in tow.  As he approaches his companion resolves into something more menacing.   She realizes that the creature with the man was a wolf and as he approaches the man, too, transforms into an elf.  Kali feels prone and foolish on the hay and brings her arms around her as they approach.

The elf introduces himself in a friendly tone, but Kali's attention is focused on the wolf.  Never having had any experience with wild animals, she is weary of his every move.  As the wolf stalks towards the child with unknown intent, Kali feels a sting of fear race through her body.  The wolf appears much larger then the child, much more fit in any event, and Kali's hand goes to one of her daggers at her waist.  Before she can react the girl bolts from the stables and disappears out into the night.  "Bloodspit." Kali curses under her breath and pushes herself up.  The elf runs out after the girl before Kali can even breathe a word.

The air in the stables is stale and her eyes start to itch as bits of hay dust work their way past her lashes.  Kali notices that her dagger had loosed itself from her sheath and fallen to the floor when she stood up.  Painfully aware of the other's presence, she stoops to pick it up.  Without raising her head she addresses the man.  "Thank you for your concern but I take my leave."  She straightens up and pushes past him to the door of the stables feeling as small as the little girl she was pursuing.  She emerges into the evening air, takes a deep breath of fresh air, and looks around for the girl with tears brewing in her eyes.

Kali spots the elf halfway back to the tavern carrying something in his arms she assumes is the girl.  She takes one step towards him and then stops.  He seems kind enough, she thinks, perhaps it's for the best that he look after her.  Having given up on getting fire for the night, Kali looks for a spot to set up her tent.  She strolls around the grounds for a short minute but finds herself uncommitted to the task.  The small frail figure of the girl runs through her mind as she moves through the evening air.  How could that happen to a child? Kali asks herself, even I never suffered so, and I was alone on the streets of Isthrius.

Frustrated at the world and sick for the girl, Kali un-slings her pack and hurls it with all her might.  Her pack lands in between stables and the inn, and bounces before coming to a rest.  Kali runs at it and kicks it, letting out a hoarse, punctuated cry of frustration.  Her foot stings from the impact and she limps slightly as she trusts her weight to it.  She feels a lump come up into her throat and sits down hard next to her pack.  Her right foot hurts and she takes off her travelling boot to inspect it but her vision blurs with tears.  Giving up on her foot she gathers her cloak around her and weeps.

-- "It is the extraordinary people that we tell stories about, still, everyone has a story if you look hard enough." --

Kali Rae

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on November 23, 2006, 10:12:23 AM
Suprise fell across Phyth's face as he watched the girl on the stable floor. The look on her face had gone from confusion at the women there, to a look of terror as soon as she saw him. Iago's ears went back, and she instantly began stamping her feet. All of her body movement told Phyth that she felt the little girl's fear, too.

Phyth turned his head around as the door to the stables opened. There at the entrance was Orril with his wolf. He almost said something to him, but he didn't want to spook the girl any further.  Phyth drew in a sharp breath as the girl ran straight out of the stable. Orril soon followed.

Stunned, Phyth didn't even notice the woman leave; he couldn't get the look of the young girl's face out of his head.   He had seen a look like that once. But on a horse, not a person. It's master had loved to beat it. Phyth knew the reason this girl had that look, and it disturbed him. Hopping up on Iago, Phyth left the stables and took a ride. He didn't want to, but he kept thinking.

"No matter where you go, there you are..."
Buckaroo Banzai

Phyth Glenfield

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Post by: so orril miesefer on November 28, 2006, 08:20:58 AM
his steps ended inside the tavern, Orril was really upset by the child he was carrying, How she ended like that? Who did it? Where were his parents? The only thing that Orril weas sure about was that the girl needed rest and food, his feelings made Orril reach Twen and say:

"Dear lady, do you have any room left for this girl? A lady and a gentelman found her in the stables trying to sleep there, seems she has suffered a lot... I'll pay for her room."

while saying this he was looking at the girl, uncounsious on his arms. When he finished he waited for Twen to tell him if any room was left.

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on December 02, 2006, 10:12:15 AM
The man who intruded into their makeshift room as about to leave when suddenly on the other side the sound of angry words and pounding was heard.  Cherri listened closely to the voice and not so much the words.  The voice was definitely belonged to Navar and he was severely angry. 

Cherri could only stare her eyes large and round as Navar beat upon the solid wood of the door until it gave way and flew into the room.  She was startled, but not scared.  The only thought that ran through her mind was how she had wasted her time in the effort to see to his wounds.  She would not do so again.  Finding Drasil's golden eyes she could tell that he too had tuned out the angry shouting of Navar.  Then suddenly there was a thud upon the floor as Navar fell, passing out from his exertions. 

Almost immediately the room became overflowing with people ready to help the child of Co'or.  Cherri was looking to the doorway longingly, wanting to be away from the mass of people when she felt Drasil giving her the remnants of his discarded clothing and scooping her up.  Pressing her body into his Cherri placed his clothing in her lap and wrapped her arms about his neck.  In moments they were weaving through the mass of people and Drasil was making his way to what was apparently his room. 

Once inside he sat Cherri upon her feet and went about securing the room.  Window included this time.  A broad smile parted Cherri's lush lips as she neatly placed Drasil's clothes upon the small table in the room.  The room was growing darker as night was eager to come.  Cherri  dug around in a pouch and found a match to light the candles on the table.  As she did so she heard Drasil close to her and his voice held a playful tone as he said "Now about that bath".  Cherri turned to face him her eyes bright as she allowed them to roam over his still barely clad form.  She had wondered briefly before if perhaps she had over stepped some unknown boundary when she had been so forward as to where her thoughts were leading her, but now seeing the smile that parted his lips and how his golden eyes now alive with the fire light danced playfully and scandalously, she knew that her attentions were most wanted. 

As Drasil finished speaking Cherri moved closer to Drasil a disarming lusty smile playing upon her mouth.  "Well then we better see to that bath then." Cherri whispered into Drasil's ear.  She had to stand a little on her toes to do so and as she lowered her body she allowed herself to gently slide down Drasil's back.  Taking a step back Cherri began to gently trace the outlines of Drasil's shoulders letting her long fingers trail over his muscles, feeling them contract and loosen under her touch.  She traced the outline of his muscled form from his shoulders down his well defined back to his hips.  She encircled his waist with her arms as she lightly placed kisses upon the width of his shoulders leaving her warm breath trailing each one. "Still thinking about that bath?"  She asked her voice more huskier than before.

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Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on December 02, 2006, 02:55:04 PM
Navar awoke, suddenly and let out a hard gasp for air. Panting and dizzy Navar looked around at the spinnig hallway and thought to himself ha this is what I get for helping out that fat oaf Thorgas, and is the favor even repaid...ingrates Placing his shaky hand on the wall he slowly raises himself up he stumbles across the hall way muttering "that cursed she elf and her lover, hm if that is how they repay kindness then bah"

Finally making his way to the stairs he looks down the seemingly endless flight that he must over come. Taking stap by step he begins to fade in and out of contiousness, finally faultering he stumbling down the stairs and lands flat on his face, standing slowly and avoiding the Tavern's patron piercing glares of ridicule.

Stepping out he looks up at the firey sky and making his way back to his possesion he lays down and drifts back into a much needed sleep, Navar knew he was done with the tavern for a while, and the last thought that went through his head before he slept was, Foolish ingrates, all of them

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Post by: Malavon Despana on December 02, 2006, 05:23:05 PM
As Malavon opened his eyes , he looked around with a confused air and taught to himself :
But how ...
Ah now i remember , i must have passed out and since i am in the same place i sat , i am to conclude that no one had the kindness to take me to my room .
Tsk ,don´t think i made so many friends here

With an ironic smile , he stood up and with some difficulty walked towards the door and pushed back to let an elf carrying what seemed to him a small child in his arms and heard him asking the bartender  for a spare room .

Raising his voice a little he said before the answer of Twen :
Dear lady if you don´t have a spare room for him , feel free to lead them mine , i dont think i will be using it tonight .
The door is open , i think  .

Turning his back , he didn´t wait for answers from both of them , he just wanted to feel again fresh air on his face .

Malavon took a deep breath , feeling now much better than before , and noticed a figure seated crying next to a bacpack , walking towards the figure , Malavon saw that was a young woman , having the caution to leave his hand out his sword to not scare her , Malavon spoke with a kind voice :

Pardon me my lady , i do hope you can forget my rudness , but i couldn´t stop hearing your weeping , so i have to ask , what seems to trouble you ?
My name is Malavon , and while i am not much of the talking sort , some people say i am a good listener , if you wish so .

I do not fear magic , it should fear me !!!     <a href="" target="top">Malavon[/url]

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Post by: so orril miesefer on December 03, 2006, 10:44:31 AM
Dear lady if you don´t have a spare room for him , feel free to lead them mine , i dint think i will be using it tonight .
The door is open , i think .

Without thinking it twice Orril moved to the stairs and looked back to Malavon "My thanks to you." Said before steeping to the rooms and moving to what seemed to be the only room with an open door. Orril entered and placed the girl on the bed, she seemed to be tormented, even in her sleep, by her past. I wish you can find rest here, wish that when you awake you can trust in someone in this tavern to find your parents. Thought Orril while closing the door, then he went down, followed by his familiars and made his way to the stables, where he prepared a stall for his pets before returning to the tavern.

There he ran upstairs and sat on his bed, waiting for the girl to awake, studying a big tome of wind magic and dream theories he had carried since long ago in his bag.

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Post by: Callie Sornak on December 03, 2006, 02:39:18 PM
The images running through her mind were horrible beyond words. Men from the past with grappling hands and greedy faces arose and then was replaced by another and another till her mind was full of men that had abused her in the past.

With a loud gasp, Callie awoke and bolted straight up. She shivered as she thought of what she had been dreaming of. Her hands ran along the matress and the sheets. She looked down, greatly confused. The last she knew, she was behind the stable. Drawing her knees up next to her chest, she thought hard of what could have happened...nothing.

Giving a small sigh, Callie turned in the bed so that her feet dangled off the edge of it. Looking around, she noticed no one in the room, so she slided off the bed. She wasn't sure of what to do. It was obvious that she was now in a room in the inn, but she was terrified to leave this room. Common rooms were full of people, that much she knew from experiences. Yet, she didn't want to be left in here. Too many memories of inn rooms were still fresh in her mind. She noticed that her lip had begun to bleed again. She gingerly touched a hand to it, looking at the sparkling red blood that stayed there.

"What am I going to do...?"

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Post by: so orril miesefer on December 04, 2006, 01:17:32 PM
The sound of little feet walking in the other room made Orril return from his lecture to the real world. "Better I go and see the girl... Maybe she's recovered" thought while rising from his bed and placing the book inside his bag.

Walking to the room Orril started to think in so many things, but one was in his mind over everyone Where are your parents? Why you where in the stall? these two questions pierced his mind and curiosity, tantalising him to no end, so that would be the first things to ask.

Orril steeped in the room, looking to the little girl that was standing few steps away the door. "Good to see you are awake, I have a few questions that torment me and need some answers. May you answer this questions please?" Suddenly the blood in her lip attracted Orril's attention. "Oh dear, what happened to you in your lip? First of all we should heal that injury, let me see it." Orril took a piece of fabric and leaned close to the girl to have a better look of the injury.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on December 04, 2006, 02:07:51 PM
A cloud of dust trailed behind Iago as she ran speedily across the desert, kicking up twigs and rocks. Phyth held loosely on the reins, letting Iago run where she pleased. This would be their last run for the day, and then he'd let her sleep in the stables. Phyth almost felt like sleeping in her stall, but he had paid for the room and was going to use it.

Suddenly Phyth's sharp eyes spotted a fiigure on the ground, and Iago was headed straght for it. Phyth pulled back on the reins hard, and Iago stopped a couple peds in front of the figure. Which turned out to be the woman from the stable.

"Sorry..." he said with a quiet grunt. Seeing the woman there reminded Phyth of that girl, and this seemed like the best oppurtunity to ask about her. Directly. "She yours?" Phyth said as he motioned his head towards the tavern. 

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Post by: Kali Rae on December 05, 2006, 09:29:02 AM
Damned be all, Kali thinks, why can't I be left alone.  Her mind drifts through her tears, making excuses for herself and justifying her sorrow by blaming the world.  She reflects soberly that she has probably either broken her tent or her foot, and suspects it is her tent that was damaged.  She sniffs and pulls open the drawstring on her traveling pack to inspect the contents inside.  Through blurred eyes she inspects the contents and pulls out the wooden polls that make the frame of the tent.  Three of them are intact but the fourth is broken in three, the jagged splinters of wood irreparable.  She tosses aside the fragments of the pole which land a couple of feet from where she is sitting on the ground.  A kind male voice she's never heard before speaks nearby and she realizes it is addressing her.

"Pardon me my lady , I do hope you can forget my rudeness , but I couldn’t stop hearing your weeping , so I have to ask , what seems to trouble you ?  My name is Malavon , and while I am not much of the talking sort , some people say I am a good listener , if you wish so ."

Kali waits for the usual bout of fear that normally overcame her in such situations but to her surprise it doesn't come.  Weary from the day's travels and the emotional and mental stresses of the tavern, she has no more strength to be afraid of such petty things.  She is surprised at her disappointment that the voice didn't belong to the handsome, dark skinned R'vhar but that too is overwhelmed by a wave of apathy.  She turns her head away from the Mavalon and wipes her eyes and nose with the sleeve of her shirt then swivels her body to face him.  She sighs last of the frustration and anger out and says, “I thank you for your concern but there’s nothing the matter here, I’m simply tired after a long journey,” she pauses and then sweeps a hand in the direction of the broken pole, “a-... and my tent seems to have broken.”

She hears the rush of hooves fast approaching and looks over her shoulder to see a horse bearing down on her.  She curses loudly and is carried onto her feet by a wave of adrenaline.  The horse stops abruptly mere peds from where she had been sitting, and Kali stands facing it and its rider breathing hard, heart beating in her chest.  She recognizes the man from the stables as he apologizes for giving her a start.  “Sorry!?” Kali spits hotly, “I was nearly trampled!”  She realizes her arms and legs are tingling from the jolt.  She shakes herself off, “Really.” She mutters to herself, looking down.

The man gestures towards the tavern and asks simply, “She yours?”  Kali takes a few quick breaths, furrows her brows, and shakes her head as she tries to understand the question.  She realizes he’s talking about the girl she had found sleeping in the stable.  “What?” her eyes widen in surprise, “no.  I just found her sleeping there before you came in to take your horse for a ride.  She left with the elf, I wonder if you’d learn more from talking to him,” she replies.  She shivers as the rush of adrenaline starts to ebb.  She glances at the contents of her pack strewn on the ground and shakes her head again, “Look, I’m going back inside, it’s getting cold and I’d rather not be outside when it gets really dark.”

Kali realizes that she’s still only wearing one boot and immediately feels foolish and awkward again.  She bends down to pull on the boot but finds that her foot is tenderer then she expected.  She grimaces as it slips over her foot.  She then busies herself with the gathering of her belongings and packing of her pack taking care not to trust too much weight to her right foot.

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Post by: Drasil Razorfang on December 05, 2006, 10:53:26 AM
As his words struck his companion, she whirled around to face him, eyes alight with pleasure.  Quietly crossing the distance between them, Cherri began to speak, a disarming smile spread beaming in Drasil’s direction.  As he felt her weight ever so slightly lean against his muscled form as she stood on tip toe, he knew his attentions had been well received.  “Well we better see to that bath then.”

Gracefully sliding her well formed body along Drasil’s back, the woman began to trace his figure with her finger, setting his face alight in embarrassment.  Struggling in vain to gain control of his emotions, the warrior felt a pair of arms encircle his waist and moist breath spread across his back.  “Still thinking about that bath?” she asked, her voice maintaining its previous seductive tone.  As if emboldened by her words, Drasil took the woman’s hands from his waist, turning to face her with a childish grin upon his face.  Leaning forward, the elf kissed the pallid skin up her neck, whispering in between pecks, “Don’t worry.  You’re gonna need that bath when I am through with you.”

Without waiting for a response, the warrior suddenly abandoned his previously shy demeanor, flinging himself at the woman.  Planting a forceful kiss upon her lips; one filled with more tongue than romance; he slowly pushed her towards the bed, clawing furiously at her garment.  After a short struggle, the cloth finally gave way, falling to the floor at the foot of the bed.  Pausing for a brief moment to stare into Cherri’s violet eyes, Drasil gently lowered himself on top of her and the bed, realizing in the process that he had lost his own makeshift garment.

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Post by: Rvahr the Hunter on December 06, 2006, 03:44:40 AM
As the hunter reached the lower floor, he noticed first that the girl from the icelands had left, and secondly that Mepher had fallen asleep inside the cackling hearth. The desert cold was comming upon the tavern and he himself felt that a search for warmth, either in companionship or flame, was a fitting endeavor. He felt a twinge of regret at having missed the girl's leave, but is glad to have had the opportunity to have met such a fine example of beauty and humanity. Amid pleasent thoughts of her, he winds his way to the warmth of the fire, and pulls himself a chair.

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Post by: Twén Aråerwén on December 06, 2006, 10:07:52 AM
A gentle sigh quivered over crimson lips, the mage realized that the individual was lost to anguish. Only the reverberation of stumbling footfalls, descending the staircase, adverted the elfess’s primeval gaze from Vesk. Ancient eyes rose fixedly upon the Coor’hem elf as he wandered into the meekly lit dining area. A brow furrowed inquisitively, a fiery maelstrom rolled over the elf maiden’s metallic gray eyes, crimson lips pursed in a silent snarl as the man passed. Tis no wonder that blood flows freely in Lady Ana’s house, with the likes of yee about. Her stare for a second time fell on the weeping human, frail hands guiding the gentleman tentatively to his feet.

Seating the Eyelian at the bar, chin diverted to peer over petite shoulder at the doorway in which the Nybelmarian elf had departed through. What tis it that has brought a child of darkness to such a remote place? Only bereavement, death and suffering can come from yer visit. A tinge of disgust danced over Twen’s delicate features, forcing herself to relax a bit before speaking. “Stay here M’lord, I shall get yee a drink to calm yerself with.” Sternness permeated from each word as they melodically pranced over the mages supple lips, turning nimbly upon sandaled feet, making her way to the liquor cabinets.

Lifting a goblet from the counter, Twen deftly poured a single shot of Mil’no fire into the container. Nimble digits quickly grasped a bottle of Stratas Delight, gently popping the cork from its neck, at last filling the goblet to its brim with the crisp white wine. She knew that when chilled the concoction had the taste of fresh spring water, though warm as it was, it would most likely taste like a cauldron of fire. Tiny shoulders shrugged flippantly before the mage turned and placed the drink in front of Vesk. “If yee need anything else, please be sure to let me know sir.” Minute fingers brushing frivolously across his forearm, she departed towards the solitary figure seated in the vicinity of the fireplace.

Standing over R’vahr’s shoulder, metallic gray eyes stared intently into flickering flames of the fireplace. “Artanhé efér fá cár.” Twen leaned forward, a cascade of golden curls falling to veil one almond shaped eye into utter shadow. The elfess made no effort to explain away what she had spoken before leaning towards his ear. “Tis there something I could get yee to drink M’lord?” One hand lifted to brush stray curls to respite once again behind an elfin ear. “I have much to clean up if yee wish nothing.” The words a bit distant as the elf continued to stare unwaveringly into the flames.

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Post by: Callie Sornak on December 06, 2006, 12:51:33 PM
Callie gave a small jump as she heard and saw the door open. Standing inside the doorway was a male elf. Her body gave small tremors as he walked towards her. This was it....this was what she feared would happen. She was so distraught that she heard not a word he spoke. All she knew was that he was coming closer to her.

Finally, he was so close that she could reach out and touch him if she wanted to, which she certainly did not want to. From somewhere upon his person, he took out a small piece of fabric. Callie's eyes widened as she had had such things used as gags in the past. He leaned closer still in which case she could stand it no longer.

Making a small noise, something between a cry and a scream, she pushed past the Elf and ran out into the hall. She thought that there was no where for her to go then down, so she did so; tears began to run down her face once more. Once she reached the bottom of the stairs, she knew not where to go. Unintentionally, she ran out into the common room.

Upon seeing the people that were there, Callie gave a small cry and backed into a corner, to where she slid down upon the floor. Her eyes were wide with terror and she was crying silently; praying to any god that would hear her small prayers.

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Post by: Rvahr the Hunter on December 06, 2006, 09:23:44 PM
From the edges of his vision a pitifully small figure approaches, and begins to speak in an elven dialect. R'vahr simply assumes she is speaking to an elf that he hadn't noticed, and continues to stare into the cackling embers. After a moment he hears her bend close to his ear and feels her words dance across his nape. Her throat is silken and fine, as the rest of her, and the hunter is confused by her confessed position. "I wouldn't imagine such a beautiful girl to be a maid. Women of your stature are usually kept from more brutish tasks." Turning his body just so, he gave her a long glance. "Either way, I wouldn't want to delay you from your duties, and have no taste for drink." He seems about to continue his speech and a softly en-wreathing warmth begins to pour from his chocolate demeanor, however, his intentions are cut short as a young girl comes bounding down the stairwell and into the common area near himself. For a moment he is to shocked to react, and he stares at the figure. Her sorrow touches him, and he himself feels a need touch his own deities. He gets up and finds a suitably clean spot on the floor, off to the left of the child. He kneels and begins to reverently adress his own favorite god. H'lf'ik

Mepher is awoken from his slumber by the soft cries of a young girl. He opens a single eye and surveys the area, quickly sighting the prone form of the youth, and noting the dispair in her appearance and tone. With a quick jitter he shakes the larger embers off of his back, which he follows with a drawn stretch and yawn. After accommodating himself to his new, awoken, state, the ferret saunters off toward the source of his intrest. His first few steps are marked with the vivid sizzle of heat and stone, though he quickly cools to a more comfortable warmth, soothing to the touch. Upon reaching his destination, he places himself between R'vahr and the girl, coaxingly rubbing against her side with his long, dark self. He accompanies the sensation with a contentedly smooth squeak, as if he were begging to be smothered in pats and happyness.

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on December 06, 2006, 09:50:08 PM
After the long nap, Thorgas woke up and rubbed sleep off his eyes. He looked around and towards the window. Noticing that the sun will be setting soon, he sat on his bed and searched for his boots. He began scanning the room and found the boar hide boots, and beside it is Gamaliel, sleeping on blankets spread on the floor. Thorgas thought it better not to disturb his brother, and perhaps invite him later for supper.
The dwarf got up and went outside the room. After going down a flight of stairs, he eyed the common room and the patrons wearily. Maybe some of them would enjoy a drink or two with me. At the corner of the room, he saw a little human girl. She was crying silently, as if scared of the people inside. Normally he would approach the person and ask what ails her, but he suddenly remembered his pig Buri. Thorgas removed his stare at the girl, and perhaps help her later after having his supper.
He went outside towards the stable. On the way he saw the blood on the ground that the combatants had spilled earlier. Thorgas remembered the anguished look on their faces as the flesh are being ripped from their body and their blood spattering all over the place. It was a painful and ghoulish sight; he was glad that it did not happen on front of the elven maiden Twen nor his friend Phyth.
Once inside the stables he found Buri, awake and ready for his supper. He led the pig outside for some fresh air. the pig, greeting his dear friend with delight, nuzzled Thorgas' hand and lied down on his back, asking for a bit of rubbing. The dwarf laughed silently as he scratched the soft belly with the end of his staff. "Hungry, me friend? Doon't worry, you'll have yar meal soon."
The pig responded with a soft grunt, and Thorgas leaned at the doorpost, quite contented. After thinking about a few things, he took out his pipe, lit it, and puffed out clouds of smoke, relaxing a bit before going inside the tavern to eat.

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Post by: so orril miesefer on December 07, 2006, 01:49:27 PM
Astonished by the girl response Orril ran behind her again " Wait!!! I need to ask you some things!!! Where are you going?! What are you scared of?! O my gods... will I have ever a calm day here?" Orril shouted while running, finally he saw the girl in a corner crying.

Gods, How can I approach her without scaring her again? Sure speaking softly won't work, she seemed to hear nothing of what I said, vanishing won't work either... that surely would scare her even more... maybe... A Chimaera in a beauty form? a mind soothing spell? no, this can't be solved with magic, I need to earn her trust, but how?? if she doesn't even hears me... Maybe Twen, yeah, if she doesn't trust in me surely she will trust in Twen, after all women always trust in women.
But... I can't just go with Twen and say her to speak with the girl, she knows the same I do about her and she might have better things to do than just act as "translator" between the girl and me...
Orril stayed in his place while thinking, then resolved to try a mind soothing spell and if that failed then Twen's intervention in the matter would be more than obvious.

Then Orril approached some peds, leaving around three peds between him and the girl  and speaking softly he said "Please don't run away, I don't want to hurt you." Then Orril started to focus in the girl, making that inexplicable easiness and calm that the wind expresses travel to her, surrounding himself with a soft wind that careseed the girls face. Orril kept his distance while the spell worked its way to the mind of the girl, making her feel refreshed and calmed... or at least that expected Orril... maybe the girl had a strong mind that blocked the spell, maybe not... just some seconds more and her would talk with him... at least hear him.

Orril said again in a calmed and soft voice "Please don't run, I don't want to hurt you, I want to help you. May I approach to you and help you with the hurt in your lip?" Orril sat in the floor and looked to the eyes of the girl, knowing that a gaze could provably make her have some confidence to him, there he waited for the girl to do something, to answer something, meanwhile he was fighting with the after casting effects, trying to minimize the headache of the casting and to not express it.

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on December 09, 2006, 12:33:25 PM
After smoking, Thorgas decided to go inside the tavern and eat. He led the pig again to the stables and gave the stablehand a coin. "Make sure ta feed him well, lad, and I'll se ta it that you'll get another coin for yar work."

As the dwarf head to the exit, he turned around just to make sure the boy is doing his work. He saw the lad look at the coin in his hand with glee, and proceeded in rubbing the sides of the pig. The rubbing done, he went to a part of the stables and returned with a bucket of pig food. After pouring it in a trough, he refilled the bucket and set it beside the pig to be consumed later.

"Here, lad." Thorgas tossed another coin for the care administered by the boy. Without looking back, he entered the inn and sat on a chair beside the fireplace. After looking at the patrons again, he noticed the girl earlier in the same corner, crying. He saw too, the golden haired elf talking to her.

Ugh! What does he want with a poor lass? Thorgas thought,  giving a grunt and a look of disgust at the elf. He turned to both people and spoke loud enough for the elf to hear. "Pardon, elf, but isn't the lass frightened enough? Give her some food first, then if she calms down, that's the time ta talk ta her." Thorgas leaned on his chair, lit his pipe again and smoked, waiting for the elf's response and for supper to be cooked.

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Post by: so orril miesefer on December 09, 2006, 02:31:17 PM
Just what I needed... I don't want to scare this girl again... better get out of here before she shouts again and all that.

Orril made his way to the table where the dwarf was, and sat in front of him."May I ask you a question? How will I offer her food if she won't listen me?  for an odd reason she feels scared of me... Could you attempt to speak with her? A lady and I found her in the stables trying to sleep, surely she's fleeing from something or someone. Yet we know nothing about her."

Said Orril while he looked around in search of Twen, he had no more concentration or patient left to try another mind soothing spell, and he was about to bet that if the girl considered him "ugly" she would flee as a soul taken by Queprur when the dwarf approaches her, if he does...

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on December 10, 2006, 02:40:56 PM
"Hmm... That's an odd question ta ask, elf. But what better way to prove your kindness by showing it ta her? Bring her some food and put it in front of her. I'm sure she has nothing ta eat for many days." Thorgas pauses and catches a breath, "telling her about your kindness will not work; Ya must show it ta her. Before I forget, elf, doon't shout so loud, you'll scare her."

The dwarf did not notice that he had puffed out a cloud of smoke accidentally in the face of the elf. "She seems pretty scared of everybody, huh? Well I can't blame her. A look on her condition clearly tells us that someone did something to her. The big question now is who did it." He puffed another cloud of smoke to Orill's face when the elf asked him to try speaking to the girl. Thorgas thought for a while, unconsciously blowing a grey cloud in the face of the elf again. "Ya got a point there, lad. She won't be scared of someone her own size eh?" The dwarf chuckled, "but first, give her some food."

Thorgas stared at the girl again. She's been in that position for quite some time now. the dwarf thought, blowing another cloud in the elf's face.

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Post by: so orril miesefer on December 11, 2006, 05:23:01 AM
coughedughted every time the smoke blew to his face, yet he tolerated it because he was really interested in the idea of Thorgas.

OK, I'll try your idea, but I'm really sure the girl won't eat... she don't trust in me and I find almost impossible she eats something she knows may contain poison.

Orril turned and looked into the deep metallic eyes of Twen Dear lady, can you please bring me some fruit? Thanks you a lot. After that he looked to the girl still crying in the corner, he really felt a hole in his heart while looking at the poor creature, making him feel sorrow and unhappy.

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Post by: Twén Aråerwén on December 12, 2006, 12:35:46 PM
 Supple lips parting into a placid grin as R’vahr made note of her present circumstances. “Yes M’Lord tis a bit odd that I am here. Yet one does what one must, when friends are in need.”  Frail hands entwined behind the elf’s petite back as she stood firmly upon sandaled feet. Shoulders slumped wearily as the mage stood erect, golden curls obscuring tiny digits now nestled near the base of her back. Unwavering, metallic gray eyes followed the warrior as he excused himself from their idle chatter.

 The weeping of an adolescent teenager roused the mage from a whirlwind of thoughts that had clouded her mind. From the sheer assuredness of the man’s departing stature, the elf had a last fleeting thought. Most definitely he is not the one responsible for the carnage here. If he were he would not saunter about with such a leisurely gait. This thought hastily retreated as Twen began to quickly study the young girl only a few peds before her.

 Battlegrounds strewn with the corpses of fallen warriors, flashed in the maiden’s mind as she surveyed Callie. She easily recognized the sheer terror the young lass must be feeling. More than one maiden had been cast aside once ravaged by brigands and cutthroats. Callie showed many of the signs of these women, although Twen had no clue how close yet so far she was from the truth. Only the semi-comical image of the soot covered Mepher approaching the young maiden, shored the mage’s fortitude enough to cease the tears welling in ancient eyes.

 The advance of So Orril went fundamentally unheeded; Twen knew he needed not to cover ground to be a threat. Though his inquiries for assistance with the girl gave the elfess a reassurance that the man was indeed just and forthright. One pointed ear flickered gently during the wind mage’s request for help. Lithe neck careened to the side, locking her eyes upon his golden stare, an astray fair-haired curl coming to rest over the right side of her delicate features. “M’Lord, if yee would be so kind. Do yee mind if I spoke to the young lass myself? Food and drink are good ideas for her, though I fear she needs more than such simple things can provide.”

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Post by: so orril miesefer on December 13, 2006, 04:59:33 AM
"Go on, I'm sure she won't run away with you." Said Orril in response to Twen's question Why in this world the only thing we will never understand are women... One try being gentle and they run away, one try to be firm and they run away, one tries every single thing that passes by his mind and yet they aren't completely satiated. Just wish between them they can talk without running away... Tought Orril while sitting again in the chair.

Decided he wouldn't look the girl cause she would feel intimidated, Orril turned his head to Thorgas and said: "So... How you ended here? Dwarves rarely go out their homes and they do it only when they will sell things. But you are a mage... how you ended like that?

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Post by: Kali Rae on December 13, 2006, 07:06:43 AM
Kali finishes unceremoniously stuffing her belongings back into her pack and slings it over her shoulder.  She straightens up, wincing only briefly as she uses her right foot to steady herself and addresses the two men.  "Thank you for your concern, enjoy the evening," she says, and adds after a moment, "and be careful with that horse of yours.  No running over any other people."  She smiles coyly at Phyth, "Good evening gentlemen."  And with that she turns on her heel and retreats towards the tavern, suppressing her limp as much as she can.  Nevertheless she still walks unevenly as she makes her way to the door.

She reaches the tavern and takes a deep breath before slowly opening the door.  I wonder what bizarre events are unfolding now, she thinks pulling on the knob.  She pulls the door open fully and steps across the threshold into the comparative warmth of the tavern.  She blinks briefly and looks around the room taking in the scene before deciding where to sit.  She notices R'vhar kneeling on the floor in prayer.  Probably some evening ritual, she thinks to herself and she lingers on him for a moment before resuming her scan of the room.  She notices a petite elf of a completely indeterminate age and watches her interact with the elf that had carried off the young girl.  The girl.  Kali searches the room for her and finds her in the corner, shivering. She looks even more pathetic then she did in the dim light of the stable.  I feel for you, hon, I'd never wish that much of attention on anyone, least of all you, she thinks feeling nervous for the girl.

Deciding it better not to add one more person to crowd around the girl Kali limps over to a table taking care not to let anything fall out of her poorly packed pack.  She sets it down and a wooden poll, a length of rope and silver bracelet spill out onto the floor.  Paying no heed, she sits down carefully and lets out a gasp of relief as she lets all the weight off of her foot since hurting it.  She pulls another chair next to her and puts her right foot up on it.  She turns her attention to R'vhar, and the group of people around the girl.

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Thorgas turned a weary head and stared at the elf that asked him a question, a question that he feared to answer ever since that... incident that happened in the mines within Mithral mountains.

Taking a deep breath, and exhaling more of the choking grey could at the elf's face, he made himself comfortable on his chair and went on to tell his story.
"Hmm... How should I begin that tale? Anyway, When I was a wee lad I love nothing better than ta bask in the radiance that only fire can give me. Me dad made me an apprentice ta a smith, but I hate the job, although I tried me best."

Thorgas inhaled deeply and blew out another cloud to the elf. "Then one day, I accidentally set the forge on fire. After extinguishing it, the old coot threw me out, says never wanted ta see me beard in his forge again. I was happy because that gave me a chance ta study magic in the magic school."

"After learning all I can I set on towards the Mithral Mountains for me age of choosing. On the way I encountered a wee bundle of fur that turned out to be the best friend and son I could ever get. His name is Buri, and I love him very much." The dwarf sighed deeply, then blew smoke to the face of the elf. "Sure enough, the lasses of me tribe are afraid that the 'pyromaniac' would burn their belongings, so I got no mate. I decided ta look fer a brand new cave ta call home, and perhaps build a mine with Gamaliel somewhere in the mountains."

Thorgas brushed his beard thoughtfully and uncounsciously expelled smoke again at the elf. "There elf. That's how I ended here, far from home and no selling of some sort of items, and why I became a sorcerer."
After finishing his story, the dwarf turned his green eyes towards the elf. "Well, I'm sure ya have a tale or two with ya. Mind if ya share the tale of how ya get here over a good mug of dwarven ale, lad?" Thorgas chuckled and puffed out clouds of smoke to the elf, conscious of nothing but in eager anticipation of hearing the golden haired elf's tale.

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Post by: so orril miesefer on December 15, 2006, 08:59:44 AM
"My history? Isn't that strange, I'm son of two wind mages, born of the Injerín, though my mother was Aellenrhim. Since I have memory I loved the idea of flying, and grew with the dream to someday touch the sky and soar it. That's why I decided to go to Ximax from the north." Orril paused, remembering th day he first approached the boat that would lead him to the ocean.

I traveled by a river until the ocean, there I took a ship that leaded me to south Sarvonia, what I remember and may never forget is to never get on a ship again, that trip wasn't good for me, made me sick with the movement of the waves... Anyways, I passed sometime in Thysland, recovering of that cursed seatrip. then headed to the south... I saw many things in my way, forests, villages, many things there, I won't forget that.  Orril coughed the smoke and continued.

Finally I reached Ximax, my hear raced when I saw the big walls, my dream was getting closer. My parents died while I was studying, so I was forced to take a part time job, my spare time was reduced, yet I had some free time to practise sports and walk into the woods.  Orril stooped a moment, curious to see if Twen and the Girl had made any advance.

I met a person, we became friends and a day he invited me to hunt with some friends of him, they hunted, I just watched. They picked a pack of wolves and killed it, I was depressed, yet, the destiny gave me a way to recover. When we where returning I found a wolf pup, lonely and really weak, it saw me before fainting. I couldn't resist, and picked the pup and hided it inside my robe. I took care of it, that's Shadow, the wolf you've seen with me.  Orril coughed some more to the smoke and continued.

The owl is Storm, was a birthday present. When I graduated I get out of Ximax by a not so pleasant event that made me practise more my fighting spells than my healing or illusion ones. And that's how I ended here, I'm looking to live my life, so long time inside a tower isn't sane for an elf. Orril stopped and then looked again over his shoulder and to the girl.

So... how you think she got here? she doesn't looks good and for me she hasn't eaten in a long time.

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Post by: Twén Aråerwén on December 15, 2006, 09:17:50 AM
A beaming smile spread swiftly over the mage’s supple lips, when So Orril opened the gate for her to approach the young human lass. Quickly the smile was replaced with disgust as a billowing cloud of smoke came from Thorgas. A frail hand rose to cover the maiden’s mouth as tears welled in ancient gray eyes. A sandaled foot slid backwards, the elf nearly stepped away from them in an attempt to escape the putrid cloud.

Water-filled eyes moved to the dwarf, a maelstrom of malcontent swirling in their depths. Though a forced smirk was upon crimson lips before she spoke, her disdainful glare never faltering. “Excuse me gentlemen, the young lass needs my attention.”  Almond shaped eyes hastily closed as another wave of smoke washed over So Orril and herself. Tiny droplets of tears cascaded down porcelain cheeks, before gingerly she stepped away from them.

With a casual gait she moved towards Callie, halting at near a half ped from the weeping child. Twen crouched down as to not seem imposing to the girl, delicate hands clasped about her knees before she spoke up. “Pardon me ma’am.”  The words uttered softly with a tinge of sorrow permeating from their edges. She contemplated using magic to draw the young girls attention, though playing upon the maid’s mental state might not be wise. Petite neck tilted to one side, metallic gray eyes seeking to pull the girl into a conversation.

One hand rising from her knee to brush a few stray locks from Callie’s tear soaked cheeks. The gesture was more of an attempt to get Callie’s eyes to meet her own. “M’Lady, do yee have a name?”  For fear of frightening her more, Twen’s hand came to rest palm down on the wooden floor. 

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Post by: Dreánis Almenia on December 15, 2006, 10:08:21 AM
In the fading light of the sun sinking into the void a lone figure trudged from the north towards the Thirsty Herald. His bare feet crunching the ground underfoot, he lumbers forward exhaustion weighting heavily upon his shoulders. His leg had long since gone numb where the quiver banged painfully against it with each step, the sound of the arrows clattering together with each foot fall nothing more then a background noise after all his travels. He adjusted the bow slung over his shoulder, it's reassuring weight playing heavily upon his mind, he'd discovered that taverns were sometimes filled with the least friendly of patrons. As he moved forward a long strand of black hair pigmented with green drapes across his face obscuring his vision slightly, reaching up he brushed it aside his long black nails gliding across his elegantly shaped forehead.

Haunted eyes warily watch the surrounding area, always cautious of movement around him he watched the area carefully, yet he found it hard to tear his gaze from the building half expecting it to suddenly vanish into the distance. He'd been travelling through the desert for the last little while and had grown accustomed to mirages. He'd travelled in the direction of Strata with the intention of perhaps unloading some of his acquired goods, though he'd headed out from Thalambath it was still quite a bit across the unforgiving desert. As he neared the building he noticed something particularly odd about this mirage, it didn't vanish, he was relieved when his fingers touched the solid wall of the building.

He moved around the building towards the opposite side towards the entrance, while moving he adjusted the satchel dangling on his left side to keep it from pounding his thigh with each step. Rounding the corner he spotted the door and let out a sigh of relief Finally a place to rest. He stopped for a brief moment before the door, remembering all the horrible times he has experienced in taverns he began to second guess the decision to enter this one. After only a second though the exhaustion of his recent travel convinced him otherwise and he opened the door, quietly, well as quietly as possible, he entered the tavern and cautiously glanced around the common room.

Noting a few people in particular he moved across the room weaving between the tables with a grace strange to his height, finding an empty table he sat down, if you can call it sitting, one foot rested on the end of the chair so his knee was pulled up against his chest. He rested his chin on top of his knee, and eyed those around him warily, a strange calm emanated from him as he sat in this strange pose. Determining he was relatively safe Dreánis slung his bow off his shoulder and set it down on top of the table he currently sat at and with a sigh shut his eyes for a moment, though what good it would do in a tavern he knew not.

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"Aye, a boat trip. I hate them. Can't swim and maybe I'll drown if I attempted to."  Thorgas laid down his pipe and watched as Twen tries to comfort the little girl. He watched too, as the barmaid expertly worked her tongue in order for her to earn the trust of the little girl.

Turning again to the elf, who now has a pipe-smoke scent about him, he cocked his head to the direction of the girl and asked, "Hmm... Why don't ya go ask her where she came from? Or better yet, wait fer the barmaid ta do it. Your loud noise earlier sent chills running down the spine of the wee lass."

The dwarf guffawed loudly at his remark and slapped the elf at the back with a friendly gesture. He took his pipe and placed it in his pocket, then pulled out a piece of cloth and began wiping his staff free of dust.
Thorgas hummed a little tune as he worked, and stared at the elf with twinkling green eyes. "Ya have anything edible with ya? That little girl is sure ta be hungry. Give her something ta eat and a place to sleep. Horse food and hay won't make her life comfortable."

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Post by: Neiavrine on December 16, 2006, 05:42:59 AM
Ne'iav'rine woke once again. She felt the trembling quivers of anticpation from her listless dreams of slaughter and malevolence, and she was still hungry. "I hope that elf has some meat to his bones." If he wasn't enough, she could always take a bite out of that mage next door. She remembered that one legged innkeep and his suggestions on keeping things outside, and realized that it would be difficult to get that wench onto the sands. The quickest solution would be to simply throw her out the window, which was fitting ironic considering the circumstance. As the Warchief mulled over her hunger, she donned her armor and sheathed her axe and bow. Lastly, she wrenches her sword from the floorboards and takes a look outside.

The sun was falling nicely, and there would be no chance that she would be blinded by its rays. "Good, that feffing elf won't know what hit him." She leaves her helm at her bedside, preferring mobility and range of vision to its bulk. She scans the sands with a general's eye, and quickly realized that something was not right. In a fit of fury she pulled up her window, and the reek of alcohol met her nostrils. There in the sands she could see a ring of seven wooden posts, all probably doused in alcohol. So he isn't as stupid as he looks. She was enraged by his trickery, though not at all surprised. She had battled the Coor'hem for many years, and knew well of their deceit. With a growl she slams her blade into its sheath and ponders on her next move.

After a moment of envisioning roasting the elf alive, she began to act. In a few minutes she had gathered the supplies she would need to offset the assassin's plan. She wrapped one of her own arrows in a bit of cloth recovered from her bedsheets and doused it in some Mil'no Fire she had kept in her flask from the night before. She lit the arrow with her flint and the edge of her Sabre, then took aim out the window at the central pillar. The arrow took flight with a predator's urgency and shattered upon contact with the wooden post, which was in the next moment was consumed in flame. For a long while she is blinded by the pillar of flame, but her eyes slowly adjust as she prepares the next arrow. In a matter of seconds nearly all the pillars have been caught aflame, and a stray shot had revealed a ring of flame which must have been intended for her. By now the flames were too bright and too many for her to ignore, and she could no longer see the rest of her targets. Figureing that what she had done would be good enough, she smiles and pats her weapon comfortingly.

Turning away, she resheated her bow and stalked out of her room. Taking a moment to lock her door, she noticed the fact that one of the rooms had been broken into, and the general chaos of the area seemed to denote her first impression of the place. Once again she realized that the place seriously needed a guard to keep things in line. She takes a look into the demolished room and notes the smell of blood and lust. Her stomach rumbles in discontent and she leaves the wrecked room to its own devices, once again entering the hall and heading for the stairs. A strange noise gives her pause, just before she takes her leave. The soft cries barely reached her ears, yet were strong and forcefull in their own right. It was a voice she knew well, it was the elven mage. The noises are strange to her, she had never heard such yearning nor such joy, the noises offend her. With a snarl she smashes a fist into the wall beside her and stalks down the stairs. As she reaches the last step she snarls at the small groupings of patrons arranged throughout the common area. "Where is that elf?" Her guttural question was directed at anyone who would answer, and carried a not so subtle threat for those who would prefer to keep silent as to his location. Her rage billowed from her heart and wreathed her flesh in the putrid aura of murder. Her Karikrimson eyes burn with hate and her fangs glisten with violence as she glares from one patron to the next. The word to describe her appearance is simple as it is powerful. She was terrible.

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Post by: so orril miesefer on December 16, 2006, 11:04:51 AM
"well... I ha..." that was all Orril could say before a flame pillar shot to the sky, Orril looked at it trough a window. "What the..." Orril couldn't finish this sentence because another flaming pillar rose, Orril looked at the dwarf and said "you did that?" Before the dwarf could even answer other five pillars had risen.

"We can't let that burn like that, it can take the tavern!!" Orril rose from his chair and was about to step upwards when an orc came down them, he remembered his encounters with orcs in Ximax but this one seemed much more enraged that those that he had tricked so many times.

"Where is that elf?" Asked her, Orril knew he wasn't that elf and surely he wouldn't like to be that elf. Yet the fire made him rush and said "Excuse me, need to go upstairs."  Said this Orril tried to pass the orc.

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Post by: Callie Sornak on December 17, 2006, 07:45:49 AM
Callie went into even more of a panic from all the men crowding around her. She began to cry even more and curled up into a tighter ball. She heard someone else approach her and lay a gentle hand on her cheek.

Large brown eyes filled with tears looked up at the female Elf that was before her. She had a beautiful face and Callie felt drawn to the grey eyes that lay upon that face. Her quivering stopped slightly as the beautiful voice came from the beautiful face. “M’Lady, do yee have a name?”

Her soft hand removed itself from Callie's cheek to the floor. Callie gave a small nod. She uttered the name in a cracked voice, cracked from lack of moisture in her throat. "Callie...." Before she could say anything more, she started to cough, blood coming from her mouth in a small trickle, a sign of the dryness of her mouth and perhaps a darker evil that held hold of her.

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Niccoli hated, loathed absolutely and utterly hated overland travel of any ammount. Most of all he hated the sand. It was like some kind of massive dry ocean. Nothing that big should be that hot and dry... As the small group had come over the last dune into the vicinity around the old tavern, Niccoli had almost fainted, at last there would be something more than sand everywhere. Niccoli ran into the inn and hoped they had some good cold ale.

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on December 19, 2006, 12:28:30 AM
"Did what?" Thorgas replied to Orill, with a slight tone of sarcasm in his voice. The elf might not have heard it, though, as he frantically ran upstairs. "That's really rude of ya, elf." Thorgas said. He felt that he should say it loudly, but he thought it better than to go around fighting everyone he sees. He doesn't want to be like that fool of an assassin sleeping outside like a drunken sot.

The dwarf thought it was time to see if his "fatherly aura" would work on the little girl; after all, it worked on his pig. He approached the ladies slowly and squatted in front of the girl. "Well now, lassie, that's a mighty bad hack ya got there. How aboot some warm soup ta help ya calm down a bit, eh?" He managed to show a warm smile through that jungle of brown hair.

Thorgas tried to speak as soft as he could, but it was no use. The booming sound coming from that barrel-like chest is enough to shake birds off a tree. Nevertheless, he stared at those little tear covered eyes with his kindly, green ones, hoping that he won't scare the wee girl to running around again.

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Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on December 20, 2006, 01:48:13 AM
Miraran had been quetly writing in his journal, when some commotion nearby finally drew his attention. A small girl was crying in a corner, and several people were trying to help her, all of wich only seemed to make matters worse. He was about to resume his work when a call from one of them made him look again. Outside, seven flaming pillars came into view in quick succession. As the Elf that raised the initial alarm tried to pass up the stairs, if not for bumping in on a rather fierce looking Orc, Miraran hurried towards the tavern door to check if the mysterious fires were posing a threat to the Tavern.

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Post by: Niccoli Faust on December 20, 2006, 09:30:05 PM
As Niccoli walked towards the Tavern, pillars of flame flared up near the building itself. The burning towers of flame reached up towards the sky. "That can't be normal, definetly not normal, even for a place the odd."

Niccoli ran towards the tavern building fast as he could with his coracle strapped on his back.

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Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on December 21, 2006, 12:51:31 AM
Navar was quickly snapped out of his everlasting nightmare by the smell of flame shooting up he shouts "Bloodspit, that ork caught whiff of my little plan" and thinking sinisterly at least she hasn't whiffe out every thing

Navar rose and grabbed his two torches igniting one he places the other one in the ground next to him. Reaching into his sack he pulls out some hash and begins to smoke it. That ork dies today, ah hash makes every thing better Navar feels all forms of pain numb as he makes his way towards the tavern. Pushing the door open Navar shouts "Demon of Nybelmar, are you ready to die, your end is nye. Show yourself unless yuo are no more than a coward who is afraid of a poor little Coor'hem"

Navar quickly drops his hood and turns to leave and with one more shout laughs "You thaught you could disarm my trap, but those flames will burn for days, hm funny, those flame will live longer than you" And with that Navar quickly leaves the tavern and sit to await a fight, one that runs deeper than pride, but of an ancient grudge.

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"There you are." Her face contorts into a mask of twisted fury, and her voice carries such rage that those around her might nearly taste her fervor. The elf has a suprising abundance of confidence for a dead man. Her crimson eyes fall onto the fair elf as he trys to make his way past her. She grasps for his cloak, her clawed hands striking like a serpent, and pulls him close, so that he might smell the rank of death on her lips. "It is in your best intrest to make sure that those flames go out. We wouldn't want this tavern catching aflame, now would we?" She drops the mage just after giving him a terrible glare, warning him that he was next if he did not succeed in his appointed task.

With a battle cry which shook the windows with its ferocity, she drew her blade and axe and charged out to meet her foe in battle. She brings herself into a deft slide and swings herself infront of the Coor'hem, using the momentum to accellerate a horizontal slash at his belly with her saber. Using her long arms to her advantage, She follows the attack with a devistating strike with her axe, bringing it down towards the earth with such force that the sky seems to scream in agony. The flames glowered before her, leaving her as naught but a shadow to the eyes of those who might watch the final battle of Navar the Assassin. In the fire's grim illumination she truely was a demon, and in a fury of violence she began her assualt, pushing foward with a flurry of blades which played through the night with greater and greater urgency, each blow harder than the last, each fueled with greater malice. She hounds him as a creatuer of Co'or, comming to bring him to her little patch of darkness. Here, in the battle she is queen, and she gives him not a moments reprieve. Soon she is a symphony of chaos and blood, as saber and axe sing through the air in a grim march for her victim.

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Post by: so orril miesefer on December 21, 2006, 04:41:08 AM
"It is in your best intrest to make sure that those flames go out. We wouldn't want this tavern catching aflame, now would we?" Orril gulped a bit of saliva, whatever this thing was, surely Orril didn't wanted to have it behind.

"Sure" he nodded while running upstairs... Yet something wasn't all right, for being in the gasp of that thing Orril had a mischievous smile in his face... Now... I have both in my hands... What happens when wind and fire mix with a lot of sand? They won't live to tell the tale surely...

Orril walked over his room, the pillars where close the tavern, so the better would be making a firewall to push both to the desert, then a good wind would finish both of them... He sat, waiting for the "thing" to walk out the tavern, he looked out of his window just to be sure the "other elf" was there. Then hided under the window, rubbing quartz powder in his hands.

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Post by: Niccoli Faust on December 21, 2006, 04:43:39 AM
Niccoli doubled his pace as he charged down towards the tavern. A terrible roaring shrieking sound ripped through the air. "That does not look healthy at all. I'd rather preserve my own life at the momment.". Niccoli kept his distance from the main entrance of the Herald and the fires and searched for another way in.

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Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on December 21, 2006, 07:14:48 AM
Navar watched as the foul stinch of orc mindlessly charged towards him with blade and axe drawn. "Fool you plan on winnig....and you can't even keep your mind calm, weak fool"

Navar swiftly jumps backwards in an attempt to escape the fatal blow, and with a breath of luck was able to back out of the attack unharmed. Navar using the opprotunity swiftly bounded towards the wooden alters that he had already errected. Wheeling about he quickly twirls out one of his prepared arrows, that he had earlier that moring wrapped in clothe and soaked in rum, and igintes it with the torch in his hand, laying the torch down he smile

"To hell with you oh demon of Nybelmar" releasnig the well aimed flaming arrow he quickly mad a dash for behind the flamming structure there he uncovered his most powerful weapon. Come and get me now orc, come and get me now

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Post by: Twén Aråerwén on December 21, 2006, 08:02:02 AM
As the young lass spoke her name and raised brown eyes to meet Twen’s unwavering gaze, a beaming smile spread over the mage’s supple lips. “Tis a pleasure to meet ye Callie.” One frail hand rising from the floor and held out nonchalantly in a suggestion of friendship. “My name is Twen, where are ye from ma’am?”  Metallic gray eyes narrowed in a façade of delight, then waited good-naturedly for Callie’s reply.

The callous resonance of the she-orc upon the steps caused the mage to situate herself between Callie and the commotion that descended into the main room. Peering over petite shoulder as Ne'aiv'rine soared upon the room in a fit of wrath and ferocity. A smug gleam shimmered in the depths of the mage’s opaque eyes, when the Coor’hem issued his challenge to the demoness. Aye a gift fit for the ignorant, death, to be exchanged amongst them. Though Twen could feel the fiery yearning to lend them both a hand in their pursuit. She abhorred equally the Coor’hem and the bloodlust of the Chyrakisth, yet the maiden carried sufficient acumen to recognize they would simply carry out her own wishes on each other.

The gruff speech of Thorgas brought Twen reverse from revelry and again her sublime features focused on Callie. A fragile hand still held out to the young girl in a proposition of friendship. Almond shaped eyes perked in a quizzical manner towards the robust dwarf when he made further inquiries of the frightened maid. Still she acknowledged the astuteness of the stumpies chitchat, fluidly recurring a primeval gaze in the direction of the fearful young child. Lissome yet friendly lips parted in a glee-filled grin, pearly whites hinting at the joyous nature of the person so often shrouded in darkness within the elf. 

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Post by: Niccoli Faust on December 21, 2006, 08:20:27 AM
OOC: Hope i'm not out of line here assuming there is a window in the kitchen or something.

Niccoli snuck around the back side of the buidling, slowly creeping along the wall. As he neared a window, the smell of food slowly drifted towards him. Niccoli slunk over to the window, and stuffed his coracle through. He crept in the window after it.

As the feral elf-like creature, for that is what it was that had made the fearsome sound, exited the tavern, Niccoli glanced about to find himself in the kitchen of the herald. He had barely managed to catch a glimpse of it, but its eyes were red. Niccoli would not want to tangle with that thing... not at all.

"Not exactly the most fortuitous place to be at the momment, all things considered, but better than out there, with the fire, and that thing..." Niccoli shuddered momentarily. Niccoli put the coracle on his back and crept out towards the main area where the patrons were.

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Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on December 21, 2006, 08:58:31 AM
Carefully avoiding the Elf and the She-Orc, Miraran breathed deeply once the pair of them removed all doubt about their interrest in eachother. At least they would be to preoccupied now to take much notice of him.. for a while, at least. A more or less safe distance from the combattants, Miraran got a good view of what had caused the fiery columns; several wooden stakes, obviously covered in some kind of flammable liquid.

He smiled as his mind reached for the patterns it had followed countless time before. Mere moments later, the first pillar's fire started to decline rapidly, as the fire mage raised a spell of "Quell Flame".

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Post by: so orril miesefer on December 21, 2006, 11:32:03 AM
There you are... the first pillar is estinguishing, now I will only have to estinguish the other six... Orril peered from his window, focusing in the air over the sands, near the central alter...

The soft breeze started to focus in the little point, while Orril kept himself hiden and peering a bit over the edge of the window.

Come on... just a little more... Orril thought for himself as he desired to release the explosion of wind, but it wasn't ready yet...

Almost half a minute, in higher levels this would destroy everything arround, but Orril wasn't strong enought to make such destruction force.

It was ready, Orril rose from his hiding place with something inside his hand... he wasn't actually holding anything, but seemed he was holding a sphere or something similar, his eyes were closed, trying to keep his mind focused as he suddenly opened his eyes and aimed in between the two fighters...

"HIGH WINDS FOLLOW MY LEAD!!!" He roared while opening his hand, a powerful thunderous roar acompained this phrace as a blast of wind finished the Fist of Thunder spell. The blast hitted the point, launching an explosion of sand to both fighters and to the flaming pillars, three estinguished with the sand and wind while other three keept the fire... Now Orril was unable to see through the cloud of sand, but he quickly returned to his hidng position, remembering the attack of Navar the past time he did something like that.

I wish both of them get stunned, they must be stunned, no one can recieve such a shockwave and keep fighting like nothing. Orril waited to hear something... Twen would kill him either way so there would be no problem in dealing a good damage to those fools out there.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on December 21, 2006, 01:07:21 PM
Phyth watched everything going on outside from the stables, a good distance from everyone else. Most of what was happening was too much of a blur to see everything, but most of it disturbed him. Two people were outside; Navar, and a new figure. A most fearsome figure.

In soft light made the she-orc look like she was towering over the other two. There was no question about it, she was looking for a fight. Phyth could see the blood-lust in her eyes. He didn't even bother to draw an arrow to help Navar. The assassin could fend for his own pitiful self. There was no way he was going near them.

Not that he was given much of a choice. The she-orc seemed to erupt in fury, and Phyth sat on Iago, stunned. Suddenly he noticed the torches were beginning to fade. That was when Iago snapped. She let out a scream of pure terror, and began to run in the direction of the tavern, away from the fight. Finally, after reaching the back of the tavern, she stopped.

After a few comforting words, Iago calmed down. The same could not be said for Phyth. No one scared Iago like that without hearing about it sometime. After tieing up Iago, he walked to the front of the tavern, clenched his fists, and slammed open the door. "What in blazes is-" Suddenly he noticed the girl there, with Thorgas and Twen. He instantly shut up, not wanting to scare her.

Instead he walked straight over to the bar and grabbed a bottle sitting next to the drunk sailor. Phyth had a feeling he wouldn't be needing it. After grabbing a mug, he stormed back over to a table next to Thorgas', poured a drink, and drank it in one gulp. After another angry glance outside, Phyth turned back to Thorgas and Twen, waiting for them to finish.

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Post by: Rvahr the Hunter on December 22, 2006, 07:06:39 PM
R'vahr looks up as a feirce voice demands the location of some elf or annother. His eye rise to meet the karikrimson gaze of that creature who had come down from her room hours before. Navar had called her an orc, but he couldn't see the resemblence. Instead he saw a monster, something out of his nightmares. He turns his head away, glancing towards the girl who had earlier sobbed in dispair. She didn't seem to appreciate men, and R'vahr didn't feel like imagining why. He waited until the creature left, then rose and approached that pretty Kasumarii girl again. "Damned scary broad, ain't she?" He was glad to see her gone, and hoped that she found it in her loathesome heart to not return. Bad situation for that screaming fellow though. With a silent wish that the chap didn't get to roughed up, he took a seat beside his erstwhile companion and wondered when he might get his drink.

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Post by: Neiavrine on December 22, 2006, 07:24:01 PM
Ne'iav'rine roars as the Coor'hem escapes into his fiery sanctuary, escapes from her vision into a radiant sunbust of light. He speaks some sort of taunt, and she gives him the kind of war-cry that would bring armies to their knees. As the last ebbs of her hate pass her lips, something hard slams into her breastplate. With all the glare from the flames, she can't be sure, but she had been hit with enough arrows to make a good guess. She looks down into the cooling sand, and sure enough a burning arrow rests at her feet, broken from the impact.

Just as she begins to realize his intentions a burst of wind causes the sand infront of her to explode. The massive burst of air flings her hair back and brings the warmth of the fire up against her cheeks. Faster than a desert viper, she spins and hurls her axe. Most competent mages wouldn't have given themselves away with all that shouting, but she was glad for his mistake. There was enough force behind the thow to cleave the traitor's head in two, and she hopes he feels it. The warrior glances down at the still smouldering arrow, and watches it burn itself to a black cinder.

While her vehemence flows black and heavy in her viens, she knows she should wait. She should wait for the flames to die down; she knows should strike when she has the advantage, but her hate tells her otherwise. She grips the hilt of her saber with both hands and turns toward the bright nova of flame. In its midst, she can see a blemish of darkness, tall and lean. Her lips quiver with the anticipation of the kill as she flings herself into the midst of the flames, and onto her prey. As she closes she executes seven strikes. Within an instant she becomes a storm, her attacks each pressing deeper than the last. Slash down at the throat, across the belly, up at the armpit, single handed thrust to the ribs, quick elbow for the jaw, claws for the inner theigh, hack down at the collar bone, finish with a spinning backslash for his chest. She doesn't need to see more than the blur of darkness, she attacks with such ferocity that the flames dance out of her way, and with such altricity that no man could return a blow of his own. Even as a searing heat builds through her armor, whispering warning to her ear, the lust for raw flesh and torn sinew drive her on.

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Post by: Niccoli Faust on December 22, 2006, 08:57:20 PM
"What in the name of the Twelve is going on out there!" Niccoli stood up slowly, noticing the varried patrons of the tavern, two of them talking to a little girl, who'd probably had her wits scarred out of her. What ever was going on, it wasn't going to end well for the person doing the shouting out there, and whatever had just stormed out was probably going to go through unscathed.

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Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on December 22, 2006, 09:04:47 PM
Miraran was still calmly dampening the flaming stakes, when suddenly a voice shouted something from above his head. The next thing he knew, a powerfull explosion whipped up enough sand and dust to force him back into the tavern wall. What the in the name of Foiros!? That damnable Elf!

Resisting the urge to launch a fireball at the general direction the Elfish Anoyance should be, Miraran instead poked up the fire of the three remaining pillars with a full-fledged 'Rise Flame' spell. already, they started to show some cracks, and with the flames rising in temperature quickly, they would not last much longer before falling apart.

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Post by: so orril miesefer on December 23, 2006, 10:42:53 AM
The axe flew into the room, scaring Orril, but this quick scare was quickly overpassed by his rage That thing... It will pay... Thought while rubbing some more quartz powder.

The sand had fallen to the ground and now the thing was visible again, this time Orril wouldn't be so friendly...

Rising his hand in a complete silence and looking to the thing Orril focused, the hairs of the thing started to rise with the building tension.

Just a little more and that would feel the lightning... just some more... I can't more.

Orril thought for himself feeling his rush to attack, the result...

Clasping his hands with force and might Orril heard the thunder, but was disappointed,only one lightning that divided into three lightnings stroke down the sky, none of them hitting the thing, but hitting the pillars, making them shatter and explode with intense heat.

### I missed again... thought Orril while leaving his room, his hideout was not safe now, quickly he moved downstairs and peered through a window, just to be sure that thing still believed he was upstairs... and why would it believe otherwise? he left some things that made a bulk near the window, that would confuse it.

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Post by: Gamaliel Ironforge on December 23, 2006, 04:45:46 PM
Gamaliel gave a loud yawn and stretched on the matress. He looked out of the window and tried to determine what the time is. Since it is starting to get dark, He thought, it must also be time for supper!. He also noticed that there are several wooden posts burning, but dismissed the thoughts, thinking that this must be another of that stupid dark elf's altar.
He stood up and scratched his back. After putting on his boots, he went downstairs and was surprised at the current situation of the tavern; it smelled of blood and flesh, and things are broken. He frantically loked around in search for Thorgas, and was relieved to see him safe.
Gamaliel moved closer and saw that he and the barmaid are talking with a smaller type of human. Realizing that this must be another of his 'kindness acts', he laughed and approached his brother.
"So, Thorgas, who is the little bundle of a human?" Gamaliel said, standing close to him and smiling at the girl. He noticed that her eyes are red from crying, and her body condition is not well. She is coughing and shaking and it seems that she has difficulty in breathing. Looking at Thorgas' serious face, he turned to Twen and asked, "Hrm.. Does this mean that our beer has to wait?" He stared with pity at the girl, wondering who could have done this to such a delicate creature.

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Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on December 24, 2006, 06:27:56 AM
Seeing his arrow would have no effect on the apparntly thick steel armour he decided to take another approach, a more explosive one, suddenly as he prepares for his next attack he over come by a wall of sand Damn wind mage....should have killed him when I had the chance, he'll pay for this insolence, after my fight with the she orc

Taking and with a burst of speed Navar dasheshes in an attempt to escape the wall of sand only to be met by a collosal blur, charginf with a monevolant rage, Lets get started Reaching to his belt Navar pulls out one of the bottles of rum stuffed with cloth and using the torch in his hand quickly ignites it into a burtst of flames.

Navar listened intently as he heard the sound of air under a weapon and jumping backwards feels cold steel nearly slash his neck only to be met by a quick elbow to his jaw.

The blow knock Navar clean of his feet, never before had he delt with such power, flying into the air Navar managed to swiftly sling the rum bomb directly at the orc.

Navar struck the ground with a hard roll, as a the bottle smashed and a ball of flames soared upward. Not caring if the ork had been in the flames Navar dashes back to his alters, three which have already been exstinquished by Orril, and quickly grabbed up two more of his home made bombs.

Strapping the bombs to his waist he takes another defensive potistion, and despite his better judgment ignites another flaming arrow and swiftly fires it towards Orrils window "I thought I told you all to stay out of it, your next mage" Navar laughs "once Im done with this fool"

As Navar spoke his jaw felt very slack, Hmm she must have broken it, man Ill feel it once the hash wears of...bloodspit

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on December 24, 2006, 01:48:41 PM
Thorgas raised an eyebrow at his brother's last remark and looked at Gamaliel's face, wondering if it is a joke. "Yes, it has to wait, until the barmaid has helped this little girl." Finally getting tired of squatting in front of the girl, he stood up and sat down on a chair close to the women.
The dwarf wiped his face with his kerchief, and taking out his pipe, he lit it and began smoking. He looked on as the barmaid talked with a gentle tone to Callie, hoping to gain the lady's trust and perhaps help this lost girl. He puffed out grey clouds of smoke, and he would've been contented doing it, if not for the noise of the combatants outside.
Their noise was getting louder, and there is chaos everwhere. He even saw a flaming arrow shot up towards the second floor of the tavern. It would have been fine for Thorgas, since he is downstairs and could easily ran out if the Herald was set on fire, but he remembered that his possessions are still upstairs, not to mention his new ally, Drasil.
He got up with his pipe still in his mouth and hurried upstairs to his room. There, he packed all his belongings, mostly parchments and sulphur pouches. After checking one last time if there is anything left in the room, he went down immediately and again joined the women downstairs. He saw Phyth in a table, and decided to join him instead. He saluted him and sat down on a chair opposite the human. Through a window he watched on as the fools fight their way towards their death, but one of the combatants caught his interest, the one whom he thought was an orc turned out to be elf-like in some features. Thorgas called to Gamaliel and asked him to join them, and afterwards turned to Phyth and said, "Look there outside the window, lad. That is the ugliest elf I have ever seen in me entire life." He laughed loudly and looked at the bottle Phyth was holding. "Ya got some more of those?"

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Post by: so orril miesefer on December 24, 2006, 02:29:39 PM
Damn... He hasn't noted I'm actually helping him more?? Thought Orril while preparing to give a nice hit... One the "thing" would actually feel... or no?

Orril prepared some dust in his right and left hand, looking into the flames to the blurry thing moving. He focused in it, knowing this spell would take some more time to cast he took a good hideout under the window, merely peering outside. Orril was ready, his head started to hurt with the focus yet this spell was powerful and of low level, low enough to not make Orril faint with this one.

Here we go...

Orril rose his right arm, taking with this movement the sight of the thing, then, slowly he focused to the other senses, casting the Thievish Winds, a spell that would numb the other senses, and leave the thing without one to the election of Orril.

Suddenly he lost concentration and remembered Navar firing something aflame into his room.

Damned... I will take you this time... when I extinguish that fire...

Orril ran upstairs and picked the bucket near the bathroom, launching the water to the arrow that went trapped into his robe, luckily into his robe, those robes would pick fire but after a long time, a good idea for all mages because fire was never too far from them, specially in wind and fire elemental schools where lightning and fireballs where almost a daily topic...

Orril sat in his bed and waited for the headache to pass, picking the point of the arrow... that thing wasn't really unusable now, less in the hands of a creative mage, though he would have to wait to throw his next attack.

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Post by: Miraran Tehuriden on December 24, 2006, 10:42:51 PM
Fuming, Miraran paced around the tavern in order to avoid the fight taking place between him and the entrance. He was SO kicking that damnable Elf's ass if he could find him!

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Post by: Rhaki Tekashi on December 26, 2006, 06:21:12 AM
A slim, well built figure came up the path to the inn. He paused when he caught the first glimpse of the battle occuring directly in front of him. He had been gone some time in the forest, and hoped to come back to a finally peaceful inn. Rhaki now knew though that such surroundings were hard achieved in such a place.

Carefully picing his path to avoid the fight, he made his way into the inn and casually walked to the bar, where he ordered a beer. He then calmly turned around and observed the battle as it stretched on.

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Post by: Valerian Folken on December 26, 2006, 12:08:21 PM
As he approached, Valerian could not help but reflect on recent events. Having grown tired of wandering from place to place aimlessly, he instead opted for going from tavern to tavern. It is at one of these fine establishments that he had encountered a Shendar guide. This guide was desirous to head to the Herald, and was in need of companions. Valerian and he entered into a discussion, and agreed upon a rate of 10 san. The Shendar guide directed Valerian to a horse that would be suitable for his lack of anything resembling higher equestrian skills.
A dwarf by the name of Vorni heard of this as well, and decided to go along. The Shendar guide found himself reassured by this, and off the three went.
They became rather well acquainted during their journey, and arrived at the Thirsty Herald in fairly short order. The guide, seeing the fight out front, directed them to the stable, and made the point of mentioning the location of the back entrance. Valerian felt rather generous, as some of his clients were rather well off, and paid both his and Vorni's fee.
He slid a few san in the gear on his horse, and led it to an empty stall. After making sure to secure the gate on the stall, he headed toward the back entrance indicated. Making an effort to not cause a scene, he discreetly went in the back entrance, and went up to the bar. Following the guide's recommendations, he ordered the Tulimon Grape Wine, and the Meal of the Day. Having done that, and paid the barkeep for his order, he searched for a fairly empty table, making sure that the one he chose had at least one spare seat, and sat down, awaiting his order.

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Post by: Vorni Firebreath on December 26, 2006, 01:29:32 PM
   Having travelled for many days, Vorni was looking forward to something all dwarves of his stature could appreciate; a flagon full of ale.  Vorni had run into a very fortunate encounter with a human named Valerian, who had suggested they take to travelling together, since they were in search of the same thing; adventure. 

  So their Shendar guide, for a price that Valerian negotiated out of the ears of Vorni, agreed to take them on.  Vorni wasn't truly concerned with the destination, save in noting the way for his memory.  Vorni was simply happy to head towards a new location, and a new brew.

  During their travels, Vorni and Valerian talked a great bit about their pasts, and became a good deal acquainted.  As manlings go, Vorni had to admit that Valerian was good folk.  His resolve for his lady was certainly like granite, quite unchangeable.  Such things earn admiration from dwarves.

   They arrived at the tavern, and upon going in, Vorni noticed the place was much like the other taverns on the surface he had visited.  There was a large and multifarious assortment of people, perhaps more so than other taverns he had gone to.   

   As Vorni contemplated the mixing of the region, he heard the sounds of the fight going on outside, "Hmmph, fighting over pride when there's good drinking to be done."  And with no further ado, Vorni walked purposefully over to the bartender and asked for the tavern's best ale.

   "Thank you, barkeep." Vorni took his flagon and started drinking happily, making sure to spill nothing.  Pausing, he looked over at Valerian as the knight slowly drank his wine.  "Some fine wine, that is, my friend.  When you're done though, I insist you should let me buy you something stronger.  It's on me."  Vorni smiled kindly and patted his companion on the back.  "It was a long time on the road...I'm glad to see we've found some rest for now."

   The sounds of the fight continued into the background, "Ah, sweet rest."

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Post by: Valerian Folken on December 26, 2006, 01:50:46 PM
Having seated himself, awaiting his food, he saw a fairly attractive human female by the name of Lori Lo come out and efficiently deposit his order.  The meal of the day happened to be Garthook Stew with Celeste Red Beans. This with the Tulimon Grape Wine looked quite deliciious indeed. After introducing herself, he introduced himself briefly, and sketched a little bow in her direction. She headed back to the kitchen, as there were many more orders to fill.

Before taking a swill of his wine, he took out a flask, and took a swig out of it. He grimaced a bit, as though the taste were unpleasant. Having done that, he replaced the stopper, and replaced the flask in his pocket. He chucked a bit at the dwarf's comment regarding the scuffle outside, and couldn't help but agree.

Hearing his companion's offer for stronger drink, he thought for a minute, and then acceded most graciously. "The company is admittedly better than most, and the opporotunity to rest, if only for a brief while, is most welcome indeed. Should you care to procure some stronger drink, I shouldn't be averse to it." He gives a small smile at this.

Hearing the sounds of the fight in the background, he discreetly patted his wrists, making sure that his Dragon's Teeth were ready, should the fight spill into the building proper.

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Post by: Vorni Firebreath on December 26, 2006, 03:13:20 PM
 The raising of voices and the continued brawl echoed gently through the wooden room of the Thirsty Herald.  Vorni removed his pack and set it down next to Valerians' seat, the dwarf took careful note to set his axe free next to his chair as he settled himself in.
  Vorni looked over at his stoic companion, and nodded approval as he slided the second flagon of ale over.  "That will put us a bit more relaxed, if we have to be listening to this brawl the rest of the night."  A smile crinkled behind the dwarf's beard as he drank a little more from his flagon.
   "I've been on the road too long with no purpose, Valerian.  I think we both have.  Soon I hope we'll find a job."  Vorni brandished his money bag and gave the barkeep a three san tip as she walked past him.  "Another one for me, if you'd please, lass." 
   The dwarf's eyes seemed to go distant, "Nothing compares to the deep forests of caverns, I must say.  I love all this new experience, but I really wish you could see the splendor of the cave." 
   Vorni tipped the bartender one more time and ordered a new flagon of ale, which he downed in one gulp.  "The gold veins that seem to stretch on for miles.   The underground lakes which glow from within by the light of the crystal.   No place like home."  As Vorni went on, one could almost swear his beard was wet with more than a bit of spilt ale.  However, he quickly dabbed whatever it was and cleaned his beard thoroughly. 
   The sounds of the tavern hummed about them.  "Yes, my friend, yes.  There is no place like home."


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Post by: Valerian Folken on December 26, 2006, 03:37:03 PM
He finished off his wine, and was rather pleased with the food. As Lori Lo came back out, he made sure offer his compliments to the chef. After he finished his food, he stacked his utensils and cup on top of the plate neatly, and left a 3 san tip on it.

Being of a more cautious mindset then his generous companion, he contented himself with nursing his first flagon. As his eyes darted from window to door, just waiting for the fight to burst through, he heard Vorni comment on his homeland. His love for it was evident through his voice, and he could have sworn he saw a tear or two drop on his beard. Being the soul of discretion, he chose to say naught of it.

"My friend, it sounds as if you miss your home greatly. It does sound rather wondrous. I do look forward to the day that we can visit. My focus has never been on a place, for a place can change, be destroyed, perverted. It is the people I find that I miss".

At this, he bunches up his shirt, grasping around a small protusion from his chest. If one looks closely at his collar, one can see a hint of gold chain. "It is the people that I have met through the years that I miss the most. From the lady whom I was sworn to protect, to my father who had the courage to let me forge my own path. These and others who helped me along the way, these I do cherish. I have been to many places, all of which possessed their own unique splendor. But it is the people that I do wish to remember."

At this, he seemed to grasp the protrusion even tighter, and took a long sip from it, but set it back down gracefully, eventually returning his other hand to his side.

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Post by: Vorni Firebreath on December 26, 2006, 04:06:23 PM
   A stern look of remembrance crossed the dwarf's face, causing his beard to come up slightly, "Places can be perverted, yes, and entire civilizations lost.  But my people are old as obsidian, and strong as granite.  The Strongpick dwarves will honor their clan and home until the day we all become stone, manling."  The dwarf seemed to remember something more, and his stern look became a hearty smile.  He mumbled, "Stronger than granite..."
  He took one last hearty tug of brew, this time from his hip-flask.  "But I am not alone here, my friend."  His face began to clear up from his toasty reverie.  "It is good that you place such trust in people.  I find you a human of many dwarven qualities.  You admire things that are set like stone.  This must've loved her greatly, your heart is like obsidian with grief of her.  You are resolved in ways few humans are.  It has been my honor to travel with you, Valerian."  As he said this he patted Valerian once more on the back.  "There is nothing more valued to a dwarf than those he trusts...nothing."
    Lori Lo then came by the table and gave Vorni the meal of the day, Garthook Stew and Celeste Red Beans.  Vorni gave a wry grin, "You surface-folk don't know what you're missing either; the Strongpick folk still have the best food I've ever tasted in this life."  The dwarf wasted no more time with words, and began to heartily devour his meal, making sure to suck his fingers loudly and to burp softly on occasion.  As he did so, he was seen to sober up quite readily, his face became far more alert.
   "I do suppose that this fight may become something real before the next dawn, manling.  Make sure you sleep with your armor near you tonight.  I know I'll be sleeping with mine on my chest."  He smiled once more and tapped his breastplate proudly. 
    "A good night, this, Valerian.  These are the days of the UnSthommerons."  The dwarf finished the last of his meal and drank the last of his ale, then sat down at the fire to play his baroomith gently in the tavern fire's warm ambience.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Valerian Folken on December 27, 2006, 05:28:42 AM
His friend's affection for his clan evident in his face, Valerian chose to make note of the fact that the dwarf had strong clan ties, but do little else regarding that. He did not understand what the whole fascination was with this or that particular piece of land. As long as you could live on it fairly comfortably, and it was the desired distance from civilization.... what else mattered? Deciding to leave sleeping dogs lie, he then heard his companion comment on the value of trust, he could not help but add, "and to humans as well, someone truly worthy of trust is worth their weight in gold."
When he commented on the food, he could not help but to grin and reply ,"Perhaps I really don't know what I am missing. Though this place's fare is better than many other locales that for one reason or another, I have found myself in, to be fair. I should like to try the Strongpick clan food someday. "
Hearing the fight rage in the background, he could not help but agree with his companion ," Yes, I do find that I must concur with your sentiments. Though it be unfortunate that the fight extend to inside the tavern proper, I can't say that it probably won't happen. Hopefully later rather than sooner, but it will happen."
When his friend commented on this being the days of the UnSthommerons, he made a note to ask him later about it, as he had no idea what the term meant.
When his friend went and sat down at the fire to play his instrument, A baroomith, if I remember correctly? he thought to himself. His friends skill was evident, and he found himself pulling out his flute, and attempting to play along. Any stress as a result of the day's travel's seemed to float away, as he lost himself playing his flute.

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Post by: so orril miesefer on December 27, 2006, 08:36:40 AM
Orril walked to the window and prepared his next blow... now a double blow for Navar...

Like the previous time he looked like holding something in his hand, something spheric... between his fingers was the arrow, pointing to Navar with its sharp yet burned point.

The air filled again with tension as Orril kept an eye on Navar, if the assassin desided to throw another arrow to him, the powerful gust of wind would blow it back to Navar.

Just a bit more... Just some more...

Thought Orril while making pressure, the arrow would hurt navar it the gust didn't fully hit the assassin.

"HIGH WINDS FOLLOW MY LEAD!!" Shout Orril while releasing the terrible gust of wind directed to Navar, the powerful thunder sound.
The arrow blew with the gust, shattering in many shards tha blew over Navar.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on December 27, 2006, 11:25:39 AM
Phyth watched as Thorgas walked over to the table, keeping an eye out at the fight. He couldn't hear what was going on though, since his bad ear was facing them. Which was probably a good thing. The fight was still going, and was still as ugly as it was before.

As he listened to Thorgas speak, Phyth poured himself another drink. He couldn't help but nod in agreement. While he didn't normally agree with the dwarf's idea of "ugly", in this case Phyth thought the dwarf was right. Anyone who wanted to fight like that disturbed him.

Phyth looked at the bottle Thorgas asked about. There wasn't much drink in it, but enough for each dwarf to have a drink. After downing his drink, Phyth slid the bottle over. "Damn elf scared my horse," he said gruffly. Phyth himself wasn't scared of the orc (unless it came near him), but it had frightened Iago, who wasn't frightened of too many things. That's what scared him.

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Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on December 27, 2006, 03:35:20 PM
"HIGH WINDS FOLLOW MY LEAD!!" Navar heard clearly Damn I don't need this quickly rolling backwards Navar heard the sounds of his splintered arrow whizz in the air by him.

Navar quickly retreats to one of his exstinquished alters and using it, he creates a barrior between him and that cursed Mage, and with a shout of anger and a tone of defiance "Your a damn fool, shouting your attacks outloud like that, why don't you just write a letter containing you entire battle plan, seal it and give it to me, so that you can save your breath."

Having postioned the alter between him and the Mage Navar knew that he was safe from any more wind based attacks, the alter should break the wind for him, but now for the real threat. Navar turs his attention back towards the smoke awaiting for it to clear to see if his foe had been unlucky enough to be caught up in the raging inferno.

Wrapping his and around his torch and the other around one of his other Molotov he silently awaits any unwelcomed intruders. Bloodspit, this is not going well, hmph well if I die, the I die a warrior At that moment Navar was filled with a calming peace, and relaxing he can feel his mind slowly clearing and the a new plan sparked in his mind. THATS IT

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Post by: Neiavrine on December 27, 2006, 05:21:19 PM
The crunch of bone to steel as her elbow smashed through the Coor'hem's jaw was deeply satisfying. The fight was over, this elf simply didn't realize it. She raised her sword and excecuted a quick and powerful strike for his prone form, wistfully imagining his entrails splattered across the desert floor. Before her blow lands, the altars around her explode in a fierce maelstorm of flame and soot. The Chyrakisth is lifted from her feet and hurled onto the ground, the force of her fall knocking her sword from her hands. Somthing glass crashes onto the sand beside her, and flames lick up from the shattered bottle. With a quick grunt she rolls onto her feet and turns to face the elf, who has hidden himself behind one of the few smoking piles of ash still standing. The heat of battle roars in her heart, cascading through her veins and driving her into a frenzy of lust and violence. The smoke swirls around her and dances its fluid dance. Some might call Ne'iav'rine a dancer in the ballet of death. They would be mistaken. She was brutal, heartless, artless. There was nothing beautiful about her movements, they served no visual purpose, they expressed only rage in the most putrid of forms. She was a beast on the hunt. She was ravenous. With a predators determination Ne'iav'rine punched through the altar and reached for the elf's neck.

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Post by: so orril miesefer on December 28, 2006, 02:17:38 AM
No more wind based attacks doesn't means I can't do a lot of damage... less near a pillar... Orril grined while rising his hand, his head still hurting due the thunderous roar and the casting itself, but this time he was decided, Navar wouldn't have a chance versus the speed of lightning.

Lifting his right hand, he focused, this time on the point of the pillar where Navar had hidden himself. Static started to form in the air, and the hairs of the She-orc that walked near the place started to rise, Navar's hair following the terrible prediction of a lightning, but... would it come from the sky? or from the window? Eitherway Navar would feel it, but wouldn't be able to hear it due to it's tremendous speed. 

I hate this headache... come on... just a little more... Orril felt his head was about to explode, yet beared the pain and that suffering and the need to launch the attack before it was completely locked on Navar's head.

Orril claped his hands with might, but instead the clap the thunderous roar echoed through the lands, followed inmediatly by a ligthning bolt that striked the pillar.

While his attack had hitted, Orril felt the need to rest, moving quickly to his bead and sitting on it, leaving his mind rest.

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Post by: Gararion on December 29, 2006, 07:07:02 AM
      Gararion had spent days traversing the great expanse of the Yar’Dangs.  Why anyone cross such a place was unknown, but Gararion had hoped to see old friends.  It had been many years since the magus had seen the Thirsty Herald and its owner Oscar.  The magus did not know what condition the old tavern would be without its former barkeep, but hoped that the tavern would still be a quiet place to find a cold drink within the desert.

      The magus closed the distance between himself and the Herald, less then a quarter of a day’s ride left between them, he begun to spot dour sights.  He began to have doubts that his visit to the Herald will be uneventful, as was his last visit.  Would history repeat itself the magus thought.

      At first the magus thought that there was a sand storm moving in from the west.  The sky was clouded by dark clouds.  But with closer examination of his elven sight, Gararion resolved that his first assumptions were incorrect.  What he had thought were clouds of sand were in fact dark clouds of smoke in the distance.  Something was burning in the distance and it appeared to have been burning for quite some time.  Gararion weighed the chances of his aid in such a event.  Although he hated to admit it, but a fire that produced such a dark smoke would be far too great for him to put.

      As Gararion turned to continue his travel to the Herald, a glimpse of a shadowy figure caught the corner of his eye.  It seemed that a rider had found his way over one of the rolling sand dunes and seemed to have his sight fixated upon the magus below.  Gararion paused, staring at the mounted figure.  He was a good stral in the distance, seemingly standing between Gararion and the smoke in the distance, which seemed to be a good stral behind the figure in the distance.  As Gararion stood, wondering what the intentions of the figure were, several others seemed to join him.  They made no advances toward Gararion himself, nor did they act in any threatening manner toward the magus.  Gararion doubt they knew who he was, though also believed that they cared little of who he was or why he riding through the Yar’Dangs alone as long as he didn’t approach them.  Lowering his head and urging his steed forward, Gararion pushed forward, hoping to find the Herald soon.

      It had been a good two hours by Gararion’s guess without much interest.  The horsemen seem to be following Gararion, keeping their distance, remaining between the magus and the smoke in the distance.  They had ridden in pair like this for quite some time till Gararion had noticed some strange markings in the sand.  Almost riding past them at first, no skills in tracking himself, Gararion noticed that they were not hoofed tracks.  No, these tracks were much more sinister.  They seemed to gouge at the sand beneath their feet, grasping at anything harder then the soft sand they found.  They seemed almost claw-like in nature, though Gararion couldn’t think of what such beast would make such tracks.  Dismounting his steed, Gararion took a closer look.  The tracks were larger, they dwarfed that of his own foot by at least six fold.  Glancing out of the corner of his eye, it seemed that the horsemen didn’t care of his action, that or they did not know themselves what the magus was doing so far away. 

      Gararion moved to his pack, removing his flacon.  The water had warmed a little in the desert heat, but Gararion dared not to cool the water for he wish not to reveal himself or aggravate the horsemen that followed in his wake.  Indulging his throat with moisture, Gararion poured the rest of the water into his steeds mouth slowly, making sure he spilled little of the valued liquid on the desert sands.  Looking into his horses eyes, Gararion spoke softly.  “Well my friend, what do you think?  Do we ride into danger?”  Pausing for a moment to ponder on things, Gararion glanced up at the riders who had taken interest in the magus.  He could make out little detail, but of what detail he could decipher, he knew they were not from any lands he had visited. Their clothing seemed different then any he had seen before on his travels.  Added to that, the seemed very diverse in their dress, none of them seemed to be wearing the same attire from this distance, though the magus could not be certain of this.  “Shall we continue” spoke the magus as he capped his empty flacon and placed it back into his pack.  Lifting himself into the saddle with the grace of an aging elf, Gararion pushed his mount onward.

      As the Herald came into sight in the distances, Gararion gazed upon his followers.  They had seemed to stop following him, most likely sure that Gararion would cause them no troubles.  Gararion wondered if they knew these lands well.  He didn’t wish to lead them to the Herald if they were responsible of the destruction that remained at the smoldering site he had seen in the distance.  Setting his gaze beyond the horsemen, Gararion tried to make out the smoke he had seen earlier.  No traces of it could be seen this close to the Herald, obscured by the rolling dunes.  Whether this was a good sign or not, Gararion was unsure, but he knew he could not go back as long as he was being watched.  He would conceive a plan within the safety of the Herald, his heart a little lighter knowing he was no longer being followed but just watched.

      As the magus approached the Herald, he was saddened at the what his eyes revealed to him.  There seemed to be a large battle taking place outside of the tavern.   Several people had gathered out in the yard of the tavern and had been fighting a great battle it has seemed.  Several smoldering pillars stood erected in front of the tavern.  Gararion was saddened even more when his senses told him of the use of magic within.  He felt a strong presence of magic within the fighting, surely some of the damage being caused by such people.  Glancing behind him to see he was no longer being followed, the magus moved forward only to stop suddenly as a loud rumble resonated in the air, followed the by distinctive sound a lightning striking one of the pillars.  Nudging his horses side firmly, Gararion galloped around the herald, hoping to stay from sight.  Slowing as he came around to the other side, he made his way to the stables and guided his steed within.  Dismounting he looked for a stable master.  “Hello?”

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Post by: Twén Aråerwén on December 29, 2006, 09:34:56 AM
The mage noticed the tinge of weariness in the young child’s eyes, definitely she were at the end of her endurance, if not her wits. A frail hand still held out in a façade of friendship to the young lass, ancient gray eyes beaming with mirth as the mage endeavored to maintain Callie’s attention. Tenderly the mage began to focus upon weakening the fire within the teenager, one fragile hand slipping behind her back. A small shower of ash spilled from the mages hand in a fine mist to rest on the wooden floor (Blood Breaker level IV fire). Melodic words tinged with glee, yet meant to keep the child from noticing anything out of the ordinary, came playfully over Twen’s supple lips. “Where is it ye said ye are from?”  The mage knew full well the child had not answered the query, but it seemed to maintain her awareness.

The child’s fearful gaze began to fade with exhausted eyelids quickly covering them. The elf nimbly moved forward, catching her before she hit the floor. Delicately Twen knelt down and placed the unconscious teenagers head upon her lap. An angry glare lifted from the now resting girl, golden curls cascading down to obscure much of the elf’s petite features in a shroud of shadow. Only the opaque surfaces of almond shaped eyes were visible in the flickering flames of the hearth. A nearly palatable maelstrom of wrath could be seen swirling in their depths.

Hesitantly the mage attempted to lift the sleeping human, however the elf imagined she could elevate the child, there was little doubt she could do much else. Supple lips drawn taunt in frustration and anger when the maiden lifted her eyes to Lori Lo. The elf’s words no longer carrying a light melodic tone, addressing the barmaid. “ Lori, would ye fetch master Duriel, tell him to fix the furniture this very night and let me know what else will be required to fix other damages.”  Hurriedly the barmaid departs the main room to bring the carpenter.

Almond shaped eyes turned in the direction of Rvahr, the inferno seething in their depths undiminished, yet a delightful smile pursed upon crimson lips. The snap of thunder from outside caused the magess to cower slightly, yet the truths of Twen’s feelings were shrouded behind a false smile that did not falter. “M’lord would ye be so kind, to assist me?”  Lithe neck nodded towards the resting girl on her lap. “I think, I could not carry her to my room and she is in need of a place to rest.” The words lending no hint to the sense of urgency Twen felt or the fury that simmered behind her façade.

A dark haired lad poked his head out from a stall; glints of dried sweat mingled with the dust of a hard days work caked on Gren’s cheeks. “Why hello sir, pardon me for not noticing your arrival.” The boy stepped out into the main area of the stables, placing a pitchfork against a gate in the vicinity he was cleaning. He approached Gararion with a hint of exhaustion in his step, though it was still accentuated with the springing steps of youth.

The boys course lead him to stand before Gararion’s mount, a grubby hand began to caress the horse’s snout. “Aye, he has been rode a long way without rest sir.”  The young mans attentions quickly returning to the ancient elf. “Forgive me, my name is Gren …. Gren Iss'ac. I shall unburden him for you, placing all the gear on shelves in the stable. I will make sure to get him feed and watered before I rest this evening.”  

The lad began to fish in his pockets, pulling forth a large ring of varied keys. Unclasping it gingerly, attempting to not lose any of the dozen or so on the ring, removed one of the keys and held it forth to Gararion. “This is your key to your horse’s stall, only I have a spare. The other is just incase something unforeseen should happen and I need to move him outside.” Gren grasped the horse’s reins as he went to walk the animal towards the stall that had just been cleaned. Stopping mid-step the boy peered over his shoulder. “Sir, what would your horses name be? They like to be called by their own names.”

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Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on December 29, 2006, 01:09:48 PM
Navar could here the sound of furious armour as it stormed closer "Ha your no more than a clumsy oath, you're worse at stealth than the mage" no sooner had he finished Navar felt the hairs on his neck stand up, the air began to feel different, this wasn't unfimiliar he had felt it before when Orril had..."that damn mage, he going to use...." an explosion shot above Navar as the alter shattered from the lighting strike. Navar dropped to the ground in an attempt to escape the falling debree.

No sooner had Navar dropped a force broke though right over his head, the she orc had just punched straight through the alter, using the momentary weakness Navar quickly put down the Molotov and swiftly unsheathed he hungry daggers, and in an atempt to satisfy their lust for flesh Navar quickly stabs at break in the orcs steel armour.

Sheathing his weapon and grabbing up the mlotov Navar jumps backwards keeping an eye on this Demon, as he watched her he thought I shall not die here alone either I win or no one wins, I must win And looking up with an all too familiar look of cocky cofidence Navar spouts out "What too much for you, and here I was actually starting to fear for my life, my my was I ever foolish. Yes foolish to think that an orc could even dare compare to an elf. Fool" And with a sarcastic sneer NAvar tensed as he waited for the orcs next strike.

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on December 29, 2006, 09:18:15 PM
Thorgas' eyes twinkled with joy as Phyth offered the bottle of wine to him. After  nodding his head in gratitude, he drank the contents of the bottle, little drops trickling from his beard to the table. He forgot that he is supposed to share it with Gamaliel.
He belched loudly and listened to the human talk. "Yes, it seems yar horse doesn't like mishapen things more than I do, eh?" Thorgas took another drink. "I hope my pig is all right, because if those oafs singe a hair on my Buri's tail, I'll singe more than their hair."

The sound of thunder seems to shake the very air inside the tavern. Undoubtedly, Thorgas is sure that it belonged to the elf, since the desert is too dry to have rain, much less thunder. "I hate people, or elves for that matter, who loves sticking their nose into somebody's business." He told Phyth. Then, smiling at his companion, he added playfully, "and I know someone who did it not too long ago, too."

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Post by: Gamaliel Ironforge on December 30, 2006, 12:53:22 PM
At first, Gamaliel is reluctant to go to the human's table and share a drink with him, until he saw Thorgas drink the wine that they were supposed to share. The dwarf hurried to the table, only to see that the wine is nearly gone. Grumbling a little, he sat on a chair beside the other dwarf and saluted the human.
"It seems that those fools out there are trying their best to be the noisiest person in the Herald." Gamaliel said, trying to make a conversation. "But I doubt that no one will be noisier than the big orc in there. She shouts like she is an army."

Gamaliel looked wistfully at the bottle of beer Thorgas was holding. He longed to get some from the barmaid, but he knew very well than to disturb her, now that she is talking to the thin, dirty girl. "Uhm, Thorgas, could I have some of that wine? The barmaid is kind of busy and I can't order anything." He searched the table for more bottles, but unfortunately there was none.

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Post by: Rvahr the Hunter on January 01, 2007, 07:54:04 AM
The earth seems to shudder, and what few windows remain rattle against their housings as if to break free. R'vahr stares out into the desert night, blinded by the violent flash of blue light that screams into the Tavern, his skin tingling as the rippling chaos of god's vehemence throws itself onto the sands. As his eyes adjust to the fickle play of firelight and dusk, the R'unorian shakes his head in bewilderment. "I have never seen lightning strike so close, nor so suddenly. It is judgement to these bloodied sands." The air around him is filled with shouts and curses, threats and battlecries. There was a cacophony which resonated throughout the common room, a dire ruckus which was seemingly ignored with vigilance by those inside. There was bloodshed and violence everywhere, and it seemed to spread like the plaque. Here is man, here is his self.  

“M’lord would ye be so kind, to assist me?”

His musings draw back into oblivion as the soft voice calls to him. R'vahr turns to look over his shoulder, and sees that the pretty little elf is indeed caught in a sort of predicament. Hr frail body, though pleasent to look at, is in now shape to be hauling a human child around. Despite this fact, this is exactly what the elfess seemed to intend to do. Softly excusing himself, he rises from his chair and moves toward the distressed woman. “I think, I could not carry her to my room and she is in need of a place to rest.” Had R'vahr been a less trusting man, a less loving man, he may have noticed that there was something wrong with this particular elf. Something sinister in her eyes. Alas, R'vahr was indeed a loving man, and a trusting man. "Whatever you need, love. Lead the way" The hunter reaches his arms out and gently takes the girl from the elf's arms. He makes sure to support her head and lifts her close to himself. He quickly checks for any obvious wounds on the girl, broken bones or torn flesh.

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Post by: Neiavrine on January 01, 2007, 08:49:49 AM
"I am going to suck the meat off of your bones, tear your eyes from their sockets, break your teeth out of your skull!" She screams an ancient curse into the sky, and in seeming responce, and a bolt of lighting pierces the earth less than a ped before her. A thin trail of smoke flowed forth from the pool of molten sand between the hunter and her prey. Your pet mage cannot save you Coor'hem!" The Chyrakisth was displeased, but otherwise unaffected by the blast. She added this greivence to the burning a knot of rage which was churning so urgenly in her heart. With a burst of brutality she rips her arm through the altar, causing it to explode into a cloud smouldering splinters. Her scything claws just miss the elf's head, and in return he attempts to dig his daggers into her flesh. The attack is futile, however, as they lack to power to peirce her armored woven shirt. Without giving the assualt a moment's pause, she strikes once again for his boken face. The blow has enough force to render her meal unconcious, but lacks the force required to smash his skull into his brain. She wanted her meat fresh, she wanted him alive when she came back for him.

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Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on January 01, 2007, 10:06:28 PM
"Predictable, you fight like a heathen" rolling sides ways at the typical mindless barrage of fist, which seemed to be the only way this demon knew how to fight. Navar swiftly rolls forward towards the Orc, knowing this would look foolish and unwise Navar could smirk as he smashed the bottle of rum on the massive figure towering above him.

The smell of rum filled his nostrils and the smell of smoke gave Navar a sense of sinister pleasure. Flame plus rum, what could be better igniting the flame he watched as the flames were given more abundant life with every drop of alcohol. Grabbing for his last Mlotov on his body Navar makes an attempt to escape the flamming inferno, and the orc that may prove to be his doom

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Post by: Malavon Despana on January 02, 2007, 03:23:15 PM
Malavon wached as the girl left and taking a last deep breath , he decided to return to the tavern , only to catch two figures fighting .
Coming closer to see who it was , he recognized Navar , the assassin that supposedly defeated him and a massive figure with a complexion of a orc but strangely also somewhat seductive figure .

I be ...
Never seen a orc that looked like that , even less a she-orc .
That fool Navar must had opened that big mouth of his.
I swear , i have never seen someone with such arrogance , if he thinks he can best a orc in combat , he is sadly mistaken .

With an ironic smile , Malavon continued to observe the fight knowing that the result was not favorable towards Navar .
But as the fight progresses , Malavon realised that this fight was not a simple duel , the she-orc , had other intencions on her mind and when she finally had Navar at her mercy , Malavon took Zaroc of his sheath and spoke with a calm but deep voice that both of them could hear .

That is enought she-orc ! I have no love for Navar either , but i be dawned if i am gonna let you kill a man that is weak because of his earlier fights and cannot defend himself .And a sarcastic smile he continued , and if someone is to kill Navar , that person is me , but not today , so if you may , kindly leave him be knowing that you proved your point .
That was said with a calm voice , but Malavon having heard tales of orc temperement , grabed Zaroc handle even harder , waiting for the response .

I do not fear magic , it should fear me !!!     <a href="" target="top">Malavon[/url]

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on January 04, 2007, 12:50:35 PM
Phyth fiddled with his mug as he watched Thorgas chug down the rest of the wine. The Centoraurian in him didn't understand why the dwarf loved a pig, but he did understand how Thorgas felt about it. Even if Phyth thought it was disgusting. Clearly their opinion of mishapen differed.

After a while the cup fell over, so Phyth began to spin it around. Although he was still trying to be angry, he couldn't help but grin at Thorgas' last comment. Unfortunetely his mind wasn't working well enough to come up with a suitable, sarcastic reply.

Phyth looked up to see Gamaliel walk over to their table. He greeted the dwarf with a slightly drunk salute. "Damn elf scared my horse,"  he repeated. Taking a look at the table, Phyth passed him the now empty bottle. After finally realizing it was empty, he through a look over at Thorgas.

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Post by: Kali Rae on January 05, 2007, 04:20:06 AM
Kali's mind wanders as she dozes in her seat.  The fatigue from a day's travels and her experiences at the inn have taken their toll and she finds herself unable to stay awake any longer.  The commotion of the inn dies down to little more then a murmur in her mind and she can do little to resist the call of sleep.  A soothing and familiar voice addresses her and try as she might, she is unable to rouse herself enough to do more then lazily look up with half closed eyes and smile faintly at R'vhar.

Suddenly an earth shattering thunderclap shakes Kali from her sleep and sends lances of pain through her head.  Disoriented she sits up with a start and tries to force her foggy mind into full consciousness.  She sees R'vhar sitting next to her and feels her heart leap.  "I have never seen lightning strike so close, nor so suddenly. It is judgement to these bloodied sands." he says, shaking his head.  The sounds of shouting are coming from outside, and serve only to confuse Kali further.  The room itself is spinning around her and she takes several deep breaths to steady her nerves and her head.

Another female voice calls to R'vhar from across the room who politely excuses himself and moves to help her.  Kali swings her right foot off of the chair and the pain from her injury brings her fully back to consciousness.  Her foot hurts more now then when she first injured it from the vicious kick she delivered to her pack, and she can feel her boot constricting around it.  She notices that there are more faces in the tavern then there had been when she had first sat down at the table.  Not wanting to be alone in the tavern again Kali considers going after R'vhar and, after a moment's hesitation, gets to her feet and follows him.  She limps across the room to where the lady had hailed him and is surprised to see the girl from the stables asleep in her slender arms.  As they approach she asks R'vhar, “I think, I could not carry her to my room and she is in need of a place to rest.”

"I'm glad that she has found some peace," Kali murmurs, directing her words at no one in particular.  R'vhar accepts her plea for help with his usual eloquence and takes the child from the woman.  As he examines the child, Kali moves around his sculpted frame to get a better look at the girl in his arms.  In the light of the tavern, Kali notices for the first time just how roughly life has treated this soul.  She feels a small surge of anger lick at her heart but it dies quietly as she considers the uselessness of it.  The turns to the elven woman, "I saw this girl sleeping in the stables earlier in the evening, do you know her?"  She looks back at R'vhar in admiration thinking of all this man has done to help those in need around him.  Not everything around here is bad, she thinks to herself, and lets a smirk alight on her lips.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Rookie Brownbark on January 05, 2007, 05:40:30 AM
Rookie’s falcon swooped towards the tavern, the little Brownie’s legs wrapped tight around its wide feathery neck.  They flew just high enough to avoid most of the sand the wind was stirring up in its half-hearted swirls.  The dusty ground flashed past under them, and she urged Ekre on, enjoying the easy speed of the falcon. Rookie peered out over the smooth grey head, looking out for the Tavern which she thought would become visible in a few moments.  Instead there was a strange sandy haze and unidentifiable shouts and growls.  Was a tornado churning up the sand? Rookie sat up straighter, asking the bird to slow down, and then circling higher to get a good look at the scene.

Rookie had been wrong, there was the building and the commotion beside was not a natural phenomenon.  Two figures, dark against the sand, were lashing out at one another, their feet chucking up the sand. She should have known - there was not enough dust a real twister.  Suddenly lightning, seeming to come from nowhere, flashed to the ground, and Ekre veered wildly away.  Rookie clung on, terrified of another strike, and instantly spotted the door opening for a man dressed in a large black tricorner hat.  She quickly turned the panicked bird towards the entrance, diving through before the heavy wooden thing slammed shut.

Inside Ekre banked, realising that if she didn’t she would crash into the opposite wall.  After on lap of the room, loosing more speed, the grey falcon landed on one of the stools, her sharp golden talons digging into and splintering the worn wood.  Rookie slipped down from her back and looked around apologetically at the people who Ekre had just narrowly missed, especially the swashbuckler type from the door. 

"'eelllo" she muttered in greeting, feeling as if all eyes where on her.  Her voice was very high pitched and although she didn't speak very loud her piercing tone could be heard accross the room.

As she gazed around Rookie tried to work out who to ask for a drink and if they would serve Brownie-size portions.

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Post by: Neiavrine on January 05, 2007, 07:22:02 AM
The infuriating elf continues to duck and roll around her blows with suprising agility. It was rare that she met a creature as quick as herself. She wasn't worried, she was simply angry. He played his games and spoke his words, but it was all simply proloning his doomed existence. Soon enough she would have his heart between her teeth, and taste his blood flow down her lips. In what may have been a moment of arrogance or despiration, he moves in close, close enough for her to get to work. He carries a heavy bottle of rum, and attempts to smash it across her body, she was almost surprised, almost impressed.

Ne'iav'rine watches his arm come down, and meets his assault with a quick slash at his offending limb. With uncanny speed she takes a step and comes up on his left side, into which she thrusts her claws. Taking annother step she moves behind him and executes a hard low kick to the small of his back. Her fury fills her veins as she leaps into the air and delivers a powerfull spin kick to the side of the Coor'hem's head. She had circled him in less than two binks, and executed a flurry of blows onto is body, each with enough power to break a human. Such is the force of her assault that the sands swirl up around her foe in a fountain of violence and hate. As she moved, she noted annother man had come near, with a blade drawn. His stance was threatening, and she was sure he ment her violence. Whatever speech he might be giving, it was lost to the grunts, screams and warcries of battle.

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Post by: so orril miesefer on January 05, 2007, 02:40:50 PM
Oh Gods... never seen such fighting style... What in this world is that thing?? Thought Orril while he looked out the window, noting that the thing wasn't just fightning like him, but she indeed wanted Navar's head...

I hate Navar, but not enough to make him die... at most to make him faint or suffer a bit... Should I help him?

Orril was thinking about this, Navar wasn't exactly the person he liked the most but he was a person, an arrogant one but a person in the end, and the thing... Well who knows what was that? no one so far except maybe Navar...

The furious strikes were rising sand, enought sand to make a twister... but would it protect Navar?... no, it wouldn't...

A Fist of Thunder applied directly on it would send it flying and maybe stun it... but how will I get close enough to apply it?... Malavon is down there, maybe he can distract the thing so I can hit it... no, don't count on it, that thing has such high senses I fear it hears my thoughts...

Orril walked out of his room and downstairs, getting near the door he started to focus the air in his right hand again, with his left hand he opened the door and looked, the thing was on her buissness, it was now or never.


Shout Orril while he jumped out the tavern, keeping his concentration to the last point, now he didn't knew if pray to the Gods he had for so long put in doubt or keep his mind cold and continue with his plan, either way he had to wait for the thing to do something.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on January 06, 2007, 03:17:14 PM
Having excused from the talk , Tiras walked towards the bar when he saw a most intriguing spectacle , a bird just flew into the bavern carrying what seemed to Tiras a very small creature .
AS the new patron stepped down from the bird , Tiras could see it was a woman and taught to himself .

Well look at that !
I taught i had seen all kind of women , but none of that size , she must be from that race i once heard , a brownie .
As she looked around , Tiras smiled , Well it seems our diminutive maiden needs help , altought she is a tad smaller as i am used to , no one could blame Tiras of not being a gentlemen .
With a confident walk , Tiras walked towards the Brownie and resting a knee on the Floor so she could see his face better , Tiras asked with a pleasant smile :
Excuse little lady , i do hope i am not disturbing thy , but you seem to need some help, and if that is the case , you can count on me , Tiras at your service .
Bowing his head on what a polite cumpliment and waited for the answer .

Love is a superfluous thing , but really , is there something greater that it ?
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Post by: Rookie Brownbark on January 07, 2007, 09:28:30 PM
Ekre ruffled her feathers irritably as the stranger approached, opening her wickedly curved beak slightly to reinforce the threat.  A sharp unidentifiable noise from Rookie made her settle down, turning around grumpily to show her distaste.  Ekre was not one to share the attentions of her mistress, especially when she was hungry. 

“heeloo” Rookie repeated, trying to make her birdlike whistle of a voice easier to understand.  “Ih amn Rroo’ee, vereh pleeze’ teh meet yoou Tirrass.”

She smiled at the elegant human’s kind words, a little flattered by his easy galentry.  Very few humans she had met before had thought it worth their time to be polite.  Trying hard to speak clearly again she asked her question

“Dou dis playce serve Brouwni size drin’s?  Ief you poin’ meh teh deh barmaid, ah would beh ‘appy teh buy yeh won tou.”

She smiled again at Tiras, turning to quickly remove Ekre's pack and allow the bird to fly off and look for some dinner.  She was glad she didn't have to sit alone in this strange place.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Tiras The White Rose on January 08, 2007, 04:25:59 AM
Tiras smiled as the maiden spoke with a somewhat pitched yet melodious, certain he understand what she wanted , after all if exists someone in this world that listen with all attencion what a woman spoke , that person was Tiras .

Ah yes the bartender ... well you see little maiden,  Twen , that be her name , is to say... absent at the moment .
To make the story short , it seems a child made her way into this faraway place , and fainted the poor thing before someone could get some answers from her .
And so as far i could understand she took the child upstairs so she could rest , but worry not i believe she will come back later .

In the meanwhile i have a sugestion , why don´t we take a seat over there and talk for a while , i am sure you are weary of the travel and gods know i need to talk to someone .
Come this way !
Tiras pointed towards a vacant table on a corner and seated there , smiling at the brownie hoping she would accept his offer.

Love is a superfluous thing , but really , is there something greater that it ?
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Post by: Gararion on January 08, 2007, 11:36:29 AM
      As the stable boy made his presence known, Gararion turned to face the young lad.  “Your pardons are not needed my child.  It seems you have been hard at work and it is I who should apologize for taking you from your chores,” spoke the magus in a soft tone filled with age.  Looking at the horse, as black as the desert night sky, the magus continued.  “Yes, my journey has been long indeed and the horse has been ridden quite long.  Though I assure you, his health is quite undamaged, for ones steed is a valuable asset.”  Looking out through the stable’s doors at what was taking place outside side, the magus softly spoke to himself, “I only hope my journey will not end in sorrow.

      Once again setting his attention upon Gren, the magus lowered his head in greeting.  Taking the key form the boy and placing it within his pocket, the magus spoke with the same soft aging tone as he had before.  “The horses name?  I'm sure you'll inform me of that upon my return,” was all the magus said, a slight smile appearing on his elven face.

      Leaving the stables behind him, knowing that the stable boy would learn of the horses name in time, the magus stepped out within the ruckus that laid between him and the tavern.  Without much interest in those fighting, the magus made his way to the Herald, only pausing in his step when a figure rushed out of the Herald’s front doors, uttering threats to the combatants outside.  Paused in his steps, Gararion examined the elf and laid his eyes upon the mages right hand.

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Post by: Mad Davy Flint on January 09, 2007, 11:19:19 AM
A santerran watched the drama unfold inside the tavern before stepping in and deciding to join in himself.
A motley man, who looked as if hed just been pulled out of the sea (which he had) Davy stepped in, ordered a drink and sipped quietly, trying to spot a friendly face. He didnt manage to see one, but spotted a man trying to romance Was that a damn brownie? in the corner. Wonder if 'es any good with that rapier, Davy wondered. The figures fighting seemed to be having a good enough time. And they seemed to be fairly good as well. Ill have to join in he thought. But in the meantime....
Flint searched the bar for a spot to pin up a paper. Finding a relativly soft spot in the wall, he licked a finger, wiped it on the wall and stuck the paper to it. He turned around, sauntered towards the door, and whirled around a few Peds away. He threw a knife, catching the falling paper, and keeping in tis spot for at least days to come.

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on January 09, 2007, 09:57:26 PM
Thorgas grinned sheepishly at both the human and the dwarf when he realized that he emptied the bottle of wine which he is supposed to share with Gamaliel. "There's hardly a drop for us to share, Gamaliel." Thorgas explained. "How about getting more from the barmaid?" The dwarf chuckled a little to his brother, then turned around to face Phyth. "Mine if ya drink with a couple of dwarves? We won't bite, heh."

The sound of metal hitting a piece of wood startled the dwarf. He looked around until he saw the human who threw a knife at a piece of paper. Shaking his head, he gave a confused look at his companion. "Hmph. Annoying surface brat. We don't need another trouble maker in this tavern." He glared at the pirate, then wiped his mouth with a kerchief. "So, a traveller like yarself are sure ta have a bit of tales under yar sleeve. Mind if ya tell it over a few mugs of beer?" He gave a look at his brother, as if telling him to hurry up and get some beer.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Mad Davy Flint on January 10, 2007, 06:02:12 AM
Davy's head whipped around to the ruddy-looking fellow at the bar. "You say something, Dwarf?" he walked over with a bit of a stagger, hand on the hilt of his rapier. He glared around, checking to see if anyone was looking. When they wernt, he exposed a knife, holding it to the Dwarves throat. "A bit more courtesy in the future, eh, Master Dwarf?" Seeing the Ironforges dark expression, he laughed.
"Im just JOKING!" he blurted out laughing. Sorry if I annoyed you. The names David Flint, but you can call me Mad Davy. Pleasure to meet, you, and may I apologise if my antics apperead a little grating. May i buy you that drink? He asked, noting the brother returning with beer.

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Post by: Rookie Brownbark on January 11, 2007, 08:00:37 AM
Rookie listened to Tiras’s explanation, though not with quite the same engrossed attention as he was applying to her words.  She was still exhilarated from her speedy journey and her cheeks still glowed slightly golden from the wind.  At his suggestion Rookie followed Tiras to the quieter courner, jumping smoothly onto the grey-hued back of her mount and landing neatly on the scarred wooden surface of the table itself.  After being released by her mistress, the hungry bird swooped away, high over the heads of the other patrons.  She perched beside the door, waiting for it to open before she could go hunting.

Rookie ignored Ekre’s disappearance, placing her otterskin pack down beside her.  Her tiny fingers undid the knot fastening her fur coat and she spread it out to cushion the rough surface before sitting cross-legged in front of Tiras.

“So,” she began, but there was a sudden “thwok” of a noise from behind her, and she jumped to her feet, whipping around ready to run.  Her quick eyes soon found the source of the commotion - the strange pirate she had followed into the bar had, for some reason, thrown a knife at the wall.  Rookie sat down again, immediately calmer, but she turned slightly so she could keep the rest of the bar in sight.

Unembarrassed about her sudden, but natural jumpiness, she began again.  “ So, tellll meh sometin’ abouwt yorsel’f Meisterr Tirrass” the little Brownie demanded in a friendly fashion.  She could see the pirate going to hassle another table instead.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on January 11, 2007, 03:29:15 PM
Dawn pirates .... must they always be the center of attencions ?
Could he do that quiet ...

Tiras mumbled to himself , after hearing the newcomer stick a knife on a wall and asking who wants to enlist on his crew .

Resting his eyes again on Rookie he noticed that she was sitting right on front of him and after she stopped talking , Tiras answered with a delighted smile :

Tiras , my dear , please call me just Tiras .
Mister make me look much older that i really am .

Tiras after giving a joyfull laugh , continued :

I am honored you want to know more about me  , but i´am afraid that you might find my life rather dull .
I am an artist of a sort , an artist of life if you want  .
In my quest for beauty and love of women , i have been many things , from thief to a savior , i have met many women in my life and loved every one of them.
With a quick and masterfull gest he took a white rose from his suit and rested it beside Rookie , saying :

I became known on my homeland , simply as "The White Rose " like that one beside you , a gift from myself to thy .
Like i told , not a very interesting tale , but it is mine .
Now if you wish , i´d like to hear your story .
Tiras waited with a interested look on his face .

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Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on January 14, 2007, 01:10:41 PM
Navar sneered as the orc managed to dodge his flaming attack. What now? I still have my Molotov, so I guess I wasn't to unsuccesful. But as Navar was leaping backwards to prepare for another strike a powerful force met his chestplate.

The she-orc's foot had made contact with Navar's chest and with a powerful force sends Navar sailing into the air. Navar manages to land on his shoulder which absorbs most of the impact, rolling back to his feet Navar gasp for air. The orcs kick had swept the breath right out of him. "Blast, I just wait." A smirk appears over Navar's face.

Raising his voice in a cocky tone Navar yells "So are you coming, cause Im waiting."  Proning his body waiting for an attack Navar cautiously watches Neiavrine, waiting for the first hostile move. With his torch in hand and Molotov in his other Navar was ready to take her down, even if he had to kill himself to do it.

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Post by: Rookie Brownbark on January 16, 2007, 06:37:01 AM
Rookie listened to Tiras’s story, smiling to herself – she couldn’t help being entertained by this young stranger, he seemed so proud of his conquests and looks.  His open, honest manner and his smooth gentlemanly gestures were something she had seen used on women before, real, full-sized women of course.  Brownies tended to be more straightforward, possibly from living the more unromantic dangerous kind of life.  She was a bit confused, but more amused by his advances – nothing could actually happen between them, even though she thought him very likeable.  The small Brownie smiled to herself, not wanting to offend the gentleman, and listened interestedly to the short account of his life.

When Tiras drew a single white rose from his breast and placed it beside her, Rookie smiled to herself again, containing her amusement.  The Brownie had never heard no the White Rose herself but then it wasn’t that surprising as the places she normally stayed where probably too cheap and downmarket for the elegant human.

“T’anky’ vereh much fer da flowa, Tirrass,” Rookie replied politely, “Bu’ ah don’ tink ah can carreh it.”  She paused  “Won mooment”

She stood, pulled a short, wickedly sharp blade from a scabbard on her calf, and with one quick gesture cut a single petal from the Rose.  Wiping the knife smoothly on her leather trousers she slid it back and picked up the snow-white petal.

“Dis ah can keep” she said simply. The soft velvet texture felt warm to her cold hands as she sat down again to tell her own story.

“Ah don’ have dat much teh tell either – ah grouw up in a Valleh South o’ Kor Donion, ah learn teh ride E’re dere,” she pointed to the falcon, who was still waiting to get outside “but ah leave an’ now ah tak’ messages on dah bird.” 

Rookie smiled, looking away from Tiras towards the bar, remembering the sensation of flying.  She loved her life, though it could be strange and lonely, but she knew one day she would go back to her Valley and live among her people again.  She would just make sure that when she did she would be rich as a queen and had millions of exciting stories to tell.

“Wha’ bring’ yeh here” the Brownie asked, wondering why anyone else would find themselves in this rough tavern on the edge of the desert.

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Post by: Neiavrine on January 16, 2007, 12:17:37 PM
There was no need to taunt the Chyrakisth, she was halfway to him by the time he though to open his broken jaw. This little Coorhem could take a hit, that was for certain. Most men would have allowed themselves to black out after recieving a blow like that, just to make the pain go away. She wondered just how much this one could take before he crept back into the shelter of unconciousness. How much would could he withsand? What would he do when she began to peel his flesh away, when she began to rend his muscle, shen she shattered his bones to dust? Ne'iav'rine had every intention to find out. With torture being her objective, she let rest her fallen blade, and lept into the air, transforming nearly three pygge of muscle and steel into a missile. Utilizing her momentum and the exquisitely powerful muscles she rotates from the hip, bringing her right elbow forward with enough force to pulverise a sternum against her heavy armor. The moment her elbow passes the apex of its swing she falls onto her prey, bringing every once of weight and power onto one point, that of her elbow. The impact is so great that is raises a cloud of sand and dust that obscures sight in the failing light of sundown.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on January 17, 2007, 03:14:40 AM
No sooner had Navar uttered his taunt had the orc already begun an attack.Swift one ain't she? Navar thought to himself as the massive orc lept into the air. "Not smart" Navar laughed as he lit and hurled his flamming Molotov at his now air born enemy.

Navar to ensure his own safty mad a dash to his right, heading for his two remaining Molotovs. As he runs he can only sneer "Try and dodge that you over wieght behemeth" Navar could feel himself tiring, how much longer could he keep this up, could he keep fighting. No he must fight, he wasn't going to allow that demon of Nybelmar to get the satisfaction of an elven meal. Navar quietly thinks I might even have to execute plan omega Navar had never been pushed that far but if he had to then he would. He would unleash the ultimate Coorhem counter strike.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on January 17, 2007, 11:50:31 AM
Looking with an amused look as the little brownie took a single petal of the white rose ,Tiras moved discomfortably as she asked what brought Tiras to the tavern .
He could lie , but Tiras did felt  sympathy for Rookie and with an embarassed smile , answered :

Well i am here not by choice but rather by some embarrassing situation .
About two weeks ago , while travelling by a nearby town , i met an girl, her name was Anastassia , she was blonde , with eyes dark as the night and with a figure that could make statues cry .
It was mutual  attraction , and for a week or so ,we saw each other , i was truly happy .

One day , i heard loud bangs on my room door and a man voice shouting for Anastassia .
Surely by now , you understand dear Rookie , that Anastassia was a married woman , a fact that i didn´t knew , i assure you !
Realizing my situation was grim , at least for me , being Anastassia half dressed on my bed , i did what an inteligent man would do , i jumped the window , fortunally i was on the first floor  and last i knew , i was running down the street with her husband and an angry mob behind me .

Having fooled my pursuers , i found a kind old man who gave me a ride , since my intention was to get as far as i could from the city , i found myself in here , with little coin but with hope of making some .  

Having finished his tale , Tiras looked Rookie waiting for her reaction .

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Post by: Neiavrine on January 28, 2007, 02:00:16 PM
Something crashes onto Ne'iav'rine's breast, and suddenly flames lick up across her armor. In the blink of time it takes her to land onto the sand, the elf rises and runs off back towards the safety of his burnt pillars. The she orc curses and rolls as she crashes into the cooling sands. Four times over she watches the sky whirl past, and then the painful burning sensation dissapaits and the flames have died. Rising onto hand's and knees, she gave an oath, and searched the area for the fleeing Coor'hem. "I am going to make your death especially painful." She promises his turned back, and is soon after him as a Ju'bat running down an ar'bez. With a roar she leaps into the air and executes a flying spin kick for the back of his head. Her armored body is a black whirlwind in the falling night.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 2 sundrown
Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on February 01, 2007, 03:15:14 AM
Navar laughed as the smell of burned flesh filled his nose. "that'll teach ya" Navar finally took up a crouched defensive stand and stood basking in his own brillance until the unthinkable. What the hell Navar thought as he watched the orc rise from the smouldering pile of ash.

Miracualously that orc had survived, well at least I got a punch in  Navar thought to him self waiting for her inevitable charge. Sure enough she rose and began to charge Ok Navar hold out until... Navar's thoughts trailed off as he watched the massive force rise up and swing at his head "NOW" Navar screams as he quickly ducks, unseathes his dagger and with a sweeping leg swipe drives his dagger upward towards her groin. Navar knew that she only had a few weak points on her armour, and that he would have to close in to get to them.

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Post by: Rhaki Tekashi on February 02, 2007, 07:31:56 AM
A dark, leather clad figure made his way into the inn, walking past the bloody bodies that stood hacking into others skin, ignoring the bloodbath that lay about him. He calmly made his way to a table, stepping over clumps of wreckage strewn across the floor. There was that man again, the assassin, still fighting as always. It was Rhaki's assumption that he had not moved a muscle to accomplish anything but the death of another since he had made his way to Strata and back. Rhaki had now the materials he needed for the rest of his journey, this time south. He was only stopping at the Inn to rest a night or two, yet found himself buried in others blood once again. The sight was not what he preffered, being brought up in such a peaceful tribe, though he had grown use to it during his travels, all over Caelereth.

Rhaki's eyes scanned the room, searching for the opponent of this bloodthirsy assassin. It did not take long to find her, a vicious orc, in the heat of battle with... what was his name? Of course... Navar.

This was the only moment his face gave sign of expression, as with the name came the memories of his battle with him. A flash of surprise came over his unscathed face, though only a second later he recollected himself, painting back the colorless expression. Rhaki stood up slowly, and dodge around tables and chairs, making rather unneficiently for the bar. He ordered a glass of beer, to get his blood flowing again, and leaned against the smooth maple surface, waiting for his order to be served.

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on February 21, 2007, 05:20:27 AM
Cherri stirred beneath the warm covers feeling the cool air of morning.  A slight shiver ran up her spine and she move towards the warmth of the body next to her.  At that realization, Cherri opened her eyes which quickly adjusted to the darkness of the room.  Rays of the Firstflame were peeping through the window.

Cherri sat up slowly so as not to disturb Drasil who appeared to be sleeping.  Allowing the covers from the bed to fall loosely about her revealing her bare flesh to her waist, Cherri stretched feeling the tension ease from muscles well used during the night.

Feeling refreshed, Cherri ran her fingers across Drasil's sleeping form ever so lightly.  He probably would feel more her presence than her touch, she thought and a smile played about her lips.  Cherri breathed in the smell that belonged only to Drasil and a longing stirred once again within her.  For a seasoned warrior he had lost none of his stamina.  Cherri toyed with the idea a moment more before deciding that it was probably best for her to bathe.  She was covered in Drasil's scent as well as her own. 

Walking quietly to the wash stand Cherri dipped the cloth into the cold water and began to sponge her body somewhat clean. 

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Post by: Navar The Rogue Assassin on February 22, 2007, 10:29:01 PM
Navar shruks back and laughs "You are pathetic, weak. I have grown bored" Navar turns and makes his way towards the tavern. "You are not even worth my time anymore" The fight was over in Navar's mind, he had stood his own against the ork and liver, so in his mind he was victorious.

Navar slowly drags him self throught the bar and up to his room "Im sure going to be feeling this tommorow" Navar opens his room up and sits on the bed. Navar gently takes off his armour and examines himself.

"Eh," Navar winces as he removes the matted cloth from his legg wound from his fight with Drasil. The cloth made a sickening ripping sound as he pulled it from the skin it had fused with. After rebandaging it Navar takes a look at his ribs. " Two- no three broken." Navar groans as he lays down, his jaw was stiffening from that damn orks punch.

Once again rising he quickly makes a sign to ensure his privacy and hangs it on his door


Balancing his last molotov on top of the door, which was slightly ajar his then places a candle below it. Navar knew that if the door was moved the bottle would fall and the rum filled bottle would shatter and the flame would flare up scorching and one who opened the door.  "Now to sleep" As Navar laided down to sleep he realized as the rays of Firstlight flooded into the room that he had been in Caelerenth for one full day and it was one hell of a day.

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Post by: Kali Rae on March 02, 2007, 03:45:19 AM
A crisp morning wind blows in through sagging flaps of Kali's tent and the rising sun's rays filter through the fabric to alight on her face.  She frowns, wishes them away and rolls over in her bedroll to try and avoid the inevitable dawn.  Damnation, I feel as though I've barely slept, she thinks and opens her eyes, still red and swollen with fatigue.  She blinks a couple times and scowls before pushing herself upright, forgetting as she does so that one of her tent poles had been broken the night previous and it was barely supporting the weight of the tent as it was.

The whole structure collapses on top of her.  "Pox on you damned thing!" she exclaims, flailing about wildly trying to extricate herself from the tent.  After several moments she finds her way to the opening and fights out of the tent onto the ground.  Still uttering curses to herself she stands to examine the deflated structure that had been her tent; it looked like a lumpy mass of fabric, wood, and rope.  I'm far to weary to deal with this mess, she thinks and sits back down, cross-legged on the ground in front of her mobile domicile.

She relaxes her mind and the events of the previous night come back to her through her sleepy haze:  The handsome, dark skinned stranger whose acquaintance she'd made, the troubled little girl from the stables, the vicious fight raging outside the tavern.  She had felt quite foolish for latching on to R'vhar, and so had gathered her belongings and left the tavern after he'd taken the girl in his arms .  The orc and elf were still fighting, so she carefully avoided them and found a suitable place for her tent on the far side of the tavern from the road.  The tent would have been difficult to erect from the simple fact that she was bone tired, but she had had to fight it tooth and nail to get the broken pole to be able to support any weight at all.  Finally, she pulled off her cloak and crawled fully clothed into her bedroll.  The instability of the tent played heavily on Kali's mind, causing her sleep to be fitful and less restful then she would have expected, given her exhaustion.

But now it is morning, Kali thinks, and sleep still clouds my mind.  She closes her eyes against the glare of the sun and feel its warmth on her skin lulling her back into unconsciousness.  As if possessed by something outside herself, she lowers herself to the bare ground and rests her head on a soft lump in her crippled tent.  Sleep overcomes her more easily now, cloakless and out of her tent and bedroll, then it had all night.

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on March 02, 2007, 02:31:42 PM
Cherri cast one last glance towards Drasil's still sleeping form as she walked quietly on softly clad booted feet.  She did not wish to disturb his sleep, but things needed tending to she thought wearily.  Unlocking the door, Cherri turned the doornob slowly and in a whisper she was out of the room closing the door behind her.

The smell of dried blood, battle and smoldering fire permeated the air as Cherri descending the stairs back down into the dining room.  The Cooks, Jonathan and his wife Ann, were already busy in the kitchen preparing the morning meal and prepping for the meals for the rest of the day.

Cherri looked around at the empty Tavern dining room and shook her head in frustration.  The dining room was littered in broken chairs, stools, tables and dried pools of blood that now had maggots growing from them.  Cherri stepped behind the bar and grabbed an apron hanging on a bent nail and tied it over her dress.  Securing her long silvery hair back in a a thin strip of leather she was ready to go to work. 

The Bartender, Samuel, happened in and looked the place over with a raised eye brow.  "This is what happens when I have a couple of day off?  Man, I guess I can't take anymore of those."  He grinned sheepishly at Cherri as she threw him a rag.

"I know, I know.  But past events aside lets gets this place cleaned up.  Start with the bar, but first go get Duriel to help get all the broken wood out of here.  He should have already been working on some extra tables and chairs from the previous fire.  The should be finished by now."  Cherri walked with Samuel outside and went to the well to draw some fresh water to clean the floors with. 

Walking back inside, trying not to slosh water from the bucket, Cherri sat the bucket on the bar and made her way back into the kitchen.  After some rummaging she found some citrus fruit and a bar of soap.  Taking these items back to the bar Cherri cut very thing slivers of soap from the bar and dropped them into the bucket.  Next she took the peeling of the fruit and scraped that as well into the bucket of water.  The smell of the fruit was pungent yet clean smelling and filled the rooms quickly.  Grabbing the broom Cherri began to sweep the Tavern floor clear of debris.  The men had finished hauling out the broken pieces of wood.

Cherri grabbed the mop and began stirring the water in the bucket until soap bubbles appeared.  Cherri moved methodically through the Tavern wiping up the blood and maggots.  When she came upon a spot that would not come up with the mop she used the hard bristled brush that was generally used to clean the floors.  Soon the Tavern began to smell clean again and Cherri smiled to herself.

After the floor began to dry from the warm air of the coming day, Cherri had the men bring in the tables and chairs that had been newly finished.  Feeling sweat trickle between her breasts and down her back, Cherri stood at the bar and looked out into the dining room of the tavern.  It wasn't perfect, but it was a darn sight better than before.  Much better in fact.  Opening up the windows and allowing the warm breeze in to circulate the air, Cherri removed her apron and hung it back upon the bent nail behind the bar.  Leaving Samuel to cleaning his glasses, Cherri decided to make her round and she what other damage had been done during the night.

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Post by: Shayan Ashkani on March 03, 2007, 06:53:25 AM
The First thing Shayan did when the Thirsty Herald came in sight was compliment his mount on her continueues efforts by patting her neck and flank affectionately.  “Well done, Damare.”  He smiled behind the veil that covered most of his  dark-skinned face. “Well done.” 

The Azhorhrian had little trouble finding his way in the desert, or spending the night on her cold, sandy plains but he was not without caution, knowing the sands to be treacherous even to her children. Even so, the Deserts were his home, and It would be higher up in the mainland, where things would get troublesome for him.
Damare kept a steady trot towards their, for now, final destination, using her second eyelids to keep the sand out of keen eyes.  She was not a tall mount,  but she was of the Aeruillin, the swiftest race possibly to inhabit all of Santharia, and her endurance and stamina made up for what she lacked in strength. 

The next thing Shayan saw was somewhat unexpected.  A young woman was sleeping outside the tavern, her head resting on a bundle of tent fabric. Tent poles, ropes and personal belonging scattered around her.  Shayan thought it a bit of a strange custom, though he often slept in the stables.

Dismounting in a fluid motion he walked over to a sweeping stableboy and explained in a few broken sentences that his horse had to choose her own box to stand in because she was used to that. He paid the youngster for good food and clean water, and then efficiently turned Damare’s dusty coat back into it’s shining ebony colour. He checked her for any wounds or discomforts, as he did everyday, and combed her long mane.  His eyes looked at the mare Damare had chosen to stand next to.  She was of medium height with a dark brown coat and a white stripe over her nose.  It was a very fine horse, noble in her features.  He nodded slowly at her in a term of greeting.
After all, no-one could ever accuse an Azhrohrian of being rude to a horse

Shayan walked back over to the sleeping maiden. He wasn’t very keen on meddling with another’s business but she was strikingly pale and sleeping under a desert sun on the rise.  It wouldn’t be long before she’d turn red with the heat and then she’d most surely regret falling asleep out in the open.
“Miss?”  He hesitated to touch her shoulder so he just kneeled close to her, speaking close to her ear. “Excuse me, miss?!”

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on March 03, 2007, 09:42:56 AM
The morning rays caused Cherri to squint a bit when she stepped from the shelter of the Tavern.  The light seemed to reflect off the sand making it brighter than it truly was.  Shielding her eyes, Cherri combed the inner square and buildings that were visible and close to the Tavern.  Then movement caught her sharp eyes and she cocked her head to better see.  Focusing through the sun, Cherri noticed a dark skin man leaning over a woman apparently asleep outside.  Cherri was not unaccustomed to sleeping upon the earth, but the rising sun would cause most to burn and very quickly.  The man did not seem bothersome or up to no good so Cherri decided to leave well enough alone.  The man's tone of voice came to her pointed ears and she knew he meant the woman no danger. 

Samuel was tending to the bar, so the gentleman would be accommodated once he reached inside.  Cherri pulled the leather strip from her hair releasing it to cascade down her back and over her shoulders in a shimmer of silver.  Her hair had marked her as unusual within her own tribe.  Her hair was not white nor was it the grey of the elderly.  It was the color of moonlight hence the nick name her tribe had given her, Yliasía Silarná .  Violet eyes watched the skies for signs of something dead and seeing no circling turned towards the stables.  She would check on the stable boy, Gren.  Cherri walked softly, her forest green dress hugging her curves ever so well, towards the stables.

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Post by: Kali Rae on March 05, 2007, 02:47:39 AM
A far-off voice chimes and chases Kali's dreams from her mind.  With fierce concentration, she tries to hold onto them but they flee, like mice from a cat, and soon occupy no part of her mind.  She realizes with a start that she is not in her tent and, worse still, someone is standing over her.  Disoriented and still heavy with sleep, she pushes herself, very abruptly, upright.  As she blinks furiously to ward the sleep from her eyes she sees the vague from of a cowled figure kneeling on the ground next to her.  Her heart jumps in fear before her mind has a chance to soothe it and she scuffs the ground with her boots in an attempt to put a little distance between her and the stranger, but goes nowhere.

Her mind, now fully alert, races to find the best course of action.  Her daggers.  They were in the tangled mess of her tent.  Run?  No, he'd be on her in a second if he wanted to.  A small bastion of rationality chimes in, albeit too late to mask the panicked look on her face, and dictates that, if the man had meant her harm, she would surely have been harmed by now.  She relaxes her face and suddenly remembers where she is, and that she must have fallen asleep after crawling out of her collapsed tent.  Very deliberately avoiding the gaze of the stranger, she looks around and notices that the sun has climbed higher in the sky since she'd fallen asleep, although not much.  She had been warned about the dangers of the sun and feels momentarily grateful to this man as she looks into his luminous eyes, before anxiety wipes it away.

"He--" Kali starts, but her voice cracks and cuts off the rest of her greeting.  She looks away from his eyes, to the earth next to her right hand.  "Ummm, hi.  Thanks for rousing me, I didn't mean to fall asleep out here" she mumbles at her hand.  She glances nervously at the stranger's eyes but her eyes dart back to the earth.

She realizes that her foot is still throbbing from the impact it had sustained last night, although the pain was not acute.  Probably sprained, she thinks as an afterthought, I'm going to need to stay off it for a while.  The realization makes her uncomfortable, and she realizes she will be more prone since her mobility is decreased.  She sighs and tries to look comfortable under the piercing eyes of the stranger.

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Post by: Mad Davy Flint on March 07, 2007, 12:38:02 PM
Rising from his slumber, Davy stretched out, letting the warm rays of the desert sun fall across his already sun-baked face. "Not enough bloody water 'round here..."  he thought. Slightly out loud. Rolling off his hull-hard bed, he thumped to the floor, startling Beatrice. "Sorry bout that me sea mew,"  he muttered. A squak was the bird's only reply. Davy grabbed his tricorner and ambled downstairs. He gazed around the room for a bit before settling down at a table. Bathed in the sun's rich light, he took in the other patrons, wondering about them while sizing them up in an eyeblink.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on March 12, 2007, 07:13:36 AM
Phyth yawned as the first rays of light hit his face, then began to rub the sleep out of his eyes. He almost slept in the stables with Iago, but decided against it. If the fight moved anywhere near the stables, Iago would have let him know. Thankfully it didn't. After strapping on his leather armor, Phyth exited his room and left the tavern.

Avoiding the newcomer and the woman he had almost collided with, Phyth walked to the stables. Apperently the newcomer brought a horse. Phyth couldn't help but look at the small, but fast looking horse. He quietly walked towards it, hoping to get a closer look.

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on March 19, 2007, 12:39:51 PM
The smell of sweet feed, horse flesh, leather, oil and hay caught Cherri's senses as she neared the stables.  She loved horses, all breeds and colors, and yet had never taken one as a companion.  She knew how to ride of course, but as most in her tribe she traveled on foot. 

Cherri ducked inside the open stable doors and allowed her keen eyes to adjust to the darkness inside.  There was a new horse, Cherri noted, stabled and Gren was still seeing to it. 

Cherri came to the first stall and held her hand up for the horse to smell while she called softly to him.  After a moment the horse came slowly over and smelled her hand, ears twitching this way and that large brown eyes staring questioningly at her.  Pulling from her skirts with her other hand Cherri withdrew a sugar cube and offered it to the horse who gladly accepted the offering and stepped closer allowing Cherri to fully pet and scratch his ears and head.

She had always been awed by a horse's beauty and strength.  Horses were so large and handled improperly dangerous, yet they starled easily and once frightened it was hard to gain their trust again.

Cherri moved from stall to stall, singing a soft song in styrash that her mother taught her, offering sweeties to those who would take the chance of coming near one they did not know.  Most of the horses were large and well muscled, except the last.  The last was small and yet Cherri could tell by the legs that this horse had great power.

A noise outside the stables twitched Cherri's ear, yet she did not falter in her singing.  It seemed to calm the high spirited horses and she enjoyed being able to give them a little respite.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on March 20, 2007, 11:06:20 AM
Taking a few quiet steps further into the stables, Phyth listened to Cherri sing to the horses. She was calming the horses all the horses in the stalls, including Iago. Wherever she was from, she knew something about horses.

He only hoped she wouldn't get too close to Iago. Normally a calm horse, Iago took some time getting used to new faces, and didn't like them touching her. Which is why Phyth promptly told the stable boy to stay away.

Taking his eyes off the elf maid, Phyth walked to Iago's stable, the sound of straw crunching beneath his feet. She let out a small grunt as a greeting, but kept her eyes on the singer. Patting Iago's nose, Phyth noticed Cherri was giving sugar cubes to the horses. It had been a while since he had given Iago one of those. Letting out a grunt similar to Iago's, Phyth held out a hand. "Do you mind if I borrow one of those?"

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on March 21, 2007, 05:50:53 AM
The song faded on her lips as if she had naturally come to its end.  Cherri had not known which horses belonged to whom, but now she at least knew which one belonged to Phyth.  She had not made her way to his companion yet, but could see that perhaps Phyth's horse did not care for new faces and unfamiliar scents.  Making a grunt very much like his horse, Phyth asked for a sugar cube.

Cherri's mouth slightly parted in a smile as she dropped a couple of cubes into Phyth's hand.  Continuing to stroke the head of the horse she stood in front of Cherri turned her frame toward Phyth and his companion.  "She does not care for new faces does she?" she asked, her voice carry a melodious tone as was common among her mother's tribe.  Violet eyes looked at the horse curiously before her attention was brought back by a gentle nudge against her shoulder.  Fishing out another cube of sugar she feed it to the horse and moved to the next stall, which was in front of where Phyth's horse was stabled.  "What is her name?"  Cherri inquired as she began to coax the next horse with the temptation of something sweet.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on March 23, 2007, 04:40:28 PM
The sun rays entered the tabern and Tiras realized that morning had come , he just talked with Rookie all night , getting up , he bowed and said :
Well little lady , dispite of our most interesting conversation , you must be wanting to rest , ill be around here should you require my company again  .

Tapping his hat in a farewell , Tiras walked outside and sat on a rock just watching as another patrons were already awoke .

It seems that some people are morning birds ... , with a smile , he particulary observed the couple at the stables with curiosity .

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Post by: Shayan Ashkani on March 29, 2007, 06:34:25 AM
Shayan made sure there's enough space between the two of them when he saw the flash of fear on the other's face, though it passed almost immediately. The Azhorhrian looks at the young woman before him with a slight frown as she deliberately avoids eye contact, mumbling a greeting,  until he realizes that, as she is not an Azhorhrian, might find the sight of said eyes bordering on the strange, or even downright unnatural. "Azhorhrian, all eyes like this." The voice is melodic, a bit stern, but not unfriendly though edged by a harsh accent. "Desert child"  He nods, trying his best in a language not his own and to his discomfort, hardly mastered.

The Azhorhrian had not yet met many a traveler since he left his Aeruillin lands, and his eyes linger a moment on her face. Her complexion is lighter than the shimmering sands exposed at Sunreign and he cannot help but be intrigued by it.
The dark-skinned man stands up, offering a gloved hand, hoping to abide by common customs. "Come. Nir' Shah. Cold drink and shadow will do good."

*Nir'Shah : Ice child. Shayan thinks her so pale she resembles ice!

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Post by: Prince Erebus on March 29, 2007, 12:05:45 PM
The tavern door opens. A very tall robed figure walks in, approaches the bar, and sits down. The figure asks for 3 pints of mead and some pipeweed if available. He removes his hood, revealing that he is a Mélad'rhím male with shoulder-length white hair with silver streaks and slightly sad looking silver eyes, and awaits his order.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on March 29, 2007, 01:39:54 PM
Phyth watched Iago as Cherri dropped the sugar cubes into his hand, then pulled it back slowly so Iago could see it. This way she could see that Cherri wasn't an enemy, that she had nothing to fear. In other words, she wouldn't kick the elf if she tried to handle her.

Feeding the mare a sugar cube, Phyth turned back to the elf maid. "Her name's Iago," he said, then cleared his throat. His voice sounded very rough compared to hers. "She doesn't mind other other people. Just has to know if they're friend or foe."

Iago seemed calmer now, and more accepting of Cherri. Phyth kept rubbing her, and spoke quiet words in her ear. The talk between him and the elf maid seemed to have calmed the horse. Patting her nose, Phyth turned and walked to the back of the stall, searching through his gear for some oats. "It's all right now. You can come near her if you wish."

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Post by: Kali Rae on March 30, 2007, 02:45:30 AM
The morning sun growing higher in the sky begins to feel hot on Kali's cheeks and as if on queue, the stranger suggests that they find refuge from the sun in the tavern.  Kali hears the rustling of the man's robes as he stands up.  She looks up from the ground, hoping for a moment that he would simply walk away and give her some time to collect herself, but sees his proffered hand and bites her lip in agitation.  She raises an unsteady hand to take it, but hesitates at the last moment.  She withdraws it and mumbles, "one moment," as she turns and digs through the fabric of her tent.

She takes that moment to collect herself and suppress her fears.  After a moment her hand closes around the fur of her cloak and she pulls hard, trying to get it out from underneath the layers of fabric and other belongings.  Surprisingly, the cloak comes free without sending a shower of odds and ends scattering across the ground.  With her cloak grasped firmly in her left hand she takes the stranger's hand and pulls herself upright, taking care not to use her right foot to do so.

Once upright she finds herself uncomfortably close to the luminous eyes of the stranger and takes a step back to put some distance between them.  She winces as she trusts some weight to her sprained foot but tries her best to stifle it.  "Thank you again for waking me," she says with much more confidence, swinging her heavy fur cloak over her shoulders as she does so, "the sun would likely have baked me alive had you not come along."  With her cloak secured around her neck she combs her fingers though her hair, trying to work the tangles out and to restore some of its lustre.

A small tinge of giddiness runs through Kali as she stands there, combing her hair in front of the stranger.  Perhaps nervousness turned excitement after a good rest, or maybe just relief from weariness, nevertheless the feeling comes as a welcome surprise to her.  A smile parts her lips as she tips her head in greeting, "my name is Kali," she says through her smirk, "and I agree with you about the cold drink and shadow.  Let us take refuge indoors where there is both."

She turns and takes two steps forward limping badly.  The pain almost spoils her mood and she thinks, I'd best get this boot off as soon as possible, it feels like I have my foot stuffed into one of my daggers' sheaths!  Doing her best to ignore the pain, she continues walking as evenly as she can manage back to the tavern.

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Post by: Prince Erebus on March 30, 2007, 07:02:39 AM
Jereth, sick of waiting for some mead gets up and leaves the tavern. He walks slowly until he here's a quiet groan and and someone says 'Careful with that leg.'
Jereth walks toward the two people; one is a rather attractive female of the Kasumarii tribe. the other was well-cloaked. he stops short as they look at him.
"Are you okay, my dear Kar’ii?" asked Jereth.

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Post by: Malavon Despana on March 30, 2007, 10:27:59 AM
One eye is suddenly opened , followed by a series of mumbled words best left unheard , getting up Malavon looked around , seeing that dispite of the early hour there was some people outside the tavern , like a young red haired man , and a couple by the stables .

Well , its time i get something to eat ....
With this on mind , he walked towards the tavern door only to be stoped as another couple stood by the door , a young woman that Malavon had seen several times on the Thirsty Herald and a man on robe , as Malavon stood behind them , yet another man blocked his way to the entrance , a very tall man also in robe.

Both man seemed worried at the yound woman , and observant as Malavon was , he noticed that dispite of the care that the woman tried to conceal the wound on her foot , she walked with diffilcuty .

With a smile , Malavon raised his voice , perhaps a little more cold that he wanted , but it was to early in the morning to be pleasent :

I beg your pardon friends , but you are blocking the entrance to the tabern , and since both of you are so worried of the young woman , i sugest that one pick and carry her , since mere words doesn´t make her walk faster and perhaps today i could enter the tabern .
Almost after he finished talking , Malavon regret his harsh words , but blood runned hot in him , and being on a foul mood , the words just escaped his mouth ....

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Post by: Prince Erebus on March 30, 2007, 07:18:58 PM
Yes perhaps we should carry her.

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Post by: Shayan Ashkani on March 30, 2007, 09:44:44 PM
Shayan feels the young woman's agitation as he offers to help her up and inwardly adds another mental note on 'how to treat foreigners'  The problem with guessing customs one is not used to, is that you often end up doing exactly the wrong thing. To his people, it was a given thing one always offered help when it came to ear or evident that another could use it. It was also accepted, often without words or thanks. It was simply the way thing were done.

When he sees the fur lining on the cloak she pulls from underneath the tent he believes she must indeed come from the lands of ice, and wonders what brings her so far to the south where only in the darkest of nights, thin layers of ice could be found on the still surface of a filled water jar.
He also notes how she is not using her right foot as she let herself be pulled up and sees a look of pain flee over her face, but he does not comment on it.  "You are welcome, Kali." He states simply, to remember her name better.

"I am Shayan Ashkani, of the Ash Hadu." He makes a slight, formal bow, closing his eyes briefly in a gesture of trust and humility as he states his name and clan. When he looks up he blinks in surprise, seeing her comb her fingers through long, dark hair. The robed man stands aside to clear the way to the tavern, turning his eyes away for a moment, as if afraid to stare and possibly insult her.

Again, the Azhorhrian was doubting whether to offer an arm for her to lean on, since her foot evidently troubled her, or to simply walk close to aid her if she threatened to lose balance. One advice he had been given by his elders was that the foreign women could feel you perceived them as weak by helping them too much.

Upon entering the tavern a new figure approaches and asks if Kali is alright. His use of 'dear' momentarily throws Shayan off guard, as he only knows the word being used to describe those one knows on an intimate basis. Almost immediately another voice impatiently asks to remove themselves from the doorway.

"Be patient. Lady Kali wishes, then is carried. No sooner." He replies, guessing that with the commotion added, she'd rather make for a chair herself, instead of having three strangers fussing over her well-being, or her current movement speed. Of course he could be wrong. It needed be said that even without trouble communicating in a certain language or due to strange customs, there was still no guarantee man and woman would understand each other soundly.

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Post by: Prince Erebus on March 31, 2007, 04:50:25 AM
Jereth just put his hood up and walked with them. He wondered why a Kar’ii is this far south but soon brushed the thought off as if it was a fly.
He watched her limp towards their destination at such a slow pace. If he carried her they could make it there in a minute of two but he best wait for promission to lift her up and take her anywhere.
"So what is your name, my dear Kar’ii?" Jereth asks inquisitively as he walks slowly behind them.

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on March 31, 2007, 09:18:34 AM
Cherri smiled as she patted the horse and watched Iago from the stall across from her own.  Slowly Cherri withdrew from the horse and walked to Iago's stall where she extended a cube of sugar on a flat palm.  Her smile brightened as she saw the horse come inches closer. 

Not taking her eyes off Iago, Cherri's melodious voice was soft when she spoke, "She is a beautiful creature and most loyal companion.  You have cared for her well and it shows.  Thank you for allowing me to share her company."  Cherri inclined her head and waited for the horse to accept the sugar cube from her.  Her keen ears had picked up sounds of conversation of sorts and Cherri surmised that other patrons had begun to rise.  She was needed back inside to help serve the patrons.  Then she would go and check on Drasil.

Cherri's mind lingered there, on thoughts of Drasil, for a moment.  Feeling a tingling sensation in her stomach Cherr's lips parted in a small smile as the previous nights events replayed themselves in her mind's eye.  Turning violet eyes to Phyth, Cherri offered him the last two cubes of sugar she had.  "I am needed inside.  I believe others have risen and Samuel may need my assistance.  Also I need to check to make sure the breakfast is ready.  Please excuse me."

Cherri inclined her head, which sent a cascade of silvery hair about her face, she dismissed herself and headed back towards the Tavern's entrance where the smell of breakfast was thick in the air.

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Post by: Kali Rae on April 02, 2007, 02:08:43 AM
Feeling uncharacteristically confident, how long will that last? a small voice in the back of her mind chimes, Kali limps in stride with her new-found acquaintance towards the tavern.  Feeling as though some conversation is in order Kali searchers her mind for something to talk about and opens her mouth to ask after Shayan's origin but no sooner has she taken a breath then an elf of remarkable appearance exits the tavern through the front door and approaches them.  He stops in front of them, blocking their route to the tavern, and inquires after her injury.

Her insecurity starts to take hold almost instantly and she lets out the breath she had been holding for Shayan's question and looks at the ground, nervously biting her lip.  She looks up at the pale, tattooed face of the elf but is again cut short by another voice coming from the direction of the stables.  It voices its displeasure about having his way blocked and rudely suggests that one of the men offers to carry her.  Kali swivels her head towards the commenter and fixes him with an icy stare.  The silver elf acquiesces, adding to her growing frustration about her injury and Kali turns her head back to fix the silver elf with a look of utmost incredulity.

Shayan replies to their suggestion, and says respectfully "Be patient. Lady Kali wishes, then is carried. No sooner."  Relived that he didn't jump on the lets-all-carry-Kali bandwagon and that he voiced her sentiments exactly, Kali's face looses its hard edge as she looks at him and bows her head voicing aloud, "Thank you!"  She turns back to face the other two men and replies to their comments, voice dripping with acid tones.  "I thank you for your concern but I'm more then capable of getting all the way to the tavern on my own."

Kali scowls and pushes past the elf, pulling the hood of her cloak over her head so that it obscures the majority of her face as she goes.  She crosses the last several peds to the door of tavern as quickly as she can manage, her unseen brows furrowed with pain and the concentration of walking.  She realizes that the silver elf has fallen in step behind her when he asks for her name.  With her vision obscured by the hood pulled low over her face, she hopes that Shayan is nearby as she reaches the door to the tavern.  In response to the question of her name, Kali half turns her cowled head and mutters the single word, "Kali."

With that, Kali pushes her way through the doors feeling frustrated and anxious.  She finds the nearest unoccupied table and sits heavily in one of the chairs there, more or less oblivious to her surroundings.  I should have removed my boots before sleeping she reflects as she stretches out her leg, trying to flex the stiff booted foot.  She bends her leg up to her chest and makes a half-hearted attempt to wrestle off her boot, but is unable and lets out a soft whimper of frustration.  She extends her leg out in front of her and tries to decide what to do next, thinking for the first time this morning, that food would be in order.

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Jiro watched this unfold from the shade that the barn cast over him. He leaned against the side, drawing back his hood, and yawning. His cloak was heavy, and the desert heat caused his garments to stick to him. With a sigh he continued to watch as the one called 'Kali' was harassed by three men. He resolved not to get involved, but to merely do what he'd come here to do;

He needed a horse, and he did not plan on buying one.

Nonchalantly he glanced over his shoulder into the barn, seeing a woman feeding something to her horse. He swore. For his plan to work, he had to be alone in the barn.

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Post by: Drasil Razorfang on April 02, 2007, 03:32:12 AM
Upstairs, far away from the early morning commotion of the isolated tavern, Injera’s golden rays poured through an open window lit the room with an orange glow that swiftly spread across the floor.   Awakened by the warmth of the comforting flames, a nude elf, lying in a tangle of linens on the bed, stirred slightly.  He rolled over, slowly opening his heavy lids and gazed at the messy room.  Clothes were strewn around the premises and small puddles of water dotted the wooden floors.  Gazing at the limp forms of his discarded garments, the elf smiled, remembering the previous night’s endeavors.

“Thank you, Forios,” he whispered waving slightly at the caged flame, Injera.  With that he rose, noting that Cherri had already awakened, bathed, and departed.  Her scent, however, still lingered in the room, clinging to the sullied linens and his own form.  Then he rose, removing the sheets from the lumpy mattress and throwing them in one of the two washbasins along with his tattered garments.  Stepping into the second, he lit a small fire to heat the basin, as he allowed water to trickle into the tub.  The crystal liquid rushed across his well muscled body in a sheet, separating at the numerous scars that littered the expanse.  He took the small bar of Aellenrhim soap from the marble stand and scrubbed his body furiously, removing the dried blood from his arm-wound, in addition to the sweat caused by the previous day.

When he was finished, he stepped out of the tub onto a soft linen laid on the floor.  Reaching into the second basin, he quickly scrubbed his clothes before wringing them dry and donning them.  Once dressed, he hauled each of the massive basins over to the window and emptied them out, praying no one was below to feel the deluge.  Checking to make sure all of his weapons were in place, he strapped on his two Jhe’vai, and slung two of his spears across his shoulder, before proceeding to tie back his long hair, grab his final spear, and proceed out the door.  “A walking arsenal,”  he thought, laughing at the nick name given to him by the former fiery bar-maid, Twen.  “Only I could spend ten minutes strapping weapons into place.”

As he stepped into the common room, he was greeted by the warm hum of the morning activity.  Scanning the area, he absorbed the sight of the happy customers, noting many new faces, in addition to the usual crowd.  However, for the first time in his lengthy stay, he noticed an absence of staff manning the bar, and neither Ana nor Cherri were anywhere to be seen.  Setting down his carried weapon, he picked up the small order pad from the table.  “You owe me for this one, my dear,” he thought, grimacing at all the people in the tavern, “You know I hate it when I have to do stuff like this.”

Then he moved towards the crowd, hoping to complete the task before he began second guessing himself.  Quietly, he surveyed the crowd for the largest parties, and noted that the largest was a party of three.  As he approached the foreign figures, he quickly identified one as the Kar’ii woman who had entered the previous night, and another as a Melad’rhim, though he did not recognize he tribe-mate from his brief stay with the wanderers.

He quickly forced a smile in their direction, his golden eyes filled with false glee as he asked in a choked voice, “Erm…Can I get you something to…umm…eat?”  His smile faded as he anticipated their responses and his gaze shifted towards the floor, where he noted that the woman had been recently injured.  “Eh…One trouble maker down,”  he thought.

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Jeréth sits at the next table to Kali's. "Kali, what happened to your foot? Sorry if I seem to pry, I am a healer and I may be able to sooth it, for the time being at least. May I help you?" Asked Jeréth; He was trying to not push her to the point of anger or violence.

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With a sigh, Jiro left the window and proceeded towards the tavern, deciding to wait for the opportune moment to sneak into the barn. Besides, he was tired from a long days travel, and there was no sense in stealing a horse, and having to be on the run again for the next city. Why not stay a while, perhaps do bit of plundering before departing.

He crossed the distance of the barn to the tavern, and entered through the front entrance. He was greeted by the warm environment of the tavern, taking quick note of his surroundings. He saw a muscular man taking orders for a strange looking group of travellers. There were a few others in the tavern, but nothing looked very interesting, so he took a seat and watched the first group semi-obviously as he decided what to do.

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Shayan simply nodded at Kali's voiced thanks, glancing over his shoulder briefly at the impatient one, then followed her to the nearest table where she sat down, evidently relieved.

The silver elf whom questioned them earlier had followed and sat himself at a table close by. He mentioned he was a healer, asking if Kali would request, or rather, allow, his aid. 
The Azhorhrian remembered the cuts he bore from earlier skirmishes with a few unlucky raiders who had fallen behind. Afterwards he had carefully tended to the wounds, so they would heal as quickly as possible.  They were minor injuries though, giving but a light ache one was soon accustomed to and proved a nuisance rather than a complication. He hoped for the young woman her injuries were not grave. The Azhorhria did not think much of healers, but there was no reason to state this opinion out loud, or show it in any other way.

Soon after, a deep voice inquired if they...would like something to eat.  The tall elf addressing them was quite possibly the strangest tavern servant Shayan had ever set eyes upon. His stature told anyone that taking meal orders was not quite what he did for his daily bread.  Shayan figured that he may possibly know more about the cause why he left the Ash Hadu and travel north. He decided to inquire after they had eaten.

"Water and snake. Please."
Thinking he might soon leave the Great Sands for a long period of time, he opted for a meal he would surely miss. The fact that it was morning did not bother him as he often only ate during mornings and evenings, using midday's rest for meditation and reflection. 

"Lady Kali, good Sir" He nodded and gave a welcoming gesture at her and silver elf who had followed them. "What you like, please order."

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Such coldness , Malavon taught as the young looked at him with such cold that he couldn´t stop smilling . as she limped as fast she could , Malavon entered the tabern .

Both the couple seated on a table while the silver elf took another near them , Malavon still smilling , seated and resting his feet on top of it , he saw a thing that made him laugh with real sarcasm , an elf that Malavon had seen several times and that he had sure was a warrior , was taking meal orders .

Raising his voice , Malavon asked with his impetinent tone that made many people angry just by hearing it :

Master elf , as soon as you are finished with that gentleman and lady , i wouldn´t want to be rude , but probbaly you could get something sweet for her , since she seems a tad bitter , and that certainlly does not suit her , i will pay of course.

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Jiro eyed the newcomer that had just entered the tavern. He spoke with a tone that dripped with... what was it? Arrogance? Whatever it was, it made Jiro consider cutting his throat that night. Fortunately he decided against the satisfying idea of his blood seeping from his throat into his white sheets. Instead he eyed the man with a look of disinterest, waiting for the warrior who was attempting to take orders, and his response.

With a sly grin, he leaned back in his chair, bracing his leg against the table, and looked on with an observers leisure as the scene before him slowly unfolded.

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As the morning sun grows slowly and steadily brighter, a familiar sight appears over the horizon.  It is the outline of a man on a horse coming toward the inn, a common enough occurrence.  Yet this moment contains more familiarity than most; for the stranger, who is headed this way, has been here before.

Time truly has passed quickly, Tzilon muses.  Has is really been so long since I was last here, a young thief, my only concern making a quick san?  His eyes shut tightly as the memories of the past several years threaten to overtake him.  Taking a deep breath and releasing it, he lets the feelings wash through him.  I'm not going to shut them out anymore, my love.  No matter how much it hurts.

Tzilon does not know how much longer he spends in quiet contemplation, but when he again opens is eyes,  he is much closer to his destination.  This does not surprise him; his horse has a keen tendency of knowing her way around.  "Good girl, Ellie," he whispers, patting her neck.  "Good girl."

After a moment, or perhaps several hundred moments, he reaches the stable.  Time no longer moves like it used to for the wanderer, for patience is a lesson he learned the sad, hard way.  Tzilon dismounts, and gently takes the reins, leading Ellie over to the stable boy.  He looks him in the eyes, holding his gaze.  "I know you will take good care of her," he says, softly smiling.  Without another word, he turns around, and heads into the inn.

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Cherri entered the Tavern and the sight she found brought a smile to her full lips.  A quick scan of the bar area answered her question as to why Drasil was taking orders.  Samuel was no where in sight and neither was Lori. 

Standing just in the doorway, Cherri stood watching the warrior take down the order of a nearby table.  Her eyes roamed over his form, a form she had come to know very well the previous night, taking in the sight of his well muscled, weapon clad self.  Her eyes were bright and intense with the memories of earlier.  A sly grin split her full mouth until her eyes caught movement from the kitchen and she fell in step, heading for that direction.  As she passed Drasil Cherri brushed against him lightly, the material of her dress whispering across him.  "Good morning, Drasil.  Sleep well?" was all she said as she passed by him, her eyes bright with the knowledge of the answer.  She had to fight against the temptation of doing more.

Stepping into the Kitchen she came upon Samuel and Lori hovering around the stove.

"You two are needed out there.  Have you not noticed we have patrons taking orders?"   Catching the two humans by surprise, they quickly nodded and bolted for the main area of the Tavern setting about their tasks.  Lori came to stand beside Drasil and nodded to him.  "My thanks, but I will get 'dis now."   She turned her attention back to the table.  She had seen many different kinds of people coming from so many places she could never keep them straight.  To her, they were all paying people who would hopefully leave a decent tip.  "Now what was 'dat order again, please."  Lori addressed the table.

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((OCC: Jiro, I'm referring to you, just to let you know!)

Tzilon eyes moved slowly about the room, soaking in every sight.  He noticed differences here and there, and smiled.  She was right, the place had indeed changed.  Okay, love, I'm here.  You believed all things happened for a reason... so what's my reason now?  As he looked at each being in the tavern, he saw nothing but darkness, longing, and despair.  What could he possibly do?  "You cannot create a flower.  You can only plant a seed," she had always said to him.  But where is the soil? he mused.  Then his eyes settled on a dark-skinned young man, not many years younger than himself.  There it is.

Walking over the the man's table, Tzilon sat down.  "Buy you a drink, my friend?"

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As if on queue, a figure approaches the table and asks, “Erm…Can I get you something to…umm…eat?”  Kali has to crane her neck to be able to see the figure through the small opening in her hood, and recognizes the server as the very elf battling the arrogant one when she had first entered the tavern.  The dichotomy between his warrior appearance and this job he had most likely begrudgingly accepted brings laughter to her lips, but she recognizes the insecurity in his voice that so reminds her of her own daily struggle, and suppresses it.  She notices his eyes fixed on the ground and feels an unusual compassion towards their server.  No knowing what to eat here she gestures subtlety for Shayan to order first.

From a nearby table the voice of the silver elf asks after her foot, and offers his services as a healer.  Tired of being fussed over and feeling the grip of irritation around her chest, Kali pulls her hood back far enough as to expose her face.  "My good elf," she begins in a condescending tone, "my injury is not severe, and the best I will be able to do for it is to rest it.  As far as what happened to it?" she pauses for a moment to think how best to explain it without seeming as foolish as she feels, and aware of the crowd of people around her, continues in a much kinder tone, "It was a case of bad judgment and worse luck."  As she finishes she notices that Shayan had ordered and, although she had heard what he'd said, she hadn't listened and had no idea what was ordered.  He motioned for her to order saying, "What you like, please order."

Bloodspit, she thinks, how can I do this?  I missed what he said thanks to that cursed elf!  She tries to check her anger, knowing that he has best intentions at heart, but has difficulty stemming the flow of hostility towards him.  Before she can decide what to say to the server regarding her meal the voice of the impatient man who had confronted them outside the tavern rises above the rest, asking that the server bring her something sweet to alleviate her bitter mood.  The scalding tone of the remark almost breaks her spirit and she suppresses the urge to run out of the tavern and never return; that would be downright foolish in her condition.  She grits her teeth to suppress the tears welling in her chest, pulls her hood back down over her face, and does her best to shut him out.

A female voice pipes up asking for their order again and Kali uses that diversion to push the dark feelings from her mind and regains some composure.  She looks up at the new server standing beside the beweaponed elf, forces a smile and says, "I'll trust the local palate and have the same as Shayan, please."  She nods her head in Shayan's direction to clarify who she means, then looks at the silver elf again and says with the same forced smile, "Your turn."

This boot isn't doing my foot any good at all, Kali thinks and resolves to ask for help.  Leaning across the table, trying to ignore the burning feeling of embarrassment in her face, she whispers to Shayan, trying to keep her voice as low as possible so as not to permit others to hear, "Could you help me off with my boot, I can't get it off myself and it's not doing my foot any good."

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"I'm sorry I bothered you, Kali. I bid you a good day." Jeréth stood up and walked to the counter. He purchased some Pipeweed from the Barkeep and walked out into the Injerín light. Jeréth  walked for a few hours until he came to a small forest clearing. He sat down and lit his silver pipe. He took a long drag on it and blew a few rings of smoke. He questioned his reasons for being here; All the while he unconsciously fingers the ring on his necklace, It had belonged to his beloved wife.

He sat there, lost in thought until a bird landed upon his shoulder. It was a Efér'veván female. He had discovered her as an egg 3 years previously and had raised her from a hatchling. He turned his head and whispered a greeting "Hello my little friend, you seem well this evening." said Jeréth. He put out his finger, which the bird accepted and used it as a perch. Jeréth stared at the bird for what seemed like hours. Jeréth began to hum  'Dusk is Here' in a soft tune as he watched the bird begin to groom herself. she was his only real friend now and he loved her as a father would a daughter.

Jeréth smiled as the bird stopped grooming and followed a small insect's flight with her eyes. The bird flew off Jeréth's finger, gliding low to the ground, and grabbed it in its beak. Jeréth chuckled as the bird returned and began to make soft chirps as it swallowed the bug. Jeréth stood up and the bird fluttered to his shoulder.

Jeréth shooed the bird, which decided that circling from above was a fine way to wait for Jeréth, as he began to set up camp. This feat took quite some time but Jeréth had paced himself. Jeréth finished the small tent made of some Tree branches he cut a few months ago and some Buck furs. he gathered rocks from a small stream that flowed near his new camp and built a firepit. he sat down, re-lit his pipe and whistled for his bird. She flew back and landed in front of him, on the ground, and chirped a few times. Jeréth thought for a second and reached into his bag, removing a small sliver of deer jerky, and dropping it in front of the bird. the bird chirped with thanks as it began to eat. Jeréth leaned back and finished his pipe.

Jeréth began to sing in a soft voice the lullaby from before,
"Dusk is here, Injèrá's sleeping, Night's a blanket Moon is weaving..." Jeréth stopped and looked crestfallen. he remembered his wife and their unborn child. Jeréth wiped his eyes as silver tears began to form. He spoke in a low voice. "Damn thee, Goddess of the Scythe." and his voice trailed off.

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Jiro glanced up at the man whom had just offered to buy him a drink. Instinctual suspicion flared up inside him before it subsided. The man before him was tall. His arms were relatively muscular, but he did not appear to be a warrior at first glance. His hair was gray... which was interesting to Jiro, as he had not seen people with such youth have this type of hair. The one thing that both men shared was the green eyes... a bold feature. Even bolder was the man's scar, which distracted Jiro's gaze. He followed it down, over his brown, across his eye, and it touched the tip of his cheek bone. Although interesting, he decided that this man meant him no harm.

"I am accepting of your offer!" Jiro said warmly to the man. Unfortunately, his Kar'ii accent and lack of normal sentence structure often betrayed him and his appearance, for he was indeed, a Kasumarii. He kept his moonblade strapped to his back, beneath his cloak, so that no one would catch sight of it. His cloak was loose, and there was an inconcievable rend in the fabric where his hilt subtly protruded. It was just easy enough to grab, yet concealed enough not to be detected by any eye that was not looking for it.

He pushed a chair out with his foot, at the other side of the table. And motioned with his head towards it.
"A seat is here and open for you, my friend," said Jiro with a smile, hoping to Korenjah that he was not overplaying himself, for if he was too suspicious now, it would be inevitable that he would be suspicious later on. He could not afford that during his late night dirty-deeds.

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Nodding gratefully, Tzilon sat down in the seat across from the young man.  Turning slightly, he called to the beautiful maid who had taken the warrior's place as server.  "Excuse me, miss, if it isn't too much trouble, I'd like  two Ximaxian Rainbows, please."  He stopped suddenly, mulling this over in his mind. Assumptions like that have gotten me in trouble before, especially with magic items.  "My apologies, miss.  Make that one, and whatever my friend wants."

Tzilon turned back to the stranger.  "I apologize for my presumption, friend.  I have a soft spot for that particular drink.  It was my wife's favorite, and she certainly rubbed off on me in that respect.  Anyway, please order anything you want."  He extended his hand across the table.  "By the way, my name is Tzilon Ikara, and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

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Lori watched as one of the trio left in somewhat of a huff.  She watched the silver elf walk out the door and turned her attention back to the couple at the table.  She noticed the woman's swollen ankle and began to recite the order back to them, "Okay, two Snake Filets and two waters.  Ya sure you don't want anythin' stronger?  That thing looks like it hurts ya." 

Lori's attention was diverted to another table for a moment for a request for a Milno Fire.  "I'll go ahead and put in this order, if ya want something stronger just let me know."

Walking to the bar she relayed the order to one of the kitchen helpers who yelled in back into the kitchen and then watched Samuel as he prepared the Milno Fire he had heard being ordered.  As he set the drink up Lori asked for two waters, which he also put up.

Taking the drinks on her tray, Lori first dropped off the two waters and then made her way to the table where she deposited the Milno Fire.  "Hi there, name's Lori.  Have ya decided what ya would like?"  Blue eyes looked the man who had not yet ordered.

Cherri emerged from the Kitchen and smiled as she saw things running smoothly, for now at least. 

Cherri walked towards Drasil her silver hair swaying from side to side across her lower back.  Coming to stand beside him she looked at his face as if memorizing its details and found his golden eyes with her own violet ones.  "Care for breakfast?"   She asked somewhat quietly in her melodic voice.

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Injera's light slowly crept it's way through the window of Thorgas' room and proceeded to fill the room with a soft glow. It touched the dwarf's eyelids, causing him to wake up. Thorgas sat on his bed and rubbed sleep out of his eyes. He went to the washroom and washed his face free from dust and oil. He brushed his beard and hair, put on his green cap, wrapped his grey moleskin cloak around him, and took his staff. Finally he is ready to start a new day, and what better way to begin it than by checking his pet pig.

Thorgas went down the stairs slowly and solemnly, like a judge entering a room. Even in this early hour the common room was already full of people, ready to have their breakfast. There was no sound from him except the quiet tapping of his iron staff against the wooden floor of the tavern. Glancing neither to his right nor to his left, he went outside and towards the stables.

The warms stable tempted the pyromancer to sleep again in his room. He searched the different stalls and found his fat pig sleeping peacefully amongst the straw and hay. Beside him is the container for the food, empty, as usual. He smiled and called the stablehand.
"Here", Thorgas said, handing the boy a few coins for the care of his pig. "See to it that he eats enough and has plenty of water. Wash and brush him too, and change the hay in his stall."

The dwarf rubbed the pig's belly, as was his custom, and then left the stables for the tavern. Once inside he went to his usual table near the fireplace and sat down on one of the chairs, waiting for the barmaids to come and get his order.

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Fen entered the common room. Her glossy dark brown hair was tied back from her tanned diamond-shaped face in a single ponytail, and hoop earrings dangled from her ears. Her unusual eyes swept across the room; one eye green and one eye black. Fen's black pants and the sleeves of her bright white shirt were rolled up. Her cloak was wrapped tightly around her waist. No shoes were to be seen on Fen's feet. Fenmarel Leislasa, a member of the Black Butterfly Rovers, had entered the Tavern. The Black Butterflies were just stopping by for a few days. Fen had not been to this area of Southern Sarvonia, and as usual, she wanted to explore.

For once, her usual large group of Black Butterfly friends were not with her; she wanted time to work out a successful dance routine for her upcoming performance, and the giggling of her friends was not helping her to concentrate. She was oblivious of Tari, her Zeiphyrian Hunting Hound, who was faithfully following her without making any sound other than the scrape of her nails on the floor.

Fen's sat down at the nearest table, vaguely noticing that her table was next to the table of two relatively young men. Tari jumped up into the seat next to her. As Fen waited for one of the barmaids to come and take her order, she was planning out her dance routine in her head. Two right steps, backflip, two left steps, cartwheel...

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OCC The young lady i am refering is you Fenramel

With a deep sigh , Tiras looked dreamingly at the sky and got up thinking , well i believe its time to get inside , while i enjoy the morning breeze , my stomach is more important...

As soon he entered the tabern , a look of desapointment passed through Tiras eyes , as a figure seated on the table he choosed , it was near the exit and would give him the best view of the room , much needed for spotting potencial victims .

However his desapointment was replaced by pleasure , the figure happened to be a young woman , Well now this is another matter , a young lady and not bad looking either , looking around the room , he continued his thought , and by the look of it , she seems to be  alone .

Walking dedecisively towards the young maiden , Tiras smilling asked politily :

Excuse dear Lady , mind if i seat here with you , i prefer to enjoy my meal nearest the door , and so happens that this table is such one .
My name is Tiras , a servant at your disposal  

Bowing , Tiras rested his emerald eyes , waiting for the maiden response.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on April 06, 2007, 05:25:01 AM
Fen's thoughts were interrupted by a man who approached her. Excuse, dear lady, mind if I sit here with you, I prefer to enjoy my meal nearest the door, and so happens that this table is such one. My name is Tiras, a servant at your disposal. he said, with a polite smile and a bow. She raised an eyebrow. No need to be so formal, my dear man! she thought. Of course, she didn't say so out loud.

She decided to be friendly. Greetings. My name's Fenmarel Leislasa. Call me Fen. And sure, you can sit here.  She counted the number of chairs around the table; there were only two, and the second one was occupied by Tari. She scanned the room; it was pretty full, and she could not see any chairs available. Tari, come off the chair. she said eventually. Tari obediently jumped off and leapt into Fen's lap.

She turned her attention back to Tiras. There you go. And I apologize in advance for my lack of conversation. I need to think of a dance routine for my performance. She gave him a brief smile, and continued planning her dance routine in her head.

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The Azhorhrian wondered if the silver elf had actually understood he had been invited to a meal and figured his choice of words may have been wrong... That or the other was just being rude, but all in all, he could not tell and gave him the benefit of the doubt.

It was annoying to say the least, not to be able to be sure of what he stated or asked.
The Azhorhrian people hardly mingled with those of outside the tribe and knowledge of the common language was only known by those who traded their precious horses. Being the son of a horse breeder he had been able to learn some over time as he was both taught and always keenly observing. Nonetheless he could not help his words sounded crude, simple and heavily accented.
The maid brought them a mug of water which he thanked her for, but he did not touch the cool refreshment before the meal had arrived and he had properly thanked the Goddess.

When Kali drew back his attention he inclined his head slightly to hear her almost whispered request. He glanced down at her booted foot for a moment and saw the embarrassment glowing evidently on her ivory face.

Shayan was sure the impatient man from earlier would not pass the occasion to state another of his insolent remarks. Even so he had no desire to respond, as he was not easily provoked. They were words only, meant to sneer and unease and they did not coax much interest out of him.
Getting into a verbal fight would be a mere waste of energy, and since he was not quite so eloquent in common, probably a lost cause. 
Kali did seem to mind the other's words. Her slightly hanging shoulders told the young man what was obscured by the hood.  One moment she was fierce, the next she seemed intimidated.

The veiled man leaned back into his seat for a moment as the thought went through his mind.
 He rose from his chair and knelt beside her, keeping his shoulders and back straightened.
After a brief examination he pulled off Kali's boot in a gentle but firm manner. Being too soft or careful would not get the leather to subside and quite possibly only hurt her more in the end.
 "Do not value his words. Lark believing is hawk, no more." He paused and looked up, holding her gaze for a moment with luminous copper eyes. "Some hawk believe is lark."
 He turned  back to her hurt ankle which was swollen and warm against his cool hands.
"Rest is good choice."

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"Oh... umm..." said Jiro, semi-clueless, trying to remember what drinks he had heard previously, "A Pride of the Shendar?"

He smiled and glanced back to the man across from him, whom had just introduced himself.

"Jiro, is what I am called," Jiro said. Although his words were often calculated before he said them, he had a natural talent of making himself sound calm and in control.

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Post by: Prince Erebus on April 06, 2007, 10:46:05 AM
Jeréth rose and grabbed a simple wooden spear and left the clearing; Jeréth had hungered. He had a small ration of fruit and herbs but no more meat. Jeréth walked into the forest and continued in until he came to a large Arvin Cedar.

Jeréth climbed it and awaited half way up its 14 ped trunk. after what seemed like hours a deer came close to it. the Deer was young, perhaps it just left the eye of the mother for it was very small. Jeréth guessed that it was about 3 and a half hebs. It began to eat some Injèrá'yránán flowers that had sprouted under the trees large limbs. Jeréth braced himself and hurled the spear downwards at the deer; the spear pierced its neck, killing it instantly. Jeréth climbed down and began the tireing work of gutting and cleaning it with his Elk-bone dagger.

After Jeréth finsihed with the cleaning he buried the guts and carried the deer back to his small camp. He removed the fur and hung it over a branch near the fire to dry and cut the bulk of the venison in smaller pieces. he took out a pouch of Ash Salt and coated the spare venison. Jeréth knew that this would only prevent the rotting of it for a short time but it was better to save it as long as possible. Perhaps, Jeréth thought, he could make jerky out of it.

Jeréth placed a large stone in the center of the fire and on top of the stone he placed the meat. the fire rose as some fluids rolled off the rock and into it. Jeréth leaned back, fulled his pipe, and lit it.

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The rumblings in Thorgas' stomach disturbed his daydream and prompted him to seek breakfast. He looked around until he saw one of the barmaids. Thorgas cleared his throat, waved at the girl, and said in his loud voice, "S'cuse me, lassie, but may I have a steaming platter of aberran loaf and a pitcher of turborger brown?"

The dwarf then took out his pipe and lit it. He leaned back on his chairs, smoking contentedly while waiting for his meal. Actually, he was waiting for the pitcher of good, strong beer, one that would surely hit the spot.

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In the distance, Tifara walked slowly, looking down at her feet while walking. Her long blond hair moved slightly with every step. She fingered her belt, and smiled to herself.

So many days spent travelling here, but it would definitely be worth it! She thought. Her yearning for adventure was finally about to be satisfied!

As she reached the entrance of the tavern, she finally looked up. Her blue eyes glistened in the sunlight. She stepped in. However, as she briefly scanned the room, she saw no empty chairs, not to mention tables. Feeling awkward, she walked around the room, stealing glances at the others, occasionally hearing bits of conversations.

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As Fen thought about her dance routine, she gazed idly around the room; she became aware of a figure who passed by her. She had an awkward look on her face. For a moment, Fen couldn't think why.

Then it came to her. There were no available seats. Hmm, I think I'll do her a good deed, she mused. She put Tari on the floor and stood up. She tapped the figure on her shoulder. "Hey, I noticed there weren't any seats left. You can have mine. I was just leaving anyway." That was a lie, but it wasn't important.

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Tifara was startled by a tap on her shoulder, accompanied by a cordial voice saying, “Hey, I noticed there weren't any seats left. You can have mine. I was just leaving anyway.”

Tifara was glad that someone had offered her seat – she was getting tired, after all. However, it was in her nature not to trust strangers. Still, the lady looked very friendly, not a bit nasty. She was inclined to take the lady’s offer, but she got the feeling that the young handsome man sitting at the same table would be reluctant to let the lady leave.

Also, from her observations, the young lady seemed to have been thinking about something. Before calling to her, the young lady had a dreamy look on her face.

Tifara finally replied, in a soft voice, “Thanks for your offer, but I am okay with standing. Furthermore, I believe you have been thinking about something important. I would hate to interrupt your thoughts.”

After a moment of hesitation, she walked a short distance away, and called to a barmaid, “Excuse me, can I have some Spring Joy?” She decided to go outside the common room after the drink, and see the surroundings of the tavern. It seemed, to her, quite fascinating a place.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on April 06, 2007, 05:22:07 PM
Fen caught the hesitation in the woman's voice as she answered before walking away. "Thanks for your offer, but I am okay with standing. Furthermore, I believe you have been thinking about something important. I would hate to interrupt your thoughts." Ooh. Great answer. She thought. She decided to leave anyway. She would finish her dance routine outside in the open air; in the stables or something. Also, she needed to practice her dancing.

She walked back to her table. "Excuse me, Tiras. I'll be going outside. Come on, Tari. she said. With that, she walked out of the building. Fen entered the barn. She saw a man there, standing next to his horse. She nodded at him "Don't mind me. I'll be practicing my dance routine here." she told him.  "Hey there." she crooned to the horse. She walked to a corner of the barn and started her warm-up exercises.

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Tiras was looking at Fen trying to understand what she was , at first glance he could swear she was a dancer , but then again...
Lost on his taughts , he didnt notice that another woman was near them , until Fen offered her seat to the new arrival , I wonder if my company is tiresome ..., Tiras thought with a sad smile , however the elfess refused politily.

"Excuse me, Tiras. I'll be going outside. Come on, Tari.", Fen got up and Tiras as well , as a gentleman should do , looking as Fen left , he looked towards the elfess asking something at the bar and walked towards and asked with a gentle voice , "You know milady ,i would be honored if you joined me .
I dont think Fen would mind since she did offered you her seat and the best way to rest from a journey is company and a good drink , no ?
Name Tiras , a pleasure to met you , milady ."
With a smile and joyfull gleam on his emerald eyes , he waited for the maiden's answer.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on April 06, 2007, 06:51:46 PM
As she waited for her drink, Tifara overheard the lady saying she was going outside. Then, the young man walked towards her and asked,

“You know milady, I would be honored if you joined me.
I don’t think Fen would mind since she did offered you her seat and the best way to rest from a journey is company and a good drink, no?
Name Tiras, a pleasure to met you, milady.”

So, the lady’s name is Fen… And this young man’s name is Tiras. What nice people. I think this place is going to dispel my distrust towards strangers. Tifara thought. Out loud, she said, “Well, thank you, sir. I would be happy to oblige.” She returned his smile warmly.

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Malavon focused all his attencion on the couple he met outside, and looked with irony the impact his words had on Kali.  Malavon was not evil , but it was in his nature to be ironic and sarcastic and if Kali had not been bothered with his words , he would left her alone. Since that was not the case...

As the young man kneeled and took her boot off , Malavon saw another ocasion to test her , but probably it was the man who was going to answer , nonetheless Malavon raised his voice on a taunt with most rude tone he could:

"Oh , isnt that sweet ....
The young lady is hurt, and her shinning knight in armour came to the rescue.  After you cure her wound, perhaps young man, you could sing a lullaby song to calm her."
Malavon finished his talking, with a sarcastic laugh and irony flickering in his eyes , waiting for either Kali or her young man to respond.

*I have made some grammar and spelling changes.  Please reread your post and run spell check before posting.  Everyone makes mistakes, just try to cut them down.  I changed alot more than I highlighted, but I changed nothing in the form of context.

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OOC:  Thorgas, the dwaf I mention is you, and Jiro and Tzilon, the two friends I mention with Mala are you two, should you feel a need to react.

Drasil nodded sheepishly as the male patron voiced his order, “Water and snake, please.”    It was at that moment, the elf realized his predicament.  “Damn, I can’t write…why the hell am I doing this again…Perhaps if I draw a a pool then Lor…” So lost was he in the thoughts of his predicament, the blonde warrior did not notice his lover, the Tavern’s keeper, brush past on her way to the kitchen.  However, his pointed ears pricked up at the sound of another patron, the pathetic excuse for an assassin that called himself Malavona, throwing rude comments in his direction.   “Master elf,” the obnoxious voice called,  as soon as you are finished with that gentleman and lady , i wouldn’t want to be rude , but probably you could get something sweet for her , since she seems a tad bitter , and that certainly does not suit her , i will pay of course.  

The elf whirled, sending his hood flying from his skull in his haste, and made ready to confront the customer, but once again, before he could fall into step, his intentions were interrupted by a third voice with a heavy southern accent, relieving him of his frightful duty.   "My thanks, but I will get 'dis now."   Out of the corner of his eye, the warrior saw the small figure of the female serving girl, the one he had often seen Cherri reprimanding for being lazy.   “And now I understand why you hate this job so much,” he thought, flashing the small girl a large grin before slipping a coin into her hand and making his way once more to the rude assassin.

During his pause, the patron had managed to gather himself some company, a shady looking Kar’ii and some sort of foreign warrior.   “Guess I’ll have to ruin their little party,”  he thought, sizing up his opponents through his golden occuli,  “Besides, if they are all like that one, there should be no problem with a three versus one confrontation.”

With that, he drew a spear, and placed himself behind Malavona.  Seizing it by the very base of the handle, he thwacked the mage on the shoulder with a resounding slap.   “Excuse me my lord,”  he said, his voice dripping with hatred,  “I’d like to have a word with you.  Don’t worry, there is no need to stand.  I’d like it better if your…friends…heard what I said as well.  As I am sure you have guessed, based on yesterday’s…endeavors, that we don’t accept trouble or rudeness of any sort at the tavern.  Should you act out again, I’m afraid I shall have to give your bare ass a deft spank.  T’would be a shame, seeing as I had to go through so much yesterday to save it.”

Without waiting to see the patron’s shocked face, he strutted away, a broad grin upon his elven face.  Silently, he drew his hood up once again, hiding his gleeful face from view.  In a few short minutes, the room had filled, nearly to the point of bursting, with early morning activity.  The sheer number of bodies, most travelers who would only stay for the night, made the battle-hardened elf uncomfortable.  However, he did manage to find two faces that he was gladdened to see, that of a stout, fat dwarf, and one of a beautiful elven magess.  Like an animated ghost, he waved solemnly to the dwarf, sitting in the corner, his pale face curling into a genuine smile flashed at the old friend.

 “Care for some breakfast,” a melodic voice whispered from beside him.  The warrior turned, enveloping the shorter elf in a playful hug and lifted her off her feet.  Staring into the swirling depths of her violet eyes, he whispered softly into her ear,  “I was planning on eating breakfast outside this morning.  Care to join me?”

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Jiro felt the atmosphere of the place increase in social pressure. His subconscious became wary of those around him. A once quiet tavern now buzzed with a dull roar. People had begun raising their voices to be heard above other peoples conversation. Jiro felt slightly awkward sitting with the man, and an elf had just made a comment to the two of them. Confused as to what was going on, Jiro stood.

If the tavern was so busy in here, that meant that the stables should be empty by now. He calmly reminded himself of his original intentions. Screw the drink. This place was now too crowded for him to pull off a decent heist. Besides, his concentration was low. He needed to get out of this place so he could rest in the wilderness.

"My apologies, my good man," said Jiro, "I just remembered that I have an urgent appointment and I must travel a great distance by the end of this day. Thank you for the offer, but you may cancel my order."

With a small wave, he turned and weaved in and out of the people and chairs, making his way for the door. Avoiding looks from some people, he slipped outside and felt the morning's rays on his cheek.

He felt his anxiety decrease, but he was getting wearier, and he needed to get out of here. The hum of morning activity faded as Jiro walked away from the building, towards the stables. He reached the door, and tentavely pulled it ajar. It was only until he was inside the stables that he realized he wasn't alone.

There was a man in there, standing by a horse's stall. He seemed to be holding out his hand.
"Dammit!" Jiro ejected under his breath. He spun and ducked behind a low wooden barrier, hiding himself from the man.

He travelled low and fast, staying in the shadows, moving to a location where he was facing the man's back. When he was near a shadowed stall where the man was facing the other way, he noticed that there was another person present. She seemed to be thinking deeply.
She noticed him.

Jiro raised a hand to his mouth in a gesture that told her he did not want to be seen in here. He prayed to God that she hadn't seen him, and if she had, that she would not alert the man to Jiro.

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Fenmarel backflipped and finished by doing the splits. Her skin glistened with sweat, and she was breathing hard. She flopped down onto the ground, not caring about whether she got her clothes dirty or not; she could always wash them. She lay there for a while, thinking about how to improve the routine.

Then she heard a noise. A young man entered the barn. Fen remembered him as one of the men sitting at the table next to hers. He had not yet noticed that she was there; he only saw the man with his horse. Then he did a strange thing; he ducked out of sight, and moved in the shadows until he was facing the other man's back.

It was then that he noticed her. He quickly put a hand to his mouth; a sign that he didn't want to be seen by the man with the horse. He had a strange look on his face; a look that Fen recognized. From her experience with the Butterflies, it was the look people gave you when you were about to do something considered bad or wrong.

Judging from the man's actions and expression Fen concluded that he had come to steal a horse. She had nothing against that; she had stolen quite a few horses herself before. But she needed to let him know that; as well as find out more about him. He seemed like an interesting man. She glanced at the man in the shadows and pointed towards the exit of the barn, to show that she wanted him to go outside with her. She stood up quietly and dusted herself off. She then slipped outside and waited for him to join her.

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Jiro slipped the other way, incase the man watched the girl leave. He crept up to a window sill and slid lithely through it like he had been doing it all his life. His cloak billowed against the window, making a noticeable sound, but he was already out of sight.

He had just left the barn, and was somewhere around the back when he spotted the girl that had motioned for him to leave.

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After ordering, the serving girl asks in passing whether Kali would perhaps like something stronger, but the comment goes largely ignored.  More concerned with the pain in her ankle, and the foolish feeling in the pit of her stomach, she focuses on her booted foot.  Shayan gets up from his seat and moves around the table to kneel beside her before examining her foot and taking a firm hold of her boot.  Kali braces herself against the table to prevent herself from being pulled off the chair, while Shayan pulls firmly.  She hisses as the leather slides painfully over her skin, the motion forcing an unwanted bending of her foot, but it lasts only a second and then she can feel the air, seemingly cool, against her bare skin.  The sprain hurts less already and she lets out a sigh of relief.

Shayan offers some words of comfort, urging her not to heed the arrogant comments of the impatient man and, although she doesn't fully understand his meaning, she finds solace in the simple fact that she has an ally.  "Rest is good choice" he finishes.  She carefully stretches out her leg and ankle as far as it allows and wiggles her toes, enjoying the new-found freedom of movement.  She realizes that it is sticky with sweat and pulls it self consciously from Shayan's kneeling form, trying to suppress the burning embarrassment in her cheeks.  She brings it up to rest on her chair and concentrates on rubbing it soothingly. "Thank you again," she mutters into the table, "you seem to be saving me from much discomfort as of late, I only hope I have a chance to return the favour."

The impatient man speaks up, again jibing Kali's predicament and Shayan's willingness to offer assistance.  Feeling calmed and hardened by the words of her acquaintance, she darkens her heart and the words pass unheeded.  His mocking voice is followed up by a loud*slap!* and Kali starts, letting go of her foot, and looks towards the source of the sound.  While she had been babying her foot, the warrior-waiter had moved across the room coming to stand behind him, and is now holding the back end of a spear against his shoulder.  The elf eloquently reprimands him for his rudeness, and offers a swift paddling on the behind if any such action is repeated.  Kali takes the childish moment of victory and, smirking all the while, sticks her tongue out at Mavalon before turning her back on him again, to face Shayan.

Kali picks up her mug of water with a smile and raises it in a mock toast.  "To two foreigners in a strange place," and drinks deeply.  It had been many hours since she had drank anything, and the water tastes sweet as it rolls across her tongue and down her parched throat.  Her bare right foot rests comfortably on the cool floor, and feels much better being free from confinement of her footwear.  The ever-present knot of fear that subsided in her stomach is still there, but she feels a calm satisfaction for doing so well to fight it as she sits there sipping her water.

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Fen spotted the man; he had found some other way to exit the barn. She studied him. He was dressed like some kind of assassin. She walked towards him. "I suppose you want to get a horse the dishonest way?" she asked him, grinning mischievously. "Well, you've not got long to wait, I think. That person's been in there for quite some time now. He should come out pretty soon, unless he is one of those people who is obsessed with horses. Oh, and my name is Fenmarel Leislasa, but call me Fen."  she smiled.

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"I suppose you want to get a horse the dishonest way?" the girl asked Jiro, grinning mischievously. "Well, you've not got long to wait, I think. That person's been in there for quite some time now. He should come out pretty soon, unless he is one of those people who is obsessed with horses. Oh, and my name is Fenmarel Leislasa, but call me Fen." she smiled at Jiro.

Jiro blushed, and pushed down his hood.
"What makes you think I'd steal a horse?" he asked nervously... confused about her reaction to him, and debating on whether she'd be any trouble to him later on.

His eyes suddenly narrowed to slits as his adrenaline and primal consciousness took over. It subsided as soon as it had flared up, and he soon took control of his emotions. He casually took off his cloak, bundling it up into a clump, and holding it to his side as he leaned against the side of the barn.

"Sorry if I looked menacing," he said with a friendly smile, formulating a lie as he went, "I usually make myself look formidable so that I don't get bothered when I'm on the road." He winced as he accidently let some of his accent creep into his words, but he made a beautiful recovery by the end.

"You can call me Jiro," he said, with a boyish look on his face. His dark hair was unkempt and askew, making him look more carefree. It would be hard to believe that this man killed people for a living. His eyes betrayed him though, and if you looked hard into them, you'd be able to see his treachery and danger.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on April 07, 2007, 06:10:14 AM
"What makes you think I'd steal a horse?"  he asked, a bit too quickly for Fen to mark it as the truth. However, she let him continue talking. "Sorry if I looked menacing. I usually make myself look formidable so that I don't get bothered when I'm on the road."  his tone nearly fooled Fen. Nearly. She had not learnt nothing while with the Butterflies. Fen's sharp ears heard the slip in accent. She wasn't an expert on accents, so she couldn't tell what it was, but it was definitely foreign. Her eyes caught the wince as he slipped.

Amazing recovery from the accent slip, she thought, impressed. He must have had loads of practice. She wouldn't have noticed anything if he had been hiding his eyes. They looked right - friendly and carefree - yet they looked wrong. Once again, she couldn't quite put her finger on it. Well, two could play at that game. "Pleasure to meet you, Jiro." she said. "I'm here with a few of my friends to try and make some money."  It wasn't a lie, but it wasn't quite the truth either. "What is your business here, if you don't mind my asking?" she asked, keeping her tone casual. Now she was very interested to know about him.

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"Friends?" asked Jiro sharply. " friends who you'd talk to about me?"
He kept the paranoia out of his voice, but it was dripping with suspicion.
"Well, I'm just here on my way to the coast," he said, "To catch a boat, actually..." continued.

He began to slowly walk towards her, not in a menacing way, but in the kind of way that a stranger would want to take a good look at a new acquaintance. He stopped beside her, glancing into the stable. He absent mindedly fingered his nightooth daggers as he talked.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on April 07, 2007, 06:40:07 AM
Fen only just managed not to start at Jiro's reaction. He's taking it the wrong way. she thought. She forced herself not to back away as he approached. This is not the time to show fear. she told herself.

She faced him with a calm face. "Yes, I would talk to my friends about you..." she smiled, mischief in her eyes. "We talk to each other about everything, and all the latest gossip." She looked at him straight in the eye and said, "We talk to each other like best friends do, and we never talk about our work, unless it's a successful performance we did together. If you wish me not to tell my friends about our meeting, I will not."

Her eye caught sight of a movement. "And you would be putting me more at ease if you would stopped fingering your weapon, Jiro." she observed.

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He relaxed. She talked about them like they were abstract... like they weren't even here with her. Even if she did talk with them, they'd be miles apart by then.

"And you would be putting me more at ease if you would stopped fingering your weapon, Jiro." she said. Jiro could detect alarm in her voice, and she was not nearly as trusting as she seemed.

"Sorry," he said, with an apologetic smile, "Bad habit... I do it all the time..."
His fingers retreated from the blades beneath the folds of his cloak.

"So," he said, slipping back into his comfortable persona, "what is it that you do for a living, exactly?" As he said this, he swung his cloak over his shoulder, nonchalantly, covering his moonblade, which was strapped to his back.

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Phyth continued to brush Iago with a carefree attitude. Both were content this morning. As soon as Phyth gave Iago her breakfast, he'd enter to tavern to get his. He didn't even turn his head as a girl entered the stables. Everything was well.

Until someone mentioned horse stealing. The girl had just left the stables, and seemed to be talking to someone. He couldn't make out any of the talk, except one. Phyth froze. Horse stealing was a serious crime in Phyth's mind, and whoever it was that was plotting it was in trouble.

Quietly Phyth unstrapped his shortsword off of Iago's saddle, then turned around to exit the stall. It was then he noticed the footprints. Someone else had been in this stall. Phyth always checked for signs of other people around his horse. Call it paranoia, but he didn't want anyone near his horse.

Phyth almost shook with rage. Talk of horse thievery, and now footprints near his horse. Quickly, yet quietly, he made his way across the stables and exited them. Reaching a corner, Phyth stopped.  He could hear them; the girl, and what sounded like a young man.

Phyth wasn't interested in a fight, he just wanted answers. "Horse stealing is a serious crime among my people," he said angrily as he turned the corner, "and we punish those who do it severly." His deep brown eyes blazed with fury, a look that was only seen among his people. "One of you has been near my horse. Who?"

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Copper eyes followed the ‘servant’ as he instantly walked towards the other man’s table when mentioned in one of Malavon’s remarks, then threatens to slap the body attached to the taunting tongue.  It was rather amusing really, and Shayan had to remind himself of his ‘Shemrah’. His reasons for handling the matter the way he had done.

"Thank you again," Kali mutters into the table, "you seem to be saving me from much discomfort as of late,
I only hope I have a chance to return the favour."

"I hope I will not meet such discomfort. But thank you, for kind words."  He replies. He felt a slight disappointment when he realized Kali did not fully understand his previous words, but her face spelling relieve as she tends to her foot makes up for it. Though the Azhorhria keep certain not to show too much emotion to strangers, Shayan actually did feel awkward around all these people of different faith, looks and lands.
A slight, unseen smile passes behind the veil as Kali smirks at Malavon, gleefully sticking out her tongue and raising her cup in a gesture of quasi-victory.  He looked a moment too long and scolded himself inwardly.

"To two foreigners in a strange place."

He picked up the water mug and followed her example.

"Cha'em, Nir'Shah."

The Azhorhrian removed his gloves and pulled a small, black bundle from his belt. He removed the cord and poured a whisk of sand from the white Ystalinth desert into his open palm as Kali quickly downed the saving liquid.

Rubbing his palms together three times, Shayan pressed his hands together in prayer, closing his eyes and bowing his head. The observant might notice it would be the only time his shoulders would not hold their straightened poise, but that they were bent slightly inward in a gesture of true humility.

He thanked Her for her Great Gift, as water was holy to the Azhorhria, and expressed his gratitude towards the animal that was about to feed him. 
When he was done he gathered the near white substance in his right hand and closed it, then crossed it over his heart briefly before depositing the grains of sand back into the little bundle and tightenend the strap of leather again.

He didn’t take a sip of water yet. Eating and drinking in public was actually quite an ordeal as he wasn't allowed to remove the veil that covered the lower part of his face. He had done so enough times not to have trouble enjoying his dinner, but it would most likely still look strange to his table-mate and he’d rather not start to look strange until his actual meal was served.

He straightened himself and turned his attention back to Kali, not able to suppress the urge to ask about the ice-child’s reasoning that had made her end up in the Thirsty Herald. He wondered where she came from, and even more, what her purpose was so far down.

“Lady Kali, why have you come to the South?”

*Shemrah:  The way to the Goddess.  Specific tasks chosen by or appointed to a man or woman consisting often out of old teachings of the Faith, and known weaknesses of the individual that he or she has to overcome  to become a true Child of the Faith.

* Cha'em: Be blessed. Used on many occasions.
* Nir’Shah: Ice-child

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Before Fenmarel could answer, she was rudely interrupted by a man who had come blowing around the corner with gusto, barking about horse stealing. Not only had he interrupted, but he had obviously been eavesdropping. It did not matter, because when the man turned the corner, Jiro was no longer there.

"One of you has been near my horse. Who?" the man bellowed.

It was too late. Jiro had slipped back through the window just as he had come, though this time, nobody awaited him in the barn. He leapt from the window sill and jumped on the back of the nearest horse. He pulled back the reins, and the horse whinnyed, before bucking. Jiro pulled on the reins hard and steered the horse around to face the open door of the stable.

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Post by: Tzilon Ikara on April 07, 2007, 09:01:11 AM
Suddenly, the young man stood up.  "My apologies, my good man.  I just remembered that I have an urgent appointment and I must travel a great distance by the end of this day. Thank you for the offer, but you may cancel my order."  Turning briskly, he strode out of the inn.

"But.. wait," Tzilon called after him, "hold on!"  He quickly pushed his chair back and began to follow after Jiro, pausing only to address the waitress.  "You might want to cancel his drink order.  Sorry."

Tzilon blinked as he stepped out in the sunlight, trying to spot Jiro, but he was nowhere to be seen.  Tzilon let out a low whistle.  My goodness, he disappeared quickly!  I suppose I was right; I must speak with him.  He leaned against the wall, and glanced around the exterior of the inn.  Hmmm.  He must be somewhere around here.  Perhaps the stable or the house...

Just then, he noticed a beautiful woman looking interestedly into the stable.  She's probably just looking at the horses.  Where in the world did he...ah. Tzilon's gaze settled on the side of the barn, where Jiro was quietly extricating himself from a window.  He began to walk over to him, then paused when he saw him begin a conversation with the woman.  He couldn't make out what they were saying, but he didn't want to interrupt them.  After a few moments, however, someone took care of that for him.  An angry looking man, close to Tzilon's size, came striding towards them.

"Horse stealing is a serious crime among my people, and we punish those who do it severely.  One of you has been near my horse. Who?"

Jiro leaped back through the window, and onto the back of the nearest horse.  Is he stealing a horse?  That better not be...Ellie!  Tzilon hurried towards the entrance, pulling out his sword as he ran.  Before the thief could get the horse out of the barn, Tzilon stood in front of him, blocking the way with body and weapon.

"You may want to rethink your actions, friend," he said tersely, just loud enough so only Jiro could hear.  "If you get off my horse immediately, I will not harm you, and I will make sure this man does the same.  Understand?"

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on April 07, 2007, 10:48:23 AM
Thorgas waved back at Drasil, and would have invited him to his table to have breakfast until the elf did his strange dance. The dwarf was surprised to see an elf, battle-hardened and calloused, swirling around with the barmaid. Thorgas looked on with a hint of anger and disgust. So that's why nobody took me order, eh? He thought. Pathetic.

Deciding that he won't get his breakfast until the two became dizzy with spinning, He stood up and walked past the couple to the door, blowing puffs of smoke from his pipe as he walked. Thorgas decided that he would eat whatever he has stored in his bag inside the stable. On the way he saw Phyth and another tallfolk with their swords drawn and muttering words directed towards another human on a horse. Fighting again, Thorgas sighed. He poked his head inside the stable doors and called his pet. "Buri!"

The pig started waddling towards him and in no time they were sitting side by side near the stable, the dwarf sharing what fruits he had in his bag, the pig gobbling them up and responding with grunts. Both dwarf and pig stood up and went to comfortable place under a tree, whos leaves offer what they want most: Shade. Thorgas leaned against the trunk of the tree, eating dried venison and calmly watching Phyth and the others argue with the third human.

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Jiro swung his cloak around him and flipped up his hood over his head, shielding his eyes and casting a deep shadow over the rest of his face. Suddenly, a man came to block his only exit through the stable.

It was that man from the bar.

"You may want to rethink your actions, friend," Tzilon said tersely, just loud enough so only Jiro could hear.  "If you get off my horse immediately, I will not harm you, and I will make sure this man does the same.  Understand?"

Jiro raised an eyebrow. He raised his arm to unsheathe his weapon. It moved slowly... as if through molasses. He wrapped his fingers around the warm handle and slid it soundlessly from it's sheath. It made an arc as he swung it out in front of him, and pointed it loosely towards Tzilon.
"Do you honestly propose to cross blades with a Kar'ii?" he asked menacingly. He moved the blade in the light, making it almost shimmer. It was now very clear that the blade he held before him was infact one of the legendary and feared moonblades.

"If you let me pass, your horse will find it's way back to you," Jiro lied, "If you wish to fight me, I will oblige, but not before decapitating your horse right here and now in front of your own eyes."
The horse whinnied again, nervous and impatient.

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Post by: Tzilon Ikara on April 07, 2007, 02:03:05 PM
Tzilon's heart dropped.  No.  Not Ellie.  He cannot be so heartless.  Tzilon took a deep breath, and looked Jiro right in the eyes.

"You would kill my wife's horse in front of me, without a second thought?  And then you would try to kill me, just for trying to prevent this?  I offered to let you go, and you spit in my face!" Tzilon's eyes flashed angrily.  "You said you are Kar'ii, but your actions show you to be nothing more than a common thief!  Why are you so impatient to leave, and why are you bent on leaving destruction in your wake?"  Tzilon's gaze softened, and he lowered his sword.  "What are you running from, my friend?"

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on April 07, 2007, 04:02:40 PM
The man who was with his horse came out. "One of you has been near my horse. Who?" the look on his face made her flinch. Stupid man, she thought, thinking of Jiro. If you had stayed with me, we might have convinced this fellow in front of me that we were talking about an incident! Now I have to come up with a plan... I might as well help Jiro, since the Black Butterflies are already considered outlaws.

She put the look of a frightened girl on her face; a look she had mastered long ago. It was not hard to make fear show in her eyes; the thought of what this man might do to her was scary. "He was going to steal your horse, sir, but I stopped him!"  she babbled. "I kept him waiting, and I let you hear my voice talking about horse stealing so that you'd lead your horse out! But now you've come outside, he's gone in! Quick! Go and stop him! You can if you hurry!"

She had just finished babbling when she saw that the owner of the horse Jiro was stealing had caught him; well not yet caught, but found him out. Drat. That leaves me to deal with this angry man here.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on April 07, 2007, 11:33:24 PM
Phyth had to control his urge to strike the girl as she put on her crying eyes. She was lying. "Don't be stupid," he bit out. He wanted to question her more, but there was a more pressing matter to deal with.

He was more concerned about Iago, but Phyth hated when someone tried to steal anyone's horse. So he'd try his hardest to stop it. That man was going to pay, one way or another.

Phyth rounded the corner and saw the scene unfold. The horse thief was on another mans horse, and both were arguing. Not one to waste words, Phyth dropped his shortsword, readied his bow, and fitted an arrow on the string. He didn't pull it back, but would be ready to at a moments notice.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on April 07, 2007, 11:53:45 PM
"Don't be stupid,"  the man spat. He looked like he was about to hit her. Fen took a step backwards, away from this raging tornado of a man. She watched him warily. What would he do next?

To her intense relief, he turned away. Then she cursed silently as he fitted an arrow on the string of his bow and pointed it at Jiro. Oh no you don't, she thought. When I want to help someone, I keep to my word. Though this Jiro is proving to be a handful. She winced. Well, I'll have to do it then.

She scanned the dusty desert floor, looking for a big object. She caught sight of a big stone. That will do. She picked it up, and quietly moved up behind the man with his bow and arrow. She struck his head hard with the stone, though not as hard as she could have. She watched as he sank to the ground without a sound. She knelt down briefly beside him to check his pulse.

When she was satisfied that he was still alive, she scooped Tari, who had been excitedly watching the drama, up in one arm. She ran up behind Tzilon, who had not noticed her, and pushed him hard, out of Jiro's way. She ran up to Jiro's stolen horse and leapt onto it behind him. "Go!"  she shouted urgently. Her heart was beating fast, and she knew they would get caught if they didn't leave immediately.

(OOC: Before anyone protests, Phyth gave me his permission to knock him unconcious and puppet him a little.)

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OOC: Sorry Tiz, but I promise by the end of the chase you will get your horse un-injured.

Jiro watched from his peripheral vision as Fen had knocked the bowman unconcious.

"What are you running from, my friend?" asked Tzilon.

Fen began to approach Tzilon.

"You," Jiro answered simply.

Fen shoved the man in that instant. Jiro pushed forward as she screamed, "Go!" and he pulled her up to the horse, behind him.

He kicked the horse hard in the sides, and the horse sped forward, rounded Tzilon, and began galloping into the desert.
"Don't try to follow us!" Jiro roared after him.

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Thorgas wasn't prepared for the events that transpired next. The woman hitting Phyth with a rock. Phyth slumping on the ground, unconscious. All this things swirled in his head. He stood up and quickly went to the spot where the human was lying and looked at him, then turned around and faced the fleeing party.

In anger Thorgas began casting one of his spells and focused on the woman. Sparks of flame and tiny flashes of light dotted his palm area as he muttered some sort of words, and with a fiery look at the woman, released the spell 'grip of the malefic', with the hopes of making the woman unconscious.

Damn, I wish the dumb horse would steady! Thorgas thought as he kept his eye on the woman and held the spell. If the fleeing party had succeeded in moving far enough from the caster, the spell would not work.

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"Damn dwarves..." Jiro muttered, "Damned magic-using dwarfs!"
He tried to reach for his throwing daggers, as he was almost positive that he could nail the dwarf in the head with one. Unfortunately he could not do it while trying to control the horse. He could never admit to himself that the idea of fighting a mage absolutely terrified him.

He hit the horse in the sides, spurring it on, to move faster.
"Watch the dwarf," he warned Fen, as he focused on running the horse as fast as it would go. It was steadily getting harder to control, and almost wild.

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Tzilon suddenly felt someone shove him in the back, and he fell face-first into the ground.  Ellie whinnied and lurched forward, barely giving Tzilon time to roll out of the way.  Mother of... how am I supposed to stop him now?  He spied the angry man's horse, nervously pacing in the stable.  It'll have to do.  He ran over to where the angry man had fallen, grabbing him by the arm and pulling him up.

"You're not out yet, my friend!  Hurry up, they're almost gone!"

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on April 08, 2007, 02:52:36 AM
Phyth was just about to say something, when the whole world went out from under him. The rock hit the back of his head, and Phyth went rolling forward, out of the way of the charging horse.

It was then that the sound of what can only be described as a horse screaming erupted from the stables. Out came Iago, who charged from her open stall, straight to Phyth. Phyth wasn't completely knocked out, and he could feel himself being pulled up. Groggy, he looked his rescuer in the eye, not focusing very well. "Bartender...'Nother ale..."

Suddenly Iago bumped her nose into Phyth's back, and her scream registered in his brain. Then everything clicked. Knowing there wasn't much time, Phyth climbed quickly onto Iago's back, then turned to Tzilon. "Hold out your hand, then get on," he said.

Confident that Iago would let them both ride now, Phyth helped Tzilon up. Grabbing the reins, Phyth shouted Iago forward with a loud "Ha!" Iago immediatly  began galloping, as fast as she could go. Even with two full grown men on her back, the Centoraurian horse was gaining on Tzilon's slower, and frightened, horse. When they were slightly behind, Phyth let go of the reins and took his bow, fitting another arrow. He guided Iago by leaning in the saddle, and they reached the other horse, to the left and a little behind.

"Dismount, and we'll let you leave!" He shouted.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on April 08, 2007, 03:24:39 AM
Fen risked a glance back. She only just had time to see a dwarf pointing at her and muttering words she couldn't make out. All of a sudden, she felt her head hurting, and she began to feel dizzy. It's a spell, she thought, alarmed. The stupid midget's casting a spell. Then she caught sight of two men on another horse; they were the men who had tried to stop Jiro in the stables.

But first things first. She knew that she must get out of the dwarf's focus at once. She looked at Jiro; he was having trouble controlling the horse. Well obviously! He's treating it wrong. "Let me do it!"  she shouted, exasperated. She managed to stand up on the horse's back; if she had not been disciplined enough to train hard to perform on horses, the dizziness would have made her fall off. She looked at Jiro's position on the horse; there was no space for her to step in front of him. She would have to make use of another performing trick.

She crouched down, took a deep breath and swung herself under the horse's belly. She calculated the distance perfectly, swinging up from underneath and landing in front of the surprised Jiro. By the time she had done it, her headache was gone. She looked at Jiro. "I'll manage the horse,"  she shouted. "You make sure those men behind us don't come any closer than they are now."

Without waiting for a reply, she turned her attention towards the horse. She whispered in its ear, and using her Eyelian skills, she somehow managed to calm it down and make it understand that it wasn't going to be harmed, but it needed to run as quickly as possible. The horse then began to run very fast, with a speed which surprised Fen. She smiled delightedly, and whispered encouraging words in its ear while it was running.

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A huge cloud of dust flew behind the charging horses, and Phyth was loving it. As long as no one drew their blade, and both horses were returned in the end, everything would be fine.

Phyth couldn't help but smile as the other horse began to speed up, noticing the girl leaning towards its ear. But obviously they hadn't seen a Centorauarian horse. Throwing a look back at Tzilon, Phyth leaned forward to whisper some encouraging words of his own. Shouting another "Ha!", Phyth dropped the reins completely, and Iago sped up even faster than before.

Iago's head lurched forward; she enjoying it more than Phyth. Phyth leaned closer towards her head, encouraging her forward. They began to reach the side of the other horse, then began to pull ahead. Phyth turned his head back and waved at the girl. Then, his grin growing even broader, he pulled back a little on the reins and slid to Iago's side, one leg over her back.

When Iago's head reached the other horse's side she pulled in closer, and Phyth struck the horse on it's left flank. He then pulled Iago back more, and when the other horse was ahead, he pulled her to the right and flicked the reins. Iago sped up, and was now on their right, neck and neck. Phyth grinned and waved again. He was loving it.

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"Dwarf nabbit!" Thorgas roared, "the lass got away!" The dwarf tried to calm himself to prevent the evaded spell from fizzling. Thorgas intended to chase them, but he's useless in running, and he can't ride Buri either. Suddenly he remembered that Phyth also had a horse. Maybe he can ride it.

He wheeled around only to see the human ride off in pursuit of the thieves. Thorgas' jaw dropped open. They left me! Those pigskins left me! He thought as the horse sped past the surprised dwarf. There's no use going after it; he doubt that a horse carrying two full-grown tallfolks will be able to carry a completely obese dwarf, and he can't walk far, much less run.

The dwarf decided to wait until Phyth and the others return from the pursuit, and with the thieves in their custody, the better. He returned to where Buri is sitting down. "I'll turn them both to charcoal", He said as he took his pipe and smoked.

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As Tzilon hung on for dear life, he marveled at the horse's speed, and the angry man's control over it.  Must be a Centoraurian.   The horse raced faster and faster, and they slowly began to overtake the thieving duo.   The angry man pulled out a bow and began to aim at the fleeing couple.

"Wait, friend," Tzilon called out, "We may still yet avoid bloodshed!"  He then noticed that the woman had disappeared.  Where in the...ah.  The woman appeared, flinging her self back onto the front of the horse.  After this marvelous display of acrobatics, she took control of the horse, whispering into its ear.  The horse spurred on faster than before, and began to almost match the Centoraurian's steed.  Tzilon smiled.  Two can play that game, m'lady.  Phyth turned back to Tzilon and smiled.  Is he crazy? He's actually enjoying this!  Tzilon watched as Phyth began toying with the pair, pulling up, then back, then up, then back, then around.  Phyth pulled closer than ever before.  Perfect.

He raised his head and shouted, "Ellie! Stop!"  His horse reared back, skidding to a stop.  As their horse quickly overtook the other, Tzilon flung himself out of the saddle, throwing himself shoulder-first into the two thieves.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on April 08, 2007, 04:22:53 AM
Fenmarel cursed out loud. The two men were drawing closer. Why doesn't Jiro do something? she thought, starting to panic. She glared at Phyth. He's gotta be a bloody Centoraurian. The two men pulled so close, Fen could almost touch them.

Then one of the men shouted, "Ellie! Stop!" the horse reared back, nearly throwing Fen off. She froze; the man who had shouted out was starting to tense, like a cat about to leap onto its prey. He's going to jump! She thought wildy. Time for more swinging. She slid under Ellie's belly again, and not a moment too soon. The man crashed shoulder first into Jiro and the horse, Ellie.

She clung on for dear life. Right, she decided. It was time to forget about Jiro. She looked up into the sky. Were they there...? Yes! Her beloved sparrows! They had somehow managed to keep up. She let go of Ellie, rolling on the ground into a standing position. She smiled, and before anyone could do anything else, she took out a whistle and blew hard.

No sound came out, but that meant it was working. Immediately, the birds swooped down and crowded around the two men's faces. They did not hurt them, but merely blocked their view. Then, she took out another whistle and blew. This time, a piercing whistle erupted from the tiny object. A few moments later, a similar sound was heard. It wasn't an echo, but an answer.

Another few moments later, she saw a horse thundering towards her. She laughed and raised her hand. As the horse thundered by, she leapt onto its back, Tari still under her arm, and shouted to the three men, "That's enough action for me today! I'll leave you three to sort things out."  and with that, she galloped away. The birds immediately left the men and followed her.

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As soon as he heard the words "Elle! Stop!," Phyth pulled back hard on the reins, stopping Iago. The ride had gone on enough, and Phyth was ready to end this. He grinned again as Tzilon jumped off Iago's back. Good plan, and hopefully they could end this before anyone drew their weapons.

Suddenly what looked like fluttering wings, and hundreds of feathers blocked his view. Phyth tried to look through them, letting Iago rear up and bite at the birds. When birds cleared, she was gone. Phyth looked forward and there she was, riding off on a different horse. He grinned, wondering where she learned to ride a horse like that. Hopefully they'd never meet again, for her sake. If he caught her, she'd be cleaning Iago's stall for a week.

Shaking his head, Phyth turned Iago around for the unfinished business. He faced the man who stole the horse. Phyth had Iago rear up, and he put on his most angry face. "We're not here to fight you," he said gruffly, the sand making his voice rougher than usual, "we're just here for the horse. Dismount, and we'll let you leave in peace!"

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Jiro cursed as Fen leapt away on another horse. For a moment he felt betrayed, but he realized this was his endeavor, not hers. She shouldn't have to die for his sake. Besides, one can only have so much courage. If he had been in her place he probably would have done the same thing. It was going to be harder without backup, but at least she was out of his hair for a little while.

Suddenly a shape slammed into him. Jiro's head was whipped around, his hand went for his daggers, but it was too late. The force knocked him right off of the speeding horse and sent him sailing across the desert floor.

He hit the ground on his side and rolled over and over again, moving with the velocity that the horse had been travelling. Sharp rocks cut him and battered his bones, and sand filled in his wounds. He hit his head twice on a rock and the ground, and his arm was jerked unnaturally. He rolled into a ditch, cracked his back on a rock, and lay sprawled over the surface, eyes staring up at the sky, glassy and cold. A thick trickle of blood was dripping from his mouth onto the rock. His left arm was twisted underneath him, and blood spouted from the joint. His cloak had been torn off a ways back by a large cactus which he had tumbled over. The cactus pins were still embedded in his leg.

Jiro did not move.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on April 08, 2007, 01:46:40 PM
"Then come dear lady ! Lets seat so we may know each other better !"  Tiras said although the comotion outside made him curious , he was far more interested in the young elf , after all he was the White Rose , and wouldn´t  miss the oportunity of knowing of meeting such lovely maiden , "And perhaps she has some money as well " Tiras taught with a mischiveous gleam on his eyes .

Walking towards his table  he waited for Tifara , grabing the chair and waving for her to seat , so he could help , yet in another courteous gest.
"Here my lady , allow this humble man , help you seat  " he said waiting with a friendly smile .

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Post by: Tzilon Ikara on April 08, 2007, 02:04:13 PM
The girl had fled; there was no point in chasing her.  Tzilon looked down at Jiro's unconscious form.  But this one... something must be done.  He turned to Phyth.  "Come on, let's get him back to the inn."  He hefted the body up on the horse, swung himself on the saddle, and began to ride back.  "He's not waking for a while yet.  It'll give us time to figure out what to do..."

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Post by: Tifara Heike on April 08, 2007, 07:21:00 PM
"Then come dear lady! Lets seat so we may know each other better!" Tiras said, and, upon reaching the table, grabbed a chair and waved for Tifara to seat.

"Here my lady, allow this humble man, help you seat" he said waiting with a friendly smile.

“Thank you!”, Tifara replied gratefully. Then, she sat down on the chair.

Turning to Tiras, Tifara asked, “Well, sir, I wonder what you do for a living?” She gave a sweet smile, just to convince Tiras that she wasn’t snooping.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Tiras The White Rose on April 09, 2007, 10:22:41 AM
"Aren´t we curious ?" Tiras said with a friendly smile ,"Well my dear Tifara , i do hope you don´t mind me calling you that , i am entertainer, althought i have been to do some odd jobs , even as a bodyguard ."

"Ah , can you imagine someone as me working as bodyguard , it seems rather far fetched , but i assure its completely true !"

"But i am babling , and you , what exacly is your line of work  ?"

As Tiras waited for the answer , he used the time to observe the young elfess , Well , she really does not seem to have much money with her , but pleasure before business ... , he tought with a dreamy expression.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Tifara Heike on April 09, 2007, 05:11:30 PM
Tiras returned her smile, and replied, “Aren´t we curious? Well my dear Tifara, I do hope you don’t mind me calling you that, I am entertainer, although I have been to do some odd jobs, even as a bodyguard. Ah, can you imagine someone as me working as bodyguard, it seems rather far fetched, but I assure its completely true! But I am babling, and you, what exacly is your line of work?”

“Well, I’m an archer…”, Tifara said. Then, suddenly at a loss of words, she looked down at the tattoo on her knee. Oh! What can I say to continue the conversation? Tifara thought.

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As he watched as the horse thief was launched from the saddle, taking a rather large tumble, Phyth tried not to feel indifferent. The man was scum to him, but he still needed help. Thankfully Tzilon did the helping for him. 

Iago strained at the reins, trying to head after the girl who had got away. Phyth instead led her to the horse thief, grabbing the reins of the stolen horse as Tzilon hefted him up. Breathing heavily, Phyth led both horses back to where Thorgas was. "He should be help him," he said to Tzilon.

Grimacing, Phyth got one foot out of the stirrup, the struggled to get the other one out. Finally he let go of Iago and half fell out of the saddle. He ran a quick look over Iago. She was all right, although she needed water, and soon.

Feeling a something trickle down his neck, Phyth reached a hand to the back of his neck. Pulling it back, he saw blood. The wound from the rock wasn't that bad, but it needed to be tended. "Thorgas...Bandage?" He spat out.

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Post by: Kali Rae on April 10, 2007, 03:49:06 AM
"Cha'em, Nir'Shah." Shayan replies to Kali's mock toast, and she assumes it must simply be his acknowledgment.  Kali sits back and sips her water but is somewhat surprised when Shayan doesn't do the same.  Instead of drinking he pulls a bag of sand from his pocket, pours some into his hand and begins some sort of ritual.  His gestures remind her of the prayer R'vhar had muttered when the battered little girl had found herself cornered in the common room of the tavern last night.  Not being one to stand on ceremony, and not knowing any religious customs herself, Kali merely stirs restlessly while she waits for him to finish.  The ritual doesn't last long and Shayan soon replaces the sand in the little bundle.

Why doesn't he drink, Kali thinks and then looks at her own glass in her hand, I hope I haven't done anything that might offend him.  It then occurs to her that his current state of dress is hardly conducive to eating, and she wonders briefly how he's going to eat. Shayan straightens himself, turns his attention back to her, and asks the obvious question, “Lady Kali, why have you come to the South?”

Kali feels glad that it was not her who had had to start the conversation rolling, although given the present situation there is much to talk about.  She rolls the meager amount of liquid around in the bottom of her glass, draws a breath, and begins in a low tone as if to keep her story confidential.  "Well, I used to live in Isthrius with the Kanapan men where I worked as a spy.  Not for war," she adds hastily, "I pretty much found out whatever people would pay me for, finding information about other people's business." She smiles at a memory from her youth and explains, "I started out in taverns helping men cheat at cards when I was young."  Before she can continue, the sound of two horses galloping away at full speed, accompanied by the encouraging shouts of men fills the tavern.  She looks around to the windows but can see nothing so she sighs and continues, "you can't snoop around for too long without making a lot of people angry, in fact I'm surprised I didn't encounter any problems earlier than I did."  Feeling self conscious for the first time she finishes, "I pretty much got ran out of Isthrius, booked passage south, ended up in Carmalad and have been traveling ever since."  Her heart beating fast against her ribs she downs the rest of her glass and frowns sulkily adding, "I hate it."

She sighs and realizes she's looking at the empty glass still being held in her hand.  She looks up at Shayan and feels it would be better to let him do some talking, "What about you?" she asks, perking up.  "What brings you away from your home?"

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Jeréth Checked the venison, it was of a well-done brown. He removed it from the rock, cut a small piece off and gave it to his bird, then he ate his piece quickly. After the meal, Jeréth stretched a little, so not to pull a muscle, and grabbed his Double-Edge. He removed the obsidian inserts so not to break them and began practicing.

Jeréth started with a quick pace, slowly increasing his pace, until he was tired. He soon grew tired of the outdoors and gathered up all of his items spare the hut as he would return for the night. He followed the path he had took to get here and entered the tavern's grounds. Jeréth entered the tavern and sat down in the back, against the wall. He removed his large black cloak, revealing gray robes underneath, and leaned back on the wall. He felt sore from the training but it didn't bother him enough to take any herbs or use any ointments.

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"Ah, the men have returned." Thorgas calmly chimed in, obviously enjoying himself with pipe and food. He looked at the odd party and saw something beiing carried by a horse. Curiously he stood up and examined the bundle of black rags closely as it was being brought inside the Herald, and anger rose within him as he saw that it was that horse thief.

The dwarf turned around as a gruff voice sounded from behind him. It was Phyth, asking for some bandages. "So, is that thief dead?" Thorgas asked, while gingerly looking at the wound. "If he is, then it would save me a lot of trouble pounding his rotting carcass to a bloody heap."

Thorgas, as was his custom, took out some strips of cloth and got some of Phyth's blood in it. "But since you brought him back here, I conclude that he still draws breath."

Using that piece of cloth, he drew a crude symbol representing life at the back of Phyth's neck. Thorgas stepped back, focusing his magic on making the wound heal. He mumbled a few words, and tapped the human's neck with his staff. He looked pleased as the wound slowly closes and with a few bandages, managed to wrap the wound up to prevent infection.

The healing process done, he looked Phyth in the eye and with a raised brow. "Don't expect me to do anything for that rockhead. I'm more likely to bash him on the head than help him." Thorgas took his pipe again and smoked. "Now he will just have to take a beating from me!"

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Cherri laughed her delight as Drasil swung her around, his weapons clanging here and there.  Placing a kiss on his forhead and then lightly on his mouth, she allowed her body to slid against his most intimately as she was lowered once more to the floor.

The idea of taking their breakfast out in the morning air renewed her delight.  As she spoke to the kitchen help and told them what to bring out, Cherri watched as a dwarf stomped angrily out of the Tavern.  Cherri wondered momentarily why the fire mage seemed to be out of sorts so early in the day.  She remembered him from the previous day.  He had helped several of the brawling patrons, to the point of exhaustion.  Apparently, he was feeling much better or else he would not have been able to glare and stomp out with so much vinegar in his blood.

Cherri turned back to Drasil running a finger along the bone of his jaw and gazing into his golden eyes that at times seemed like liquid fire.  "I wish to retrieve my cloak.  It will but take a few blinks."  Cherri placed a soft kiss that spoke of something more to come as she made her way of the stairs and to her room.  Grabbing her cloak from the table, movement outside happened to catch her eye.  Curiosity peaked Cherri came to stand before the window and watched as the scene unfolded before her.  There was a chase that was ensuing.  She recalled the horses as those being the same she had feed sugar cubes to a short period of time before.  And one of them apparently did not belong either of the riders that was astride it.  Muttering something very unladylike, Cherri wrapped her scarlet cloak about her in a whirl of fabric.  By the time it settled into place, she was already out the door, had it locked, and halfway down the stairs, her soft leather boots not making a sound.  Catching Drasil's eye she motioned to window and then to the door.  The look of her face was the farthest thing from pleasant.  Cherri was to Drasil's side in an instant, her hunter green dress settling about her form. 

Violet eyes flashed with anger as she flung open the door and squinted into the sunlight.  Placing her hand over her eyes, her skin gleamed like white marble beneath the sun's burning rays.  She felt Drasil tense beside her and knew that he would pursue the thief.  Placing her hand upon Drasil's arm she watched the riders disappear into the blinding rays of the sun.  "They have gone too far for us to pursue.  But if I saw correctly the pursuing riders will not allow them to escape.  We will be ready to deal with the thief when they return.  It will not take long.  The latter of the two horses will easily over take the first."  Cherri moved back inside, her back rigid and her eyes dark.  Yes they would deal with the thief when they returned.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on April 10, 2007, 01:11:36 PM

Phyth marveled at the job Thorgas had done healing him. He had a hard time not reaching back and poking at the wound. No doubt it wouldn't help the wound, but he'd never had one heal that fast.

Taking a small, uncertain step, Phyth turned in the direction of the Tavern, his back turned to Thorgas. "Don't worry," he said, "he's one man I won't let you heal. That horse thief doesn't deserve it." The joy of the ride had worn off, and now Phyth was beginning to feel a bit of anger again. "If he tries to steal a horse I again, I'll break his legs." Phyth paused. "On second thought, I'll break one, you break the other."

Rubbing the back of his head again, Phyth saw Tzilon pass by, and noticed a design on the back of his cloak. He squinted his eyes, trying to see what it was. It was a Phoenix. "Oh no," Phyth groaned. "I helped a Proudmen..."

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Tzilon lifted the prone shape of Jiro off of Ellie, slung him over his shoulder, and headed into the inn.  As he passed the angry man (who was currently getting the fix-up from a pleasant-looking dwarf), a sudden thought struck him.  Huh, for a Centoraurian, he's been oddly helpful.  I wonder if he knows who I am?  Tzilon shrugged.  Nah, probably not.

Once he was inside the tavern, he dropped the unconscious thief on the table, and none too gently.  Glancing around the room, he spoke in an urgent voice that cut through the din.  "If anyone here is a mage, their help would be greatly appreciated right now."

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on April 10, 2007, 02:54:45 PM
Fen was halfway through the journey back to the Rovers when she started having the feeling which always got in the way of things; her conscience was bugging her. Jiro was probably undergoing severe interrogation, while she had got away. She halted the horse, thinking.

After a minute, she looked down at Tari. "Sorry, Tari," she said to the dishevelled hound, who had taken quite a few bumps. "Go back to the Rovers. I'll be back soon." she dismounted and put Tari on the ground. Tari whined, but began trotting in the direction of the Rovers' campsite. Her instincts knew the way there. Fen turned back towards the Tavern with a sigh of frustration. She urged the horse into a gallop.

When she arrived at the Tavern, she strode up to the first person she saw, who happened to be Phyth. She darted up to him. "Hello, and yes, I'm back."  she said. "I assume you have some punishment for Jiro, but I got away, so I came back to ask if I could share the punishment."  she stopped. "Wait. Where is Jiro? You haven't got him in some kind of torture device, have you?" she asked. She looked around and saw him through the Tavern's open doorway, unconscious on a table, bleeding in many places. Her eyes widened. "Oh my goodness, what's happened to him?" she gasped. "Is that what your torture device did?"

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on April 10, 2007, 07:29:07 PM
“Well, I’m an archer…”,  , and that was all Tiras could get from her , before looking embarrased at a marvelous tatto at her knee .

WIth a comprehensive smile , Tiras said , "That´s alright love , i didnt meant to intrude , you don´t have to say more .
Altough, Tiras said looking significally at the tatoo , that has flared my curiosity , does it have any special meaning to you ?
I mean , seeing as you instinctively look at it , i get the impression it serves somewhat as confort to you , of course i could be wrong...
He finished looking directily at Tifara with his emerald eyes gleaming with curiosity .

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[(OOC: Tiras! My tattoo is on my knee, not my ankle!!  :grin:)]

Tiras gave a comprehensive smile, and said, "That´s alright love, I didnt meant to intrude, you don´t have to say more. Although, that has flared my curiosity, does it have any special meaning to you? I mean, seeing as you instinctively look at it, I get the impression it serves somewhat as comfort to you, of course I could be wrong…”

As his voice trailed off, Tifara looked up again, and seeing his eyes gleaming with curiosity, she felt at ease once more, and so replied, “Well, it reminds me of my mother. She’s… well, she’s not living anymore. And she was a good mother, so… yes, you are right. It serves as a source of comfort.”

Once again, she looked down onto the tattoo. She couldn’t help it. Every time she talked about her mother, she would have to look down. She could feel tears gathering in her eyes, and a lump swelling in her throat.

After blinking several times, she swallowed some saliva and, with one last squeeze of her tattoo, looked up. She suddenly noticed someone on a table, bleeding, though not profusely. He had been bandaged, probably by that dwarf smoking and looking pleased. There were lots more people around the table. Tifara had no time to note who they were as just then, a lady entered. Hey! I’ve seen her before! She… she’s Fen! Tifara had an instinct to talk to her. However, it seemed like she had not noticed Tifara and Tiras still at the table.

Well, she hasn’t noticed me. So I’ll just continue talking to Tiras first. Wonder if he’s noticed the bleeding guy?

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Cherri’s joyful laugh rang through the love-whipped elf’s ears in the form of a pretty ballot, its happy tune bringing a smile to his hardened features.  Like a hungry animal, he responded, passionately returning the ensnared magess’s kisses as though the previous night had not sated his desires.  Yet, like a clever serpent, she darted out as quickly as she had begun, dissolving through his embrace like quick sand before quickly darting away into the kitchen.

 “Duty first,”  he huffed sarcastically, sulking at his own misfortunes.  The disapproving look from his friend, the squat dwarf did not improve the elf’s mood one bit and returned the look, golden eyes alight.   “He’s just jealous.  I mean, it’s not often that a hairy midget gets action,”  Drasil assured himself.

Suddenly, a pale, delicate finger rubbed against his firm jaw line as Cherri appeared from the depths of the kitchen.  However, the caress was fleeting as the figure, once again disappeared with no warning except the sudden stroke of the fabric of her dress as she whirled, leaving the warrior standing awkwardly in the center of the tavern for the third time that day.  Silently, as if to meld into the non-existent shadows of the center of the common room, the warrior began to notice the eyes that his antics had attracted.  Fire rose to his cheeks in embarrassment, each flame maintained by a separate pair of eyes boring into his figure.  Surprisingly, he realized, whenever she was around his fears deserted him, enabling him to be as bold and proud as any man.  It felt good to have comfort in something outside of the inevitability of blood and death upon his long-spear.

And then she flitted back as fast as she had left, this time consumed by anger and far from pretty.   “By Ava,”  the elf cursed  “Do you ever stay still for more than a blink…”   His sentence was cut off by as he followed the path of her anger-consumed eyes.  Outside, the warrior witnessed the quick scuffle in the stables and the stealing of the horse.  Dashing behind the bar in a flurry of fabric and hair, he grabbed his final spear and sprinted out the door, crouched like a cat ready to pounce.  But, before he could pounce, the marble figure of Cherri, sending blinding sunlight reflecting in all directions, motioned for him to halt and come beside her and he complied, slowing to a stop by her side.

Minutes later the pursuers returned, carrying a bloodied sack of flesh and leading the escaped horse.  Silently, Drasil watched, a warder to his vulnerable mistress should the thief suddenly spring to action.  Cloaked in the shadows thrown by the overhang of the roof, he hid his presence through the whole affair, up until Thorgas had finished healing the horse-man.  Even after the others, he remained motionless, intent on the horizon.

Then, the figure of a woman appeared, one that Drasil recognized from earlier that morning.  “An accomplice?”  he thought, bracing himself for an attack.  Yet the precaution was unnecessary as the fool of a girl proudly barged up to the tavern, not noticing either of the two figures stationed at the door.

 “Idiot,”  he called out to the disappearing silhouette of the woman.   “You won’t be exiting this Tavern again any time soon.”

Before Cherri could stop him, the shadow flickered past the portal.  In a single swift movement, practically imperceptible by the human eye, the stealthy animal lunged at the woman, agilely weaving his way through the patrons to the small congregation of people surrounding the body to the sole female figure.  The body was barely recognizable as the man he had seen earlier, dining with that fool of an assassin, Malavona, yet Drasil felt no remorse.  Without pausing to inspect the gruesome sight, as others had, he noiselessly slipped the shaft of his weapon over the woman’s head and quickly drew it to her neck.  Then, calling out to the stout figure of the dwarf, Thorgas, he drew his body close to hers, initiating a choke-hold with the spear shaft.   “I believe I have caught the other culprit.  Would you like to deal with this one, or should I?”

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Jiro's eyelids barely parted, but he still couldn't see anything. Sweat and blood blinded him, casting the ceiling in a blurred, swimming red. His head pounded, and he felt like someone had stamped on his head. He couldn't feel anything else but a slight chill, and the only thing he could see was wood. A chill? Perhaps someone had removed his garments to tend to his wounds. Memories of the crash shook him for a moment. This was followed by mortification at the thought of being naked in, what he presumed, was the tavern. Hopefully he was not in the nude.

Noise pounded in his ears, and at the same time, it was filtered. He felt more unconscious than conscious, and because of this nothing pained him at the present.
I'm in a coma. Was the first notion that came to mind. He began slipping in and out, and the ceiling lost it's color. He could no longer feel the air of the room on his body, and his head no longer throbbed.

He began to dream.
Fenmarel was galloping away on a horse, but she seemed to be moving in slow motion. He was standing, watching the scene unfold. Phyth and Tzilon were galloping past now, even slower than Fenmarel. They were chasing a horse with no rider. Birds were flying after them. Also in slowed reality. Sand floated all around, and when Jiro ran his hand through the dust, he caught grains on his hand. Puzzled, he blew on them, and they scattered into the air.

Suddenly, he heard very very fast mumbling, so fast that it seemed inhuman. He turned, and saw Thorgas standing two peds away, with outstretched hands. He was covered in shadow and fog, and his eyes were lit aglow. His lips were moving super fast, much faster than any man or dwarf could possibly achieve. The words he spoke were too fast to understand, but Jiro knew that it most likely was an incantation.

Suddenly Fenmarel approached him from the side. Jiro watched in amazement. She would slow down, and then speed up, and then slow down. Suddenly, he felt aware that Tzilon and Phyth were approaching him in the same manner, although from different directions. Fenmarel was bleeding, with an arrow in her head. Phyth had several nightooth daggers stuck into his face, and one was lodged in his eye. Tzilon was fine... except for his arm, which was completely ripped off.

It was so gruesome and freakish, Jiro began screaming.
Suddenly, he felt himself regurgitate.

With a yell, Jiro squirmed and began convulsing on the table. Suddenly, he threw up large amounts of blood. He still could not see, although his eyes were open. Suddenly, more blood poured out from underneath him and pooled across the table. The large scar on his back had reopened.

He yelped and writhed, twisting on the table top.  He involuntarily clutched his throat with his hands as blood dribled from the corners of his mouth, down his jaw, and onto his neck.

Whatever was happening, it was more serious than the accident.

(OOC:  THIS IS JIRO'S ORIGINAL POST FROM ABOVE WHICH HAS BEEN DELETED.  I did make an aleration about Fen's herbs since I was here.)

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The dwarf looked at the place where the pig lay sleeping. He walked towards him and gently nudged his side to wake him up. "Buri, time to go to the stables." Buri, without showing any sign of hesitation, stood up and walked with Thorgas towards the stables. After choosing a clean stall, the dwarf led the pig in it, and as soon as the pig went inside he was fast asleep. After making sure that Buri has enough food and water when he wakes up, the sorcerer came out and joined Phyth outside.

"Huh? proud men?" Thorgas asked. He walked fast to keep up with the tallfolk's wide stride. He stared at the cloak Phyth was looking at. Nothing in particular, except for the bird-like image sewn on it. "But I thought all tallfolk are proud men, or so I've been told."

Thogas was going about to go inside the tavern for food and drink when a dust cloud began approaching the Herald. He looked on as it came nearer. Green eyes flashed with anger upon the return of the thief's accomplice, Fen. The woman got off her horse and asked about Jiro. "The nerve of you coming back here and act as if nothing happened! Thorgas' barked back at the woman. "Now I've got a mind to baste your hide for your insolence, wench!"

Thorgas stepped back and scattered powdered sulphur around him. The stench of the powder unpleasant, but the dwarf takes no notice of it. Then, taking his staff, he pointed it at the woman, ready to unleash a fiery spell if she decided to get nasty again. Bring it on.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on April 11, 2007, 03:50:07 PM
As Fen stood in front of Phyth, she suddenly felt the shaft of a weapon slipped over her neck, and before she had time to realize what was happening, it was drawn to her neck, and she sensed a body behind her. She began to struggle, then stopped. She would only succeed in hurting herself more.

Fen heard a male voice say behind her, “I believe I have caught the other culprit.  Would you like to deal with this one, or should I?”  Her first reaction to this was outrage. Here she was, coming back voluntarily to share Jiro's punishment, and they did that to her! But then when she thought about it more, it was understandable that they did that. Who would trust a thief?

Then the dwarf came. "The nerve of you coming back here and act as if nothing happened! Now I've got a mind to baste your hide for your insolence, wench!"  He barked at Fen. Her heart started pounding hard against her chest. Calm down, Fen, she told herself. You're doing an honorable deed here. They can't fault you for that.

She stood her ground, not that she could move, with the shaft of the warrior's weapon still aroung her neck, and looked the angry dwarf in the eye, genuine fear as well as determination showing clearly in her odd-colored eyes. "And you would 'baste my hide' for coming back of my own accord to share Jiro's punishment?"  she asked quietly. Then she got slightly angrier, and her voice rose. "You're the cruel one, putting him through a torture device!" she accused. "Even I wouldn't treat a thief like that!"

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What is she looking ? Tiras wondered as her attencion was focused in something behind him , turning he jumped so hard that the chair almost flew , and said more loudly that he wanted :

What the ...! Is this man dead ?Tiras was not asking no one in particular , but looking at the numerous patrons near the man , he asked them , I beg pardon gentleman , but is this really necessary , i mean don´t you have another place better to put this fellow , surely you realize this is a tabern ,  i am acompanied by a lady  , he pointed at Tifara , and i don´t think the sight of blood is appelling to someone who is yet to have breakfeast.

Turning graciously to Tifara , he said :I am trully sorry my lady , surelly this is a most traumatizing experience for someone as gentle as you , but this is expected in such barbarian lands ....  

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Suddenly, Tiras turned, and jumped so hard his chair almost flew.

Then, he said, in quite a loud voice, “What the …! Is this man dead? I beg pardon gentleman, but is this really necessary, I mean don’t you have another place better to place this fellow, surely you realize this is a tavern,  I am accompanied by a lady and I don’t think the sight of blood is appealing to someone who is yet to have breakfast.” Turning to Tifara, he continued, “I am truly sorry my lady, surely this is a most traumatizing experience for someone as gentle as you, but this is expected in such barbarian lands…”

Tifara was quite a bit startled by Tiras’s reaction, but she calmly replied, “It’s okay, it’s not your fault, you don’t have to apologize… And well, I’ve seen worse…”

Well, worse for me, that is. I wonder if you would call seeing your mother being poisoned to death by a spider worse than this. Tifara thought.

“Why don’t you sit down?” Tifara nodded to Tiras’s chair, and continued, “It’s not traumatising, I assure you.”

Tifara smiled at Tiras. “I don’t think the man’s dead. He’s been bandaged, after all…”

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"Erpheronian," Phyth said, answer Thorgas' question. It was then that the girl who was riding the stolen horse decided to come back. "Ask me later..."

He was about to say something, when Drasil came out of no where and pulled a spear across the girl's neck. He glanced at them for a second, then looked at Thorgas. Torture device? She was the one who abandoned him. "Fine," he said sarcastically when Fen offered to take Jiro's punishment. "Hold out your hands, I'm cutting them off."

It was apparent that Thorgas didn't want to punish the girl, and Phyth wasn't sure if he liked Drasil doing it either. "Actually, he was like that after he fell off the horse," he said to Fen. "After you abandoned him." Shaking his head, he motioned to Drasil.

"Do you mind if we take care of her?" Phyth motioned to Thorgas. "I think you'd be better off with the horse thief," he said, pointing inside the tavern.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on April 12, 2007, 06:41:43 AM
"Actually, he was like that after he fell off the horse, after you abandoned him." Phyth told Fen. "Oh,"  she said in a small voice. "Well, I've fallen off horses loads of times, and I was never hurt as bad as that." she pointed in the direction of Jiro. "I suppose he was unlucky." then she remembered what Phyth said first, and she glared at him. "I think you know I meant a punishment without bloodshed."

Then Phyth turned to the dwarf and said, "Do you mind if we take care of her? I think you'd be better off with the horse thief."  he probably meant 'take care' like 'finish off'. Except possibly without the killing. Possibly. She tried to look dignified, though with the shaft of Drasil's weapon around her neck, she didn't do too good a job. "I'm trying to do an honorable deed here. If the person behind me could remove his weapon from my neck, I won't run away, I swear. And you've got me surrounded anyway."

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Cherri knew as the riders rode back in that things had gone poorly for one of them.  Which one was the question.  As the riders neared she saw it was indeed the thief who had been injured and by the look of his limp body across the horse, badly.

Cherri felt, more than saw, Drasil move away from her.  Her mind was already working on what she would possibly need to begin treatment when the one of the pursuers came walking towards the tavern with the limp form. 

Cherri's attention was on the man's form mentally assessing his injuries.

Her keen ears picked up the sounds of hooves pounding against the desert, but Cherri was already heading back inside.

Cherri had seen Thorgas practicing his magic on Phyth and knew that he must have been wounded as well and Thorgas was healing him.  As robust as the Dwarf was he could not take on two healings one after the other without exhausting himself.

Cherri's violet eyes followed the thick trail of blood from where the rider had dismounted, hauling the thief with him, to the table where the man was placed rather roughly.  The man called for a mage and Cherri's eyes quickly scanned the room.  She thought it odd how humans could be so careless with an obviously severely injured man and yet call for assistance.

One soft booted foot took a step towards the table where the man was placed, but Cherri's attention was redirected when she heard Drasil's voice, which had lost its pleasantness and was now angry and harsh.  Shaking her head to clear her mind of the distraction Cherri made her way to the table where the man was lying.  There was a person who would most surely bleed out if she did not do something quickly, she could not be concerned with Drasil at the moment, however regrettably. 

As Cherri came to stand before the table another patron stood and voiced his distaste at having a bloodied man on a table so close to them.  Turning violet eyes that raged with concern and anger she spoke, her melodic voice as cold as steel.

"Good sir, I am sorry to hear that the wight of this man who is bleeding to death has ruined your breakfast.  I wonder if it was you who had the misfortune of being upon this table in the same state if you would want precious moments wasted on talk and moving you to another more suitable location?"  Cherri scanned the room about her and no one else dared to speak their displeasure.

Quickly Cherri removed her scarlet cloak and called for a warm bucket of water and clean linens.  Lori immediately ran upstairs to the locked closet and grabbed several clean linens that were store there.  She tried to grab the ones that absorbed the water the best and those that people used to dry themselves after a bath.

Running back downstairs she pulled a chair up beside Cherri, out of her way but still easily accessible, and placed the clean linens there.  One of the members from the kitchen staff brought out a large bowl filled with steaming water.

Cherri quickly looked the man over and not asking anyone in particular she said aloud, "Who here knows this man's name?"   While she waited for the answer Cherri rolled the sleeves of her dress up and asked Lori to fetch her an apron.  This was going to be messy.

Cherri could see that the man had broken his arm and leg, his face and head were badly battered and dirt and sand filled his wounds and tore his clothes. 

Suddenly the man began convulsing and blood seemed to seep out of him in a rush spilling over the table's edge and pooling upon the floor.  Cherri had not seen so much blood in a very long time and the last she had the man had not made it through the loosing of his life essence.  Eyes round with concern, Cherri quickly began searching the man's person starting with his head to find the wound that had apparently opened.  It was a difficult task as she could not hold him still and look him over at the same time.  Most patrons were standing at a distance, but had moved closer to peer at the convulsing man.

"Lori!"   Cherri yelled sharply.  "Get Drasil.  I need help!  Get him NOW!"   Lori had turned white with panic and fear.  She stood rooted in place, eyes wide at the sight of the man thrashing about the table.  Then Cherri's voice penetrated her fear and she bolted for the door to the outside.  She saw Drasil with his spear across a woman's throat and hesitated for a moment.  Then the sight of Cherri's angry face entered her brain and she ran to Drasil yelling the whole way, "Drasil!  Drasil!  The man is thrashing on the table and Cherri says she needs you to help her.  He began bleeding so much!  There is blood everywhere!"

Lori stood, eyes wide, skin pale waiting for Drasil's response.

Cherri looked to Samuel behind the bar and saw that he was vomiting up his breakfast.  "So much for that thought."  Cherri mumbled to herself. 

Cherri attempted to rip the man's shirt open, but found it lightly padded and had to put more effort into tearing his clothing.  She did not want to risk the change or using her dagger and accidentally stabbing him as the thrashed upon the table.  Reaching under him as he bucked upwards Cherri felt the warm wet stickiness of blood.  And a lot of it.

Tearing the man's shirt from his body as well as the bands upon his arms, Cherri realized that no amount of herbs or potions was going to fix this.  She would have to use her magic.  A small smile came to her lips as she thought, 'Well I didn't go to the Twin Towers and study so long and hard for nothing.' 

She had been a good student and had surpassed many of her fellow classmates.  She had practiced her level six spells when she had time alone and had been fairly successful at it, tho her spells at level six also fizzled more often than her level five spells.

She had no choice in the matter now.  The spell she needed to cast was a level six spell.  The Aura of Restoration was a very powerful spell and everytime she had cast it it had left her weak and even once unconscious, but she couldn't think about that now.  She had to focus.  It was a good thing that when it came to concentration and focusing she had generations of powerful mages to rely on.  It was in her bloodlines, the ability to wield great magic, and she made sure she tapped into it whenever she could.

First Cherri loosened several pouches at her waist, her nimble fingers working so fluidly.  From once pouch she emptied into the palm of hand several crushed herbs that she used for cleansing.  From her palm, these herbs found themselves in the bowl of warm water to seep.

Second Cherri emptied several slivers of crystals into her hands.  It was then she noticed that people had begun to crowd around the table.  "Step back!"  Cherri ordered.  The sharpness of her voice caught many by surprise and them instinctively took three or four steps backwards often bumping into others.

Raising her arms to her sides, Cherri began her trance like concentration.  Her eyes seemed to grow darker and she began to draw the wind energies to her.  Cherri's mind began to become empty.  Nothing existed except the effect she wanted from the spell.  Pouring every bit of her own carall into the spell, Cherri began to focus upon combining the wind energies with her own.  She could begin to feel the two mesh, becoming one powerful healing energy.  Just a few more moments and she would be ready.  No longer seeing the man before her on the table, Cherri continued to gather the healing energy around her.  She was beginning to feel it, as if it were a tangible thing. 

Cherri's breathing became more labored as she continued the spell.  The weight of the spell was beginning to cause her to sweat, which she did not notice.  Allowing her mind to recognize anything but the effect of the spell and the spell itself could cause herself great harm and those around her. 

Cherri's body began to visibly tremble as if a large weight had been placed upon her shoulders and it was too much to bear.  Cherri did not realize her current state. 

Feeling the healing energy all about her she released the crystal slivers, dropping them to the ground.   Finally she directed the healing aura towards the man lying upon the table.  She engulfed his entire form and even some of those who were standing close by in the healing aura.  She continued to focus upon the objective:  close this man's wounds; mend his broken bones.  Cherri could see in her mind's eye the man's wounds healing, his bones reconnecting and mending once again together.

She saw his own loose cár'állía rearranging itself as his wounds began to heal.  The spell was coming to an end and Cherri wanted to see if his wounds did indeed heal as she focused so hard on doing. 

Cherri took a step forward and her vision suddenly was dark.  Her head swam.  Cherri reached out for something to steady herself.  As the blackness consumed her, Cherri heard herself say, "Drasil..."

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on April 12, 2007, 11:19:59 AM
"No, I will not do anything for that rockhead in there. A low-life like him and this woman here does not deserve to live." The dwarf, obviously angry at the people around him, stormed away from the conversation. "I've wasted my time and my precious powdered sulphur with all of you surface brutes." Glaring one last time at them, the dwarf stomped angrily towards the inn.

Once inside, he stared at the body of the unconscious thief on the table, the smell of blood penetrating his nose and treatening to make him vomit. He held his breath to make the feeling go away and walked towards his usual spot near the fireplace to have his breakfast. After sitting down, he watched the barmaid go to work with the thief lying on the table. Incredible magic this woman commands. Thorgas thought. He marveled at the skill this elf wields in treating the wounds of the horse thief.

Moments later, the sorcerer heard Cherri's shout for Drasil. "Aye, that's right, lassie." Thorgas said, in an attempt to encourage her. "Shout the name of yar sweetheart before you attempt to do something hard. It sure did help me when I had to move my pig." Soon enough, the spell ended, and Cherri was dizzy and trembling a little. He heard her call Drasil's name for the last time. By my beard, methinks she's starting to faint. Thorgas looked on, anticipating the worse for this valiant lady who placed other's needs before her own.

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Post by: Tzilon Ikara on April 12, 2007, 02:59:34 PM
Tzilon barely heard the elven lady's question.  Oh, goddess have mercy.  What have I done?  Finally, he responded to the query.  "Jiro," he responded to the healer.  "His name is Jiro."  But the elf wasn't responding, for she was now deep into casting.

Tzilon looked around the room, his hands shaking.  "I did what...what I thought was necessary... I tried to end it... I didn't mean for this to... I'm so sorry," he said to no one in particular.

Suddenly, the spell started to work.  The wounds!  They're healing!  But something else was happening.  The lady's legs were buckling; the spell had taken its toll.  "Drazil," she muttered softly, and then she began to fall.  Tzilon dove towards her, barely catching her before she hit the ground.  Cradling her in his arms, he felt her pulse.  She was still alive, but not conscious.  "M'lady! Wake up!  Please!  Don't... oh goddess... not now..."

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Post by: Hylphán on April 12, 2007, 03:38:42 PM
     "What a day", Hylphán thought, as he rode toward the tavern/inn.  "At least I will be able to get a hot breakfast at the Thirsty Herald" he thought.  As Redwing, his horse, walked along at a brisk pace, the dust billowed up in clouds, covering her legs, and his with a thin layer of fine grit.  "I wish I would have remembered the countryside better last night", he said out loud, as he patted Redwing on the neck.  "If I would have remembered the inn was this close, we both could have slept in comfort."  Redwing snorted loudly and nodded her head as if to agree. 

      The last 6 months traveling across Southern Sarvonia together, had created a very close bond between the two.  Hylphán talked to the horse a lot on the trail, and in the evenings when bedding down.  So it would appear to others that Redwing actually understood what the half-elf was saying, just by her reactions.  Who knows, maybe she did. 

     As they rode closer to the small group of buildings, her pace quickened as if anticipating a comfortable stall and some tender grain.  As he approached the tavern, Hylphán noticed some kind of commotion going on inside. 

     Guiding Redwing to the stable, he called for a stablehand, and placed a few san in his hand.  "I want you to ensure this horse is well fed as long as I am here.  She will only eat what she needs, just make sure it is available at all times, understand?  I will care for her myself right now, if you would show me to a clean stall with fresh straw."

     After a quick wash down, checking the hooves for rocks, and a good rub down, Hylphán gave Redwing a small apple from his saddlebag.  He rubbed her head from forelock to nose and back while he talked to her.  "You relax here today, and eat good."  "You stay right here and don't leave here till I get back, okay?"  Redwing, happily munching the apple, snorted softly and nodded her head.  Turning to the stablehand, Hylphán said "Make sure she gets as much grain as she can eat, and make sure it's your best feed!"  "If I'm going to eat good, then she will too."

     Hylphán grabbed his saddlebags, left the stable and entered the tavern quietly.  He noticed immediately the man on the table, both covered with blood.  The next thing he saw was the elf woman sinking slowly in a faint, and the man with the scar catching her just before she hit the floor.  Hylphán stepped against the wall behind the door, and surveyed the rest of the room.  The crowd was milling about nervously, and it seemed that no one had even noticed his quiet entrance.  He saw an empty chair at a table by the fireplace, a table already occupied by a very stout dwarf.  The dwarf seemed intent on the current commotion, not noticing Hylphán as he followed the wall around the room, until Hylphán quietly asked the dwarf " Is this seat taken, or may I join you?"

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on April 12, 2007, 04:10:45 PM
Fen watched all this happening in front of her. She saw a woman healing Jiro, then calling out for a person named Drasil before fainting. She watched as Tzilon apologized to no one in particular for knocking Jiro off. Oh man, talk about drama! She thought, disgusted at present with everyone in the Thirsty Herald; Jiro for not being clever enough to get away, Tzilon for jumping into them, Phyth for being so stupid as to let her knock him unconscious, the man behind her for 'catching' her when she had come back of her own accord, and many others. If I had known this would happen, I would never have gotten involved. She thought irritably.

Then she thought about Cherri's call. Who was Drasil? If he was the man behind her, he was certainly heartless, choosing to 'catch' a culprit and keep her from escaping when it was obvious she would not, or go to the woman, who was probably his lover. Fen felt as if what was happening around her wasn't real. She watched everything around her with a mixture of disgust, annoyance, boredom and fascination.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on April 12, 2007, 07:02:52 PM
"Good sir, I am sorry to hear that the wight of this man who is bleeding to death has ruined your breakfast.  I wonder if it was you who had the misfortune of being upon this table in the same state if you would want precious moments wasted on talk and moving you to another more suitable location?".
Tiras eyes flickered briefly feeling offended with the elfess words , he wasn´t used to be talked like that , "The nerve i say ! This woman for someone who has a business to care for , she sure treats her patrons with rudeness , to put a criminal interests first over a respected man as myself , that is something never heard before ....
A bit more calmed , Tiras turned to Tifara and said :
Don´t mind these distractions , if the "lady",  he rather stressed lady with mock , wants to cure that man , so be it !

As soon as Tiras finished talking , Cheri used magic , something that he , being a city lad , marveled watching , as the wounds began to close.

With admiration , Tiras taught , I be ...! For someone so fragil , she does command amazing power.
thankfully i refrained to respond to her harsh words .

Tifara my dear  , he asked , this is really an amazing sight , a chance of a life time , to witness such powerfull magic , we are  indeed lucky , dont you agree?

Tiras waited for the answer , not realizing the serious faces around him , that was not a situacion for such joy .

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Post by: patt0192 on April 13, 2007, 09:09:00 AM
Jiro began sputtering, and he sat up sharply. His vision was blurred by tears and his brown skin was glistening with beads of sweat. The strangest thing about him now was his eyes, which were blank. If the eyes truly are the windows to the soul, then Jiro's soul was out like a light. Something possibly went wrong with the woman's magic... or perhaps it was something more serious. He glanced around the tavern with interest. There were so many concerned faces... strangely looking at him. He rubbed his eyes, and his vision cleared.

There were so many expressions that it was overwhelming for Jiro. Many were concerned, some were angry, some wore expressions that Jiro did not recognize. One girl wore the expression of indifference, but it was such an obvious mask of her true feelings that Jiro did not spend much time trying to read her.

The scariest thing was that they were all looking at him. He frowned and glanced down, realizing he was partially naked. He blushed a vibrant red.
"Oops," he said with an uneasy grin, "Sorry."

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on April 13, 2007, 10:17:36 AM
Thorgas was intent on watching the commotion inside the tavern until he was startled by a voice coming from behind him. Turning around, he saw a man, asking if he can sit with him on his table. "Aye sir. That seat is not taken and I'd be happy ta share the table with ya." The dwarf nodded to the man as a sign of greeting and sat down on a chair.

Once more, Thorgas looked on at the fainted lady, and at the same time to the horse thief. Jiro was sitting up on the table, grinning sheepishly. "I could come up there and slap that stupid grin off your face, thief." He mumbled to himself, forgetting that he has company with him. Then suddenly, he remembered.

The dwarf's face reddened and he faced the tallfolk again. "Apologies fer my behavior, friend." Thorgas bellowed. "Just a sudden outburst of my thoughts." The sorcerer paused. He scanned the room, and smiled at the man.  We can't get our breakfast on account of the tavernmistress there fainting." He pointed to Cherri.

Thorgas took out his pipe and smoked. "The name's Thorgas. A pleasure to meet ya." He smiled, and taking a pouch of dried venison from his belt, he offered some to the tallfolk. "Pray human, may I know your name?"

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Post by: Tifara Heike on April 13, 2007, 03:43:22 PM
As a lady replied Tiras’s statement of having his breakfast ruined, Tifara saw his eyes flicker briefly with offence. After a while, Tiras calmed down, and said, with a hit of mockery, “ Don’t mind these distractions, if the "lady", wants to cure that man, so be it!

However, as soon as the lady started using her magic, Tiras’s offence became admiration. Then, facing Tifara, he said, “Tifara my dear, this is really an amazing sight, a chance of a life time, to witness such powerful magic, we are  indeed lucky, don’t you agree?

Tifara hesitated in her reply. It was such a serious situation, and she didn’t want to risk offending anyone.

“I’m sure we are lucky, but the one luckier has to the man there, lying injured.” Tifara finally ventured a reply. Suddenly, the lady collapsed and fell. Just in time, a man caught her, and felt her pulse. Then, the man started to try to wake her up. Seemingly frantic, he cried, “M'lady! Wake up! Please! Don't… oh goddess… not now…”

“Oh my!” Tifara cried. “Is she dead?!” She better not. I don’t ever want to see another person die!

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"Aye sir. That seat is not taken and I'd be happy at share the table with ya."  So Hylphán pulled out the chair, put his saddlebags across the back of it, and sat down across from the Dwarf. 

      The stout one looked across the room, then mumbled to himself,"I could come up there and slap that stupid grin off your face, thief."  Suddenly he appeared embarrassed, and his face reddened. 

      "Apologies fer my behavior, friend."  "Just a sudden outburst of my thoughts."   He looked around then turned and smiled at Hylphán.  "We can't get our breakfast on account of the tavern-mistress there fainting."  he said as he gestured towards the woman on the floor.   "Great!" thought Hylphan, "And all I wanted was a hot breakfast!" 

      As the Dwarf pulled out his pipe and lit it with a branch from the fireplace, he smiled and bellowed loudly "The name's Thorgas. A pleasure to meet ya."  Offering Hylphán some dried venison from a pouch at his side, he asked  "Pray human, may I know your name?" 

      Only then did Hylphán realize his hood still covered his head and face.  He pulled back the hood to reveal his blond and white hair, and his slightly pointed ears.  "Thank you kind sir" said Hylphán, accepting a piece of the dried meat.  "My name is Hylphán'ác'órril but you may call me Hylphán." 

      Turning toward the group across the room he asked, almost to himself, "I wonder if she will be with us before the midday meal?", indicated the unconscious tavern-mistress."It would be a shame if I had traveled all this way and couldn't get a hot meal" said Hylphán softly.  "Of course, a couple of nights in a soft bed wouldn't be a bad thing either", he continued.
     He turned to Thorgas and asked "Is there always this much excitement here, or is there a quieter inn in the next town."

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on April 14, 2007, 09:55:54 PM
Thorgas looked at the tallfolk with him, from his head down to his clothes. He especially noticed the long, pointy ears the man wears, and guessed right away they are by no means the ears of humans, but more likely, an elf. "Ach, yer an elf?" Thorgas exclaimed. "I'm sorry, thought yer a human." Many are the patrons that come and go in this little tavern, and most are tallfolks. There is no way to recognize the elves from the humans except for pointy elven ears or human facial hair, thus people often confuse both races.

The dwarf took a piece of venison from his pouch and continued. "I've never been here for long, meself, but in the past few days there has been many an excitement in this tavern." Thorgas smiled warmly at the elf and blew out smoke from his pipe. "Let's see. There's this shady person who fought everyone in this common room before. Don't mind him though, he won't be looking for problems any time soon."

Thorgas scanned the common room again. The guy who brought the horse thief back was still here, cuddling the woman. "Fer goodness sakes, lad, get a room." He breathed. He usually doesn't concern himself with other's business, but this woman is already in a relationship with the elf Drasil, and two-timing certainly isn't a very good idea. He was soon lost in watching the couple until the elf mentioned something about other inns. Thorgas gave him a strange look and said, "I'm afraid yer mistaken, sir. We're in the middle of the desert, not a town. I don't know how far the next town is, and I'm afraid I can't help you get there." The sorcerer paused. He was feeling a bit sorry for this stranger who would probably need to journey to the next town, a trip that would probably last a few days. "This tavern is the last sanctuary for those travelling to the next town." He added. "I highly suggest that you rest here for a while and enjoy your stay." Thorgas finished, giving a mischievous wink at the stranger that probably means "Were going to have a really good time".

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Drasil shifted uneasily as the human addressed him.  He had not intended for him to get involved.   “Never liked that one,”  he cursed to himself,  “Always trying to be so high and mighty when he’s flat out useless himself.”

 “Do you mind if I take care of her?”

 “Yes, I do ”  he thought to himself, golden eyes flaring with self-induced anger.  And then the girl spoke, putting on the phoniest face of bravery.

 “\"I\'m trying to do an honorable deed here. If the person behind me could remove his weapon from my neck, I won\'t run away, I swear. And you\'ve got me surrounded anyway.\"

Then the elf snapped, his serene face morphing into a snarl.   “Shut up, bitch.”  he hissed, pulling the shaft in tighter against her throat.   “You’re even lower than the horse thief, himself.  Don’t speak when your betters are talking.  If it were up to me, you’d already be bleeding like a stuck pig.  As for you...”

The elf whirled to face a third voice that had just broken into the conversation, preparing to give her a severe tongue lashing.  Out of the tavern door, the young serving girl appeared, blatantly distressed by something, though she was still to far for the warrior to make out what she was saying.  But just as she reached him, her tiny for, sagging with exhaustion, a cry from inside the tavern pierced the silence.

 “Drasil!”  the voice called, trailing off as it reached the last syllable.

 “Cherri!”  he cursed, worry evident upon his face.  Hastily, he turned back to the human, and shoved the spear at him, passing the captive to a new warder.  “Take this one.  I’ll be back shortly to get her.”

Without waiting for a response, he bolted off, heading towards the tavern and in a few blinks, found himself barging through the wooden portal and into the dimly lit room.  He paused, allowing his eyes to quickly adjust to the light, before surveying the patrons for the source of the call.  Across the tavern, at the foot of a bloodied table containing a sleeping figure, he saw her, slumped cradled in the arms of one of the patrons.

Then, he sprung into action, leaping up onto the closest table and in the process knocking a cool drink and hot meal onto the lap of a patron.  Not bothering to apologize, he agilely leapt to the next with a cat-like grace.  And, after just a few blinks, he finally arrived at his target, leaving a path of furious patrons and shattered dining-ware behind him.

Snarling, he tore the pale, limp form of Cherri from the hands other man and gently slung her in his arms.  Then, before any could react, he raced up the stairs from the common room, calling out behind him   “Thorgas, up here.  NOW!”

As he reached the top of the stair well, he expertly wove his way through the halls of bed-rooms to number seven, his own.  Knowing it was unlocked, he barreled into the wooden block, sending it swinging inward with his momentum.  Quietly, he laid the woman on the bed, leaving the door open to admit the dwarf, should he come, and lightly sat next to her.  Pushing silvery hair from her neck, he checked for a pulse and was pleased to find one.  Next, sweeping his own yellow hair out of the way, he lowered his ear to her delicate lips and watched as her chest slowly rose and fell with her steady breathing.

 “Nothing wrong physically,”  he said to himself, overjoyed with the news.  Confident that Cherri would be ok, he waited patiently for Thorgas.

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Jiro stared in awe at what had unfolded. The silence was almost immediately broken by an elf bouncing across the furniture. The patrons were swearing at him with distress, although his face was a look of intense concentration. It was obvious he heard nothing but the cry of his Mistress. That was the only explanation for the man leaping at the call of this woman... true love. At least that's what it appeared to Jiro.

He slid off the table and wobbled as he landed on his feet. He braced his hands out, just in case, and his eyes went cross-eyed for a moment as a wave of dizziness took him. He stumbled slightly, and began shuffling towards the door. He kept bumping the base of his wrist against his head, near his temple, as if he was trying to remember something.

He watched with a silent fear as some of the patrons who were not as distracted by the elf's lack of curiousity to the furniture stared at him still. Some looked very angry at him. A short man in particular looked ready to murder him.

Jiro gazed blankly at the man before turning and shuffling towards the door.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on April 15, 2007, 09:58:01 AM
No Tifara , she is far from death , as far i understand magic , it can be very tiring for the caster , she will recuperate .

Feeling that the room has become to crowed for his tastes , Tiras smilled at Tifara and kissing her hand , he said :

Well , this is certainly too much excitment for me , i need fresh air on my face , i will go for a walk , and i do hope to see you again my lovely Tifara .

With an elegant gest , Tiras bid farewell and went outside .

This is indeed sad , i hoped to get to know her better , but the air inside has become "heavy".

Sitting in a stone , Tiras decided to rest for a while.

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Post by: Hylphán on April 16, 2007, 03:23:36 PM
  Hylphán listened as the dwarf apologized, then ran through an abbreviated list of the current happenings.  Thorgas paused a second, then said "This tavern is the last sanctuary for those traveling to the next town." He added "I highly suggest that you rest here for a while and enjoy your stay." Thorgas then gave a mischievous wink at Hylphán that seemed to mean "Were going to have a really good time".
    Just as Thorgas was finishing, another elf sprinted through the door, pausing just for a second, leaped to a tabletop, then another, splashing drinks and food everywhere.  He slid to a stop at the unconscious woman, gathered her in his arms, and sprinted for the stairs while yelling across the common room for Thorgas to attend him.  He also noticed the bloodied man slide off the table and head for the door with a staggering shuffle.

     "Will you be leaving for a while, sir?" Hylphán asked of the dwarf, when he heard the elf yell for Thorgas.
  Before the dwarf could answer, Hylphán continued with"I believe I will follow your advice and stick around at least a day or two.  Just to get some rest, and hopefully some hot food" he continued, looking towards the bar and kitchen.  "I'll be sitting here for a little while longer, so I'll probably be here when you get back ... that is if you decide to follow him upstairs."

     "Right now I think I will wander over towards the kitchen to see if I might find some other staff in there to fix me breakfast." Hylphán said, getting up and heading towards the bar/kitchen.  "Was that someone cleaning up behind the bar?" Hylphán thought to himself as he approached it.

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on April 16, 2007, 10:34:18 PM
Thorgas looked at the stairs, where the elf vanished as soon as he appeared. He stared at it for a long time, thinking if he should go and answer Drasil's call. If the dwarf would help him, then he risks his health by casting spells spontaneously. If he doesn't, Drasil would get angry with him. There's no telling what that animal would do. Thorgas thought. If he can jump and spill drinks and food at patrons without care, then I daresay he could beat up his chest and fling tables and chairs at me. That could be bad indeed.

The elf he was with shook him off his thoughts. "Oh yes, sir. I think I would follow the beastie and see what is the matter. I will return shortly." He nodded to the elf, "PLease save this table, it's my favorite spot." He left the table and went upstairs, his facial expression clearly revealing that he was angry and ready to explode.

Thorgas went from room to room, glaring through open doors in order to locate Drasil's room. It took him sometime to find him, but at last he did, in room number seven. The time it took to find it did not chage the dwarf's mood. He went inside and found Drasil, and it looks like he's kissing the barmaid; a long passionate kiss. He pounded on the wooden door in order to get his attention, and with a raised eyebrow said, "You called me to watch you two make love? I could have lived the rest of my life without seeing that!" Thorgas shouted as he turned around and left the room. He looks as if he's ready to burn the elf, pointed ears and everything, to ashes.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on April 16, 2007, 11:27:59 PM
Phyth raised one red eyebrow at the well armed elf's reaction to his question. Apparently he didn't like that idea, from what he could tell. Which was fine with Phyth, because he wasn't too happy the elf decided to butt in. It's not like he was around to help with anything when it mattered. Good thing he's so great at capturing defenseless girls, or I'd have been in trouble, Phyth thought sarcastically.

His face remained indifferent while he waited for the elf to answer, but Phyth began shaking his head as the elf shoved the girl to him and ran off. Removing the spear from the girls neck, Phyth aimed the end at her back. "Move,"he said simply. Grabbing Iago's reins, Phyth led them both to the stables.

Inside the stables, Phyth made sure the girl was well away from the exit, sat the spear down, and drew his short sword. Leading Iago to her stall, Phyth turned back to the girl. "You want to do the honorable thing?" He said as he picked up a shoveling tool. He threw it in a dirty stable and motioned the sword towards it. "Get to work."

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The man behind her handed her over to the horse-lover, along with the spear. With the point of the spear prodding her back, Fen walked to the stables. Was he going to 'take care of her' there? Then he threw a shoveling tool inside a dirty stable. "You want to do the honorable thing? Get to work." he said, motioning towards it.

Fen's shoulders sagged slightly with relief. Cleaning out dirty stables was not one of her favorite chores, but she had often mucked out two or three stables singlehandedly in one day. "Is that all?" she nearly asked, then stopped herself just in time. That might be considered impertinent. Instead, she just beamed at the horse-lover, grabbed the shoveling tool and set to work almost enthusiastically. And if he asked her to do more work later, she wouldn't mind; she needed the exercise anyway.

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Jeréth lifted him head from slumber, He looked around and tried to remember where he was. He cast a glance toward a familiar voice, Kali, the human he had encountered before. Jeréth stood up slowly and wandered over to the table, where she and another sat. Jeréth stopped before her and spoke calmly, "May I have a seat?"

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Jiro stumbled out through the tavern door into the sunlight. Something was seriously wrong here, and he needed to figure out what it was before it was too late. Nobody here liked him very much, that was obvious. He wasn't sure he knew too many of the patrons, although he knew intuitively that he was a loner anyways. He always had been. At least, he thought he did...

He noticed that his shirt was still missing, and he resigned to search for a coat, or a cloak of some type for him to borrow. The sun was piercing today, and although his skin was brown, darker than a white man's tan, he was much more adapted to the polar climate of Cyhalloi. Glistening beads of sweat that appeared almost immediately were proof of that. Or perhaps he had been oustide in the desert heat previously?

He heard voices from the barn that sounded just as foreign as anything else, yet a twinge of recollection urged him to investigate. He snuck up to the door and peeked in. There was a girl talking to a man who didn't appear to be any too happy with her.

Jiro slipped inside, shutting the door behind him, and sat down on a bale of hay to watch.

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"Smile all you want," Phyth said to Fen. She wouldn't be like that for too long. "You get to clean that one next." Phyth motioned towards the pig's stall. A very, very dirty stall, pig droppings and all. "Oh, and don't go near my horse. Otherwise she might kill you," He said matter-of-factly, a wicked smile coming across his face.

His grin widened as Iago began neighing. Someone decided to come in the stables, and Phyth was pretty sure who it was. "You're just in time," Phyth said, turning his head around. "Your friend is having fun cleaning horse droppings."

Phyth stood up and turned fully to Jiro. "And if either of you try to steal a horse again, I'll break your legs," he said simply, without emotion.

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As Fen looked towards a pig's stall, her smlie faltered slightly; but nothing could spoil her relief at a 'light' punishment. The smile was soon fully restored. The pig's stall would count as two stalls. It didn't really matter.

She looked around to see Mr Horse-lover talking to Jiro. "You're just in time, your friend is having fun cleaning horse droppings. And if either of you try to steal a horse again, I'll break your legs." Hmm, Fen wouldn't be able not to promise to steal a horse ever again, but she wouldn't be stealing any more horses from the Thirsty Herald sometime soon.

Fen beamed at Jiro. "Never mind..."  she started to say, then she stopped short. There was something wrong with Jiro's eyes. They clearly said he was confused. Something clicked in Fen mind. She turned to the Horse-lover, her smile gone, to be replaced with worry. "I think Jiro's lost his memory!" she said to him urgently, "Or part of it, at least." she eyed Phyth. What was he going to do next? Be nice to him, or make him to the work anyway?

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“No Tifara, she is far from death, as far I understand magic, it can be very tiring for the caster, she will recuperate.”

Then, Tiras smiled at Tifara and, kissing her hand, he said, “Well ,this is certainly too much excitement for me, I need fresh air on my face, I will go for a walk, and I do hope to see you again, my lovely Tifara.”

With an elegant gesture, he left the tavern.

Oh… So fast? Tifara felt disappointed. “Well… bye…” Tifara said softly.

Well, what can I do now? To the stables, perhaps?

Tifara glanced around the tavern, thinking, There doesn’t seem much for me to do here… I guess I should go outside. She stood up, pushing her chair back. Then, she walked towards the door, and went outside.

Wandering around the area, Tifara caught a glimpse of some greenery. She slowly walked towards there. It was the garden. Tifara gasped. The place was full of greenery. It was heaven for her. She pranced about in excitement. Then, she stopped at a tree. A big tree. It reminded her of the days in Ranndár. Tifara touched the tree bark, and smiled. She sat down and reminisced about her past.

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"You're just in time," Phyth said, turning his head around. "Your friend is having fun cleaning horse droppings."

Jiro gazed at the man in amazement, seeing nothing but contempt behind the windows of his eyes. To be honest, that actually scared Jiro.

"What are you smoking?" Jiro asked saucily in return to the man's curt comments, "I don't even know her." He jerked his head in the direction of the girl cleaning stalls for emphasis.

The stall cleaner turned to the rude man, her smile gone, to be replaced with worry. "I think Jiro's lost his memory!" she said to him urgently, "Or part of it, at least."

Jiro's eye twitched as the girl talked about as if she knew something...
"What are you talking about?" he said, "And who the hell is Jiro? Do you know anything about why I'm here?"
He started to blush.
"And why am I half naked?!" he added.

With the slightest facial gesture, he gave Fenmarel a sign. The sign was so inconspicuous that only she recognized it, as he had done it before to her.

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Fallen squinted his eyes against the glaring sun. Stridng tiredly through the hot sands, he headed for the Herald. His mouth was intolerably parched, and a cough was continuous upon his lips. His Tager walked steadily beside him, not showing his fatigue.

They'd been traveling for what seemed forever. Fallen  had no idea where he was supposed to be going, no destination, and the tavern seemed like the most promising place to visit. So he pushed forward, his open leather jacket revealing his sweating torso.

The tavern was in sight now, and as he neared, commotion could be heard from inside. Far too much commotion for his taste. Casting a dismaying glance at Haunted, he left the Tager in the stables, eyeing the other mounts. Stroking the beast fondly, the elf left the tired creature to his rest. Entering the tavern warily, the elf keeps his hood pulled over his sweat drenched face, glaring at the bustle of activity. Not wishing to mingle, he stands uncertainly by the door.

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     As Hylphán got close enough to the bar to see behind it, there was indeed a man bent down trying to clean up a nasty looking, and smelly mess.  By the look of him, that mess must have been the man's breakfast.  "Oh well," thought Hylphán, "He doesn't look in good enough shape to take my order."   He started scanning the room looking for anyone else that looked like they might work here. 
     The crowd was dispersing somewhat, but he still couldn't identify any servers by sight alone amongst the mingling people.  Turning back to the bar, Hylphán quietly asked the man "Excuse me kind sir, I see you are busy, but I would like to spend a little money, if that's possible." 
     The mention of money seemed to make the man perk up a little as he stood and weakly smiled at Hylphán.  "Sorry sir for the commotion, and the mess, but things have been a bit hectic this morning, to say the least."  "Samuel is the name."  "What may I do for you sir?"
     "Well Samuel," Hylphan responded, "First I would like a hot breakfast, as I have traveled a bit already this morning."  "Then, I need a room for a day or two, hopefully with a hot bath after breakfast this morning."
     Samuel started looking a little better than when Hylphán first saw him, as he said "I have a nice room upstairs, second on the left, and can have a bath drawn while you break your fast, sir."  "You may pick up the key when you are ready."  "The only other question I have for you is, what would you be having for your meal this morning sir?"
     Hylphan thought for a moment and replied "the last time I was here, I had a wonderful meat thing...I think it was...Oh yes!, Aberan Loaf."  "Also a couple of mugs of that Tulimon Grape Juice."  "What do I owe for both the room and the meal?"  When Samuel told him, Hylphan produced a handful of san from a hidden pocket within the folds of his cloak, making them appear as if be magic.  "I will be at the table by the fireplace" Hylphan said, turning to go. 
     As he started across the room, slipping between tables and people, he notice from the corner of his eye that another figure had entered the tavern.  He saw the tall figure hesitate for a few seconds, guessing that he was allowing adjustment time for the difference in lighting from the bright sunlight.  Hylphan continued to weave his way across the room, and sat down to wait for his meal.

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Tifara smiled wistfully. She missed those children she frequently saw under the Ashwude Tree. Those innocent faces, playing with the leaves in autumn. The same faces, resting under the tree in summer.

I wonder how they are now… Do they miss me? Tifara pondered over this for a moment. Then, she thought, Well, I have no way of knowing that. So, might as well continue resting!

Tifara breathed in the fresh air. This has the be the best place in the surroundings of the tavern! Oh, how I love the fresh air!

She fingered her pendant, then her belt. She clasped her hands, then decided, I feel like going out now. I can come back later… Tifara walked to the entrance of the garden, and turned back. She would remember this place forever. Then, she continued on her way out.

As she neared the tavern, she spotted an elf walking towards the stables, coughing continuously. Hey! I haven’t seen him before. Wonder if he’s new… Tifara’s curiosity was aroused, and she decided to follow him. If he sees me, I’ll just say I’m taking a walk around.

The elf left his bird-lizard in the stables, and then walked towards the tavern. Upon reaching the entrance, he kept his hood pulled down, and stood at the door.

He looks unsure of himself. Wonder what he’s going to do?

Tifara was watching the elf from beside the stables. Should I go talk to him?

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 You called me to watch you two make love? I could have lived the rest of my life without seeing that!\"

The elf snapped erect, interrupted from his monitoring of Cherri\'s symptoms by the gruttal sound of the Dwarven voice.  Turning around, thinking the dwarf was trying to make a joke, he was suprised to see the tubby figure consumed with flames of anger, and, before he could speak, the dwarf stomped out of the room and down the hall.

 \"Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed,\"  he thought, laughing to himself.  The noise sounded awkward, almost strained as it erupted from his untrained mouth, before forming into an awkward howl.   \"Well, I best go retrieve him.\"

Exiting from the room, he followed the hulking footsteps of his friend and soon caught up to him.  Silently, he drew a dagger from one of his many sheathes and with expert percision, flung it through the air, sending it whistling past the dwarf\'s ear before crashing through a ceramic pot and lodging itself in the wall.

 \"You sure know how to make an exit,\"  the warrior said, adopting a friendly smile.   \"Just a suggestion, you might wish to keep it down a little.  T\'would be a shame if they had to throw you out for disrupting the patrons.\"

As he waited for the Thorgas\'s response, he rapidly absorbed his surroundings, gold eyes flickering in a whirlwind of rapid motions to capture the unfolding scene.   \"He does not look happy,\"  Drasil thought to himself, \"Best be ready in case he has the bright idea to unleash some of those magics on me.\" [/color]

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Fallen surveyed the inn, his ithild eyes roving it's perimeter. A man in a green and brown cloak had finished transactions with the bartender, while other patrons milled around. He heard slight footsteps somewhere behind him, but was distracted by a dwarf stomping angrily downstairs, followed by yet another patron hurling a dagger. The scent of blood was picked up by the elf's nostrils.

Smirking slightly, the elf shook his leather jacket to dislodge the dusty sand covering it. This action caused the hidden chain under his jacket sleeve to jingle loudly. Finally stepping forward, his iron-shod boots clanking loudly on the wooden floor, he took a chair near the door. Sitting down lightly, He caught his breath.

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The elf stood at the entrance for quite a while, then shook his jacket. Tifara then heard a jingling sound. After that, he stepped into the tavern and sat on a chair near the door.

Well! He didn’t see me! Am I lucky, or am I just good? Tifara smiled to herself and laughed softly. She decided to go into the tavern and talk to the elf.

She walked towards the tavern and entered. She saw a man… or was he an elf… talking to the bartender. It was then that she realised she was quite hungry, too. She tapped the the bartender on his shoulder. “Excuse me…” Tifara said softly.

The man whirled around, as if a little surprised that he was needed again. “Oh! Well, good morning m’lady. The name’s Samuel. May I help you?”

“Well, what do you have here that I can have to replenish my energy?”

Samuel then rattled off the menu by heart. Wow! How long did he take to memorise that? Tifara thought.

After Samuel had finished introducing the menu, Tifara said, “Could I have a Northwoods Wild Rice Soup and a Tulimon Grape Juice?”

Samuel replied, “Coming right up!”

Tifara asked again, “And, could I have a room, please?”

“Sure! I think I have a room free upstairs, second on the right. Right opposite you would be the man you’ve seen talking to me just now. Come take the key whenever you want to.”

“Thanks! How much do I owe you?”

Samuel did the counting mentally, very quickly, and told Tifara. She dug in her pockets for the money, and put it on the counter. “Thanks again. I’ll be at the table near the door, most probably.”

Tifara then walked towards the elf and, upon reaching where he was, stopped behind him, and asked softly, “Excuse me, sir, would you mind sharing a table with me?

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Another transaction with the bartender was being made. This time by a blonde elfess. Turning his attention away, he directed his gaze at the table. Staring at it's wooden surface, he contemplated his surroundings.

Well, it's certainly busy enough. He thought to himself. Though, things could get interesting, perhaps it's not all bad.

Leaning back in his chair, the shaft of his scythe pressed uncomfortably against his spine, he sank into one of his daydreams. Seconds later he nearly fell out of his chair, as a soft voice sounded directly behind him. Twisting around, he saw it was the blonde elfess. Surveying her, he noticed she was blue-eyed as well, with an attractive outfit. Turning back to his table, he kicked out a chair on the opposite side of the table, whispering: "My pleasure."

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The Desert rider's eyes seemed to darken for a moment when Kali mentioned the word  'spy'. If anything, he was surprised the young woman actually told him of her not so honourable profession in a hushed tone of near secrecy, though quickly to tell she had not served in wars or the like.
Kali had hardly started when the sounds of galloping horses reached his ears. It wasn't Damare, his mare, he could tell by the rhythm of the hooves hitting the dull sand, but he hadn't been suspicious of it either. He would have heard her neigh, had something been amiss. Kali continued her short history about herself and though the Azhorhrian did not get all of the words she used, it was enough. As usual it was the body language that aided in his understanding of the woman. And her expression, since her final statement could have easily been understood even without words. He memorized the cities she spoke of, though he had not heard of their names. Though he wasn't keen on her being something his law would severely punish, he realized very well he was not in his own lands, nor that the circumstances of her youth might have been as lucky as his.

His story about why he had come to the North however, would not be so easily told. When he wanted to start he realized he didn't know the common word for horse-breeder...and that wasn't the only word he didn't know. He spoke animated but his accent sometimes making it hard to understand.
"My family..." He clenched his teeth momentarily in annoyance that he had to come across as a fool in these strange lands. "..creates..horses." He paused for a moment, thinking how to explain it otherwise. "We raise foal." He nodded and remembered the words for young male and female horses. "Aeruillin horses are very quick, very enduring. They are the pride of the Azhorhia people and to us, they are like family."  Respect coated his voice as he spoke of his people's main livelihood. "They are wanted by many others across the divide. Geldings are sold, the least fast of a generation. But never mares, yet they insist though they are not sold for any price."  He paused again, inwardly bracing himself for what he was about to tell. He wanted no weakness showing through, just tell the reason why he was here.

"There has been a raid. Greater than any before. We fight, we break them, but not this time."  He remembered the shock when he and some of his fellow clan members had returned from the Ystalinth, to find flames, death, and the absence of what was dearest to them. The raid had hid the entirety of the Ash Hadu clan hard, and whoever was behind it had it well planned, and no lack of coins to hire the filth to strike them.
"The thieves killed my father, brother, and took most of our precious horses." His muscles tensed, but neither his voice nor eyes showed the pain that accompanied the sentence.
"Damare, my horse, her sister was with foal. They took her as well and left her daughter in the desert when she tired."  Arzin Sharazen had been his father's greatest pride, and he still saw the wrinkled, joy-filled face of the friendly, wise man when Arzin had made her first run. She was a mare blessed by the Goddess, noble, gentle, fast like the wind and bearing the sacred markings. 

Arzin would ride for them in the annual race between the clans and the birth of her first foal, a beautiful filly they had named Atiyaa, the 'Goddess' gift',  had been an unusual celebration. To their joy, the young horse bore a striking resemblance to her mother.
"I found the filly." He remembered the slight, familiar frame he spotted down a dune. When he knelt beside Atiyaa, he could tell she was exhausted and badly dehydrated, letting out a soft, distressed whinny for her mother. The image of Arzin, frantically trying to get back to her foal who was not able to keep up with them, dragged along by the heartless thieves presented himself it his mind, and swore he'd spare none of the rogues responsible.
Shayan tried to get her to drink water, but the confused filly only neighed.  A heart-breaking call that went unanswered. Weak and unable to be moved, he knew then she would die on the Unforgiving Sands. Blocking the sun with his back and robes to keep her from any more pain, he stroked her slender neck and babysoft muzzle gently and whispered words of comfort. Damare too, stood beside her little neece.
The breathing slowed, the neighing stopped.
"Cha'em, Atiyaa....our precious...She awaits." The young warrior waited with a heavy heart until the Goddess took back Her generous Gift, kissed the small foal on the nose and then brought her home to bury her with his father and brother.

"I could not save her, but I will bring back her mother, and avenge my father and brother's death"

It was then that a heavily wounded man was carried into the tavern. Some murmured something about him being a horse thief and Shayan's newly remembered grief quickly burnt to a near unspeakable anger.
Seeing the bloodied figure on the table he knew he had to leave, feeling himself getting blinded by wrath that was not righteous.
If not, he'd permanently stop the man from breathing, though he looked he was about to do that by himself. Standing up rather abruptly he turned towards Kali, copper eyes blazing with anger. "Forgive me Nir'Shah." He bowed to her and left the tavern with long strides.


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Phyth turned back around, not really caring about Jiro at all. He knew that others had something in store for him, and Phyth would continue to ignore him as long as he stayed away from the horses. But if he got near them, he would carry out his threat.

He walked back over to Iago and patted her nose to calm her down. The presence of Jiro disturbed her. "Give the stable boy ten sans for your trouble," Phyth said to Fen, "then you can go."

Phyth reached into a pocket and pulled out the other sugar cube that Cherri had given him. He finished rubbing Iago down and gave it to her. He was proud of her, and she was happy. At least, as happy as she could be with Jiro in the stables. He continued to ignore the horse thief, and didn't care one bit whether he lost his memory.

"Where'd you learn to ride?" He asked Fen.

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Arcuthra noted that his robes were only making the warmth of the day worse - he hoped the inside of the tavern was cooler than it was out here.
At least I'll be out of the sun he thought, adjusting the shield on his back.
Several people went in and out of the tavern before he walked past the stables, hearing voices and what sounded like work being done in there, but paid it no mind. He ducked inside, but kept his hood up, not sure of the idea of suddenly revealing to the occupants that he was an orc - it tended to have less than desirable consequences, from time to time.

His pocket stirred, and Jimp poked his nose out, sniffing in curiosity before ducking back into the pocket.

It was somewhere between breakfast and Sunreign, and Arcuthra was hungry. He had just nipped into the tavern as the man behind the bar rattled off the menu to a woman, and after she turned away he walked up and made his order.

"A Ximaxian Rainbow, and a Snake Filet. I shall also need a room."

The barman informed him the meal would be 9 sans, plus the room.
His pocket stirred as he reached for it, and Jimp plopped his money bag into his hand. He counted out two ergs and a san and placed that on the bar. He counted out the appropriate amount and handed it over, than found one of the only empty and undisturbed tables in the room and sat down heavily. Then, and only then, he pulled his hood back and revealed his orcish features to the rest of the tavern. Jimp crawled out of his pocket and scurried onto the table, taking in the tavern with wide beady eyes and sniffing the air curiously.

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The elf almost fell out of his chair, but he didn’t. He seemed to be sizing Tifara up. Then, he turned back to a table and, kicking a chair out, whispered, “My pleasure.”

“Thanks! I’m Tifara, and you are…?” Tifara asked curiously. She studied him carefully. His mouth was parched, and he wore an open leather jacket which was black in colour and hooded.

“You seem thirsty, sir. Do you want some drinks? I could order one for you.” Tifara asked the elf, upon realising that he must not have had water for a long time, since his lips were so parched, and the elf was coughing continuously, too.

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Fallen was aware of another customer entering the tavern, ordering and taking a vacant table, but paid little attention. He was focused on the elf-maid who seemed intent upon starting up a conversation.

"Nice to meet you, Tifara... you can call me Fallen." The elf replied coarsely, realizing his throat was intolerably parched. As she asked him if he'd like a drink, he nodded gratefully, preferring not to speak with such a dry throat.

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“ Nice to meet you, Tifara… you can call me Fallen.”

In response to Tifara’s second question, Fallen nodded gratefully. Tifara stood up, pushing back the chair gently, and said, “Ok. You wait here. I’ll get something for you to drink.”

She went to the counter, and realised there was another person ordering his food. As he finished, Samuel caught sight of Tifara, and said, “Hey, it’s you again. Anything else you need?”

“Well, anything that can quench thirst, actually. Let’s see… I want a…”

Samuel interrupted Tifara, “You’re ordering for that man at your table, right?” Tifara smiled and nodded.

“I would recommend the Tulimon Grape Juice, the one you ordered just now. Or the alcoholic version – Tulimon Grape Wine.”

“Well, I’ll take the juice.”

“Ok! 3 sans please.”

Tifara paid the money, and asked Samuel to be faster. He smiled wryly, and replied, “I’ll try. Just give me a moment.”

Tifara went back to the table, and told Fallen, “Ok. The drink’s coming soon. Just wait for a moment…”

Tifara was thus interrupted, now by a girl. “Sorry for interrupting… Here’s your drinks,” the girl paused and put the drinks down on the table, “and your soup, lady.” She finished by putting the soup on the table with a flourish.

“Wow! That’s fast!”

“It’s the soup that takes time to cook. My name’s Lori. Call me if you need any assistance.”

The girl moved away, and Tifara said to Fallen, “Well, we can start eating now…”

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Fallen grasped his drink eagerly, taking a couple large gulps of the grape juice. Licking his lips, the elf reached into his pouch and laid three sans on the table in front of Tifara, payment for the drink.

Reaching up with both hands, he tossed back his leather hood, shaking loose his long mass of purple hair. The two silver spikes in his lower lip glinted in the tavern's light, as did the studs and ring in his left ear. His silvery Ithild eyes were alive with energy now that he was replenished, darkened by the curved black triangles inked under his eyes, and the smaller ones above his eyebrows.

"Thank you, Lady Tifara. I'm not used to being shown kindness, even in small degrees." He stated as he took another sip of his grape juice.

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Fen thrust ten sans at the stable boy. She had been starting to tire; she could not recall feeling that tired before. Perhaps the exceitement had been too much for her. Then Phyth asked her where she learnt to ride. She smiled fondly. "I'm part Ylfferhim part Eyelian." she informed him, "I spent 10 years with the Ylfferhim and 10 years with the Eyelians. My parents wanted me to choose between the two." she winced at the memory of the pressure put upon her.

"In the end, I chose neither; I went with the Black Butterfly Rovers. I already could ride quite well because of my time with the Eyelians. When I joined the Rovers, I was taught to ride even better. That was one of the few things I trained hard for. Horses are my favorite animals, next to Zeiphyrian Hunting Hounds." she smiled at Phyth...and collapsed to the ground, welcoming the floor which rose to meet her. She sank into unconsciousness.

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The whistling sound of the dagger followed by a loud thud on the wall stopped the dwarf in his tracks. He stared at the weapon, a thing that nearly slashed his ear and would have left him bleeding. Angrily, he turned around to face the elf. "You watch where you aim your toys, boy." Thorgas paused, obviously very annoyed with this surface jerk. "You keep to your business, and I'll keep to mine."

The dwarf turned around again and started to walk. "One more thing. Nobody's disturbing the patrons of the inn, except you. The next time, try walking on the wooden floors, not on the tables. Wait until Lady Cherri hears about this." The sorcerer stopped. Then he repeated what Drasil said. "It would be a shame if they had to throw you out for disturbing the patrons."

Thorgas pulled the dagger and dropped it on the floor. Despite being very angry and sullen, he strove to remain calm and silent. He glared one last time to the elf, "It would hurt more if your lover would be the one to kick you out of the Herald, so try to behave."

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A moment after Lori had brought the elves their food, she slipped over to Arcuthra's table and put his drink there. "The snake will be along shortly."
"Thank you" rumbled Arcuthra. "I shall also need..." But then he noticed that Jimp was gone.
"Nevermind." He had meant to order some cheese for the rat, but he was gone, and that was that.

Jimp scurried around the tables, expertly keeping out of sight until he reached another table, the one near the fireplace. With a bound or two he was up on the table and looking at the human male there with an inquisitive glare.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Hylphán on April 23, 2007, 02:23:15 PM
Hylphán returned to his table and tried to relax a little as he waited for his order.  He noticed that although the commotion had died down, the tavern seemed to be getting busier.  Two more had entered, an elf in an unusual black leather jacket, and another that first appeared a large man, but turned out to be an orc.  A serving girl appeared at the table and unloaded two mugs of grape juice.  "Sorry for the delay sir, but they are baking you a fresh loaf."  "It should be ready shortly."  As she scurried away to deliver more drinks from her tray, Hylphán heard the unmistakable roar of Thorgas' voice from upstairs, followed by the sound of him tromping down the hallway towards the stairs.  Hylphán then heard the  smashing of a small ceramic pot, and the unmistakable sound of a knife thunking into the wall.  Hylphán couldn't hear all that transpired between Thorgas and the elf who had yelled for his help, but from the tone of his voice, he could tell that the dwarf was only a short step away from toasting the elf.  Hearing a slight scratching noise, he turned his attention back to the table, and saw a large rat sitting up on its haunches and staring at him.  "What do you want?" he asked, expecting his voice to scare the thing away.  When it continued to stare, Hylphan said "You're plump enough to make a light breakfast over these fireplace coals if my meal doesn't arrive soon."  At that the rat disappeared in a blur of white fur.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on April 23, 2007, 05:35:11 PM
Fallen glunked down the juice as Tifara slowly drank her soup. Then, Fallen laid 3 sans on the table. He tossed back his hood and shook out his long purple hair.

“Thank you, Lady Tifara. I'm not used to being shown kindness, even in small degrees.” Fallen said, as he sipped his juice.

Tifara’s eyes widened as she saw Fallen putting the money on the table. She gulped down that mouthful of soup, and pushed the money back to him. “You don’t have to… I don’t mind giving a treat… Don’t pay me.” She looked into Fallen’s eyes, and smiled sincerely.

I really don’t mind. I hope Fallen doesn’t insist on paying…

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Post by: Arcuthra on April 23, 2007, 11:05:48 PM
The advantage of being a Ximax rat was the ability to understand speech: Jimp had no intention of being roasted, for he had the odd feeling that this human was serious. Jimp had always been a half-decent judge of character; he'd been pretty sure the man wasn't afraid of rats, but hostile to them? Someone who liked to eat them?

Jimp whisked off the table like a white streak of lightning and darted towards Arcuthra again - but he had to avoid being stepped on by Lori, and got turned around for a moment, so quite suddenly he was under another table - this one with two occupants. Elves? They said payment. Money? Jimp pricked his ears up.

Arcuthra, in the meanwhile, sat at his table and was served his snake, unaware of the drama beneath the table involving his currier.

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Post by: Fallen on April 24, 2007, 12:35:27 AM
Fallen frowned as the coins were pushed back towards him. Looking into Tifara's sincere, blue eyes he replied slowly: "Lady... I appreciate the offer. But I'm not in the habit of accepting charity from anyone, even this small an amount, especially a female."

Pushing the coins back across the table, the elf sighed. Why would she waste her charity on me? And what is that sound? Fallen thoughts were interrupted by something crawling under the table.

Taking a quick glance underneath their table, Fallen spied a curious rat hiding beneath, and despite himself, gave a slight smile. Also, he couldn't help noticing what appeared to be a belt tattoo on Tifara's leg, perhaps a topic for later conversation, he thought as he brought his eyes back to rest on the table.

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Post by: Drasil Razorfang on April 24, 2007, 05:14:26 AM
Drasil stared in shock at the retreating figure of the dwarf as he clomped away, unsure of how to react to the events that had just transpired.   “Thorgas,”  he called out with his mind, for the first time unable to gather the courage to face down his opponent,  “Oh, what have I done.”

Timidly, the warrior approached the furious dwarf.  Lifting his hands to signal his surrender, he cautiously removed all his weapons, first letting his three spears clatter to the floor, followed by the seemingly endless chains of daggers.  Then, his golden eyes filled with remorse, he took a small step towards his friend as he removed the hood that darkened his face.  The golden sunlight, thrown from the small window at the end of the hall, spread across Drasil’s chiseled features, transversely casting shadows upon his pale skin.

 “Thorgas,”  he said, sadness creeping in from the corners of his ignited eyes,  “I am sorry.  I know I do not present myself as a normal person should, and quite honestly, I really try.  Its just, you see, aside from you and Cherri, I have not felt a shred of emotion, aside from hatred, towards any person for far to long.  As I am sure you have noticed, my “unorthodox” behaviors generally tend me to get in trouble, yet they are not something I can control.”

He paused for a second, waiting to see the reaction upon the dwarf’s face before taking both a breath and another step towards the juxtapose figure.

 “Though it is not obvious, I’m a cross breed, an outsider of all sorts, born of members from the sister tribes of the Injerin and the Grey Elves, but raised as a human child, to a poor Erpheronian family.  All my life, even when I was just a boy, I was on the outside, the weird freak-show with pointy ears.  With my parents dead, and my step-parents conservative about my heritage, I had no idea what I was, or why I was the local joke and the older I grew, the more the sadness accompanying this constant teasing began to dawn on me.  Aside from my step-sister, Moraine, I had no friends, no one to talk to, no one to grow up with.  Thus, I left, fleeing the isolation in hopes of a better life with my own kin, the Marsh-Walking Meladrhim.  Yet, much to my dismay, when I joined them, I was still the freak, only this time the exotic sample of a far away land.  While I was raised as a normal child, though without a family, I never had friends there either, aside from the wood and steel of my weapons and the freshly strewn blood of my opponents.  I excelled past my classmates, soaking in the tribe’s knowledge to such an extent that I was isolated even further; a foreign idol.”

Drasil paused once again, wiping a stray tear from his cheek.  His eyes, their golden flame doused, were brimming with tears, about to unleash a flood of sobs.  But the warrior didn’t notice; not his blurry vision, nor his quivering limbs; not even the stumpy figure he was addressing.

 “And every single day, as I grew further and further from my peers, I’d cry out, ‘What the hell did I do wrong?’ but no one answered.  Why?  Because no one ever answers the outcast.  So I left again, realizing I had wasted 400 years of my life striving for the impossible, to fit in.”

The warrior-elf halted for a final time to regain his composure.  The dammed tears had poured over their barriers and proceeded to stream down his cheeks as he fruitlessly attempted to swat them away.  Then, abruptly, he removed his cloak, in a flurry of black fabric and cast it upon the ground between him and the dwarf.

 “So I bought that piece of crap right there, hoping that maybe if I hid who I was, people would like me.  And for a while it worked, only until it was discovered that because of those b*****s, I was unable to communicate; causing me to come off as a crazed lunatic."  he cackled, losing complete control of his actions.   "So I wandered, knowing there was no joy in anything, aside from the comforts of spilling the blood of those who had stuck me in my cage and thrown away the key; everyone.  No one gave a care about deprived, hated Drasil; the result of their malice and hatred.

But eventually, I came here, and, though I was still socially awkward and had trouble connecting, I began to realize the joys of friendship; taste what had been stolen from me for the first 451 years of my life.  I met you, one of my first friends, and Cherri, and Twen, and I saw that maybe I wasn’t lost after all."

Suddenly, his body gave way and Drasil collapsed to the floor in a mass of tear-drenched clothing and hair.  He quivered slightly, his body exhausted from the extended monologue and vehement sobbing.  Yet, as he lay sprawled upon the ground, pathetic, by any means of the word, he muttered out four final syllables before leaving his only friend to decide his immediate fate.   “I am sorry.”

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on April 24, 2007, 11:14:21 AM
Blackness.  There was only a cold blackness.  Slowly other things began to to filter through the oppresive blackness that surrounded Cherri.  Garbled noises from somewhere in the distance.  Cherri was not aware of anything but the blackness.  And then the pain began to filter through the fuzziness that made her want to vomit.  The pain came in sharp intervals breaking though the blackness in a blinding light.  Cherri tried to cry out but she heard nothing.  This feeling was unfamiliar to her and her breathing came more erratic.  The blackness was so close, she couldn't breath.  Then more sharp pain as she tried to concentrate on where she was, what had happened.

She felt tired.  Very...very tired.  Floating somewhere between conciousness and unconciousness Cherri floated in limbo, her slender form being occassionally racked with convulsions as the pain tore through her very being.  Then something tangible seemed there at the edge of the blackness.  Something she couldn't remember.  Cherri tried to remember and was engulfed by another series of horrific pain. And then nothing.

Cherri's body layed quietly upon the bed, her chest barely rising with her breath.

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Post by: patt0192 on April 24, 2007, 11:26:39 AM
"That's it!" glared Jiro, standing up, and grabbing a ripped cloak off one of the hooks. "I'm out of here... someone else will provide me with answers."
With a growl he stormed out of the barn, and marched the way back to the tavern. He pushed the door in and entered, the dull roar of the tavern greeting his ears.

He stood in the doorway looking clueless, wondering what he was going to do. He had no idea what was going on, but somebody had better explain things, and fast.

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on April 24, 2007, 04:25:23 PM
Thorgas walked slowly towards the stairs, his every step decreasing with speed until he stopped. This is too much for him, and he couldn't walk any further. Mist started to form in his eyes as Drasil told him of his life nearly four hundred years ago, a life full of hatred and loneliness. He abruptly wiped the forming tears and tried to compose himself before the mist turns into a flood of tears. He nearly wept, not because of this elf, but because his past is very similar to the elf. My people came from the solid earth, He thought. I must be strong and firm, like the element we came from, and not give in to this tears.

After gaining his composure, the dwarf stood still on that place, as if rooted on the spot. He meant to go to Drasil, to tell him that no harm has been done, and that he is not angry with him. He wished to apologize for his barbaric behavior and to make things straight with this elf, someone that had been rejected by his people, much like himself. He wanted to accomplish all this things with haste, but Thorgas is clumsy and he can't put all of this to words. Wiping his eyes with his sleeve, he turned around and faced Drasil one more time. The sorcerer stared at the elf's body as it lay crumpled on the floor, weeping and apologizing for his actions.

"Hmph. You sure do have your own temper. You better wipe your face with this and stop crying, you touchy little lamb."  Thorgas said in a gruff voice and threw his green kerchief at the floor, in front of Drasil's wretched form. "You called me, and I came. What do you want?" He stopped and realized that he had been too rough. Grumbling a little, he picked up the kerchief and the black cloak. He handed both to the elf and said, "How can I be of assistance, elf?"

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Post by: Tifara Heike on April 24, 2007, 06:53:21 PM
Fallen frowned. Then, he looked into Tifara’s eyes. He replied slowly, “Lady… I appreciate the offer. But I'm not in the habit of accepting charity from anyone, even this small an amount, especially a female.” He then pushed the coins back across the table.

Tifara sighed, then accepted the coins. “Oh well, if you put it that way… I’ll keep it.” She pocketed the money, then sat back, leaning on the back of the chair. Suddenly, she felt a ticklish sensation, which disappeared as suddenly as it came.

Funny… Tifara looked under the table, and spotted a rat, wrinkling its nose and moving about.

Oh! It’s…cute… I wonder who it belongs to…

She smiled to herself, then placed her attention on Fallen, “Did you see that rat down there? Wonder what its doing down there?”

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Post by: Arcuthra on April 25, 2007, 01:44:20 AM
Jimp heard himself mentioned and looked up at the woman. Well, they didn't seem to be afraid of rats...he bounded onto an empty chair, and then with another uncertain bound, ungracefully plopped onto the table and sat on his haunches, casting inquisitive looks at the two elves. There was no money on the table, so he took a couple of tentative steps towards the lady, sniffing curiously.

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Post by: Hylphán on April 25, 2007, 08:06:50 AM
The rat had no sooner disappeared in a blur of white fur, than Hylphán saw the serving girl, Lori, coming across the room with a steaming platter.  "I hope that's my breakfast" he thought, as his stomach rumbled.  Sure enough, Lori stopped at his table and placed the plate of piping hot Aberan Loaf in front of him.  "Sorry for the wait, sir" the girl said, adding "It took a while to cook the fresh loaf."  "If you need anything else just call for me" she said, and then turned and started towards another table. 
     Hylphán cut and put a piece of the loaf in his mouth, savoring the combination of spices and peppers.  "Much tastier than that rat would have been" he chuckled to himself, remembering the look on that small ratty face.  It had been been too clean and well fed to be a local scavenger, not to mention the color of its fur.  When he first saw it, he had realized it was someone's pet, and now quickly scanned the room for a possible owner.  Hylphán automatically kept eating while he thought to himself "I doubt it belongs to an elf, and it wasn't around when the dwarf was here."  "It showed up around the time that orc showed up," he thought, and it didn't seem too far fetched that an orc would have a rat as a pet.
     He turned his attention back to his meal, and once again took time to thoroughly enjoy the experience of a hot, tasty meal - one not cooked by himself.

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Post by: Fallen on April 25, 2007, 10:03:20 AM
Fallen smiled gratefully as Tifara finally excepted the coins. He wouldn't except charity if it wasn't absolutely neccessary.

Turning back at Tifara's remark on the rat, Fallen saw the small creature hop on the table and crawl towards the elfess. Sipping his grape juice, the elf remarked, "I'm not quite sure what it's doing here. It seems friendly enough."

"Anyways, all I know about you is your name, and your generousity. What do you do for a living?" He inquired, slowly reaching his left hand towards the rat in order to touch the curious creature.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on April 25, 2007, 03:29:44 PM
Fallen smiled, then said, “I'm not quite sure what it's doing here. It seems friendly enough. Anyways, all I know about you is your name, and your generosity. What do you do for a living?”

Tifara laughed and replied, “I’m not generous, as you say me to be. I’m just… well, I treat people from time to time, but all the time? No way. As for my occupation, I’m an archer. What about you?”

Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the rat on their table, moving towards her, sniffing curiously.

Tifara bent forward and said to the rat, “Hi little fella!” She smiled to herself as she saw Fallen reaching towards the rat.

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Post by: Hylphán on April 25, 2007, 06:55:26 PM
Hylphán took his time with the meal, enjoying every bite.  It had been too long since he had eaten someone's cooking besides his own.  Finishing the last bite, he leaned back comfortably, and emptied the last of the grape juice from the mug.  "Now" he thought to himself, "all that is left to do is to have a good hot soak in the tub and sleep for a day or two."  He pulled himself out of the sleep inducing contentment of the chair by the fire, stood up, grabbed his saddlebags, and headed for the bar.  "Samuel, I'll take that key now if you don't mind" Hylphán stated softly to the bartender.  "Oh," he added, "I almost forgot, is the bath hot and ready?"  Samuel informed him that indeed it was ready, and the last bucket of steaming water had just been added.  He handed Hylphán the key, and said "There should be dry linens laid out for you also sir, and if you require anything else, just call for myself or Lori."  Hylphán thanked the man, turned and started up the stairs slowly, feeling the good meal lulling him into a state of relaxation - nearing sleep.  "I hope the bed is soft" he thought hazily...

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Post by: Arcuthra on April 25, 2007, 11:33:07 PM
Jimp sat up on his haunches as the elf lady spoke to him and wrinkled his nose at her. She seemed friendly...
He felt something brush his fur and whisked round. He was tempted to bite the man elf for his insolence, but that didn't seem quite right. He now had his back to the elf lady, and he glared at the man elf with haughty disdain for touching him. He grabbed his tail between his front paws and ran it through them a couple of times, as if brushing something off.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Fallen on April 26, 2007, 10:55:33 AM
Fallen grinned as the rat whisked itself around. Giving him a disdainful look, the little creature ran its tail through its paws. Withdrawing his outstretched hand, the elf continued to stare at the clean rodent for a few moments, then re-focused upon Tifara as she finished her explanation.

"Well, even a little generosity goes a long way." He replied wistfully, "An archer? An art in itself... I myself am a bard.... and a mercenary. Living by and by off of what I can earn with poetry and blood-shed." He concluded somewhat grimly, gazing into his half-empty glass.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on April 26, 2007, 05:10:59 PM
As Fallen touched the rat’s fur, it turned around and glared at Fallen. It then ran its tail through its paws. Fallen grinned and replied, “ Well, even a little generosity goes a long way. An archer? An art in itself… I myself am a bard… and a mercenary. Living by and by off of what I can earn with poetry and blood-shed.” Fallen looked quite grim as he stared into his now half-empty glass of juice, finishing his sentence.

Tifara drank some of her soup, and, deciding not to focus on the mercenary part, said, “Poetry? That’s interesting… What kind of poetry do you write?”

As she finished talking, she looked into her bowl of soup. There was little left, and so, she finished the soup. Tifara sipped her juice, and commented, “This is nice. Very sweet.” She smiled and continued drinking.

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Post by: Arcuthra on April 27, 2007, 10:37:56 AM
Jimp looked round, but there was no leftover food on the table, and they seemed to have lost interest in him.
Arcuthra, however, was finishing his meal. Jimp sat up and looked very keenly at his master's plate, which still contained some pieces of food. Jimp was suddenly off the elvish table and in a few blinks on Arcuthra's. Without waiting for an invitation, he helped himself to the remaining scraps of food on the orc's plate.

"You're welcome" growled Arcuthra with a bit of sarcasm.

Jimp merely woofed the food down and took no notice. When he was done and the plate clean, he hopped into Arcuthra's pocket and curled up for a nap.

Arcuthra heaved himself up from the table with a contented sigh and walked to the stairs; there was a good deal of talking up there, from all sounds. And...blubbering?

Odd he thought, mounting the wooden staircase.

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Post by: Fallen on April 27, 2007, 11:19:21 AM
Fallen's eyes brightened at the mention of poetry. Nodding in agreement at the comment on the juice, he took another sip. Seemingly loosing interest, the rat leaped off the table and went to dine with the orc.

Looking up at the ceiling, the elf replied to Tifara's question. "My poetry... is dark, twisted, morbid, sorrowful.... reflecting the inner aspects of myself and my demons. It takes the form of whatever controls my fancy at the time, from horrific scenes to beautiful concepts..." He concluded awkwardly, bringing his eyes back to rest on Tifara.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on April 27, 2007, 04:31:56 PM
The rat looked around, then suddenly jumped to an orc’s table. Tifara focused her attention on Faryn. As she mentioned poetry, his eyes brightened. Then, he replied awkwardly, all the time looking up at the ceiling, as if uncomfortable with the subject. As he finished, he looked at Tifara again.

“Oh, I see… And you mentioned mercenary… What made you interested in that?”

Tifara’s interest in Fallen was growing by the minute. He seemed like a contradiction. A bard and mercenary? How did he come up with that combination?

Tifara sipped some of the juice again. She licked her lips, savouring the sweet taste. Then, looking outside, she realised the sun was slowly coming up. It's that time of the day again… I love the colour of the sky…

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Post by: Fallen on April 28, 2007, 12:11:30 AM
Fallen toyed with the piercings in his lip, twisting the cold metal inside his flesh. Tifara's next question was expected, though his reply was still slow. Watching the elfess sip her juice and focus outside, he cleared his throat.

"Ah, that occupation was easy to come by. In my tribe, the Coorhem, you've got to be strong to survive. An ever-plotting race, living in the Crystalwoods is always a constant struggle for power and respect. Family members and friends kill each other without a thought over territory and pride. I earned my prestige through my markings and skill with my scythe. Once I left... I decided to put my skills to use." Taking another sip of the sweet-tasting juice, he added, "My personality is nearly split, and my demented side won't let me live without spilling the blood of others..."

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Post by: Tifara Heike on April 28, 2007, 01:02:42 PM
Fallen toyed with the piercings in his lip, twisting the metal. He replied slowly, then paused to take a sip of the juice, and continued with his reply. As he finished, Tifara said, “Well…”

Tifara didn’t know how to give a reply. She unconsciously touched her tattooed knee and took another sip of the juice. Just to be saying something, she asked, “So, do you prefer poetry or bloodshed?”

How do people live killing others? I can never understand…

She fingered her pearl pendant, then let her hand drop to her belt. Tifara’s left hand brushed the smooth leather and hard ivory of the belt, and her right hand hung free, occasionally reaching up to toy with her long hair.

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Post by: Weivóc'Neán on April 28, 2007, 01:56:27 PM
A seldom cloaked figure came walking up out of from the southeast, although cloaked, he looked slender and weak. He came straight to the entrance of the tavern, and listened, to make sure not to enter if a rumble was in progress. After checking, he walked straight to what looked like the bartender and tapped him on the shoulder.

In a low voice he asked "Hello good sir, are you the bartender of this tavern?"

He replied, "Yes I am, and the names Samuel, what will you have?"

"May I know what you have on the menu?"

As Samuel spoke it out loud from memory, Weivóc though about what to have. He then replied "I'll take a Tulimon Grape Wine and a Aberan Loaf please. How much will that be?"

As Samuel did the math in his head and then replied with it, Weivóc pulled out one of few small leather pouches in his cloak and paid him what was due. "Your drink will be right with you if you follow me, and I will have our waitress, Lori, bring you your meal when it is done.", said Samuel as he headed behind the counter as Weivóc followed in front of it. Samuel then handed him his drink, and Weivóc took a seat at a table in the back corner of the room. He looked around and noticed to other elves sitting at a table chatting. He sat quietly to himself, taking sips of his wine.

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on April 29, 2007, 12:08:54 AM
After waiting for a long time for a response from the tantrum-throwing elf, Thorgas lost his patience and decided to have some drinks to cool him off. He proceeded down the stairs, past the cloaked orc and the elven stranger whom he was sharing a table a while ago. He stared at the elf for quite some time, and ran down as fast as he could to the table by the fireplace. Whew, it's not taken. He thought. He placed his green cap on the table, hanged the moleskin cloak over the chair, and leaned his staff against the side of the adjacent wall. The dwarf then walked towards the bar to get some food and of course, a pitcher or two of beer.
"Excuse me, barkeep."
The man looked over the counter and searched his surroundings. "Funny." He said. "I thought I heard a gruff- sounding bellow from somewhere." The barkeep promptly went back to his work. Thorgas knew that the human did not see him, and thus knocked on the wooden surface of the counter to get his attention. The man turned again and this time faced the source of the noise. "Oh, apologies, friend. I didn't see you... standing there, I think." He said with a bit of sarcasm in his voice. "The name's Samuel. What may I get you in this warm desert morning?"
"Hello, Samuel. I'll have two pitchers of Turborger brown and a steaming platter of Garthook Stew, extra heavy on the Celeste Red Beans. How much?"
"A fine order, sir. Would you like anything else? No? Then let me calculate the amount." The man took a piece of paper, pen and ink and started calculating the cost of the meal, including the extra serving of beans. Afterwards, he gave the bill to the waiting dwarf, which Thorgas paid without delay.
"I'll have your order brought to your table. It's in the usual spot, near the fireplace, aye?"
Thorgas nodded and went back to his seat. It took a while for his food to be cooked, but soon enough the man came to him and deposited his order on the table, the aroma of freshly cooked stew diffusing in the air. "I'll be at the counter if you'll be needing something. Enjoy your meal." Samuel smiled and went back to his place.
The dwarf took no notice of the man as he delivered the steaming platter of food. It feels like it's been a long time since he ate something like this. Thorgas took his spoon and plunged it into the deep bowl that held his stew, and if anybody is around to hear his slurp, the sound would be like the passing of wind in the woods. Of course, a meal is considered incomplete without one, two or more mugs of Turborger brown. He poured a mugful of that cool liquid and emptied it in one gulp. He refilled it again for the second and the third time and emptied it as fast as he could refill it. After quenching his thirst, he continued his work of eating the stew, this time slowly eating it to savor the full flavor of the herbs and spices and to bask in the aroma of this rare treat.

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Post by: Fallen on April 29, 2007, 01:46:23 AM
Fallen watched Tifara's reactions closely, and thought he was making her uncomfortable. While this was regrettable, no one was comfortable in his presence, so there was little he could do. He was silent for several moments, watching the elfess play with her blonde hair. The footsteps of a stranger sounded, and a dwarf from upstairs entered, the room was getting more crowded by the moment. Fallen was getting uneasy.

Finally, he replied, "Believe me, I'd choose writing over killing anyday, I left Nybelmar to escape the constant treachery. But bloodshed will always be a part of my existence, my mind is tortured and twisted, and death ties into my poetry. If I could make the whole world full of peace and happiness, I would. But I can't, and people like me need a place to thrive. Some deserve to be relieved of their mortal coils before others."

Finishing the last of his grape juice, he stared into his empty cup. "I'm sorry, Tifara, I know I'm not the most...preferable company."

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Post by: Weivóc'Neán on April 29, 2007, 11:17:43 AM
Weivóc was then brought his loaf of bread, as she set it on the table, Weivóc said Thank you, that will be all for now. He then ripped a small piece off of it and put it in his mouth. As he started to taste the spices, the peppers all of a sudden kicked in. He took a sip from his ine, and kept eating some more, meanwhile, he noticed a dwarf with a staff go to the bartender and order to pitchers of beer and a soup, after finding a spot by the fireplace. The dwarf then sat down and enjoyed his meal peacfully while the other two elves kept talking.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on April 29, 2007, 12:38:40 PM
Pulling out his special horse feed, Phyth listened to Fen's story with interest. He wasn't sure who the Black Butterfly Rovers were, but he was curious about her heritage, not to mention her liking horses.

He tried not to, but a look of concern passed Phyth's face as Fen began to look exhausted. His eyes turned to Iago's as the girl fainted, then he sighed. The crackle of hay could be heard as Phyth walked over to Fen and picked her up with both arms. He carried her out of the stables, and Iago followed after.

Reaching the well, Phyth laid Fen down on the dirt and began to drag at the rope. He dragged the dripping water skin and dropped it next to him. Propping her head up with his right arm, Phyth brought the water skin to the girls lips and gently poured it.

Phyth leaned against Iago and waited. He hoped he hadn't overworked her, but he really hoped for Fen's sake that she wasn't faking it. Or she'd have to work with one good arm.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Tifara Heike on April 29, 2007, 01:58:57 PM
Tifara saw an elf enter the tavern, heading for Samuel. Boy, Samuel sure is busy… Tifara thought. Just then, a dwarf came down from upstairs and ran towards a table beside the fireplace, then went to Samuel to order some things.

Fallen was silent for a while. He seemed uneasy. Then, he replied, saying that he preferred poetry. He finished his juice, then stared into his empty cup, saying, “I’m sorry, Tifara, I know I'm not the most… preferable company.”

“You don’t have to apologise… It’s okay. I mean, I don’t think I’m good company either…”

Once again at a loss of words, she started sipping her juice. She looked down into her glass – there was still about a quarter-glass more. Then, Lori entered the room, and, heading towards the elf, laid a loaf of bread on his table. Tifara looked at Fallen, then, trying to continue the conversation, asked, “How do you find the tavern so far?” She smiled at him, trying to put him at ease.

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Post by: Gamaliel Ironforge on April 29, 2007, 03:07:48 PM
Gamaliel stirred in his bed before waking up. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and stared outside. Huh? Sunreign already? Damn, I overslept. He sat up on his bed and put on his boots. Gamaliel then proceeded towards the washroom, washed his face and combed his beard. Then his morning routine is done, and he promptly went down for some hot meal. His bat, Jozan, has been awake for a long time and is anxious to have something to eat. Chuckling, the dwarf offered the bat some fruit, which the latter ate while perching on the warrior's shoulder.
On the way towards the stairs he saw an elf sprawled across the floor, but took no heed of him. Must be drunk, he thought. He passed more patrons going to their respective rooms before going down the stairs to find an empty table. Sure enough, he saw his brother Thorgas and decided to join him instead.
"Morning, Thorgas." Gamaliel said as he took out a chair opposite his brother's and sat down on it, then he took an empty mug and poured himself some beer. The dwarf looked at the bowl Thorgas is pigging on. and realized that he did not have anything to eat since breakfast. "Oooh beer! Aherm.. Wait a moment. I'll get some food." The dwarf hurried on towards the counter and tapped on the wooden surface.
"Pleasant morning, barkeep."
The man looked around and automatically looked down and located the dwarf. "I'm getting better at this." He said, then added, "Pleasant morning to you too, sir. My name's Samuel. What will you have for today?"
"Hmm... All of them looks delicious, but what will you recommend?"
"Oh, sir, good thing you asked. I highly recommend the Roasted Taenish with Forcebread Stuffing. Would you be ordering that meal?"
"Very well, I'll take it."
"Excellent choice, sir. Please pay this amount."
Gamaliel dug in his pockets for the amount and went back to the table. He poured himself another mug and gulped it down. After drinking for the third time, he noticed Samuel making his way to their table, carrying a steaming platter. He placed it down the table and said, "There, enjoy your meal, sir. If you need something, I'll be at the counter." He smiled and walked away.
Gamaliel started cutting himself a slice of that roasted goodness and ate. As he worked his way through the tasty taenish, he smiled at his brother and said, "You're drinking without me? Ach, that's bad of you."

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on April 29, 2007, 03:41:31 PM
Fen was gradually pulled out of the darkness. She frowned a little as water passed her lips, but she swallowed it willingly. Her body needed it. The water refreshed her slightly, giving her the strength to open her eyes and look up at Phyth. He had given her the water. She didn't thank him out loud; it was not in her nature. But she smiled gratefully, and she thanked him with her eyes.

"Nothing like fainting to give a little drama to things, hey?" she said. "In case you're wondering, you didn't overwork me. I'm used to that work. It must have been the chase or the dwarf's spell. Or both." she tried to stand up, but her legs wobbled beneath her and she sat back down. "Sorry,"  she muttered. What on earth had made her so weak? "Could you give me a hand up?"

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Post by: Fallen on April 29, 2007, 10:00:01 PM
Fallen barely noticed the entrance of another dwarf. He was trying to ignore the large amount of people in the tavern. All the noise was starting to get to him, and his tortured mind began to twist the sounds into a chaotic nightmare. Closing his eyes, he took a deep breath and tried to gain control.

After several empty moments, the Coorhem looked back at Tifara. "No... you're fine company. I am curious as to why you chose one such as myself to talk to, though."

As Tifara gave a reassuring smile, Fallen eased down slightly. "The tavern..." He said looking around the dimly lit room, "A nice establishment, just a little crowded."

Running a long-fingered hand through his purple hair, the elf inquired, "So, what of you, lady? Tell me something about yourself, I daresay we've heard enough about me."

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Post by: Weivóc'Neán on April 29, 2007, 11:25:17 PM
Once he had finished his meal, he drank the last of is wine and just sat there quietly, looking like he would just fall asleep there. He was thinking what he should do next, and who he would talk to, also what he would say if someone came up to him.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on April 30, 2007, 07:28:03 AM
Phyth straightened up as Fen regained consciousness, making sure she was uninjured. He couldn't help but look at her curious eyes, one black and one green. They intrigued him, since Phyth hadn't ever seen anything like them before.

Suddenly Phyth realized he was staring. He let out an embarrassed grunt as he stood up over Fen. He tried his hardest to think up something sarcastic to say, but failed. So he held out his arm and began to pull her up gently.

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Post by: Hylphán on April 30, 2007, 06:54:51 PM
Hylphán felt the sun heating his face, and a small bead of sweat from that heat rolled from his forehead down the side of his face and into his ear, causing it to tickle.  Not moving his body, he slowly opened his eyes, and found himself staring directly at a large wooden beam.  Trying to focus, he saw a flat smoke darkened surface extending out from either side of the beam.  He then realized where he was, and relaxed a little. 

     Stretching lazily, he sat up and surveyed his surroundings.  His clothes were on the floor next to the bath, where he had let them fall off his body.  He remembered the heat of the bath soaking away not only the grit and grime of his travels, but the aches of tired muscles and joints.  It had relaxed him to the point that he barely remembered getting out and crawling into the soft bed, where unconciousness took him. 

     He noticed that there was still a fresh pitcher of water on the table, next to a washbowl covered with a square of linen.  He poured water in the bowl, and plunged his head under the water.  "Wow!", he thought.  The water seemed chilly compared to the heat of the sunlight streaming into the room.  Getting a clean set of clothes from his saddlebags, he quickly dressed, trying to ignore the growling of his stomach.  "I couldn't have been asleep for more than a few hours" he said out loud.  Patting his stomach he said "I guess your'e trying to make up for all that trail food, huh?"  Locking his door, and pocketing the key within his cloak, he headed for the stairs...following his nose towards the wonderful smells of hot food!

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Post by: Tifara Heike on April 30, 2007, 07:02:59 PM
Just then, a dwarf entered the room, and headed towards the other dwarf in the room. Tifara focused her attention on Fallen. He was closing his eyes.

For quite some time, silence reigned. Then, Fallen broke the silence. “No… you're fine company. I am curious as to why you chose one such as myself to talk to, though.

To Tifara’s second question, he replied that he found the tavern nice, just a little crowded.

“So, what of you, lady? Tell me something about yourself, I daresay we've heard enough about me.”

Tifara smiled. Well, I don’t feel so pressed for words now. I feel more comfortable now.

“Well, what do you want to hear about me? You know my occupation…” Tifara drank her juice, till there was but a few drops left. Ah… I feel so refreshed…

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on April 30, 2007, 08:59:18 PM
Fen noticed Phyth staring at her eyes and grinned. "I know my eyes are strange. My mum is an Eyelian and my dad is of the Ylfferhim. Usually you just get one or the other, but as you can see, I got both. One good thing about it is that people don't really have to try that hard to remember me."

As Phyth helped her up, she remembered something. "How's your head?"  she asked. "Sorry about that, by the way."  she blushed a little with embarassment. "Sometimes I just don't think, do I?"

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on April 30, 2007, 09:52:45 PM
"Noooo! Not my beer!" Thorgas said, with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. He made out as if he's going to tear the pitcher off the hands of the other dwarf, but quickly pulled his hand. "Just kidding. Good morning, sleepy head, and nice timing too. I intended to wake you up and share with you this two pitchers of beer, since drinking alone isn't fun at all."

Thorgas kept right on eating his stew. He poured a frothy mug of beer in his mug, and raising it in the air in salute to his brother, he drained it in one gulp. He belched loudly and hiccuped. "Uh... You going to drink that?" He said, pointing to the mug Gamaliel is holding.

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Post by: Fallen on April 30, 2007, 11:07:14 PM
Fallen listened to the din around him, smiling at the antic of the two dwarves. As Tifara spoke, the elf cocked his head sideways and though. What was there to know about a person? His social skills were somewhat rusty. Then a thought entered his mind.

"I noticed you had a tattoo on your leg... perhaps we can share the stories of our markings?"

The elf's stomach quietly rumbled. I'll be needing to attend to my belly shortly... Haunted is probably even hungrier than I...

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 01, 2007, 12:29:32 PM
Phyth raised an eyebrow, then realized what Fen was talking about. He had completely forgotten about the wound after Thorgas had healed it. Picking the water skin up, he touched the back of his head with his free hand. "It wasn't the smartest thing ever," he said as he brought the water to his lips and drank.

The water ran down Phyth's parched throat, and it had never tasted better. All the action had taken a lot out of him, and although was completely healed, he was still on the verge of exhausting himself. "Head's fine," he said after he dropped the water skin back into the well.

Just then a loud noise came from the direction of Phyth's stomach. It was then he realized how hungry he was. In fact he was close to starving. "Are you well? Because I'm starving," Phyth said, raising and eyebrow.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 01, 2007, 03:36:41 PM
Fen smiled with relief when she heard that his head was fine. When he mentioned food, she looked up at him eagerly. "Ooh, yes, I'm hungry as well. I haven't eaten anything since the start of the morning."  As if in confirmation, her stomach gave a little rumble. "See?"  Fen said.

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 01, 2007, 03:46:01 PM
Aroura walks slowly up to the door, her legs barely able to hold her up after a long walk across miles of beautiful fields and deserted waste lands. As she opened the door to the tavern she was reawakened by the wonderful atmosphere that surrounding her, finally she could rest and refresh herself. Aroura walked over to the nearest unoccupied seat in view, and sat down to rest.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 01, 2007, 03:53:42 PM
Fallen cocked his head, then replied, “I noticed you had a tattoo on your leg... perhaps we can share the stories of our markings.”

Tifara smiled. “How did you even notice that?” She laughed lightly.

“Well... guess I might as well tell you about my past. My mother... she’s... well, she’s dead. It’s to remind me of her. It serves to comfort me...”

Just then, a beautiful lady entered the tavern. She sat down at an empty seat. Wow... the tavern really is getting crowded.

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 02, 2007, 12:22:29 AM
Aroura kept drifting off in to a doze, but it was short lived as she was almost instantly reawaken by the noise and chatter that surrounded her. After a while Aroura stood up to her feet again stretched her arms and yawned, she could hear her stomach groaning with hunger, having not had a proper meal in 2 or 3 days, she was so tiered she lost count. Aroura looked at the menu on the table nearby, and ordered some Tulimon grape juice and Northwood’s wild rice soup, from one of the waitresses. She opened her bag and took out 1 small roll of Loibl left over from the food she had taken on her travels, and tucked in to her meal.
When she had finished her food and only had a small amount of grape juice left, Aroura took another quick glance around the room trying not to make eye contact with any one; she was too shy to introduce herself, but she felt very lonely.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 02, 2007, 12:44:36 AM
Phyth grinned, finally realizing how much the chase had taken out of him. He frowned inside slightly, surprised how friendly he was being with Fen. Usually he bordered on deadly around a horse thief. But the fact that she hadn't meant to keep the horse, and the fact she came back, lessened his anger. Not to mention the fact she liked horses.

"Fine, let's get some food," he said even more gruffly than usual; his voice still hadn't recovered. His grin widened even more. Doubtless the elf Drasil wouldn't like that, but he could go throw himself in the well for all he cared.

Phyth walked with Iago closer to the tavern, then let go of the reins. She could walk outside the tavern while he ate inside. He felt it was safer than inside the stables.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 02, 2007, 01:01:25 AM
Fen walked - or rather, sidled - into the Tavern. She wanted to avoid the elf who had come up behind her at all costs. One look around the room told her that there weren't any seats available. She turned to look at Phyth. "Do you really want to eat in here, or are you okay with eating outside?" she asked. "We could eat in the stables, and keep a lookout for more horse thieves." she grinned.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 02, 2007, 04:10:36 AM
"I'd rather eat outside. My horse needs a stretch," Phyth said simply. The bustle of the tavern was getting to be too much for him, and he would enjoy eating his meal outside.

Stopping a waiter, Phyth ordered his meal of bacon, eggs, and a Tulimon grape juice. Then waited for Fen to order her meal. His eyes turned towards the table Thorgas was eating at. Although it seemed he was doing more drinking than eating.

Shaking his head, Phyth looked outside the tavern while he waited for Fen to order, making sure Iago was all right.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 02, 2007, 04:44:14 AM
Fen ordered a Tulimon Grape Juice, a Vegan Roll and a slice of Chozh cake before coming out to join Phyth. She watched as he fussed over his horse; not that she blamed him, seeing as she was such a good horse. "Isn't she a beauty," she said, with a look of admiration on her face. "Those hooves could easily deal with long distanced travels. And her mane is gorgeous! Though of course,"  she hastily added, "some of the credit goes to her rider for taking such good care of her. What's her name?"  she inquired, still gazing at the magnificent horse.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 02, 2007, 06:22:51 AM
Phyth sat down in front of the tavern with his plate on his lap. Swallowing a piece of bacon, Phyth watched as his horse pranced around. He bowed his head at Fen's comment about the rider. "Her name is Iago," Phyth said proudly. "She is a war horse. Slower, but with more endurance. The finest of Grothar's Children," Phyth said.

Phyth proceeded to dive into his eggs as he watched Iago. He was starved, and the food was excellent. After taking a drink of his grape juice, Phyth sat the cup down and patted his hands together. He then proceeded to let out a loud, shrill whistle. Phyth absentmindedly picked up a piece of bacon and began munching on it, oblivious to the fact that he had probably just blasted everyone's ears.

Iago came trotting over proudly, happy she got to walk. Phyth reached into his pack and pulled out a handful of his special mash, speaking quietly to Iago. As she ate the mash, Phyth leaned back and continued his meal.

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Post by: Khel on May 02, 2007, 10:49:10 AM
Glancing one more time at the stables behind her, Khel slowly entered the tavern, took a couple cautionary steps, and paused to look around while her dark eyes adjusted to the light. She noticed a woman sitting alone, and many others already in conversation.
The feeling throughout the tavern was warm and welcoming, the lighting and bubbling conversation drawing her in. Khel noticed a beautiful woman exiting with a man behind her. Still feeling new and out of place, Khel saw the uneasy look on the nearby woman's face and, with an uplifting sigh of her own, quickly took a seat near her.

I suppose I could use some company, after all

Following the young woman's lead, Khel ordered Tulimon Grape Juice.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 02, 2007, 11:05:39 AM
OCC I am talking to you Auroura

Tiras returned to the tavern, but for his sorrow, Tifara has taken another companion, a rather grim looking elf, smilling politely at her, Tiras waved his hand in a compliment and began looking around the room.

It was then he found a rather shy looking young woman, with a smile Tiras taught, Well Tiras old boy, it seems your presence is needed once, we cannot have such a lovely lady alone, can we?

Walking with the trust that made him famous , he asked to her :

"Escuse dear lady , i was there and cannot help to notice the saddeness in your eyes , and i must say it cut deeply in my heart , for if there is something i can´t stand is someone as lovely as you being sad.

I do hope you forgive my boldness , but I  had to say it. Now, risking being even more bold, may i inquire your name, my lady?"

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Post by: Fallen on May 02, 2007, 11:30:57 AM
Fallen closed his eyes and gritted his teeth as more strangers entered the tavern. He was aware of their presence, but didn't bother looking. His discomfort was growing steadily worse as the inn grew more and more in number.

Focusing on Tifara, the elf forced a smile. "Actually, I noticed it when the rat drew my attention under the table. I couldn't help but see it."

Falling silent for a moment, Fallen continued, "Ah, so it is a memorial? Similar to my own... in a way. May I ask, what it symbolizes? Why did you choose that particular design?"

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 02, 2007, 03:07:55 PM
"You've trained her well," Fen observed. Then she leaped away from Phyth as he let loose the loudest, shrillest whistle she had ever heard. Her ears were still ringing when she sat down beside him and ate her meal. She finished off the Vegan roll and drank half of the Tulimon juice. She placed the Chozh cake on the ground for later, under the shade of the glass of juice. She stood up and edged towards Iago. "May I touch her?"

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 02, 2007, 03:17:42 PM
A munching noise could was heard coming from both horse and rider, each eating their meals. Phyth finished the piece of meat he was eating, glanced at Fen, then back at Iago. He ran an eye over her, judging her mood. She seemed to be back to normal, completely calm after the chase. Which was good. Phyth didn't want her to have too much excitement.

Picking up his his glass, Phyth downed the other half of the juice in one gulp. He patted his hands on his sides, then reached inside his armor and pulled something out. It was the last sugar cube that Cherri had given him. He held it out slowly and motioned for Fen to take it. "Take it very slowly, then hold it out to her. Then it will be all right."

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 02, 2007, 03:35:58 PM
Fen took the sugar cube from Phyth's hand and slowly held it out to Iago, hardly daring to breathe. She was like this with most horses; very careful until they trusted her, and she would smile with delight when they did. She knew a lot about horses; what the respective parts of them were called, and how they would behave. Would this one accept it from her? Fen didn't know, so she just held out her hand, stayed still as stone and waited for Iago to come to her.

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 02, 2007, 03:40:35 PM
(I hope this is okay)

Aroura remained seated, although she so wished to join in with everyone else, she felt so out of place, "perhaps I should just leave" she thought to herself. Aroura was just about to take her last glance around the lively tavern, when she heard the door creak open on its hinges with another lady standing there looking almost as bemused as Aroura herself, the woman sat down on a chair just nearby, and Aroura felt a bit easier knowing she was not alone.

The woman was shortly followed by a young man, though quite a bit older than Aroura herself he looked very confident in himself and almost arrogant but his grace was enchanting, his hair a fiery red and his eyes of deep green, a perfect contrast with his lightly tanned skin. When Aroura realised he was heading straight for her she turned her head away in shock, then he was there, his tall slender body standing over the rather astounded Aroura, she looked up at him as he began to speak such wonderful word such open in his pursuit. When he asked for Aroura’s name for a short while she could not speak and just gave him a little smile, still trying though without success to avoid eye contact. Then when she finally got the courage she said in a rather soft tone, “My name?” she had to think for a while as at that point everything was spinning round in her head “my name is Aroura Roselyn, just call me Aroura, now dear sir you know how to address me and I am curious about how I should address you, your name please”.     

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 02, 2007, 03:56:37 PM
Fen, together with another man, entered the tavern. After ordering some food and drinks from Samuel, they went out again. As they walked out, a woman entered the tavern.

Gosh! It’s really so crowded in here…

Sneaking a glance at Fallen, she saw him gritting his teeth and closing his eyes. Just then, from the corner of her eye, she saw Tiras waving his hand and smiling at her. Tifara smiled back.

Then, Fallen said, “Actually, I noticed it when the rat drew my attention under the table. I couldn't help but see it,” Fallen paused for a moment, before continuing, “Ah, so it is a memorial? Similar to my own… in a way. May I ask, what it symbolizes? Why did you choose that particular design?”

“Well, the belt was my mother’s favourite. So…” Tifara did not quite like to talk about her mother’s death, so she changed the subject. “Anyway, I realised the tavern is getting very crowded… Do you want to go outside and continue our conversation?”

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Post by: Gamaliel Ironforge on May 02, 2007, 10:10:41 PM
"Don't be greedy, pig." Gamaliel said as he slapped Thorgas' hand and pulled his mug closer to him and laughed. He drank every last drop of the beer. Afterwards, he ate what was left of his roasted taenish, leaned back on his chair and sighed contentedly. Now this is life. He thought. Living life at ease, what more could a dwarf ask for? He burped and stared at the pitchers of beer Thorgas brought to the table. Then an idea popped in his mind, which would turn this lazy afternoon into a fun moment with his brother."Just a moment, Thorgas. I'll go get something."

Gamaliel went towards the bar to where Samuel was working and tapped the wooden surface to get the bartender's attention. "Quick, barkeep. Two more pitchers of Turborger brown and some mugs, hurry now."

"Take it easy, Master Dwarf, you can't be that thirsty." Samuel said and promptly went into the kitchen for a while and came back with two more pitchers. "Please pay this amount," he said, handing Gamaliel a piece of paper.

Gamaliel gave him the money, walked back with the pitchers of beer and placed them right in front of Thorgas. Then, he took his mug, filled it to the brim with beer, and drank it as fast as he could. He then set the mug down on the table. With a sheepish smile and a raised eyebrow, he waited for Thorgas' reaction at his challenge.

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on May 02, 2007, 10:51:07 PM
"I was just kidding", Thorgas said as he withdrew his hand from Gamaliel's mug. He drank the rest of his beer and continued eating his stew. He started eating fast too, as he noticed Gamaliel was already through with his meal. He filled his mug with beer just in case Gamaliel drinks the first pitcher empty.

After finishing the stew, Thorgas also leaned on his chair, took out his pipe and smoked, as was his custom. Long, grey, curling smoke floated lazily out of the dwarfs pipe as he breathed slowly. Thorgas looked very relaxed indeed, as if no life could be better than this.

He was starting to doze off, when the heavy sound of a pitcher being slammed on the table woke him up and kept him from sleeping. He turned a weary eye at the source of the noise; two great pitchers filled with beer sat at their table. And with the first pitcher nearly empty, there is now a total of three present. Gamaliel took the liberty of having the first drink from that aromatic fountain of dwarven beer. Thorgas looked at his brother's sheepish smile and saw immediately that this was some sort of contest, not one such as fighting for a price, but rather for fun.

Without hesitating, Thorgas took two mugs, filled them to the brim, and drank both at the same time, small drops of the liquid trickling down his beard. He sat the mugs on the table, belched loudly and with a raised eyebrow, he looked at Gamaliel. "You should have told me that you want to have a drinking contest. Now try and beat that, shortbeard!"

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Post by: Khel on May 03, 2007, 02:15:06 AM
Sipping her grape juice, Khel heard a man's voice nearby and turned to address him. She saw he was addressing the beautiful woman next to her and held her peace, listening in on the conversation in spite of herself, the purple in her eyes softly glowing in the tavern's light. The man was charming and Khel grinned to herself, turning away from the conversation. Two Dwarfs preparing for a friendly drinking contest close by caught her eye, and Khel noticed many others in friendly, polite conversation.

Khel took another sip of grape juice, content in simply observing her surroundings. She pulled her cloak more tightly around her slim frame, and pushed her raven hair away from her eyes.

It's busy in here.... I wonder what brings so many folks to such a place.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 03, 2007, 04:00:25 AM
Phyth grinned as Iago's head went up, then turned toward the direction of the sugar cube. She stood still for a moment, unsure of what she wanted to do. On one hand (or hoof), there was a girl who her master had disliked, and had tried to steal a horse. But, on the other hand, her master seemed to be okay now. Not mention the fact she was holding a sugar cube.

Finally she began to inch forward, her head lowered. Iago stopped right in front of Fen and grabbed the sugar cube. She sat there, content that Fen wasn't a foe. 

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 03, 2007, 04:57:08 AM
Fen's eyes lit up as Iago accepted the sugar cube. "She took it!" She told Phyth excitedly. She recognized the intelligence in Iago's eyes before returning to her Chozh cake. She sat down and ate it daintily, taking small bites and brushing off any crumbs which fell into her lap. "Mm, this is delicious." she said, in between bites. After she was done, she drained the rest of her Tulimon Grape Juice.

When she was completely done, she turned to Phyth, interest gleaming in her eyes. "As much as I hate to admit it, I've never ridden a Centoraurian horse before. And I don't know much about their behavior and diet. Would you tell me about the most impoertant features or traits of Centoraurian horses?"

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Post by: Fallen on May 03, 2007, 06:54:52 AM
Fallen realized that this was probably not a comfortable topic for Tifara, and so he let it drop. At her offer to take leave of the room, the elf gratefully nodded in agreement. Standing up, he shook his mass of purple hair once more."Yes... I'm not very comfortable around... others. Especially not to this degree. Besides, it would be wise to leave before the drinking contest begins." He concluded, nodding towards the two dwarves.

Turning towards the door, he bowed and motioned for Tifara to go first; the hidden chain under his jacket sleeve jingling loudly.

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Post by: Hylphán on May 03, 2007, 08:31:23 AM
Hylphán had only taken a few steps down the hall before seeing a cloak covered body laying in the middle of the floor! "Hello now" he said to himself, "What have we here?"  He carefully bent down, and pulled back the cloak just enough to see the face of the elf who had yelled for Thorgas.  He seemed alright, beside the fact that he was unconcious.  His breathing was regular and he had some color to his skin, so his heart must be beating.  Hylphán took in all this at a glance, and said out loud "Now what to do..."
     "I cannot leave him here for  someone to trip over, and not everyone will refrain from going through his pouch" he continued, thinking out loud.  "I know he has a room up here, but don't want to get him in the wrong one, so ... nothing left but to put him in mine."  He stood up and went to unlock his door, then carefully pulled the unconcious elf up and over his shoulder.  He took him into his room and gently deposited him on the bed.  He then returned and picked up all of the assorted weaponry that had fallen out on the floor when he picked up the elf.  "This guy expecting trouble, or what!" Hylphán thought to himself, as he laid out the weapons on the table in his room.
     Grabbing his saddlebags, he turned, closed the door, and headed back downstairs, as the smell of food was making it very hard to think about anything else.
     Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs and looking across the room, he saw Thorgas sitting with another dwarf, engaged in what appeared to be a drinking game.  Staring at the two he thought to himself "Is there some family resemblence between those two, or do all dwarves look that much alike?"  As he passed the bar, Hylphán ordered a bowl of stew, 2 mugs of Tulimon Grape juice, and 2 pitchers of the strong smelling brown beer that Thorgas liked so much.  Samuel placed the 2 pitchers and two mugs on the bar and Hylphán paid him.
     As he walked up to the dwarves table Hylphán asked "Is this a private party, or can anybody join in?"  He smiled and put the two pitchers on the table between the two dwarves.  Pulling up a chair, he sat and took a long pull at his grape juice, enjoying the crisp, cool flavor.  Turning to Thorgas, he said "Thorgas, I put your unconcious elf friend in my room for the time being, as I had no idea which room is his."

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 03, 2007, 10:04:22 AM
My name ? But of course , how rude of me , approaching a lady without properly introducing myself .
I am called Tiras , at your service  .

And yet again Tiras bowed in that way ,with a smile that made most women breath a little faster every time he did it .

It was then that Tiras noticed another woman next to Auroura , and he said :

Ah sorry , my lady , i didn´t notice you , a thousand pardons , but i am sure you can find a way to forgive me , can´t you ?

He finished with an innocent smile , and turning to Auroura , he continued :
Now dear Auroura , since we now know each other better , mind me asking what is someone as lovely as you doing alone in such forgotten place ?

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 03, 2007, 11:55:33 AM
Phyth watched as Iago waited for Fen to rub her, then turned to the girl. He shrugged, not really knowing what to tell her. There were many, many secrets his people kept from outsiders, and he wasn't about to be the first to tell them.

But there were things he was willing to say. "Some say they are the fastest horses in Santharia. They are very proud, especially this one," he said, smiling and motioning to Iago. "We have racing, war, and riding horses. Iago is a war horse. Most of them are mares. Iago is descended from many carefully bred horses, and she is one of the finest."

Phyth reached in his pack and pulled out another handful and fed it to Iago, then grinned. "As for what we feed them, here it is," he said, holding out his hand so Fen could feed it to his horse. "As for what it is, you will never know."

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 03, 2007, 04:07:09 PM
Fen fed Iago the handful. Then she didn't know what else to do, so she smiled at Phyth, sat on the ground and began to revise her dance routine in her head. Maybe she could swap the somersault and the cartwheel... she totally forgot about Phyth and Iago and focused on her dance routine. Then her head snapped up. Her dance would be perfect with a horse... she began to study Iago in earnest. She wouldn't steal Iago, but Iago would be perfect for a practice with her routine.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 03, 2007, 06:26:37 PM
Fallen nodded, and stood up, shaking his purple hair.

“Yes… I'm not very comfortable around… others. Especially not to this degree. Besides, it would be wise to leave before the drinking contest begins.”

Fallen nodded to the dwarves, then turned towards the door, and bowed, gesturing for Tifara to go first.

“Thanks. Anyway, I think they’ve started the contest already.” Laughing softly, she motioned for Fallen to follow her. “There’s a place I found while I was exploring before you came. It’s beautiful.”

She turned and literally pranced towards the garden, her blonde hair moving to her every prance.

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 03, 2007, 09:48:59 PM
(Tiras there is not "u" after the "A" in Aroura, just thought I would tell you)

Aroura listened intently to his words, now she had calmed down and felt a bit more comfortable. Then Tiras turned to the Lady sitting nearby and offered his apologies to her, he seems so kind and thoughtful, Aroura thought he was worthy of her trust, such a kind charming gentleman. When Tiras turned his attention back to Aroura, she gave him a graceful and appreciative smile.   
As an answer to the question put to her by Tiras, Aroura said, "Why should I not be, this place seems lovely, I travel alone and it is nice to have a rest and feel safe, I have had many acquaintances, but very few friends, I am used to being on my own with my thoughts although sometimes it is nice to speak with someone. I guess I just never know who I can trust, so many people have let me down in the past”;  Aroura sighed and looked down at the ring on her finger, the ring that belonged to the man who murdered her parents, “so many people”. Still looking at the ring she felt the anger and sadness all come back to her, “Stranger”, who was the stranger, why did he have the word stranger carved in his ring and his sword, the sword used to kill Aroura’s parents that she also kept with her.

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Post by: Gamaliel Ironforge on May 03, 2007, 10:27:13 PM
Gamaliel looked at the human -- or rather an elf, who disturbed their bout. He was about to give the elf a piece of his mind, but stopped as he adressed his brother. Sure enough, he must be another one of Thorgas' friends, or else he would not talk to his brother nor any others dwarves, for that matter.

The dwarf nodded to the tallfolk, not because he agreed for him to join; he would let him in anyway, but because the man had graciously brought them two more pitchers of beer. "Aye, human, more is merrier. The name's Gamaliel Ironforge, and I see that you already met my brother." He motioned towards the two empty chairs left at their table. "Seat anywhere you want."

Gamaliel then looked at his brother and the way he drank two mugs of beer at the same time. "Gee brother, what a big mouth you have!" Gamaliel said, then added, "By the way, I'm no shortbeard, you're speaking of yourself. Watch this."

Giving out a loud guffaw, the warrion took the first pitcher, the one that is half filled, and drank straight out of it, Tiny drops of beer trickling out of his mouth; his beard was a little wet from where the liquid leaked. He belched again then looked at Thorgas as he placed the now empty pitcher at the table.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on May 03, 2007, 11:29:28 PM
Thorgas looked on as Gamaliel killed a pitcher half full of beer in one sitting, then traded a warm smile at Hylphan. "Yes friend, do join in. It will be more fun when a lot of people is involved in the contest." The dwarf was glad that the elf joined them, and was even happier when he brought with him two pitchers of beer. At the mention of his elven friend passing out upstairs, the smile was gone for a moment, but quickly took it's place as he was assured that Drasil and his possessions will be kept safe from harm. "Ach friend. I didn't know he passed out, I thought he was only weeping to his heart's content." Thorgas stood up and was about to go upstairs to check on him, but decided to sit down and finish this drinking contest. "You said you took him to your room, eh? Then there's nothing to worry about." He chuckled a little, then added, "Let his tears flow and do not stop them, I always say. It will help him take out his grief."

Thorgas stared at the remaining pitchers on the table, then turned to Hylphan and explained the rules. "You can begin any time. The rules are simple; He who drinks the least amount of beer will have to pay for the other's dinner later." Thorgas laughed. "Of course, we dwarves are great drinkers of Turborger brown, just in case you don't know."

In return to Gamaliel's challenge, Thorgas took a full pitcher and began to empty it by first pouring some into his mug and then drinking it; Tilting a full pitcher in your mouth will cause the beer to overflow right into your face. It took him a short amount of time to decrease the amount to half of the original, but Thorgas drank every last drop of it and placed it right in front of Gamaliel. "I can call you shortbeard anytime I want. Let's see you try that, uhh... Shortbeard."

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Post by: Hylphán on May 03, 2007, 11:38:13 PM
Hylphán chuckled out loud as he watched the two brothers trade barbs.  This pair was going to be a lot of fun.  When Thorgas told him to jump right in and join the game, Hylphán smiled and held up one hand.  "Good friend, I will buy the round when it comes to my turn, but I will stick to the grape juice for now, thank you."  "Besides, that leaves more for the two of you", he pointed out. 

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 03, 2007, 11:57:23 PM
Iago accepted the feed gladly, eating it proudly. All the attention she was getting seemed to be getting to her head. Phyth turned his head back to Fen, and grinned inwardly. She had that look on her face, a look that came more often than not when people saw Iago.

"You want to ride her?" Phyth said, motioning to Iago. "You're too small to steal her anyway."

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 04, 2007, 03:03:53 AM
Fen stared at him. "Really? I was thinking about my dance routine...I'm a dancer, you see...and Iago would be a great horse to practice on."  she looked anxiously at him. "You won't mind me turning Iago into a little trick horse for a while?"

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 04, 2007, 03:36:04 AM
Phyth stood up and grabbed Iago's reins, holding her still. "Go ahead," he said to Fen, "she enjoys it. And she won't throw you off either." All the same, Phyth whispered a few words in his horse's ear. He didn't want to run the risk of her throwing Fen off.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 04, 2007, 03:42:16 AM
Fen eagerly leapt onto Iago's back. She slowly, steadily stood up on Iago. She tentatively lifted a leg, stretching it in front of her. Then a look of approval crossed her face, and she sat back down. "Good for performing," she said. "Is there anything I need to know before I start?" she inquired as she took hold of Iago's reins.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 04, 2007, 03:50:43 AM
Phyth shrugged. He knew everything about Iago. It was just putting it into words, and telling her what was important. "She'll move or keep still, very still, when you want her to. Don't hit her, talk to her. She'll know what you want her to do without being beaten."

Phyth paused, looking in the direction of the tavern. "Don't take her too far away from me, or she'll get nervous. Other than that, just ride her."

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 04, 2007, 05:21:09 AM
Fen nodded her thanks. "I won't take her too far from fact, I'm gonna be practicing so close that you just need to take a few steps to touch her."  with that, she began urging Iago into trotting in a circle around Phyth. "Keep going, Iago, my precious." Fen whispered into her ear. As Iago was trotting, she stood up and did a handstand on her, and then did the sliding-under-the-belly trick. She continued this display of acrobatics and added the dance moves. After 10 minutes, she halted Iago and leapt down lightly, somersaulting and landing in a split at Phyth's feet. "How's that?" she said, panting a little.

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Post by: Fallen on May 04, 2007, 06:32:18 AM
Fallen followed Tifara outside, though without the skipping antics. Turning back, he half-smiled half-grimaced as the dwarves downed their alcohol. What a disgustingly useless past-time... though I wonder what it's like to be cheerful like that... The elf thought to himself ruefully. Shaking his head, he continued to follow Tifara silently, nodding at the man and woman with the horse.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 04, 2007, 09:57:53 AM
Occ Right Aroura , sorry i didn´t notice

As soon Aroura finished talking , Tiras noticed the change of voice in her last sentence , an hint of sadness as well as anger , perhaps  she had been betrayed before ?

Now i understand her sadness , another man would explore this , but i am "The White Rose ", not some common con artist .
I will find another way to get money ...

With a comprehensive smile , Tiras said , "Indeed , most people cannot be trusted  , blinking his eye at her with an humourous tone he continued , fortunately i am not included in that group of people ,well i do hope not ."

"Now to change to more happier topic , what is your occupation dear Aroura ?
I for instance consider myself an artist , althought i have been known to do some odd jobs , a man with an empty stomach cannot be picky , can it ?"

Looking directily at her eyes , Tiras waited for the answer .

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Post by: Khel on May 04, 2007, 11:14:45 AM
Khel smiled politely in reply to the man, Tiras was the name she picked up in her eavesdropping, and gulped down the rest of her grape juice as the man turned away. Surveying the room, it seemed the drinking contest was getting rather heated. Also, a few people had left the tavern. After a few moments of deliberation, Khel pushed herself up from the table and sidled past the man and woman. Heading for the door, Khel thought, I wonder how Bristol's faring in the stable..., dermined she would check on him, and explore the tavern's grounds further.

Exiting quickly, now that her destination was set, Khel walked towards the stables, passing an incredibly talented woman showing her skill to a tall, handsome man. Khel nodded slightly and strode past into the stables, heading straight to Bristol and calmly stroking his soft mane, picking out burrs he picked up on their journey. Bristol bumped is nose against her shoulder in silent reply. Khel shifted her long bow to sit more comfortably across her back as she wrapped her cloak about her again. She felt more comfortable here with her long-time companion, and taking off her gloves, she began to hum a soft tune, running her hands over the small pony's coat.

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 04, 2007, 11:22:50 AM
"I am a jeweller, but an artist, such a prestigious profession, I would prefer a work of art to a worrier any day. So what type of art do you do painting, sculpting or have you done any famous art?” Aroura inquired, now trying to forget all the memories that had came flooding back to her, Tiras was reassuring for Aroura, and he looked into her eyes with what seemed to be the greatest of sincerity.

“Oh how rude of me, would you like to sit-down, you must be tiered if you have been walking far.” Said Aroura, gesturing towards the unoccupied chair on the opposite side of the table, “Only if you want to, of course”.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 04, 2007, 12:32:58 PM
Tiras gave a crystalline yet soft and joyfull laugh as Aroura asked him if he did had some art worthy of note .

"I think you misunderstand me love , i am an indeed an artist ,one of life , not an sculptor or a painter ,but in my eyes equally as important , for life is as hard as stone to shape to our wishes ...

But i am ramblling and possibly tiring you , i will take your kind offer of seating , so we can explore better this new found friendship , at least i am presuming that we are starting to become friends , no ?

Now , you  mentioned something that got my attencion , that you were a jeweller , have you by chance any jewels that i can examine .
I am saying without any foul intent , its mere curiosity , since i am a son of a merchant , jewels were an item that i become to know quite well."

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 04, 2007, 01:08:39 PM
"Really okay, sorry for the misunderstanding I just so love art the way it can say so many words but speak nothing at all. Anyway yes I do have a few pieces of jewellery with me at the moment, I learnt to make jewellery from the woman who raised me, she made some wonderful pieces, actually this brooch I am wearing, she made that for me before she died, I think it is the only object I own that brings back good memories". Well I should stop babbling on", said Aroura reaching into her bag and bringing out a gold necklace with a heart shaped ruby pendent, a diamond brooch shaped like a 5 pointed star and a thick gold bracelet chain.

“Well that is it, years of practice and earning the money I can get to afford some of the best materials, I do not normally show them to people I have just met, but as you said friends”, she said, holding out a hand for him, “and how could anyone steel from a friend, unless they have no sense of right and wrong”.  Aroura gave a cheeky but graceful smile, and put her bag back in its position on the floor.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 04, 2007, 05:21:20 PM
As she neared the garden, Tifara slowed down her pace. She traipsed towards the garden, and dropped herself onto the lush green grass. Nature! I’m back…

Tifara put her hands right on the back of her neck, and pushed her hair up, making a mass of blonde hair on the grass surrounding her head. She spread her hands out and smiled to herself, closing her eyes. For a moment, she was silent, breathing the fresh air, enjoying the cool air. Then, she opened her eyes, and said to Fallen, “Come on! Lie down here!” Tifara patted the grass right beside her.

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Post by: Fallen on May 05, 2007, 01:54:38 AM
As Tifara skipped to the garden, Fallen followed more slowly. Her energetic disposition betrayed her love for the outdoors. The Coorhem examined the garden, taking in it's lush beauty. Full of life in the middle of this wretched desert. Tifara laid herself out on the grass, her hair making a blonde halo around her head.

At her invitation to lay down, Fallen merely kneeled beside her, breathing in the fresh air. Pulling his hood up to protect his sensitive eyes, the elf looked down at the archer. "You're really in your element out here, aren't you?" He inquired needlessly.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 05, 2007, 02:16:47 AM
Phyth stood still as he watched Fen practice, if it actually was  practicing, with great interest. She seemed to be a better rider than he thought. There were probably a few tricks among his people that she didn't know, but there were few Centoraurians  that could do it with such grace, or finesse.

Phyth himself could only do a few tricks, like leaning out of the saddle, standing, and his own quick-mount. A very quick mount. But he began to realize that had Fen been on a different horse, the chase might have ended differently.

He nodded as Fen landed at his feet. "Nice job," he said as he took Iago's reins, "I haven't seen much better than that before."

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 05, 2007, 02:35:33 AM
Despite herself, Fen glowed at Phyth's praise. She stood up, brushed herself off and bowed. "It was a pleasure to entertain you, dear sir."  with that, she flopped down onto the ground in a mock swoon. The sun made her feel sleepy and hungry. She rolled over to look up at Phyth. "Hey Phyth, what do you say to more food? We can come back out here again. Then we can have a little chat; what the topic of the chat is we will think of later."

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 05, 2007, 03:17:52 AM
Phyth grinned as he looked down at Fen. It had gotten so late, his breakfast hadn't really done much to help his hunger. And the bright sun had made him thirsty again. So he had no problem with getting more food. "Sounds like a good idea," he said.

"But do you mind if I let you get it? I'd like to keep watch over this one," Phyth said as he held out a hand to help Fen up, speaking about Iago.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 05, 2007, 03:38:21 AM
"Mm hmm,"  Fen nodded, swatted Phyth's hand away - she still had her pride, after all - stood up without assisstance and rubbed Iago briefly. "What would you like?" she said.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 05, 2007, 04:33:09 AM
Phyth patted Iago, who seemed antsy to get out of her saddle. She didn't seem to want to go back into the stables, just stand and rest outside with all her gear. "Just order me whatever they're serving, and a Turborger Brown," Phyth said.

As he waited for Fen to order the food, Phyth began to take Iago's riding gear, and sat it next to him. It was all in a neat pile, ready to be used quickly if need be.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 05, 2007, 05:11:33 AM
Fen trotted over to the Herald. After a minute, she trotted back again. Before Phyth could ask why she hadn't got any food, she said, "There are now two available seats in the Herald. Do you want to go inside? Or do you want to keep keeping watch on Iago?"

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 05, 2007, 05:23:07 AM
Phyth finished removing Iago's gear, then turned back to Fen. "Inside is fine," he said simply. The sun was up in the sky, and the heat was beginning to warm even the sands. Phyth would welcome the shelter.

Picking up his gear, Phyth led Iago back to the stables. Ignoring the stable boy inside, he led his horse to her stall. He dropped the gear and began inspecting the stall. There was no evidence that anyone had been near it since before the chase. Making sure there was enough food for Iago, Phyth left the stables and headed for the tavern.

When he entered the tavern, Phyth finally realized how busy it was. Patrons of all kinds were sitting in their seats, eating a drinking. Especially Thorgas and his brother. If he were to bet which dwarf would win the contest, his money would be on Thorgas' brother. Shaking his head, Phyth made his way over to the empty seats and waited for Fen.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 05, 2007, 05:31:32 AM
Fen ordered the Meal of the Day for Phyth along with his Tuborger Brown. She ordered another slice of Chozh cake...they really were delicious...and another bottle of Tulimon Grape Juice. She preferred not to risk getting herself drunk. She made her way over to Phyth and put the food and drinks down on the table. "So..."  she said, "Is there anything you like doing other than riding your horse?"

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Post by: Weivóc'Neán on May 05, 2007, 08:03:48 AM
OOC: Sorry for the absence, I would have replied sooner, but had something come up. I shall try and resume normal functions daily.

As he noticed more people enter, and some leave, he noticed that not many looked his way. He shifted with stiffness from the long travel and being still for so long. He then looked around and noticed two dwarfs and an elf havin a friendly drinking contest, and two humans chatting away, with one looking at some jewels. He thought to himself, why has no one passed by me or even noticed me, but yet I'm not surprised due to the fact that I don't look that friendly sitting here all cloaked. Either that, or I seem asleep and some people actually have some consideration.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 05, 2007, 08:24:03 AM
Phyth's eyes widened as his food arrived. Nodding in thanks at Fen, he took his utensil and dove in. As usual, the food was excellent. It definitely beat the food he ate on the road. It was a welcome change.

After Phyth swallowed his bite of food, Phyth picked up his mug of Turborger Brown. As he took a drink, he looked at Thorgas out of the corner of his eye, wondering how he was faring. There was a third person with the dwarves. Phyth wondered if he was participating in the drinking contest. He would certainly lose.

As he finished his drink, the cool liquid feeling good down his throat, Phyth listened to Fen's question. He swallowed another bite, then his brow furrowed, looking like he was completely serious. "No," he said simply.

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Post by: Weivóc'Neán on May 05, 2007, 10:10:44 AM
He feels his stomach rumble a little, I guess that meal earlier didn't do it, oh well, I have plenty of money, and plenty of time untill I wish to move on. As he gets up, he stretches a little, then a loud crack sounds as he pops his knees. He then walks up to Samuel saying, "Samuel is it? May I have northwoods wild rice soup, a tulimon grape juice, and a a slice of chozh cake? How much will that be." Samuel then replied with how much it was, and Weivóc paid him for it, giving him two extra sans as a tip, which he seemed hesitant to take, but took it with a thanks. Weivóc then headed back to his table to sit down to eat once he had his meal. As he ate pretty rapidly, he watched what everyone was doing, including the half-elf and human he saw outside when he first came in, and also he noticed the half-elf come in and out earlier.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 05, 2007, 11:02:49 AM
A glimpse of greed flashed throught Tiras eyes , but it was so quick that even the most observant couldn´t notice it .

Gods ! That brooch must be worth a fortune , in other ocasion i would seduce her and steal it , but she is too inocent .
And i made a vow that only steal from wealthy women...

After she put back the bag on the floor , Tiras felt a tad awkward with her words ,"and how could anyone steel from a friend, unless they have no sense of right and wrong", didn´t he do that on several times , always without giving a second thought ?
That was a long time ago . now i am not that person anymore , i resort to it only in extreme cases ....

Shaking away such taughts , he smiled to and said , " Indeed , quite an exquisite piece of jewelry and i am honored for you showing it to me , but while i am trustworthy , you must realize that most people aren´t , they wouldn´t think twice about tricking you or worse , for your jewels .
Be very carefull and never show it unless you really trust the person ."

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 05, 2007, 12:42:57 PM
Fallen kneeled down beside Tifara, and pulled his hood up. He asked, “You're really in your element out here, aren't you?”

Tifara closed her eyes and smiled, “It’s just that us Aellenrhims are nature lovers. Living near the Bolder and Thaelon helps. We respect the forests, we care for them, we protect them and we love them.”

Opening her eyes, she continued, “Well, not all of us do that though. But we do at least one. And that’s loving them.”

Tifara smiled again, and thought, That has to be the most I’ve said in a while!

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 05, 2007, 11:41:45 PM
Fen raised an eyebrow disbelievingly. "Absolutely nothing else?"  she pressed Phyth. "No walks, no appreciating nature, no carpentry, no hunting, no giving advice when people are in trouble, no fighting, no being cynical..."  here she looked at him slyly, and then she paused to think. " drinking of drinks or eating of food?" She looked at him triumphantly, waiting for his reply.

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 06, 2007, 12:18:42 AM
"Of course I am careful, to be completely honest if a person was to steal from me and no one has in 21 years, I should be the first to pity them. Sad little fool think he has got himself a gold mine and yes he would have a lot of money if he sold them, but as he grows old and lonely possibly in prison or put to death, that money won’t last. He will just rot away with his greed and I can bet he have some sort of mental problem. I see that you had thought about it when you first saw what I own, I am not stupid, but you got rid of those thoughts and I admire that”. Said Aroura looking straight into Tiras eyes with a slow and genuinely sincere voice. 

“Any other person may think I am mad at this moment showing my most treasured belongings to you, well especially those who know your past, this is not the first time you have seen an opportunity to steel, and with those opportunities in the past I am going to bet you could not resist. But if I were to give you the perfect opportunity to steel now and you took it, the longest you would be able to run away from this tavern is about a mile, maybe but you will come straight back, because you won’t forget my face or my words the guilt will eat away at you very quick”. Still looking deeply into his eyes and giving a cheeky little smile.

“Well how about a change in subject”, Aroura thought for a while of what she could say next, “so I never got to hear why you have ended up in this place, this does not really look like your normal sort of scene, and if you don’t mind me asking where are you from, I mean if you have stolen in the past, it could not be from here, no you would want someone rich”. Aroura asked, sounding surprisingly relaxed with her jewels still gracing the table, in no way hidden from the eyes of strangers. But while still waiting for an answer from Tiras she put them back in her bag, she may be able to trust Tiras now, but what about everyone else.

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Post by: Fallen on May 06, 2007, 03:43:48 AM
Listening to Tifara chat happily away about her love for nature, Fallen continued to gaze at the plant-life, eventually becoming lost in thought for a moment. This place has such natural beauty... I may have to write of it.

Fallen scratched his thin nose distractedly. "It must be nice... growing up among those able to feel appreciation for beauty. Among the Coorhem, all anyone cares about is the art of killing and gaining power, territory, and prestige." Grabbing the collar of his jacket and pulling it back, he revealed the iron hoop chained to his shoulder, and the purple rose tattoo in the center of his shoulder. "I got this marking, to express my love of nature and all things beautiful."

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 06, 2007, 04:02:54 AM
"I apologize," Phyth said, smiling, "being cynical is common among my kind. Although I seem to have it much worse." He paused a moment, this time actually thinking. He liked a lot of those things she said (although when he gave out advice, it was usually consisted of telling someone if they were being stupid), and more.

Finally he shrugged. "Why walk when you can ride?" Phyth said, basically telling Fen his outlook on life. "I like archery. I'm not that great, but I hit the target. I like eating a drinking with friends, and walking the plains where I am from"

He paused, taking a drink of his beer. "So what about you?" He said, raising an eyebrow. "What do you like?"

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 06, 2007, 05:11:38 AM
Fen's eyes lit up. "Dancing and performing." she said, without hesitation. "That comes first and foremost. But I also like to explore, play with animals and skive off chores whenevr I can, though that isn't easy with the Black Butterflies."

Then a crafty and mischievous look came into her eyes. "Oh yes, how could I forget? I love pranks. My lovely, precious collection of pranks. Here's one,"  she said, pulling out a trick seemingly from nowhere. It was a tiny box which had a small lid half covering the box's only opening. The lid made it impossible to look inside the box. The box had a long, thin and realistic-looking piece of fake Khofúhshátí sticking out of it. There was a tiny spring attaching it to a fake but also realistic-looking spider.

The trick was made so that whoever tried to pull the piece of Khofúhshátí out of the box would have a spider springing on them, looking as though it was about to inject poison into their blood. Fen held it casually out to Phyth. "It works well on Khofúhshátí lovers who don't know me that well, but not people who are too cynical for their own good." she said, grinning. "Try not to break it."

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Post by: Weivóc'Neán on May 06, 2007, 10:09:39 AM
Weivóc stood up and asked samuel "May I have a room and some tulimon grape juice? How much will that be?" Samuel replied with the ammount and handed him the key and his juice. He said it was the second room on the left and asked how long he would be staying here. Weivóc replied "I will be staying here for quite some time, but I might head to town for a few days to get some stuff that isn't available here. If it is ok with you, may I reserve my room and leave some stuff here if I do need to head to town?" Samuel said it was fine but to leave the key with him and let him know. He quickly drank the juice, then with key in hand, he headed up the stairs and into his room. It wasn't really furnished much, but it at least had a bed with pillow and covers. He locked the door, moved the table near the bed and deposited his bow, sword, and boots on it then went to sleep.

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on May 06, 2007, 12:48:11 PM
The brightness of the room finally penetrated the blackness that has swallowed Cherri.  Opening her eyes a fraction of the way, she was blinded momentairily.  Confusion seemed to most prominant and suddenly memories rushed back to her and her body shook as she tried to raise to a sitting position.  By the gods she was so thirsty.  Wondering where Drasil was at, Cherri swung her feet to the floor and after two attempts was finally able to rise upon unsteady legs and make her way to the doorway.

Staying close to the wall and using it for support, Cherri made her way to the stairs and then down to the common room.  A faint smile crossed her features as she saw how busy the Tavern was.  She was happy that there was no signs of a recent fight either.  Exccessive fighting always made for bad business.

Leaning heavily on the rail, Cherri managed to keep her legs from buckling until she touched the last step.  Her legs sagged beneath her which was quickly followed by a clatter of glass.  Samuel had seen Cherri coming down the stairs carefully and unsteadily when he saw her collapse.  Dropping the glasses he had been cleaning he rushed over, shoving people aside abruptly clearing a path.  "You look as tho you might need a hand."  Samuel half joked, even as his eyes were troubled with concern.  He had heard of powerful mages and what could happen when they over exerted themselves.  "Are you alright Lady.  I wasn't aware that I worked for a magic user."  Samuel offered Cherri his hand and helped her rise to her feet.  He noted that no matter what she did, she always seemed to do it so graciously.  Perhaps it was an elven trait.  He noted that her usual pale skin was almost transparent.  Samuel could easily see the spider web of veins under her skin.  Helping Cherri to an empty seat at the bar she poured her a glass of water and watched as she hungerily drank it.  Small droplets came from the corners of her mouth and Samuel openly stared at the beautiful female in front of him.  If her lover sees me openly staring at her in such a manner... Samuel left the sobering thought unfinished and hurridly took the glass from her hand as Cherri finished its contents.  "Care for another?"

Cherri nodded her head [color=purple]"I would.  Thank you Samuel.  I see you have had someone to clean up the mess that man made." [/color] 

Samuel refilled Cherri's cup and placed it back in front of her and watched as she took smaller drinks this time.  "Yeah, kinda had to.  The blood didn't want to come off so luckily Duriel works around the clock to keep us supplied with extra tables and chairs."  

Cherri nodded and turned to scan the room.  Her attention diverted to searching out Drasil.  Samuel seeing that he had lost Cherri attention went back to cleaning glasses.  He watched her from the corner of his eye.  She seemed to be looking for someone, probably her lover.  Samuel was suddenly envious of the warrior, weapon clad elf.  Smiling faintly Samuel shook his head.  He like the woman and liked to see her happy.

"Are you looking for that warrior elf?  The one that is always armed with all those weapons like he is going to war or something?"  

Cherri's head swung around to pin Samuel with a look until she saw the joking sparkle in his eyes and a weak smile played across her lips.  "He does always appear as if he is going to battle at any moment, doesn't he.  Have you seen him?"

Samuel smiled and looked towards the stairs she had just come down.  "Last I saw him he was running up there with you in his arms and yelling for that dwarf over there.  He never came down, so I figured you two..."  Samuel dropped his eyes as a flush crept over his features.  "I figured you would know where he was at." 

Cherri's features ran an array of emtions across them.  First pleased that Drasil had been the one to place her in his bed, then amused as the bar keep had become embarrassed at what he almost said and finally worried.  Drasil hadn't come back down.  Looking toward the table where there were two dwarves and a half elf, Cherri decided that they would more than likely be unable to help.  Apparently they had been into their drinking contest for quite some time.

Finishing her water and asking for a third, Cherri slipped off the barstool picking up the water as she went.  Her legs were more steady, but she still felt so weak and tired.  Samuel rushed from behind the bar but was stopped by a pair of dark amethyst eyes.  With a slight negative shake of her head she made her way back up the stairs.

Standing at the top of the stairs she took note of the rooms.  Most of the doors were closed...except one.

Still using the wall for support Cherri walked to the open doorway and peered inside.

Lying on the bed, weapons placed on a nearby table, Cherri hesitantly entered the room placing the cup of water on the nearby table.

Drasil looked so peaceful and yet Cherri could tell it was not a natural slumber.  She looked around the room and realized it was not her room.  Whose room was he in and why if he wished to sleep did he not share the bed with her.  Saying his name softly Cherri walked slowly over to bed where Drasil lye sleeping.  "Drasil?  Drasil can you hear me?  Drasil, please wake up."   Cherri hesitantly reached for her lover.  She moved a stray stand of hair from his face.  She was looking over his face and features waiting for his bright golden eyes to meet hers.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 06, 2007, 03:15:51 PM
“It must be nice... growing up among those able to feel appreciation for beauty. Among the Coorhem, all anyone cares about is the art of killing and gaining power, territory, and prestige.”

Fallen grabbed the collar of his jacket and pulled it back, revealing an iron hoop chained to his shoulder, and a tattoo of a purple rose, right in the centre of his shoulder. “I got this marking, to express my love of nature and all things beautiful.”

Tifara looked at the tattoo, with her hand under her chin, elbow on the ground. “Why did you choose a purple rose, of all colours and flowers? Is your favourite colour purple, and your favourite flower the rose?”

As she was talking, Tifara subconsciously pulled a few strands of hair over to her cheek and played with her hair.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 06, 2007, 06:22:57 PM
"Indeed , and since you are being sincere , let me be too.
In another time and place , i wouldn´t think twice to trick and steal your jewels, but now at the age of 30 , yes i know i dont appear , but i am  , he blinked his eye at her and continued ,that was in my youth , now i am a different person."

Tiras was sincere , well at least as sincere he could be , one thing was sure , this woman was not to be a victim of "The White Rose ".

Watching as Aroura put the jewels back , Tiras moved discomfortably , at why was he ended so far from home , with a rather embaressed smile , he said ,
"Well , that is quite an embarrassing  story that envolves a mayor , his daughter and concludes with half of the city chasing me out the city , due to a honest mistake , how could i know that she was married and i swear i dont know how her weeding ring found his way into my bag .
Its the stigma of being "The White Rose" , everybody presuming the worst of me ..."

The way he talked , Tiras almost seemed harmless , and in his mind he was , in only pleasure in life was women , and he loved everyone of them , he wouldn´t never do anything to hurt them .

"And you love ?
This is a passing point for most travelers , from here where are you going ?"

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Post by: Fallen on May 07, 2007, 02:19:49 AM
Fallen watched in amusement as Tifara played with her hair. It seemed to be an uncontrollable habit of hers, similar to him playing with his piercings.

Covering his shoulder once again, the elf nodded.
"Yes, purple is indeed my favorite color. Deep and mysterious, it not only represents eccentricity and vitality, but insanity. A rose's many layers symbolizes beauty and elegance in all it's forms. In fact..." Twisting his torso around, he revealed the back of his jacket, with the purple, silken rose sewn into it, "I have a similar design on my jacket as well." Smiling, he turned back around and chewed on one of his piercings.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 07, 2007, 03:26:25 AM
"Uh huh...." Phyth said sceptically. His cynical nature made it hard for people to surprise or scare him, but he was curious as to what the box did. He held it in his hands for a moment, studying it. "I don't do chores..."

Phyth flipped the box in his hands, not even bothering to ask what that long word was. He looked, and saw a piece of Krath chocolate. He raised his eyebrow, figuring that was what Fen meant.

He opened the box slowly, and sure enough, something popped out. A realistic looking spider hit his hand, and Phyth couldn't help but like it. "Ouch," he replied sarcastically.

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 07, 2007, 03:28:06 AM
"Where am I going?" Aroura repeated to herself, "I suppose that is a question I often ask myself. To be honest I have absolutely no idea, the world is my home I have travelled so far yet I know so little, I just want to know where I fit in this big puzzle that we call home, where do I belong. I have a thirst for knowledge, to obtain the unobtainable truth, this world is one big lie so does that mean that the lies are all truth or simply there is no truth. Oh, sorry you have got me babbling on”. Said Aroura sounding more and more exited with every word that passed her lips, a subject she was passionate about, the wonderful yet terrible world.
“Dear Tiras, this may sound odd but I am curious, what do you love to do? What is your passion in life? When everything seems down what can make you happy, like a hobby I suppose but more than that, like you have a strong bond with it and brings out both the best and the worst in you"? Aroura inquired sounding a lot more enthusiastic, starting to open up more, Aroura often tried to avoid this situation in case of being rejected.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 07, 2007, 03:51:09 AM
"Great, isn't it?" Fen grinned, undaunted by Phyth's sarcasm. "Admit it! You like it. It works well on most of my girl friends. I've got loads more," she said, with a flourish of her hand. Before Phyth could protest, she started emptying all her pockets, and put all her pranks and tricks on the table for Phyth's inspection. Along with those came all sorts of weird things; a small bell, coins, a thin strip of metal, pieces of cloth and lots of other peculiar objects. Watching Fen, you would be amazed that she actually managed to keep that much in her pockets without them being visible.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 07, 2007, 04:01:44 AM
Phyth's eyes widened as Fen put all of her things on the table. She wasn't kidding when she said she had a lot. He began to reach for one of them, but stopped. His hand hovered over the table, not daring to touch any of them. "I do like it."

Suddenly Phyth was struck with inspiration. He put his hand down, then paused for a moment. Looking back up, he began to formulate a plan. "Hmm...What would you have for, say, a short, drunk dwarf?" Phyth said, nodding towards Thorgas.

He wasn't sure how well the dwarf would take a trick, but Phyth decided he couldn't go on with life if he didn't do it.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 07, 2007, 04:40:22 AM
Fen followed Phyth's nod; she took one look at Thorgas, and her face underwent a slight transformation. She turned away from Thorgas, eyeing him from the corner of her eyes. They lit up like bright lamps, and they gleamed and shone like a cat's eyes in the dark, and they narrowed a little.

She didn't grin, as one might have expected her to. Instead, the corners of her mouth curled up ever so slightly in a slight smirk. She sat up straighter. She actually looked beautiful in that moment. The description which came to mind upon seeing Fen was 'Beautiful vixen'.

This was Fen's chance to get even with this stupid midget; and she would definitely be able to get away with it. This was Phyth's suggestion, not hers. Of course, she wouldn't point the finger of blame directly at him; they were practically friends now. But she could direct the possible anger away from her.

Fen racked her brains for a second. What trick would be suitable for a dwarf? Then an idea hit her. She quietly stood up. "Come on."  she said to Phyth, the sly look still on her face. "I'm gonna make this trick."  she strode out of the tavern, and stopped close to the stables, waiting for him to come.

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Post by: Gamaliel Ironforge on May 07, 2007, 08:51:33 AM
Gamaliel looked on at how Thorgas is faring; He doesn't want to lose this contest, especially from his brother. Taking up a pitcher like his brother did, he drank from it, droplets of beer dripping from his beard to the table. He took the earthenware jug and wiped his mouth, then proceeded in drinking the jar empty.

He was halfway through the jug when the effect of the strong dwarven beer started to kick in. Naturally, Gamaliel was able to resist them, being a dwarf and all. He looked through the bottom of the pitcher and saw there was still left, so he went to work again in drinking the liquid.

Finally, he emptied the pitcher. With a grunt and a loud belch, he slammed the jug on the table and put on a stupid looking smile across his face. He began to hum and sing to himself, though moment by moment it was starting to get louder. "Oh, give me a hooome, where the grassh land boarsh roam...." He stopped, and looked at Thorgas. "Am I the uhh... winner now?"

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on May 07, 2007, 09:32:59 AM
"Not yet *hic* you fool. I'm shtill drinking." Thorgas took another pitcher and drank from it. The strength of the beer was not to be trifled with; he could feel that he was about to get drunk. Fortunately for him, he was a dwarf; a race who could partially defy the effects of being drunk. The dwarf kept on drinking until he downed the beer inside the pitcher.

Thorgas looked at their table. Only two more pitchers to go; If he could drink another jug, he would win the contest. He stared at Gamaliel as he sang to himself a stupid song; the Turborger brown really did its job. He can't help laughing a little as he watched Gamaliel singing his heart out. He wasn't singing very loud, or else the entire tavern would hear it. Rather, he sang in a low voice that only the dwarves and the half elf with them can hear.

He smiled at the dwarf, obviously having fun with this drinking contest. He was grateful of his brother too; he can think of anything that can turn a boring afternoon into something they can enjoy. Chuckling to himself, he took a pitcher and said to his brother, "Hey short *hic* beard, you drink that last jar there and we'll *hic* call it a draw." Thorgas pointed to at the last jug, smiled and started drinking his beer.

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Post by: Hylphán on May 07, 2007, 12:09:40 PM
As Hylphán started his second mug of grape juice, he was thinking to himself "What am I going to do with two drunken dwarves.?"  The very thought of it caused him to shudder as he grinned at the brothers.  With each one working on his third pitcher, it looked like Thorgas might be the winner of this contest, though he also was beginning to show the effects of the dark brew they were drinking.  Gamaliel was slowly slipping away, as he sang what sounded like a dwarven drinking song to himself, each word more slurred than the last.  "If these two pass out, I'm leaving them where they lay." Hylphán thought.  "I doubt if three people could even lift one  of them, much less carry them upstairs."  Then it occured to him that he would have to buy his own "next" round!  "I guess maybe I should have only bought them a single mug each, instead of pitchers!" 
     As the brothers reached for their last pitchers, Hylphán noticed two people from another table headed his direction.  One was human male, the other a female elf.  "I wonder what they want?" thought Hylphán, ignoring the dwarves for the moment...

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 07, 2007, 07:46:57 PM
Fallen covered his shoulder again and nodded. As he replied to her question, Tifara thought, Nice… So you like purple and you like roses. Purple sure shows mystery, and roses represent beauty…

Just then, Fallen twisted his torso and revealed a purple, silken rose sewn into the back of his jacket. “I have a similar design on my jacket as well.” He smiled and turned back around, chewing on a piercing.

“Oh well… any idea on what to do now?” Tifara smiled at Fallen. Removing her hand from her chin, she let herself collapse onto the ground. She stretched her hands and legs out, relieving herself of the fatigue she was feeling. Oh well… I always have late reactions.

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Post by: Fallen on May 07, 2007, 08:02:08 PM
The elf watched Tifara's feline stretch with amusement. What to do now...? He thought ruefully.

Running a finger along his left ear, Fallen breathed in the scent of the surrounding plant-life. It truly was a wonderful little garden, though it was having a drowsy effect. Laying on his back, his arms behind his head, Fallen gazed up at the bright sky."Hmm, I'm not exactly a wealth of things to do. I'm usually fairly reclusive and aloof. I suppose we could lie here, and converse about whatever we fancy."

Closing his eyes against the harsh sunlight, Fallen tried not to fall asleep. The thick smell of flowers was getting to him, as was the heat of the day and the fatigue of his travels. Perhaps laying down wasn't such a good idea...

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 07, 2007, 10:38:14 PM
Phyth observed Fen's actions obediently, if not uneasily, and waited for her to think up her plan. She may have looked prettier, but something about her made Phyth uneasy. He could only hope she wouldn't take it too far and anger the dwarf too much.

His unease continued to grow as she headed out in the direction of the stables. Unease, but also he curiosity. Phyth stopped near the stables where Fen was at. He waited, wondering what she was planning.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 07, 2007, 11:58:42 PM
Fen noticed Phyth's expression. She must be wearing that sly look again. Her face instinctively shifted back to normal, and her mischievous grin reappeared. Then she gathered as many thick, long sticks as she could find until she had a pile of them. Fen divided the pile of sticks into two, and deftly broke them so that they were all roughly equal in length. Then she tore off four strips of her shirt and bound the sticks together, one strips to each bunch, so she had two similar large blocks of wooden sticks.

She stood up and dusted herself off before taking out the silent whistle, which she had used in the chase, and blew. The flock of sparrows came down from where they had been resting on top of the roof of the building. They playfully made as if they were going to attack Phyth, but Fen stopped them. She talked to them in their "language", and though she wasn't too fluent, she managed to make them understand what she wanted them to do.

Immediately after Fen made clear that she was finished talking, she gave two sparrows the remaining strips of cloth, and the big flock of sparrows divided into two smaller groups. They didn't fly; that would be too obvious. Instead, they pushed and pulled the blocks into the Tavern. Fen watched from the doorway out of the corner of her eye with bated breath. But she was anxious for nothing; either no one seemed to notice the sparrows, or they wanted to see Thorgas' reaction to the prank. At least no one was jumping up and shouting that a flock of sparrows were dragging blocks of sticks into the Tavern.

The sparrows dragged the blocks under Thorgas' dangling feet. All the sparrows but two grabbed the blocks and lifted them until they were just touching the soles of the drunken dwarf's black boar hide boots. Then the two sparrows used a strip of cloth to tie a boot and a block together, knotting the cloth securely. They proceeded to do the same for the other boot and block. Barely able to see the sparrows under the table, Fen smiled. She was the one who had taught them how to tie good knots.

Having accomplished their task, the sparrows scattered and flew out of the Tavern at different times from different places. Fen walked back towards the spot where she'd made her little prank. The sparrows landed on her head, shoulders and arms, cheeping loudly and puffing out their chests with pride, while Fen praised them, smiling and laughing.

When the sparrows returned to the roof of the structure, she walked back to the Tavern entrance and watched Thorgas, again out of the corner of her eye. If Thorgas didn't overbalance, he would at least wonder why he was so tall. At least, she hoped so. She needed him to be drunk enough not to think of looking down, and sober enough to realize he was taller than usual.

If he did get angry, Fen certainly wasn't going to put herself forward. She looked at Phyth. "Now all we have to do is wait," she said, shrugging her shoulders.

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Post by: Khel on May 08, 2007, 04:24:40 AM
Hearing footsteps outside the stables, Khel ceased her humming and listening intently. Maybe someone will come in.. With baited breath, Khel heard the footsteps stop right outside. Patting Bristol and scratching his ear one last time, Khel padded lightly over to the entrance of the stable and observed the man and woman she saw earlier standing there. The woman seemed to talk to the birds and Khel wished longingly she had been learned in that art as many of her kin had. Curiously, Khel removed the hood of her cloak while taking a step closer and, grinning, realized what the woman was doing.

 Clever.. Khel thought with admiration. The playful side of her wanted to join in, ask how she could help, but instead she simply observed respectfully, chuckling at the changing reactions on the man's face.

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Post by: Kali Rae on May 08, 2007, 04:42:53 AM
Kali listens intently to the tragic tale told by Shayan in his thick accent, and although she struggles with understanding, she understands most of what he says.  Although sympathetic to his pain, she doesn't understand the feelings of loss he suffered at the hands of the raiders, bearing such an intense hatred for her own father as she does.  He finishes his story as a man looking to be in very rough shape is carried into the tavern and laid on a table.  At the same moment, Shayan's eyes burn with a fury that Kali had not previously seen.  The suddenness of his wrath startles Kali; he had seemed so unceasingly gentle before that moment so this sudden hatred was frightening.  She looks at him, shocked and slightly afraid, as he curtly excuses himself from the table and stalks out of the tavern.  Her eyes follow his retreating form as it passes through the front doorway of the Tavern, a look of utmost perplexity fixed on her brow.

What was that? she thinks to herself as he leaves her view, what did I do?  She looks around at the man lying of the table, and the bustle of activity surrounding him.  She had seen enough men beaten up in the muddy streets behind taverns to recognize that this rogue was in trouble.  Maybe he has an existing history with that one, she thinks, trying to affirm her innocence in the matter of Shayan's anger.  One of the barmaids in particular takes charge of the situation, issuing orders to anyone at her command so that she can help the injured man.  Kali watches in awe as her preparations start to take fruit and she begins an arcane ritual.  Never having witnessed anything of the sort in her life, Kali watches the proceedings with awe and the mage performs the casting of the spell.

The supernatural nature of the goings on make Kali's head spin as she feels overawed and fearful at the same time.  The charge in the air makes her feel uncomfortable and she looks away, back to her table and draws her hood far over her face, trying to block out everyone else in the tavern.  She looks at the empty glass of water in her hands and wishes for more.  The excitement over the injured man dies down and caster, unconscious from the strain of the spell, is carried off.  Gradually the buzz in the tavern returns to normal and Kali becomes aware of someone standing beside her now mostly vacant table.

A voice asks, "May I have a seat?"  Kali looks up to see the silver elf from before standing over her.  Feeling uncomfortable and slightly ashamed for having treated him so badly earlier that morning, it takes her some moments to find her voice.  "Please." she says, gesturing to one of the two vacant chairs at the table.  She waits a few moments while she considers what to say, knowing an apology is in order but at the same time being quite unfamiliar with the process.  She focuses on the glass in her hand for several long moments then looks the elf in the face and says strongly, "Look, I'm sorry for how I treated you this morning-"  She falters a moment and wonders what else to say.  "Ummm, thank you for your concern.  I just... I didn't need..."  She puts down the glass and claps her hands under the table.  Never mind that, she thinks, and says, "Never mind...  Thank you."

She sits in uncomfortable silence for several moments until Lori comes to the table bearing two orders of snake fillet.  She sets one in front of Kali and takes a moment to look for Shayan.  Seeing her perplexity Kali offers, "Just leave it here, he just stepped outside for a moment.  Oh, and can I get another glass of water?" she adds, pulling out her light money-bag and pays for the meals.  The smell of the food besets a ravenous hunger upon her and any notion she had entertained about awaiting Shayan's return before eating vanishes in an instant.  She attacks the fillet with a gusto, too hungry to pay attention to any of her surroundings until her hunger is sated.  Half the meal disappears in a couple of short minutes and only the arrival of a second glass of water reminds her of the surrounding tavern.  She thanks Lori for the water and takes a large refreshing swig, and wipes her face on the grubby sleeve of her traveling tunic.  Feeling a little more human again, she sets down her utensils and looks around the tavern.  The man who had been lying on the table was gone, probably moved up to his room for the long haul to recovery, and the other patrons were sitting around chatting amicably.

She looks up at her table-mate through the hood of her cloak, asks the stock question, "So what brings you here?" and starts eating again, albeit at a much reduced pace.  She sits there for some time, amidst the chatter of the tavern, with the silver elf, picking at her meal and wondering what happened to Shayan, and dwelling on the question: What had brought about that anger?  Several explanations come to mind but none seem satisfactory so she sits there, stewing over the problem for some time until a strange sight diverts her attention.

Coming into the tavern are two bundles of wood moving, what seemed at first glance, on their own.  She looks down to figure out what strange sorcery is at work and then notices a flock of birds pulling at some cloth tied around the wood.  They push and pull the bundles across the room to where two rowdy dwarves sit downing copious amounts of beer, each trying to outdo the other, and begin tying lengths of cloth to the dwarf's feet.  Knowing a joke when she sees it, she stifles a full out laugh, feigning a cough instead and furthering her ruse by taking a sip of water, patting her chest, and clearing her throat.  She turns her chair so as to be able to watch the dwarf, and notices the sparrows leaving the tavern.  Hoping to see Shayan coming back in, she glances at the door, but only catches a glimpse of a smirking woman leaving the doorway to return to the sun-baked outdoors.

I wish Shayan were here to see this, Kali thinks, he sure seemed like he could use some cheering up.  She settles back and watches the beer-dueling dwarves, glancing every once in a while at the door to see if the desert man would return.

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Post by: Gamaliel Ironforge on May 08, 2007, 09:29:42 AM
Gamaliel stopped singing and took the last pitcher on the table at his brother's request. A draw seems like a good choice for this contest; a dwarf is having a drinking contest with another dwarf could prove to last a very long time indeed. He decided to drink it a little at a time, and held his mug under the pitcher and proceeded to pour down the frothy brew into it. He drank it in slower successions, as if he is very tired of drinking.

A small, scratching sound can be heard under the dwarves table, but Gamaliel took no heed of it; he was to drunk to notice anything. Several times he was tempted to fall asleep at the table, but thanks to him being a dwarf, he managed to keep himself awake. There will be a time though, that he will fall asleep due to the strong effects of the dwarven beer.

As he poured himself a beer for the fifth time, he noticed that the half elf with them has been silent for a long time. "Hey elf, care *hic* for a drink?" He said, offering him a mug and the pitcher.

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Post by: Hylphán on May 08, 2007, 10:51:27 AM
"No thanks," Hylphán chuckled, "I still have some drink left here."  he said, lifting his mug.  As he watched the brothers try and finish their last pitchers, he caught a movement out of the corner of his eye.  Slightly shifting in his seat, he could now see two blocks of sticks slowly moving across the floor, stopping under Thorgas' dangling feet.  "This should be interesting!" Hylphan chuckled to himself.

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"My passion in life ?"  Tiras looked dreamingly at Aroura and continued with his eternal smile , "I have only passion , a thing that most puritans and closed minded fools call a perversion, an offence to the so called modern society .
"I love women , i know how it sounds , but listen to me before making a judgment , i love them for what they are , not by their appearance, i have met many women in this short life , but i have loved every one of them .
Aren´t women simply the most lovely thing to ever graced this earth ?"
"And to respond your second question , i bring the best of me when i have to protect a women , i am no fighter , but i had fought against a much stronger adversaire , winning just because she depended on me ."

With a galant sigh , he seated more comfortably , looked deeply at Aroura and said , "I believe this answer you curiosity , it may not be the answer you were expecting but it is the truth."

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 08, 2007, 12:45:20 PM
Phyth's mouth dropped open, his eyes widening in surprise. They caught sight of a whistle at Fen's lips, not making a sound. So that was how she had escaped from the chase earlier. He still wasn't sure where the horse had actually came from, nor how the whistle worked, but it did seem to have an effect on animals.

His mouth began to form a grin as he saw what was happening inside the Herald. Phyth wasn't entirely sure how they did it, but the sparrows tied the bundles to both of Thogas' feet. Phyth hoped that the dwarf wouldn't get angry, but it was possible he would be too drunk to even remember it. "I really, really like it."

Suddenly Phyth heard a quiet chuckle come from behind him. He turned around to see a small, young woman. He hadn't realized that she was in the stable, but she could have hardly posed a threat to Iago. Smiling, he waved a hand in the direction of the tavern. "Hello there," he said to the her, "Come to join in the fun?"

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 08, 2007, 03:24:53 PM
"Any answer that is true to yourself is fine for me, anyway being a member of the sex you claim to love is quite a compliment, do not worry I am not here to judge you, believe me. As a child growing up people would always judge me because of circumstances that could not be helped, I know how it feels to be judged in such a dismissive manner, so why would I bestow that upon somebody who has befriended me so". Aroura replied gracefully with a kind and understanding smile.

“Well I suppose I should dignify such a answer with a reply of my own, I like to walk it may seem strange, but I think of walking as a dance, in its own way every walk is unique, may it be of a angry Dwarf or a gentle little Brownie, all distinct in their own way”. Aroura said with a smile of delight.

Aroura stood up and put her bag back over her shoulder where she always carries it. “Tiras, I think I am going to step outside for a moment to get some fresh air, it is really getting quite noisy in here, come if you wish, it is nice to be in good company”. Aroura asked in a polite manner, secretly wishing he would accompany her, this place was new to Aroura and she did not know what dangers were out there, the dangers she must face every day of her life, she put on a brave face but she does get really scared sometimes, she was not about to show that she is scared, then people may learn that she would be an easy target for their crime.

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Fallen suggested talking about anything that they liked. Then, he closed his eyes and lied down on the grass.

As Tifara breathed in the cool fresh air, she sighed. So, what is it that I like? After a moment of musing, Tifara asked Fallen, “So, where did you come from?”

Tifara chose this subject because it involved knowing more about Fallen. Besides, she thought, I think the Coor’hems live somewhere far away from the Thaelon…

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Post by: Fallen on May 08, 2007, 10:51:56 PM
Tifara inquired as to where he came from, causing several emotions to rush across his face. He didn't really despise Nybelmar... just his fellow dark elves and their single-minded obsessions. Pursing his lips, he dredged up what he remembered of his homeland.

"I hail from the continent of Nybelmar, a full months sea voyage from Strata, the city we're closest to at the moment. It's a mysterious place to those of Sarvonia, few dare to sail the treacherous waters surrounding Nybelmar. To the east, are the Gaeldortoth forests, divided in two by the Ispherieth. We Nightelves lived in the western portion, known as the CrystalWoods. While the eastern division is a lush rainforest, our half is slightly more arid and dry." Taking a deep breath, the elf continued determindly.

"The Coorhem are a cunning race, bred to expect death at any moment. Though they spend their lives fighting, they're far from barbaric. Everything is planned out, anything is expected. Our homes are surprisingly comfortable, carved from trees and stone, designed to lure one into a false sense of security. Food is hard to come by... and you take any chance you can to take it." Smiling, he recalled, "You can be in the middle of a conversation, when suddenly your companion runs off at the sight of a deer. Our food is rarely cooked, and we've learned not to keep pets. Our capital, Sevari, is actually a relatively safe place for visitors, even without a Coorhem friend. However, anywhere else in our domain, and you're subjected to the constant poisoning, assassination, ambushing, dueling, quarreling, conniving, and skirmishing. Sounds lovely, no?" Fallen concluded, taking a deep breath and opening one eye to look at Tifara.

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The man's eyes widened in surprise as he voiced his opinion "I really, really like it"  he said.

"Hello there, come to join the fun?" The man asked her. She didn't realize she'd made noise enough to be noticed, and she hoped she wasn't intruding. Nevertheless, Khel took a small step forward, and still grinning, replied "I'm very curious to see how he reacts, especially seeing as he is drunk enough to make it much more entertaining than anticipated." She turned to the woman and inclined her head, "I'm impressed, very clever!" and in an afterthought, added to both of them, "I'm Khel, by the way" and smiled a bit shyly, color coming to her cheeks. Khel was never very good at introductions. Khel glanced once more into the tavern, noting many of the other patrons were anticipating the outcome as well.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 09, 2007, 04:14:15 AM
Fen turned in surprise. She hadn't even noticed the young woman was there. When I get back to the Black Butterflies, I need to resharpen my senses fast. she thought. She directed a friendly smile at Khel. "Hey there, Khel," she said. "Thanks for the compliment! I just hope he won't look down. Either that, or he trips."

Hmm, a little on the shy side...well, at least she hasn't got a horrible personality, like some people, she thought darkly, thinking of Drasil. She looked Khel up and down. "If that midget..." she began, before remembering that Phyth was in earshot. She hastily corrected herself. "I mean, if that dwarf gets angry, I'll be standing a safe distance away from his wrath."

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Post by: Khel on May 09, 2007, 04:38:57 AM
To her surprise, the woman also turned in greeting, "Hey there, Khel," she said. "Thanks for the compliment! I just hope he won't look down. Either that, or he trips."

Khel laughed heartily at the thought of the tripping dwarf. She hadn't laughed in a long while, it seemed. Khel was still on guard, as distrust was in her nature, and she stopped herself short, covering her mouth politely and pulling her cloak tighter for security. She squinted her eyes a bit as the woman continued, "If that midget..." the woman started, but seemed to catch herself for some odd reason, "I mean, if that dwarf gets angry, I'll be standing a safe distance away from his wrath." I like her playful spirit... Khel thinks to herself, a glimmer coming to her squinted eyes, and I like her mischievous style.

Taking an immediate liking to the pair,  despite her natural warnings against it, Khel grinned again and asked, "Where'd you come up with that trick? I love the idea." she turned to the man,  "And are you just a simple observer, sir, or are you part of his devious behavior yourself?" The purple glint in her eyes seemed to brighten briefly at her inquiries.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 09, 2007, 05:03:08 AM
Fen looked at Khel intently as she started to laugh, then stopped, as if she had remembered she wasn't supposed to be laughing for some reason. I see she's a distrustful one as well. Ah never hurts to be on your guard. After all, many people would rather be safe than sorry. Not too sure about myself, but hey, who am I to stand up to the majority?

Khel's voice interrupted her train of thought. "Where'd you come up with that trick? I love the idea." she said, and then to Phyth, "And are you just a simple observer, sir, or are you part of his devious behavior yourself?" Fen ddn't miss the glimmer in her eyes. Ooh, she has a fun side.

Fen jumped in before Phyth could answer. "Part of this devious behavior? He was the one who asked me to play a trick on that midg...dwarf! And as for your previous question..." Fen paused to think of a reply. How did I come up up with it? Fen didn't have any dwarven friends...there were dwarven members in the Black Butterflies, but she wasn't close to any of them.

"I don't know,"  she replied eventually. "I guess I'm just so used to whipping up pranks on the spot that I don't really think about how I come up with them." she shrugged. She grinned. "My friends are used to my pranks, or busy screaming at me for playing pranks on them, so they don't really think about how I come up with them either."  she laughed. "I don't think they'd want to."

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One pair of feet and two pair of hooves silently treaded the sandy plains that surrounded the tavern. Damare followed her master closely, unbridled and unsaddled, perking her ears as she noticed all too well the tension in the one before her.
Shayan solemnly eyed the changing horizon as he walked. It's diversion of yellow and blue shifting as the wind played her part with the loose material that made up a vast sea of sand, along with the distance he covered.  Though the sun was still reigning, the heat was much more bearable then in the Ystalinth to the south. Coming to a small, beautifully shaped dune, the Azhorhrian stopped, looked at the scenery for a moment. Then he undid the veil that covered half of his face, being well away from the tavern, and brought down the hood, revealing a handsome face. For the Goddess, he did not have to conceal himself. No matter the how searing the sun could be, once in a while, it was good to feel the touch of the Ystalinth, or any other desert on his face.
Unsheathing the curved scimitar carried on his back he started his initiation prayer, then proceed to write strong but elegant symbols in the sand with the tip of the blade. His movements were slow and deliberate, concentrating on the shape, and their symbolic meaning. He recited the phrases of his own personal code and reflected upon them. Though not the only one It was the last of the symbols that caused him the most trouble. The gleaming steel hovered still above the smooth plain as the first symbol was already fading, rushed over by the eternal winds.
He clenched his teeth, copper eyes fixed on that insignificantly small part of the world holding an unwritten rule. As always, he wrote it down in a less than perfect manner, his body protesting by the pain he felt in his heart.
He sighed. Irritated, but also relieved, feeling his anger finally subside. One step at the time, he reminded himself. He'd write it down well one day, and with the written perfection would come the understanding in his soul.
The Azhorhrian sheathed the blade again, kneeling to end his small ceremony with a prayer.
This seemed to be a cue for Damare to butt him in the back with her nose, her tried patience coming to an end. She whinnied and trotted in a playful a circle around him, trying to get him to chase her. A game she had liked since she was very small. Of course it wasn't for long until the growing filly inevitable outran her companion without a single effort and she had made a new addition by herself, at least that had been his interpretation. Shayan concluded his prayer, re-attached his veil and put up his hood again. He eyed his prancing mount and his eyes softened. Straightening much more relaxed shoulders he jumped up and ran after the ebony mare who bounded off. At some distance she turned. She'd try to run past him, and he'd try to jump up. In the beginning it had been very hard, and he couldn't remember the exact amount of the countless times he'd hit the sand in a not so elegant manner after a marvelous evading maneuver from her side. There was something undignified about being mocked by your own mount, but, now he hardly had to try. He could tell where she'd go, what leg would be forward, at a distance well away from him. She danced, then came straight at him, showing off the speed that famed her kind.
The Azhorhrian smiled beneath his veil. It wasn't hard now, really. You just had to be ready, and have an undaunted faith in your own judgment.
In that moment in time he realized she wasn't going to evade at all. It was probably her way to cheer him up.
Back at the tavern he made sure she would not drink too much cold water at once, and stalled her after making sure she was with all the comfort she needed. She didn't like resting, but he knew she had to now. She wasn't the kind that knew her limits. Making a point out of ignoring the horse thief if he'd get him into view again he walked towards the large doors.
Outside the tavern, he noticed, still lay a bundle of familiar fabric on the ground. It was Kali's unhappy tent, and some of her belongings, though nothing too personal. The Azhorhrian felt it would be better to take it inside. She wasn't going to do it so easily with her injured foot, and people might get unjust ideas. And well, he had left her rather rudely to herself.
He picked up the items carefully and discreetly, then opened the doors and entered the inn, walking over to his former table-mate and seeing the Silver elf had joined them. He bowed to the elf and turned his eyes to the dark-haired young woman, looking at her for a moment.
"My apologies, Nir'Shah. It was rude of me to leave." He said in somewhat of a subdued voice. His eyes were calm though, and to tension clung to his radiance.
He proceeded to carefully put her things down next to her. "I brought your belongings, since you are injured."

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OOC: Sorry this is a little late, but I got interrupted as I was trying to post it yesterday, I will add to it and make it catch up with events.

As the crows all of a sudden all started crowing somewhat together, Weivóc woke up from his slumber and ran to the window to see what was going on, as he noticed some people were just drunk and others playing tricks on the drunks, he went back and laid down with his arm over his eyes. He thought to him self, How can people act so immaturely and make such a loud racket. I swear, I hope he wakes up and knocks them silly. He then got back up, stretched a little, put on his gear, and headed back down stairs. As he came down, he noticed more people here. He went to Samuel and said "What a loud racket they are causing, may you be so kind as to get me a tulimon grape juice?" Samuel replied, "Sure." As he fixed it, he said the ammount and Weivóc happily paid it. He then went back to the same table he had earlier, sat down, wether or not someone was at the table, and took a drink from his drink and then put his head back rubbing his forhead. He started to wonder Why did i pick this place to stay for a while.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 09, 2007, 08:38:16 AM
Phyth listened to the conversation, lifted his hand at Fen. "Yes, it was my idea to trick him," Phyth said to Khel. "Unless he gets really angry. If that happens, I had nothing to do with it." He kept listening, still curious as to how she had actually gotten those birds to do that in the first place.

Phyth continued listen, occasionally glancing back at Thorgas in the tavern. Fen seemed to have trouble calling him a dwarf. Phyth looked down at her, then grinned. "You're not exactly the tallest person..." He began sarcastically. Something outside caught his eye.

"Around." There were two figures out in the distance. One a man, the other a horse. For a moment, all he noticed was the horse. It was the one Phyth had seen in the stables earlier. Finally, he took note of the man, remembering him. He would have to speak to him later.

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Thorgas kept on drinking until he emptied his last pitcher of beer. Finally, the pitcher was empty, and he looked on at Gamaliel and how he is faring. His brother doesn't seem to have any problems with the last pitcher, though offering some to the elf and thus getting others to help you finish your beer can be considered cheating. Fortunately, the elf refused to have some beer. He was the first to down the entire pitcher of beer and would have won th contest, but they both agreed to consider it a draw.

Suddenly, Thorgas felt the need to go to the toilet and relieve himself. He stood up and brushed his clothes, but was surprised that the table he was at became smaller. He squinted his eyes, and after realizing that the table has shrunk, he exclaimed "Gaah! How did *hic* they get so small!" He took a step backwards, and as he did so, the sticks broke beneath the heavy dwarf; he fell on his back on the wooden floor. The sound of a 250 od dwarf slamming hard on the floor is very loud indeed.

Thorgas had difficulty in sitting up as he squirmed into position, like a fat fish out of water. He looked at his boots and saw the remnants of the prank played on him; strips of cloth and some sticks are dangling form it. He picked up the cloth and the sticks, staring at it in confusion. He glared at the patrons of the tavern and spoke with a calm voice, "Alright, who's the *hic* clown who did this?" The dwarf was slightly grinning and rubbing his back from where he slammed it on the floor.

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Looking around Tiras verified that indeed the Thirsty Herald had become quite noisy .
"No only i wish but is also my duty to accompany you , after all i wouldn´t be much of a gentleman if i let a lady going alone outside  ", getting up he secured his sword and make sure it some out easily , "and who knows what kind of creatures or dangers lurk outside ?"
Walking toward the door he opened for Auroura and waited for the lady to pass first , "Shall we milady ?"


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Post by: Khel on May 09, 2007, 10:30:40 AM
Just giving a slight smile this time, the purple gleam still in her eyes, Khel listened to the woman's reply.  "Part of this devious behavior? He was the one who asked me to play a trick on that midg...dwarf! And as for your previous question..." Khel thought it odd that she couldn't keep from first saying midget, but her liking of the women grew as she listened, noting its just the word Khel would use herself; not out of contempt for any race, but because that's just the dry, cynical humor she'd aquired over her 23 years of living.

The man broke in, "Yes, it was my idea to trick him," he said "Unless he gets really angry. If that happens, I had nothing to do with it."

It seemed Fen, as she overheard the man call the small woman before her, couldn't quite answer her previous question, then finally, "I don't know, I guess I'm just so used to whipping up pranks on the spot that I don't really think about how I come up with them." Fen grinned "My friends are used to my pranks, or busy screaming at me for playing pranks on them, so they don't really think about how I come up with them either. I don't think they'd want to."

Fen's laugh was contagious, and it brought forth another small chuckle from Khel Wow, I didn't think I could let my guard down so easily..I've never made an aquaintence so fast before. Khel was perplexed at even her own behavior.

The man seemed to notice Fen's affinity for the word 'midget' as well and noted that she herself wasn't so tall. A playful flash in her eye, Khel began with an imitative, haughty air about her, "Now, good man, is that how you treat a beautiful lady, calling her names and backing out just when she's got herself into trou---" Khel stopped short as she heard a loud bang. She turned quickly and took in the scene before her.

The dwarf had fallen to the floor with a crash, and flopping about quite humorously, finally sat himself up. Khel flashed a grin and actually began to... Giggle? am I giggling!? she tried to stifle it at first, then, her eyes widening, she found herself letting go, and flat out laughed at the scene she had just witnessed.

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Mahvalan slowly walked into the tavern after a long day of riding his horse, Belle. Oo, I really shouldn't have rode this far... he thinks to himself. Seeing an unoccupied table in the corner, Mahvalan sets his sore body down.

Mahvalan laughs silently at the dwarf as he falls. He's as drunk as that guy at the inn last night. Mahvalan's body shakes with mirth as he asks the person who seems to be the waitress what drinks there are.

"Excuse me, miss? Are you the barmaid? What drinks does this establishment have?"

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 09, 2007, 03:28:28 PM
Aroura listened thankfully to Tiras as he replied, “No only I wish but also my duty to accompany you, after all I wouldn’t be much of a gentleman if I let a Lady go outside alone”, she watched him securing his sword, then he continued, “and who know what kind of creatures or dangers lurk outside”?, Aroura advanced a bit towards the door, but Tiras went ahead to open the door for her, “shall we milady”.

Aroura walked gracefully towards the door, as she walked outside she took a nice deep breath of the fresh air surrounding her and smiled. Her gold hair shimmered in the light as it blew in the breeze, and her eye shone red like blood. Tiras had come away from the door to let another man pass to enter the tavern; Aroura seemed to walk with a bit more of a spring in her step than before, a lot more life. She twirled, like a glowing spiral of light, her hair gold, her eyes red, her skin pale white. She released the brooch on her cape and slid it in her bag, then removed the cape from her shoulders and it dropped to the ground, she did a gently curtsy in her long black dress that graced her tall slim body. “Do you dance dear Tiras, I see you have the grace and you say you have the passion”.    

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 09, 2007, 03:40:41 PM
Fen caught sight of Thorgas standing up, and watched him closely, eager not to miss the prank in action. She winced for him as he fell to the floor. Ouch. That's gotta hurt. A little. Then Khel started to giggle. Fen smiled, pleased that she had drawn out someone who was obviously usually so reserved.

Then the dwarf sat up; or at least he tried to. Fen couldn't help laughing at his comic attempts to do so. When he was finally in position, she could hear him demanding to know what happened. She ducked behind Phyth, peeping out from behind him like a child. "If we're gonna admit it, you have to come with me."  she whispered to Phyth.

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Fallen started a long speech about his homeland, and the Coor’hems. As he was talking, Tifara listened attentively, and started playing with her hair. Fallen ended his speech with “Sounds lovely, no?”

Tifara smiled and said, “Well, the non-violent part is lovely, but the violent part isn’t.” She laughed and continued, “I should like to visit the rainforest you mentioned. I just love nature.”

“The Thaelon near where I live is also a big forest. In fact, it’s the largest woods in Sarvonia. It’s quite dark there, only a few rays on sunlight penetrating through the canopy to the ground, but you still feel the beauty of the place. Really, you can never forget the beauty of that place.”

I sure miss my family… Oh well, that’s the price to pay for adventuring…

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Phyth was about to say something sarcastic to Khel, then winced as he heard a loud crash. He had no doubt that Thorgas was the only patron in the tavern that could make a noise that loud. He looked in the tavern, and watched Thorgas. He seemed okay, and didn't seem angry at all. Or at least, Phyth hoped so.

Finally he turned back to the two women. "Fine," he said with an exaggerated sigh. He turned to Fen and held out his arm. "I will escort this fair maiden to the tavern, and will protect her with the last drop of my blood."

With that, Phyth began to lead Fen towards the entrance of the Herald. Taking a deep, dramatic breath, he lead Fen inside. There was the stocky dwarf, laying on the floor. Phyth walked over to him. "Thorgas," he began sternly. Then he winked at him, a wink that only Thorgas could see. Or Phyth hoped he could see it. The dwarf might have been too drunk to notice. Hopefully he'd be able to go along.

Suddenly, Phyth stepped aside and pushed Fen forward gently. "Here she is Thorgas," He said, trying not to grin, but looking serious. "I've caught her in the act!"

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 10, 2007, 02:26:29 AM
Fen's jaw dropped in disbelief. She stood rooted to the ground for a few moments; then she began to get mad. How dare this man ask her to play a prank on someone then push the blame onto her??? She failed to notice that he was trying not to grin, which she regretted later. "You're the one who asked me to do it in the first place!!!" she yelled at him. Quick as a flash, she took out her silent whistle and blew. The sparrows came, and surrounded Phyth, cheeping angrily while pecking every bit of exposed flesh they could find.

Fen stood there watching, her feelings a mixture of smugness and anger; she was not frightened yet. It never occurred to her that Phyth might have been pretending to hand her over as a harmless joke.

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Post by: Khel on May 10, 2007, 02:38:56 AM
Khel continued laughing as she watched Fen's reaction. Fen whispered something to the man, he replied with a sigh, and they ventured into the tavern.

Khel resolved to keep her distance, seeing as she had already intruded on their conversation, and walked up to the entrance, sidled inside, and took her place as an observer just inside the doorway. The sun's rays beamed into the tavern and Khel wriggled out of her cloak, careful not to displace her bow and quiver, revealing a dark brown tunic belted at the waist and loosely fitting her frame. The neck was a bit too revealing, and she hastily pulled tight the tie that bound it.

"Here she is Thorgas, I've caught her in the act!" she heard the man say, and despite herself, Khel took an even greater liking to his quick thinking, and wondered at the outcome, or outburst, of this. Glancing once more at the high sun, Khel thought I wonder how long it's been since I've eaten.. as a sudden burst of rumbling came from her stomach. Too long, indeed she surmised.

Suddenly, anger burst forth from Fen, "You're the one who asked me to do it in the first place!!!" And Khel's eyes widened at the scene before her. Angry birds surrounded and started to pick at the man's skin. Faithful friends give great power, indeed... Khel thought Boy do I ever wish I had learned that!

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Post by: Kali Rae on May 10, 2007, 02:55:00 AM
Only a few short moments pass before the shrouded figure of Shayan reappears in the doorway, causing the smile that had been brewing in anticipation of the dwarf's reaction farther across her face.  She waves discreetly as he crosses the distance between the door and their table where their meals lay, his untouched, and hers almost finished.  As he nears the table Kali notices that he's carrying a bundle consisting primarily of her folded tent and backpack.  He approaches the table, bows to the silver elf that had accompanied them, turns to Kali and says, "My apologies, Nir'Shah. It was rude of me to leave." then adds, setting down her belongings, "I brought your belongings, since you are injured."

Kali, surprised and somewhat awkward manages to reply with her mouth half-full, "Thank you Shayan.  The matter of my belongings was pricking my mind all Lightthrive."  She swallows and gestures at the seat beside her and the full plate, still warm, laid on the table.  "Sit," she offers and feels a sting of anxiety about her inability to control her own hunger for the sake of politeness.  She offers, "I'm sorry for not having waited, I was.. uh, really hungry-"

Kali's explanation is cut short by the sound of breaking sticks.  She whips her head around just in time to see the dwarf hit the ground with a hearty thump.  Overcome by mirth, and feeling secure for the fact that all eyes would be on the drunk dwarf, she laughs easily at the struggling dwarf as he fights to sit up and find the source of his difficulties.  Kali hadn't made a habit of laughing at drunk people, they were a san-a-dozen, but the carefully orchestrated prank had perplexed this drinker and resulted in an unexpected and entertaining outcome.

Kali lets out a sigh and relaxes into her chair before turning her attention back to Shayan.  "So what made you leave in the first place?" she asks, feeling at ease from the laugh and the food in her stomach.  Realizing a little belatedly that she might have crossed some bounds she adds hastily, "that is if you don't mind saying."  Her perpetual frown of nervousness begins to hint on her brow.  She glances quickly around the room and notices the woman whom she had seen in the doorway re-entering the tavern hanging onto the arm of a the man Kali had seen in the stables the night before.

Kali's attention followed them across the room as they approach and speak with the victim of the prank, but is careful to allocate some of her attention to Shayan, already afraid of having offended him, twice. 

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Post by: Fallen on May 10, 2007, 08:35:52 AM
Tifara expressed her love of nature once more, giving a description of her homeland. Listening, he drew an image in his head.

"It sounds wonderful... I've never been to the realm of the Allenrhim. I shall have to visit some day. I never had much of a chance to appreciate nature while I lived in the CrystalWoods, but the Thaelon... you could spend all day admiring the wildlife."

Sighing softly, the Coor'hem tugged on one of the spikes in his lip. Squinting his eyes against the darkening sky, Fallen asked, "How did you discover your affection towards archery? Did you learn it for hunting, sport, or otherwise?"

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on May 10, 2007, 08:38:46 AM
Thorgas watched the two fight between themselves about who had done the deed. He listened first to Phyth, then turned to Fen and listened to her side of the story. All of a sudden, a flock of ugly looking birds came out of nowhere and started flying around Phyth. What they did to him, Thorgas didn't know, being drunk to notice and all. The slight grin on his face was quickly replaced by a frown and his eyes seemed to flare with anger.

Too angry to think of a proper response and too drunk to remember both their names, Thorgas stood up, wobbling at first and limping a little because of the fall. He faced the two clowns, obviously not liking the way they acted. As he did so, he reached for a pocket and took a small amount of sulphur powder. "I don't care if *hic* it's this overgrown dwarf or this wench that did it, you just picked the wrong dwarf to mess with!" And with that, Thorgas began conjuring the spell 'fireblast'; there appeared four fist-sized fireballs, small enough to do no real damage to the Tavern but large enough to cause serious burns, and threw them at Phyth and Fen. Since he is quite drunk, he can't risk conjuring more spheres and fizzling it. "Laugh at this, clowns!" The dwarf added, his face red from drinking and anger.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 10, 2007, 09:20:41 AM
As Aroura walked in front of Tiras , he looked with pleasure and taught to himself , Amazing woman !
After she let go her fears and  shyness , she will be a wonderfull companion or wife for some lucky man .
If only i could be faithfull to someone , she will be the one ...

After she sat down with grace , she asked "Do you dance dear Tiras, I see you have the grace and you say you have the passion".

With a rather amused smile , he spoke , "Is that an invitation, my dear ?
If it is , you could ask sooner !
After a soft laught , he continued , "Now , to say the truth , dancing was part of my youth , as i attended the partys , i taught them as tiresome , finding the only pleasure of it , the dancing with the young maidens , i loved it !
The dance , while not seen by many as an art , it is ...
Requires great skill and passion as you say , and you ask if i got the passion ?
I think i do , and while i become "rusted", to say in a blunt way , i could still do it.
My only regret at the moment is that we cannot dance now ...."


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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 10, 2007, 10:41:09 AM
Fallen expressed his thoughts about the Thaelon, and said that he would visit the Thaelon some day. Then, he sighed softly. Tugging on one of the spikes in his lip, he asked, "How did you discover your affection towards archery? Did you learn it for hunting, sport, or otherwise?"

Tifara smiled, and closed her eyes. Reminiscing about her past, she replied, "My father was an archer. Once, when my mother went into a forest for a walk. Then, I saw a spider. To cut a long story short, the spider killed my mother."

Tifara stopped to squeeze her eyes tight. Then, she continued, "However, before the spider killed my mother, I got my father to come. He killed the spider with his bow. Ever since then, I got a phobia of spiders. After my mother's funeral, I started to be interested in my father's work.

"During that time, I was filled with anticipation. I didn't know if my father would let me be an archer. Well, he wanted be to study first. But after my studies, my dream came true! My father allowed me to be an archer."

Tifara paused once again. She opened her eyes, and continued, "For the Aellenrhims, if you're an archer, your job is to protect your Nation."

Tifara then thought, That has to be the longest I've ever said in a while... I guess the tavern really is letting me open up to strangers more...

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 10, 2007, 10:46:24 AM
Phyth was just about to reveal his own joke to Fen, when suddenly all he could see was flapping wings. He realized that Fen had used her silent whistle, and he began to hastily cover his exposed skin with his cloak. Unfortunately he was too slow, and his arms were still exposed. One of the birds managed to get at large peck at his cheek, drawing blood, the rest pecked at his arms.

The light pain didn't bother him, but Phyth began to wave his arms. "Okay okay, hey," he said, the birds flying about his head, "it was a joke! By Grothar!" He turned around, hoping that she heard him and would call the birds off.

But he looked directly behind Fen, and his eyes widened immensely. He saw the fireballs about the dwarf, and knew exactly what they were capable of doing. Apparently he was more drunk than he thought. "Ah hell..." Not bothering to think, Phyth took a split second to dive forward, shielding Fen from the fireballs. Unfortunately, he was a little slow to get out unscathed. One of them flew very close to his right arm, searing it slightly. Phyth let out a loud cry as it passed by.

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Post by: Khel on May 10, 2007, 11:04:34 AM
Khel took in the scene before her, the birds and fireballs whirring about. First surprised that the drunken dwarf could muster enough concentration, and then surprised the man shielded Fen despite her sudden outburst. The ruckess in the tavern was climbing, however, and Khel was extremely hungry. This certainly doesn't involve me.. why am I watching like an enthralled child? Khel wondered, finding herself a bit irritated. Khel first ordered the meal of the day and some Tulimon grape wine from Samuel, then she wound her way to the other end of the room and found a lone seat. Plopping down, her eyes narrowed and dark as was natural, Khel's forehead thumped down onto the table. Her raven hair strewn about, Khel waited for her meal. Khel sighed, Well, what now? she wondered, I need a plan, I need direction.

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 10, 2007, 03:00:27 PM
As Aroura awaited a reply from Tiras, she could see with an amused smile he spoke, “is that an invitation, my dear? If it is, you could ask sooner”! After a short laugh he continued, “Now to say the truth, dancing was part of my youth, as I attended the parties, I thought them as tiresome, finding the only pleasure of it dancing with the young maidens, I loved it”!

As Tiras continued to talk Aroura thought to herself, such a wonderful man I believe I have fortune to be in his company, I wonder how thinks of me now, a common lonely woman I bet he is just taking pity on me, or perhaps not how can I know he does not seem to speak his feelings he is very well locked from the world I believe.

“I do not understand dear Tiras, if you can still dance, then why can we not”, Aroura gave a cheeky laugh, and “I promise I will not laugh at you, as long as you don’t laugh at me. Oh well it does not matter if don’t want to dance, sit down”, said Aroura moving over to one side of her cape draped on the floor she was now using to sit on. “So you say you love every woman so I am guessing you have had many girl friends, are you like one of those men who just cannot commit, or at least think you cannot because they’re scared”. Aroura Still with a rather cheeky and inquisitive smile, “sorry about all the questions it is just I find you fascinating, never met a person like you in my life, and I may never again”. 

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 10, 2007, 03:53:09 PM
Fen's expression turned into one of horror as she realized that Phyth had only been pretending to give her up. Then the dwarf started making some sort of fireball; Fen was too paralysed with shock to move. Phyth came in front of her, shielding her from it. She called the sparrows off, and directed them towards Thorgas instead, with firm orders not to draw any blood, but merely block his view.

The sparrows may or may not have done the job, for most of the fireballs missed Phyth and Fen by mere nailsbreadths and some went straight out the door, while the others missed the Tavern wall by nailsbreadths, and nearly didn't go out the door as well. However, one fireball seared Phyth's arm. She flinched at his loud cry. After a few moments, Fen whispered to Phyth, "I'm sorry about the sparrows. I can play tricks, but I can't take them."

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Post by: Shayan Ashkani on May 11, 2007, 06:24:41 AM
The Azhorhrian sat himself down, momentarily taking in the light snake fillet that lay untouched on the plate before him. His hunger had fled, and he felt it had no intention of returning, though he knew he had to keep up strength. Not to mention it would seem ungrateful, shortly after having thanked the Goddess, not to eat it.
His younger table-mate started an apology for starting her meal without him, which embarrassed him a bit since he had left her,  but was interrupted by a loud noise across the room. A dwarf cursed as he lay on his back, swinging his short limbs in the air in an attempt to get up. Shayan blinked as the whole tavern seemed to burst out in laugher at the unfortunate man, as he finally got a hold of himself and got up, albeit swaying a little.  Shayan was just in time to block the grin that was forming behind his veil as he heard Kali laugh heartily at his right. Apart from the rule to be veiled in the company of non Azhorhrians, the lack of showing emotion of a friendly or vulnerable kind in facial expression was probably the hardest to answer to, and the one he disliked the most. Of course, people couldn't see a smile behind a veil, but laughing eyes held just as much responsibility.
The laughter cools down and Shayan turns back to Kali. After hearing her question he almost cast down his eyes, but again, refrains himself. The sudden burst of anger had left him uneasy and somewhat ashamed.
 "That injured man was a horse thief." He said simply and for him it explained the entire matter.  Just then a peculiar sound reached his ears and a flash of bright light passed through the far side of the tavern.

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Post by: Fallen on May 11, 2007, 06:27:16 AM
Fallen listened to Tifara's story with a slight pang of sympathy. Rolling on his side, propping himself up on  his elbows, he looked intently at the elfess.

"So archery for you was to enact something that appeared noble to you, and to protect others. Honorable, I wish my weaponry had such a meaningful purpose..."

"You'll have to show me your skill with the bow someday. What purpose does your craft serve in your travels? Is it merely for defense or sustenance... or do you sell your services like myself?"

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 11, 2007, 10:02:20 AM
"Fascinating , my dear ? Hardly , while you honor me with such praise , i am not worthy of it .
Its true i enjoy talking , even more to someone as lovely as thy " , he gave a gallant smile and continued , "but let me accept your gracefull offer to seat so i can answer your question ."

He then unlocked his sword belt and with grace seated on the floor , carefully to not dirt her cape .
Smilling he then said ,"Now to respond to your question , its true i had many lovers , too many one might say , but not for me .
Like i said before , i loved every one of them , some more other less , but with love nonetheless."

"And you , dearest Aroura ? Do you had or have someone , how to put this , "special" on your life ?
If i am intruding , please say me so, and i will never ask again ."
He then waited with curiosity flickering on his emerald eyes .

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 11, 2007, 02:16:16 PM
"Me", Aroura thought for a while, "no, well not now, but a few years ago I did spend a few weeks with a young man and, I suppose I thought I loved him, I never even knew his name, but otherwise no, not at all”. Aroura answered, slowly shaking her head looking deeply into Tiras’s eyes, they seemed to be almost gleaming with curiosity, “well I guess sometimes I think it would be nice to have someone special, but as far as I am aware I do not think I have ever met anyone who liked me or thought of me in that way, I am simply a humble young jeweller, I am no one special. Well how about you then do you have anyone special to you in this present time, as I have already asked you about the past”.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 11, 2007, 07:53:14 PM
Fallen rolled on his side and propped himself up on his elbows. Looking intently at Tifara fixedly, he requested Tifara show him her archery skills someday. Then, he asked, “What purpose does your craft serve in your travels? Is it merely for defence or sustenance... or do you sell your services like myself?”

Tifara thought for a moment, before replying, “Well, I should say my archery skills serve mainly as defence during my travels, but when I have a place to stay temporarily, and a place to practice, then I train myself to be better at my aiming and faster at hitting the target.

“Aellenrhims don’t often eat meat. We prefer bread, honey, edible berries, flowers or anything from the woods, and dairy products. So I don’t really use my archery skills for sustenance purposes. And I sure don’t sell my services. I can’t imagine what I’ll do if I’m recruited to fight against my nation!”

Tifara smiled at Fallen, and then stretched her hands out above her forehead. Her hands landed on her head as she put them down. Gosh! Does my head feel hot… From the entrance of the garden, she could see the sun in the distant sky.

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Post by: Weivóc'Neán on May 12, 2007, 06:08:46 AM
As he finished his meal, he went back up to his room to try and get some more sleep. He thought, why did this palce get so noisy and so early in the morning? Oh well, I'll try and ignore it. As he entered his room, he put his bow, sword, and boots on the table next to the bed, closed the door, locked it, and laid ack down.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 12, 2007, 06:59:01 AM
Phyth breathed a sigh of relief as the fireballs flew out the tavern door, followed by a painful grimace. The burns on his arm weren't going to be permanent, but they didn't look good at all. Phyth blinked twice, trying to clear his blurry vision. His head began to hurt terribly, his cuts bleeding, and his arm was blazing with pain.

That didn't go well, he thought to himself, even that causing his head to hurt more. He took a deep breath, and tried to steady himself, leaning against Fen. Well, look at the bright side, he thought grinning openly despite the pain, no one is trying to tear you up at the moment.

Phyth put his hand up to his temple, then looked down at his arm. He immediately regretted it. He shot his head up, the look of the burns threatening nausea. Grimacing again, he realized what was happening. He was on the verge of passing out. He heard Fen's comment, and it finally registered. "I'll try to... remember that..." he whispered, smiling. Finally his hand slipped, and he began to fall towards the floor. His head hit the side of a table hard, then met the floor. Phyth didn't move.

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Post by: Fallen on May 12, 2007, 10:06:43 AM
The elfess explained her usage of the bow, and expressed her aversion to violence. Watching her stretch and place her hands upon her head, Fallen traced his fingers through the dirt bemusedly.

Turning his head towards the darkening sky, he squinted against the warmth of the sun. "I believe the Allenrhim are vastly different from my kind... you seem to live a wonderfully peaceful life."

Returning his gaze upon Tifara, Fallen remarked, "It gets dreadfully scorching in these deserts, doesn't it?"

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 12, 2007, 10:21:18 AM
"But of course I do have someone special on my life now , i am looking at her !!"

He said with flirt , with that smille that make women breath a little faster .

"You are by far the most interesting women i met in long time , and if i was the man capable of loving only one women , you could be the one".
His words were full of passion , of life and his hand had unconsciously placed on hers , feeling her warm , her caring .

Looking at his hand , he removed almost with violence and with a embarrassed look , he said ,
"My pardons Milady , i don´t know what passed in my head , i assure it will not happen again"

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 12, 2007, 12:48:29 PM
Fallen traced his fingers through the dirt, and remarked that the Aellenrhims seemed to lead a wonderfully peaceful life. Then, he asked, “It gets dreadfully scorching in these deserts, doesn't it?”

Tifara nodded and replied, “It sure does! My head feels so hot! But it’s sunreign now, so we can’t blame the desert.” She smiled, and continued, “Want to go back to the tavern for a drink? I feel quite thirsty…”

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 12, 2007, 10:20:56 PM
“But of course I do have someone special in my life now, I am looking at her”! Tiras replied, with a seemingly flirty smile. Unaware of her current state Aroura started to breathe a little faster than normal, she felt him place his hand upon hers, so soft, yet so secure. Then he continued, “You are by far the most interesting woman I have met in a long time, and if I was the man capable of loving only one woman, you would be the one”. His words were full of passion; he seemed to be the perfect gentleman.

Aroura thought to herself, he is too perfect for words, oh what am I thinking he has probably said that to lots of woman, but he is just so wonderful and he looks honest, he makes me feel so secure, no other man has ever made me feel this way before. Aroura moved a little closer to Tiras, he seemed to be very content, and then he looked down at his hand, realising that he now held Aroura’s hand in a tight embrace, he swiftly let go and moved away, seeming almost violent and scared. He said, “my pardons milady, I don’t know what passed in my head, I am sure it will not happen again”.

“So dear sir I am correct, you are scared of commitment, but you should not be sorry, you make me feel so secure and there is no one else who has ever made me feel that way, I thank you, you are a wonderful man. And if you really feel that uncomfortable around me you can leave, the last thing I want is to make you uncomfortable, but you do not have to be”. Aroura replied in an understanding and rather soft voice.

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Post by: Leonie d'Ambert on May 13, 2007, 01:46:51 AM
     Practically shoved through the entrance, it took Leonie a moment to regain her composure as she began to smooth the folds of her skirt, acting as if she wasn't just manhandled by her maid. Wilda came through the door next, with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face. "Now ye listn' here miss. Ye nearly fell out of the carriage door when ye fell asleep and I can hear that tummy o' yurs growlin' somethin' fierce. So's we are goin'ta get ye somethin' ta eat and then it's off ta bed with ye." With a giggle, Mildred slipped passed the two, followed by nearly a dozen men-at-arms who sat themselves at various tables while their superior went about securing rooms for them to stay the night in.
     While she was grateful for her maid's company and assistance, sometimes Leonie felt nothing more than frustration because of the woman.  Taking a seat next to Mildred she waited as Wilda ordered them something to eat.  With a sigh she placed her elbow on the table and rested her chin in her palm. Mentally she noted that her maid was indeed correct. It feels as if my stomach is attempting to eat itself... She groaned as it rumbled in displeasure once again, causing her to lean back in her chair and wrap her arms about herself, her mouth watering from the smells that were consuming her senses.

     When a variety of meats and a loaf of bread were placed in front of her, along with a bottle of wine, it took a lot of selfcontrol not the dive into the fare as if she were no better than a farm animal.  Sitting up straight, she took her fork and knife into her hands and began cutting the meat into bitesize pieces, gently placing each one in her mouth and chewing carefully.  Once Wilda's attention was no longer on her, Leonie ripped a fair amount of bread from the loaf and began to attack it, tearing bites off before she had even finished swallowing the first.  However, when Wilda turned her gaze back towards her mistress, Leonie once again turned into a well-mannered young lady, taking her time while she cut up another piece of meat.  This seemed to amuse the younger maid as Mildred pretended not to laugh, hiding her face in her napkin and acting as if she was coughing.

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Post by: Fallen on May 13, 2007, 09:32:54 AM
Fallen nodded at Tifara's inquiry to go inside. Pushing himself up, the elf brushed off his leather attire. Rolling his head around on his shoulders, he freed his neck of any discomfort, and looked down at Tifara. "Aye, lady. I myself am tiring of this relentess heat. Let us retire to the indoors for some cool drink; some food as well, my stomach is not in good spirits."

Reaching down, he offered Tifara a long-fingered, gloved right hand. "Come, we shall continue our conversation our of this dreaded heat."

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Tifara Heike on May 13, 2007, 12:30:18 PM
Fallen nodded in response to Tifara’s question. He pushed himself up from the ground and brushed off his clothes. After rolling his head around, he looked at Tifara and said, “Aye, lady. I myself am tiring of this relentless heat. Let us retire to the indoors for some cool drink; some food as well, my stomach is not in good spirits.”

He reached down and offered Tifara a hand, saying that they would continue their conversation indoors. Tifara smiled gratefully, and took his hand. She pulled herself up and swept off some dirt on her skirt. “Thanks!”

Tifara put her hand on her neck, and bent her head to her right, then her left. She then squeezed the other side of her neck. Now, I feel the effects of lying down. My neck hurts from not moving for so long!

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Post by: Gamaliel Ironforge on May 13, 2007, 08:59:25 PM
Gamaliel finished his pitcher of beer, oblivious of the ruckus going on about him. All he wanted was to drink the jug dry and finish this contest. He drank without stopping, the sides of his beard wet with the liquid. Finally, the jug came down the table with a loud thud and he was looking around the tavern. Various people are coming in but took no notice of them; he was as drunk as he could be to notice anything.

A loud bang on the floor that shook the table came from the opposite direction from where he was sitting. He looked on and saw Thorgas, flopping around like a fish. He grinned, first a hidden smile under his beard; then he broke out into a loud guffaw. He laughed at the sight of a clumsy dwarf trying to stand up.

He was wiping the tears that formed around his eyes when all of a sudden several fireballs floated around and flew towards some people. Whether or not they found their targets, Gamaliel did not know. He is just too drunk to notice anything and thus laughed at it too, thinking that they are some of Thorgas' pranks. One of the tallfolk fell and slammed the sides of their table. Gamaliel stood up and stared at the figure lying on the floor. Upon closer inspection, he found out that he was not turned to charcoal, except for the slight burn on his arm.

The dwarf laughed again and said to Thorgas, "Damn brother, you're so old you can't even *hic* hit a tallfolk a ped away from you!" He chuckled, and added, "Better lay of the *hic* beer for a while, fat boy!"

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 13, 2007, 10:37:49 PM
"Uncomfortable ? No love its not that .
I just dont want you to expect from me what i cannot give .You deserve the love , the protection of someone worthy , not like me , "The White Rose "."

His words were melancholic and pain filled his eyes , for he knew she was starting to connect to him , and he didnt want she to be just another one in his life .

Ah ! If my mentor could see me now , he would laught .
I "The White Rose " , considered by many as the greatest lover in the world , made uneasy by a woman .
It passed by my hands some beautiful women , but none as she , with such purity in spirit ...
She will not be just another one , she will not !!

A Decision was made in Tiras mind , as he waited for Aurora to reply .

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 13, 2007, 11:44:06 PM
Aroura slowly moved away as she listened to Tiras's reply, "Uncomfortable? No love it's not that. I just don't want you to expect from me what I cannot give. You deserve the love, the protection of someone worthy, not like me, "The White Rose". She could see his eyes were filled with pain and his voice sounded sorrowful.

"I am sorry dear Tiras, I think you have got the wrong impression, I do not expect anything from you, I have not asked for anything and I do not intend to. Also I do not understand why you make such a big deal about this whole "The White Rose" lark, seriously what is the big deal with that, as I thought you said that was in the past, you surely cannot expect to have the same reputation when you are as old as 70. You cannot keep it up for ever, especially as it is so obvious to me that you feel uneasy even being around such a lesser woman as myself. You can make what excuses you like men are so typical they simply will not admit to there weaknesses, well at least it can create entertainment for us women". Aroura giggled at Tiras and gave him a cheeky smile.

As Tiras looked away with embarrassment Aroura moved round to catch his eyes and continued, "You know I do not expect you to live up to any reputation, now I have let down my guard", she said putting her hand to her chest, indicating herself, "is not it time for you to let down yours", Aroura continued moving her hand over to his chest indicating Tiras.

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Post by: Fallen on May 14, 2007, 01:15:36 PM
Helping the elfess up, Fallen watched Tifara massage her neck. "I see you're feeling the effects of laying on the ground as well."

Looking towards the tavern, he started towards it gratefully. I can't wait to fill my belly, I havn't eaten in ages... He thought ruefully. Upon reaching the door, Fallen was dismayed to see the tavern was filling up even more quickly than before; including a group of armed men. Sighing, he bowed graciously and allowed Tifara to pass before him.

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Post by: Hylphán on May 14, 2007, 03:49:20 PM
Hylphán drained his mug, and set it down on the table.  He wondered how long it would be before Thorgas would try and stand up.  When he finally did, it set off a chain of events that happened so fast Hylphán barely had time to duck under the table to avoid getting in the way of the fireballs.  The sight of the dwarf flailing about on his back like an overturned turtle kept playing through his mind, though, keeping him laughing through the entire incident.  When Phyth hit the floor, Hylphán quit laughing long enough to ensure the man was still alive and would survive the assault.  Then crawling from under the table, he clapped Thorgas on the shoulder and tried to calm him down, all the while trying not to do more than chuckle.  "Come friend, they just wanted to join in on the fun of the contest - just in a different manner", said Hylphán, straining not to laugh.  "They picked you, because poor Gam over there was too drunk to appreciate the thought and the skill behind the joke", continued Hylphán.  "Just a harmless practicle joke."

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 14, 2007, 05:54:51 PM
Fallen remarked that he was also feeling the effects of lying down on the ground. As Fallen walked towards the tavern, Tifara followed him. I led him to the garden, so it’s his turn to lead me to the tavern! Tifara smiled to herself.

When Fallen reached the tavern’s entrance, he sighed and bowed. Wonder why he sighed… When Tifara entered the tavern, she understood why Fallen had sighed. Wow… it’s gotten more crowded than when we left…

Looking around the tavern, she saw many people, including a lady with a group of armed men, the drunken dwarves and an elf near them. Turning to Fallen, she asked, “The tavern really is crowded… Do you mind going to my room to talk and eat, or would you just want to stay here?”

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Post by: Khel on May 15, 2007, 02:22:44 AM
The commotion with Fen, the man, and the drunken dwarf died down as quickly as it began. The man seemed to be lying still on the floor, I hope he's okay... Khel thought, but seeing as Fen had been his companion thus far, Khel assumed she would take care of him.

Khel slowly ate her meal, thinking it more delicious than any meal she had ever eaten. Savoring each bite until it was swallowed and washed down with her grape wine, Khel finished her meal and sat sipping the remaining liquid. Swirling it around thoughtfully in her cup, the door to the tavern opened and a lady was shoved in, accompanied by two women and a handful of men at arms. Her eyes flaring, Khel thought Now, what the heck... and downed the last couple gulps of wine. Khel thought with all the irritating commotion perhaps she'd acquire more wine. She pushed herself up from the table and made her way towards the bar.

Nearing the doorway, Khel saw another man and woman enter the tavern, a dwarf and a half-elf still drinking, and passed many men at arms seated around. Weaving about them, on second thought Khel slid towards the lady, determining to ask why the entourage? As she got closer, Khel saw the woman was beautiful. Flawless. She also saw she was small and dainty and quite frankly, I'm a little disgusted Khel thought a woman should at least be able to stand for herself, for men were hardly trustworthy one hundred percent of the time. She seemed protected enough though and as Khel shook her head of the nasty thoughts, she feigned a smile and inclined her head politely, "Excuse me, but may I ask, why are you accompanied by so many?" she inquired, in as lovely a voice as possible.

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Post by: Leonie d'Ambert on May 15, 2007, 04:11:48 AM
     She had finished the fare that Wilda had brought to her and began to sip leisurely at her wine, not really paying too much attention to what was going on around that.  That was until a young girl, who looked to be around the same age as herself, approach the table she was seated at.

"Excuse me, but may I ask, why are you accompanied by so many?"

     Glancing up at the girl she smiled softly before chuckling. "I suppose there are quite a lot of us, aren't there? I love to travel, and I do it quite often but I have an aunt who is rather overprotective at times and insists that I have adequate protection when I leave for a long journey."
     She held a hand out towards a chair that stood next to her, motioning for the girl to take a seat next to her. "I times I wonder why I bring them with me. hey can be so much of a handful that I almost feel like a nanny who has to watch over children. But there have been times when they were needed and I was grateful for their aid.  Things never seem to get boring when you have them around."

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Post by: Khel on May 15, 2007, 04:26:21 AM
The woman looked at Khel and chuckled, "I suppose there are quite a lot of us, aren't there? I love to travel, and I do it quite often but I have an aunt who is rather overprotective at times and insists that I have adequate protection when I leave for a long journey."

She motioned for Khel to sit down next to her. Hesitating, Khel a little reluctantly took a seat. "At times I wonder why I bring them with me. hey can be so much of a handful that I almost feel like a nanny who has to watch over children. But there have been times when they were needed and I was grateful for their aid.  Things never seem to get boring when you have them around."

Motioning for a barmaid, Khel asked for another grape wine and turned back to the woman. Smiling, and a bit amused, Khel said, "I never thought of it quite like that, I assumed they'd be purely a nuisance to you and those around you. But I guess the companionship and protection would be well worth it.." Why can't she just protect herself..?

"I love to travel, myself. I've been roaming about for some time. May I ask, who is your overprotective aunt? It seems strange to me she'd have the means to deploy so much protection for you." Khel apprehensively glanced around again and raised an eyebrow, "And it sure seems like an amazing amount of protection for one person." Khel said this matter-of-factly, in a businesslike tone. This was a woman she didn't understand, and Khel marveled at the thought that she might actually need this much protection. Khel took a gulp of her wine.

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Post by: Kali Rae on May 15, 2007, 04:51:39 AM
Shayan answers Kali's inquiries with a simple sentence stating, "That injured man was a horse thief."  Kali considers that a moment, piecing together all that she had seen and heard of this man in order to make sense of it all.  Although not containing the same passion herself, she understands how such news could render someone of a horse loving society very angry indeed.  "Oh," she says to indicate her understanding, hoping that she doesn't sounds too insincere and adds, "that's terrible."  Having grown up on the streets herself, she is able to see the justification in stealing; sometimes it's necessary.  Still she sides with Shayan and turns her mind to more pleasant subjects.

She draws breath to speak again but is interrupted by a flash of light and several blazing spheres fly across the room.  "Bloodspit!" she curses more out of surprise then anything else and wheels around in her chair, stubbing her bare foot on the corner of the table as she does so.  She winces as she looks at the dwarf fuming red with anger facing his tormentors, a very short pillar of rage and injured pride.  Kali makes a quick mental note never to play tricks on a dwarf who's been drinking.

The atmosphere in the tavern returns to normal and Kali turns back to her table to face Shayan and the silver elf.  "Before that outburst, I was going to suggest that you have something to eat.  It might help calm yourself."  Kali looks up to see two women followed by an entire armed guard enter the tavern and seat themselves at various tables around the Tavern.  If not before, the tavern is now starting to feel crowded and Kali starts to feel uncomfortable.  She draws her hood back over her head to shut out the chatter of the crowd and focuses her attention on Shayan and the elf as she picks at the remnants of her meal.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 15, 2007, 10:00:08 AM
Tiras laught at the Aurora words , not a sarcastic laught but a joyfull one .

"Indeed you are right dear Aurora .
You show great wisdom for someone as young as yourself , i hope i could see life as you do .
There is something i must confess , you are the only women that makes uneasy , may its your way of being , who knows ?
I am glad i met you and i think you deserve something to remember me by ...  , as his words were still in the wind , a white rose almost magicaly appeared on his hand , and he said , "accept this as a token of friendship , from this friend of yours ."

Still showing his white teeth in smile ,one as cheeky as Aurora , he continued , "Now there something you said that a i disagree, i am showing my weaknesses , for a man its not easy to show feelings at all , is it ?  "

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Post by: Leonie d'Ambert on May 15, 2007, 10:37:27 AM
    When the other woman ordered a glass of wine, Leonie ordered herself another glass as well.  "My aunt isn't really anyone of importance, but she is not the one who commands these men.  They are my men." The last part she said with a certain amount of pride. "She merely insists that they accompany me, and I feel it is easier to give into her than to argue, for I'm usually at the losing end when it comes down to the latter."
     She had the feeling that this girl didn't particularly care for the fact that she did infact have a large amount of protection following her. " I have three keeps located in Milken Grad that are under my command.  These men are from one of them called Preshwick, the one I can usually be found at.  The knight with them is my vassal and travels with me everywhere, no matter if its into a forest near Pershwick or on long distance journeys."
 Her maid Wilda motioned for her to come upstairs when she was ready, pointing towards a door that was going to be the room she was staying in.  With a nod she motioned for the woman to go on without her then turned her attention back to the girl next to her. "You see I don't really have the strength or skill to adequately protect myself.  I'm a healer and have an extensive knowledge of herbs and medicines, but I'm completely lost when it comes to fighting."

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The woman ordered another wine herself, and Khel llistened carefully to what she said; Khel's eyes widened when she indicated that the men at arms were indeed her own. She explained that she had three keeps and that she was a healer. Khels eyes widened at this, I wasnt expecting that, she thought. She also admitted she didn't have knowledge in fighting, and at that admittance Khel inclined her head a little, smiling in spite of herself. She seemed truthful to herself and to others.

The woman's maid seemed to motion for her to retire, but surprisingly she allowed them to go without her. Khel was particularly surprised at the independence in that act. A similarity between the women she would've never guessed at.

When she was finished, Khel voiced, "Three keeps? That's impressive! I have nothing of that sort to my name. And I myself know of fighting, but nothing of herbs and medicine, or the art of healing. Impressive indeed," She took a sip of wine, "I imagine you're approximately my age, if I'm not mistaken, and I wonder, how did you come to learn of healing in your lifespan thus far? And how did you come about three keeps!

Let me know if I am in any way rude.. I am not always the friendliest in my ways, especially when I am curious, or speaking with a stranger." Khel tugged absently at the string on her jerkin with her left hand as she spoke, wondering at how much mystery the life of this woman, so different from herself, held.  "Oh, and by the way, my name is Khel." Khel untangled her other hand from a tight grip on her cloak and held it out to the woman, a gruff gesture, but the only formal greeting she knew.

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Aroura saw Tiras begin to laugh joyfully as he listened to her speak, then he began, “Indeed you are right dear Aroura. You show great wisdom for someone as young as yourself, I hope I could see life as you do. There is something I must confess, you are the only woman that makes me uneasy, maybe it’s your way of being, who knows? I am glad I met you and I think you deserve something to remember me by”…

As Tiras was still in the middle of talking, a single white rose seemed to almost magically appear in his hand. He gently handed it to Aroura without damaging a single one of the perfect petals that graced it.  As Tiras continued to speak Aroura could barely hear him and she was not really trying, still enchanted by the wonderful and generous gesture. But then Tiras said something else so Aroura thought she had better pay attention in order not to be rude, he said still with a rather cheeky smile, showing off his white teeth, “Now there is something that I disagree with, I am showing my weaknesses, for a man it’s not easy to show feelings at all, is it”?

“No, well I suppose I can give you that, you have admitted to some of your weaknesses. Anyway thank you very much for the rose it is beautiful, is that like your little magic act right, make a rose appear in your hand to take the woman’s breath away when you get into a uncomfortable situation,  and possibly hope that they cannot speak after”. Aroura Replied with a nice smile and giggled lightly, “no sorry, I am only kidding you, it really is very sweet, I appreciate it I only wish I had something to give you in return”. Aroura leaned in a little closer to Tiras and gave him a little kiss on the cheek to say thank you, “You are a sweet heart”.

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Fallen nodded at Tifara's suggestion. "Aye, lady. I have no desire to be around so many people, it makes me nervous. I would much appreciate somewhere less populated."

Allowing his companion to pass first, the elf followed her through the door and into the noisy bustle of activity. Shooting a furtive glance around the room, he gave a slight shudder at the numerous patrons of the tavern.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 15, 2007, 07:33:01 PM
Fallen nodded and said, “Aye, lady. I have no desire to be around so many people, it makes me nervous. I would much appreciate somewhere less populated.”

Tifara smiled and said, “Sure! Just let me get my key first!” She walked towards the counter and said, “Hi Samuel! I’m back again! I need my key…”

Samuel swerved around, and muttered under his breath, “And here I was, thinking that I was so lucky to get so much free time! Yeah, lucky…” He looked up, and forced a smile, “Hey Tifara! Your key? Just a minute.” After a moment of fumbling around, Samuel found the key and handed it to Tifara.

“Anything else you need?”

“Well, for me, I would like the Tulimon Grape Wine, since I tried the juice already. So, a Tulimon Grape Wine and an Aberan Loaf for me. Can you ask Lori to deliver that to my room?”

Samuel nodded and replied, “Yeah. Sure, I can ask Lori to do that. A Tulimon Grape Wine and an Aberan Loaf, aye? That will be 8 sans, please.”

Tifara rummaged through her pockets, then put the sans on the counter. “Thanks! My friend there will probably order something, too.” Then, Tifara turned and walked towards Fallen, saying, “I’ve my key here. Do you want to order anything?”

To herself, Tifara thought, I wonder how the room is like… Wonder what’s the view?

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Post by: Leonie d'Ambert on May 16, 2007, 04:04:44 AM
     The girl's questions brought back memories of her mother and for a moment her gaze rested on nothing in particular as she became nostalgic. Taking a sip of her wine she smiled slightly and lifted her gaze to the girl. "My mother taught me the basics of healing before she passed away, and my travelling and reading enhanced it a great deal.  The keeps were hers as well but she made sure that I was the one who would inherit them upon her death, not my father." The last word seemed strained and she made a face one would make when they ate something sour.
     "My mother was a very gentle woman, and I'm afraid to say that I am indeed my mother's daughter.  I prefer herbs and plants to fighting and combat." She bite nervously at her lower lip and said this with a slight shrug. She took another sip of wine before smiling brightly and taking the offered hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you Khel. My name is Leonie." The smile remained on her lips as she tilted her head to the side somewhat.

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Tifara retrieved her key and placed her order. Fallen's face turned to one of confused bemusement at hearing himself labeled as 'friend.' That was a term he hadn't been called in ages. Looking up as Tifara approached, he nodded to her question.

Striding up to the bar, he inquired, "Hello there good sir. What do you have to serve today?"

The man turned around and looked at the elf. Hello, my name's Samuel. We have many delicacies in stock..." He then proceeded to rattle off a memorized list.

Musing over the options, Fallen ordered. "I'll have an Aberan Loaf, with some Ximaxian Rainbow to wash it down with." Placing eight sans upon the counter, he added, "Have this brought up to Tifara's room, please."

With that, he returned to his companion. I hope our meals are ready shortly, I'm famished. I've never been here, are the lodgings any good?"

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Before she spoke again she was silent, and Khel felt uncomfortable, her eyes flying in all directions wondering if maybe she should leave. Finally, the woman spoke about inheriting healing as well as gentility from her mother, and as she spoke the word 'father', Khel heard a strange tension in her voice. The woman looked nervous instead of lofty and confident, and Khel's perception of her changed all the more.

She took Khel's hand and said "It's a pleasure to meet you Khel, my name's Leonie." Leonie was smiling, and Khel smiled warmly in return. Khel spent little time talking with ladies in her lifetime. Her few companions thus far, even her pony, had been male. The handshake was firm, and Khel allowed Leonie's dainty hand to drop, retrieving her glass and taking another gulp of wine.

"Nice to meet you as well, Leonie. Its sounds as though your mother was a great woman, and you loved her much. I hope I'm not prying, or holding you up. I noticed your maid's went to your room, if you've desire to go, take no heed on my account." She was eager to change the subject, the current one seemed to causse an amount of pain. Khel saw others heading up to their rooms and glanced at the counter, trying to decide whether she would room for the night or not.

Positioning her cloak in her lap, Khel pulled her leg up toward her chest, her foot on the seat, and her chin came to rest on her knee. She fiddled with the dagger hilt poking from her boot and continued,"If you're in no hurry to go... Khel looked up at her, pausing slightly, "What brings you on your journey this time, Leonie? The Thirsty Herald is far south from where you or I originate." The purple in her eyes barely visible now, they were dark and clouded over in her own thought.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 16, 2007, 09:49:37 AM
After the kiss , Tiras passed his hand on the cheek and closed his eyes in remind of her sweet scent , smilling he said , "Ah you have given something in return , this kiss has been more precious than any thing you could given me ."
Well , a couple of jewels could be nicer too , he then looked at his meager pouch of coins and sighted .

"Well then , what shall we do now ?
Is there something i can do to entertain you , perhaps some card tricks or then some stories from my past ?
Anything you wish , i will do it , dear Aurora ... ", his words were soft , perhaps too soft for a man , but it was its way of taliking to women , even more to one that he liked .

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 16, 2007, 02:14:51 PM
After the kiss Tiras seemed to shut his eyes for a moment whilst passing his hand over his cheek and he said, "Ah you have given something in return, this kiss has been more precious than anything you could give me". Aroura smiled nicely at Tiras, and then he continued, "Well then, what shall we do now? Is there something I can do to entertain you, perhaps same card tricks or then some stories from my past? Anything you wish, I will do it, dear Aroura"...

His words seemed very soft for a man’s tongue. Then Aroura replied, "I am sorry, I wish I could have given you something more worthy. I tell you what, I am getting quite thirsty with all this talking out in the hot sun, how about we go get a drink in the tavern, and then maybe you can tell some stories whilst we are in there. That sounds quite enjoyable to me”, Aroura stood up with her bag and waited for Tiras to also stand so she could pick up her cape. “Maybe in one of your stories you can tell me just how many lovers you have had, if indeed you can remember yourself, I can imagine that there probably is quite a big list, especially compared to me”.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 16, 2007, 08:01:33 PM
Fallen nodded in answer, and went up to the counter to place his order. After he had placed his order, he walked towards Tifara, and said, “I hope our meals are ready shortly, I'm famished. I've never been here, are the lodgings any good?”

Tifara walked towards the stairs, and replied, “Well, I don’t know… It’s my first time here, too! I sure hope they’re good.”

As she climbed the stairs, her stomach gave a small rumble. Oh… I sure hope the food’s waiting for us when we reach my room…

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 17, 2007, 09:53:24 AM
As Aurora asked that if could go inside to drink something , Tiras smilled in a comical yet seductive way , seemigly unhappy , a thing that wasn´t true , "Ah why to go inside , when we are so well here alone without the distractions of the tavern , but if you wish , we shall go .
The things i wouldn´t do for a lady ...."

Getting up , he gently grab her cape , and with smooth yet quick moves , he cleaned it and put on his right arm , "Well then my dear shall we go ? ", he then offered his left arm to Aurora .

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Fallen followed Tifara upstairs. As she answered that it was her first time as well, he murmered, "Ah. well I guess we'll just have to find out then. I'm sure they're fine, if downstairs is anything to judge by."

This desert is not kind to travellers, I hope this place holds up to its reputation. I'm starving! He thought to himself as he followed the elfess up the stairs, each step slow and tired.

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 17, 2007, 03:13:05 PM
"Well we do not have to go in for long, I just want a drink because I am thirsty, if you want you may wait out here. I am just getting some grape juice, would you like a drink dear Tiras, as I am the one who suggested it in the first place it is only far that I pay". Aroura smiled, "so would you like anything"? Aroura asked again to make the question a bit more clear for Tiras to answer.

Aroura awaited an answer from Tiras and she thought, well it is nice to be able to buy a drink for someone else, lucky I was able to sell that bracelet and necklace on my travels or I would have no money. Anyway I will make him get in the next lot, it is only far, if there is going to be a next lot that is.

Aroura walked up to the door whilst she was still waiting for a reply from Tiras and took a quick look inside, "it looks very crowded in there anyway", Aroura continued looking quite shocked. "A lot more than when we left".

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 17, 2007, 03:24:12 PM
"Well if you put it that way , i would love a drink  , Looking into the sun , he closed his eyes and continued , "the sun is undeed unforgiving today but i will pay , well at least the first one , i may not be a wealthy man , but i never allow a lady to pay for the drinks .
Well at least not the first ones !

She then took a peek inside and said that the tavern was more crowed that when they left , "No worries love , there is always more space for one or in this case for too , and as long i have your company i am happy"
After a joyfull laught , he offered then his left arm , and said with the most galant smile he could , "Well then shall we go inside then ? Althought i doubt there is something inside sweeter than you my dear ...  

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 17, 2007, 06:08:51 PM
As Fallen followed Tifara upstairs, he said, “Ah. Well I guess we'll just have to find out then. I'm sure they're fine, if downstairs is anything to judge by.”

Tifara smiled and said, “At least upstairs isn’t as crowded as downstairs!” Then, she walked towards her room and unlocked the door. Heading into her room, she flopped down onto her bed, and sighed happily. She was still holding her key in her hands, and the door was left open.

Just then, someone knocked on the door. Tifara peered out, and saw Lori. She stood up, and walked towards the door, saying, “Hey Lori! Our food’s done?”

“Yeah, they’re done! Here’s your Tulimon Grape Wine, and your Aberan Loaf, and Fallen’s Ximaxian Rainbow and his Aberan Loaf,” Lori said. She placed a tray of the food on a table near the door.

Tifara replied, “Thanks! I have to say, your service is fast!” Lori smiled and nodded.

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Aroura took Tiras’s arm that he had offered to her and said, “Ah that is sweet” Aroura smiled and continued, “Well if you insist on buying the drinks, then how could I refuse”. Aroura walked through the door entering the Tavern and Tiras following closely behind her, there was so much going on around her that Aroura could barely take it all in, there were so many people, it was not really the kind of situation Aroura liked to be in. Samuel took their order of some Tulimon grape juice, and then Aroura waited for Tiras to say what he wanted.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 18, 2007, 12:04:15 PM
"Thank you ! " Tiras thanked as the barkeep took their order , paying Tiras look around and with said to Aurora ,"Well it seems that the tabern has becomed too crowded , i doubt we will find a table for us ..."

However as Tiras look to a corner there was a vacant table , "Oh wait there is one over there  , come Aurora .He then gently took her hand and pointed to the table saying "Is that a good place for us my dear ?"

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 18, 2007, 02:41:46 PM
Tiras paid the barman for the drinks, “thank you”, Aroura said to Tiras, who seemed to be too busy looking round the tavern for a table, then he took Aroura’s hand and pointed at a table in the corner saying, “is that a good place for us my dear”. Aroura replied, “it looks fine, it’s a table and it is free is there really much else to it”. Aroura picked up her drink and kept hold of Tiras’s hand, it was so secure and soft, and it did not feel that he had done a day’s hard work in his life, such soft hands as a child.

When they reached the table Tiras let go of Aroura’s hand as he placed his drink on the table and gentlemanly pulled a chair from under the table for Aroura who gracefully seated and place her drink on the table in front of her. As Tiras sat in his chair opposite Aroura continued, “So dear Tiras you said you would tell me some interesting stories from your past did you not, because I certainly have not lost any interest”. Aroura leaned in slightly though trying to keep as good a posture as she could. She took a quite large sip of her grape juice, drinking almost half the liquid, it felt silky smooth in her parched throat.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 19, 2007, 09:55:25 AM
After Aroura drank some of her juice , Tiras taught of what would be an interesting story to share , he then said ,"Well then , an interesting story , perhaps you have wondered why i am called "The White Rose"?
The name is know but its origin is not .
It all began in my youth when ...  Tiras began his tale from the day he lost his father , his 8 years in Voldar training his "gifts", and the day he returned to his hometown for revenge , and the night he deflowered the only daughter of the man that left his father suicide , leaving a single note "The White Rose had his revenge ".

"I was 22 by then , and the world was at my grasp, in the next 8 years i had a life of debauchary , of wine , money and of course women .
However now at 30 i try to leave that life behind , a thing that is hard but i try !
I still am quite fragile to the women seduction ...

But enought about me , and you ?
Its only fair that you share a story as well ..."

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Fallen on May 20, 2007, 03:15:55 AM
Fallen nodded gratefully as Tifara pointed out that upstairs was not so crowded. As Lori delivered their meal, Fallen's face lit up with relief. As Tifara commented on the quick service, Lori replied, "We try our best. Just let me know if you need anything else, enjoy!" And with a smile she returned downstairs.

Grabbing the tray off the table near the door, Fallen brought it over to the bed, placing it beside Tifara and sitting on the opposite side. Breathing in the scent of the Aberan Loaves, the elf observed, "Well, they certainly know how to make a mouthwatering meal. Ladies first." He added with a gesture at the food.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Tifara Heike on May 20, 2007, 03:55:35 PM
Then, Lori replied, “We try our best. Just let me know if you need anything else, enjoy!” After that, she returned downstairs.

Fallen grabbed the tray off the table and brought it over to the bed. He placed it beside Tifara and sat on the opposite side. Fallen then said, “Well, they certainly know how to make a mouth-watering meal. Ladies first.” Fallen gestured at the food, and Tifara replied, “Sure, thanks!”

Tifara picked up one of the Aberan Loaves and took one bite. “Mmm! This tastes wonderful!” She put one hand under her mouth, to hold the crumbs that drop off. “Try yours! It’s really nice!”

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 20, 2007, 06:31:43 PM
Aroura listened carefully to Tiras, in interest leaning in across the table. Then when Tiras asked Aroura to tell a story from her life she moved away suddenly, looking down at her hands now placed on the edge of the table and fiddling with her ring. She replied sounding quite shaky as if she had just seen a ghost, "A story from my life, oh um, no, no I am sorry I, I do not have any interesting stories to tell". She shock her head and continued, "I will say one thing about my life though, I have spent most of my life just trying to find a stranger, well not a stranger, the stranger".

Then Aroura just tried to get rid of all the horrible memories that had crowded her mind, holding her head up again, sitting properly in her chair and sorting out her skirt, laying it flat on her long slimlined legs. Then she said her voice back to normal again, "well I actually think I should probably book a room for the night, it already looks like a lot of people have got there rooms, hope they still have some left." Then she turned her glance back to Tiras, "well are you staying here tonight Tiras".

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Post by: Fallen on May 21, 2007, 01:55:27 AM
Fallen watched as Tifara took the first bite, examining her reaction. Living among the Coor'hem, he had learned to never be the first to eat a meal; she seemed to be fine however. Tearing a piece off of his loaf, he brought it to his mouth and slowly chewed. "Not bad at all, far better than what I usually consume."

Taking a drink of his Ximaxian Rainbow, Fallen shivered at the liquid's exhilariting sensation. Wiping his lips, he inquired, "So, lady. Do you have any other hobbies or interests? Music, literature, dancing, hunting... whatever else people do for fun."

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 21, 2007, 11:06:56 AM
Phyth lay on the floor of the tavern, having not completely passed out. He did notice that he couldn't see anything but a big black blur. He wasn't knocked out, but couldn't see. That couldn't be good. Neither was the pain in his head. It felt like someone had drove a stake into his head, then bashed it with the hammer.

Finally, his eyesight changed. A big light blur this time. He began to try to move, without much success. Phyth reached to the back of his head, then pulled his hand back. It was sticky. Must be blood, tasting the salty tang of it in his mouth. Phyth smelled blood mixed with dirt on the floor next to his head.

All in all, it could have been worse. Not much worse, but at least he was awake. Enough. Phyth let out a large groan, then pushed his hand, rolling over. His eyes squinted, everything in the tavern assaulting his senses. The light hurt his eyes, and the noises made the hammer hit harder on his head. Finally his eyes adjusted, and he saw a figure standing over him. Phyth hoped it was Fen, or else he might be in bigger trouble. "Don't everybody help at once," he said weakly, coughing on his blood.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 21, 2007, 04:01:45 PM
Fen gasped as Phyth slumped to the floor. Thoughts raced through her head. Is he dead??? It's my fault isn't it? I sent the sparrows at wait, it isn't my fault, it's that midget's fault, cuz he was the one who threw those fireballs at us! She couldn't make up her mind about who to blame.

When Phyth groaned and seemed to see her above him, Fen dropped to her knees beside him. "I'm sorry,"  she whispered, and fell silent. The relief at seeing Phyth alive kept her from saying anything. She couldn't bring herself to move, so she just stayed on her knees beside him, and glared at Thorgas.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 21, 2007, 04:25:26 PM
Fallen tore a piece off of his loaf and slowly chewed it. “Not bad at all, far better than what I usually consume.” As he took a drink of his Ximaxian Rainbow, Fallen shivered. Then, he wiped his lips and asked, “So, lady. Do you have any other hobbies or interests? Music, literature, dancing, hunting... whatever else people do for fun.”

“Well…” Tifara said, and pondered over this for awhile. What hobbies do I have?

“Back home, in Ranndár, I’ll usually go in one of the forests and walk around. When I feel a little tired, I’ll just go to my favourite tree, and sit there and rest. That tree’s an Ashwude. There’ll be some children playing there. During fall, it’s awesome there. The children will be throwing the wingpods around. Then, when the wingpods spiral down, they’ll squeal with joy. I play with them, of course!”

Tifara took a bite of the Aberan Loaf and commented, “Ooh… This is getting spicy…” She took one gulp of her wine, and said, “Ahh… That’s better!”

“So… what’s your hobby?”

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on May 21, 2007, 05:32:24 PM
Thorgas launched the fireball and would conjured more spheres, but his head ached from drinking beer, not to mention the pain in his back from the fall. Fortunately for the tavern and its occupants, he only gathered energy to summon a fireball but not enough to keep it intact; they dissipated as soon as he fired them. Not that it matters much though, as the spheres flew through the door and out of sight.

A loud laugh from behind followed by a hand touching his shoulder startled him. He turned around and saw his companions, hardly being able to contain their amusement. He also noticed that the people around them had a hard time doing it too. He snorted at them in disgust. "Pipe down shortbeard. I missed him on *hic* purpose." Thorgas said after Gamaliel's last speech, in order to hide his embarassment.

He stood up and limped wearily towards the staircase. The beer started kicking in and he doesn't want any stupid prankster to go and make him look like an ass; thus he decided to go to his room and perhaps sleep until dinner. He climbed up, holding the railing of the stairs for support. He passed the halls and the spot where the knife shattered a pot, and finally towards his room. He lied down on his bed and shut his eyes. A few moments later he was sound asleep, snoring loudly.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 22, 2007, 02:53:22 AM
Phyth kept laying on his back, wincing at the pain. The voice that spoke belonged to Fen, but Phyth still couldn't tell who was over him. Finally squinting his eyes again, her face came into focus. A welcome sight. Phyth preferred it to an angry dwarf's head.

Idiotically, Phyth tried to sit up. And was met with more pain, more pounding in his head. Instead he turned his head to the side, and spit out the blood that was in his mouth. At least now he could breath a little easier. He took that moment to lift his arm, then began inspecting it.

The burn wasn't terrible, but it didn't look good at all. Phyth would have hated to see a burn like that square in the middle of his chest. Grinning stupidly, he turned his head back to Fen. "Well..." he said weakly, trying not to grimace. "It seems you aren't the only one who can't take a joke."

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 22, 2007, 09:51:55 AM
"Ah yes , it seems you are correct , we indeed need to get a room as soon as possible .
There is only one problem ....  , looking rather embaressed , he showed his pouch and droped a single coin , i am afraid i have no money for a room .
Oh well i hope the stables are confortable at least ..."

He then gave a sad sigh and looked at Aurora with a smile , saying , "But why are we talking about this ?
Better you go get a room before its too late love "

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Post by: Hylphán on May 22, 2007, 12:39:17 PM
Hylphán saw that Thorgas was calming down somewhat now that he saw it was a practical joke.  He did not look as if he enjoyed being the object of so much laughter, but He did stop himself from throwing any more fireballs.  Hylphán watched with a smile on his face as he watched the Dwarf shuffle up the stairs unsteadily, hopefully to get some sleep.  Then turning, the smile disappeared as he saw the condition of the man on the floor.  Hylphán kneeled next to the girl who was bending over him and asked Good sir, is there anything I can do to help you?  Should I send the serving girl to get the healer?

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 22, 2007, 02:48:31 PM
Aroura took a small sip of her drink and replied, “I am sorry I was just trying to be polite. Anyway did you say that you sleep out in the stable that sounds absolutely wonderful sleeping under the stars, and a bit like camping”?

Aroura smiled and began to get some of her confidence back, and then she continued, “Well if you don’t mind I think you may expect some company in that stable other than the horses. Personally I rather sleep outside any day, you may think that is strange but I suppose I am just used to it, I have grown to love the outdoors”. 

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Post by: Fallen on May 23, 2007, 04:00:42 AM
Tifara described her love of being in the forest. Nodding, Fallen replied "That sounds wonderful, I shall have to try that sometime to cool off."

As she asked him of his hobbies, he scratched his chin absent-mindedly. Taking another bite of his loaf, he replied, "Well... poetry for one. I love writing about the beauty I find in the world, as well as the darker aspects. I spend as much time as possible sitting alone, merely breathing in the essence of everything around me, capturing it all in words."

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 23, 2007, 09:51:00 AM
Tiras chuckled gently at Auroura words and smilling he said , "You are indeed an unique girl , my dear .
Most women would not trade a soft bed for a outdoor night , but perhaps it is why i feel so at ease with you , its your unique way of being ...

I will accept your company with pleasure , after all what man in his perfect mind would refuse such a offer ?"
Grabbing her hand , he softly kissed feeling the smoothness of it and continued , "Again i thank for your kindness .
Now what you want to do , dear Aurora ?"  

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 23, 2007, 11:12:09 AM
Phyth's eyes widened for a moment at the newcomer, then he set his head back down on the tavern floor. All the commotion was starting to confuse him, and his body was threatening to black out again. He sat there and breathed heavily, trying hard not to pass out.

Finally Phyth lifted his head up again at the man. His brow furrowed as he thought of an answer, then he sat his head back down again. "No...I don't need a healer," he said. "But if you have any bandages, that would be nice. And if you could get me to my room."

Phyth turned his head slightly, looking at the blood on the floor. He really didn't want to speak with the owner of the tavern right now, since he had gotten it unclean. "But no problem, if it's too much of a bother," he said, grunting.

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Post by: Hylphán on May 23, 2007, 01:34:13 PM
Hylphán responded"It would not be a problem at all.  I have bandages in my room, but we should get you settled in yours first.  With that he turned to the girl next to him and asked"Would you mind giving me a hand with your friend here?

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 23, 2007, 02:15:31 PM
Tiras then took her hand and Aroura felt his soft tender lips place a gentle kiss upon it. Then Aroura ha heard the end of his work she replied, “Well firstly I have never really been called unique before, if in fact that is a good thing then I thank you dear Tiras”. Aroura giggled lightly and continues with a gentle smile still gracing her face, “Well what would I like to do? To be blatantly honest, I have not got the foggiest. Anyway I think it is your turn to choose, I think you must be getting tired of letting a Lady take the lead, kind of like in a dance. So come on I will give you a go at being the leader for once, so dear Tiras, what would you like to do".

Aroura could hear that there was definitely quite a lot going on across the room of the tavern, like someone had been hurt, but she choose to ignore it, in order to avoid being too nosy.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 23, 2007, 05:32:56 PM
As Tifara bit her loaf, Fallen nodded and replied, “That sounds wonderful, I shall have to try that sometime to cool off.”

In answer to Tifara’s question about his hobbies, Fallen scratched his chin absent-mindedly. He took another bite of his loaf and replied, “Well… poetry for one. I love writing about the beauty I find in the world, as well as the darker aspects. I spend as much time as possible sitting alone, merely breathing in the essence of everything around me, capturing it all in words.”

Tifara cocked her head and inquired, “What do you like to write about? I mean, beauty… There are different kinds of beauty in this world… So, which do you like most?”

Then, she took another bite of the loaf. The spiciness was getting to her, so trying to soothe her throat, she sipped some of her wine.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 24, 2007, 09:52:49 AM
Tiras saw as Aurora eyes turned to the room where sounds were coming , "You are hearing it too ?
Seems like someone is hurt inside , but its best we don´t intrude .
I am not insensible to others misfortunes , but life taught me to not intrude in others business .

Now i sugest we go take a look to where we are to spent the night , if you continue to insist to spend outside with me , i will not stop you , but i still think its not a place for a lady ..."
Looking around , Tiras saw as the tavern was indeed crowded , and with a sad sigh , he taught ,So many potencial victims ...
Their wallets must be heavy with coin and i am here without the chance to lighten them .
But Aurora is more important .

Looking at Aurora , he then said , "So do you agree with my sugestion ?"

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Post by: Fallen on May 24, 2007, 11:43:43 AM
Chewing on a small piece of loaf, Fallen pondered her question. Swallowing, he replied, "I like finding the beauty in things that no one takes the time to see, the beauty you can't take at face value. I find the hidden meaning and symbolism of everything I see, analyzying it's every facet an aspect."

Taking a long draught of his Ximaxian Rainbow, he shrugged nonchantly. "I like to find in things what no one else takes the time nor care to discover."

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 24, 2007, 06:36:47 PM
Fallen chewed on a piece of his loaf thoughtfully. As he swallowed, he replied, “I like finding the beauty in things that no one takes the time to see, the beauty you can't take at face value. I find the hidden meaning and symbolism of everything I see, analyzying it's every facet an aspect.”

He took a long drink of his Ximaxian Rainbow, and shrugged nonchalantly. “I like to find in things what no one else takes the time nor care to discover.”

Tifara absentmindedly bit into her Aberan Loaf. She chewed and ate it, then replied, “You must spend a lot of time on your poems… You have to show me one of your poems some day!” She smiled sincerely at Fallen, and then drank some of her wine.

Taking a look outside the window, Tifara realised that the sky was slowly darkening.

I guess it’s true what people say: Time passes fast when you’re having fun!

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Post by: Fallen on May 25, 2007, 11:13:27 PM
Fallen smiled lightly as Tifara bit into her Aberan Loaf. "Certainly, I'll be sure to share some poetry with you, though I'm not sure you'll find it to your taste, lady."

Sipping lightly on his cocktail, the elf saw the darking sky outside the window. Good. He thought gratefully Now perhaps this dreaded heat will cool off.

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 25, 2007, 11:49:49 PM
Tiras suggested they go out and take a look at the barn to check that it is suitable for a Lady, to this Aroura replied, “That is fine with me if it is what you really want, listen I did not mean to intrude I simply said if you do not mind, anyway I think that stable must be of a pretty reasonable size, I do not take up that much space”. Then Aroura saw the sad look on Tiras’s face as he looked glumly round the tavern, and then he looked down at his small pouch of money. Aroura gulped down the last of her grape juice, flung her bag back over her shoulder then picked up her cape folding it over her left arm. Then as he still looked pretty glum she said, “Is money all you think about, well that and us beautiful women”, Aroura giggled. When she got to the door and placed her hand on the handle she continued, “Actually, how do you earn money anymore as I am sure you said that being a thief was in your past, so how do you earn your money to live now, sorry if I am being to inquisitive but I just thought of that”.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 26, 2007, 09:58:30 AM
“Is money all you think about, well that and us beautiful women”,
As Aurora finished talking , put a somewhat serious facet plain to see that he was not , and said with a comical offended voice , "My dear , is it really what you think of me ?
I do have other interests , like ... like ..."  he then taught for a moment and laughting , he scratched his head , saying , "Well i guess you are right , coin and women , is my life now .
With flirt on his voice he continued ,"Of course if i had someone like you in my life i could forget the coin ....Putting his hand in Auroras , he then said ,"Now you ask quite an interesting question , how do i make money indeed ?
Well do be blunt i do what i must within the law , but most of the time , women do seem to like to give me "presents", lets say that ...Blinking his eye as Aurora , he added , "And being a gentlemen , i cannot refuse ..."

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 26, 2007, 10:18:27 AM
In a rather comical though quite offended sounding voice Tiras replied, “My dear, is it really what you think of me? I do have other interests, like ... like  ...” .Then she saw he was trying to think of any other possible hobbies he may have but as he scratched his forehead and laughed it seemed his taught was not successful. After he finished his following statement Aroura replied, “Ah so I am right then am I not dear Tiras”, she giggled again, but just for a moment before Tiras continued with his romantic words.

Tiras then caught up with Aroura as she was opening the door and held onto her hand, then he continued again to answer Aroura’s previous question and to this Aroura replied, “You mean being broke you cannot afford to turn it down, either that or being too greedy you simply do not want to turn it down. Well if gift’s is what you want then I am afraid that I am the wrong woman for you, I would not give you something for nothing, unless of course I have known you for a reasonable amount of time first, and I get the feeling you are not interested in long term relationships”.   

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 26, 2007, 12:01:09 PM
With a true serious face , Tiras faced directly at Aurora , without smilling , something unusual im him "My dear , i believe you are mistaken ...
I wasn´t expecting anything from you , and it didn´t passed for a moment in my mind to do so , when i said i received gifts from women , i accepted because it is what it is , a gift , nothing more nothing less .
I don´t expect anything from my lovers , and if you were to became one , i assure you i would never ask for something , except your love ."

Now with a smile , he continued , "I beg your pardon if i sound too rude , it wasn´t my intencion , and if i did , my deepest appologies .
Well then , shall we go to our intended destination ?"

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 26, 2007, 12:53:42 PM
Aroura and Tiras continued to walk slowly in the direction of the stables and as Tiras finished his words Aroura answered, "Oh no I am fine, you are not being rude, you are being perfectly plausible in your statement". Aroura gave Tiras a serious look in return, just as he gave her, "I was only kidding you anyway, I know you do not expect anything from me, I trust you. Sometimes I joke about subjects that may be inappropriate, sorry".

Aroura could still feel the soft warmth from Tiras's hand on hers, he was gentle yet it made her feel very secure, the same as it did before. As they reached the door for the stables Aroura was just going to reach for the door but Tiras lent in just before her and grabbed the handle then pulled the door open allowing Aroura to enter in front of him. Aroura entered the stable closely followed by Tiras, then Aroura did a big yawn as she felt very tired having not have slept properly since she began her most recent journey, unfortunately she had lost track of time and is still not aware how long she had been travelling. Then Aroura turned back to Tiras and continued, "So where do you think would be the best part to sleep, I actually am starting to feel rather tired at the moment, maybe I could use a lay down".

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 26, 2007, 01:19:15 PM
Fallen smiled lightly as Tifara bit into her Aberan Loaf. “Certainly, I'll be sure to share some poetry with you, though I'm not sure you'll find it to your taste, lady.” Then, he sipped lightly on his cocktail, while looking at the sky.

Tifara returned his smile and said, “Well, I don’t mind your poetry not being to my taste. It’ll be nice hearing some poetry after this hot day. The sun’s starting to set, though. The night will surely be cold.” She sipped her wine and continued, “So, are you going to take a room for tonight?”

She took another bite of her Aberan Loaf. It was finishing, just a little part of the loaf left. This loaf sure tastes nice, even if it was kind of spicy at the start. You get used to the spiciness, I guess…

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Post by: Hylphán on May 26, 2007, 03:18:30 PM
Without waiting for Fen to answer, Hylphán reached down and slipped his hands under Phyth's shoulders, and carefully lifted him to his feet.  Pulling one of Phyth's arms up around his shoulders, Hylphán started helping/carrying Phyth towards the stairs, heading for his room.  As he passed the bar Hylphán asked Samuel "Sir, could you kindly tell me what room this gentleman is in?   Oh, and would you please hand me the key?" 

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 27, 2007, 02:25:27 AM
Phyth grunted as the man helped him up, then let out a small cry of pain as he put Phyth's arm over his shoulder. His face contorted, then the pain subsided somewhat. "Watch the arm," he said quietly. He was out of breath, and too weak to speak any louder.

Phyth grunted again as the man stopped at the bar. He was in a hurry to get to his room and get bandaged up. Those wounds couldn't be good left untreated. Phyth took his free arm and dug around in his bag, then pulled out a key with the room number on it. He held it out towards the man, waiting.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 27, 2007, 02:37:35 AM
"Well i believe anywhere is fine , but allow me to do a thing before you laydown..."
Tiras then moved and started to pick the softer hay , trying to form something similiar to a bed , after several minutes , it was down and taking off his cape , he lay down in the improvised bed and said to Aurora ,"Here it is , not the most confortable of beds , but i believe its quite good for now at least , although i must insist that you rent a bed inside ...
After that he moved for a place not far from the bed he made for Aurora and sitting , he crossed his legs , putting his sword at arms reach , saying "Well then love , rest that i will stand watch , and no , dont even try to protest my dear !
Just do this for me , alright? I prefer that way "

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 27, 2007, 03:07:59 AM
Aroura took her cape and laid it out on the alongside Tiras’s cape on the makeshift bed, then as he finished speaking she replied, “If that is what you wish dear Tiras then that is what I shall do”, Aroura then walked slowly to one side of the bed and sat down with her back to Tiras at first then she gracefully swung her legs round so she was in a lying position on the bed. She then rolled over onto her side to face Tiras and continued, “You know I am actually starting to think I have got you all wrong, you’re actually a lot more serious than I thought. Actually I don’t think you are that much of a typical man, you’re a gentle man, you do have your faults of course but we all do, and at the moment I am finding it difficult to spot yours”. When she finished talking Aroura stretched her arms and legs and yawned again shutting her eyes for just a short while. 

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 27, 2007, 03:40:07 AM
Fen looked at the man who had been sitting with the two drunken dwarves with a dazed expression on her face. Her brain hardly registered him asking her to help with Phyth. When he grabbed Phyth and pulled him towards his room, Fen came back down to earth and rushed after them.

When Phyth held out the key to the man, Fen snatched it. "I'll do that,"  she said, anxiety making her voice squeakier and sharper than she had intended. She fumbled with the keys, her haste making her drop it a few times. Finally, she got the key through the keyhole and turned it. She opened the door and stood aside for Phyth to pass. "I hope this doesn't mean more cleaning of the stables for me?" she joked weakly.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 27, 2007, 04:10:10 AM
Peering inside the doorway, Phyth saw that his room was empty. Nodding his thanks to the man who helped him, Phyth took took his arm off the man's shoulder and began to walk unsteadily to the bed. The last couple of steps he faltered, then practically fell onto the bed.

Finally he turned to Fen. "No need...You help me with these," he said, pointing to the cuts and burn, "and we'll call it even." Phyth rested his head, breathing heavily. He reached his good arm over and began fumbling with his pack, searching for some bandages, but failing. He raised his head up, his face asking for help with his wounds.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 27, 2007, 04:16:18 AM
Fen found the bandages in his pack and gently tended to his wounds; she forgot all about the man who helped Phyth. When she was done, she sat down on the floor and looked up at him. "Would you like a rest? I will go if you do." she stood up, brushing herself off.

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Post by: Drexal ben Putin on May 27, 2007, 02:48:08 PM
Drexal entered the inn.  It was much like other inns he had been in before.  However, this one looked like it had just experienced a bit of excitement recently.

That was none of his business, however.  Right now, he was hungry, and his lips were parched.  He had a few sans left in his purse, and a meal in his belly felt like the right thing to do.  He spotted a small empty table and made his way to it.  Sitting with the wall to his back, he surveyed the room.  With any luck, the barmaid would spot him quickly.  He didn't feel like being here long.  His fingers twitched nervously, and he chewed on his lower lip, drawing blood.  Maybe eating outside would be the better plan.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 27, 2007, 06:46:37 PM
"My dear you give me too much credit , i am far from being typical , but i am not special either .
Of course others could say its part of my charm , but i don´t like to boast .."

With a laught , he put his hands on the back of the head , and with a dreamy voice he said , "I do have my faults , like you said , everyone does , perhaps pride is the strongest of them all , i am proud of what i accomplish .

And you love ?
Do you have some faults you wish to share ?"

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 27, 2007, 07:08:08 PM
“My faults? Well I suppose firstly I am very forgetful, if you ask me to remember something I am absolutely hopeless, my mind is like a slate that gets wiped clean every five minutes or so, I do remember certain thing’s of course and if you remind me they will come flooding back I just am really bad at remembering. Also I have terrible social skills so I have always found it very hard to make friends, that is why I treasure them so when I find someone I can talk to, such as yourself”. Aroura smiled appreciatively at Tiras then continued, “Well I probably have many other faults but I am not sure, what do you think, from what you know of me so far what would you say is good and bad about me”?

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 28, 2007, 09:48:14 AM
Phyth shrugged, not really wanting to be alone until he was sure that Thorgas wasn't coming back to finish the job. It was getting dark out, but Phyth wasn't ready for sleep. Even though he was exhausted. He examined the bandages. They were wrapped well, and with luck the wounds wouldn't take too long to heal. Or he could be seriously impaired.

Finally Phyth looked up. He'd need to make himself a sling for the arm later, but for now he was fine. "Meh...No hurry. Don't think I could sleep for a while," he said, struggling back a cough. "Although, I wouldn't mind a drink..."

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 29, 2007, 10:08:57 AM
"Well my dear , if you don´t mind i prefer not to say your faults , i always been better in proclaming the lady atributes then their faults .

For instance , you are very kind and innocent , something rare in these troubling days .
Contrary to your commentary , i find you charming , a real peoples person , altough you could be a less shy , but it is only and opinion .
Anyway , this are my toughts about you .
And about me , do you have an opinion ?
Please share ...."
Smilling , he waited , knowing that he may not like the answer , but it was something he needed to know .

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Post by: Khel on May 29, 2007, 11:08:42 AM
Khel looked around and took in her surroundings again. It looked as if several people had headed to their rooms, and it was getting dark outdoors. She stood and wrapped her cloak around her again, happily stretching after sitting for so long. She inclined her head to Leonie, and surveyed the room. The room was enjoying the calm, dull roar of friendly conversation. A young man entered the tavern and made for a lone table nearby. He looked nervous, and particularly uninterested in the tavern's commotion.

Khel wasn't tired yet, so she made her way over to him, carrying her remaining wine, and on her way ordered him a Tuborger Brown, not knowing if he preferred wine or beer. She liked both, so she knew she'd drink it if he didn't. She plopped down untidily next to him and offered the beer with a smile, noticing his brown hair and friendly eyes. She was always in better spirits when the sun sunk below the horizon.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Drexal ben Putin on May 29, 2007, 01:10:01 PM

"No, I should go.  This isn't a good place.  Better to leave now."   

Drex was talking himself into leaving, and in fact was about to stand up when a small woman plopped into a chair next to him, offering him a beer and smiling at him.  Startled, he looked about the room to see who was watching.  No one else seemed to be paying any attention to the both of them. 

"Uhm, I haven't ordered yet.  But I'll have some wild boar if you have it."  He looked at the beer, which looked delicious.  "Thank you for the drink."   He accepted the mug and took a short sip.  It warmed his insides.

The waitress looked friendly, though she had hard eyes.  She looked like she had gone through a rough life.  It immediately made him feel a bit more at ease.  Still, was she going to get his food?  She wasn't the best waitress he had ever come across.  No tip for her, he thought to himself.

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Post by: Khel on May 29, 2007, 02:03:56 PM
The man looked around, apparently that was totally unexpected.. Khel thought to herself.  He said, "Uhm, I haven't ordered yet.  But I'll have some wild boar if you have it. Thank you for the drink." and accepted the brown beer. What the... Khel thought and finally realized he figured she was a waitress.

Khel's fair mood instantly darkened. The purple in her eyes flashed dangerously and she took the last gulp of wine. She stood up and tried to keep an even voice, "I was simply trying to be friendly, but seeing as you're unwilling to return the favor, I think I'll take my leave." Khel turned to leave, but on second thought rounded on him again, "You're more than welcome to pay me though."  She held out her hand, "With interest. No, sir, I will not retrieve your wild boar, for I am not a waitress, nor your slave." Her face was stony, her other hand a fist, clenched at her side. Disrespect was hardly a favorable trait in a man, or woman.

Being a waitress was nowhere near an undesireable job, but the look on the man's face, the tone in his voice, and the overall way he was treating her was in every way maddening--waitress or not.

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 29, 2007, 05:30:04 PM
“Well the only fault I can think of at the moment is the fact that you refuse to say my faults, you may say that your arrogance is a fault but I am actually not sure about that, and well your good points, let me think”… Sitting up for just a moment to think. “Well firstly I think it is good that you are not like any other typical man, well at least not around me, I do not know what you are like around all the other women”. Aroura smiled cheekily at Tiras and continued, but this time she layer back down still facing Tiras. “And, well I think you know what else is good about you, your smile, your grace and elegance although slightly arrogant, the idea that you are so devoted to women that you would probably do anything for us. Also judging by how many lovers you must have had in the past I would imagine you are a pretty good kisser, is there really any need for me to continue”. Aroura finished her sentence as she trailed into silence anticipating Tiras’s reply to her statements.

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 30, 2007, 09:48:09 AM
"Arrogance ? Yes i can see why most can see in that way , but i think its confidence ."

After she finished talking , she lay down still looking at him , smilling Tiras said ,"Well , well , if i didn´t knew better , i could swear you were flirting with me ..."

He then lay down as well , gently touching her right cheek , and moving his face , with his lips almost touching hers , he said with a sweet voice , "About been a good kisser , cannot say i had any complaints in that department , but if you are curious , i am happy to oblige ..."

It was meraly flirting on Tiras side , just to watch Aurora reaction , he marveled in genuine femate emotions .

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Post by: Khel on May 30, 2007, 12:28:17 PM
Khel let her hand drop, her eyes still narrowed. She noticed the fallen man was helped upstairs into a rooom probably to be bandaged... she thought quickly. She was glad someone had offered to help him, and she wondered if maybe he needed more help...

She turned to the brown-haired man in front of her and said, exaspterated "Nevermind." She snatched the brown beer out of his hands and marched away, towards the stairs. Glancing around, she thought about passing the beer off to someone else, since she already paid, but everyone seemed in conversation or going to bed.

She knew she'd rather have a drink than anything else if she herself was wounded, especially by a drunken dwarf, so she marched up the stairs. She was still incredibly peeved by the other man's behavior towards her. What the hell was he thinking? Where did he come off... She made a small grunting noise as she glanced from room to room.

She found the man's room. Fen was standing, clearly finished bandaging him, and he was on the bed looking rather uncomfortable. Khel stood just outside the open doorway and held the beer aloft, "I didn't catch your name, sir. Care for a beer?" Irritated though she was, she couldn't help but feel sorry for the man, recieving those injuries over a harmless, though quite amusing, trick.

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 30, 2007, 02:07:27 PM
"Well, well, if I didn´t know better, I could swear you were flirting with me”... Aroura still layout on the makeshift bed as Tiras also lay down closely beside, gently curesing her right cheek with his hand and placing his lips almost upon hers. Then he continued in an even sweeter voice than before, “About being a good kisser, cannot say I had any complaints in that department, but if you are curious, I am happy to oblige”…

As Tiras’s voice finally drowned into silence Aroura replied, “Well I suppose I could take you up on that offer”. Aroura moved her head just slightly to fill the gap between her lips and his; on the first moment there lips embraced the soft yet powerful touch Aroura felt a huge rush of Adrenalin shoot through her weary body. The heat and passion seemed almost over whelming for Aroura she just felt like she wanted to scream at the top of her lungs simply to dispose of all this built up lust that had suddenly filled her weak and vulnerable body. All of this seemed rather odd to Aroura as she had always believed that without strong feeling a kiss was merely another communicational skill used by beings of life, and Aroura had not at one point of her jokey flirting felt the slightest inclination of this man, at least not of which she was consciously aware of.

As Aroura slowly moved her lips back away from Tiras and ended the kiss which was still extremely enticing and tempting to continue she said, “You are without doubt a wonderful kisser. So tell me sir what is it you actually feel for me that makes you wish to make a move like that, tell me now and tell me true, I will not settle for any less. So what was it then were you getting bored, just wanted a bit of fun. Or do you actually like me in some way”?

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Post by: Tifara Heike on May 30, 2007, 02:50:23 PM
As Tifara waited for Fallen’s reply, she slowly bit into her loaf. It was almost finishing, and she wanted to savour it. The loaf was the best she had ever eaten, as could be said for anything she had bought that could be eaten or drank from the tavern.

Still, that small bit of the bread would finish sooner or later. Chewing slowly, Tifara cocked her head and looked at Fallen. Wonder if he thinks the loaf is spicy… Then, she sipped her wine. The wineglass was still half-full.

Tifara finished the last of her loaf. She chewed and swallowed it, then slowly lay down on the bed. She didn’t want to flip the tray over. Feeling a little lethargic, she thought about what she had done throughout the day:

I came into the tavern and found no place to sit. Then, Fen offered me a seat. I declined, but she went outside anyway. After that, Tiras asked me to join him. We talked, then he went outside. Oh! Before we went outside, there was this injured man. A lady had saved him, I think. Why, my memory’s bad… Oh well, it all happened so fast!

Anyway, Tiras went out, then I went out, too. I discovered the garden and then, when I came out of the garden, I saw Fallen. Oh! To think I followed him! I wonder if he knows…

As she thought that, she peeked at Fallen, as if she was afraid that Fallen knew what she was thinking. Then, she resumed her thoughts: Then, I got some soup. And this room. After that, I asked Fallen if I could sit with him. And then… Wow… I did so many things in one day! No wonder I am so tired…

Tifara then smiled to herself. I wonder where half of them have gone to. It seems like people come and go as fast as lightning.

The sun was slowly setting, but it wasn’t sunset yet. The sky was almost orange, but not so. The rays of the sun weren’t as strong as they were when she and Fallen were in the garden. It would be night soon, but not that fast.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 30, 2007, 03:18:21 PM
Phyth caught himself staring absentmindedly at the ceiling, exhausted but not ready to sleep yet. His injured arm lay loosely off the side of the bed, completely useless for the moment. Eventually the adrenaline would wear off and he could get some sleep, but until then he had to try to figure how to get rid of his boredom.

Suddenly he heard a noise at the door, and lifted his head up. There was the young woman from earlier, with a beer in her hand. His prayers had been answered. Phyth hopped up from the bed, his eyes glowing. Normally he wasn't so eager for alcohol, but in this case it helped. A lot.

Phyth stood shakily off the bed, took a couple uncertain steps in the woman's direction, then stopped in front of her. He squinted his eyes as they seemed to go out of focus for a moment. After his head cleared, Phyth folded his hands together and took a small bow at her. "M'lady," he began with humor, but not in a mocking tone, "I am most humbly in your debt. I thank you."

With that, Phyth promptly took the mug from the woman's hands and took a rather large sip. It was beer all right, and it tasted good. Nodding his thanks, his face serious for a moment, Phyth walked back over and sat down on the bed. Taking another swig, he sat the mug down and grabbed a large piece of cloth. After some difficulty, Phyth managed to tie it around his shoulder into a sling for his injured arm. Turning back around, he took another drink and sighed. "My name is Phyth. A pleasure to meet you."

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Post by: Khel on May 30, 2007, 05:08:14 PM
The man stood and walked shakily over to Khel. She noticed the eager look in his eyes, and her own eyes softened a bit, forgetting her irritation at the rude man downstairs. He bowed and said, M'lady, I am most humbly in your debt. I thank you." He took a long drink and returned to the bed. He fashioned himself a sling for his arm, and sighed, "My name is Phyth. A pleasure to meet you."

Khel made a self-mocking flourish in return, "Oh, but sir, I am indeed simply doing a civil service. You took a fairly hard knock." She rapped her own head and grinned. "You seem to be well taken care of, though, and exhausted, no offense. I am prepared to bow out at any moment." Her eyes danced in the room's soft light and she added, "Unless, of course, you need more alcohol."

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 30, 2007, 05:15:02 PM
Fen stood there watching as Khel handed the beer over to Phyth. When Khel suggested leaving, Fen stepped forward. "Oh no, do stay," she said, seating herself on the ground. "We can have a nice cosy chat to make Phyth forget about his pain; you know, sharing information about ourselves, just like I do in the Black Butterflies." she grinned.

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Post by: Drexal ben Putin on May 30, 2007, 10:54:06 PM
"I was simply trying to be friendly, but seeing as you're unwilling to return the favor, I think I'll take my leave."  

Drex was taken aback at the sudden change in demeanor of the woman.  Those eyes that looked hard before, now flashed with anger.  His mouth fell agape as he searched for words to placate her, but snapped shut when she whirled on him again.

"You're more than welcome to pay me though."  

She held out her hand, and he reached to his pocket for coin.  Obviously she wasn't the waitress, and color flooded his face. "I- I..."  he was about to apologise, but she was far from finished in her tirade.

 "With interest. No, sir, I will not retrieve your wild boar, for I am not a waitress, nor your slave."

Drex pulled out a few coins and reached out his hand, but she had let her hand fall away.  He raised an eyebrow, hoping that maybe he might get a full sentence out.  "I did not-"


Nope, he wasn't going to get the chance to speak, for she had obviously made up her mind.  He watched as she marched angrily away, disappearing up the stairs.  He sat there for a moment, stunned.  He had meant no disrespect.  He stood up from the table.  "Sorry, m'lady" he called after her, though if she heard, she did not show it.  He looked about and saw that a few other people were staring at him, some with annoyed looks, some with glances that made him realize how much the fool he looked, standing there yelling up the stairs.  Drex fell back into his chair, and suddenly he began to laugh heartily.

He liked that woman.

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Post by: Khel on May 31, 2007, 03:34:12 AM
Fen turned to Khel and said "Oh no, do stay," She sat on the ground. "We can have a nice cosy chat to make Phyth forget about his pain; you know, sharing information about ourselves, just like I do in the Black Butterflies." She grinned, and Khel grinned in return.

Khel glanced at Phyth's near-empty mug, then back to the grinning woman on the floor, "Shall I fetch us another round of drinks to further our coziness?" She inquired, for she was far from tired now. Her irritation at the man downstairs seemed to slip away, and she wondered if she had been too harsh on him. It may have been an honest mistake.. She thought wistfully, then she set her face again. Well if it was, he'll come after me and apologize himself. She had always been exceedingly stubborn. She awaited Fen and Phyth's replies.

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Post by: Phyth Glenfield on May 31, 2007, 05:24:51 AM
Taking one last drink out of his mug, Phyth eyes (the only part of his face to be seen behind the mug) widened as he heard the woman's suggestion. "Yes, by all means dear madam," Phyth said eagerly at the thought of more beer. The arm did hurt like, well, like he'd been burned. "I wouldn't mind the company, or the talking at all. I'm afraid I can't get the drinks though..." He trailed off, motioning his arm in the sling.

"Speaking of which," Phyth began, turning to Fen, "I've been meaning to ask you. How do you do that..." he paused, trying to find words or motions to describe what she had done with the animals. Finally he pointed to the cuts on his face. "Thing?"

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 31, 2007, 06:25:42 AM
"Oh, yes please, Khel, if you don't mind. The excitement has got me thirsty again. I don't mind what drink you get me, just make sure it's refreshing." Fen told her, smiling. Then she turned to listen to Phyth. "What thing?" Fen frowned, puzzled, before realizing that he meant the sparrows. "You mean how I got them to do those tricks?" she said. "It's simple, really. I found the sparrows' 'chief' injured, and I took care of him and nursed him back to health. The whole flock's been following me ever since."

As if they could understand what Fen was talking about, the flock flew in through a window in the room. Some of them flew to Fen, some perched on the windowsill, and others hopped over to inspect Phyth. They studied him with solemn and somewhat reproachful looks, as if telling him that he was to blame for his injuries, because he caused Fen to be afraid.

Fen giggled at the comical sight before continuing, "It took a lot of time and patience, but eventually they mastered the tricks, and understand that when I blow my silent whistle, I'm in trouble. They always seem to instinctively know what to do. Are you curious about how the silent whistle works?" she inquired.

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Post by: Khel on May 31, 2007, 09:53:21 AM
Phyth and Fen seemed eager to have drinks, and Khel's purse was comfortably full, so she didn't mind heading down for three more. She nodded quickly and left, hearing sounds of a conversation behind her. She traipsed down the stairs and to the bar, and said, "Samuel, could I please get two Tulimon grape wines and one Tulimon grape juice?" She herself had had too much alcohol for one day,and she figured the grape wine would be refreshing enough for a late night conversation, but alcoholic enough to ease Phyth's pain.

Khel handed over the total, 11 sans, and turned 'roud, leaning on the bar. She noticed the man from earlier still sitting, looking slightly more amused than he had earlier, Maybe I shall have to seek him out later or in the morning and make amends.. she thought, for she hated leaving a conversation unresolved - one ended or not.

"Here you are!" Samuel said behind her. Khel gave one more sidelong look at the man and turned around, balancing the three drinks clumsily in her hands, and started back towards the stairs. "It's a shame I'm only coordinated in combat.. I'll bet I look like a drunken fool..." she mumbled to herself.

Reaching the top stair, and closing in on Phyth's room, Khel overheard the last bit of conversation. "...They always seem to instinctively know what to do. Are you curious about how the silent whistle works?" Fen was the last to speak. Khel entered the room, set a wine down near Phyth, and held out another to Fen, saying, "I assume you're talking about the sparrows? I'd love to know how that works!"

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on May 31, 2007, 09:57:39 AM
As their lips felled apart , Tiras heared with attencion to Aurora , her words were filled with doubt , even fear .

With a tender smile , Tiras grabed her face with both hands , and placed a kiss in her forehead , saying with a passionate voice , "I understand what you feel , i must seem like a man who plays with the womens feelings .

I was that man , a long time ago , but now concerning you ?
I have feelings for you , if it is love or simply passion , i cannot say ...
But one thing i know for sure , most relations start with passion and love comes later , i am willing to find out about us and you ?
Have you got the courage ?
If you don´t have any feelings for me , than let this discussion be forgotten and resume our friendship .."
His voice seemed to get weaker as he finished talking , and unconsciously he embrassed her in a hug , waiting for her answer .

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on May 31, 2007, 05:02:53 PM
"I am not really certain how I feel about you, I am truly confused, and the one thing I know right now is that I never want you to let me go, not literally just metaphorically speaking, so I suppose that does say something". Aroura smiled nicely, trying not to laugh at herself as she rambled on and continued, "Being with you could be a huge mistake, but then again if we never took chances then life would just be so boring and lonely". They both still lay romantically together on the makeshift bed as Tiras wrapped his arms around Aroura in an embracing hug, their bodies touching together and their legs seeming almost entwined.

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Post by: Fenmarel Leislasa on May 31, 2007, 05:07:05 PM
"Well, many animals can hear sounds really high pitches," Fen explained, "And a silent whistle gives out a sound that is pitched so high that humans and possibly even elves can't hear, but animals like birds and dogs can. These silent whistles are always more consistent than the human voice, and they can travel considerable distances, and my sparrows are guaranteed to hear it. That's why I never use it unless I'm in trouble, not even for a demonstration, because the sparrows will assume I'm in trouble. I only have to take it out for the sparrows to become defensive."

She took her silent whistle out from her pocket, and sure enough, all the sparrows quickly encircled her, facing outwards, and looking menacingly at Phyth and Khel. It wasn't until Fen put it away that they all relaxed and went back to where they were. "They remind you of little soldiers, don't they?" Fen mused. "So yeah, that's how the silent whistle works."  she concluded.

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Post by: Fallen on June 01, 2007, 12:16:16 AM
Fallen let his mind wander aimlessly. The heat of the day had make him feel queasy, he still couldn't remember what possessed him to ride out into this dreadful desert. Curiosity was a terrible thing sometimes. Though... it wasn't all bad, he had made a friend.

The dark recesses of his mind pulsed with demented voices and images, beautiful and horrible alike. Coughing, he tasted blood on his lips. Quickly coming back to the world of the sane, he ran a finger over his lips, looking at the glistening red smeared on its tip. Shaking his head, he took a long drink of his Ximaxian Rainbow and focused on Tifara's question.

"A room... yes I believe I will. Preferable to sleeping in the stables I'm sure. Its getting later, finally it'll cool off. I don't handle heat well."

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Post by: Drexal ben Putin on June 01, 2007, 12:52:23 AM
Drex finally flagged down a waitress and ordered a meal.  He had made sure to ask if she WAS the waitress first.  She had looked at him skeptically as he giggled to himself.  He still felt foolish over insulting that woman earlier, but he had to admit it was funny.

As he waited for his food, he saw the woman from earlier come down the stairs and order drinks at the bar.  Seeing her made him smile again.  As she waited for the barkeep to pour her drinks, she looked about the inn, her gaze falling on him.  He winked good naturedly at her.  He thought about getting up and going to apologise to her, but instead he remained seated.  No, he had not insulted her intentionally.  He was new here, how was he to know she was NOT the waitress?  Besides, how high did she think of herself that being thought a waitress would insult her so?  His sister had been a waitress before her marriage.  No, if anything it was SHE who owed him the apology.

His absently played with the Carteshian Bear claw at his neck, watching as she struggled to walk up the stairs with her three drinks.  Nope, he was going to sit down here and wait for her.  Anyone who could kill a Carteshian bear could handle the bad attitude of one short, bad tempered woman!

He liked that woman!

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Post by: Khel on June 01, 2007, 02:18:15 AM
Khel sat on the floor and listened intently as Fen explained how her silent whistle worked. She noticed the sparrows around the room, and how they responded to the whistle as Fen slipped it out of her pocket. "They remind you of little soldiers, don't they?" she remarked, and concluded with, "So yeah, that's how the silent whistle works." The sparrows seemed to be at ease, and Khel took a leisurely sip of her juice.

"It must be an incredible asset to have the animal world on your side..." She said thoughtfully, as a huge yawn slipped out of her mouth.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on June 01, 2007, 09:46:31 AM
Tiras felt Aurora body , and lust almost overcame him , another man probaly couldn´t resist such temptation .

His right hand caressed her hair while his left hand grabed gently her face , placing a soft yet passionate kiss on her tender lips .
A smile flourished in his lips as he taught , Is this love ?
Rather than desire her body , i desire her for her ...
Have i finally found true love ?

"Are you sure about this Aurora ?
You now what it means surrendering to a man...
Know that i am ready to love you , with all that word means , so please be sure before doing anything ...."

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on June 01, 2007, 10:05:54 AM
“Like what, what could one as I do that would be so bad? In my life I can tell you that I am not really sure about much, but there is one thing I can be sure about, I trust you. You are of course older and wiser than me, I can trust your judgment, and I believe that you would never let me do something that you thought may not be to my own best judgment. Many people may think I am silly to say that, but it is just me I am a trusting and trustworthy person, and only has there ever been one person in my life to break that trust”. Tiras’s hand was still cursing Aroura’s cheek; he was gentle and warm on her cold pale skin. She raised her hand up from its previous position and places her hand on top of Tiras’s hand holding it just loosely, this always made Aroura feel very secure.

After a small while of just lying intently looking into Tiras's eyes, Aroura moved her other hand and placed it gently on Tiras’s chest, she could feel his heart beat softly and the light muscles of his slender, well-toned body.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on June 01, 2007, 01:11:39 PM
Fallen coughed. He ran his finger over his lips, and looked at it. Tifara spotted something… something bright red in colour on his finger. She didn’t know what it was though. Then, Fallen shook his head, and drank his Ximaxian Rainbow.

“A room… yes I believe I will. Preferable to sleeping in the stables I’m sure. It’s getting later, finally it’ll cool off. I don’t handle heat well.”

“Is that why you were coughing so much the first time I saw you?” Tifara’s tone was partly teasing, partly serious. She crawled across the bed to Fallen’s side, and saw what the red substance was. It looked like blood, though she couldn’t be sure.

It has to be blood… nothing else I can think of is red and watery! Tifara asked Fallen anxiously, “Is that blood? Do you need… anything? Water, or…? I can call Lori…

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Tiras The White Rose on June 02, 2007, 09:59:04 AM
"Then i will do my best to not desapoint your trust , my love ..."

My love ... , a word that Tiras used many times , but never as true as now , any former lovers of his could warn Aurora that Tiras was not a man capable of loving only one woman , but in his mind , Aurora was the one .

As her gentle and cold hand , moved in his chest , Tiras closed his eyes in pleasure , battling against his lust , was he capable of resiting it ?
That thought tortured his mind , for the last thing he wanted was to desapoint her .

With tears on his eyes , he looked directly at her and said with a emotioned voice , "Aurora , i love you .
Not the love i experiencied before , like i said , i had many lovers ...
For this , i thank you  , but if you love me as well , you should leave me .
I am afraid to not be up to your expectations ..."
His voice trembled by the emotion not able to say another words , still tears falling from his green eyes .

Title: Re: Thirsty Herald XV: Day 3 Firstflame
Post by: Caleb Strongarm on June 02, 2007, 11:27:46 AM

  Caleb enters the tavern dressed in chain mail armour, thick leather boots and a helm shaped like an eagle,s head tucked under his arm. A sword hangs on his left side, a quiver of bolts by his right and a knapsack and crossbow lies across his back. He gazed about the room looking for an innkeeper in order to procure some lodgings. He thinks to himself "first things first a room to put my equipment in and change into some comfortable clothing"

  Caleb moves toward the bar and asks the barkeep "do you have lodgings for a weary traveler sir?"

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on June 02, 2007, 03:49:10 PM
“Why do you keep thinking I have such high expectations of you, that is not me talking, you have got to high expectations of yourself. You always want everyone else to come first as if they are more important than you, you are so selfless. But you know what I am not going to let you take care of me because all you need is the care of a good woman who does not expect all of this from you, of course she does not mind it, but you are more important. Any woman who can say “I love you” and truly mean it could never completely obey the man if asked to leave them, she could walk away yes that is simply a physical act, but that is mental touchier.

Fine I can leave you I could go out that door right now and you would never have to see or speak to me again. Now if I did that and you truly meant what you said, you would come running after me, I guess it can be used as a test of true love in some ways, but it is cruel”. As Aroura was speaking these words she let go of Tiras’s hand and gently wiped the tears of romance and love away from his face, then she continued in a kind and understanding voice.

"But sorry Tiras I do not love you, but you know as you said a relationship does not have to start with love, I may grow to love you over time. So it is still not too late, I could still physically walk out that door and fare away, you would never have to see me touch me or hear me again. In my heart I will stay with you till I cannot love anymore, that does not have to mean in a bodily sense”. Aroura slowly moved her slim almost seeming fragile body away from Tiras and turned to lie on her back awaiting a reply.

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Post by: Fallen on June 04, 2007, 10:14:40 AM
Fallen continued to stare at his fingers, a frown on his face. At Tifara's half teasing inquiry, he looked blankly at her for a few seconds. Clearing his throat, he replied, "That's partly it... heat doesn't favor me, I burn easily and avoid the sun when possible. Entering the desert was perhaps not wise."

As Tifara crawled across the bed, he realized too late that he should've pulled his hand back. He was grateful for her concerned expression, not many showed him sympathy. Though he would have preferred to have remained aloof.

"No, I am fine. I am... afflicted, this is my curse. It's nothing to be worried about, merely an inconvenience I must deal with." Grimacing, he continued in a raspy voice, "I appreciate your concern however, but rest assured that I am fine."

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on June 05, 2007, 03:33:30 PM
A sad yet somewhat relieved smile , appeared in Tiras face , as Aurora said the fatal words "I do not love you ."

Did he ever loved her or was simply lust ?
Fortunelly Aurora made the decision for him , she ended what seemed a dying relation to begin with .
With a strong and confiant voice , without any regrets or sorrows , he said ,"Very well , you had the courage that i could not have .
After all , i don´t know if i really loved you or simply desired .
It is a big diference and i am glad that we both didn´t do something to regret after ."
As Aurora slowlely moved away from Tiras , he did too , crossing his arms after and a more calmer voice and a little drop of acid irony , he continued ,"Well now , i think its best we change subjects .
I believe i made myself a fool too much today already ..."

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Post by: Khel on June 06, 2007, 08:59:38 AM
Khel sat on the floor, growing steadily more tired. Perhaps I should secure myself a room... she thought.  But the urge to just lay back and fall asleep right there kept her from standing. She sipped her juice, it was exceedingly refreshing and she was glad she'd acquired a taste for grape. Once again her thoughts turned to what she would do when leaving the tavern. Although her purse was comfortably full--she subconsciously reached down to feel if it was still there--it would quickly dimishing if she had to pay for a room too many consecutive nights. She also thought maybe she should run out and check on Bristol; make sure her cart was secure and ready for travel. Perhaps she would leave in the morning.

No, she mused I'll have to make amends with that man first, he seemed friendly enough, and I think I caught him looking in my direction downstairs...

It'd have made for a much more interesting life if I'd been taught to communicate with beasts of the wild as this woman has.. Khel thought, looking again at Fen curiously. I'd love to know why I never learned.. I'd love to travel home and find out someday.. maybe that will be my next great journey. Yawning again, Khel looked around the cozy room. Although it had only been a minute or so, she felt as though it was an eternity.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on June 06, 2007, 07:18:42 PM
Fallen stared at his fingers, with a frown on his face. Answering Tifara's half teasing inquiry, he cleared his throat and replied, “That's partly it… heat doesn’t favor me, I burn easily and avoid the sun when possible. Entering the desert was perhaps not wise.”

Then, in answer to Tifara’s second question, he said, “No, I am fine. I am… afflicted, this is my curse. It's nothing to be worried about, merely an inconvenience I must deal with.” Fallen grimaced and continued in a raspy voice, “I appreciate your concern however, but rest assured that I am fine.”

Tifara was still pretty anxious, but since Fallen told her that he was alright, she took his word for it. “Alright… but if you need anything, tell me.” Tifara then sipped her Tulimon Grape Wine. She sat down beside Fallen and held the glass of wine in her hand.

I wonder if he’s really alright… I hope he is. As Tifara thought, she looked out of the window at the slowly darkening sky.

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on June 07, 2007, 02:33:09 PM
“What, what do you mean you do not know if you love me or not, you just said it, how can you so easily say something like that and then it not be true, you disgust me. People like you disgust me, you do know love is a very strong word and you seem to fail to know the meaning of it as you can just use it so lightly. I am not angry that you do not love me, I am simply angry because you had the nerve to say you do”. Aroura had already got out of the makeshift bed and stood to her feet with her bag over her shoulder and just collecting up her cape. When she had picked her cape up off the bed she placed it back round her shoulders, took her brooch out of her bag and pining her cape back in place.

Then she was just about to open her mouth again as if she was going to have another go at him but she reconsidered and decided this move may not be the best idea so she simply said, “Tell you what I am going back into the tavern, and I am just going to sit down in there maybe get something to drink. It is your choice, you can come if you wish just remember if you sit with me you are right back at the beginning again, because you have lost my trust and I really do not care”.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on June 07, 2007, 03:59:03 PM
Tiras opened his mouth at the Aurora response , how could she said those barbaric things ?
As she got up , Tiras stand up slowly , resisting to say something he might regret later , for dispite of her words , he still cared about her .

"So i disgust you ?
Such harsh words , but perhaps true ...
Anyway i didn´t insult you , and if telling the truth offends you in some way , it is a problem that you should resolve for yourself .
Should i remind who kissed first ?
You are acting like a spoilled child , when she hears something that she doesn´t like .
Unlike you might think , i don´t use the words "Love" lightly , and i wonder how many times you have used it in others ....
For someone who told me to be shy , you certainly aren´t when comes to insults , perhaps its the rashness of your youth , i oppened my heart and got insulted , a mistake i wouldn´t do a second time !"
Tiras eyes flickired with rare emotion in him , anger .
But anger was shortly replaced by sadness , as he walked slowly to the tabern door and without facing Aurora , he said with a emotionless voice,
"Well then , shall we go inside and start all over , as you sugest ?
Perhaps we can regain the trust for both sides ...."  

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on June 08, 2007, 12:40:15 AM
"Okay you know what let me tell you a little something about telling the truth because normally you’re supposed to tell the truth first time rather than saying something you do not mean that could make a situation uncomfortable for another person then just say well it is not true anyway. Also if you do not use the word love lightly then why did you just say you love me when you do not, and why do you say you love all women. You do not love them, you love yourself and self love is self doubt”. Aroura said in a calmer voice than before and continued.

“Not only that I cannot believe you can call me a spoilt child, as far as I have heard you have got everything handed to you on a silver plate and just because you do not get one thing you think you are the least fortunate person in this world. So you want to say that I am spoilt, well okay I will tell you just how spoilt I am and how much I have got handed to me. Both my parents were brutally murdered in their own home when I was only 3 day’s old and to tell you the truth I have no idea why I am still alive. The murderer smothered me in my parent’s blood and left his sword in my cot. The only reason I survived was because one of the tribel elders, rest her kind soul came and saved me, with in another few minutes I probably would have been dead”.

Tears began to fall unforgivingly from Aroura’s blood shot eyes, and then when she got her voice back she continued. “And you still want to know how spoilt I was when I grew up, I have had to work for everything I have in this world and everything I have in this world is either in this bag or I am wearing it. So is that good enough for you, spoilt do you even know the meaning of the word, and do not you dare feel sorry for me because I do not want the sympathy vote that is why I did not want to tell you a story about my past, because my past is hell. And oh yeah I forgot one thing, as I told you I only ever considered loving one person before I met you and he ran away then turned out to be the person who murdered my parents, okay you are not a murderer but I trusted you to be different”. Aroura then tried to wipe her tears away but they just kept flowing.

So she moved her left hand down to her right and pulled the short sword carefully out of her belt where she kept it with her all the time. She held the sword up in front of her face and simply said, "And this, this is the sword that killed my parents".

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Wiping his fingers off on the black leather of his jacket, the elf nodded at Tifara's offer."I... appreciate your concern. It's not something us Coor'hem experience often."

As Tifara looked out the window at the darkening sky, Fallen sighed and sipped at his wine. Why do I always make people uncomfortable?

Clearing his throat, the Coor'hem inquired, "So, lady, what brought you out to this tavern? Did you have a specific purpose, or merely a curiousity like myself?"

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Post by: Tifara Heike on June 08, 2007, 04:55:56 PM
Fallen wiped his fingers off on the black leather of his jacket and nodded, saying, “I… appreciate your concern. It's not something us Coor'hem experience often.”

Then, he cleared his throat and asked, “So, lady, what brought you out to this tavern? Did you have a specific purpose, or merely a curiosity like myself?”

Tifara pondered over Fallen’s question for a moment. Finally, she replied, “Well, we Aellenrhims often just go around in the forests, enjoying the nature around us. So, I just wanted to adventure out of the forests. See what’s around Sarvonia that I haven’t seen. I thought I might as well start from the bottom of Sarvonia and then go back to somewhere near the top, which would be near Ranndár – that’s where I live. Ranndár would be near Voldar and Nyermersys.”

Tifara then sipped her wine, and continued, “Maybe you would be wondering why I didn’t start with Voldar. Well, as I left the Thaelon, I heard some humans talking about a war, or something to that meaning. So I thought I would just come here first.”

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Post by: Fallen on June 09, 2007, 01:47:57 AM
Tifara explained her reasons for travel, she was just a curious spirit seeking out new things. Finishing his loaf, Fallen replied, "A war? That does sound interesting... I've never been to Voldar myself, perhaps I shall make my way there next."

"But a fellow soul drawn by curiosity, nothing wrong with that. Have you come across anywhere interesting or wonderful in your travels so far? Anywhere that particularly stood out for some reason? I myself am seeking new areas to examine and capture in art.?

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on June 09, 2007, 09:58:32 AM
As Aurora finished talking , Tiras felt her sorrow and tears falling , his head felt to his chest , and clenching his fists until they bleed , Tiras turned to Aurora , saying with a sad and comprehensive voice , "I am sorry for your past , but don´t think you were the only one to suffer ...
At least you didn´t knew your parents enough to feel what is really to lose them.
My father commited suicide , do you realize what that do to a child ?
No , you don´t ... had someone to raise you , to give you love .."
A glimpse of unspeakble sadness invaded Tiras eyes as he continued ,
"You will find the man you seek , and i will be there to help you" , Tiras hand gently carresed Aurora cheek , making her drop the sword with his left hand  and with a more kinder voice , he said ,"So clean those tears , for neither i or the "stranger" deserve it ."

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Post by: Tifara Heike on June 09, 2007, 01:55:59 PM
Fallen finished his loaf and replied, “A war? That does sound interesting… I've never been to Voldar myself, perhaps I shall make my way there next.”

“But a fellow soul drawn by curiosity, nothing wrong with that. Have you come across anywhere interesting or wonderful in your travels so far? Anywhere that particularly stood out for some reason? I myself am seeking new areas to examine and capture in art.”

Tifara drank the last of her wine, and answered, “Well, it was a long way from Ranndár to this tavern. I stopped in many forests to spend the nights. I can’t say I noticed much – I was tired. But the town before this tavern, Barvados. I might go there after a short stay at this tavern.”

She placed her glass back onto the tray and smiled at Fallen, asking, “When I go to Barvados, would you like to go with me?”

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on June 09, 2007, 04:27:10 PM
"How can you think not knowing my parents would make it easier for me, I would give everything, I was give my life to spend just a minute with my parents, I have never seen their faces I have never heard there voices. I will never hear my father call me his special little girl or be able to help my mum cook a meal or hear them say you know well done, that may seem silly to some but things like that just the little things that you miss out on that is what makes the difference".

Aroura could feel that Tiras was beginning to open up, his eyes full of pain just as her own; he caressed her cheek gentle with his right hand then moved her sword down with his left hand. Aroura carefully dropped the sword to the ground then slowly raised her arms back up and placed her arms round Tiras's waist in a hug while rested her head on his shoulder. She then said softly in his ear tears still rolling over the soft cheeks, “I am so sorry for your pain, tell me about it please share it with me, I want to help you. I know it still hurts you trust me I may have never known my parents but that is the pain I have never been able to loose, because there is no one I could ever talk to properly”.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on June 12, 2007, 09:49:20 AM
Tiras felt Aurora tenderness in her hug , her gentle head resting over his shoulder , closing his eyes , he taught about telling her everything , but instead he just said , "No my dear , let the past rest , it is the present that matters , the pain only grows if you linger on it ..."

Passing his right arm around Aurora waist , he moved her closer to him , and said ,"But if you want to talk , lets do with something in our stomach , it always easer ..."

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on June 12, 2007, 03:23:49 PM
“Okay, I suppose I cannot make you tell, I can only tell you what I know from personal experience”. Aroura felt Tiras put his right arm around her waist and moved her closer towards himself, then he said softly in her ear,"But if you want to talk, let’s do with something in our stomach, it always easer”. Aroura sighed, it was not a sad sigh, it was not a sigh of pain or hurt, it was a sigh of relief that this man really did care, and happiness because she cared for him. Then she replied with a smile on her face and still resting her head calmly on his shoulder, “I shall come and I will sit with you but I do not require any food, I never eat much on my travels at all so I cannot get too used to luxuries like that or it will be harder for me when they are no longer here. I suppose that is the one thing I hate about travelling, I can never get too attached to anyone or anything, it is hard not being able to ever have a long-term relationship with someone because in the next few days I am gone or have something to wake up in the morning and feel happy about. The only way I could ever have a family with a husband and children is if I settled down and that just does not feel right for me, but I would never put them through the danger of travelling with me. It is all just so complicated”.

Aroura moved her hands from Tiras’s waist and lifted her head from his shoulder then took a small unsure step back to speak, though it was still rather tempting to be back in his open arms. She stopped talking for just a minute realising that she was beginning to ramble on a bit, so she continued speaking trying not to sound like a complete mumbling moron. “Oh I am so sorry, listen to me rambling on about nothing, actually on second thoughts do not bother listening to me. Well shall we go to the Tavern so you can get something to eat”? Aroura took Tiras’s hand as they began to walk towards the tavern.

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Post by: Tiras The White Rose on June 13, 2007, 10:38:25 AM
Tiras looked as Aurora took his hand , now he hadn´t made the iniciative , but let himself been led by her inside the tavern .
The Tavern was full as it was before , but neverless he needed to eat something , with a wonderfull smile , he turned to Aurora and asked , "Well , what you wish to eat ?
Ill be glad to ask the barkeep , but i am afraid i need to ask a loan from you  ... he looked the other rather embaressed , "as i mentioned i have no money , if you could lend me some money , ill return to you as soon as possible "
He waited , knowing that his question was far from galant , but a man in a empty stomach and no money makes even the pridest into a humble .

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Post by: Aroura Roselyn on June 14, 2007, 06:15:06 AM
The tavern was still quite crowded but Aroura and Tiras walked inside, when Tiras had finished talking Aroura replied to his first question, “I just said I do not require anything to eat”. Then after a short while of thinking she looked Tiras up and down and said with a cheeky smile on her face, “Really, well a meal costs about 4 or maybe 5 san in the tavern, and by the sound of the jingling in your little money bag I heard earlier you do have some coin. I would say probably at least 60 san in a range of different coins, of course I do not know any of this but it is just a simple guess from what I know of you and what I have picked up over the time that we have been speaking.

I really think you actually have plenty of money you are just one of those people who worry too much. But anyway if you really think you do not have enough money I suppose you will have to be in debt to me”. Aroura put her right hand into her bag now hanging off her shoulder and she picked out a small pouch containing surprisingly even to herself reasonably large amount of money, when  she opened it inside there was at least 300 san in a range of different coins, she carefully tipped 4 san into her hand and offered it to Tiras. Then she said, “There you go, that should get you something and I really think you should get over this whole obsession with money thing, it is not healthy. I have never really cared about money so much it is just one of those things that does not really matter as much as you may think, you would be surprised how little money I normally have to live off”. Aroura smiled and awaited a reply.

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Gamaliel have not done anything except to doze off in his chair ever since his brother left the common room for a refreshing nap. Both his companions have left for their respective rooms, and he was left alone on their table. The drunken dwarf woke up, and as usual, he was a bit confused as to how he was sleeping there and not in his room.

The dwarf stood up and stretched his legs. He decided to join his brother in their room. He passed by the counter and ordered some fruits to snack on later. He paid the required amount and proceeded to climb up the stairs towards their room. It was a funny sight indeed, a muscular dwarf carrying a small basket full of fruits.

Finally he was in front of their door. He opened it slowly and silently made his way towards the table and laid the basket of fruit on it. He sat down on the chair and looked at the window, marveling the beautiful sunset and snickering at the sound of Thorgas' loud snore.

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Fallen scratched his smooth chin at Tifara's proposal. He wasn't used to travelling in the company of others... however, it could be a pleasant change. Brushing several strands of hair from his eyes, he answered tentatively, "Well... I've heard much of Barvados. I would very much like to go there... I accept. When you tire of this place, I shall accompany you to your next destination, lady."

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Post by: Tifara Heike on June 18, 2007, 04:03:10 PM
Fallen scratched his smooth chin, then brushed several strands of hair from his eyes, and answered tentatively, “Well... I've heard much of Barvados. I would very much like to go there... I accept. When you tire of this place, I shall accompany you to your next destination, lady.”

Tifara smiled warmly and replied, “Thank you… I am glad to know that I will have a companion.

She walked towards the window, and stood there. The bright red of the sun illuminated the sky. With a dreamy look on her face, Tifara thought, I wonder what tomorrow will bring…

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Post by: Fallen on June 19, 2007, 04:13:12 AM
As Tifara got up and strode across the room to the window, Fallen followed her gaze. The sun was turning to red, casting the sky into a delightful hue. Chewing on the back of one of his studs, the elf stared down at his lap, examining his gloved hand.

Images of his bleeding, crushed hands, dealt by the mace of his best friend, flashed through his mind. These flashes turned into bloody, skeletal fingers, clutching at his cloak. With a soft growl, the elf wrenched his eyes back towards the window. Curses! I can't even look at my own hand without letting them get to me.

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Khel stood up. Sitting on the floor was coaxing her to sleep. She smiled and nodded in apology towards Phyth and Fen, and raising her glass in farewell, exited the room. Down the hall, down the stairs, and landing back near the bar. She stopped suddenly as she let out a staggering yawn, causing her eyes to water. Ugh, tired.. she thought to herself. She approached Samuel and asked, "Good sir, do you have a room I may lodge in for the night?" Samuel nodded, and after a few moments, handed Khel a key. "Thank you," she smiled appreciatively, paid the amount due, and turned around.

Surveying the room, the occupancy level seemed to have dimished. People had headed to turn in for the night, or left altogether. She decided against ordering another drink, alcoholic or not, or food, as her purse was getting lighter. She noticed the man she snapped at eariler still sitting where he was. I hope he actually got a meal.. she thought wistfully, and although she was tired, made her way over to him. Looking pointedly at him, trying to keep her voice cool and collected, she managed to say, "It's getting late, sir, and many are turning in for the night. Would you like some company this time, or would you suggest I turn in as well?" She grinned, despite herself, and her dark eyes seemed to dance in the room's light, still watery from yawning. Her dark hair framed her face lightly, making her look as if she just woke up.

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on June 21, 2007, 02:14:06 PM
The scent of food cooking in the kitchen woke Thorgas from his sleep. Even far up here in his room, he could smell them, making his mouth water. The heavy dwarf slowly sat up on his bed, rubbing sleep off his eyes. He looked around and suddenly held his head, for a sharp pain suddenly kicked in. Must be from the beer, he thought. Apparently, the sorcerer only remembered that he had been drinking beer, not the time when he launched several flaming spheres towards Phyth and Fen. Grasping his staff feebly, he stood up and saw Gamaliel sitting on the chair, staring out the window. On the table oppsite his brother sat a basket full of fruit. The pyromancer stared outside too, and from the looks of the sky, the dwarf concluded that it must be approaching nightfall.

"Pleasant evening, brother. I'll be downstairs for a glass of water and some food." Thorgas said. Then, taking up the basket of fruit, he walked towards the door and added, "This will be a good snack for Buri to chew on."

After greeting his brother, Thorgas dressed himslef properly, wearing the moleskin cloak and his hat. The dwarf then passed the halls towards the staircase, his staff making a low thudding sound as he walked. As he went down the stairs, he looked at the common room; what was once a busy room full of people had finally settled down, a few patrons are all that's left. He put on his hood and covered his face, but not enough cloth to cover his beard. He did this not because of embarassment, but for the reason of protection; some people do not take kindly to dwarves as they sometimes behave like orcs. He pushed the door open and with a slight creaking sound, closed the portal behind him.

Outside, the wind felt good to Thorgas' warm face. The breeze blew past him, causing his robes to flow with the wind. A little more strength and this wind is going to blow me off my feet, Thorgas quietly thought to himself, chuckling at the idea of a fat dwarf flying on the air. He slowly made his way towards the stables, holding the basket in his arm and and his staff in the other. A comical sight indeed.

The stable boy looked at the figure approaching him, and with a look of reproach as if the dwarf disturbed him, he pointed at the direction of the tavern. "We keep animals in here." He said. "You sell your fruits in there."  With a surprised look, Thorgas pulled off his hood to reveal a shaggy mass of brown hair and a glaring look that seemed to pierce one's soul. The boy trembled a little and with a nervous laugh, he said, "G-good evening sir dwarf. I-I was just pampering your little fluff of furball there." Motioning to Buri, then he added, "I just gave him his meal and drink sir, but a little snack won't hurt him. Excuse me sir, but I must get him some more food, he eats rather well." Another nervous laugh was heard and the boy went quickly away.

Thorgas went towards his pig; the little-- or in this case-- huge pig was lying on his side. At the sound of Thorgas' footstep the pig lifted up his head, stood up and trotted towards the sorcerer. As the dwarf walked towards him, the pig lied down again, this time with his hind leg raised up, demanding a good scratching. Thorgas laughed a little and said, "I guess you deserved it, after leaving you for such a long time." Thorgas sat down beside his pig, placed the basket beside him, and rubbed his belly, something that Buri enjoyed very much and never gets tired of it. The smell of the fruit however, caught the pig's attention. he quickly stood up and plopped down beside the basket, helping himself to its contents. Thorgas laughed and watched contentedly. No praise nor thanks was needed; the way his pig enjoyed the fruit speaks more than words. The sorcerer remained sitting beside his pig, his hand placed on Buri's head and gently petting him.

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Post by: Tifara Heike on June 22, 2007, 03:49:43 PM
Fairly satiated by the food she had eaten, Tifara sighed as she thought of her father and aunt at home. How are they now? I hope they are doing fine. Father would surely be practising his archery skills now. Aunt would be cooking… What would they be eating for dinner?...

Dozens of questions went through her mind, as she looked at the sunset through the window. To think this is the same sunset father and aunt would be seeing at home. Nature makes distance seem like nothing.

As far as Tifara could see, it was the desert and its yellow sand. The desert seemed endless.

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Gamaliel nodded to Thorgas as he took the basket of fruit and headed towards the stables. He would have chosen to remain in the room and perhaps enjoy the peaceful and quiet room, but he is getting tired of this place. Gamaliel slowly rises up and followed his brother. He passed by the halls, down the stairs into the common room, out the door and finally towards the stables. His bat, Jozan, was with him, and from the looks of its face, he must have been sleeping.

He stopped by the well and pulled himself a bucketful of water, to wash his face and hair. The feeling of the cool liquid invigorated him as it flowed from his hair down to his face and finally to the ground. He then proceeded to the stables.

Thorgas sat there with his pig, obviously enjoying the view of the sun as it sets. He sat with them and let his bat fly around to stretch its wings. He turned to Thorgas and said, "I grow tired of this place, brother. Might there be any city where I can ply my trade? I'm running low on money, and my skills are getting a bit rusty from not using them."

He took out his pipe and smoked. "I know you've met a lot of people here and you can't just leave them, right? But we can't stay here for long; soon enough we'll run out of money and we'll be forced out of the tavern."

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"It's getting late, sir, and many are turning in for the night. Would you like some company this time, or would you suggest I turn in as well?"  

Drex had noticed the woman he had unintentionally insulted earlier come down the stairs and talk to the barkeep.  Now she approached him, smiling as she strode forward.  That was a good sign, he told himself.

He stood up and bowed humbly toward her.  "I would delight in some company.  Perhaps then you will allow me the opportunity to aplogise for the misunderstanding earlier."

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The man stood and bowed, saying, "I would delight in some company. Perhaps then you will allow me the opportunity to apologize for the misunderstanding earlier."

Smiling slightly, Khel sat down at the table with him. She couldn't help but feel sorry about earlier, although she would never let on. She hated apologizing, and she was a bit insulted, anyway. Even waitresses deserved a "How are you?" from their patrons.

"Apologize or not, sir, but I do wonder why you let me get away? I was a bit rash, I suppose..." She paused, thinking. "But let's put it behind us and start fresh. My name is Khel." She held out her hand to him, and stiffled a yawn with the other. She wished she wasn't so tired, but was glad she'd secured a room for later, sleep would be welcomed, even if it was late into the next day.

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Drex reached out his hand and shook hers.  He was impressed with the firmness of her grip.  "Good evening, Khel.  I am Drexal ben Putin.  Drex for short."  He sat down again, and looked hard at her, his eyes twinkling.  She had a strong spirit, and a spirited one as well.  That always intrigued him.

"What brings you to this tavern on the edge of nowhere?"

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The man reached out his hand, shook hers with a tight grip, and answered, "Good evening, Khel.  I am Drexal ben Putin. Drex for short." she inclined her head in acknowledgment as he looked at her, his friendly eyes boring into her own. "What brings you to this tavern on the edge of nowhere?" he asked then.

Khel looked kindly back at him, wondering the same thing herself. Crossing her short legs on the chair before answering, she played absently with a piece of her hair and said, "I am a traveling merchant, I get work where I can find it... my pony Bristol is in the stable with an empty kart. I suppose I'm taking a vacation?" she smiled, knowing it wasn't her own decision, but the hardships of the market just now, that caused her small vacation. It would be a long journey to get someplace she could make a decent amount of income again. She continued "No matter the reason though, I rather enjoy it here. And I enjoy traveling to new places, which is one more incentive to spend time here." Khel mulled it over a moment longer, "So, Drexal ben Putin, what brings you here?" She leaned in. Khel was an amazing listener, and she loved listening to others talk much more than talking herself.

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"So, Drexal ben Putin, what brings you here?"  

He pursed his lips for a moment, wondering how to answer, then shrugged softly.  "Nothing in particular.  I follow my heart, and sometimes my sword.  Sometimes the voices that fill my head.  I should believe THEY are the reason I am here.  My heart did not lead me here, nor did my sword."

Drexal reached back and carefully untied the leather ties that held his hair in a ponytail.  He threw the tie onto the table and shook his head, freeing the long mane of dark brown hair.  He then ran his fingers through it, then pulled it back into a ponytail, tieing it once more with the leather tie.  Sometimes his head began to get sore, and his hair needed to be rearranged.

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"Nothing in particular.  I follow my heart, and sometimes my sword.  Sometimes the voices that fill my head.  I should believe THEY are the reason I am here.  My heart did not lead me here, nor did my sword." Drexal's answer was, if Khel did say so herself, beautiful. She chuckled lightly to herself as he messed with his long brown hair, and tied it back once more--she reached up a hand to touch her ratted, tangly hair and smiled.

"Well put, Drexal. I admire your desire to follow your heart, I've always been a wanderer myself. I think the freedom, life, and love it brings is well worth the occasional poverty or misleadings." she smiled softly at him, her eyes dancing, bringing out the hint of purple. "I love the night... would you like to take a walk while we talk? That is, if you're not too tired." Khel was eager to breathe fresh air, see the moon, and listen to the night's sounds. What she missed most about her travels, even after only a day or so, was sleeping out underneath the stars, all the world before her eyes. Still smiling, she looked eagerly into Drexal's eyes, hoping he'd accept, although she was now determined to enjoy the night regardless. I seem to be getting my second wind.. she thought.

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"I love the night... would you like to take a walk while we talk? That is, if you're not too tired."

Drex shook his head.  "Too tired?  No, I think not.  It would be a pleasure to accompany you on a walk."  Truth be told, he had planned to go exploring anyway.  Now, he would have some pleasant company.  He stood up from the table and grabbed at his equipment.  "I don't have a room yet, so I'll need to bring this along."

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To Khel's delight, Drex shook his head, "Too tired? No, I think not. It would be a pleasure to accompany you on a walk." He stood and grabbed his things, "I don't have a room yet, so I'll need to bring this along." he said.

"No, no. You can't enjoy a walk with heavy or tiresome burdens. I'll wait while you acquire a room, or I can take your equipment up to my room until we get back. I am in no hurry, and it will be no hassle at all." Khel stood and held out a hand to carry something of his for him. There were very few people in the tavern now, and she wondered how late it really was. She was enjoying the company and conversation, however, and was much too keen to take a walk now that she had the idea in her head.

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Drex nodded.  "Wait here."  With that he hurried over to the bar, tossed a few coins at the barkeep, then threw his bags onto the bar.  With a scowl, the barkeep snapped up the coins and pulled the bags behind the counter.

Drexal then hurried back to where Khel stood waiting for him.  "Problem solved!"  he announced, triumphantly.  "Lead on, m'lady."

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Drexal nodded and said, "Wait here." He went to the bar, had Samuel take his belongings, and returned saying, "Problem solved! Lead on, m'lady."

Khel smirked and make a mocking bow with an overdramatic flourish, "What a gentleman you are!" she said, her voice going up an octave. Then, turning with mischief in her eye, she walked swiftly towards the exit. She swept through the doors into the night air and breathed deep. What a lovely night.. she thought, stealing herself. Looking around, the darkening sky was beautiful. The stables directly ahead of her, she thought better of peeking in on Bristol and turned right. She knew the gardens were nearby, and although she didn't much care to take a look at them, they might be a more pleasant view than anything else. She took only a few light steps and paused, waiting for Drex to catch up.

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Drexal followed Khel outside.  He took  a deep breath, the fresh air feeling so much better in his lungs than the stale air of the inn.  He stretched, letting out a loud yell as he did.  He felt better now that he was away from the rest of the bar patrons, and the outburst was his bodies way of releasing the stress.  He followed the woman's lead and began to walk.  "I do hope you know this city.  If you rely on me, we'll be lost by the time we hit the end of the block"   Perhap's a trifle exaggerated, but basically true.  He was not good in towns.  Give him the wilderness and he would be at home, but here....

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Drexal appeared next to Khel, stretching and letting out a yell. She felt suddenly liberated, knowing she was not alone in her love of the evening. Khel took a few more steps as he said, "I do hope you know this city. If you rely on me, we'll be lost be the time we hit the end of the block." and Khel smiled, saying, "I don't know what long journey you thought you were setting out on, but I figured we could just take a stoll around the gardens, the tavern, and the stables." Khel gestured towards the gardens on their right, beautiful in drowning sun, and then let out a hearty laugh. "We can explore farther if you'd like, but I'd like to sleep sometime before sunrise." Making a face at Drex, Khel let her cloak drop to the ground, took off  her soft boots, and charged into a full out sprint. The air whooshed past her body, the desert on her skin. This is what freedom feels like.. she thought. She stopped a minute or so later, hardly out of breath, and turned to look back at Drexal.

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"We can explore farther if you'd like, but I'd like to sleep sometime before sunrise."

Drex followed Khel as she sprinted across the desert.  She looked so natural, while he laboured along more slowly.  Where she had taken off her boots, he had neglected to do so.  Now he knew why she did it thusly.  His feet were bogging down in the soft ground, and sand was filling his boots.  He would never have been able to keep up with her over any distance.  She stopped, waiting for him, and he reached her, panting heavily.

"By the gods, woman!  You could have warned me!" he admonished, then laughed heartily.  He looked up to the sky and raised his fist, shaking it at the darkened sky.  "Damn you, desert god!"  He then dropped onto his bottom and removed his boot.  Lifting it high, he turned it over and watched the sand pour free.

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Watching Drex sprint to her, Khel grinned playfully. She let out a chuckle when he stopped and said "By the gods, woman! You could have warned me!" and proceeded to raise his fist towards the sky, "Damn you, desert god!" Panting, he plopped down and removed a boot, letting the sand pour out. Khel laughed.

"Not too nimble in all that gear, are ya?" her eyes danced in the fading light and she sat down beside him. Tracing her fingers through the earth beside her, she looked over at him, "Are you familiar with hand to hand combat, no weapons other than your body? Or the exquisite fluidity involved in becoming a good fighter? What type of combat were you trained in? I get my agility from practice in these arts." she smiled, her eyes distant, almost looking through him. Her shirt was loose on her torso, since her cloak and boots were back near the gardens, she felt almost completely unburdened. Her hair fell around her face and over her shoulders messily. She seemed to come back to reality and looked directly at Drex's friendly eyes once again.

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"Are you familiar with hand to hand combat, no weapons other than your body? Or the exquisite fluidity involved in becoming a good fighter? What type of combat were you trained in? I get my agility from practice in these arts."

Drexal finished pouring the sand out of his second boot.  He then pulled it back on his foot before looking at the woman next to him.  He shrugged.  "I can fight, I can fight better with my sword."  He grinned a big toothy grin.  "I'm strong.  I use that to my advantage and overpower my foe.  It has worked well so far."   He absently stroked the crooked little finger of his left hand.  "Most times."

He fell back and gazed up at the sky.  It would not be long before the first stars would be visable.  Ava's Tear, the navigational star, would be up soon.  Finding that always made him feel somewhat better.  Knowing where that pointed, knowing that it led away from his home, made him feel that if he needed to, he could turn away and go back home.  Not that he wished to......

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"I can fight, I can fight better with my sword. I'm strong. I use that to my advantage and overpower my foe. It has worked well so far, most times." Drex grinned as he spoke, and stroked one of his fingers absently. Khel tried to lean in to see why, but he lay back and looked up at the sky. She lay back as well, taking another deep breath.

"I never was strong enough to master a heavy sword... I'm not bad with lighter ones, but would never be considered expert. Agility has always been my strong point.." she trailed off as she gazed into the neverending sky. Beautiful! If only being out under the stars without a worry in the world was all there was in life... She turned her head to the side to look back at Drexal. "Did something happen to your finger?"

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"I supposed you're right, brother. We need another place and another adventure."  Thorgas replied, while stroking Buri's head. "How about heading to a city? Dwarven weapons always fetch a good price in the market." The dwarf took a piece of fruit and hand-fed it to his pig. Thorgas enjoyed treating his pig like a baby and would sometimes baby-talk him, which leads to people thinking him a lunatic.

Silence followed after the talk of leaving the Herald. He had come to know many nice people here, but for every good place, there are always jerks to deal with. He had met some of them in this tavern, though it's a good thing that they are not dwarves. He shook his head slightly as he remembered what his father used to say: Never trust another race. He recalled many people whom bothered him for the past few days; elves and humans. A pity Thorgas never learned the value of this lesson. There's no going back though, both brothers need to learn how to interact with them in order to make money, even if they find them offensive and impolite.

After a few moments, Thorgas cleared his throat and broke the silence. "This journey will end after we have found the perfect location for the mine." Thorgas looked up to the sky, then back to his pig. "When will you marry, brother? I love to experience having grandchildren to cuddle on my lap." The dwarf intended to stand up, but the coolness of the dry desert sand tempted him to sit down for a while. "When shall we leave for the city?"

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"Did something happen to your finger?"  
 Drex smiled.  Remembering was sometimes painful, sometimes it made him angry, and sometimes, just sometimes, it made him smile.  When he was young, just a child, he had gotten into a fight with another boy.  It hadn't been his first fight, and his father had warned him against it.  His finger had been broken in the fight, but he was too frightened to ask for help, lest his father find out he was fighting again.  Instead, he had set the bone himself.  It never did heal properly.

"Lessons learned the hard way," he mused, cryptically.  He turned his head to stare at her, laying so peacefully in the sand.  "Where are you from, Khel?  Do you have family?  Surely, you can't be out here all by yourself?  Are you married?  Have you any children?"

Drex was amazed at the questions that just flowed from him.  Suddenly, he was very much aware of the loneliness he had gotten used to feeling.  He had not talked, really talked, with someone in a long time.  That was his choice, and most of time, it suited him.  Still, here he was, enjoying the company of this young woman.  He could only attribute it to the spark she had when they first met.  There was something more to her than most people had.  A fire.  She was neither pretentious nor was she conciliatory, two traits that most people had in one form or another, and in one degree or another.  She was a person with no equal, and that was very much of an attraction for him.  He very much wanted to make this woman his friend.

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Drexal smiled when Khel asked the question. He didn't say anything for a few minutes, she couldn't decide if it was painful for him, or he wasn't sure of how much he should disclose in his answer. He seemed a bit... not secretive, just not forthcoming in the information he gave. Khel found this slightly disturbing, but more inviting, she was always up for a good chase, and she loved the idea of the mystery behind this man. She studied the features of his face closely until he said, "Lessons learned the hard way." and left it at that. Khel's eyes narrowed, still wondering just what was going through this man's mind, but let it drop.

He turned to look at her, "Where are you from, Khel? Do you have family? Surely, you can't be out here all by yourself? Are you married? Have you any children?" Whoa! Khel actually laughed a little as the questions poured out of Drex. Smiling at him, then staring back up at the sky, she pondered how much she herself would disclose. Her nature was to spill her life's story, but she bit her lip. He had barely disclosed anything to her, and she still found that slightly perturbing. Nevertheless, she enjoyed his company immensely, and hadn't conversed with anyone but her pony for a long time....

"I am from a small town very far south of here... I haven't seen it for a very long time, since I was a small child, but I know it's there. Family, I'm bound to have, of course I have a mother and father as anyone does, but I do not know them..." She trailed off for a moment, her mind again turning to where she would go next. She longed to travel home, if she could still call it that, but being out on her own for so long she had grown awfully accustomed to it. She had once set her mind to never go back; to wander all her days. She could never forget that, as the thought was like a lock setting into place, a lock to which she would never have the key. "I've been alone for a long time, but then again I am only just in my twenties, I like to think I've barely lived. I am not married, though I might consider it one day... but children I do not long for. The traveller's life I have grown used to would not be the place for them. And.." a sheepish, playful grin spread across her face, "I'm much too immature and troublesome to raise a child, I fear I will never become a 'grown up' myself."

Now, sitting up and scooting over to sit a few feet in front of Drex, Khel crossed her legs in front of her and said contritely, "Care to drill me with any more questions, good sir? Or will you maybe answer the same ones yourself? Are you married, have children? How far did you travel to get here?"

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"Care to drill me with any more questions, good sir? Or will you maybe answer the same ones yourself? Are you married, have children? How far did you travel to get here?"

Drex paused for a moment, and his eyes went misty as he remembered the Celeste Lowlands, the mountains in the distance.  That was home, yet it had never been home.  The cool, crisp air that felt refreshing with every breath, not the oppressive heat that filled his lungs here.  "I was born near Lu’cyntam."   He searched her eyes for recognition, and when he supposed that she had not heard of it, he offered further.  "Horizon's Fortress, it is called.  Far north from here."   

He absently lifted a handful of sand into the air and let it slowly slip through his fingers, staring hard at it.  "Much like the sand escaping my grip, so have the loves of my life."    Quick scenes of Rohanna, laughing, smiling, being chased by him until they fell together in the thick summer Alth'ho grass, passed in his minds eye.  Then Drea, her sexually provocative stance, her bold eyes and confident grin filled him, bringing the longing he always felt when he thought of her.  Two women as different as the sun and moon, yet equal in his heart.  Both offered more than his heart could want, yet less than what he needed.

When the sand was spent, he looked back at Khel and grinned.  "No, no children."  He pulled himself into a sitting position, facing her.  "How long are you here for?  Where are you heading next?"

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Drexal answered her questions short yet again, but he looked into her eyes, explaining himself further and making her feel he was really reading into her. Really telling her something. She recognized faintly the area he was speaking of, although she had never been there herself. He grabbed some sand and let it flow through his hand, "Much like the sand escaping my grip, so have the loves of my life." he said, then staying silent. Khel wondered at his life, had he been abandoned, rejected? She searched his eyes for some hint of emotion, but he simply stared at the draining sand. Finally he grinned and sat up in front of her, "No, no children. he said at last. Then, as if he was reading her thoughts, he asked, "How long are you here for? Where are you heading next?"

Looking straight into his eyes, Khel said simply, "I have absolutely no idea." Her eyes darkened, but she held that stare. Realizing she was delving too deep, maybe allowing herself to feel some sort of emotion for a man she had just met some hours ago this very night, she broke it and glanced down at her feet. She blushed deeply, feeling a bit awkward, hoping the darkening sky covered it up.

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"I have absolutely no idea."

She appeared uncomfortable suddenly, though he had no idea why.  Figuring out women was not his strong ability.  "Neither do I.  Like I said, I follow my heart, my sword or the voices in my head.  The voices are quite right now."  He paused, listening intently to the sounds in his head, but it was particularly quiet tonight.  He screwed up his nose, as he had no idea what that meant.  "And my heart has no plans, and no one has yet hired my sword."
"Why don't you know your mother and father?"   He was direct, and it was only after he said it, that he wondered if he should maybe have been more sensitive.  Still, he was not trying to be rude, just curious.

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"Neither do I. Like I said, I follow my heart, my sword or the voices in my head. The voices are quiet right now. ... and my heart has no plans, and no one has yet hired my sword." Khel felt reassured for some reason. Safer, knowing she wasn't the only one who hadn't a single clue. "Why don't you know your mother and father?" He asked then.

Khel's eyes narrowed for a moment, but then, instead of giving her usual 'none of your business' retort, she looked away from him into the distance. Khel was divided within herself. She had absolutely no emotion at the same time she was harboring massive amounts of emotion on the subject. No one had ever asked her; she had never said out loud why. She felt if she said it aloud it would then be more real: she was lost, without parents, without guidance or hope or a soft landing behind her. Her eyes teared up as she looked into the desert, it seemed to go on forever. She blinked away the tears, "I..." she began, but instead of continuing, she pushed herself nimbly up from the ground and gestured at Drex to follow. "Lets walk a bit more, shall we? Back towards the gardens, maybe.." she kicked herself for showing so much emotion.

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For a long while, there was silence. For a short while, a gentle breeze blew Tifara’s hair. Her hair gently billowed out, and it looked like a crown of gold surrounding her. Tifara breathed in the fresh, cool air around her. It felt so much better to, once again, be in contact with nature. Sadly, the breeze just lasted for a minute or two.

As the breeze stopped, Tifara laid her hands around her neck and started massaging it. Time for some self-pampering! Tifara thought to herself.

She turned around to face Fallen and said, “Fallen, I’m going to the washroom for awhile. Wait a minute!” With that, she smiled sweetly and slowly walked out of the room to the washrooms at the other end of the hallway.

When Tifara reached the washrooms, she saw that all of the washrooms were empty. Tifara entered the one at the very end on her room’s side of the hallway. Slowly, Tifara closed the door and locked it. She undressed herself, letting her clothes fall onto the floor. Then, she stepped into the bath and filled it with water. As it filled, she relaxed her muscles and slipped herself down, enjoying the feeling of the water lapping against her body.

Tifara closed her eyes and stretched her hands up over her forehead. It was so relaxing. After a few minutes of relaxing, Tifara stood up and held her hair up and squeezed it, letting the water drip out. Then, she drained the water in the bath, and redressed.

Tifara’s hair was now straggly after being all wet. Deciding to go out to admire the full view of the sunset, she first returned to the room, and asked Fallen, “Hey, I’m back. I’m going outside to watch the sunset. It’s almost finish setting now, so I want to see the sun finish setting. If you want to go down, too, just follow, okay?”

Smiling at Fallen, she turned and walked down the stairs. There weren’t many left in the tavern now, and it wasn’t as noisy. Tifara stepped out of the tavern and walked to the back of the tavern. She spotted two people walking together – a couple? Tifara avoided them by slowing her footsteps – they were in front of her. She then walked till she saw her room window on the second storey of the tavern. She sat on the sand, and soaked in the wonderful feeling of being around nature. Tifara looked around. She did not see Fallen, but he may appear anytime.

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"Lets walk a bit more, shall we? Back towards the gardens, maybe.."  

Obviously, whatever had occurred with her parents was still to fresh within her to open up about.  He felt somewhat sheepish for asking.  Climbing to his feet, he flashed her an apologetic smile.  "The gardens would be great.  There is not enough greenery in the desert.  What I wouldn't give for a great tree to climb."

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Drexal got up beside her, saying, "The gardens would be great. There is not enough greenery in the desert. What I wouldn't give for a tree to climb."

Khel smiled at him, "I agree with you there, I like forests and mountains to surround me." She observed the gardens a little, absently slipping her boots back on as they walked back, and slinging her cloak over her shoulder. She turned towards the stables a bit and stopped, "Would you care to check my pony with me?" she asked him, "And then, dear sir, I'm afraid I am out of ideas for our nighttime adventure." she grinned, knowing she wasn't at all tired anymore, but hopeful that he had an idea in mind.

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 "Would you care to check my pony with me?" she asked him, "And then, dear sir, I'm afraid I am out of ideas for our nighttime adventure."

Drexal's eyes lit up.  "Yes, very much.  I would love to see your pony.  I love horses, though I haven't owned one in a long time."  He missed the horses that his family owned back on their cancu sheep farm.  He used to ride them often.  When he left home, however, he did not dare to bring one.  The family needed those horses far more than he.  He had hoped to earn enough coin to buy one, but when Drea had left him, she had the full purse.  On his own, money was very tight.

"What is your pony's name?"    He followed her lead toward the stables.  The air was fresh with the smells of the animals.

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"We shall leave for the city after a caravan made its way here. We can join them, and as such, we will have a greater chance of protecting ourselves from bandits and wild beasts."  Gamaliel absent-mindedly replied, while looking up at the sky. There are bound to be people stopping by the tavern, which is the only place of rest in the harsh desert. They would need company too, as the desert has many hidden surprises; some of great interest to others, while some of great peril.

Gamaliel glanced back at Thorgas at his last remark. He had a hard time looking for a wife, much less that raising a family. Yet, he thought of how happy it must be to have children running around his cave, to have his wife in the kitchen cooking dwarven dishes to savour, and to have their 'uncle Thorgas' visiting them every now and then and bringing them gifts. The thought of raising a happy family lingered in his mind, but with it comes the pain of not being able to find a good mate.

Waking from his day-dream, he managed to flash a quick smile at Thorgas. "Grandchildren? Why, how old are you, may I ask?" He laughed, but was interrupted by two figures approaching them. The fighter guessed that they must be going inside the stables, and as such took no heed of them.

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Post by: Khel on July 09, 2007, 12:50:46 PM
Drexal looked interested, which pleased Khel. he said, "Yes, very much. I would love to see your pony. I love horses, though I haven't owned one in a long time. What is your pony's name?" He turned with her toward the stables. She continued to walk, noticing for the first time how much taller Drexal was than her. Her hair covered her shoulders and she pushed her bangs out of her face. Trying not to fidget, she let her arms drop. As they got closer she saw figures near the stables. That shouldn't be a problem, they wouldn't be in there long.

"My pony's name is Bristol. I got him with a cart I purchased to carry goods from place to place. He's a shaggy little pony, but sturdy and gets the job done. I would love to have a horse I could ride someday though, but money is tight for me on the road. Especially in months I cannot find goods to buy or sell, like now. Bristol was pure luck." She glanced over at Drexal and smiled, thinking they must have a lot in common as their lives and income depended on someone else's need of their service. She felt he could really understand her troubled times more than many others.

As they approached the figures near the stables, they were indeed dwarves, brothers maybe? They were feeding a pig, and she gave them a brief smile and nod in acknowledgment.

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Post by: Ras on July 10, 2007, 08:43:54 AM
Two shadows seemed to shimmer on the sand in the early morning light, keeping pace with their counterparts galloping across the desert above. As one they moved, a boy and his horse, each intoxicated with freedom, iron horseshoes striking the sand in rhythm to the merry laughter rising from lips curled into an impish grin. A dark red coat flowed behind the youth, matching the crimson locks dancing upon his scalp. Grey eyes sparkled in merriment, alight with a glint of mischief, as they cast about for a place to rest. Noticing the tavern from afar, Ras lightly tapped his heels to the flanks of the grey gelding. As he stretched his head forward, grey mane streaming behind him, Cloud ran, his strides lengthening and pace quickening with a burst of speed.

Quickly the distance between horse and tavern diminished, and Ras leaned back to reign in Cloud, stopping him short of colliding with the stable wall. Disgust was apparent on youthful and filthy features as the boy dismounted, leading his steed into the stable itself and glancing around at the shoddy stalls as he muttered under his breath. 

“I en’t never seen no stables like tese. Unworty of Cloud tey are, unworty of enyting other tan half-breeds. I’s a bets tey en’t ever even seen a hos of Cloud’s stock.” His mumbling hardly ceased as he led the gelding into one stall, staring at the door with disdain before shutting it behind his scrawny horse. Before he would leave the stable, Ras ensured that Cloud had plenty of food and water, despite being hungry and thirsty himself. As a Centoraurian, to do any less would be to disgrace his tribe.

After sauntering out of the stables as though they were his father’s, Ras stormed into the tavern itself, glancing about momentarily before stalking up to the bar, determination written upon his face. Clumsily he climbed onto a barstool, slamming one tiny fist down upon the bar as his head turned, his gaze searching for someone to serve him. A scowl darkened his features, his eyes glimmering with an anger blossoming from frustration and hunger. And suddenly he raised his voice to shout above the conversations of the other patrons.

“En’t sumone gonna feed me? I’s demands to be treated properly!”
The child crossed his arms over his chest as he continued to look around, waiting for someone to answer and serve him as was his due. 

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"My pony's name is Bristol. I got him with a cart I purchased to carry goods from place to place. He's a shaggy little pony, but sturdy and gets the job done. I would love to have a horse I could ride someday though, but money is tight for me on the road. Especially in months I cannot find goods to buy or sell, like now. Bristol was pure luck."

Drexal gave a quick nod to the two dwarves that were near the stables.  He had never known a dwarf, though he had seen a few before.  Though short, they were supposed to be great fighters.  He could see how, as they were quite stocky, and strongly built.  They were an interesting race, he thought to himself.

He returned his attention to Khel.  "When you decide to move on with your wares, and if I haven't been hired by anyone, perhaps you would allow me to join with you.  The roads must be dangerous, and two swords would be better than one.  Besides, it has been awhile since I had pleasant traveling company."  They entered the stables and Drexal looked about.  "Now, which one is Bristol?"

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"When you decide to move on with your wares, and if I haven't been hired by anyone, perhaps you would allow me to join with you. The roads must be dangerous, and two swords would be better than one.  Besides, it has been awhile since I had pleasant traveling company. Now, which one is Bristol?" Khel smiled at Drex, grateful for the offer and honored that he would consider her pleasant traveling company. She looked around the stables, observing the other rider's horses, some so beautiful and powerful she thought it quite obvious which pathetic little pony was Bristol. A young boy had just stabled his own steed, a noble horse for one so young. She watched the child depart in confusion, A boy in a tavern? but he was strutting with what seemed like purpose so she gave it no further thought.

Turning back to the stables, she walked a short distance in and turned to her right. Bristol, small and shaggy, his brown fur glossy from when she brushed him earlier, his tan mane slightly wavy and covering his eyes- much like her own dark bangs, stood nonchalantly in his stall. He was about as tall as her, but he was sturdy and muscular with strong legs and wide hooves. Smiling sweetly at him, for Khel has a bit of a soft spot for him, she let herself and Drexal into his stall and placed a hand on his neck.

"He's not much of a stallion, but I suppose for his own breed--whatever that may be--he's not half bad. He pulls a cart full of furs or vegetables with ease," she indicated the small cart near the opening of the stable, "And he's been my companion for a few years. He's very loyal for a horse, and I enjoy his company. It gets a bit lonesome talking to someone who doesn't answer back, though, so I'd be delighted if we could travel together. I'm a bit surprised you asked, actually." She paused, stroking Bristol's mane, and began to hum, as was custom when she groomed or tended to him. After a few minutes, she stopped abruptly, clearing her throat.

"Anyway... maybe tomorrow we could go into the city and weigh our options? I could look for merchant's work, and you for a swords' work.. and whoever ends up with a job at the end of the day is where we shall go." The spontaneity of it all excited her, she was never much for strict planning. "Maybe we'll be lucky enough to both find work, and in the same direction." Smiling at Drex, one hand still on Bristol, Khel thought maybe she had made a great friend.

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Idly Ras tapped his fingers on the bar as a sigh of boredom escaped his lips. His gaze lingered around the tavern for one final moment, searching for anyone to serve him and stave off the hunger gnawing at his small stomach. A wicked grin crossed his face in the same moment that his legs left the stool, pushing it away as he leaped off, hitting the floor and running across the tavern without a second thought.

Bolting through the tavern door, he darted across the yard to the stables, barely sparing a glance for the strangers gathered within as he dashed over to his horse. After ducking under the stall door, Ras set about rubbing down Cloud, murmuring softly in the gelding's ear all the while. As quick as he had set about tending Cloud, the boy was even quicker in ducking under the stall door once more, his movements slowing as he made some attempt at stealth. Stalking along one wall, he did his best to creep up on the dwarves and ruined any hope he had of remaining unnoticed as question after question tumbled off his tongue.

"Why are you two so short? And why so wide? Did someone step on you? Or did the sky fall on you?" Turning to the fatter of the two dwarves, Thorgas, Ras cocked his head to one side quizzically as the questions continued without halt. "How did you get so fat? Did you eat your family? Do you have a family? Why do you wear green? What's wrong with red?" The youth ran his fingers along his own coat then, clearly proud of the worn garment, seemingly oblivious to the mud coating its tail.

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"I mean nephews and nieces. Heh, I'm apt to forget things such as those." Thorgas replied. The sorcerer saw both figures were indeed going towards their direction, perhaps to check something inside the stables. He watched and nodded to both people in return of their greeting. "The world will be a better place with people like them," Thorgas added. He held his staff at the setting sun, the crystal sparkling with beautiful colors.

Another person made his way towards the stables. To Thorgas' surprise, that person is a boy, not even a teenager. He passed by both dwarves on his way to the stalls and left his horse there, all the while mumbling some words that are hardly understandable. His appearance is unkempt, to say the least, and his horse is not exactly good looking either.

Thorgas nearly jump in surprise when the kid quietly approached him, then suddenly asked a series of questions. The kid mumbled on and on, never giving time for the sorcerer to speak. Questions such as 'How did you get so fat? Did someone step on you? Did you eat your family?' broke the silence of the desert; questions that are not supposed to be asked from anyone. Thorgas covered his ears at the loud noise of the boy. "By Urtengor, slow down! Where are your manners?" The dwarf replied, exasperated at the chatty soul. Despite himself, he could not help feeling very happy at the boy's query about his shortness or his fatness. At least, there is someone who would befriend this old, beaten up dwarf.

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"And he's been my companion for a few years. He's very loyal for a horse, and I enjoy his company. It gets a bit lonesome talking to someone who doesn't answer back, though, so I'd be delighted if we could travel together. I'm a bit surprised you asked, actually."  

Drexal nodded.  "I told you, I follow my heart."    He ran his hand along the pony's back, and over it's rump.  It was strong, very good muscle tone.  Absently, he ran his hand down the creatures leg, dropping to his knee while his hand caressed the pony's pastern.  It had good legs too.  All in all, this little pony was a good animal.

A sudden flurry of movement startled Bristol, who whinnied softly.  Drexal stood quickly, his hand gripping the pommel of his sword.  He relaxed somewhat, when he saw a young boy enter the stables and enter another stall.  It was they same boy as before.  Drex began to breathe normally again, a little perturbed at the disturbance.

 "Maybe we'll be lucky enough to both find work, and in the same direction."

He returned his attention to Khel.  "Perhaps."    He watched from the corner of his eye, as the boy snuck from the stables towards the two dwarves.  He had a thought to warn the dwarves, but he figured they would be able to handle themselves from the threat of a small boy.  He grinned when he heard the youngster start a barrage of questions towards them.

He looked at Khel.  "Bristol is a fine pony, Khel.  He is strong, and has a fine heart.  I would be honored to travel with the two of you, if I cannot find a job for my sword."

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"I told you, I follow my heart." Drexal said, and again, against all her boyish nature, she was deeply touched. You're growing soft, Khel.. I thought to myself. Drex ran his hand along Bristol, seeming to measure him up, check his worthiness. He jumped and prepared himself when the boy from before neared the stables again. Khel chuckled a little as she thought he and Bristol could be great companions as well.

"Perhaps." he said. They both turned their attention to the boy, who seemed to be enthralled with the dwrarves. Khel sighed with relief, she had no tolerance for children. "Bristol is a fine pony, Khel.  He is strong, and has a fine heart.  I would be honored to travel with the two of you, if I cannot find a job for my sword." Drexal affirmed her belief in her pony, and she smiled at him, proud to have Bristol on her team. Their team, now. Patting him once more, Khel turned to check her packs, which she had taken off him and set in a corner of the stall. Weighing her options, she decided against taking them into her room. They had been safe here thus far, and she figured they would last the night.

"Thank you, Drex." she said, with true thanks in her voice. "Shall we wait for morning, then? It seems as though the sun has just barely gone down, you lead the way now. If you wish to continue walking, or go inside again, it is your choice. I, on the other hand, would like to ask how you seem to know so much about horses? I know you said you love them, but that does not necessarily mean you're well learned in their care and mannerisms."

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Post by: Gamaliel Ironforge on July 10, 2007, 10:48:53 PM
"Speaking of children," Gamaliel added, with a hint of amusement in his voice. "They seemed to be very fond of you." The dwarf motioned to the boy who just interrupted their talk. The boy seemed to find it entertaining to insult the dwarves, though Gamaliel is not affected by it. He always has a soft side for kids, no matter how unruly they are. He watched as Thorgas started to get rather red at the little boy's questions. He can also tell by the twinkle in his brother's eye that Thorgas is also entertained by this chatty little boy.

Gamaliel chuckled heartily and grabbed the boy with his right hand. With the other hand, he playfully rubbed the already messed up hair of the lad. "Calm down, lad, else uncle Thorgas will blow steam out of his ear!" He still held the boy, as if he was his son. He continued rubbing his hair, which is starting to get more unruly every time the calloused hand of the dwarf touched them.

"We're dwarves. That's why we're short and wide. Nobody stepped on us." Gamaliel said at last, all the while playing with the boy's hair. He expects many more questions from the lad, but he will let Thorgas answer the other questions.

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The scowl returned to the boy’s face as he struggled to free himself from the dwarf’s iron-like grip. Wiggle as he might, he simply could not squirm his way free. His small hands wrapped around the thick wrist of the dwarf, vainly attempting to push it away as he gritted his teeth in frustration. Being forced to suffer through having his hair tousled did little to lighten his mood. Tightening his grip on the dwarf’s wrist, Ras pulled himself up, wrapping his legs around one heavily muscled arm as he yanked his head back, wriggling all the more as he sought freedom.

And suddenly he stopped. The youth was eerily still as he sniffed the air, slowing turning his head to one side, seeking the source of the faint aroma. Setting his feet back onto the ground, he reached toward the dwarf, frantically trying to reach his pockets, not quite able to reach them with his short arms. A wide grin lit up his face as he looked up at the dwarf, exclaiming excitedly, “Do you have food?”.

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"Shall we wait for morning, then? It seems as though the sun has just barely gone down, you lead the way now. If you wish to continue walking, or go inside again, it is your choice. I, on the other hand, would like to ask how you seem to know so much about horses? I know you said you love them, but that does not necessarily mean you're well learned in their care and mannerisms."

"My father owned horses on the sheep farm where we lived.  Most of my chores had to do with the horses, while my brothers worked more with the sheep."    He laughed.  "I never liked sheep!  I don't even like the meat!"  It was funny to him now, but growing up, his father was often vexed at the boy, trying to get him to help with the chores.  It was a last resort that Drex was given the horses to look after.  As for meals, Drex was the fussiest eater that his family had ever known. 

The smile faded from him.  Perhaps that was why he never fit in there; why he was always alone, even when surrounded by family and friends.  Even though he knew he did not belong there, it still hurt to think about those he loved, those he missed with a heavy heart.

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Drexal smiled and laughed as he answered, it seemed to be a fond memory, "My father owned horses on the sheep farm where we lived.  Most of my chores had to do with the horses, while my brothers worked more with the sheep. I never liked sheep! I don't even like the meat!" Soon, though, his smiled faded away and he seemed deep in thought. Maybe his past was not what Khel imagined, maybe she could be a companion for a lonely man, as he was offering to be one for poor, lonely her.

Looking closely at him, she smiled and said, "I've never been much for cattle, sheep, or goats. Give me a more intelligent horse or pony and I'll be much more satisfied." she said thoughtfully. She looked around, the dwarves were still occupied, somewhat amusingly and ironically, by the boy. The evening was beautiful, and  Khel hadn't the slightest idea what to do next. Taking a few steps, exiting the stables again, she said, "Please, if you have any ideas, spit them out! I am at a loss. If you would like to acquire a room and turn in, do not let me hinder you, only allow me to take it as a great insult." She grinned at him, letting him know it was all in jest, and continued to walk towards the Tavern's entrance again.

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Letitia’s feet lightly grace the floor beneath her as she is helped out of a carriage by the young man who had assisted her whilst she was travelling. He did not say anything just gently kiss her hand as he stood with a sort of elegance uncommon for a man of his calibre. Letitia smiled thankfully as he did so then when he had straitened himself up again she handed to him a few coin for his troubles. He then assisted Letitia in removing the last of her belongings from the back of his cart and with that he left, riding off into the distance.

Letitia was tiered as she was not able to sleep much going over the bumpy paths in the back of that cart we uncomfortable, but she never would have managed to walk all that way on her own. In a rather sad attempt to then pick up her bags Letitia somehow managed to trip and fall close to the area where two dwarves and a small boy stood. Feeling rather embarrassed Letitia’s pail white cheeks began to turn more of a warm shade of red.

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    Salena had walked for a while when she seen lights in the distance. When she got to the town everything was very different she'd never seen this many people in one area before. Where she came from it was very small with no one out in the town at night.  She'd walked in the town and wondered where all these people had come from. She'd seen a young woman trip and fall to the ground. She did not know if she should help her or not so she decided to go in the bar. Salena sat down at the table where no one was sitting at and looked at all the different type of people.

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Kel grumbled as he rode on his horse, coming from the direction of Strata. He grumbled at the cold, he grumbled at the sand. He grumbled because there were no people to be seen. From the distance, Kelomin looked like a normal shadow riding a horse, except for the smaller shadow on his shoulder. Up close, one could see a bird perched on the cape that was wrapped around Kel's shoulders. The bird seemed to be grumbling as well. In fact, it seemed to be repeating almost everything Kel said. Finally, Kel noticed he was nearing the tavern, and shushed the Psitta happily. "Shut up, Stupid!"

Having reached the stables, Kel dismounted led Yuran inside. There was a stable boy sleeping there, snoring quietly. Turning his head, Kel whispered something into the bird's ear. "Wake up, Stupid!" The bird exclaimed. The stable boy immediately jumped, looking around with a confused expression on his face, only to see Kel standing there, with a small grin on his face. "Yuran, how much shall we give this young man?" Kel asked his horse. "Ten sans?" The horse began to shake his head. "Five sans?" Again the horse shook his head. "Okay then, how much?"

The horse lifted his foot up, then stamped three times. Kel looked at the bewildered stablehand and shrugged. Suddenly Kel made a small motion, and three sans seemed to appear in the palm of his hand. Kel gave them to the stable boy and leaned in close. "Take care of him, and feed him," he said with a grin. Twirling around, Kel exited the stables and went inside to the tavern. Now he was happy

He took a moment to size up the crowd in the tavern, which wasn't that large at the moment. One thing caught his eye, or rather, one person. A young woman seemed to have fallen on the floor of the tavern, near a couple of dwarves and a young child. There seemed to be no one helping her at the moment, so Kel smiled, walked over to her, and extended a hand to help the young lady up. "M'lady," he said to the woman, and motioned at her bags, "may I help you with those?"

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    Before Salena walked in the tavern and sat down she'd seen a gentleman offer help to the young woman who had fallen to the ground.  She felt bad that she didn't offer any help herself but she always was told people out in the world were dangerous.  She was new around these parts and wasn't sure about anything at that moment. Salena seen people she'd never seen before which frightened her a bit. She wasn't sure what to make of them.   Salena wondered to herself, "Should I talk to anyone or keep to myself till maybe someone notices me?"

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"What's wrong with green, lad?" Thorgas asked as the boy squirmed and tried to free himself from Gamaliel's grip. The dwarf looked at his robes, and then to the clothing of the boy. "Methinks mine is better than yours." He was glad his brother interrupted the boy, or else he would be listening to him until morning. Thorgas could not help but laugh as he watched the boy struggle for freedom. There were few who could out-muscle a dwarf, and this boy clearly does not belong to those few.

Upon saying the word food, the boy seem to have stopped wiggling. He tried to reach Gamaliel's pocket without much luck, though Thorgas knew that there is nothing to take from them -- a few sans and some sharpening stones -- nothing of value to the child. "The boy musy be hungry. You have to stop that, Gamaliel, I fear for the child's bones." He looked at the basket of fruit Buri is eating from. Only the basket remains, and beside the basket is his pig, snoring loudly. He doesn't seem to care about the loud noise the boy is making.

Thorgas chuckled a little then went towards the boy. "Oh, what a cute widdle boy!" The sorcerer mockingly said, while pinching his cheeks. "You want some food, huh? I got some here." And with that, Thorgas took out a pouch filled with dried venison and offered it to the boy. "Hmm... Brother, I really think you should stop by now. The boy can hardly breathe." Thorgas said, laughing at the sight of both people.

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Letitia did not fell the strength to lift herself up, she was tiered and week. To Letitia's shock not one person had rushed to help her, this place was very knew to her, not one person seemed to know who she was. Then just as Letitia was beginning to lose her patience. Quite a few people passed by, a young woman, then a man on his horse entered the stables who seemed to be talking to himself till she realised that on his shoulder was a strange looking figure that made Letitia rather curious. When he had given his horse too the stable boy Letitia saw the man return but this time he held out a hand to her. Letitia gracefully accepted the kind gesture.

When he had pulled her up to her feet the gentleman then kindly offered to help with Letitia's bag, but before she accepted Letitia would rather find out a bit more about this helpful stranger. "Hello dear sir, first I would like to thank you for your assistance in helping me from that rather unseemly situation. My name is Lady Letitia De Lockhart, though many people prefer to call me Lady Likely it is up to you really. I am of the family Lockhart you may have heard of my parents".

Letitia held out her hand too him and continued, "So sir you know my name, now may I inquire about yours. Before I except your kind offer of help."

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Khel hoped she had read Drexal's sense of humor well, and was correct in assuming these little jokes weren't damaging their new friendship. She partly could not control what escaped her mouth, saying whatever dry, or sarcastic remark came to mind. Usually, it made it easier to tell who enjoyed her as she was, and who did not. She found it hard to relate to, and connect to people who didn't at least put up with her snide comments at times.

It seemed as though many people enjoyed the night as much as she, for Khel found herself amongst more commotion than she'd experienced since Leonie had come in with all her guardsman. While she awaited Drex's answer, they stood just outside the stables, near the dwarfes and the boy, and two women arrived. One headed into the tavern, and one stepped gracefully out of a carriage, only to fall to the ground. A man soon entered the stables, coming out shortly after and helping the woman to her feet. Polite of him to assist a stranger.. Khel thought. She wondered why all the commotion so suddenly. Usually she wasn't a fan of crowds, her eyes narrowed as she observed it all from a fairly central location. She thought about going back into the stables for her belongings, as well.

Glancing back at Drexal, she wondered if he enjoyed crowds, or rather more lonely places. He hadn't seemed annoyed in the noisy tavern earlier, during their brief confrontation before Khel brought Fen and Phyth their drinks, but it was hard to read someone's expression when she was snapping at them so viciously. Khel smiled at the thought of their unusual meeting, and wondered why Drex allowed her to enjoy his company after such a meeting. She smiled to herself and wondered if he would rather find a room and sleep through the night, or continue speaking with her in a quieter place. She wondered if he was a people person, if he'd rather join in on another conversation, or sit amongst the crowd and continue their own.

Khel was actually a bit confused as all these thoughts poured in, out, and through her mind. She wondered why she cared so much what this man would prefer. Nevertheless, she would enjoy his answer much more than she wanted to make the decision herself, so she silently studied his face and awaited his answer.

[ooc: Drex, I'm not being impatient, I just wanted to recap and make sure I knew what was going on =)]

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Kel held his hand out until the woman accepted it, then gently pulled her up. She seemed quite out of place in the desert. It was a wonder her pale skin wasn't burnt red by the desert sun in her traveling. Nor did her clothing or bags look right. But it suddenly made sense after she told Kel her name.

His brow furrowed for a moment, as he remembered his past life, then the name clicked into place. The Lockharts were very well to do, he remembered that much. Richer and more important than his family. Part of him said to stay away, since her parents were higher class than his were. Not to mention he was nothing like that anymore. But instead Kel smiled a boyish smile, and gracefully took off his hat and bowed. Not an easy thing to do with a Psitta on his shoulder. "Lady Lockhart," he said as he bowed low, "indeed I have heard of your family. In fact, it would be hard not to. Who knows, perhaps our parents have met before."

"My name is Kelomin. Or Kel. And it would honor me greatly if you would call me by either of those names. Sir makes me sound old." Kel paused and waited for her to decide. "I assure you, m'lady, my intentions are entirely good."

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As the sun began its inevitable decent into the abbeys  casting long amber shadows across the sandy landscape the moon rose higher in the darkening sky. A lone robed figure appeared on foot approaching the outcropping of building just ahead of him. He leaned on the staff that was clasped firmly in his gloved right hand a bit tired from his trip across the dry landscape.

With his left hand he pulled back the hood of his dark red cloak that had provided some shade from the heat of the sun. Earlier that day he had tied two of the many black fabric handkerchiefs he carried together to form a covering for his pale face. Wetting the fabric to ensure that he did not find himself a casualty of the climates unforgiving warmth he had placed them so they covered his forehead and face leaving a tiny slit for his dark blue eyes to look out at the world through. Placing his staff in the crook of his left arm. With the darkening sky came welcome relief from his constant fear of exhaustion from the smoldering heat of the sun. "Better take this off," he thought as he removed the dark covering and rang out what little liquid remained onto the patched ground at his feet.

Carefully he placed his impromptu mask into the black leather satchel that draped from his left shoulder and rested on his right hip.  Grasping the staff again he absently ran his fingers through his raven black hair letting out a long sigh of relief.

Resting his wooden staff in the crook of his left arm again he placed his right hand  into the satchel and removed a cylindrical map case. Unfastening the brass clasp that held the cap in place and removed a sheet of paper from within its dark interior.

Still holding on to the case in his left hand he unrolled the document and began peering at the unfolded parchment, squinting his blue eyes in the dimming light.  “This should be it,” he said then rolled the document up again and placed it back inside its container.
Placing the tube back inside the bag he grasped the worn wooden staff in his hand and began walking with a slightly faster pace towards inviting glow of the tavern.

The Ximaxian Academy was a long way from where he was now and he had never dared travel this far south before. During the heat of the day he had stopped under the shade of an outcropping of rock to rest and take in the precious water he had brought with him.

“Only for you uncle,” he muttered under his breath as his stride brought him closer to a good nights sleep and hopefully some refreshing liquid and nourishment. The young man reached again into his satchel as if checking to make sure he still possessed something then removed his hand just as quickly. Satisfied that he still possessed the item that brought him on his errand  he allowed a faint  smile to cross his lips then looking around it vanished replaced with a look of concern.

He could see several figures moving against the diminishing rays of the sun and the yellow glow that made its way through the windows of the Thirsty Harold.  Not wanting to be a bother to the existing patrons and thinking about all the things that still must be completed he tried to silently pass by on his way to the welcoming door.

As he came closer he slowed his pace and looked cautiously about making sure he did inadvertently step into the path of those still outside the establishment lest he offend those around him.

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Post by: Ras on July 12, 2007, 07:05:52 AM
Gritting his teeth, Ras turned to face the stouter of the two dwarves, arms crossed over his chest as anger glimmered within his piercing grey eyes. As he squared his shoulders, the child straightened his back, rising to his full height of a ped and a palmspan, nonetheless towered over by even the dwarves. A low growl could be heard in his throat as his foot stomped upon the sand. With his chin thrust upward, his piping voice shouted his disdain.

"My clothes are betta than yers, dwarf!" The word dwarf was an insult as it fell from his lips, full of contempt even though the boy was still unsure as to what a dwarf actually was. Having his cheeks pinched only infuriated him even more, and he expressed his anger in a kick aimed at the shin of the green-clad dwarf. A moment later he pulled his head away from the other dwarf, undoubtedly losing a few crimson locks as his hair came free. Darting away, he dashed across the yard only to halt midway, his head cocked to one side as a thought occurred to him. Mischievously he grinned as he ran back to the dwarves, shouting loudly as he aimed a second kick at the dwarf, this time aiming for his rear. "And don't call me cute!"

The food the dwarf offered was momentarily forgotten, as were most things that passed through his young, flighty mind. After darting away to where the fancy lady and a man stood, Ras impatiently pulled on the hem of her dress as he spoke in his usual high-pitched, inquisitive tone, seemingly ignorant of the conversation between the two adults. "What's yer name? Yer purdy. I'm Mithiras, Ras for short. What's in the bag? Anything I can have? Are you married? Do you have any children? Do you want one?" He began to tap his foot impatiently as he waited to be answered.

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Post by: Salena smith on July 12, 2007, 07:24:43 AM
    Salena had maybe enough money to buy a few meals but than she would have to sleep outside. For she wouldn't have enough for a room. She didn't mind sleeping outside that night after all it was a nice night for sleeping under a tree. She'd never slept under a tree before but since she was out on her own now she figured she'd do it.  Salena waited to figure out what it was she wanted for dinner but decided to have a beer instead.  She bought her beer and went outside to look at the stars. She never had time to look up at the stars when she lived with her grandfather. She thought," What a beautiful sight it is out here. Why it will be a wonderful idea to sleep out here tonight I just hope it doesn't rain."  Then from the corner of her eye she seen a boy tugging at and asking questions to the young woman. His clothes looked old but he had no connection with her so she let him be.    By that time she went inside to finish her beer and maybe order a dinner plate.

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Post by: Letitia De Lockhart on July 12, 2007, 02:25:11 PM
Letitia looked curiously at the man as she tried hard to figure out where she knew his name from. “Kelomin, Kelomin, yes of course your Kelomin. I remember my governess spoke of you a few times. You’re that boy who loved magic. Oh when I was younger I used to so wish I could have seen one of your acts, she told me such marvellous things about the outside world. But by then I believe you had joined the military had you not.”

Letitia stopped for a short break just to catch her breath and at that precise moment a young boy came up and tugged on her dress. Letitia jumped just slightly in shock as she turned around and saw a young boy standing beside her, he seemed no older than 9 or even 8.

As the small boy began to bombard her with questions and statements Letitia looked delighted yet confused as she looked at the boy, then back at Kelomin and so on. As the boy started to stamp his feet on the ground as if he was getting rather inpatient waiting for answers, Letitia carefully bent down to her knees so she was at the same level as the boy to try and control his rather unseemly behaviour.

Letitia did not know many children but she had taken care of some children near where she lived a few times and it did not seem too hard. As Letitia got down to about the boys level she took a light grip on his arms so as to just try and slow him down for a moment so she could gather her thoughts. Then said, “Hello little one, so your name is Ras I believe you said”, then taking her hands away from his arms she continued, “My name is Letitia, it is very nice to meet you Ras and well to answer your other questions”. Letitia thought for just a moment of what to say then she carried on, “Why no Ras I do not believe there is anything of use to you in my bags, unless you want to dress in ladies clothes”. Letitia laughed gentle at the boy’s rather inquisitive nature.

“And know lets think what else did you ask, oh yes, no I am not married but I think you you will find you are far to young for me”, Letitia joked with the boy so as she did not seem to stern but still trying to keep the last of her dignity intact. “Also I do not have any children, but I suppose yes it would be nice to have one.”

Then standing back to her feet Letitia continued, “Actually speaking of children don’t you have your parents with you, or governess, or someone.” Letitia looked over to Kelomin looking slightly worried, “You cannot be on your own here, you are only a child, surely it is not safe.”

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Post by: Tifara Heike on July 12, 2007, 09:26:40 PM
Tifara was enjoying the warmth of the setting sun, basking in the glow of the natural sunlight. The purplish-red sky was slowly darkening to an almost-black shade.

Maybe I should go back to the tavern… After all, when it’s completely dark, I may not be able to find my way around. I’m a stranger around these parts!

Reluctantly, Tifara pulled herself off the ground and slowly strolled towards the tavern. However, she went around the long way, the way where you don’t pass the garden. She wanted to enjoy the outdoors for a longer while.

For Tifara, and perhaps Tifara alone, time seemed to be stopping. The sun seemed to be permanently stuck in the sky. Feeling that it had been sundrown for a long time, she decided to consult someone else’s opinion. Quickening her pace, she stepped inside the tavern. The tavern consisted of two new patrons – two humans, a male and a female.

The woman seems like a fellow nature lover. Guess I’ll approach her later. When I’ve finished my small talk with Samuel.

Tifara approached Samuel’s counter, where he was almost dozing off, due to the almost-silence of the tavern. A cheeky thought came into Tifara’s head, something kind of rare for Tifara ever since she started her archery training. As Samuel started snoring softly, Tifara gently tapped his head, then stuck her face beside his ears, and said, “Yoohoo!”

Well, she didn’t scream, but it was loud enough to wake Samuel up. “Wha..?!” Samuel opened his eyes almost immediately and swerved around. Fortunately, Tifara had moved away in the nick of time, and avoided being hit on her face.

Tifara slapped the counter with her palm and started laughing. Samuel looked at her, with an expression on his face that suggested that he didn’t know whether to reprimand Tifara or laugh together with her. Giving up, he said, “So, what do you want? Waking me up like this, you better have a good reason!” Samuel faked a threatening glare, and laughed.

Tifara was still laughing. She hadn’t had such a good time in years, except for when she was playing with the children around that big old Ashwood.

“Well, I just wanted to chat with you. I feeling kind of bored now.”

“Look behind you. There are two other bored people. Go socialise. I want to sleep. I’m tired! You don’t know how it feels to serve people for a whole day, and be woken up by someone who just wants to chat with you.”

“I will socialise with them! Just later. I want to ask you – don’t you think it’s been sunset for a long time? Or is it just me?”

“Just you, I guess. Don’t bother me anymore, unless you want any food or drinks.”

Samuel started yawning loudly, and Tifara heartlessly interrupted his yawn with a loud, “Oh, all right. Well, a Prickling Fruit and a Fruzail Sweet. Do you know that I’m wasting lots of money today?” Tifara placed 5 sans on the counter and walked off to the female human, leaving Samuel to doze off.

As she walked towards the woman, Lori rushed out, holding a tray with the drink and bread Tifara had ordered. “Here!”

“Ooh… yummy! Thanks!” Tifara smiled gratefully at Lori, who flashed a smile back. She was a nice girl. Lori then rushed back to the kitchen.

Tifara resumed her walk to the woman whom she hoped to make acquaintance with. As she approached the table, she smiled at the woman, and asked, “Hi! May I sit here?” She smiled sincerely and hoped the woman would say “Yes”.

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Post by: Salena smith on July 12, 2007, 10:10:27 PM
As she approached the table, she smiled at the woman, and asked, “Hi! May I sit here?”

   Just as Salena was sitting another women approached her “Hi!" and asked , "May I sit here?"   Salena smiled at the woman and replied, "Yes you may sit, I don't mind. Tell me ma'am are there always this many people around here ?"   
   Salena wondered if if was too soon to be asking questions but then thought maybe not. She was glad someone had noticed her and offered to sit.
  Then she waited for this woman's reply hoping that the answer would be just as she hoped.

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Post by: Gervase Bertrand on July 12, 2007, 11:49:06 PM
Finally arriving the wooden door he reached for the metal latch, “I sure hope there is an empty table,” he thought pushing the door inward.

The aroma of cooking food and the sound of conversation greeted his ears and for a moment he hesitated just inside the threshold. Nervously he continued to step inward onto the wooden floor with, his head facing down trying to draw as little attention as possible.

Carefully the mage closed the door behind him and looked almost sheepishly around the establishment then began walking to an empty table in the corner. Arriving at his destination he removed his satchel and placed it on the table. Resting his staff against the wall he glanced around to see if anyone was too concerned with his movements and began removing the Black gloves from his hands. Placing the garments inside his bag he then withdrew a rectangular object wrapped in soft black fabric. Taking care he sat the wooden quill case that was hid within the handkerchief on the table and positioned it to the right of where he would be sitting.

He reached in again and removed another rectangular object wrapped in a similar black fabric. Taking care not to make noise he placed a leather bound book down then moved the bag towards the wall.

Finally Gervase removed the cloak from off his shoulders and placed it over the back of his chair then sat down releasing a sigh as he did. For a moment he closed his eyes and allowed a feeling of calm to overshadow his concerned countenance and rested both hands on the hard wooden surface of the table in front of him.

“Relax Gervase, no one cares if you write in your silly journal,” he muttered softly to himself then opened his eyes.

Slightly startled he looked over to his left and saw a woman standing next to him, “must be the bar maid he thought,” then nodded and smiled.

“Hello sir,” the woman offered, “my name is Lori may I help you.”

She seemed friendly and that helped to ease the unsettled nerves of the young mage. Remembering other experiences at similar establishments he was quite relieved at her politeness.

“Yes madam, “ Gervase said still trying to smile, "Might I have some water, in a mug please and could you tell me about your wines?”

“Certainly sir,” the woman offered, “we have a nice Tulimon Grape Wine you might enjoy for four sans.”

“Very well,” he said nodding his approval, "and what do you suggest for a hungry traveler to eat?”
The dark haired mage felt rather pleased with himself. Meeting new people was something he had never learned to enjoy but so far he had managed to order a drink and ask about a meal without making a complete fool of himself. “on second thought you can surprise me.”  Gervase was shocked at his own growing confidence. Normally he kept to himself in his cubical at the library or in his room and seldom ventured out to grab a morsel at an establishment, but tonight he felt a little more adventurous.

Nodding her head the women disappeared in the direction of the kitchen. 

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Post by: Ras on July 13, 2007, 03:46:28 AM
The smile faded as Ras was called little yet again. No matter how vehemently he argued, everyone always insisted that he was little! He was just as big and strong as anyone else, no one else had the sense to see that. Rising up on his tiptoes, he lifted himself up until his eyes were level with Letitia's forehead as she knelt, as if to prove that he was taller than her. Pouting as he bit into his lower lip, he muttered, "I'm not little."

Quick as a flash of lightening, the smile returned as the pretty lady continued speaking, illuminating his filthy face with merriment. As his grey eyes roamed over her fair features, admiring her lovely brown eyes and pale pink lips, a grin seemed to stretch from one ear to the other. A soft sigh fell from his lips as he looked upon her blonde curls, absentmindedly reaching up to caress them, yet she chose that moment to stand. Smiling up at her, he idly twisted one foot in the sand as he spoke. "I like your name, its purdy. Yer purdy too, and I like you."

He scowled at the mention of parents, staring down at his feet as he mumbled a response, "I don't need no parents. Father wanted to sell Cloud, but he's mine!" Staring back up at Letitia once more, he crossed his arms over his chest and spoke angrily, "And you can't have him." As Ras settled down once more, he seemed to forget entirely about his parents as he grinned up at Letitia. Thrusting  his hand into one of his pockets, his fingers wrapped around the object he sought, pulling it forth as he spoke excitedly. "I have a present for you Letia!" Reaching with one hand, he attempted to grab her wrist as his other hand came forward, intending to drop his offering into her open palm. From his fingers dangled a dead field mouse, no doubt deceased for several weeks.

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Post by: Letitia De Lockhart on July 13, 2007, 04:28:56 AM
Ras tried to hold Letitia’s wrist as he reached into his pocket as if he was going to give her something. Letitia looked curiously to try and catch a glimpse of what he was holding, so it would not be too much off a shock when it was put in her hand. Just as Ras opened his hand from his fingers Letitia saw dangling a small dead creature that seemed to be a mouse. Just the moment she saw this, Letitia yelped, sort of like a short scream but she did not want to make too much of a scene and pulled her hand instantly away.

As the small boy still held out the dead rodent Letitia stumbled backwards and said trying to sound as honest as possible, “Why thank you for the kind offer of a gift. But how about this you can keep that, I surely could not accept it and how about we go inside and watch some magic yes.” Letitia then turned back to Kelomin and asked kindly with a big smile, “Well would you mind showing us some of your amazing magic. I would absolutely adore seeing some.”

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Post by: Kel the Great on July 13, 2007, 07:50:16 AM
Kel looked about for a moment, being confused by the sudden, high pitched voice. He looked down at the young boy and smiled, watching him ask Letitia numerous questions. He repressed the urge to ask some annoying questions of his own, then turned somber after Letitia asked the boy where his parents were. Apparently she had led a sheltered life.

The boy barely skipped a beat, when he began asking more questions. Kel noticed he could barely take his eyes off of Letitia. He leaned in close, trying to see what he was giving her. Seeing it was a mouse, Kel cringed, waiting for the inevitable scream. Thankfully it didn't come, and Letitia handled it smoothly. Kel listened to her question, then paused for a moment. Suddenly an odd look passed his face, and he shook his head strangely. Reaching his hand up, Kel pulled a something out of his ear. He held out his palm to reveal one san on it.

Suddenly Kel closed his mouth, his face looking odd again. He reached a hand into  his mouth, then pulled it out, holding another san. Looking at the them strangely, Kel turned his head to Letitia. He looked at her for a moment, then pulled another san out of her right ear. He moved over, then finally pulled another coin out of her left ear. Kneeling down to the boy, Kel dropped all four sans onto the ground, one by one. "Here you go," he said, smiling, "buy some food. Someone as big as you needs it."

"And now," Kel said as he stood up and turned to Letitia, "something for the lady?" Searching through all his pockets, Kel pulled out a red handkerchief and held it out for a moment, the turned it around, showing it off. Just a plain red handkerchief. He held out his other hand, showing there was nothing in it. He held it up and made it into a fist, then placed the handkerchief over it. "Now, I could give you this," Kel said, motioning with one hand at the cloth, "but I'd rather give you...This!" He pulled the handkerchief off as he said it, to reveal a brown desert rose in his hand.

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Post by: Thorgas Ironforge on July 13, 2007, 01:04:02 PM
Thorgas winced in pain as the small child kicked his shin. It was really not painful since the kick came from a small child, but undoubtedly it caused discomfort for the old dwarf. He bent down and inspected the afflicted part of his body, and was kicked again, this time in the rear, by the boy. The dwarf stumbled forward and buried his face on the desert floor. The sorcerer lied flat on his back and flopped around as he tried to stand up, like an overturned turtle. Memories of what happened earlier came back to him, when Fen and Phyth both played a trick on him. He was in this position too, flopping around like a fish out of water. And then he remembered everything, from slamming hard on his back to him launching the fireballs to them. He became nervous about what happened after that, and made a note to himself to check on the human once he was inside the tavern. Surely the flaming spheres must have missed, for the Herald is still standing.

After a few struggling moments, he finally sat up, wheezing and panting for breath. He was not used to working out, especially one as tiresome as that. He looked at his brother and let out a smile and an audible sigh of relief. "At least the noisy brat is gone," He said. He kneeled down to pick up the bag of dried venison that he dropped and limped back to where Buri was lying down. The pig, obviously undisturbed by the racket the little boy made, is still fast asleep, his hind leg raised up and his snout twitching. Thorgas sat down and took out his pipe. He placed a few mint smelling leaves inside the pipe and lit it. He motioned to his brother to sit down with him and perhaps smoke a few leaves before dinner. Now at last, he could enjoy the peaceful evening.

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"Please, if you have any ideas, spit them out! I am at a loss. If you would like to acquire a room and turn in, do not let me hinder you, only allow me to take it as a great insult."

Drex grinned at Khel.  "The very last thing I want to do is insult you."    He laughed good naturedly and winked at her.  "I know how angry you can get."

He looked out the stable doors and saw how much activity was now happening at the inn. "Things are picking up.  Should we go inside and see what is happening?  Perhaps you can find some wares to buy or sell.  Maybe you and I and Bristol can get us a real adventure set up."

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Post by: Tifara Heike on July 13, 2007, 06:49:01 PM
The woman replied, smiling, “Yes you may sit, I don't mind. Tell me ma’am are there always this many people around here?”

Tifara set the tray on the table, and pulled out a chair. As she sat down, she replied, “Well, there is usually much activity around the tavern, and in the tavern, too. My name’s Tifara. May I know yours?”

Tifara took a bite of her Fruzail Sweet, enjoying the feeling of the sweet fruit sauce going down her throat, and the crisps of the flaky bread in her mouth. After she had chewed and swallowed the bit she had bitten off, she continued, “And if you want to buy anything, just go to the counter and tell Samuel. Or if you see Lori anywhere around, just talk to her.”

From the corner of her eye, she spotted Lori conversing with a young man, then rushing off back to the kitchen. That girl sure is busy. I still wonder why that Samuel is sleeping.

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Post by: Gervase Bertrand on July 13, 2007, 10:16:50 PM
Gervace glanced back at his table and began thinking, “now let us see, I have my diary, quill case and…,” he shook head and let out a sigh.  “I always seem to be forgetting something,” he muttered under his breath then reached into his leather satchel again. Retrieving another rectangular object wrapped in yet another black handkerchief he placed the well-polished paper box on the table beside the quill case.

 His thoughts drifted away for a moment to the time the two wooden objects on the table and the staff that still rested against the table at his side was given him. He remembered how disappointed he was about receiving them, not because he did now wish to posses such items but because he knew it meant an end to the many hours of study he had enjoyed at his parents lovely home and the beginning of his career as a merchant with his father. He was wrong of course but nonetheless the memory remained.

The mage tilted his head to the side and smiled; this time a sincere one then folded the handkerchief and returned it to his satchel. He opened the leather bound book in front of him and flipped through the pages to the first blank sheet then turned his attention to the quill case.

The brass latch clicked open and he folded back the lid revealing the contents. In the font of the case sat the carefully carved brass ink well securely resting within the black velvet lining of the case. He removed the cap from the well and then picked up one of the white feather quills and placed the tip into the black liquid.

Removing the sharp pointed writing instrument from the well he began writing in his customary neat and calligraphic style. “It has been a long hot journey and I am glad that tonight I will be able to enjoy the pleasure of a soft clean bed, barring any unforeseen event.”

Gervase’s concentration was broken by a small gust of wind.  The smiling bar maid, Lori, had returned to his table carrying a tray bearing his mug of water and a freshly poured glass of wine. She placed them neatly to his left and waited patiently.

“You have to pay silly,” the mage thought, “and you better tip good too, remember that last time.”  He reached under his girdle and retrieved his coin purse. Removing six sans and placed them quietly on the ladies tray. The mage nodded and smiled up at her, “thank you miss,” he added and watched as she quickly disappeared to continue her duties.

“Now where was I,” the dark haired mage thought then returned to his writings. “The service at The Thirsty Harold is much better than I expected and the atmosphere is more pleasant than I had expected by the tale my uncle had told me abut his experiences. I think he might have exaggerated to make the telling more interesting. I plan to stay here a few days and recover from my long walk in the desert sun before heading to Strata. This errand he has sent me on I believe was designed to get me out of my cubical for a while and perhaps he hoped the exercise would improve my constitution.” He smiled as he wrote the last sentence and paused to look up for a moment.

Gervase could hear the conversation of the two women sitting a few tables away from him in the background but was not overly concerned with the clatter of voices. “Quite southing actually,” he thought, “perhaps I should get out a bit more often.”

He could see the resting man behind the counter trying to grab a few winks before the evening’s crowd arrived and he felt a little sorry for him. “Not a very mentally stimulating occupation I imagine,” he thought then shrugged his shoulders.

Picking up the mug with his left hand he took a sip of the clear liquid that jostled a little as he raised it to his lips. It felt good and refreshing as it coated his mouth and throat even if the flavor was different than that at the university.

Sitting the mug gently back on the table he absently smoothed the long red sleeves of his robe then took in a sigh returned to his writing.

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Post by: Salena smith on July 14, 2007, 12:45:20 AM
As she sat down, she replied, “Well, there is usually much activity around the tavern, and in the tavern, too. My name's Tifara. May I know yours?”

   "Why yes my name is Salena.", Salena smiled and said.  She was happy someone decided to sit and talk with her. In a way Salena was still a little worried, for she'd never been this far from home and never seen so many people. Just then Tifara said while taking a bite out of something,"And if you want to buy anything, just go to the counter and tell Samuel. Or if you see Lori anywhere around, just talk to her.”   Salena wondered other then food what else would she buy. She replied back,"Thank you Tifara, I will."  Salena thought Tifara was such a nice person and so kind for noticing her and hoped they would become friends.  "Tell me, do you live around here Tifara?,"asked Salena. Just as she asked that question she put her head down and looked embarrassed hoping she wasn't getting too personal, she didn't want to seem nosy.

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Post by: Vesk Lyricahl on July 14, 2007, 03:10:53 AM
His hands lightly passed over the wood of the bar, calloused fingers tracing its grain, as his head slowly rose, dark eyes blinking as Vesk awoke from his reverie. Tenderly he wiped the last remaining tears from his cheeks, glancing about for the elfess responsible for helping him to the bar as his mind succumbed to the sorrows of years past. Where she had gone, he did not know, but he remained thankful nonetheless. Darkness would consume his mind in those moments that the memories took hold, gripping him with iron-like strength as his very soul fled the present moment. Eternal his grief was as the lonesome rover mourned the death of his beloved wife, dreaming of her each night and awaking to memories of her each morn.

As he stood, each bone in his body seemed to creak in protest from hours of remaining motionless, his body forgotten as his mind wandered. His neck creaked in turn as he bent his head first one way then the other. The muscles along his shoulders and arms rippled as Vesk shrugged off the vest, removing it to prevent it from hampering his movement. No sooner had it been laid upon the barstool did he launch his entire body into a back flip, driven by the force of his arms as his feet left the floor. Landing upon the palms of his hands, he balanced on first his right hand and then the left, stretching each of his arms in turn. After pushing off from the floor, performing a backward somersault in midair, he landed on his feet once more, nonchalant about performing such feats just to stretch neglected muscles.

With his torso bare, the tattoos upon his back and arm were evident, the first marking him as a Black Butterfly Rover as the wings of a butterfly spread over his back in nor’sidian ink. And the second attested to his heritage as an Eyelian of the Eagle Clan, the talons of an eagle inscribed onto his flesh with black ink. Long ago he had abandoned both his clan and his band, yet Vesk was not ashamed to have their marks upon his body, incorporated into his very identity as they were.

The shrill cry of a falcon arose from his lips as he cast his gaze skyward as though seeking the majestic pair of falcons that often accompanied him. In only moments his cry was answered by two more cries, each emanating from a different beak. As one the two myrddin falcons dove through the open doorway of the tavern, as graceful in their aerial stunts as their Eyelian companion in his. As Vesk raised one arm, the larger of the two falcons settled onto his black bracer, her talons gripping the leather as the tiercel flew into the rafters, setting on one as he watched his mate. Slender fingers stroked the head of the falcon as Vesk crooned to her in her own language, the shrill language of falcons. Thrusting his arm higher into the air, the falcon flew from his arm as she ascended to join her mate, the two of them settling in for the night.

Settling back onto the barstool, his vest absentmindedly stuffed into his pack, Vesk reached for the dagger at his hip, pulling it forth as his fingers danced along the handle, tracing the black butterfly carved into the wood. A labor of love this dagger had been as his beloved Raelyn crafted it for him. Remorse entered his mind then, regretting not paying more attention to the lessons in its use, as it was the one thing he still possessed that had been graced by his love’s touch. But it was his longbow that he had always favored, his gaze finding it now as it leaned against the nearby wall, accompanied by his quiver of arrows. Maybe one day he would learn to use the dagger with more skill, for now it remained little more than a sharp edge that reminded him of his late wife.

Hunger rumbled within his stomach then, reminding him that he had yet to join his beloved in the next life, that the spark of life still burned within his corporeal form. It occurred to him that he had only to ignore the needs of his body to look upon his beloved once more, but the memory of his sweet Nyssa dispelled any such thoughts. Slapping ten sans onto the bar, Vesk whistled shrilly to awake the dozing bartender Samuel. Groggily the man opened his eyes, glaring at the latest disturbance to his slumber. “Finally awake I see. I’d suggest trying to go back to sleep; I’m trying to myself. Never can get a wink of sleep in this place though.”

“Two bowls of Thyrón chowder please and some Tulimon grape wine to accompany them.” It seemed that no sooner had he spoken that Lori was there, setting first one bowl then the other onto the bar, placing a mug of wine next to them as she deftly swept up the coins. With a smile and a curtsy, she was gone once more. Setting the dagger to one side on the bar, Vesk set into the chowder with gusto, nearly starved from his journey across the Rahaz-Dath, occasionally sipping the wine as he ate.

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Post by: Gervase Bertrand on July 14, 2007, 05:46:45 AM
The mage could not help but hear the shrill call coming from bar area. Near the bar a man was standing, his vest draped over a bar stool. Naked to the waist he could see his muscular body decorated with tattoos that Gervase had only read briefly about in his studies. Moments later two more cries could be heard from outside the establishment.

As the young mage pondered what as going on the majestic birds of pray fluttered quickly through the taverns open door. The breeze created by their massive wings gently moved his dark locks as they soured upwards and came to rest on the wooden rafters above.

He thought about the many things he still had to learn about the world he lived in, about the peoples and places he had never been to and wondered if he ever would. As an assistant librarian he was afforded opportunities to travel but mostly with a short distance of Ximax. Never before had he ventured this far southward and he was pleased with himself for doing it.

Fighting his fear of the heat and the sun he had journeyed to this tavern in the desert. Soon he would have to travel to the city beyond but for now he was content to be where he was.

Out of the corners of his blue eyes he caught the movements of the barmaid as he brought his evening feast.  Quickly he rested his quill in one of the three holes designed for that purpose. He removed a blotting sheet from his box of paper and placed over the still wet ink then closed the book and pushed it gently aside. He closed the cap on the ink well so it would not dry out then turned and smiled at the woman still standing near him.

Lori placed a large steaming bow directly in front of him. He could see the wild rice floating in the thin broth and smell the rich aroma as it wafted its way to him. Next to the bowl was place a plate bearing a rectangular slice from a loaf that the man had never seen before. He could smell the spices that mingled with browned meat and furrowed his brow with a feeling of uncertainty.

“The soup smells delicious Lori,” Gervase said attempting to smile up at the woman, “but could you tell me what is the loaf that is on the plate?”

“Aberan Loaf,” the barmaid said with a sly grin.

“Oh,” he said before reaching for the utensils she had brought.

He started to hover over the soup with a spoon then the thought occurred to him, “you have to pay her you fool.”

Sheepishly he placed the spoon down and reached into my coin purse. Taking out twelve san Gervase placed them neatly on her serving tray adding coyly, “there are no feathers in my soup are there?” It was meant in jest and the barmaid seemed to take it as such.

“Thank you,” she said with a big grin ignoring my poor taste in humor and headed back to serve the other customers.

“Better start putting things away,” he thought and took the quill out of its rest and laid it down inside the boxes interior. He closed the case and then turned to the paper box making it was ready to be put away. Reaching into the satchel the dark haired mage retrieved a black handkerchief and carefully wrapped the quill case and placed it neatly into the bag. Gervase took another handkerchief and wrapped the paper box then placed it gently inside the satchel.

Removing the blotting paper from his book he closed the tome and reached into the bag for another handkerchief. After wrapping his treasured book he placed it with his other items in his satchel.

“Now that that is finished I can eat,” he said in a low voice to himself and picked up the spoon again.

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Post by: Letitia De Lockhart on July 14, 2007, 06:37:32 AM
As Letitia finished asking her question of Kelomin his face seemed to go quite odd when he shook his head in a rather strange manner. Then as Letitia watched intently due to her becoming slightly concerned as too his health at that moment, Kelomin lifted his hand to his ear as he seemed to pull out a small object which looked to Letitia quite like 1 san, and as she got a closer look her suspicions were confirmed.
Although Letitia was already smiling gracefully she seemed too almost glow with joy, like a young child when she realised what he had done and clapped her hands together in applause. But that was not the end of it.

While Letitia was still smiling brightly Kelomin yet again revealed another coin, although this time from his mouth. “Oh wow that is brilliant”, Letitia laughed with glee. Then Kelomin seemed to turn to Letitia as he looks strangely at her for a time before pulling out another san from behind her right ear and followed that with a coin out of her left ear as well.

Letitia watched as Kelomin leaned down to Ras and one by one he dropped all four coins to the ground in front of him. He told Ras to buy some food with the money he had been given. Letitia kept looking at Kelomin as he stood up and said to him, “That was absolutely wonderful of you, thank you, I appreciate the kindness you have shown to me and I am sure so does Ras”.

Then as Kelomin turned his attention back to Letitia he said, “And now, something for the Lady.” Letitia giggled as Kelomin then pulled a red handkerchief from his pocket and showing that nothing was in his hand he turned it into a fist placing the handkerchief gently over it.

Kelomin then continued, “Now I could give you this”, he stopped for a moment. Then whilst pulling the handkerchief slowly of his hand he continued, “But I’d rather give you… This”, he finished as from his hand was revealed a beautiful brown desert rose.

“Wow, it’s beautiful, that is so sweet of you,” Letitia thanked Kelomin for the kind gesture. The rose graced Letitia’s hand as she gratefully accepted it; she looked admirably at the perfectly carved rose down to the very last petal it seemed to Letitia a work of art.

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Khel laughed with Drex, glad he was good natured as well. He said "Things are picking up.  Should we go inside and see what is happening?  Perhaps you can find some wares to buy or sell.  Maybe you and I and Bristol can get us a real adventure set up." Khel nodded in agreement and continued toward the Tavern. It seemed the child was now occupied with another man and woman. Once inside, Khel noticed there was a man sitting at the bar, as were two woman, chatting together. A lone man sat eating soup at a nearby table. The man at the bar let out a cry, a backflip, and was joined by beautiful birds of prey. Eagle clan? Khel thought, That's the clan I believe I may be from.. she smiled slightly at the man settled again, ordering food. A sense of comraderie with him overcame her, but instead of continuing towards him, she turned back to Drexal.

In situations like this many emotions overcame Khel. One, much too overpowering, was irritation. She instinctively, after being alone for so long, hated crowded places. Her first instinct was to run. To close herself in her room and sleep until morning came and she could travel again. But, of course, being the merchant she was, she needed crowded marketplaces, towns, cities, courts, to mingle in. She needed to create allies, as well as enemies, so she could have constant business and therefore a constantly jangling purse. Looking around the tavern again, sizing up each of it's inhabitants, she highly doubted any of these were the owner of any amount of trade-worthy goods. Sometimes she was wrong, but rarely, as she had an eye for people of that sort, as was her business. The man with the journal.... was a possibility, but, as he was writing, she doubted it even more. Usually, merchants were gruff types, none of which would be in a tavern happily chatting away. The Eyelian looked like an acrobat.. the other man an entertainer of sorts... the woman and child were obvious. The dwarves, well, Khel honestly knew nothing about dwarves. She surveyed them all from just inside the Tavern, and turned to Drexal again, deep in thought.

Who, she wondered, would hire a sword. She knew nothing of that business either. Her mind seemed completely closed to anything but her own work, and she furrowed her brow, frowning at the thought that she was so uneducated. Khel felt uncomfortable in the situation, full room of people, and her so unaware of what she was looking for in regards to Drex. Sighing much too audibly, she thought of ordering a beer. Pulling her hair back, she got it off her shoulders and away from her face, which was slightly flushed. Her eyes were dark. She looked at Drex, "I'll definitely have better odds in the city, but we can ask around for your benefit." She smiled at him, "If your work leads us to another city, I'd be happy to follow and look for work elsewhere. I'm not too worried just yet."

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Ras watched enthralled as the man pulled first one san out of his ear and then another from his mouth. His gaze turned, wide-eyed, as the man drew forth a coin from each of Letia's ears. By now the child was nearly jumping up and down in excitement, his grin stretching from one ear to the other. As soon as the coins dropped onto the ground, Ras swept them up with one hand, dropping them into one of his many pockets, dashing off without another word. In midstride he turned, halfway across the yard, as he shouted back to the man. "Thanks Mister!"

In the next moment he darted through the doorway of the tavern, dodging one table after another, never slowing. After almost running headfirst into the bar, he clambered onto one barstool and then climbed onto the bar itself, sitting cross-legged as he whined to the bartender. "I wants food! I gots monies and all, I swear."

His small fingers then dipped into one pocket after another, searching for the money as he emptied each in turn. First to be placed upon the bar was the dead field mouse, followed by a piece of glass and then a bead. From another pocket he drew forth two black feathers and a bird's egg. Next to be revealed was a piece of string and a stone worn smooth by a river. Finally his questing fingers found the four sans and placed them on the bar alongside the rest of his prized possessions. After watching this display Samuel grumbled, "I suppose I can feed you, but I refuse to be paid in dead mice." Turning his head, the bartender called into the kitchen, "Lori! Feed this youngster the meal of the day."

Assured that his food was on the way, Ras leaped off the bar after carefully gathering all of his things, placing them all back in his pockets as he raced across the tavern floor. Apparently the child learned to run but not walk. His feet unerringly led him to one man seated alone at a table, dressed in a mostly red robe. Standing behind the man, Ras looked over his shoulder as his fingers lightly brushed along the fabric of the robe. "I like yer robe. It's red like my coat!"

Cocking his head to one side, Ras curiously glanced at the book, his feet slowly shuffling him closer to it. As he reached out with one hand to open it, he turned his head to look at the man, asking quietly, "Can I read it? Please? I won't tell nobody else." Nevermind that he didn't know how to read, he still had an overwhelming desire to know everything about everyone.

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Salena smiled and said, “Why yes my name is Salena.” In reply to Tifara’s remark on buying food, she said, “Thank you Tifara, I will.” Salena paused for a moment, then continued, “Tell me, do you live around here Tifara?” Suddenly, she looked down at the table and looked embarrassed.

Tifara smiled and replied, “Well, I don’t live around here – I live near Voldar, in Ránndar. That’s near the Thaelon, which is a big forest. What about you?”

Tifara then sipped her Prickling Fruit, which gave her tongue a tingling sensation. The Thirsty Herald sure has some weird tasting food. But they sure are nice!

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Post by: Salena smith on July 14, 2007, 02:25:17 PM
Tifara smiled and replied, “Well, I don't live around here – I live near Voldar, in Ránndar. That's near the Thaelon, which is a big forest. What about you?”

"Really, well I live in Milkengrad, it's North West from here I believe. It was the capital of Centoraurian.  I'm not very good at direction sorry," replied Salena.   Salena wondered if it'd be alright to ask why she was out here but then thought maybe not. For all she knew it was personal and she didn't want to know everything at once. It would take all the fun out of their future friendship.

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“Really, well I live in Milkengrad, it's North West from here I believe. It was the capital of the Centoraurians.  I'm not very good at direction, sorry,” replied Salena.

For a while, there was an awkward silence. Tifara drank till half of her glass of her Prickling Fruit was gone. Then, she broke the silence by saying, “So, are you going to buy any food?

She looked over to the counter, and saw that Samuel had finally woken up. Ahh… finally. Now that poor girl won’t have to rush around.

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"I'll definitely have better odds in the city, but we can ask around for your benefit." She smiled at him, "If your work leads us to another city, I'd be happy to follow and look for work elsewhere. I'm not too worried just yet."

The inn was a far different place it had been when he and Khel had left it to go on their walk.  Drex glanced about, to all the new faces that were there.  People from all over the land were here.  Different clothing styles definitely set apart the various tribes that were gathered here. 

A man was writing at a table, stopping only to receive his meal, the child the dwarves had been entertaining was now being enthralled by a man who was pulling money from several places that money should NOT be found, there were women talking at another table, and another man walking on his hands.

"Perhaps we should sit."  Drexal grabbed a chair at an empty table and held it out for Khel.  It was then that two large birds of prey swooped through the inn's doorway.  One landed on the acrobat's arm, the other took a position on a beam overhead.  Drex stared hard at the bird above him.  It was fascinating, in its dangerous beauty.  Drex held out his arm, as he saw the acrobat do, and began to make clicking noises.  "Here bird.  Come here bird."

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Drexal looked around the tavern as well, obviously noticing the differences and observing the many people as Khel was. She wondered if maybe he was sizing up their usefullness to him? She looked intently at his face, but he gave nothing away. Instead, he said, "Perhaps we should sit." and held out a chair for her. Khel sat, smiling appreciatively at Drex, and then he noticed the birds.

"Here bird. Come here bird." Drex coaxed, making the same movements of the Eyelian man.

Khel watched him curiously, wondering if he was serious. She was very convinced the birds would not come to him, let alone her, although she did belong to the same tribe as the man. Suddenly, she let out a fit of giggles, which turned into full out laughter. Quickly covering her mouth, her eyes were wide and bright with hilarity.

"Sorry," she choked out, still uneasy--she might start laughing again, "D.. do you want something to drink?" I asked, keeping my face down. Although she was keen to speak with this Eyelian man, Khel wasn't sure this was the way she wanted to go about it.

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As Vesk swallowed the last of his chowder, he nearly choked on it, surprised to hear a non Eyelian call out to one of the falcons. A wry smile graced his features as he turned around on the barstool, slowly looking from the man to the falcon, a light chuckle arising from his lips. Not only had the man chosen to call a wild falcon, he chose the wilder of the two, the tiercel whom even Vesk had no hope of taming.

A shrill, piercing cry emanated from the Eyelian's lips as the falcon replied in turn, shifting his weight from one talon to the other and back again, glaring balefully at the stranger. A rapid exchange then ensued between Eyelian and falcon, the man calm whereas the bird remained agitated. At the end of it all Vesk watched amusedly as the falcon dove from the beam, not aiming for the man's outstretched arm but for his hair instead. With a flutter of wings the tiercel returned to his perch alongside his mate, preening his feathers as if satisfied with the outcome.

The grin remained upon his face as Vesk spoke to the tall stranger who easily towered over him. "Be glad I convinced him thine eyes were too pretty to gouge out. Thou wouldst be advised to forgo conversing with wild beasts unless ye possess the knowledge of the Eyelian people." Cocking his head to one side, Vesk gazed upon the man's companion, curiosity writ in his facial features. His eyes roamed her figure, searching for a tattoo to indicate to which clan she belonged, for she did possess the look of his people.

The clothes she wore were not those of his kindred, nor did she hold herself as one that had been raised close to nature. Most confusing of all was the lack of a tattoo, as every Eyelian possessed one, no matter which of the three clans they hailed from. His gaze idly wandered to his own tattoo, fingers lightly tracing the outspread talons of the eagle. She could belong to his very clan, but then it was just as likely that she was of the Wolf or Bear clans instead. In fact, he doubted that she was of the Eagle clan like him, for her words seemed to lack the confidence evident in each word and movement of any member of his clan.

Long had the years been since he had last looked upon one of his kind. And now he was not even sure if the woman before him was Eyelian, unsure if her features merely resembled those of the Eyelian people or not. He had long since abandoned his people in favor of the life of a rover and could only assume that they abandoned him in turn. All that remained of his people within him were memories and the remnants of an identity as one of them.

Vesk idly sipped his wine as he gazed about the room, curiously watching each patron in turn, but his gaze always lingered on the one woman as she was the most like him. Not even the tall man with the audacity to call one of the falcons interested him as much; there would always be those that could not understand the ways of his people.

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Post by: Drexal ben Putin on July 15, 2007, 04:23:19 AM
 "D.. do you want something to drink?"

It was obvious that Khel was finding hilarity in what he was doing, so he looked down at her and smiled.  "An ale, just as soon as I -"  Drexal was cut off by the sudden approach of the bird which dove at him, talons outstretched in a dangerous attack.

Drex dove to the floor and the bird passed by him, and came to rest near the other bird.  Drex climbed to his feet and immediately reached for his ponytail, his pride and joy.  He breathed a sigh of relief to find all his locks still there, tightly bound in the leather thong.

"Be glad I convinced him thine eyes were too pretty to gouge out. Thou wouldst be advised to forgo conversing with wild beasts unless ye possess the knowledge of the Eyelian people."  The short man who was obviously in command of the falcons stepped forward.

Drex glanced from him, back to the bird, then back to the man.  "You can talk to them?"  He looked back to the falcon, and Drex narrowed his eyes.  "Then tell him it is a good thing that I have eaten already this night."  He then saw how Khel was barely able to control her laughter and he too saw the humour in the situation.  Drexal began to laugh graciously.

He reached out and slapped the stranger on the shoulder.  "Ack!  There was no harm, my little friend!  Let you buy me my next ale."  Drex gestured at the table he and Khel were about to share.  "Join with us.  I am Drexal ben Putin, of the Kuglimz.  This is Khel, my new friend, and perhaps business partner.  Come, you must tell me the magic behind the animal speech."

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Then, she broke the silence by saying, “So, are you going to buy any food?

Salena replied to Tifara,"Well I don't know I don't want to throw all my money away all at once. I only have enough money for a few meals but I'm not that hungry at the moment. What about you??"

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Post by: Khel on July 15, 2007, 08:19:08 AM
"An ale, just as soon as I-" Drex was interrupted as he seemed to be gettng the attention he wanted from the bird. Khel's smile faded a little in a moment of disbelief, but the Eyelian man called the bird off, just as she had expected. He then said, "Be glad I convinced him thine eyes were too pretty to gouge out. Thou wouldst be advised to forgo conversing with wild beasts unless ye possess the knowledge of the Eyelian people." That drove Khel into a fit of laughter again. I find hilarity in the strangest things.. she thought to herself, her eyes sparkling delightfully.

The Eyelian man's eyes fell on her, then. Not unfriendly, those dark, piercing eyes bore into her, and she fidgeted, uncomfortable in her seat. She supposed he was wondering at her familiarity, as she did at his. She looked him over, he wasn't tall--she might be a tiny bit taller than he, his brown hair wavy, his eyes resembled her own.. without the purple of course. His shoulders were broad, and she guessed also that he was agile and fully aware of his physical skills as she was herself. He had the tattoo of the Eagle Clan, one she lacked. She found herself suddenly blazing with envy, wishing she had somehow belonged with her people. Unfortunately, she was as lost to them as they were to her. Although... she also felt pride welling up inside her as he studied her, wondering if maybe she resembled her people enough for him to notice they were kin.

She was also overly aware that she hardly resembled any "normal" Eyelian. She may have the deep features, but she didn't wear the customary clothing, she didn't have tattoos or markings, and she didn't wear any jewelry as other Eyelian women did. She was, though, keenly in touch with nature. Traveling and camping in the forest she was more at home than the most high end of taverns. She was self conscious, as this man seemed very in touch with his heritage and the tradition of his people. On the other hand.. she left home so early, she had little him to notice heritage or tradition. She shook her head, trying feebly to clear her thoughts.

As Drex seemed astonished that he could speak with the birds, he offered to buy him ale, Khel chose to speak, "Then you'll be able to buy my ale, partner." She flashed Drexal a quick wink and a grin, slapping his back in jest, but thought a few coins i