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Title: Brok's Rest.(Nyermersis)
Post by: Capher on January 29, 2006, 01:11:23 AM
Resting north of the hospital stands Brok's Rest, one of the finest establishments Nyermersys can offer to weary travelers. The taverns near immaculate walls are a welcoming change from the tarnished buildings occupying most of the city and its windows glow merrily. As you open the door the scents of several different wines, ales and other beverages drift into the street, mingled with the aroma of fresh meals prepared for visiting patrons.

Inside, the heavy set tender chats casually with several customers seated at the bar, using a dishtowel to wipe glasses clean as several waitresses hurry to and from the kitchen with orders of food and drinks. Occasionally one pauses to speak with a boy milling about near the kitchen door, but not for long. The crowd itself is not especially large, although it is enough to keep the workers from having too much time for themselves.

As you look to find a seat you note the room is lit up quite well, the bright lamps not leaving a single place cloaked in shadow.


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Title: Re: Brok's Rest.(Nyermersis)
Post by: Capher on February 13, 2006, 10:30:23 AM
Lycheus liked Brok's Rest. It was a far cry better than Arth's Spot in Voldar.  Lycheus never knew why everyone seemed to prefer Arth's when there were better tended and more luxurious inns in Voldar, much like this one.  He quickly changed why Sgt Henderson waited outside his room.  It took most of the money that Lycheus grabbed before he fled Voldar to pay for the room, but he assumed he would be compensated by the Earl.  He probably would even be put up in the Castle even.

He had bought the first horse he could afford and ran out of Voldar with his head and eyes turning every which way watching...and waiting.  He was sure as soon as he was in the city a dirk, or sword would find him.  The King would was just putting up a pretense when he released him and Lycheus was certain death was waiting for him as soon as he left the confines of the Palace.  

As he rode the rain covered his humiliation.  Just about the time he was going to be crowned King, Voltigar strides in along with most of the Nobles of Voldar and along with them are not only Baron Scar, but the murderers of King Cedric, that orc, Grunok and the man that helped him, Sgt. Tillath.  They removed him from the throne, crowned Voltigar, and then sent him away.

So he ran; ran to the only person who would fight and perhaps put him back upon the throne of Voldar.  The Earl of Legrimond, King Cedric's second cousin.

Lycheus finished dressing, putting upon his best finery that he had; gray hose over which he wore a dark lavender tunic, with the emblem of Voldar upon it embroidered in gold, a grey hat, and soft soled grey leather boots.  He fixed a thin, but sturdy leather belt around his waist and put in his favorite weapon of choice, a small, but very sharp and lethal pearl handled knife.  He looked at himself in the looking glass; satisfied he walked out, locking the door behind him.

Sgt. Henderson was waiting patiently when Lycheus came out his eyebrows raised a bit when he saw what Lycheus wore. It was right that I paid the man the respect he seemed to demand and I thought.  No one would wear Voldar's seal like that unless he was what he says he was, unless he wanted to be beheaded once he was found out, that is. Sgt. Henderson thought as he silently escorted Lycheus to his soverign; the Earl of Legrimond.


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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on April 13, 2006, 10:11:23 AM
Dia traveled from one table to another talking and joking with the regular patrons as she served their drinks and took their orders.  Today was no different than any other day for her.

She swatted at hands that threatened to pinch her firm buttocks and used her female charms on those she knew would tip generiously.  

She still has the rest of the shift to go and would be staying until closing to help out the owner.  One of the other barmaids got hitched and moved to another town.  

Dia continued to to make her rounds weaving her slender form through the maze of tables.  This place was actually alot nicer than the others she had worked in.  She was fairly new in her position here, but had a knack for faces and got to know who were regulars, who tipped the best, and who was just passing through pretty quickly.  

Pushing the small comb that held her unrulely hair back into its place she ordered drinks for a table of merchants.

As Dia finished her rounds she told the bartender she was taking a quick break.

She made her way towards the back of the establishment and rested her head agains tthe coolness of the wall, eyes closed.  Dia let out a sigh of relief as she felt the tension ease from her muscles, then suddenly she felt a hand on her trim waist making its way down to her backside.

"Now, dat isss very niccce my pretty lass."  A slurred voice managed to say.  He began to grope at Dia's skirts trying to raise them.  "I tipped ya, hicupp, well and I wants what I's paid fer."

Dia tensed as the smell of rotten meat and bad ale permeated her senses.  Her back was still to this drunk and she quickly and easily found her dagger beneath her bodice.  She turned suductively to the man and pushed him up against the wall leaning in close to him, her body pressing the length of his.  The man was startled for a moment and then relaxed, until her felt the sharp edge of a dagger pressing against his groin.

Dia whispered sweetly, but with ice and steel in her voice, into the man's ear, "Ya paid fer the drinks, not fer me and if ya wish to ever have more brats, then I suggest you remove yer hands from me and leave quietly.  If ya don't, I will make sure you never touch another woman again"  Dia pressed the blade closer to the mans groin for good measure.

The man nodded quickly and made his way from the tavern as fast as he could.

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Title: Re: Brok's Rest.(Nyermersis)
Post by: Capher on April 25, 2006, 03:56:23 AM
Lt. Farrel walked with the two young men silently through the streets, deftly dodging the many people who were out and about. Finally they arrived at Brok's.  He opened the door and waved Dean and Manik through. They were almost knocked over by a man, seemingly drunk, making a hasty retreat out of the inn.  Lt. Farrel thought it curious and was about to stop the man but before he could the man was far gone.  Lt. Farrel waited until Manik entered the inn, before he did.


Title: Re: Brok's Rest.(Nyermersis)
Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on April 25, 2006, 09:02:23 AM
Dia replaced her dagger and straightened her clothes.  She smoothed out some wrinkles and tried to sweep back some loose strays of her, which failed to stay where she tried to tuck them.  

She came from the back of Brok's and the barkeep eyed her as if to ask, "And just what did you do to cause that?"  Dia only shrugged her shoulders and checked on one of her tables close by.  She talked with the men there for a moment while she watched some more enter the tavern.  These appeared to be soliders and she briefly wondered if the man who had just propasitioned her possibly said something.  

The soliders didn't appear to be in a hurry so she figured no and continued making her rounds through the tables while she waited for the men to get comfortable at a table.

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Title: Re: Brok's Rest.(Nyermersis)
Post by: Manik Targin on April 26, 2006, 01:08:23 PM
The inn at home was nice, but certaintly not as much as Brok’s Rest. Manik was the first though the door, and so made his way and chose a table beside the windows so he could look out on the street. The mid day sun shone into the inn, giving the room a bright atmosphere. The tables and chairs were of high quality and the walls were pleasantly decorated with various pictures, hangings, and shrubbery. Manik could see why Sgt. Henderson had suggested the place to Lycheus and why Lt. Farrel had chosen it. Leaning back in his chair, Manik tried to forget about his aching body and enjoy himself. “It is really nice in here, I sure hope the food is the same caliber.” The smells of the kitchen teased Manik’s nostrils and his stomach gave a silent gurgle.  

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Post by: Capher on April 27, 2006, 01:37:23 AM
Lt. Farrel

Lt. Farrel followed Manik and Dean into the inn.  It was busy as usual and he threaded his way to the table that Manik had picked out.  It was near the window and the sunlight, though directly above, still some streamed through the window and besides it was open and the soft warm breeze, along with the sounds of the city were welcomed.

Farrel sat down just as he heard Manik say, “It is really nice in here, I sure hope the food is the same caliber.”

Farrel grinned, "I am sure it will meet your expectations, private. Now lets see if we can get some service." he said looking around to catch a barmaids eye.


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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on April 27, 2006, 09:45:23 AM
Dia caught the Sgt.'s eye and began winding her way through men and table avoiding a pinch or two.

Dia took stock of all three men and she came upon them.  

"Hello there, welcome to Brok's.  I'm Dia.  What can I get the three of you hard working men this afternoon?"

Dia brushed back a strand of unruly brown hair.  Her hair had a natural loose curl to it which made it hard to tame, but it suited her tanned olive skin tone just fine and the hints of red were true to her temper.  As Dia waited for the men's orders the sunlight hit her eyes just right making them appear as green emeralds with light specks of yellow thoughout.  

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Title: Re: Brok's Rest.(Nyermersis)
Post by: Capher on April 28, 2006, 01:07:23 AM
Lt. Farrel watched as the barmaid came to their tables. He liked the way she walked. Her hips swayed like the ocean. When she stood in front of the table and asked for their orders, he noticed how a curl of her hair was a bit unruly, much like a wave, on that ocean and her emerald eyes too reminded him of the ocean.

He had been on the ocean only once, when the Admiral had generously allowed him to go on a short ocean voyage.  The weather had been very good and when Farrel had stood on the prow of the ship and watched the ocean flow past the bow and felt the spray of the sea water upon his face, he thought it was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen; and Dia, was like that ocean, but that was a long time ago and he was married now, though his wife lived a very different life than he did.

He sighed, "Dia, thank you for coming so quickly. I will have a short slab of beef, dark bread and ale please." he said.

He glanced at Manik and Dean. "You two can order whatever you wish it is on me." He said.


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Post by: Manik Targin on April 29, 2006, 12:21:23 PM
"Hello there, welcome to Brok's. I'm Dia. What can I get the three of you hard working men this afternoon?"

Manik had been reading the small menu card he had found between the salt and pepper when the waitress had walked over. As Manik looked up a contagious smile framed by brilliant peridot green eyes filled his vision. The waitress’s luscious brown hair cascaded down to her shoulders complementing her tanned complexion, and gave a seductive wildness to go with her friendly demeanor. Manik gave her a friendly smile, a little less forward than the one Dean was giving. It took a moment for Manik to realize Farrel had already replied. “Oh, I will have the…pork medallions, some bread, and…I dunno, surprise me with a good pint of ale, please.” Manik had no problem giving Dia another friendly smile.

Dean took over and ordered, “Can I have the same as the Lieutenant, but with a Gradstone’s Aytor Doppelbock, please. I heard this winter dished out a good brew.” Dean hesitated, “Yeah I will give you a few sans for it,” he directed at Lt. Farrel. Manik caught the hint it was an expensive brew. “They don’t serve it many places and I don’t come here often.” Dean said with a sheepish look.

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on May 02, 2006, 09:45:23 AM
Dia made note of what each man had ordered and nodded her head to each in turn.  She had been looking overly long at Manik.  There was something about about him that she liked.  Just couldn't say what.  The Lt. also seemed a charming man but Dia noticed the band and knew that at best he would be a good customer and possible friend.  She was looking for people to become friends with.  So far the other barmaids tended to be teritorial and and distant.  Dia had experienced this before, each time she started at a new place.  Only towards the end had a couple of girls warmed to her.  Dia had always had better luck with the men, tho not many of them proved to be true friends.  Not a one of them come to think of it, Dia mused.  

Dia repeated the order back to the men, "two short slabs of beef, dark bread, ale for the Lt., a Gradstone's Dopplebock, and last but not least..." Dia gave the dark haired guy, who wasn't grinning like one of those people you see laughing and talking to themselves on the street, a flirtatious smile.  "Pork medallions, bread, and a suprise.  I'll be right back with ya drinks, then." Dia said as she turned easily on the ball of her foot and began winding her way back through the tables towards the bar, swinging her hips a bit more than usual.

"An ale, Dopplebock, and hmm, give me a nice smooth yet stout lauger." While she waited for the bartender to fill her drink order she paid a visit to the cook, which apparently had a softspot for her for whatever reason, and relayed the meal order.  

Dia grabbed the tray as she passed by the bar and handled it easily, not spilling one drop.  Long slender well shaped fingers gripped the tankards as she passed them out to each man.  "If ya don't favor that one, I'll get ya another.  No cost of course." Dia told the dark haired man she had begun to take an interest in.  "I like to know all my customer's names and I haven't caught any of yours yet." Dia looked expectantly at each man as she waited for them to tell her their names.

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Post by: Manik Targin on May 02, 2006, 01:19:23 PM
As Dia went off to the back, Dean leaned over to get a look as she walked away but was careful so she didn’t notice. Leaning back he gave Manik a nudge with his shoulder and a sly smile.

Manik shook his head with a smile at his friend. He chastised his friend, but truthfully he wouldn’t have minded a look himself, though he wouldn’t have been so darn blatantly obvious about it.  Watching out the street, he watched the throngs of people pass by. He was still amazed every time he saw how many people there were, it was lunacy. After a time, he turned to Farrel and asked, “So, what did you want to talk to us about sir?”

As he asked it though, Dia was just coming back with the drinks. Another thing that always amazed him was how waitresses could carry those big heavy trays one handed, while weaving around tables, with people yelling to distract you, and in the end not spill a drop. ‘Guess it’s just whatever you do, Dia balances a tray, I balance a sword. Or try to,’ he mused to himself.

"If ya don't favor that one, I'll get ya another. No cost of course."

Manik took a swig to test it. It was good! “This will do just great thanks,” he said with enthusiasm. It was good… maybe not as good as the Northfield Springs Cream Ale he had with Farrel his first dinner in Nyermersys, but a different taste and quite excellent, a good pick.

"I like to know all my customer's names and I haven't caught any of yours yet."

Dean piped up right away, puffing out his chest, “Private Dean Winters reporting for duty, m’lady,” finishing with a triumphant smile first at Lt. Farrel and then turned it to Manik. Manik met his gaze with a smile for a moment and then broke off with a chuckle. What a joker. As he finished off the last bits of his laugh, Manik spoke next, “My name is Manik,” he said in a much quieter voice than Dean. Idiot! You have to say more than just that, women don’t like quiet guys. You have to be outgoing, say something funny next time, something… anything! He turned to wait for Farrel to introduce himself.

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Post by: Capher on May 03, 2006, 12:50:23 AM
Lt. Farrel had been watching his men, and smiled a bit inwardly when Dean, very obviously watched Dia swish away. He glanced himself and it seemed to him that she was swishing her hips just a bit more than a usual walk; which meant that she wanted someone to watch, the question was, who?

She came back quickly and gave Manik his drink and spoke to him in a way that told Farrel he was the one, and not Dean, though Manik did not know or was too shy to do anything about it.

She asked them their names, Dean, of course blurted out his name and rank as if it would impress her.  Manik came next and just mentioned his name, but nothing more.

Farrel looked up into Dia's face, smiled, "My name is Farrel, Lt. Farrel.  Forgive Dean, he just passed basic training along with Manik here, and they have not seen the fairer sex for quite awhile. Dean is just a bit more expressive, but I guarantee you that Manik is just as glad to see a pretty woman as I or Dean is, he is just a bit more soft spoken.  And I do mean...pretty.  But since I am a married man, all I can do is look and sigh."  He gave an exaggerated sigh, and then winked at Dia. "I hope you do not mind me looking?" He said.


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Post by: Manik Targin on May 03, 2006, 07:36:23 AM
Manik’s brow drew together as he listened as Farrel introduced himself. Softspoken?! Farrel made him sound like a sissy! He didn’t know quite what, but he was sure Farrel was up to something. For one, it had only been a few days he had been in Nyermersys, and that didn’t seem ‘quite a while’. Also, Manik was a little annoyed at Farrel’s explanation of Manik’s interest in the opposite sex. Just because he wasn’t gallivanting around flirting up the waitress, shouldn’t mean anyone should have doubts as to his sexual preferences. Inwardly, Manik sighed. He supposed Farrel was just being a friend trying to help. Manik’s experience was that friends trying to help with that sort of thing usually hindered rather than helped. When they tried to help it just made things really awkward like it was now, and then things stayed that way.

The end of Farrel’s introduction seemed a little too forward, but he did have a tongue of silver. If Manik had said the same he would get slapped for sure, but it sounded so natural coming from the Lieutenant. Manik gave Dean a slight raised eyebrow to see what he thought, Dean returned with an almost unperceivable shrug. The exchange was hardly noticeable.

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Post by: Xaod Shadow on May 05, 2006, 11:03:23 AM
Xaod strode down the streets, trying to find the tavern he'd been recommended. It wasn't difficult to locate, standing out amongst it's tarnished neighbors. Pushing open the door, he stepped through, his cloak swirling about his heels and his hood pulled over his face.

He'd never been in the tavern before, having just arrived in the city yesterday. He snarled slightly as he noticed the room was extremely well lit, leaving nothing in shadow. He detested being in full view, but the tavern obviously was not sympathetic. Merely nodding to the two men he saw seated, he took the table behind them, throwing his lithe body into the chair. Bending over the table, he awaited his order to be taken.

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on May 08, 2006, 01:11:23 AM
Dia listened to the Lt. with an easy smile on her lips.  It amused her how different and diverse people were.  Apparently these three were out with their Lt. for some reason.  Dean was the overly showey one.  'Not really my type, but he could make a really good friend.' Dia thought to herslef.  Then the Lt. mentioned Manik and how he was the opposite of Dean.  Some when might overlook the quiet ones, but Dia thought they were the most interesting.  Dia turned her attention to Manik as the Lt. mentioned him and saw the look in his eyes that said he didn't particularly like the way the Lt. was making him sound.  Dia smiled more at that thought and when the Lt. was finished talking Dia only laughed and with her eyes never leaving Manik she said, "I have usually seen that the soft spoken ones, Lt., are the ones who are the most interesting and seem to suprise everyone with what they do and can accomplish.  I am sure that is the case with Manik." Dia gave Manik a warm and seductive smile that caused her upper lip to slightly curve up.  

Dia looked back at the Lt. as she continued talking.  "And as far as ya looking, I have no problems with that.  Not like I could stop ya anyways." Dia said with a laugh in her voice.  She liked the three men at the table and hoped that she would see them many more times to come.

"It's the toucing that can get bothersome sometimes." Dia stated still with a smile, but a bit more of a serious undertone.  While the other barmaids allowed pinches and slaps on there bums, Dia did not.  Sometimes it cost her good tips, but she wasn't something that a man could fondle for a few coins and made that point well known to any that tried.

Dia turned her attention to Dean.  She did not want him to think she did not like him for being so blatant and eager.  It was something she liked actually.  She liked to know where she stood with people and did not care for the games that some peopled played.  "Dean is it then.  Hmm, I would say that since you and Manik here have just graduated then there should be some sort of celebration then.  More than just getting treated to lunch by the Lt. here.  I mean no offense Lt."  

Dia heard her name being called by a nearby table and excused herself from the three men she was enjoying getting to know.  She quickly made her rounds through the tables and filled each's request only stopping to chat with those who were more familiar to her.  Dia heard the cook in the kitchen call her and knew that the Lt., Dean's, and Manik's food was ready.  Dia excused herself from the table she was presently at.  As Dia turned to leave one of the four men reached out to pinch her bum.  Dia saw the movement from the corner of her eye and grabbed the mans wrist quickly.  She never turned to face him and as the man laughed thinking he was the strong of the two, Dia applied pressure to a certain point on his wrist that quickly drained him of his stregth and sent sharp shooting pains up his wrist and through out his arm.  

"Ye may look, but not touch.  I am not fer sale, ya got it?" Dia said quietly and let go of the mans wrist.  Dia made her way through the tables quickly and into the safety of the kitchen where she leaned back against the wall just inside the door.  She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm her nerves.  She was partially scared for she knew the man or men with him could easily overtake her at any given time and partially angry that men like that thought they had to right to touch a woman however and where ever they pleased.  The cook looked to Dia and asked if she was feeling alright.  Dia slid her eyes over to cook without moving her head and with a wry grin on her face told him that she was feeling alright and that was the problem apparently.  WIth a knowing nod of the cooks head he told Dia she had to get back out there before the food grew cold.  

Dia let out a large sigh as she recalled her past positions.  It was always the same, she worked, men pinched or proded, she didn't allow it, she lost her job soon after when the customers complained about her.  It was only a matter of time before the same happened here and then she would be off in search of another town and another tavern.  She really should change her line of work, but when she was an entertainer it was even worse.  What else was she skilled to do, nothing.  And who would take the time to train her and teach her another way?  No one, Dia answered herself inwardly.  

She hefted the tray laden with food and made her way back to the Lt.'s table never missing a step and with a smile on her face an in her eyes.  There were advantages to this line of work Dia thought, and there sat one in front of her now.

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Post by: Capher on May 09, 2006, 01:45:23 AM
Lt. Farell noticed the stranger enter the inn and sit down at a table next to where he, Manik and Dean sat even as Dia took their orders.  He did not say anything...yet.

Dia chatted up a storm and answered his questions with a very infectious laugh and smile.  He smiled back, " I agree Dia, sometimes, the soft-spoken ones can surprise you. Take Manik here, last night he was on patrol down by the river front, and tried to stop two drunken sailors from killing themselves, not knowing of course that their friends were just itching for a fight with the city guards.  Fortunately for him, and the two that were with him, nothing seriously happened, but it goes to show you how the soft-spoken ones can surprise you."

Lt. Farrel did not mention the disobeying of orders, or the punishment Manik received for disobeying those orders; he decided that was not something that should be discussed among civillians, besides he wanted to put Manik in a good light with Dia, who seemed to really like him, nor did he mention that Dean was one of those who were with him that night.  That was up to Dean or Manik if they wanted to tell.

Dia was called to another table and the Lt. watched as one fellow tried to touch her inappropriately, and then his eyebrows arched, as just as he was about to do something, she grabbed the man's wrist, whispered something into his ear, the man nodded, and Dia let his wrist go.  The man kept on shaking it and looking at Dia as she went on her way. She knows how to take care of herself, he thought.

He then turned his attention to Manik and Dean. "I asked you two to come with me for a special reason and I think I have seen someone who can help. Excuse me for a moment."

He rose from the table, went to wear the stranger sat, held out his hand and said, "Excuse me, I am Lt. Farrel. I believe you are one of the mercenaries training with Nelavarine.  I would like it if you would not mind joining me and my fellow soldiers at our table.  I had some things to discuss with them, and I think you can help them understand a bit better."

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Dia had returned with their orders. He said quickly to the stranger, "Excuse me, but my dinner has arrived.  I hope you decide to join us."  Farrel then left and sat back down in his place.

OOC, in case you did not understand, Lt Farrel was speaking to you Xaod    


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Post by: Manik Targin on May 09, 2006, 01:53:23 PM
Dia only laughed and with her eyes never leaving Manik she said, "I have usually seen that the soft spoken ones, Lt., are the ones who are the most interesting and seem to suprise everyone with what they do and can accomplish. I am sure that is the case with Manik." Dia gave Manik a warm and seductive smile that caused her upper lip to slightly curve up.

Dia’s forward stare made Manik’s face heat, though it didn’t show. Her smile was intoxicating, and he returned it in kind. Their eyes locked, it would be doubtful Manik could look away even if he had wanted to.

" I agree Dia, sometimes, the soft-spoken ones can surprise you. Take Manik here, last night he was on patrol…  … but it goes to show you how the soft-spoken ones can surprise you."

Again Farrel was trying to be the helpful friend.

Dean spoke up interrupting that thought. “Yeah, he did that, and he got to scrub outhouses and got the feathers beaten out of him b’cuz of it. He held his own yeah, but eventually I ‘ad to save his arse.” The statement was directed more at Farrel than anyone. He gave Manik a jab in the side, causing Manik to wince. “See.” Realizing Dia would be lost, “Long story,” he said with a shrug.

Another helpful friend, Manik didn’t know how to react. After both Farrel and Dean going through the recent events, he wasn’t sure at who or if he should be mad. It was still sinking in, when Dia addressed Dean.

"Dean is it then. Hmm, I would say that since you and Manik here have just graduated then there should be some sort of celebration then. More than just getting treated to lunch by the Lt. here. I mean no offense Lt."

Dean was formulating something to say when Dia got called off to another table. He had spoken with Vanin, everything was arranged for the night out. He was relieved to not have to answer Dia, as he didn’t want to risk spoiling the surprise.

Manik decided to shrug off what Farrel and Dean said before, but wanted to get one thing straight. “Hey, I am not soft-spoken. Just so we are clear,” he said in a loud whisper, looking from Lt. Farrel to Dean.

Then the Lieutenant started to explain why he had asked to speak with them, but paused to inquire to the man sitting behind them. Manik listened at first but was distracted as he saw Dia coming to the table with their food. The aromas that hit Manik’s senses made his mouth water. Manik was hungry for food, but as Dia glided up to their table the way her hips moved aroused another hunger. Manik gave her a broad grin, “Why hello there!” he said in a playful tone.

Dean clapped his hands together and gave them a quick rub “Mm-hmm-mmm-mmm, smells good!” he exclaimed as Farrel returned to their table.

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Post by: Capher on May 10, 2006, 01:26:23 AM
Farrel returned to the table, sat down and thanked Dia for the food and drink. "I hope that the young man over at the other table will join us, just to help maybe explain a few things I am about to tell you."

He leaned forward and whispered, "First, Manik, being soft-spoken is not a bad thing. Our Earl is very soft-spoken, it is when he speaks the softest is when he is the most dangerous.  Now that, that is out of the way there are somethings I am going to say and I do not want you to breathe a word of it until it becomes official, understood!"  He said eyeballing both Dean and Manik.

"I mean it, it could mean my job, more than likely my life! if it what I tell you becomes known.  No more childish behavior, we must act and behave like men!"

"This morning, Capt. Melfus and I along with General Versalias had a very interesting discussion.  Shortly now, probably even as we are speaking, our troops are sharpening up their tactics and skills. It will probably take a month for them to be ready and by that time the ground and weather should be ready.  Ready for what, you ask?  Ready for us to attack and go to war with Voldar."

He paused as he let that information sink in. "The reason I picked you two out of the rest is because you showed me, Sgt. Lynch, Sgt. Henderson, and the Captain that you were willing to die for each other if needed be.  That is how mercenaries, at least that is how I think they believe, I may be wrong, but what is most important is that mercenaries work in small groups, kill or destroy their enemies and supply lines, and then slip away in the night."

"It has come to our attention by our Earl and especially by our General that though mercenaries are essential to any war plans, they are also very expensive.  So we have decided to pick out certain individuals whom we think have the necessary aptitudes and natural abilities to learn the skills that the mercenaries know and use and teach them to create our own specialized units.  We have not decided what to call them yet, but we will."

"In the meantime, you two have been chosen to work side by side with myself and the two best Sgt's we have in experience and training in this sort of warfare.  We will train apart from the rest of the army. We will live, eat, sleep, and everything else together until we all can almost think like the other, until we become a cohesive unit, a killing unit, much like and hopefully better than the mercenaries, at least that is the General's and our Earl's goal."

"Oh, I forgot, this is a purely a volunteer unit.  If you decide not to become part of this unit, tell me now and I will put you in with a regular army unit, no questions asked and no stigma attached for not joining.  So first things first, do you wish to volunteer for this unit and specialized training?"  Farrel asked, looking at both of the young men before him.


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Xaod raised his head as he heard footsteps approaching. Ignoring the hand offered him, he listened to the man's proposition. As he finished and turned his back, Xaod replied in a soft voice: "As you wish." Pushing himself up from the table, he followed Farrel.

Hooking his foot under a chair, he pulled it out and flung himself into it. The bright light of the tavern sent a flash of red shining out from under his hood until he hunched over and listened. He had already suspected much of what Farrel revealed, though he still listened intently. Putting his boots on the table, he leaned back in his chair and scratched the short black beard under his hood. Glancing at the two younger ones at the table, he awaited their reactions.

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Post by: Manik Targin on May 16, 2006, 01:33:23 PM
Manik sat in shocked silence as the information sank in. So some of the rumours were true, they were going to war. Swallowing hard, Manik let out a sigh, and tried to think of something to say. Nothing came out and he sat back in his chair. Dean looked to his friend and saw that Dean was looking back at him, the look he wore told Manik he didn’t know what to think about it all either. Dean’s gaze shifted off to settle somewhere in the middle of the table as he stroked the bit of stubble showing on his face.

Manik looked to the man who had sat down, but didn’t find anything in his expression. Then he remembered Dia had served them their dinners. The pork medallions look absolutely delicious and he would have got right to the work of devouring them had Farrel not shared his news. Picking up his knife and fork he cut himself a piece of pork. It tasted better than it looked, topped with a sauce that complemented perfectly. Manik thought the situation over as he ate, spearing some green beans that sat besides his pork.

After finishing those, he looked up and asked, “So we will be training like all day, every day? Well until the war starts I mean.”

If that was so, then it would be a huge opportunity. Being in intensive training with an elite group would certainly accelerate his skills. And he needed those skills if he was ever to get promoted. It was true that most likely he would be in a more dangerous part of the war, but it certainly had its benefits.

Taking a swig of his beer and then chewing on more of the succulent medallions, Manik stared down into his plate mulling it over in his brain.
“Can we have time to think about it?” He asked looking up.

Dean had been quiet the whole time as well, deep in his own reverie, but spoke now. “So what do you think of this?” he asked directing his question at the stranger who had joined their table.

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As men joked and laughed and Dia made her little comments that made the table laugh her eyes kept sweeping back to the table where Manik, Dean, and the Lt. sat.  She was killing time until she could find an excuse to make her way back over to the table without being too obvious.  'Even a girl like me has got pride.' Dia said inwardly.  Then a sly and seductive smile swept over her features causing her upper lip to slightly curve up as another thought crossed her mind in reply, 'Even that being so, there are some things that are worth more than pride.'  Dia excused herself from her present table as she watched the newcomer move over to join the Lt.'s table.  Her steps faultered as she read the seriousness of whatever was being discussed.  Dia watche intently the Lt's lips as he spoke, but could only make out one word, War.  With that Dia made her way to the bar and ordered drinks for another table that had grabbed her attention as she was making her rounds.  When Manik began to eat and the table fell quiet Dia thought it safer to venture over.

Dia's grin was bright as she approched Manik's side of the table.  And then just as quickly frowned as she saw the 'guest' with his boots upon the table.  Dia gestured to the stranger's feet and sweetly requested, "Sir, this is a fine establishment and I do not think that others would find their meal as tasteful if they find stray bits of dung upon the table as they eat.  Wouldn't you gentlemen agree?"  Dia asked raising an eyebrow.  "Please remove your feet from the table and I will most happily fetch a drink for you as well as a fine meal."

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Lt. Farrel was also a bit annoyed by the newcomer, but he did not say anything until he was finished.  When he waited for Manik's and Dean's replies, Dia had come back and requested that the man take his boots off of the table.  Farrel watched and waited to see what the man would do.  His actions would prove to Farrel whether or not he wanted to involve these mercs anymore in the armies plans. In his mind, a man, whether merc or not, should act like a gentleman, and any who did not, was not worth his time, effort and caused that man to be brought down in esteem in the Lt.'s eyes.


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Casually enough Dia knocked the man's legs from the table with a strong quick shove.  Her fiery green eyes became fixed upon those of the patron and spoke of the dangers of raising her ire, unlike her tone of voice.  "I asked politely enough the first time for you to remove your legs yourself.  I am not so patient to do so a second time." Dia watched the others face and saw that certain thoughts about his pride were getting ready to rise to the surface, but her green eyes were strong as steel and sent a warning that only a fool would ignore.

Dia turned her attention back to the rest of the table her friendly smile revealing white straight teeth.  "Now is there anything I may get you gentlemen?  Refills anyone?" Dia stood casually resting her slender hip against the back of Manick's chair while she waited.

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Farrel's eyes flashed quickly betwee Dia's eyes and the mercs when she knocked the merc's feet off of the table.  He did not know what kind of reaction was going to happen, but he slowly drew his daggar from his pants beneath the table and readied it.

The merc was annoyed and almost jumped up, but he held his ground and temper. Why? Maybe it was because Dia never backed down, or maybe he thought it would not be wise to kill or hurt a civillian.  Whatever the reason he did nothing to Dia, but he did look at Farrel, Dean and Manik, laughed comtemptously, "I have trained all my life to be what I am and you think that you can take these two children and train them to be like I am? Your dreaming pal."  He then pushed away from the table, gave Dia a menacing look, "Sweet thing, when your finished with children, give a man a call.  I will be around."  He then walked over to the bar and ordered a drink.

Farrel, put his daggar away and looked at Dia, " I think another round will be fine. Thank you Dia. A bit of a warning though, I would watch yourself very carefully, you made an enemy, a very dangerous one today.  He may just forget, on the other never know.  I will tell the city guards to keep an eye on him for a few days, just in case."  


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As the encounter with the mercenary unfolded Manik and Dean sat in watchful silence, tensing when he rose quickly. When the man was gone having marched off to the bar, Manik let out an audible huff, “Well, that was different.”

Manik was intrigued by this other side of Dia, she was obviously one who was confident in her ability to take care of herself. He liked that. Manik heard her tone, but with his focus on the mercenary he missed the steel in her eyes. He craned his neck to make sure she wasn’t flustered, and was pleased to see Dia’s beautiful smile return the gaze.

Dia offered refills, and the lieutenant replied yes with his added warning. Manik had to agree with Farrel, knowing that the man was part of the elite mercenary group he had seen earlier.

After Farrel finished there was a pause and Dean decided to fill the void, “So anyways, what about Manik’s questions? And what if one of us wants to accept but the other doesn’t?”

Manik Targin

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Farrel sat back a bit relieved that nothing else occured then Dean spoke. Farrel had forgotten the question and he paused trying to think of what Manik had asked. He looked at Manik, questionally, as he racked his brain, and then he remembered.

"Yes, you will be training every day and probably most nights as well, as you will need to know night fighting skills as well.  He paused as he remembered that Dia was still there. He turned and looked up into her eyes and face. "Dia, I hope that what you hear, stays with you. Promise me you will never tell a soul what you have heard; for your sake and ours." Farrel assumed he could count on Dia's silence.

He then shifted his eyes to Dean; "It is entirely volunteer. If one or even both of you decide this is not for you that is fine. Then this discussion ends.  And yes, you have time to think about it, both of you. But not much time, I think a day should suffice. Is that ok with you two?"  Farrel asked.


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Dia felt the air about the table change as the tension broke but a new tension came to rest above the three men like their own personal storm cloud.  Dia nodded at the Lt.'s compliance with another round and his warning.  Dia knew the man was different than others.  He carried himself differently.  "Your words will not go unheeded, and while I have taken care of myself thus far I am not foolish enough to question why a guard would be necessary.  I trust your judgement."  Dia was about to go place the order for another round when the Lt. spoke to her about her silence.  A quick glance around the table proved it was no joking matter and she silently complied with the briefiest of nods.  She knew how to keep secrets for she had many of them herself.  

With a wink at Manik and a squish of her hips Dia was standing at the bar placing her order and then making her rounds gathering dirty dishes, clearing empty tables, gathering tips and evading the men's pinches and slaps that were directed toward her rear.  While Dia made her way quickly around her tables and found herself at the bar picking up Manik's, Dean's, and the Lt.'s drinks, Dia looked around at the other women and only shook her head.  How they allowed any man to put his hands upon them for an extra coin Dia wondered.  Some did even more for less, this thought caused Dia's stomach to churn.  Loading the guys' drinks onto a tray, Dia hefted it to shoulder level balancing it perfectly on a flat palm.  Deflty she turned on her heel and her eyes finding Manik's for a brief moment she made her way back to the table and placed the drinks accordingly.  Waiting for a break in conversation Dia found her place resting against Manik's chair a slender hip a hairs breath away from his arm.

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Post by: Manik Targin on June 23, 2006, 02:06:23 PM
Manik couldn’t help but grin at Dia’s wink.
The conversation was entirely sobering. Not that Manik’s aching body didn’t help the matter. Lt. Farrel’s reply to Dean and his questions was what Manik was looking to hear, but he needed more. Thinking it over, he looked up and met Dia’s eye as she walked back with drinks. The emerald facets seemed to pull him in.
He needed to know why. Why was a big question with war. “Why are we going to war with Voldar? What is it we are trying to accomplish?” Dia slid up beside him resting against his chair. He got fuzzy goose bumps with her so close. Stretching slightly to the side, Manik lightly brushed against her. He felt childish.
Manik sat in a casual posture and tried to concentrate on the conversation.
It seems concentrating even on something as grave as war can be extremely difficult when you have a pretty maiden by your side. He thought it interesting… depending on the circumstance and which way you looked at it, this fact could be either a deadly mistake or a cherished blessing.

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Manik asked a fair question; "Why are we going to war with Voldar?  Lt. Farrel looked into Manik's eyes and shrugged his shoulders.  "It is a fair question private, but one I do not know the answer to.  I was just told to prepare for war and to head up this special unit and find volunteers.  You should know by now Manik that a soldier does what he is ordered to do, no questions asked.


The door to Broks opened and Christian walked in with Sammy at his side.  Several patrons, especially those closest to the door, turned to see who had walked in.  When their eyes quickly became adjusted back to the relative darkness of the inn compared to the bright sunshine outside that had come streaming in when Christian and Sammy came in, the conversations slowly stopped and people stared.

The inn keeper who had been buisily washing dishes noticed the quiet and looked where everyone else was looking and immediately rushed forward.  "M'lord, I...I am pleased to have you visit my humble abode," he said wiping his hands on his apron and then bowed slightly.

"As you are Master Innkeeper.  I came in here searching for someone and I have found him. Thank you."

Christian walked toward the table where he saw Lt. Farrel sitting with what seemed liked a couple of privates and one very pretty waitress standing at their table.  People moved out of his and his wolf's way as he walked to the table.

Lt. Farrel took his tankard of ale, leaned back in his chair and took a drink when all of a sudden he noticed Manik staring behind him and even Dean seemed to go chalk white, Even Dia's eyes went wide, as well as the room becoming almost deathly quiet.  Farrel thought that the merc had come back and was looking for trouble, he drew his daggar and then quickly swiveled on his chair, rising as he did so with the daggar at the ready.

He heard the growl....

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Dia watched as the crowd inside seemed to hush to whispers where as before there was loud bursts of laughter and bellowing for more ale, food, and women.  Her eyes were drawn to the figure the barkeep was falling over himself to welcome.  'He must be important' Dia thought.  Then her eyes landed upon his pet.  Dia loved all sorts of friendly animals.  She found animals possessed a grace that no other creature could match, except perhaps the elves.  Then as her eyes adjusted to the the bright light the open door had allowed in she saw that this pet was no ordinary dog, but a wolf.  Her eyes grew round and she instinctively pressed closer to Manik.  She was at first scared of the wolf, but then became intrigued by it.  A slender feminine hand had absently come to rest on Manik's shoulder and her hips and thighs were now touching Manik's body.  

Dia saw the Lt. looked startled and before she could open her mouth to tell him anything he had already drawn his dagger and swiveled around to meet the growling of the wolf.  

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Her lips curled within a moment as the man turned and her one eye caught the glisten of light off his blade. Her ears slammed against her strong skull and the fur on her shoulders raised slightly.

She positioned herself between Christian and the man, her ebony lips prying away from snowing white teeth, a faint trace of blood from her earlier meal still clinging to the whiteness. Her maw parted just a tiny bit, her tongue showing as a deep, utteral snarl pressed forward from deep within her chest. Her tail curled slightly over her back in a dominant position as she stood.

She didn't move another muscle, simply stared at the man with one firey amber eye. Her other eye a pale, cold blue. Her damp ebony nose glistened in the flickering lights within the room. Throughout her form her muscles rippled beneath her multi-colored coat. She waited to be told to attack... she did not move another muscle.

She noted the other being... a woman but made no movement to even look to her. At this point she was no threat, though Sammy was ready for that to possibly change at any moment.

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You should know by now Manik that a soldier does what he is ordered to do, no questions asked.

Manik thought that a poor notion. ‘Why’ was a very powerful concept and he could only see it being more so in war. If a man was given a reason for his efforts, one that he believed in, those efforts would be ten-fold. No questions made him a tool, which he supposed he was: a tool of war. He would have to have faith that the hand that would weld that tool would have the best interest of his people in mind.

He didn’t know quite what caused the man catch his attention, but Manik noticed that the small crowd in the tavern quickly made way at his appearance. Manik felt Dia’s hand on his shoulder and her press close and tensed seeing the wolf himself. He was no stranger to wolves or the danger, and couldn’t begin to fathom how one had found its way into the tavern. Half-raised to his feet, he watched as Lt. Farrel launched out of his chair. Manik stood at the ready, instinctively reaching his left hand back to Dia’s hip to put her behind him.

Private Dean Winters

When Manik tensed, Dean looked through the bottom of his glass to where his friend seemed to be looking. Choking down the gulp of his ale, he stared wide-eyed at the wolf only peds from where he was sitting. Dean had always lived in towns or cities, and so his startled reaction was typical. His mind worked frantically at what he should do. The man standing behind the wolf was well dressed, and Dean had the feeling he should know who he was. As Lt. Farrel catapulted out of his chair, Dean followed suit. Hand on sword he drew his blade a favorable inch out of the scabbard and waited to follow the Lieutenant’s lead.

Manik Targin

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Post by: Capher on June 27, 2006, 12:25:23 AM
As soon as Farrel heard the growl and saw the familiar wolf he looked behind the animal and saw the Earl. Out of the corner of his eye he had seen Dean start to pull his sword.  He put his daggar away as he put his hand out toward Dean. Sheathe your sword, private." He ordered.

Then he bowed, M'lord, I apologize for my actions.  I did not know you were behind me, I thought it was some other danger."

That did not come out right, thought Farrel.

Christian smiled. "Sammy down," he ordered, "Now Lt. tell me what other danger would you and your men be ready for?"

"M'lord, we had some...problems with a merc and I thought when everything went silent and saw the looks upon my mens faces behind me that he was going to start trouble."

Christian nodded, "Your reflexes are very fast. I am glad that someone's training is not going to waste, he said to Farrel, then he waved to the rest in the inn, "Please everyone go back to your buisness.  "Lt. Farrel, I believe that is your name, may I join you and your men?"  He asked pulling out a chair and sitting down, Sammy lying at his feet.

Farrel smiled, "It would be out pleasure, M'lord.  M'lord, introductions first. The man to your left, is Private Dean Winters, the man sitting across from you is Private Manik Targin and the barmaid standing next to him is called Dia.  Dia would you mind getting the Earl a tankard of your best ale?" Farrel asked.

Christian looked at each man and even gave the barmaid a wink. "So you are the guard who faces down a whole bunch of drunken sailors. And then when being punished, you," he looked at Dean, " come and help him and hold off several very angry and more experienced soldiers than yourselves.  Either you two are very stupid, or very brave.  Since my brother-in-law is here and sitting here and eating and drinking with you. I am inciined to believe that you are brave.  So what are you three talking about?" Christian asked.

Farrel groaned inside. He did not want his men, to know that he had married one of the Earl's sisters and now that sister did not want anything to do with him and vice a versa.  The Earl knew how each other felt and did not blame Farrel.  His sister turned out to be the worst kind of woman...a cheat and one who flaunted her conquests like a banner over her head.

Farrel and her met when he was very young. She became enamored with him, because he refused her advances, finally she convinced her brother that she was in love with him and asked for him to marry them. Farrel at first refused, Christian told her, but she whined and carried on so much that Christian finally forced the marriage.  It was right after their honeymoon that she spied another man that tickled her fancy and took him to her bed.

Farrel was on duty and a hundred leagues away at the time.  When he returned, several months later he started to hear rumors of her escapades with other men. When a man accused her, he fought with the man to protect her honor and killed him.  

Then he found out that the man had been telling the truth.  It was then that he asked the Earl for an annulment, but the Earl would not give it to him, because his sister liked the idea of being married to a soldier.  So Farrel went his way, she went hers, and they never spoke to one another, unless they had to, at official balls, when the men had to be with their wives.  On those rare occasions, Farrel made a brief appearance and then would leave. Everyone at Court knew, but they looked the other way and just laughed behind the Lady's and his back.

And now he had to tell Christian that he was talking to Manik and Dean about the special unit. Something that was supposedly to be a secret and he was talking about it in a very public place.

He faced Christian, "M'lord, I was asking these two men if they wanted to volunteer for that unit that you and the General had discussed."

Christian's eyes narrowed as he looked at Farrel. Then he looked at the two privates, "Well what was your answer?" He asked.

"M'lord, they asked for some time to think about it and then private Manik asked why we were going to war. I told them I did not know, but soldiers followed orders."

Christian peered at Manik and then noticed the barmaid still there. He looked up at her, "I assume you too know about this? I will also assume that if you talk and I find out about it you know your life is forfiet." He said quietly.

He then turned his blue eyes back upon Manik. "Private I would have thought you would have learned your lesson about asking why? As your Lt. said, a soldier follows orders.  But in this case I will answer your question.  My cousin Cedric the Fourth and another one Trellor the Less, were murdered.  If you know Voldar's history, then you know that Cedric was King and Trellor was the Warden of the dungeons.  They were murdered by an Orc, but the Orc was under the command of Baron Scar, Commander Damien Scar!" He said the name with such venom, that spittle flew from his mouth.

"And if you know your history, Commander Scar is the puppet of Voltigar, who now sits upon my cousin's throne.  I mean to avenge my cousin's deaths. I mean to put Scar's head upon a pinnacle of our city and Voltigar to sit and rot in my dungeon! That is why we are going to war. Is that reason enough, private?" He snarled.

Though those reasons were not the real ones, Christian figured that this private need not know the real ones.


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Dia nodded in the Earl's direction as she was introduced.  Her hand slipped from Manik's shoulder as things seemed to calm down.  The wolf was apparently acting as body guard to the Earl and it appeared as tho he could not want for a better one.  The wolf seemed well trained.  Dia noticed upon closer inspection, from where she stood of course, that the wolf was blind in one eye.  Remembering that the Earl had commanded the wolf with the name Sammy, Dia could only guess that this was her name.  The wolf seemed at ease now.  Dia had been lost in her own musings until the Earl's voice, which sounded displeased, was directed towards herself.  

"M'lord I am not sure what the discussion is completely about but Lt. Farrel has already issued a warning that whatever I did overhear be kept and never spoken of or else I would meet an untimely and unpleasant fate.  As I particularly like my head where it is, I have already swore that none I shall have the misfortune to overhear shall ever pass my lips.  Now please excuse me while I fetch your drink."

Dia glanced to Manik and then made her way to the bar.  She did not wish to draw the Earl's attention and did not lfirt so openingly with Manik.  She had known men of power and influance before and it was usually the same.  They saw a pretty face and attractive body and would decide they would bed her, whether she was willing or not, married or newly widowed, fresh from the child birth bed, this type of man seemed not to care.  This was the type of men that Dia had known all her life.  This was why she had fled her home so many years ago.  A man could not bed what he could not see.  It did not help that she had further proven the point by throwing hot water into the "gentleman's" face scalding his eyes when he had tried to rape her openly in a tavern in which she had gotten her first job.  She had fled from there with nothing but the clothes on her back and the tips she had earned.  She had made it this far scratching and clawing a way to survive in this world.  

The barkeep topped of the finest brew they had and Dia paused briefly before making her way back to the table.  Perhaps she was wrong about the Earl and he was kind.  After all the Lt. was his brother-in-law which meant that the Earl's sister had won his heart.  This lightened Dia's perspective, but she was still causious not to draw unwanted attention.  Placing the Earl's drink on the opposite side from which the wolf was, Dia quickly moved a few steps away from him.  "Would you like for me to get your wolf a bowl of water, M'Lord?" Dia glanced about and noticed several of her customers had left and her tips waited to be collected and the tables cleaned.  Without waiting for a response Dia went on, "I will go and fetch the bowl so that you may give her some water.  Excuse me gentleman." Dia left and cleaned some nearby tables, collecting her tips quickly before one of the others grabbed them.  Carry an load full of dirty dishes Dia made her way to the kitchen.

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Sammy's gaze lingered on the people before her and her master, her muscles rippling beneath her skin. She kept her head high and took a deep breath, inflating her chest like a balloon and making herself seem bigger, more threatening. The fur covering her body seemed to change colors as she stood there, a faint breeze billowing past the silvery hairs of her overcoat to expose her ebony undercoat. She licked her maw slowly, her crimson tongue dragging dangerously over ivory fangs. She never removed her eyes from the people before her until she was told to do so.

"Sammy down,"

Her muscles relaxed as she snorted through her ebony nostrils. Her chest deflated as she lowered herself to the ground slowly, stretching out on her stomach. He had told her to lay down... so she did. She moved to rest her head upon her paws slowly, keeping her eyes peeled for anything that could happen. She never took her eyes off the man who had first drawn the dagger, caution for her master plagued her thoughts.

When Christian moved to sit down, Sammy stood and moved to his side. She laid back down quickly, now turning herself so she had a good view of the entire tavern and the people near Christian. She rested her head on her paws in silence, taking slow breaths through her nostrils, sorting the scents in her mind. She lifted her head slowly, ears twisting this way and that, catching the different voices in the room but focusing her attention mainly on Christians.

She heard him speaking with venom in his voice... she could tell he was angry about something and she pushed herself to a sitting stance, looking to him quietly. He seemed well enough so she returned to her previous place, laying by his side. Her maw parted slightly in a yawn as she waited for him to be done.

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Post by: Manik Targin on July 02, 2006, 12:47:23 PM
Sheathe your sword, private

And all the tension oozed away. Farrel started explaining. Dean sheathed his sword. Dia’s hand slipped from his shoulder. And catching the words “m’lord,” Manik’s stance eased to an attention.  The man was a lord, but Farrel didn’t say his name.
At their introductions Dean and Manik both gave a bow of their heads and a courteous “My Lord.”
The man winked at Dia, and Manik felt a slight tickle of jealousy. Then the lord progressed to the events earlier that day.

Either you two are very stupid, or very brave. Since my brother-in-law is here and sitting here and eating and drinking with you. I am inciined to believe that you are brave.

Dean gave only a “Thank you my lord,” but Manik could tell Dean shared the confusion of if the man’s words were a compliment or not.
Brother in law? Maybe he would ask Farrel about it later.

Then Farrel and the man started talking about the special unit Farrel had just explained. If the lord had conferred with the general, he must be a high standing noble at least, maybe he was the Earl. He then voiced the same threat Farrel had given to Dia, and Dia replied that fact and her response once again.

It was then that the ‘why’ was answered. At Farrel’s nudge the lord addressed what Manik desired to hear.

"Private I would have thought you would have learned your lesson about asking why? As your Lt. said, a soldier follows orders.

A solider follows orders, but a man follows what he believes in. Manik was both, he would have to pick and choose carefully. As the man went on Manik listened with interest. Dean leaned in as well. Manik didn’t know a lot about history, but the lord answered most of it for him. Well if the King of Voldar was this man’s cousin, then this lord must be the Earl of Nyermersys. Manik couldn’t help but reflect on the fact he had met two extremely important people in the first two days he had come to the city. As to the reason of the war… So it was Regicide. A noble cause. Regicide was perhaps the greatest crime there was, everyone knew that. It was a poor thing that innocent men would have to die for it, but Manik was sure that soldiers would willingly go to war over a crime of such magnitude.

“That is why we are going to war. Is that reason enough, private?"

Manik didn’t like the rage in this man’s voice. But given it was his cousin’s death, he could guess the Earl would still be mourning the loss and prone to such rage. “It is a grand crime my lord. And because you choose to right it, I will follow thee.” Manik replied in a passive voice. The contrast of the softspoken tone made the statement vivid against the lord’s vent, adding dramatic meaning to the words. Manik thought of asking more, but by the lord’s demeanor, he figured it would be wise to be quiet.

Manik Targin

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on July 10, 2006, 05:52:23 AM
Dia had finished cleaning the tables and was now depositing the dishes in the kitchen.  Dia kept an uneasy feeling about the lord who she could now hear his voice rising.  Dia asked the cook for one of his large bowls and explained what it was for.  He was not happy with the explanation.

"Take a look then and tell me to tell him no.  I said I would get his wolf a bowl of water.  You can tell him no." Dia had her hands on her hips.  She was keeping her voice low so as not to draw attention.  The cook went to the door and peered out towards the table Dia had mentioned.  Seeing the wolf he knew exactly who it belonged to and quickly changed his mind.  

"Sure sure lass.  Take me bowl for the Earl's wolf.  Here, take this one." The cook produced a large bowl finely shaped and heavy in weight with no cracks.  Dia's eyes grew large as her mind registered just who the cook said the wolf belonged to.

"You said Earl.  Are you certain that is the Earl of Nyer?" The cook nodded his head saying as he fill up the bowl "And his is not to be denied anything that he wishes to have.  Understand me girl?  He could make your life unbearable if you do, or worse." The cook looked saddened for a moment for he had grown fond of Dia and her spirit.  Hopefully the Earl would not want anything from this lass other than what she served, but if he did the cook thought it better to give her some words of wisdom first.  He then began to usher Dia from his kitchen.  "Go lass, the Earl does not like to be kept waiting."

Dia straightened her skirt and picked up the bowl steadily between her hands and opened the swinging kitchen door with a bump of her hip.  She looked around and noticed that the crowd from earlier had pretty much cleared and now was their lagging time.  Soon enough the tavern would be flooded again with their evening rush that would last until almost closing.  Then she could take her rest upstairs in her quarters for the night.  She had the next day off since she was working a double shift this evening.  Perhaps Manik would be available later.  She wanted to ask, but not so openly in front of the Earl.  Quickly before anyone could notice she re-entered the Kitchen and set the bowl down on the counter.  The cook looked at her strangely when she took out a pad she used to write orders and notes down on.  Her mother had taught her to read and write something that most women who were not wealthy couldn't do, but her mother had been taught by a wealthy gentleman who had favored her and in turn her mother had taught her.  Quickly jotting down, 'If you have time meet me. Close tonight off tomorrow.  I have a room here.'   She folded the note and put it in an easy to reach place and picked up the bowl once again and head back out the kitchen doors.

Dia brushed by Manik as she came to stand on the opposite side of the Earl from which the wolf lay.  "I am sorry to interupt but here is the bowl of water for your wolf, M'Lord.  I would place it before her, but I do not wish to anger either of you." Dia waited as she held out the bowl resting in her slender yet strong and capable hands.  

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Christian took the bowl from Dia and placed it before Sammy.  His face went from being quiet angry to smooth and suave.  "I appreciate a woman who doesn't always have to be told what to do." A quick flash of teeth caused Dia to step back quickly from the Earl.  

"Thank you your Grace.  I will gather the dishes from the table now gentleman." Dia began to clear the plates away and empty cups and then came to stand beside Manik seemingly to clear away his plates when a couple pieces of eating ware fell to the floor.  "I am sorry gentleman." Dia said as she knelt to pick up the forks.  Slipping the note from her pocket she quickly tucked it into Manik's boot.  She had done so at a surprisingly quick and fluid movement that she had surprised herself.  Gathering the silverware in her other hand she stood.  Gathering up the rest of the dirty dishes Dia made her way back to the Kitchen.

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**I am doing this real quickl with the little time i have this week... if there are typos... I am sorry!**

Christian lowered the bowl to Sammy and she lifted her head, tilting it slightly as she eyed the water. She lowered her ebony nose and sniffed the cool crisp liqued before lapping up a little. Christian spoke to Dia in his smooth voice, a voice Sammy was used to hearing from him. She was very accustomed to his flauntings and his late nights with women of his species as she was often in the room throughout. Who better than to make sure one of these women didnt have a knife behind her back than Sammy?

Sammy wouldnt spread rumors... who would she tell, even if she could talk?

She was completly defensive of her master, yet she would not judge him for his exploits... she was indeed man's best friend.

Sammy noticed Diamond drop the cutlery and noticed her slip something into Manik's shoe. She thought naught of it as it didnt seem to be a threatening motion.

Sammy stood quietly and eyed Christian, patiently waiting for him... wanting to go hunting, or play, or something. She almost let a whine escape but she knew better... he had his matters to attend.

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Post by: Manik Targin on July 14, 2006, 02:05:23 PM
“It is a grand crime my lord. And because you choose to right it, I will follow thee.”

Christian scolded himself inwardly. The private’s sober tone was powerful. The stress was getting to him, he shouldn’t have let his anger get the better of him. He had spoken too loudly and others might have heard. His anger also showed weakness, and he knew better than that. He hated that a private would show him his fault. The stress and lack of sleep were definitely getting to him. “As I said a solider needs to follow his orders. But it is a comfort knowing my men agree with my cause.” Christian had no reason to give this private ground, but decided on a whim that he might as well humor the boy.

The mood was suddenly uncomfortable, and so seeing the waitress walk up Christian switched to something he was good at. "I appreciate a woman who doesn't always have to be told what to do." This one might be a poorly waitress, but she was a looker for sure.

"Thank you your Grace. I will gather the dishes from the table now gentleman."

And as he was thinking of progressing his attentions, the klutz of a girl dropped food onto the floor. He wouldn’t have a fool to his bed, though as she bent down he retracted that thought with the site of her divine hips.

Christian let out a sigh and rose to his feet. He didn’t have the time, and he had finished what he had come here to do. “Well Lieutenant I can see you have the ball rolling at least. I have important matters to attend to, good day.” And after a longer look at the waitress’ curves, he strode out of the inn.

The three soldiers rose to their feet and gave a hearty “M’lord. Good day” and sat back down once the Earl had left. Farrel seemed uncomfortable and went back to eating his lunch, so the privates followed suit.

Manik had felt Dia slip something into his boot and had shown no sign he knew. He hoped it wasn’t a scrap of food he thought with a slight smile. Smudging up the last bit of gravy and pork medallion, he finished off his lunch with a swig of ale. The meal had been absolutely delicious, and he was sorry now he was finished. The silence was a bit awkward, but Manik held it. He didn’t know what to say.

Finishing off his ale, Farrel stood. “Alright men, you have duty this afternoon if I am not mistaken, let’s get back to the garrison.” Dropping coins on the table, which was more than enough for the meal, he made his way out yelling ‘thank you’ and some name into the kitchen as he passed. He waited at the door.

Manik threw back the rest of his drink, and he and Dean got up to leave. On his way out, Dia came by. “Thank you very much for lunch. It was delicious. I will have to come back soon.” He gave a annoyed look to Dean at his shoulder who was listening intently. Scratching his head, he continued, “I may have come off as quiet, but perhaps sometime I could see you …and show you that that is not always the case.” It sounded stupid but it would have to do. He didn’t even have to look to see Dean’s grin.

At least his friend caught the hint. “I have to use the washroom for just a sec,” Dean stated as he stepped past Dia and headed towards the back.

Manik Targin

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on July 15, 2006, 09:29:23 AM
Hearing the Lt. bid his goodbye Dia quickly came out from the kitchen where she had been trying to help the cook clean up.

Dia quickly noticed the Earl was no longer present and a pleasant sigh escaped her mouth as she came to stand near Manik.  Dean seemed ever ready to watch Manik flounder in the presence of a woman.  Dia could only smile her eyes sparkling in the dappling sun light that occassionally filtered in from the windows above.  

Upon hearing Manik's statement about being quiet Dia took a step closer to him, her eyes dancing with obvious flirtation.  Dia came to stand close to Manik's shoulder raising slightly to speak into his ear.  Her breath was hot against his ear and her voice was low as she said, "You already have my answer and you know where to find me when you have the time."  Dia smiled as she watched the chill bumps appear on Manik's neck involuntarily from her hot breath.  

Dia caught Manik's eyes once more as she saw Dean returning from the back of the building.  Dia brushed Manik lightly as she passed him on her way to the table the three had just been occupying and began to wipe down the table top and gather the remaining plates and cups.  Dia smiled a wicked grin at Dean as she turned her attention back to Manik before heading towards the kitchen.  "I bet yee're not so quiet once alone, Private Manik."  With a grin upon velvety smooth pink lips Dia she made her way back into the kitchen hips gently rocking back and forth as she went.

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Sammy stood in silence, eyeing the people whom Christian was speaking with moments ago. She shook off quickly, tossing a little bit of dust that had clung to her fur from the floor off and turned to follow him. She stopped and turned to look over her shoulder, tilting her head and looking to the woman and man who seemed to have something going on, through her amber eye. She lifted her head and sniffed the air slightly before turning back and continuing on.

She bounded after Christian with a soft "Hruff" but quickly stopped her playful bound as she could tell he was in no mood. She lowered her head slightly and continued besides him in silence, scanning the world through her amber eye.

As she walked her tail remained high, curled slightly above her haunches. Her claws left faint canyons in the earth as she walked, digging into the plush land beneath her weight silently. Occasionally she lifted her head and eyed Christian quietly before she would lower her head again.

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Post by: Capher on August 02, 2006, 12:40:23 AM
Christian was restless after he left Brok's.  He berrated himself for letting his emotions get the better of himself in front of that guard...what was his name? Ah, Manik.  The boy had some promise, he thought.  He could feel Sammy beside him and reached down with his long arms and could scratch the top of her head. "Yeah, girl. That boy showed some real guts.  He asked a valid question, though there are only a very rare few who would dare question his soverign. At least not without fear of losing their heads." He chuckled. "Yeah, that boy has promise. I hope he joins Farrel's unit.  I suppose we should come up with a name for it. I will have to think on it.  In the meantime I feel like a cat being chased by you." He chuckled again.  "How about you and I do some hunting?  Would you like that? Huh, girl?"  He asked as he quickened his stride to get to his castle, his stables and his falcon.

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As Dia whispered in Manik’s ear, he almost didn’t catch what she said. It took a second as he recovered for it to register in his brain. Her eyes seemed to take hold of his mind again, but before he could respond, Dean was striding back.  

"I bet yee're not so quiet once alone, Private Manik."

Her grin was intoxicating as she sauntered off into the kitchen. Dean arched his eyebrow at Manik and let a low whistle. Then laughing he put his hand on Manik’s shoulder and the two of them took their leave of Brok’s.

After a few paces out on the street Dean cleared his throat and clapped his hands together. “SO… I think Dia likes me.”

Manik turned with a smile and responded with a swift jab to Dean’s shoulder and pushing him playfully a few paces. “Get outta here.” He said jovially.

“What? So you think I have a chance?” he responded putting up his hands to defend. And finishing with a sigh, “I think I might ask her to marry me.”

Manik smiled but didn’t respond, and after a few more strides Dean again teased with “You think she’ll say yes?” Laughing he ran ahead a bit.

“Oh you’re dead! You’re dead!” laughed Manik and gave chase.

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Private Dean Winters

When Dean left Manik he made his way the couple streets over to Brok’s Rest. The streets were still fairly busy as people wound their way around to or from work, or out for dinner or drink. The evening light was almost completely faded and light was already cascading out of the shop windows. As Dean made his way through Brok’s doors he was greeted with the sweet smells of late dinner time. Taking a deep breath, he wished the garrison’s mess hall smelled this good. Making his way to the bar, he waited for the heavy set tender to make his way over. “Would Dia still be here, I’d uh like to talk to her.” Then realizing he still had his guard uniform on he added, “Nothing to do with guard business.”

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on August 12, 2006, 12:00:23 PM
A sharp knock on the room door caused Dia's heart to flutter.  She had just gone on her much needed break.  Opening her room door one of the other bar maids motioned to the room below. <!--EZCODE FONT START--><span style="color:gray;"> "One of dem soliders is back and askin' fer ya."</span><!--EZCODE FONT END--> was all she said before she turned abruptely and left.  Dia wondered briefly if it was Manik and decided there was only one way to find out.  Quickly running a brush through her hair she closed and locked her room door behind her.  As she descended the stairs, her green eyes scanned the darkening room.  There was one man in uniform by the bar, but it wasn't Manik.  With a mischevious smile on her slightly parted lips, Dia made her way to Dean.

<!--EZCODE FONT START--><span style="color:green;">"I wonder what brings you back so soon, Private Dean."</span><!--EZCODE FONT END-->
Dia let a small laugh escape her as she leaned her back against the bar to look at Dean.  The overhead candle light caught in her green eyes seemed to make the dance with their own inner fire.  Dia noticed Dean's knowing smile and arched a delicate eyebrow.  <!--EZCODE FONT START--><span style="color:green;">"And why do you look like the cat that ate the bird?"</span><!--EZCODE FONT END--> <p><!--EZCODE FONT START--><span style="color:purple;font-family:times new roman;font-size:small;"><!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href="" target="top">Personal Page[/url]<!--EZCODE LINK END--></span><!--EZCODE FONT END-->
<!--EZCODE FONT START--><span style="color:green;"><!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href="" target="top">Cherri Rowandyn[/url]<!--EZCODE LINK END--></span><!--EZCODE FONT END-->
<!--EZCODE FONT START--><span style="color:purple;"><!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong>"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END-->"</span><!--EZCODE FONT END--></p>

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The door to Brok's rest opened. No one who noticed it was expecting to see the greyhaired lady who marched in. Some murmured something about old people not belonging in an inn, but her manner soon suggested that she was used to this kind of environment.

She easily picked her way over to the barman. Instead of stumbling over obstacles, as some people had half and half expected, she used her cane for shoving aside anything that came in her way, from drunkard's feet to chairs. When standing in front of the barman, she looked up at him - he seemed several handpalms bigger than herself - and said:

"Hello, my lad. I want a red wine, some decent food and a comfortable room with a bath. I'll be sitting over there at that table." The 'red', 'decent', 'comfortable' and 'bath', she emphasized by ticking her cane on the floor, making it obvious that she didn't really need it. The way she used it depended on the situation. At the gate, it had made her look like an old woman (except that the nice guard had seen her walk wasn't that old), here it made her look self-assured. She was there, and everybody could know it, as long as they gave her what she wanted.

Simonne went to sit at the table she had pointed to, looking around to stare down anybody who might be looking at her. She had had plenty of years of expierence of staring at people until they looked away. Her stare said: "I'm here, but don't you dare gossip about me. Just mind your own business and I'll mind mine."  

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Post by: Capher on September 08, 2006, 02:23:23 AM
The barkeep smiled as the old woman made her point of what she wanted and where and then he watched her sit down at her table.  He filled the cup with wine, red, as she wished and took a key from off the wooden stand, walked over to the old woman's table, placed the wine in front of her along with the key, smiled and said, "The wine is two sans and here is your room key, number 2, Simonne. It has been a long time."

He waited for her reaction that he knew who she was.


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Post by: Simonne Miller on September 08, 2006, 07:55:23 PM
"I see you still remember me, Bill? If I remember correctly, last time I was here you had just taken over Brok's. I can see for myself that you are thriving, my lad. Good for you. All that bartending hasn't done your figure much good, though." While she rummaged in her pouch, looking for two sans, she added: "How's the missus? She hasn't been too ill since last time, I hope?"
She handed over the two sans for the wine. "Thank you for the key. I'll wait here for my dinner and after that, I'll go up. A bath will set me up. Been travelling for the past few days. Well, years actually, but the last decent bath and bed was days ago." She decided not to mention the carnage she had seen just outside the city. Chances were, he knew nothing about it, and she didn't want to worry him for nothing. With a smile in her eyes for the bartender, she sipped her wine thoughtfully.

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Post by: Capher on September 09, 2006, 01:34:23 AM
"Aye, M'lady, the missus is doing fine after you healed her. We thank you very much, in fact afterward she concieved and now I have boy thanks to you."

He chuckled when she mentioned his figure. "Aye," He patted his rounded stomache, "It has been Rose's cookin, not the ale, though.  Your dinner will be coming right up."

Through the open windows of the inn the town criers could be heard. "Hear Ye. Hear Ye. Any healers in town are requested to come to the Castle and speak with Master Petrie."  After a pause they repeated the message.

Bill scratched his chin. He then looked down at Simonne. "I am not sure what that is all about Simonne, but you are the best healer I have ever seen, including that pompus goat herder Baltizar. Maybe you should go and see what is up.  Master Petrie is a very nice man and knowledgable. Perhaps he is looking for another apprentice.  Working at the Castle would give you more money than you can imagine and you would be able to to stay there, giving yourself a nice place to lay your head down."


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Post by: Simonne Miller on September 14, 2006, 06:30:23 AM
"It's not for the money I do it, my lad, as you very well know. But a place to rest my head for a while... yes, that would be nice. I will have to tell them I can't guarantee staying though. For now, yes, but one can never tell the future, can they, my lad. Now, a little longer won't hurt, will it? If you'll bring me my dinner, I'll eat it a little faster than I would normally, then I'll go see what old Petrie is up to. And call the boy over here, will you? I want to see what you thank me for."

After duely praising the boy to the father, she received her dinner. While eating, she thought very hard. She had met both men that Bill had mentioned. Petrie was a nice man, about her own age. She could really talk to him. Sometimes she thought that he might have meant more to her, had she allowed it. But she couldn't allow something like that, she'd be sure to disappoint him. She had been on the road for so long, she didn't know how to begin another life, and she was too old to change. He had lived in the same town all his life, in the same house even, and he too was too old to learn another life. But she was genuinly glad that she would see him again. He had thought her a few useful tricks last time.

That prick, Baltizar, was another story. He had been an apprentice to old Petrie, and jealous of what she had already known. She remembered him as an ambitious fool who'd sacrifice his right hand if it got him higher in the favour of someone of ranking. Maybe he wasn't so bad, but he had constantly goaded her, and this probably coloured her view of him quite a lot.

She knew that Petrie wouldn't want her for an apprentice. He knew all too well the wandering spirit that was so strong in her. He understood that, even though he didn't have it himself. Also, he would never look for an apprentice like this, having the town criers call it throughout the city. He would go out himself, pay attention to everyone, and if someone caught his eyes, he'd approach them. That was his way. She decided her curiosity was roused enough to get to the palace quickly. Paying for the dinner, she stood up and, with a wave to Bill, left Brok's rest and started walking in the general direction of the castle.

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on February 21, 2007, 12:28:57 PM
Dia awoke not feeling very refreshed.  She had gone to bed late the previous night because she had to help close Brok's.  Buttoday she had the day off since she worked a double shift yesterday.  Stretching lazily, Dia snuggled down beneath the warmth of covers for a moment more before braving the morning air by flinging the covers back off of her.  Stretching as she walked to the wash stand Dia stripped off her clothes and began to bathe.  When she was done she donned a clean set of clothes and headed for the door.  Today she decided she would site see around the town and perhaps she might even run into Manik, but she doubted it.  With the upcoming war he probably was not allowed the luxery of down time.

After Dia ate breakfast, she stepped from the doorway of Brok's Nest and headed for the center of town.

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Post by: Capher on February 23, 2007, 01:06:03 AM
Manik strolled to Brok's. He was looking forward to seeing Dia and hopefully try to explain what had happend the night before.  The rain had stopped, and the sun had broken through the haze and it began to warm up a little, though Manik had to wrap his cloak around him to keep the cool eastern breeze from chilling him.

He turned the corner and saw Dia heading away from him toward the center of town.  He ran up to her calling her name. "Dia! Dia, wait up."

Title: Re: Brok's Rest.(Nyermersis)
Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on February 23, 2007, 01:49:13 AM
A familiar voice pentrated Dia's thoughts as she walked casually toward the center of town.  Stopping Dia turned around and scanned the unfamiliar faces around her.  She could have sworn she had heard Manik calling her name...but then again she may not have.  Just then a man running in her direction caught her attention.  Placing a slender hand on her hip, Dia tried to hide the smile that threaten to obscure the impatient look she was trying to portray.  She had waited for him the previous night and when Dean was the only one to show she was actually disappointed.  Then at breakfast there had been several of the other barmaids laughing and snickering about a party that had ensued and a mud wrestling match between a Private and a few prostitutes.  Dia had the undeniable feeling that Private was Manik.  Dia laughed inwardly at the thought of a drunk Manik rolling around the mud with some street walkers.  The hangover alone would be just punishment for him, Dia thought but she couldn't pass up the opportunity to torment Manik just a little for standing her up.

As Manik came closer to her, she could clearly see the traces of the night before on his features and the faint odor of alcohol that seemed to linger around him.  With her hand on her hip and an impatient look on her face, eyes dancing mischievously, Dia huffed "Isn't it a bit early for you to be out and about after the night you had?"  Dia fought back the urge to break down laughing at the site of Manik.  He truly did look rough.

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Post by: Capher on March 02, 2007, 02:18:47 AM
Night I had? Manik thought.  He kicked the ground with the toe of his boot, bowing his head. He felt like he did on the farm when his father had caught him doing something he should not have. "Oh, you heard about that did you?" He asked.

He quickly looked up. "Please forgive me Dia. I had no idea what the guys were planning.  I was really looking forward to seeing you, but..."  He left it hanging wondering what she was going to do.

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Dia couldn't hold it in any longer and a small giggle escaped between her pink lips.  Manik looked as if he was being berated by a parent, not an idea that made her tingly inside.  Looping her arm into his, Dia traced the countour of his profile with long slender nimble fingers, her short nails feeling the stubble that had yet to be shaved away.

Dia's hand fell softly away and she unconsciously pressed her body closer to Manik's as she came to stand at his side, her arm laced through his own.  With the hint of laughter in her voice Dia's words fell close to Manik's ear, "Yes I heard about your eventful night and has passed has passed no harm in having a night out withthe guys.  Your friend had come to see me and I believe he was planning some surprise party for you.  Then I was called back to work and only heard about the wrestling match this morning.  Speaking of, why are you up so early?  I figured that you would have still been sleeping off the effects of your night.  There isn't anything wrong is there?"  Dia's tone had changed with the last sentence and her eyes became intent as she searched Manik's for the answer.

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Manik let out a breath of relief when he heard Dia laugh. She had a charming laugh and a beguiling smile that captivated him, like a butterfly in a net.  She was a wise girl, in some ways, much wiser than he, when it came to the world, yet she could not have been much older than him, probably younger, at least that is how she looked to him.

She laughed again and told him that the past was past and all was forgiven and then she asked how come he was up so early.  He looked around at all of the people thronging along the streets and heard the vendors hawking their wares. "Early? It has to close to twelve bells. The Lt., who I discovered has a dry sense of humor, had us up at six bells in full gear readying us for a ten league march, just because the Sarge, forgot or did not want to, I am not sure, invite the Lt. to our little party last night.  We all thought he was going to march us to death!  Then after waiting in the pouring rain for what seemed liked an eternity awaiting marching orders.  He laughs, tells the Sarge and us to remember him the next time we have a party and then lets us go," Manik rubbed the stubble on his chin right where Dia's fingers had touched and had sent a chill up his spine.His new mission was considered 'on a need to know basis' and Dia did not need to know, though it felt like betraying her. He had to follow orders or he may end up kicked out of the army, or worse...dead.

"We then had to clean our barracks, then clean and oil down our gear so that it would not rust and then we were finally let go for the day. During that time I talked to Dean and he told me what happened when he came to your door last night.  I cannot believe you turned him down...for me?  Especially when I did not show up as I had promised.  I am awfully glad you did...but I would have understood.[/i]Why did you say that, of course you would not have understood. You would have felt betrayed; both by your best friend and by her.  Why don't you just tell her your feelings and let her decide?[/i]

A myriad of emotions coursed through his body as his eyes searched hers hoping she would say the right thing and cursing himself for not allowing his true feelings be said.

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Listening intently Dia felt there was something underneath it all that was not being said.  Probably orders of something or another, that would be the military for you, Dia thought dryly.  She had been around soldiers before, tho only on a friendly basis, and knew that there were just some things that could not be disclosed and it was probably better that way.  She had missed Manik the night before and her dreams, what dreams she had barely dreamt, were filled of Manik.  Searching his eyes as he spoke about Dean coming to see her she saw a hint of something then it was gone. 

Pushing a brunette curl back behind into place behind her ear, the smile faded from her pink lips and her green eyes became serious.  "I don't believe you would have been al'right with my welcoming Dean any other way then I did.  Dean might be okay for some girls, but like I told ya before, I prefer the quiet ones.  I guess I should have made it more clear than the note asking ya to meet me and turning down your friend, not that he offered anything more than what he said in front of you in jest."  A softness came to Dia's eyes as she saw how Manik searched her for some answer he was seeking and a lopsided grin parted her lips.  Dia lifted onto the balls of her feet bringing her mouth close to Manik's ear.  Letting her warm breath wash over his skin for a blink, her voice had become a bit more huskier, "I am only interested in you.  What else does a girl got to do to make that clear to you and who ever else might need clarifying." 

Placing a light kiss below his ear lobe on his neck, Dia's green eyes sparkled mischievously as the light danced across the red in her hair.

Dia shook her head sending her hair

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Manik blushed at Dia's direct approach.  was he that dense? he thought.   He smiled brightly and took Dia's arm in his. "I have the rest of the day off.  We could go and do some sight-seeing or shopping, or" and a mischievious grin and a twinkle came into his eye, "we could go to your room and you can show me just how clearly you want me."

He had never been that direct with a woman.  In fact, truth be told, he had never been with a woman, well unless you consider Ursalla, the farmers daughter next to his families.  She and he had explored some in the hay mow in his barn. They never actually came together, but they did show and play with each other, so he was not quite that ignorant. However, he thought, Dia had other plans than just show and tell. Besides, this may be the last time he saw her for a very very long time.

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Being pulled into Manik's embrace caught Dia slightly, and pleasantly, off guard.  And here she had thought him to be of the shy nature.  It was the quiet ones who took you by surprise.

Dia enjoyed being in Manik's embrace and when he mentioned another option rather than sight seeing Dia couldn't think of anything else she would enjoy more at the moment.

"The sights will still be there another day as will the wares, and I believe I would enjoy getting to know you more intimately."

Dia slipped from Manik's grasp and began to guide him back to Brok's by his hand.  She had caught something in his eye, almost as he was venturing into something that yet explored.  There was still a newness about the way he acted and looked at her, something that was not yet perfected to a craft and so well rehearsed like so many other men who had tried to talk their way into her bed.

And there had been many who had tried and so few who had succeeded.  While she herself had not had many lovers, no more than two if the truth be known, but both had been with men who she had had relationships with of some length.  Never before had she taken a man to her bed upon just meeting him.  But there was something about Manik that was different.  He didn't seem the type to lye with a woman and then discard them.

As they neared Brok's, Dia slowed her pace to one of less urgency.  Dia smiled at the thought of having Manik in compromising positions upon her bed and she looked sheepishly at him from the corner of her green amber flecked eyes.  Leading Manik into the dimness that was Brok's she stopped briefly and turned to Manik. 

"Here is my key.  It's the last one on the right.  I'm just going to get a couple of things to bring up and have someone bring up some hot water for a bath."  Dia stood on the balls of her feet and placed a quick kiss on Manik's lips, running the tip of her tongue lightly over his lower lip before turning and making her way to the bar.

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Manik took the key and watched Dia walk off.  He looked up the stairs with some trepidation as well as a feeling of euphoria, which grew each step he took.  At the top of the stairs he was breathing as heavily as if he had just finished a two league run with full armor on.

He found Dia room, looked around to see if anyone was watching and felt a bit foolish when he realized that he was the only one in the dim hallway.  He turned the key, felt the bolt slide back and the door opened into her room.  He entered, closing the door behind him.

Her room was not decorated like a typical room above a inn.  She had done some of her own decorating.  Her floors were not bare, but covered with colorful, throw rugs that had some sort of geometric design.  She had one chair and a table and they too were covered with brightly colored cloth.  It was her bed that made Manik breathe a bit harder.  Situated in the middle of the room, it had a four large posts upon which hung, tent like, a myriad of different colored gauze like cloth. A geometric designed quilt covered the bed.

Manik went over to the bed and felt it and was surprised to feel how soft and cushioned it was.  He lifted the quilt and linen and saw that her bed was goose down filled, not straw as most inn beds were.  He quickly put the linen and quilt feeling somehow guilty, as if he was in a place he should not be.

Not knowing what to do, he saw that the fireplace had burned down to embers so he walked over, knelt down and stirred them up and began placing small tinder into it until it began to burn and then added more logs until he had a nice bright and warm fire.  He then pulled the chair next to the fireplace, dropping Dia's keys on the table, and sat down.  He wished there was something to drink.  He saw water, but water would not calm his nerves as he waited for Dia to show up.

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Dia balanced a tray full of sweet fruits, wine and glasses upon a tray and walked up the stairs.  Behind her there were several boys:  one carrying a wooden tub to bathe in and two others carrying large buckets of steaming water.  The fourth was carrying a large bucket of cool water.  Dia opened the door with her free hand and glanced around the room till she found Manik.  He was sitting by the fire place looking as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  She wondered briefly why he was so nervous as she directed the boys where to put the large wash tub and then watched as they filled the tub with the buckets of water.  Dia rummaged in a small pouch at her waist and fished out coins for them each, as the boys retreated from the room saying their thanks.

Dia closed the door quietly, fastening the deadbolt.  She watched Manik for his reaction and could tell that he was becoming more and more nervous.  He was acting like a school boy with his first whore.  The thought crossed Dia's mind and she hesitated in the pouring of the wine.  She would find out soon enough, she thought as she poured Manik a glass or red wine and brought it over to him.  Kneeling down beside where he sat Dia handed the wine to Manik resting her chin in his thigh while gazing into the fire.  She could feel the tense and muscular thigh beneath her chin and this brought a smile to her lush lips.  Turning to gaze a Manik, her head now completely on his thigh, she studied him for a moment.  A brief gaze around the room had, Dia had noted that Manik had already been to the bed but apparently did not feel at ease there.  He will soon enough, she thought to herself.

"The fire was a lovely touch.  I have always loved to watch the flames jump from one place to another.  They seem to dance do they not?"  Dia turned to stare into the fire hoping that Manik would feel more at ease.  She wanted him to be at ease with her for some reason.  She wanted to know all about him.

Dia smiled and decided that she would be the one to guide things for now.  Walking to the other side of the room, where the closet was located, Dia took out several soft large pieces of linen.  One she placed on the floor beside the tub.  The other two she hung up on a rack close to the fire in order that the linen would warm itself.  Taking her hair from the pin she usually kept in it, her dark hair cascaded down around her shoulders.  The fire caused her hair to look a dark reddish brown with glimpses of gold throughout. 

Walking back over to the closet Dia began to disrobe until all that was left was her shift.  Moving to her table, Dia picked out a small jar from a drawer.  Opening the jar she emptied some of the colored salt into her hands and then sprinkled it into the warm water.

"You did not seem you had the chance to bathe and shave this morning.  Let me take care of that for you."  Dia moved over to the mantle of the fire place and opened a small engraved box and took out a bar of soap that had been made with sweet sip oil.  She placed it beside the tub and gathered a razor and a cup which she emptied a power into and then added some water.  With a brush she stirred the concoction until a moisture rich foam was produced.

Placing these items around the tub for easy access, Dia walked back over to Manik, placing herself between him and fire.  The light from the fire caused her shift to become transparent and only the shadow of her body was seen.

"I will be most willing to help you get out of those, unless of course you would like for me to turn my back while you slip into the tub."

Dia could not help but smile at the thought her helping Manik into a nice warm bath.

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Manik heard Dia's door open and saw her enter along with some boys, some were probably no more than a couple of years younger than he was.  They carried in platters of food and wine and placed them upon the table. One carried in a tub, and others carried in pails of water which they filled the tub with, and then Dia gave them a few coins and they left.  She then bolted the door.

Manik's eyes were wildeyed as he watched all this going on and when Dia bolted the door, he wanted to do the same, bolt, run as fast as he could, but his fascination with what Dia was doing kept him seated.  He watched her as she came closer and handed him a glass of wine. He took the wine, his hands visably shaking and with one gulp drained the glass. That helped, he thought.

And then she knelt and put her chin upon his thigh.  His thigh muscle tightned involuntarily at her touch. He had to concentrate very hard to loosen the muscle, but found it harder when she turned her head and looked at him; her head now fully resting upon his thigh.
"The fire was a lovely touch.  I have always loved to watch the flames jump from one place to another.  They seem to dance do they not.
she said, her voice was soothing and it helped calm him a little.

"Thanks," he finally spoke, "For the wine also. When I was a child I loved watching the flames in our fireplace. I imagined many figures in the light and many tales were imagined. I thought that a fire would warm the place up, but I think your presence would have done so even without the fire," he said gazing into her eyes, with a slight smile upon his lips.

She smiled at him and then rose and went to her closet and began doing things. Manik could not help but keep her eyes on her, facinated. She did many things with linens and then she took down her hair. Manik liked the way her hair fell around her shoulders and shimmered in the firelight.  When she began to disrobe, Manik quickly looked back into the fire. What is she doing? he thought.  He could not help himself and took a quick peek at her.  She had undressed down to only her underwear, Manik quickly looked back at the fire, his heart racing.

She began making some sort of preperations to the water. She was speaking but Manik did not hear as the sound he could hear was the blood rushing up to his head.  Suddenly she stood in front of him, between him and the fire, and he could see her form through the thin clothing she was wearing.  He swallowed hard. His eyes roving over the shadow of the definately femine form that was before him.  She was beautiful, with her hair cascading down her shoulders and framed by the firelight.

Then she asked,
"I will be most willing to help you get out of those, unless of course you would like for me to turn my back while you slip into the tub."

Manik raised his head and looked into her eyes with a quizzical look on his face.  Then he turned and looked at the tub and his mind then recalled what she had been saying.  She wanted to bathe and shave him!  "I...I have not had to have someone undress me and bathe me since I was a boy, however," he stood up with determination and a grin on his face, "if you insist I am game."

He stood there watching her. Let's see where this lead us. She had her turn, now it's mine. he thought, wondering if she would really undress him, or if she would turn around and let him undress himself?

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Dia saw just how nervous Manik was and she was beginning to rethink how to handle the situation.  He acted as tho, he had never been with a woman before.  The idea began to solidify itself as she watched him in his responses.  If he was, she needed to slow things down.  Wait for him to feel comfortable.  May not even be now, Dia assured herself and that would be fine.  It would be nice just to share his company for a while as she genuinely enjoyed being close to him.

When Manik stood she saw that he had steeled his nerves for the moment.  Slowly she walked over to him to stand before him her body so close to his own she could feel his warmth through her shift.  Gazing into his eyes with her own green ones, she looked into their depths for the answer that she sought.  Dia placed her arms carefully on his shoulders and began to run her fingers through his hair.  Gently she raised herself and brought her mouth to his.  She kissed him gently at first until she felt his lips soften.  Gently she placed kisses along his neck allowing her hands to explore the width of his back and shoulders.  Slowly moving her form to stand behind manik she began to untuck his shirt and remove it. 

Once his bare skin was exposed to the air, goose flesh appeared.  Dia placed long slow kisses across his back while her splayed hand explored the muscles of his chest and stomach.  She felt Manik's muscles tighten as he accidentally touched the waist of his pants.  She quickly retreated her hands from his stomach and began to trace the odd scar here and there upon his body.

"Perhaps you would be more comfortable with bathing me instead?"  Dia continued her soft ministrations as she waited for his answer.

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Manik's blood was boiling as he felt her kiss him. She continued until she seemed to get the response she was looking for; he had softened his lips. Then she went behind him and began to really undress him kissing him on his back and rubbing his back and shoulders.  Then she asked if perhaps he would rather bathe her. Time for him to stop acting like a schoolboy and act like a man, he thought.

And then a wild wicked grin crossed his face as he grasped Dia's hands, spun her around to face her and laughed; "How about we both bathe?" And grasping her by the waist he pulled her along with himself into the tub.  Water splashed all over as most of their bodies landed into the tub; legs and arms twisting and intertwining with one another. Her shift became transparent as it became soaked.  Manik gazed at her body lustily. He caressed Dia's face and leaning toward her kissed her, softly at first, and then more passionately as his tongue explored the sweetness of her mouth and then the hollow of her upturned neck; his hands roaming over her shift feeling every curve.

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Jiro entered the inn proudly, elated that he had come one step closer to finding his initial target. A satisfying memory of a man with his mouth filled with foam, twitching on the floor of the apothecary shop brought a slight grin to the man's lips. He sighed an easy sigh as he felt the warmth of the fireplace touch his brown skin. He removed the hood of his cloak, and glanced around the tavern. The woman wasn't here, unfortunately, but Jiro knew that even that would be too easy.

He layed eyes first on the heavyset bartender, whom seemed preoccupied washing dishes. Jiro strolled right up to him, a plan formulating in his mind. Although this was a delicate matter, he knew it shouldn't be to difficult to approach.

"Hello kind sir," Jiro said, making no effort to hide his accent, "I come from a land far away in search of the woman named Simonne. My aunt is ill and my mother requested her especially, for they are old friends. My name is Travis, by the way."

Jiro said this with an aura of friendliness, but keeping the facade of sorry and worry for his "dying aunt" in tact.

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Bill was finishing up the dishes and the crowd of drinkers had thinned out as most went home to escape the snowstorm that was brewing and be with their loved ones.

A blast of cold air swept through the room as the door opened. Bill glanced up and saw a lone traveller enter.  He watched curiously as the man took removed his cowl and his brows rose up in surprise as he did not know the man, but the man, young looking, had an aura about him that belied his age.

The young man came up to him and told him he was searching for Simonne, for his aunt was is ill and his mother requested her. Well Bill could appreciate that. If there was anyone that could heal this young man's aunt, it was Simonne.

"Welcome, Travis, name is Bill," He wiped his right hand upon his apron and held it out, "Lady Simonne, it is you be searching for? Good woman. She healed my Rose and I 'ave a son cause of her."  He scratched the stubble on his face. "If there be any who can help you, it would be her. Yep, Lady Simonne is perhaps the best healer there is in all of Caelereth, cept maybe Master Petrie. Those two are the best of friends. Why I remember..."

Bill stopped as he looked at Travis's face. "Oh, sorry there lad, I guess I got carried away. Lady Simonne is up at the Castle. If'n you want to talk to her you will have to go there. Can I offer you a drink before you brave this storm and go to the Castle?" asked Bill.

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"The castle?" Jiro said, letting his face fall with disappointment. "I'll never be allowed to enter the castle... the guards have been acting funny lately..." He let his voice waver as if he was choking up, on the verge of tears, "my poor aunt!"

He sighed, slumping on a bar stool, doing his best to squeeze out a concealed tear.

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The wind battered Brok's and a window blew open. The flames of the torches closest to the window were quickly extinguished.  Bill ran to close the window as the blast of cold frigid air and snow swirled around the inn.  Bill latched the window, lit the torches once again and then returned to Travis.  "I think you should probably just stay here for the night, Travis. This storm is becoming worse, probably going to turn into a blizzard. Even if you went to the castle and made it there, it is more than likely that it is shut up tight.  But it is your choice."

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Manik kissed Dia's hollow of her throat as he continued carressing her body. Her shift was becoming a nusiance so he pulled it off of her.  He gazed lovingly at every curve of her body.  He stood up, picked her up, kissing her deeply and walked her to her bed, where he lay her down.  He removed the rest of his wet clothes and crawled up her small kisses upon her right leg, calf, thigh, stomache...continuing upward until her reached the hollow of her throat once more and kissed it as well as the sides, nibbled upon her ear, then kissed her forehead, tip of her nose and then found her mouth. She tasted sweet and her lips parted and his tongue explored her mouth; his hands roaming up and down her sides....

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Bill's response to Jiro's relatively poor acting was unsatisfactory. Although Jiro knew it was foolish to hope that the man would know a way into the castle, he would have kicked himself if the man actually did but he had not tried.
"I cannot stay here... my aunt's days, unfortunately, are numbered. I must hurry to the castle and find Simmone before it is too late."
Jiro blew his nose into a hankerchief before turning and moving to the door. He shielded himself with the hood of his cloak before pushing open the tavern door. A blast of wind chilled him, but he persevered across the threshold and outdoors.

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Arcuthra was blown into Brok's Rest by the wind, then hurriedly turned and thrust the door shut behind him. The wind blew his cowl off, but his back was to the room when that happened; once the door was secure he hastily replaced it and turned to face the establishment. He stamped the snow off of his boots, feeling his scalp prickle from the sudden change from cold to warmth.

Jimp poked his nose out of his pocket and sniffed before hastily ducking back in. Arcuthra made his way to the bar and sat down.

"Something strong to take the edge off this cold, and a very small bowl of warm milk" he said to the man behind the bar. "And I suppose I'll need a room - I am not sure it would be wise to go to the Hall in this right now."

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Bill watched curiously the newcomer and tried to see beneath the shadows of the cowl the stranger wore.  Bill was always the curious sort and it sometimes got him into trouble. "I think a nice tankard of Dwarven ale will do the trick. It sure is a bad storm. We get these spring blizzards once every few years, they come down from the mountains; they do not last long though and the snow melts in a few days after the sun comes out.  If you don't mind me asking, what is the milk for?"

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In answer to Bill's question, Jimp suddenly appeared and jumped to Arcuthra's elbow.

"Patience little one" growled Arcuthra. Jimp wrinkled his nose and turned it up at Arcuthra haughtily.

"The milk is for him. The dwarven ale will do fine." He shifted his shield and sword on his back to a more comfortable position.

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Bill turned and filled a small saucer of milk and placed it on the bar. "Cute little fella, I am a bit curious why an Orc would have such a pet, but if I am prying I apologize," he filled a large tankard of dwarven ale and placed that in front of his customer. "My name is Bill, stranger, what is yours?" he asked friendly like.

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Dia was caught off guard as Manik suddenly caused them both to end up in the tub, splashing water every where.  Dia's laugh turned into a soft moan as Manik's hands left a trail of fire every where he touched her.  Her body seemed to react on its own accord.  Her back arched and she molded her wet body to his feeling its mascline hardness and sturdiness.  Dia could feel Manik's muscles ripple beneath her thin wet shift and it tantalized her senses all the more. 

Dia's eyes glowed with her want of the man who could cause her body to feel so alive.  She greedily pulled at his belt and then pants until they came loose.  She wanted to feel his skin on hers and voiced so rather huskily.  "You could have made this easier you know."  Dia said with laughter in her voice.  She was thoroughly enjoying Manik's attentions when apparently he had had enough and deftly removed her shift and carried her to her bed.  Manik quickly rid himself of dripping clothes.  His hands were every it seemed all at once and he was quickly exciting Dia into a frenzy.  Dia returned his kisses with equal fervour and decided that wanted perspective from a different view.  Positioning her legs just so and holding onto Manik's shoulders, in case she went tumbling too far, Dia reversed their positions which left her sitting aside Manik and himself underneath her.  She offered a lopsided smile as she gazed down into startled features.  When his hands trailed down her spin ever so lightly her body involuntarily arched itself towards Manik.  A wicked grin spread across Dia's features and she looked at Manik with green eyes darkened by passion.  She kissed him beginning at his forehead and worked her way down raising herself above him in order to do so.  She gently kissed each eye lid in turn and then nipped each of his earlobes.  She ran her tongue from the side of his neck and across his mouth where she lingered.  Manik's mouth was as hungry for her as hers was for him and she reveled in the knowledge. 

Reluctantly pulling her now kiss swollen lips from his, she continued on her exploration of his body with her tongue.  Down his chin to his chest she left a trail of hot wet kisses.  She had to shift her body further down in the tub and water now licked at her chin.  Dia could feel Manik's length beneath her.  She took a breath and held it as she continued to trail kisses down his body to the flatness of his stomach...

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"He's decent company" replied Arcuthra as Jimp dipped into his milk.
As he took a pull on his ale, Bill asked his name. It wasn't lost on the orc that Bill had divined his heritage - but it apparently didn't bother the man.
He placed his half-empty tankard back on the bar. "Arcuthra's my name." He pushed his cowl back and and drank from his ale again, a little slower this time, and looked around the room. "If you'll pardon my saying so, the place seems quiet as taverns go. Storm keeping everyone at home?"

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Bill answered Arcuthra with a nod. "Yep, that would be my assumption. What brings you to Nyermersys?"

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"Looking for work." He shrugged. "I typically work as a bodyguard. Or a blacksmith as the case may be." He finished off the last of the ale and asked for another.
Meanwhile, Jimp had drunk most of his milk and begun to clean his whiskers. He hopped off of Arcuthra's elbow and began to study Bill with intelligent, beady eyes.

"How is the peace here in the city? Any going ons?" asked the orc with wary interest, prodding his way for any hopeful sign of employment.

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"Well, I have not heard of anyone looking for a bodyguard; but you never know with the nobility. Now a blacksmith, especially a good one, and one who knows armor, now that person I would tell go to the barracks and look for work there," he bent down low toward Arcuthra, "rumor has it that the army has stepped up its arsenal building and there are not enough blacksmiths to fill the orders," he leaned back, picked up a tankard and began washing it. "Though I would wait til after the storm passes. Are you going to need a room for the night?"

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Post by: Arcuthra on May 15, 2007, 12:03:33 AM
Arcuthra doubted he was good enough to go blacksmithing for the army here - at best, he would be a help. But it might be worth looking into for the time being.

"Yes, I suppose I will need a room until the storm blows over and I can get to the Hall." He felt much warmer with the ale coursing through him, and Jimp had developed a sleepy look in his eyes. "I suppose I'll turn in for the night."

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Post by: Capher on May 15, 2007, 12:50:57 AM
Bill handed him a key, "five sans per night, tub for washing in your room, but facilities are outside I am afraid. The owner has not gotten around to putting in a public facility indoors yet."

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Post by: Weivóc'Neán on May 15, 2007, 05:59:56 AM
A lone cloaked elf opened the doors, quickly entered, and closed them right back. He quickly shuck off the snow and went straight to the fire to warm himself. As he did, he surveyed the room, noticing a human, an orc, and a rat, which seem to be the orcs by how it was looking at the human.

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Post by: Arcuthra on May 16, 2007, 12:38:39 AM
Arcuthra went ahead and paid the man for three nights, then gathered the droopy looking rat into his pocket. "Many thanks to you" he said amiably. The door opened and someone came in, but Arcuthra paid him little more mind than to gather that he was a man or an elf of some sort before proceeding to his room.

Once there he locked the door, undressed to his underclothing and rolled into his blankets and thin mattress. Jimp curled in his pocket and went to sleep for some time as well.

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Post by: Capher on May 16, 2007, 12:42:18 AM
Manik lay on his side gazing at Dia as she slept. Her hair lay unkempt on her pillow and her features were soft and there was a slight upturn of her lips; as if she had a permanent smile.  He carefully rose out of bed, put on his pants and went to the window.  The blizzard outside banged upon her window screaming to get past the barrier of wood and glass.  He sighed, pouring himself another cup of wine and sat on a chair looking at the tub of water that was now only half full, as the other half was splashed out during their lovemaking.  

He smiled as his mind played over the last hours and his gaze returned to Dia. He knew that tomorrow he would probably not see Dia for a very long time. He was sure the Lt had already made plans for him and Dean to begin training in this new kind of warfare even if the blizzard had delayed that training a day or two.  He thought of how to break the news to Dia? A brief thought crossed his mind wondering if Dia done these things before? Surely she must have, he thought as another smile crossed his face as he recalled all of the most delicious things she had done to him.  A puzzled look came over his face; he thought, what do I think of her? Do I love her, or was she just a fling?  What do I want from her? What does she want from me?

He swirled the wine in his cup and stared into its deep red color and tried to answer those and many more questions that popped into his mind.

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Post by: Weivóc'Neán on May 19, 2007, 05:19:36 AM
     He went up to the bar and sai "Hello my good sir, what a storm it is outside. What do you suggest to warm someone like me up?" He then patiently awaited the man's response, taking off his gloves and rubbing his hands together to warm them up.

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on May 21, 2007, 10:07:35 AM
Stretching like a feline that had basked in the morning sun all day, Dia felt the emptiness of the bed beside and a twing of hurt coursed through her before she knew what was happening.  Has he left me so soon floated through her mind before she caught movement by the fireplace.  Manik had already redonned his pants and stood staring at the cold that threatened to burst in.  Rolling to her side, her slightly swollen lips upturned into a pleased smile, Dia allowed her eyes to roam over Manik's form.  For a moment she marveled at how a man could make her feel so alive, for she had never experienced anything of the like before.  The more alert she became the more their situation become clearer in her mind.  Rising from the bed, taking a discarded colorful blanket and wrapping in around her body and securing it with knot, she came to stand behind Manik wrapping her slender arms about his waste and placing several small kisses along his shoulders.  He seemed lost in thought and she hated to intrude, but there could be no help for it. 

"When do you leave for your training?"  Dia asked gently. She knew it was only a matter of time before he was to leave and prepare for the upcoming war.  She also knew that she probably would not see him for a very long time and perhaps never would again.  The last caused her stomach to twist and she knew that she had come to care for Manik in a very short period of time.  The realization caused a flooding of questions to flit through her mind, but most were irrelavent at the moment.  Did she love him, did he love her, where do they go from here, what they each mean to the other.  None was relevant if she never saw him again.  It could be love, but that is how it usually starts out in the beginning of any new relationship.  And what if he only thought of her as a fling?  Again Dia's stomach twisted at the thought.  It would sting, but if that is how he wanted it then so be it.  She would not run after a man who did not want her begging him to stay and to love her or even just to care for her.  She had seen women carry on in such a way and she only pitied them.  They deserved better than being someone's afterthought. 

Still she hoped that Manik was not as callous as that.  But on the other hand you can not make someone care for you or love you.  Sometimes it could develop over time and sometimes it was instant and other times it never happened.  Dia layed her check upon Manik's back as she gazed into the flames of the fire lost in her thoughts.  She decided she would take whatever Manik was willing to offer whether it be friendship, more or just this day. 

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Post by: Simonne Miller on May 25, 2007, 06:11:40 AM
Bill looked up at the newcomer just as the orc had paid and taken off to his room. He nodded his head. "Aye, quite the blizzard that is. We have some fine dwarven stouts here to warm you, if you should like them, or some red or white whine. There's also the stronger stuff, but I must warn you that these are a danger to your life. I'd only take them if I was in danger of freezing. There is folk who likes that sort of thing though." the barkeep said with a grin. "Anything of those that catches your fancy, sir?"


Manik looked down at his hands. He was silent for a time, but then he answered her question. "I think we'll start some time tomorrow, or else the day after. Depends on how long this blizzard will keep up." He quickly looked up at her and gazed into her beautiful eyes. "I don't want to leave you, Dia. I'd want this snowstorm to last for all eternity, and us being able to stay here just as long, just the two of us. But we can't, and I will have to go to the training; I already gave my word that I would. But any spare moment that I have I'll be thinking of you, and every chance I get, I'll try to come and see you. If you will have me, that is." He looked down again for a moment, then took her hands in his own and lifted them to his mouth. He pressed a soft kiss on both of them, and then he looked up again. "Will you have me?"

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Post by: Weivóc'Neán on August 15, 2007, 07:20:33 AM
"Some white wine will do me kindly." said the elf. He then got out his money pouch, asked how much it was, and paid the man. After a few sips of the wine, he then asked, "May I have some soup, it does not matter what type, just something to warm me up and would be good with this wine here." He then waited for the soup to be fixed and delivered.

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Post by: Arcuthra on September 12, 2007, 12:01:23 AM
Something nipped at the orc's nose and he opened a sleepy eye to see what. Jimp was on his haunches, glaring at him accusingly.

"Hungry?" he asked sleepily. The rat cuffed him, as if to say that this was an obvious assumption.

The orc rolled out of bed and shrugged on his clothes. The room air was cold and woke him up in a hurry. After he dressed, he oiled and tended his armour and sword, while Jimp pranced and scratched at the door like a tiny dog: there had been no decent sized holes to get of the room through, so he had been waiting on Arcuthra all night and the rest of the morning to let him out.

When satisfied that everything was in place, Arcuthra got to his feet and opened the door. Rather than making for his customary pocket, Jimp scurried down the hall to the stairs and disappeared.

Arcuthra stumped down to the common room slowly, still stretching his tight, cold muscles from sleep. He looked around for Bill, hoping to eat before going to the town hall to have his paperwork finished and start looking for work at the barracks.

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Bill was in the kitchen supervising his kitchen staff when he heard the thumping of feet coming down the inn's stairs. Someone is up? This early in the morning? He thought as he walked out into the bar area.

He had already started the fireplaces and they were beginning to warm up the common area. He saw his Orcan guest stretching and looking around. "Morning, Arcuthra? Did I get it right?" Bill asked hopefully. "Your up mighty early this morning. Breakfast is still being made, I can offer you a nice cup of hot tea while you wait. Or do orcs not drink tea? I am sorry but I am bit unfamilar with your races tastes," Bill said apologetically.

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Post by: Arcuthra on September 12, 2007, 10:17:27 PM
"Arcoothra" said the orc, stressing the vowel to correct Bill. "Good morning. Yes, tea will be fine - strong, please." He glanced outside. "Snow's pretty deep, I hope the breakfast is hot."

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Post by: Capher on September 13, 2007, 12:59:49 AM
Bill nodded, "Tea it is and strong."  Bill noticed Arcuthra looking outsde as he placed the tea leaves in a cup and poured hot water over them. "The blizzard seems to have abated and the sun is rising bright," Bill said as he placed the cup of tea on the bar. "Here is your tea," he said.

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Post by: Arcuthra on September 16, 2007, 11:00:22 PM
Arcuthra put his thick hands around the tea gratefully and thanked Bill. He wondered briefly where his courier had gone...No matter. Once he had had breakfast he would be going and the little rat would show up then.

"Who is in charge of the city guard?" he asked Bill. "It seems as if I'll have to speak to him either way, no matter what sort of work I do, and having a name would be very helpful."

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Post by: Capher on September 17, 2007, 08:48:56 PM
Bill scratched at the stubble on his face as he thought a moment. "I suppose that would be Lt. Farrel, but I have no idea where he might be. Like I said if you go to the barracks, someone will lead you in the right direction. Sorry I could not be any more helpful. Do you wish to eat something before you leave? And there is the matter of paying for your room last night. It is five sans, if you plan on staying here longer I do give a break for those who stay here a week or longer." Bill added.

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Khel stepped into the Brok’s Rest, welcomed by the warmth, and happy to be indoors once more. Her thoughts lingered on Bristol, wondering if he would be alright in the stables, as she made her way to the bar and ordered in a quiet voice, ”Hot tea, please..” Khel placed some coins on the table and glanced around the place. Patrons were comfortably gathered, talking and enjoying company, which Khel found slightly annoying at this point in time. Khel wasn’t particularly seeking company, and she found an empty table to set herself at with her tea. Taking a sip, it warmed her to the toes. Khel removed her coat and draped it over her seat, letting it dry and letting the air of the tavern warm her.

What would she accomplish in the city? Khel did not know. She surely hoped to gain wares, or some job she could accomplish fairly quickly given her diminishing amount of money. Khel kept her ears open… perhaps she would be able to overhear a conversation that would prove helpful. Tiredly, she sipped her tea slouched in her seat. It was a long trek through the storm into the city, now was a time to rest and recuperate… and to listen carefully.

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Post by: Kaldez’Yadra on September 20, 2007, 10:55:23 AM
Kaldez saw the large sign with the dress on it that the soldier had told him about, it was stiff with a few ice scicles on it because of the cold, next to it he saw the inn, Brok's Rest, he entered into the warm atmoshphere, with a little blink at the climate change. He approached the counter "Excuse me sir, may i have a room for 2 nights? Kaldez said speaking to the man behind the counter.

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Post by: Capher on September 21, 2007, 12:00:30 AM
Bill noticed the young girl come in order tea and then sit by herself. Then another stranger entered. This one was male and had the bluest and whitest hair Bill had seen. He asked for a room for two nights. Bill smiled at the man. "That will be ten sans, five sans per night," he said as he handed the man a key, "room number 4, up the stairs to your left. Is there anything else you would like, perhaps some tea, or something stronger to ward of this late spring's snowstorm? Perhaps something to eat? We have a varied menu."  Bill tried his best to keep his guests happy. 'a happy guest, is a paying guest' that was his motto.

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Post by: Arcuthra on September 21, 2007, 01:46:53 AM
Arcuthra was about to remind Bill that he had already paid for his room, when two new patrons came in. He folded his hands on the bar and waited his turn to ask for breakfast and eyed the patrons in silence.

There was a scurry, and Jimp hastened into his pocket.

Where has he been? wondered the orc. The rat merely curled up and went back to sleep.

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Post by: Kaldez’Yadra on September 21, 2007, 04:48:59 AM
Kaldez gave the barman the ten sans I'm running a little low, but i need food. He sighed then said "Thank you sir, for the room, and may i ask what you serve for food and drink?" Kaldez was polite but to the point, not wanting to hold up any other patrons awaiting the man's service.

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Post by: Capher on September 23, 2007, 03:28:04 AM
Bill took the ten sans given to him. "Well, stranger; we serve for breakfast, bacon, eggs, fresh fruit, varied types of cheeses, from mild to extra sharp taste, we also serve fresh dark bread. What would you like?" he asked.

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Post by: Kaldez’Yadra on September 23, 2007, 07:49:53 AM
The man listed what they served for food "I would like 2 eggs, bacon, and i gues il take a generous slice of your sharpest cheese, please, and to drink do yous serve anything besides tea or alchohal?

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on September 23, 2007, 01:04:07 PM
When Dia awoke in the morning the room was cold as was the empty place beside her.  Manik had already left for even the cold snow would not keep him from his military duties.  Brushing her fingers across her still swollen lips, Dia closed her eyes tightly and relived the night before. 

Slowly the noise from below intruded into her daydreams and Dia was forced to rouse herself.  Slipping on a heavy dressing gown, Dia opened the door as one of the young men was passing her door.  She asked that a tub and hot water be brought to her room and the young man, who was not older than a boy really, nodded his head and headed downstairs calling to another who in turned called to another and so on.

Dia tried to pick up the room as there were scattered things here and there that clearly evidenced the night's activities.  Dropping bits of small sticks dried grass, she tried to restoke the fire.  Soon the flames grew large enough to support heavier timber and Dia quickly fed it the wood it so hungrily devoured.

The knock at the door startled her from the flames intrigue and quickly she opened the door to allow the boys, tub and hot water entrance.  The last boy, who could have not been any older than perhaps ten or eleven, carried in the final bucket of water and looked Dia up and down with a large grin as he entered her room.  Covering an exposed shoulder Dia shook her head.  No matter how young they were, they were all the same.  The boys filed out just as they had come in and Dia dropped a few coins in the eldest boys hand for their trouble.  As the youngest left he winked at Dia.  Laughing, Dia told him, "Only if you were a few years older, lad.  Then you might have had a chance."  At this the boy beamed as Dia winked at him and closed her door, locking it behind her.

Dia found a bar of perfumed soap.  A petal of some flower or another peaked from within the soap.  She did not use the soap often as it was a rare pleasure to have such a fine soap and had cost her a pretty san, actually a few pretty san, but Dia felt the need for a little indulgence since Manik had taken his leave of her.  He probably had not been gone but a few hours and yet she already missed him greatly.  She told him the night before that she would wait for him.  She also asked that she be notified if something should happen to him which she prayed wouldn't.  She did not know how long she would have to wait for his return, but she had said she would wait as long as she was able.  War could last for a few months or many years.  Would he still want her after all that time?  Would he still find her appealing after having been around other, probably more exotic beauties?  Dia could not think about months from now or years.  Only today.  And today she knew Manik wanted her and she would wait for him.

As Dia lathered her hair she listened to the noise below her and was glad that she had the day off.  The jeers and propositions that her ears seemed to pick out of all the other conversations caused a wave of nausea to roll through her stomach.  She like Brok's.  She like Bill, but the patrons were another story.  Perhaps she would try her hand at finding a more suitable position.  As Dia rinsed the lather from her hair and body her smile broadened.  Yes, she would search for another job today and perhaps she would be blessed enough to find one more suiting. 

Dia quickly dressed.  She chose a long dark blue skirt made of a heavy fabric that was sure to keep her warm and yet be comfortable enough for indoors.  Followed by a long sleeved tunic type blouse that went clearly to her knees.  It looked as if it were some sort of nightgown, if she wore such things.  Dia tucked the creamy white shirt and her chemise in her skirt and then chose a lighter blue corset that she wore around her middle.  It accentuated her small waist and pushed her full breasts to a pleasing position under her blouse.

Brushing her hair dry by the fireplace Dia sang softly to her self as she listened to the Tavern continue to fill with patrons.  Her red and blond highlights glistened in the fire's light and her brunette locks reflected the flames light.  Leaving her hair loose, caught only at the nape of her neck in a leather cord, Dia grabbed her winter cloak, slid on her leather knee high boots and headed downstairs.

Smiling brightly as several of her regular, and gentlemanly, patrons Dia made her way to the bar where she hopped up on a stool and waited her turn for Bill's attention.

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Bill took the man's order. "We have fresh milk, cow or goat's, whichever you prefer? By the way, I do not think I caught your name. It is kind of rude to call one a stranger, do you not think so?" Bill asked.

Dia came down the stairs and plopped herself on a stool. Bill grinned, "I thought you would be upstairs all day, as it is your day off, besides?..." He let the implication of her having a gentelman caller hang, for discretion sake.  He decided to change the subject, Dia this man here is Arcuthra and the other one's name I have not yet received."

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Post by: Kaldez’Yadra on September 24, 2007, 12:41:51 AM
"We have fresh milk, cow or goat's, whichever you prefer? By the way, I do not think I caught your name. It is kind of rude to call one a stranger, do you not think so?" "I think tea will be fine then" Kaldez said, he had missed the last part of what the man said, I thought you would be upstairs all day, as it is your day off, besides?...", said the barman to a woman who had just sat herself down on a stool at the bar "Dia this man here is Arcuthra and the other one's name I have not yet received." "I am sorry, sir how rude of me, my name Kaldez'Yadra, but just Kaldez please, and what may i call you sir?"

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Post by: Capher on September 25, 2007, 12:29:06 AM
"Bill," answered Kaldez,"Welcome to Nyermersys, Kaldez. Oh, I forgot we also have fresh juice as well, orange only though as the rest of the supplies have not arrived yet. Probably slowed down by the weather. Would you prefer that instead of tea?" He asked.

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Post by: Kaldez’Yadra on September 25, 2007, 09:39:31 AM
"Uh..Yes please BNill, a nice cool glace of orange juice sounds great." I wonder what an orange is???? Kaldez hid an almost questioning look quickly and sat down on a bench off to the side.

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Post by: Capher on September 25, 2007, 10:58:22 PM
Bill nodded to Kaldez, gave the order to the kitchen and soon a plate of bacon, eggs and a glass of orange juice was served to Kaldez. "That will be three sans," Bill said as he placed the food and drink down.

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Post by: Kaldez’Yadra on September 27, 2007, 04:56:29 AM
Kaldez gave bill the three sans and took his food and drink thanking the man, he went and sat in shaded corner where the firelight bearly reached. He then started to pick at his eggs after devouring his bacon.

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Post by: Capher on October 08, 2007, 09:24:18 PM
Bill saw that the inn was almost completely empty so he decided to go and talk with Kaldez. The man intrigued him.

He took a pot of tea, a cup and went over to Kaldez's table. "Hi, mind if I join you?" he asked.

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Post by: Kaldez’Yadra on October 11, 2007, 07:06:36 AM
Kaldez watched Bill appraoch out of the corner of his eye with a cup adn a pot of tea, Kaldez silently sighed as the man appraoched but covered it quickly with a cough. "Hi, mind if I join you?" "No i do not Bill, go ahead and have a seat" Maybe i can get some information about whats going on around here through this polite mans conversation.

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Post by: Capher on October 15, 2007, 07:57:49 PM
Bill sat down, poured himself a cup of tea and motioned if Kaldez wanted some. "I am surprised, usually by now this place is filled with hungry men. I suppose the blizzard we had last night has kept most of them at home," he said, friendly like. "So, where are you from and what brings you to our fair city?" Bill asked, still holding the tea pot in the air with one hand and sipping tea from his cup with the other.

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Post by: Kaldez’Yadra on October 16, 2007, 04:57:48 AM
Kaldez shook his head when Bill offered him tea What is with these people and there tea??? i find it much to strong to be enjoyed, quit often atleast. "I am surprised, usually by now this place is filled with hungry men. I suppose the blizzard we had last night has kept most of them at home," he said, friendly like. ""So, where are you from and what brings you to our fair city?" Kaldez looked towards the closed door, and around the room, the tavern was oddly empty for a tavern. "I come from Cyahalloi" Kaldez said almomst bitterly thinking of his homeland and the ridicule he had faced after his parents death. "I am here in search of a group of men who passed through here and are possibly still in the area, the only reason i'm in town is because the Blizzard froze my supplies and ruined them."

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Post by: Capher on October 16, 2007, 08:54:21 PM
"Cyahalio, that is quite a fair piece of travellng you have done. I have never personally been there, but once in a while some from that place come through here. If your from there, then this blizzard was probably just a small snowstorm to you," Bill said as he put the pot of tea down and then drank some of his own. He casually looked over the man across from him; thinking. "There have been many a stranger come through and stay in the city lately. What do these men whom you are looking for look like? Perhaps I have seen them or if not then I could put out the word to the other innkeepers of the city and they could have possibly seen them. What do you want these men for anyway?" Bill asked.

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Post by: Cherri Rowandyn on October 17, 2007, 06:10:50 AM
Dia listened half heartly to the conversations going on about her.  Her mind was lost to the late hours she had kept with Manik and suddenly she realized her appetite was not what it had been earlier.  Looking out through the dust and snow caked windows of Brok's, Dia saw that the blizzard had stopped and the sun was bright.  Deciding that she would benefit from a little crisp air, Dia slid slightly from the stool and nodded at Bill and the other man occupying the bar stool beside the newly vacated one.

She parted quickly from Brok's and stepped into the streets of Nyer.

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Post by: Kaldez’Yadra on October 17, 2007, 06:13:24 AM
"Cyahalio, that is quite a fair piece of travellng you have done. I have never personally been there, but once in a while some from that place come through here. If your from there, then this blizzard was probably just a small snowstorm to you," Yes it was, it was actually kind of nice to be in the snow again." There have been many a stranger come through and stay in the city lately. What do these men whom you are looking for look like? Perhaps I have seen them or if not then I could put out the word to the other innkeepers of the city and they could have possibly seen them. What do you want these men for anyway?" Kaldez looked down at the table his eyes grew dark shaded and far away. "I do not know what they look like, i have followed them by tracks, bodies, and other misdeads, the trail they leave is quit blatant, I am hunting them, i hope it can partially fill the gap they mad ein my heart, and for all the people they have left behind dead, among those dead, and the first i knew of are my parents." Kaldez looked up his eyes now fevirish and burning with rage as he looked at the man his thoughts strayed to his nightmares of being chased, being maimed, of seeing his parents once again laying there, of his mother, left for dead, ravaged, his father laying dead in yhe remains of his old home. I will avenge you! and all those they have killed since, and those before! For those that lived through those horrid ordeals, those they left with little else! i will purge them from this world and scoure them form my dreams! once and for all! THEY WILL PAY!

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Post by: Capher on October 17, 2007, 09:14:02 PM
Bill listened to Kaldez and could hear as well as feel the man's pain. "I am truely sorry. But...but I am a bit curious, how can you track someone or someone's, whom you have never seen? I know you said you are following them by their tracks and their killings, but there are many groups of Merc's, I am assuming that they are Merc's, I could be wrong though, that kill and move on. They really are not the problem, it is the one's who hire them; minor nobles who want something or another, usually money or land who hire the bad ones. I have come across many a Merc who were cut of a good cloth, if you know what I mean?" Bill asked.

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Post by: Kaldez’Yadra on October 18, 2007, 04:44:38 AM
I am truely sorry. But...but I am a bit curious, how can you track someone or someone's, whom you have never seen? I know you said you are following them by their tracks and their killings, but there are many groups of Merc's, I am assuming that they are Merc's, I could be wrong though, that kill and move on. They really are not the problem, it is the one's who hire them; minor nobles who want something or another, usually money or land who hire the bad ones. I have come across many a Merc who were cut of a good cloth, if you know what I mean?" the feverish light in Kaldez's eyes died out as Bill spoke, it truly had not been an easy task, and he was absoluteley sure it was the correct trail. "It has not been easy, i started out only knowing they were not from Cyahalloi, but when i reached a town to inquire about them, i found out more, you see my family did not live in a city, we were once part of a nomadic group, and still were, but we lived apart form them, there would be no reason to kill my family, except for the pleasure, the men were numerous, they burned my home, evrything in it. When i reached town i inquired about vagabonds and bandits in the area, and any rumor of there misdeeds, i found out there was only one group the was noticible by size, hence i followed the trail of what direction they head, slowly i tracked them, sometimes by what they left, othertimes by news of large groups like them comign in form the correct direction, and sometimes from what they did in the city, whether misdeeds or simply saying to much drunk, i slowly followed them till they crossed to Sarvonia, when i got here myself i carefully interogated the captain, and since i have continued to fgollow in the same way, i have been arround the city listening and nearby towns, from what i understand they have not left, yet."

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"That takes more patience than I have. But I have neve had my family murdered either; that would make a man more determined to find them and more patient, I suppose," Bill said thoughtfully. Then he added, "I am truely sorry for you loss. Perhaps if you go to the Castle and ask to see the Earl, tell him your story. He may help you find those who killed your loved ones. Oh, wait, that probably would not be a good idea as the Earl is planning a war," He leaned closer to kaldez, "We are going to war with Voldar. Why? I do not know. I just know that the army is gearing up and the word is out. We are going to war."


Suddenly a voice could be heard outside. "Hear Ye Hear Ye, it is elven bells and all is well. The Earl wants all buisness leaders to meet him at the Castle by twelve bells today."

Bill murmured, "I wonder what that is all about?"

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Post by: Kaldez’Yadra on November 03, 2007, 04:46:30 AM
Kaldez listened quite intently as Bill spoke, His eyes still burned with the pure hatred of those he hunted. "That takes more patience than I have. But I have neve had my family murdered either; that would make a man more determined to find them and more patient, I suppose,"  "I am truely sorry for you loss. Perhaps if you go to the Castle and ask to see the Earl, tell him your story. He may help you find those who killed your loved ones. Oh, wait, that probably would not be a good idea as the Earl is planning a war," "We are going to war with Voldar. Why? I do not know. I just know that the army is gearing up and the word is out. We are going to war." Kaldez stared at them man for a minute as someone outside shouted an announcment and Bill murmured something "Do you truly think your earl can help me? If he can I will go see him, and i will do what i can to help him with his war, in return for his a help and some monitary compensation of course." Someone willing and able to help me, that would be astounding!

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Post by: Seh'nara Celebrindal on November 27, 2007, 10:15:03 AM
"Do you truly think your earl can help me? If he can I will go see him, and i will do what i can to help him with his war, in return for his a help and some monitary compensation of course."

"Of course! Just go to the palace," Bill pointed in the direction of the palace. He smiled encouragingly at Kaldez.

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Post by: Kaldez’Yadra on November 27, 2007, 10:37:36 AM
"Of course! Just go to the palace," Bill said as he pointed in what must be the direction of the palace, Kaldez bowed his head slightly to the man then spoke "Thank you Bill, i hope you recieve more business later this night and i will return when i am done at the palace, perhaps we can talk over dinner?" With that Kaldez stood and offered his hand to the man.

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Bill took the proffered hand and shook it warmly. "It would be my pleasure," Bill said, grinning at Kaldez. "Dinner sometime, perhaps," he added.

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Post by: Kaldez’Yadra on November 27, 2007, 10:44:22 AM
 "It would be my pleasure, Dinner sometime, perhaps," Bill said as he shook Kaldez's hand and smiled, Kaldez returned the smile "Yes sometime, well thank you for the information." with that Kaldez turned and left the inn heading in the direction of the palace which Bill had so kindly pointed out.

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     The guard had been in too much of a hurry to get him out of the office that he had forgotten to mention where exactly the Brok's Rest was, but after stopping to ask a few travelers along the way he found himself in front of the building. He wondered how he could live in a city for seventeen years and not know his way around, but then again he had never found any need to travel out of the richer side. He found his way to the stables and handed over Titan to a stable boy before making his way back to the front of the building, Drake at his side.

     He looked at the front of the inn, looking up to see the sign that proclaimed the building as the Brok's Rest. With a heavy sigh he pulled his hood up closer around his face and laid his hand to the sturdy planking of the wood door. Kurr looked around once more before opening the door and stepping into the brightly lit common room. The first thing he noticed was the overwhelming scent of wine and beer, and suddenly the pain became more real and he thought little of drowning it in a couple ales. As he stepped further in he surveyed the room from beneath the grey brim of his cloak, cursing the owner for keeping the room so well lit.

     With another heavy sigh he strode forward, keeping his face down and away from the lights as much as possible, trying to keep his scars hidden. He had done well enough for a year and a half and figured he would be able to keep it up here as well. He reached the bar and leaned one arm heavily on the wooden surface, turning his head at an angle to keep within what little shadows he could find.

     "An ale please," Kurr said to the man, reaching for the coin pouch at his waist.

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Bill was just looking at his recent customer leaving his presence when he heard another voice. "An ale please," said the younger man in front of him.

Bill gave the order for an ale in the kitchen and after a moment the ale was served in the counter. "Here you go!"

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Post by: Kurr on December 02, 2007, 01:51:54 AM
     "Here you go!" The man said after a moment.
     Kurr pulled the coins out of his pouch to pay for the drink and set them on the counter before picking up the mug and heading away from the bar. He scanned to room, looking for the darkest corner in the inn, but soon gave up since light seemed to have taken over this place. Kurr settled for a table in the corner furthest from the hearth and walked over there. Drake padded along beside his master as he moved to the far corner of the inn and said. The hound flopped down on the floor next to his master.
     He placed his mug on the table then pulled his hood a little further over his face before sitting. Kurr sat with his forearms resting on the wooden table and his mug between his hands, with his shoulders hunched and his head tilted down toward the mug. It was his normal position, one in which he could watch the people in the room and at the same time keep hidden. So he sat like that, taking large gulps every few seconds until his mug was empty. He didn't bother getting up again, instead the sat staring into his empty mug for a moment before trying to flag down a waitress.

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Post by: Seh'nara Celebrindal on December 02, 2007, 03:22:10 PM

Maggie was idling by the counter before noticing that a customer was trying to flag her down. It was the hooded stranger. She looked at his from the corner of her eye. She usually was wary of hooded people, be they strangers or not. "Git there, Maggie," Bill growled as he wiped the counter. "Fin'," Maggie snapped back.

She sauntered over to the hooded man, hips swaying seductively. "What be yer poison?" she asked.

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Post by: Kurr on December 02, 2007, 03:37:55 PM
     Kurr didn’t move a muscle as the waitress wandered over to his table reluctantly. From beneath his hood he had seen her hesitate a bit then after a few words with the bartender she had headed toward his table. He couldn't help but grin a bit, knowing that he probably wasn't anyone's first choice of a customer. She approached the table as he was staring into the empty mug in front of him. At his feet Drake stiffened a bit at the approach of the woman, and Kurr had learned Drake's signals by now.

     "What be yer poison?" she asked.

     "Another ale please," Kurr replied, relinquishing the mug that he had been griping between sweaty palms. He pulled a few coins from his pouch swiftly with practiced ease and slid the coins across the table with mug, not bothering to look up. A few more of those would deaden the pangs of pain and he could continue his miserable existence.

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Post by: Seh'nara Celebrindal on December 02, 2007, 03:48:31 PM

"Another ale please," the hooded stranger said. "C'min righ' up," Maggie said cheerfully. She might not have wanted to serve a sinister looking man, but never let it be said she didn't do her job well.

After relieving Hooded Man of his tankard, Maggie flounced back to the bar. "What did he want?" Bill asked.

"Another beer," Maggie replied as she filled the mug up. Turning, she observed the man once again. The way he sat, no, slumped, told her that he was obviously saddened by something. Now, Maggie had a kind heart, and she couldn't bear to see such a lonesome figure sitting down there, drinking his sorrows away. On an impluse, she dipped her hand into the pastry basket and brought out one slice of chicken pie.

Arranging it nicely on a plate, she strode back to Hooded Man and placed it and his beer in front of him. "On th' house," she said, giving him her most friendly smile. With that, she walked back to the bar.

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Post by: Kurr on December 02, 2007, 04:06:21 PM
     "C'min righ' up," she said cheerfully.

     He nodded a bit, thought it probably hadn't been noticeable to anyone but himself. As she walked away with the empty mug Drake relaxed a bit. Kurr couldn't resist reaching down and patting the hound on the head. It was his way of thanking the animal for being there for him and Drake melted under the praise from his master. He couldn't help but grin. The hound had done nothing but love him since he had gotten him, no matter how horrendous the scars made him look.

     He returned to his original position, both forearms resting on the table as he awaited his ale. When the waitress returned the hound stiffed again and Kurr felt her approach. With a clank she set the mug back on the table, and surprised Kurr by setting down a plate as well. From beneath the brim of his hood he could see a slice of chicken pie sitting on the plate.

     "On th' house," she said.

     "Thanks," he said kindly, even chancing a look up to see the friendly smile on her face from beneath the grey fabric.

     He pulled the mug back into his hands, taking a large gulp before setting it back down. With the back of one hand he wiped his mouth, looking into the swirling liquid in the mug. The piece of pie was appreciated thought he had no appetite right now, but he hoped he wouldn't hurt her feeling by leaving it alone for now. Another ale or two should do the trick for him and then maybe the pie would look better, but he wouldn't know till then. He took another gulp, looking at the half empty mug before him. Kurr could feel the tingling sensation sweeping through his body, and the pain beginning to lose its edge.

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Post by: Weivóc'Neán on December 20, 2007, 12:05:25 AM
     While drinking his wine he had ordered after coming in and choosing to sit in the dark back corner, he noticed the orc leave. Then, a human walked in through the doors, he then sat down, ordered some food, and had a small chat with bill, which then he left. While this was happening, another person came from down stairs and also sat to chat with Bill, and she then too left, but before the other human. After they were both gone, another human came in, sat down at a table, and yelled really loud for a beer. After finishing that, he motioned for the waitress, and order another beer, and what seem to be a pie, but he didnt touch much of the pie.
     After the little commotion had stopped, he decided to ask for some a breakfast, so he got up, went to the bar, and sat don there. He then asked, "Hello there, what is your specialty breakfast today, I'm a little hungry and wondering if it would suit me?" He then waited for a response.

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Post by: Seh'nara Celebrindal on December 20, 2007, 12:57:52 AM
Bill looked up from his cleaning at a deep voice asking for breakfast. Ah, it was the elf from before. Bill smiled and replied, "Aye, sir. We have bacon, eggs, sasuages, pancakes..." Bill counted the items off his fingers. "... hashbrowns and tea. In any combination you'd prefer." Bill gave the counter a last wipe as he waited for the elf's answer.

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     The contents of the mug disappeared more slowly this time. He was about to order another, but remembered that he should probably look for a market and probably get a room. His supplies were probably on a stall floor by now and he wondered about his decision to leave his things with his mount. In less than a moment that little worry disappeared, he had nothing in those bags that was valuable and couldn’t be replaced. His coins and weapons were on him at all times, everything else was replaceable. But still he needed to secure a room to stay in and at least act like he was trying to sell off the furs. After his somewhat shady entrance to the city Kurr wouldn’t blame the guards if they were watching him. Or if someone other than the guards were watching him.

     His mind wandered to the men he assumed he had lost a few days back. He wondered if this was actually a safe place to be or if he was more prone to being found here. Perhaps this was the one safe place he had been looking for. His thoughts were disrupted by a man stepping out of a dark corner and walking over to the bar. Kurr jumped a bit and his hand strayed to his weapon, the thought of the hunters still fresh in his mind. As he tried to calm down, he mentally cursed himself for being so lax and thinking he wouldn't have to watch his back here.

     Kurr attempted to catch the waitress's eye again. Another ale would be enough to settle his nerves and numb the pain that still throbbed noticeably within him. After that he would procure a room and information of a nearby market. He sighed and kept his hunched position even though his shoulders were beginning to ache. It might have been a good idea to go talk to the bartender and get his information along with his drink. That idea was immediately dismissed since the man who had emerged from the corner was talking to the bartender, and Kurr didn't want any unnecessary talk just now. He rolled his shoulders a bit against the ache as he waited for the waitress.

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Post by: Weivóc'Neán on December 20, 2007, 07:40:45 AM
While hearing the list of food be said, he noticed the man at the table jump a little, but then try and settle down a bit, so he didn't pay much attention. He then watched as Bill wiped the counter one last time and then said, "I'll take 3 pancakes,  4 sausage, and and some hashbrowns. Also, may I get another wine to help wash it down?"

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Post by: Seh'nara Celebrindal on December 20, 2007, 04:00:21 PM

"Aye, sure sir," Bill said cheerfully. Bill then poked his head into the kitchen and said, "Maggie, your customer. Sara, 3 pancakes, 4 saussages, and 3 hashes." Maggie nodded and walked out. While Sara was preparing the meal, Bill brought out a bottle of whit wine and poured it out. In a few moments, Sara slid over a plate of sizzling saussages coupled with warm pancakes and hot hashbrowns. Giving Sara a smile, Bill took the plate and the wine glass and placed it in front of the elf. "That'll be 4 sans, please."


After she exited the kitchen, she headed straight for Hooded Man's table. "What shall I get you, sir? More ale?" Maggie then noticed the still untouched piece of pie on his plate. "Well, sir. Is the chicken pie too cold for you? I'd be glad to exchange it with another warmer piece," Maggie said, eager to please.

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Post by: Weivóc'Neán on December 21, 2007, 12:03:10 AM
After hearing the order said to the sara, having it cooked and placed in front of him, and then hearing the ammount, he then reached into his cloak and pulled out a small pouch which jingled a little when removed. He opened it, pulled out 4 sans, and hadned them to Bill while saying, "Thank you sir, here is the money." He then went back to his table with his plate of food and glass of wine. On his way back, he noticed the other waitress go to the human that jumped a little earlier, as he had motioned for her. He then sat down and started to slowly eat the food, savoring the taste.

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Post by: Kurr on December 21, 2007, 01:39:24 PM
     The waitress once more made his way over to his table. He watched her feet from beneath the brim of his hood as she headed in his direction. At the same time, beneath the table, Drake stiffened and let out a low growl as she approached the table. The hound still uneasy after noticing his owner startle just moments before. Kurr set a hand atop the hound's head and he quieted the animal. With a yawn Drake relaxed and continued his nap on the warm inn floor. Kurr looked up as she approached the table, keeping his face still hidden in the dark folds of fabric.

     "What shall I get you, sir? More ale?" She asked, brushing back locks of brown hair. He watched as he brown gaze drifted to the untouched plate in front. "Well, sir. Is the chicken pie too cold for you? I'd be glad to exchange it with another warmer piece," she asked.

     Kurr shook his head slightly. "Yes, another ale please. And no ma'am, the pie's fine. I just haven't had much stomach for food yet, though I thank you for the thought."

     One hand strayed to the pouch at his side while the other reached up to pulled his hood further over his head, just incase it had fallen back a bit when he looked up. His fingers deftly slipped over the coins in the pouch, pulling out what he needed for the next ale before pulling the draw strings on the pouch tightly once more. He slid the coins across the table and rolled his shoulder a bit before hunching over once more. His back was beginning to ache along with his shoulders, but it was the easiest way to keep his face hidden. With a wry grin, which was concealed by the fabric, Kurr realized that his goal now was simply to stay hidden. It was ironic since in his 'previous life' he had strove to be the center of attention, and now? He simply wanted to become a shadow. Odd how the world works, he thought to himself. With that thought he waited once more for another ale, eying the pie that was beginning to look better by the moment.

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After brief nod, Maggie casually swiped the coins and the empty tankard before retracing her steps back to the bar. Quickly filling up the stein with frothing ale, she walked back to the table where Hooded Man was. "Here ya go again, sir."

Glancing back at the bar, she noticed that Bill didn't need her. With the way that he was slumped into his coat, Hooded Man looked like he wanted to disappear into his clothing entirely. Maggie's friendly personality could not just walk away from someone who was sad; ale wasn't the answer to everything. Pulling up a chair, Maggie sat down across the Hooded Man, stuck out a hand and said cheerfully, 'I be Maggie, sir."

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While eating his breakfast, he noticed the man pull out a pouch, take a few coins and slide them across the table, while they were having a small chat. The waitress then picked up the coins and his mug, went back into the kitchen, filled it up, brought it back to him, and then sit down with the human. Noticing this, the elf finally took his hood off, which let his hair fall down in the back, from where it had gotten tucked away when the hood was put on. He then took his left hand, since he ate with his right hand, pulled the hair from his right side back behind his ear as to maybe catch some of the conversation.

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Bill was idling at the bar. It was a slow day, and he was frankly bored. As his blue gaze swept the room, he noticed the elf that came over earlier. Pushing himself off his chair, he poured himself some red wine. After, he walked over to the elf's and planted himself on the chair across the elf. "Hello elf. Mind if I join you? What be your buisness here if you don't mind me asking?"

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He had just got done eating and couldn't hear anything from the other conversation, and was just fixing to lay back and think on what to do, when bill came to his table. After hearing what he had to say, he said, "No, I don't mind that much, and I'm here for no particular reason, I just travel from town to town trying to make a living." After he said that, he drank the rest of his wine and sat back just a little and looked up at the ceiling somewhat, while thinking to him self, This is quite a friendly town, but something seems off, I wonder what it is?

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Bill looked at the elf. "What do you do? Manual labour? If so, how about a job? I am in need of an errand boy." Bill's serious voice was nothing but buisness, but his eyes told a different stoy. They twinkled jokingly as Bill waited for the elf's response. Oh, yes. He loved the look on people's faces when he pulled this prank on them.

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After hearing his questions, he looked down and saw a little bit of a strange look in his eyes, He then replied, "No, sorry, I don't do that type of work often, only when I'm running low and can't find my normal line of work, which is assassination. You wouldn't have any nee for my services or no someone who does, do you?" After asking this, he leaned back forward and looked at him with a very serious look in his, which was half hidden by his hair.

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      His hands acted on their own as they released the mug so she could refill it. As the waitress walked off with the empty mug and coins, Kurr realized what a natural movement that now seemed to be. Now it was like breathing, it was something he just did. He sighed as he noted how predictable his life had come to be. He slept, ate, drank, hunted, and was hunted daily. He looked around the inn and wondered if he would have to be up and off before dawn or if he would have a few days of peace. His thoughts were interrupted by the return of the waitress.

     "Here ya go again, sir." She said as she reached the table and set down the mug again. His hands slowly reached out and pulled the mug in between both hands once more. When the waitress didn't move away from the table immediately he looked up in time to see her look over her shoulder for a moment. He dropped his head back down and released the mug long enough to tug at the edges of his hood as she pulled out a chair and sat down across from him.

     "I be Maggie, sir," she introduced herself, extending a hand.

     Kurr hesitated for a moment before reluctantly releasing the mug once more and shook hands with the waitress. "Names Kurr," he said simply, "nice to meet ya."

     He clasped the mug firmly once more and lifted it to his lips slowly. While watching her over the brim of the mug he took long gulp, feeling the liquid rush down his throat. He let out a small sigh as he set the mug down. It wasn't that he didn't want the company; he just didn't enjoy playing against luck today. He had already had enough pain for one day and was still trying to drown that in drink. But he still tried to be as cheery as possible then cleared his throat. He was about to speak when he lost his nerve and picked up the mug with one hand, taking a large gulp, while tugging at the rim of his hood with the other. Once he returned the mug to the table and the strangling grip of his large hands he cleared his throat once more.

     "How are ya this day?" Kurr asked politely.

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Post by: Seh'nara Celebrindal on December 23, 2007, 01:55:23 AM

Maggie smiled at the man - no, Kurr - as she thought of what to say to him. Her life was boringly routine, and she always kept good care of herself, so there weren't much health problems. Her brown tresses swayed prettily as she shook her head. "I'm good, Kurr. So. Care to tell me what's a mysterious man doing in the City of Death?" Folding her hands in front of her, she waited for his response.

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Post by: Kurr on December 23, 2007, 03:56:42 AM
     "I'm good, Kurr. So. Care to tell me what's a mysterious man doing in the City of Death?" She asked, folding her hands in front of her as she waited for his reply.

     To avoid speaking right away he lifted his mug once more, slowly sipping at the dwindling contents while he arranged his thoughts. He wondered why people were so nosy at times. It seemed that his appearance of 'possibly dangerous hooded stranger' had dropped when he gave his name. Now it was like he was just the harmless hooded one named Kurr. He didn't much like the change and he didn't much like her questions, but he answered politely all the say. Courtesy drilled into him by his father from a young age. He lowered the mug once more, the simple movement helped keep him on the ground.

     "Lookin' for a buyer for some pelts and lookin' to spend a few days off the road." He replied simply, still staring down into the remnants of his drink while he spoke. With that he finished off his drink and let out a nearly inaudible sigh as it slid down his throat. Next came a loud growling from his stomach and he eyed the pie hungrily now. He pulled the plate over to him and muttered 'excuse me' quietly before he dug into the food. His last meal had been at midday yesterday and with the pain quickly dulling to a memory he now realized how hungry he was.

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Post by: Seh'nara Celebrindal on December 23, 2007, 04:17:46 AM
Maggie nodded. Before she had settled down - if you could count waitressing in a bar in a city named the City of Death settling down - she was an avid traveller herself. Always she had enjoyed the fresh air, the open fields, but a proper bed was always welcome.

"Aye, I had travelled too, a long time ago. If it weren't for my life, I'd still be out there," she said. Leaning in closer, she whispered in a conspirational tone, "And also them guards would be looking outside, so why not hide inside?" She tapped the side of her nose quietly.

Yes, she thought. Good times, good times. A secret of Maggie's was that she was a thief. A small time one, to be sure, but still one. One night, she had stolen from a particularly rich family, and unfortunately left a ring of hers behind. Since then, she had laid low, kept her nose clean, and generally stayed out of trouble.

Even with her new life, though, she was still afraid that her past would come knocking some day. "Yes," she said out loud. "You have got to hate it when the past catches up with you." Flashing a grin at Kurr, Maggie chanced one mroe question. "Where did you come from, Kurr? Where was your home? Why did you leave?"

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Post by: Kurr on December 23, 2007, 04:51:17 AM
     Kurr was making short work of the piece of pie and licked crumbs off his lips between bites, the action hidden by his hood. He listened as Maggie spoke, glad for the moment that she wasn't asking questions. So she wouldn't wonder if he was paying attention he nodded once or twice. She paused for a moment after a question and he just stuffed another bite of pie in his mouth to avoid speaking the mumbled something through the food in his mouth. He hastily swallowed and choked out an apology before stuffing his mouth once more.

     She didn't seem to not notice as she continued. Kurr coughed uncomfortably as she mentioned the past and he swallowed his food to fast and ended up dissolving into a small coughing fit. Once he composed himself and cleared his throat, he lifted a hand to his eyes to wipe the few tears that had begun to form there. When his hand brushed the scars on his face he stiffened and dropped his hand. He looked up, one eye starting forward blindly as the other swiveled to catch the sights of the room, and scan for trouble. He had heard her question, but the coughing fit had covered for him and he acted as if it hadn't been uttered. 'Where did you come fro, Kurr? Where was your home? Why did you leave?' The questions taunted him and he wondered if they just happened to be the questions to come up or if they were planed. He sat up straighter and looked around before turning back to his plate. It was empty, good.

     With that he stood and set his mug on the plate before lifting both. Drake stood beside him, stretched before letting out a long, yappy yawn and standing at his master's side. Kurr self-consciously tugged at the rim of his hood once more, wanting no chance of his face being seen. Maybe he was just over reacting but it was better to be safe than sorry. He scanned the room with his one good eye once more before turning back toward Maggie.

     "Thank you ma'am, but I must be off to get a room and recover my things from the stables." Kurr said politely.

     With that he strode off toward the bar, his strides even and measures. His insides were doing flips and he wanted nothing more than to run from the inn, get on Titan and ride from this city with dust flying at his heels. But he kept a calm exterior, watching the room without appearing to do so, keeping his breathing even, and steps steady at he headed toward the bar. He reached the bar and set down the plate and mug, letting them make a loud noise to get the man's attention. The bartender had walked over to speak with another customer and Kurr waited patiently, standing by the bar, one arm leaning on the hard wood while his face was turned away. And there he waited for the man to return, scaning the room and ready to act if need be. 

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Post by: Seh'nara Celebrindal on December 25, 2007, 12:42:54 AM

Maggie let out a soft sigh when Kurr left hurriedly. It was a bad habit of hers, she was too nosy and that usually scared people away. Shaking her head, she pushed back her chair and headed outside for some fresh air. Tramping outside through the melting snow, she reached the stables. Leaning against the stable doors, she breathed in the crisp, cold air. Ah, how she enjoyed clear days like this. Andi popped out her head from the stables. With her chestnut coloured tresses and her curvaceous hips, she was nearly the spitting image of Maggie, if not for her eyes, which were a light baby blue.

"Andi, you be slacking too?" Maggie's head turned to look at her best friend. "Aye, stuff the customers, Sara can handle the gruff one." Andi's steps brought her to stop in front of Maggie. Planting her rear end on a crate near Maggie, they started to chatter about the mundane things that happened that day.


At the loud clunk that came from the common room, Sara left her post at the grills, wiped her hands on her apron, and bustled outside. She walked straight up to the customer (not that they had much at the moment) and smiled at him, wondering briefly why he had to keep his hood up in a tavern. "Your wish, sir?"


Bill was frankly surprised at the elf's reply. Not many people would waltz into a tavern and announce that they were assassins. "Shush," Bill said fiercely. He lowered his voice to an mysterious whisper "You shut up about being an assassin, and maybe I have something for you." Leaning back, he awaited the elf's reply.

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"You may not approve, but I am blunt and up front. I don't care to hide what I am, or what I do, and if you are afraid of that, then be afraid, but I will look down upon you for that. But, your looks on life are your own, and if you have business and request me to be quiet, I will," Said Weivóc and then taking a brief pause, he then leaned up and continued asking., So what is it you have in mind for me?"

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Post by: Seh'nara Celebrindal on December 26, 2007, 01:54:25 AM
Afraid? This little... thing thought him afraid? Bill's anger grew every second, though his exterior was calm and friendly. "Fine. Stay here," Bill commanded. Standing up, he removed himself to the back of the tavern, where the kitchens were. The message boy that had arrived there earlier was dozing off, his head leaning against the barrel, drrol trickling out of the sides of his mouth.

"Boy, git up." Bill stalked over and shook the boy roughly awake. "Mmph? Wassa mat'r sir?" The boy mumbled nearly incoherently. "Boy, tell him that I found someone. He'll meet him at the harbour." Nearly fully awake, the boy nodded, opened the back door, and sped off into the allyways.

Bill made his way back to the tables. "Elf. The harbour. Dock 13. In an hour." Bill stated the facts as he was paid to, before turning his back on the Eophyrhim and disappearing into the kitchens.

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With that, he got up and left the inn, acting as though nothing was about to happen.

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     He only had to wait for a few moments before a woman entered the common room from a door behind the bar. His good eye surveyed the woman before him while the hound at his feet watched the room for his master. It was odd how he had positioned his left side toward the bar and left his blind side facing the room. He wondered if he would ever really get used to this particular weakness of his or if he would continue through life making the same mistakes over and over. A soft sigh escaped him as he realized that he would be at a disadvantage if his right was facing the bar. He shook his head slightly and rested a hand on the hounds head, ready for any sign of danger. That little encounter moments before had left him a bit jumpy for now.

     "Your wish, sir?" The woman who had appeared from the kitchen asked.

     "Need a room please," Kurr said. With that he nudged the dirty dishes across the bar and dug into his coin pouch, waiting for her reply and the cost of the room.

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Sara flashed a grin at the stranger as he requested for a room. "Of course. A room for a night will be 5 sans." Leaning back, Sara poked her head into the cupboard which housed all the keys. The little pieces of metal shone dully in the dim light. The keys jangled softly as she pulled one set off their hook.

Resurfacing at the counter, Sara handed the keys to the stranger. "First door to your right, up the stairs. You may pay later, if you wish."

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Bill walked over to Sara throwing off his apron. "I am going out for awhile. Keep an eye on things for me, will you hon?

He really did not wait for an answer because he knew she would do it. She was his employee after all and more importantly, he trusted her.

He grabbed his cloak and walked out the door, turned right and headed for the docks. His mind was a whirl as he thought about what he was about to do. Yes, his other employer had asked him to look out for an assassin, but discreetly. This man who called himself Weiv'oc just came into the place and announced loud enough for anyone to hear, including that stranger Kurr, that he was an assassin. Either that man is stupid or arrogant or both and either one or both of those combinations were in Bill's opinion, very dangerous: not only to him, but to his employer as well and Bill liked his head and he was sure his employer did the same.

He was still deciding about whether to just turn around and go back to the Rest, but a nagging thought occured to him that if he at least did not show up, the assassin might show up in his room late at night. No, it is better to let his employer decide whether or not he wanted to hire this man. Besides it was too late to change his mind now. He was at the appointed time and Weiv'oc had seen him and was waitng for him. By Quepreur! Does not that man know the meaning of discreet? Bill thought as he nodded toward the man to a darken abandoned building that gulls and other birds had made their home.

He walked toward the side of the building where there were several loose boards and waited for Weiv'oc.

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     "Of course. A room for a night will be 5 sans." The woman said, before disappearing from sight for a moment. When she returned she handed him a little key and said, "First door to your right, up the stairs. You may pay later, if you wish."

     "I'll pay now," he said simply, pulling the coins out and handing them to her as he took the key. "Thanks."

     With that he turned, dropping the key and his coin pouch into a dark, hidden pocket within the folds of his dark grey cloak. As he made his way to the door he noticed that the other man was gone now. He breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that any man that could escape notice was to be watched carefully. But then again perhaps he was just being lax after the encounter with the guard.

     Suddenly he had realized that he was outside and the stables where in front of him a couple peds. He shook his head, catching the hood before it fell back from the motion. Too much ale. That was his probably right now. Drinking wasn't his smartest idea this day. Well once he got his things he would be able to head up to his room and get some sleep probably. As Kurr neared the stable doors he heard voices and stopped short.

     He figured that people were talking just inside the doors and decided not to interrupt them. Instead the circled the building, looking for a back door. Before he entered through a back door, he pulled his hood over his face further. It was a shame that there were people in there, he would have liked to pull his hood down for a moment, but figured he could once he got to his room. With a sigh he pulled the door open and entered, his one good eye looking for Titan as he walked down the row between stalls.

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Maggie and Andi

A rustling from the end of the stables made Maggie turn. Aye, just the gruff one, she thought to herself, paying him no further heed. Turning back to Andi, Maggie grinned at her best friend while she rambled on about her latest exploit in the bedroom. A soft contented sigh escaped her as she listened to her friend's stories. These were the small times when she actually liked her measly job in the Inn. Goofing off with Andi was definitely one of the highlights of her day, which was a sad view of her boring life.

Sara stomped out into the stables, a disgruntled look on her face. "Maggie, I need ya. Them potatoes won't peel themselves, you know." Light brown locks swayed gently as Maggie rolled her eyes at Sara. She was a nice girl, don't get her wrong, but she was a bit... stiff. "C'min, keep your panties on, girl." A whack from the wooden spoon Sara had ganerated an ow from Maggie.

With Maggie trudging off, Andi was the only one left outside in the stables. She kicked a stone into the stables, watching with disintrest at it's jumps and hops. Idly, she twirled her fingers around, before a hairy hand decended onto her mouth. Her survival instincts kicked in as she sturggled for her life. Who was this hariy man? Why did he want her? Questions filled her mind even as she kicked and clawed at the body of her mysterious assaultor. Even so, it was too late. Within minutes, she could see the darkness at the edge of her vision, blurring her otherwise sharp sight. It was a scary thing to observe, a dark gaping hole at the edge of her conciousness trying to reel her in. So, what could a girl do in a situation like this? Andi took the easy way out.

She fainted.

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     At first it Kurr didn't notice the unusual silence that fell over the stables at that point. In reality, he loved the silence; it gave him time to organize his thoughts. It wasn't until he remembered the two women and realized that he was in a stable that it seemed … unnatural.

     When he had entered there had been two women in the doorway talking. He had ignored them, turning toward the stall where Titan had been put down. When another voice was added he didn't bother to look over, recognizing two of the speakers as worker at the inn. The third was probably a friend or another worker, but he didn't waste time dwelling on it. He was standing on one side of Titan, his view of the entrance to the stable blocked by the horse's head. It wasn't until he had finished his quick check over the horse that he noticed the silence.

     He peeked around the horse in time to see that woman from the bar go limp in a strange man's arms. In that moment he noticed the man's large hand over her face. For half a heartbeat the man turned to survey the stables. A single, deep blue eye noticed a jagged scar running down the man's throat and a tattoo on his arm. That was all he could take in before the man lifted the woman for a better grip and took off, moving swiftly through the main stable door.

     Kurr cursed the position he was in and quickly stepped around the horse, placing his hands on the stall door that reached up to his chest. Instead of messing with the latch he vaulted himself over the door, falling forward onto the stables floors as he went. Both he and his hood had fallen, but he paid no mind to that at the moment. The only thought that crossed his mind was a slight rebuke for having more than one mug of ale. His body moved on its own, bringing him to his feet and carrying him out of the stables. By the time he had collected himself and was out the door, he could just barely see the form of one person carrying another down the street before they turned into an alley.

     Now that they had rounded the corner it would be hard to find them so he stopped in his tracks, noticing the warmth of the sun on his face. He quickly pulled his hood back up as he attempted to bring up the man's appearance in his mind. As he did so he turned back to the inn. Within two steps he realized that Drake wasn't with him, but with one low call, the hound came bounding up to his side. They entered the inn together, striding up to the bar. One deep blue eyes and two dark brown eyes surveyed the inn as they moved, looking for any signs of danger. With one closed hand he rapped on the wooden counter twice, while calling out a quick, 'hello' to get attention. The person running the inn right now needed to hear that some man had abducted one of their workers.

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Bill was busy taking orders - The hour was approaching noon, and patrons were pouring in for lunch. A quick glance into the kitchen told him that Maggie and Sarah were cooking, and he saw Lenka walking around, serving the customers. But where in the blazes was Andi? She should be here, helping. The place didn't run itself, and she should know it. He couldn't go run after her right now, though. As much as he needed her here, he couldn't leave the place practically untended.

A quick 'hello' drew his attention, and he turned to the caller. He was momentarily taken aback by the hood over the man's face, but he quickly remembered that he'd taken a room in his inn. He was the one Maggie'd been talking to, wasn't it?  "What can I do for you?" he asked.



Gods, peeling potatoes was boring. She wanted to be out in the common room, serving people. She knew it was getting busier, and she liked waitressing. But then, all those people needed food, and like Sarah had said, those potatoes didn't peel themselves. A familiar voice drew her out of the kitchen though, a potatoe still held in her hand, a knife in the other. She stood in the doorway, trying to be inconspicuous as she listened for what the hooded man had to say. She'd like to see under that hood though...

Realising that she was squinting at him, she quickly averted her gaze. She didn't move though, she wanted to know what he had to say. It would be her downfall, one day, that curiosity of hers, but she couldn't help it. He'd eaten and he'd had a drink. He had also already paid for his room and gotten the key. So what did  he still want? Of course, it could be something so every day as yet another pint of ale, but something in his attitude told her that no, this was something else.

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     "What can I do for you?" the bartender asked.

     At that moment he realized he knew so little about the situation. 'One of your workers was abducted' was the first reply that came to mind, but he kept that to himself for a moment. Instead he tried to bring back the image of the man and girl. Only the jagged scar running down his neck, one clouded eye, and a tattoo on his arm stood out. The girl on the other hand was clear in his mind, only because he had seen her only moments before.

      "One of your servers was abducted by some guy just now. I saw him take off down the street, but was somewhat trapped behind a stable door. By the time I got out the man had turned a corner. Brown hair, uh …" Kurr said, trying to remember. "Her name was …" He paused again as his good eye fell on the doorway to the kitchen. His mind couldn't take in what he saw there. "Her," He finished, nodding toward the girl in the doorway. It wasn't possible, but he that was who he had seen. He still had one good eye and he had seen what he had seen.

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She looked up with a surprised look on her face. "Me? I ain't kidnapped, love. I been talkin' to..." Her gaze shifted to Bill, horrification written plainly on her face. "Andi. She stayed out, they must'a taken her. She lookin' like me the way she does, no wonder mister mysteriousness there thought he saw me." Turning back to the guest, she quickly asked: "What else you seen? What direction? You seen the kidnapper?" There was an urgency there that was something more than just concern for her friend. The potatoe that she was still holding had lost all her attention, she was now just holding it because she didn't know what else to do with it. Her eyes tried to see underneath the hood, into the stranger's eyes, trying to convince him to tell her everything that he saw.

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     "Me? I ain't kidnapped, love. I been talkin' to..." She stopped suddenly.

     Kurr's mind was still reeling. He couldn't figure out what was going on and the scene that was running through his mind again and again was driving him crazy as he knew it was the girl standing in the doorway that had been taken. She shifted her gaze to the bartender. The shift, abandoned sentence, and look on her face let him know that he was about find out something.

     "Andi. She stayed out, they must'a taken her. She lookin' like me the way she does, no wonder mister mysteriousness there thought he saw me." She turned back to him and assaulted him with questions. "What else you seen? What direction? You seen the kidnapper?"

     Andi, Kurr thought, tossing the name around in his head for a moment wondering how he hadn't seen the resemblance between them, oh, of course I was too busy avoiding that one and her questions. He turned his mind away from that for now, considering the information she had given him. Many things popped into his head but the first was an important question. Why did she think this person was after her? They previous conversation and in the depths of the darkness he grinned. I'm not the only one that the past shadows, he thought. Next he thought about her questions, the exact ones he had been trying to answer himself as he reentered the tavern.

     "I was tending to my horse when noticed everything was rather quiet. I saw the man as the girl, Andi, passed out. He was an average sized man with a dark completion and hair and was dressed in dark clothing. Eh, a tattoo and scar down his neck if I remember correctly. I'm not familiar with this city …" Kurr said, pausing for a moment. It wasn't a lie entirely since he had spent most of his time in the richer areas of town when he had lived here. "… but he took off past the stables and was heading into an alleyway before I had recovered from …" He let this trail of thought dangle again glad the hood hid the blush that crept into his cheeks from the memory of his stupidity. "… before I had gotten out of the stables."

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She was too agitated to notice the slight hesitation at the end of his explanation. Why couldn't he leave her alone? She'd left that life behind a long time ago. And now Andi was paying for it. She couldn't let that happen. A simple glance at Bill was enough. He nodded once, so she quickly went into the kitchen, ignoring Sarah's questions, and put on her mantle. Then she went back to the hooded man, coming around the bar to stand next to him. "Please sir, show me where you saw this happening. We have to find Andi, she did nothing wrong! Will you please help me?"

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     Blast, Kurr thought, what have I gotten myself into this time. Why was she asking him to lead the way when that bartender could help? Then he could be to good citizen and point them in the right direction before heading up to his room with a couple of ales. Suddenly he wished both of his eyes had been taken and he could see nothing. If he has seen nothing then he would not feel obligated to help. But now? He grumbled and curses under his breath for a few moments, debating what to do.

     Finally he gave a small grunt that indicated reluctant acceptance of what life was throwing his way. He indicated the door with his head a moment before he turned, striding in that direction while he fixed the position of his weapons since they had shifted during his fall. With a slight groan he pushed the door open, rubbing his slightly soar shoulder. Kurr didn't bother looking back, deciding that if she came, she came, and if not, it wasn't his problem. Without stopping, he walked toward where he had stopped before, watching as the man turned the corner. He lifted an arm and pointed, unsure exactly what street he was on and which street that was, but she should know once she showed her.

     With a sigh he let his gaze drift to the castle in the distance and the higher class part of town beneath it. So maybe home wasn't the safest place.

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Although she'd been here for a few days, Joey wasn't sure she liked it. She sniffed slightly as she entered the common room again. Her room was clean and cozy; serving her well for the first few days of her stay, but the big room with mingling patrons grated on her nerves. It was too open. So bright and.. exposed. She pulled irritatedly at a rattail braid as she held her thick cloak firmly in her other hand. Gazing around at the patrons and the open spaces in the room, she shrugged small shoulders. It wasn't going to change as she watched it, she might as well quit brooding.

Making her way to a table against the wall, the young Kar-ii sat. Her midsection shown from her short shirt despite the melting snow on the ground outside. Coming from much colder weather it barely phased her to wear the cut off and revealing clothing she now wore--almost in any weather conditions. A moonblade hung visibly at each of her sides, usually covered by her cloak but now exposed for all to see. Amber eyes glared at any being they came into contact with, scrutinizing and skeptical. Even looking at the lamps lit along the walls, at the table as she sat down, the girl studied each with growing disdain. I have no reason to complain. She thought as she curled her legs beneath her on the chair.

The only person to blame for her lack of activity in the city so far was herself. She hadn't picked the sort of inn or tavern she would normally have stayed in. In fact, she knew nothing about Nyermersys. It was uncomfortable enough to come into a city she knew nothing about, without a regular tavern or client el to serve. Now, though, she found herself in this hardly crowded, immaculate tavern and no idea what to do with herself. Her purse was happily full, but what was the point of coin if she had nothing to do? Mopey now, the young assassin put her tiny, rough hands under her chin and said, honey eyes in slits gazing about the room.

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Two men stumbled into the inn: one was stocky, with short black hair and a day's stubble of a beard on his face. He had large brown eyes which the whites of them were quite blood shot. He was of what you would call normal height for a Calatherian. His companion was ruddy faced, with freckles and had bright red hair that was single braided and hung down his back, the tip barely touching the middle of his shoulder blades.  They both wore dark pants with rusty colored tunics over which they threw dusky brown cloaks.

They stumbled up, arm in arm, supporting each other up to the bar and pounded on it demanding dwarven ale.

Bill had seen these two before and they were always drunk but he did not care for they always seemed to have coin, and a lot of it.  He quickly drew a couple of tankards of the dwarven ale and placed them in front of the two men.  The red haired one casually threw a silver coin on the counter, as if silver pieces were as normal as a copper san.

"Keep them filled, will ya matey." He said in a nasly voice.

Bill snatched the coin off the counter. "Yes, I will. Is there anything else I can get you? Perhaps some food?"

The stocky one took one long draught of his ale, wiped his mouth, "Beef! Medium rare," he answered with a deep bass voice.

Bill nodded, went to the kitchen door and shouted inside, "Beef, medium rare, large."

The two men drank their ale and the red haired one kept on sweeping his eyes over the room as if he were looking for someone or making sure no one was paying any particular attention to him and his companion.


Charon, a dark haired, buxom older lady with too much caked on makeup saw the girl enter and sit down. Charon sauntered over to her table. She thought the girl was way to young to be on her own, much less in this place until she saw the weapons on the girls hips and how the girl seemed almost brazen in the way she showed them off.  Charon clucked and shook her head. She had seen many a man die because of such brazen behavior and some other man just had to prove he was better and before you could say "Brok's Nest" there was fight.

Bill would just let it happen, unless of course the fight involved more than just the two, then he and his staff of bouncers would step in with heavy staffs and throw them all out in the street; there Bill could care less what they did then. It was not his problem.  Nyermersys's guard patrols would soon take care of them.

Charon sauntered over to the girls table. "What you want sweetie?" she asked.

As she waited for the girls reply she noticed the two men come stumbling in. She knew them as well, especially her bum as the stocky one had a penchant for pinching it: but he paid good tips and the few times she allowed him to bed her, he was quite vigorous.

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Joey calmly surveyed her surroundings. She had a right mind to stride up to the bar and order something for herself, but instead stayed seated as she watched two stumbling drunkards make their way to the bar. She giggled despite herself as they ordered ale and meat—how very manly. They seemed rather purposeful in their drinking. Either they’d many sorrows to drown or were extremely intent on forgetting their night altogether. Shaking her head slightly as she tugged on a blond braid, the young Kar-ii’s attention was turned to the woman standing before her.

Copper eyes narrowed as the term “sweetie” was directed towards her, but Jo only smiled a broad, white-toothed smile and said, ”Water will be fine.” Her youth was apparent in her voice, higher pitched than the other woman’s and definitely moreso than the men bellowing about the bar area. Her left hand played with the hilt of her moonblade while her right lifted a sleeveless arm to point towards the men.

”Say, “ She began curiously. ”They regulars of yours? If ya want me to get ‘em off your hands I’ll easily do so.” As usual the girl’s arrogant air was queer in comparison to her stature and gender. Many were usually confused or taken aback by her demeanor, but most thought the teen was only joking when she spoke of such things. She knew she could disperse these gentleman with a flick of her blade; perhaps even a good kick to the back of the head. Actually, she was eager to speak to them, and twitched at the thought of meandering over to join in the fun. Instead, she leaned comfortably back in her chair and awaited the woman’s answer.

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Charon sighed, she should have known that the girl would only order water. She probably cannot afford anything, poor girl, she thought.

Then the girl, playing with her weapons took Charon by surprise when she asked, "They regulars of yours? If ya want me to get ‘em off your hands I’ll easily do so.”

Charon tilted her head back and stared at they young girl and smirked. "Honey, you may scare some with that attitude of yours and your brazen showing of those weapons on your hips but you do not want to mess with Link, he is the red haired man, and especially not with Warren; I have seen him cut down half a dozen men in just a few blinks of time. My advice is to just sit there and I will bring your water."

She turned to walk away but turned back, leaned closer to the girl, "I like you and I would not want to have to see your blood spilt on this floor." 

she turned and left as she passed the two men, the one called Warren pinched her bum. "Shay Charon. How about a kiss?"

Charon slapped the guy's hand away from her bum, smiled at him. "What ye give me?" She asked.

"I give you a quick boot in your bum. Now give me a kiss girl," Warren answered.

Charon paused, then gave quick laugh and kissed Warren.  She turned to Bill, "I need a tankard of cold water," she ordered.

Link turned and gave the young girl a steady gaze. He licked his lips slowly. She was pretty, her clothing showed off nice curves but what were those things by her hips, weapons?, he thought.

He grabbed Charon's arm. "Say Charon who is the girl?" he asked.

Charon shook his arm off of hers. She did not like Link. She had heard many things about him from the other more younger waitresses of other places and even the more younger whores on the street. He liked his girls young and he was a mean bastard if he did not get what he wanted.

"I do not know Link. She just came in here a bit before you and Warren showed up," She answered fearfully, not for herself but for the girl. How she wished that girl had not been in here when these two showed up, but now it was too late. She saw the look in Link's eyes.  She recalled what the girl had asked her and in her heart she hoped that the girl could really use those weapons she so brazenly displays. She is going to need them. "Link please leave her alone," Charon pleaded once more.

"Woman, you do not tell me what I will do!" Link growled.

"Shay Link, Charon's a good girl. I sure think she did not mean anything by it, did you Charon?" Warren asked.

Charon gave the girl a glance and then looked at Link. "No, I did not mean anything. Besides I do not know the girl you do what you want with her. However I will tell you this, before I came over here she asked if she could take care of you two if you were trouble," Charon added.

Link turned completely around on his stool and leaned back against the bar. "Really? She said that?" he asked.

"Yes, she did and she has some wicked looking weapons on her hips," Charon answered.

"What kind of weapons?" Link asked.

"I do not know. I have never seen anything like them before," Charon answered.

Bill gave Charon the tankard of water. "Link, I do not mind you fighting men, one on one, but a girl! I will not allow that in my place!"

Link glanced back at Bill. "Who said I was going to fight that pretty young thing? I am just going to go over and have a little chat with her, that's all."

"As long as that is all it is Link. If you draw a weapon I will send my boys after you and throw you both out on the street and then I could care less what happens," Bill replied, though he too feared for the young girl.  One of his waitresses had already been kidnapped, mistakenly taken because she looked liked Maggie and Maggie and this stranger, Kurr, went to go look for Andi. Bill hoped they find her soon. If this girl gets hurt or even killed in his place he had no idea what the authorities would do, probably shut him down. But outside he had no control over what happened, but still, he did not want anything to happen to the young girl even though he never saw her before. She should have known better than to come here. There were much better places to stay and eat.

He sighed.

Link took the tankard of water from Charon. "I will deliver this to her Charon."

Link walked over to the table where the girl sat and as he got closer his eyes eyed the weapons she was carrying, but they focused more on her bare flat stomache, and the hips that the strange weapons were attached to. He pulled out a chair, sat down and placed the tankard of water on the table.

He gave the young girl a nice wide smile. His teeth, though a bit yellowed, were straight and all there. "Hi there, my name is Link. Charon over there was kind enough to let me give you this. Hope you don't mind? You sure are pretty. What's your name, sweet thing?" He asked, his gaze leering over her body.

Title: Re: Brok's Rest.(Nyermersis)
Post by: Jo on May 08, 2008, 10:25:59 AM
Blood? Jo grinned a little and nearly scoffed at the woman. She didn’t care how many drunken men had been cut down, she had nothing to fear here. It was nice of this waitress to take so kindly to her, though. Link and Warren… Her eyes roamed over the men. If they’d have been sober she might have approached them; they looked to know the city. They probably had information she’d need regarding just about anything. Scrunching her nose a little, she thought they were a little too old for her taste, anyway. Flicking blond hair from her face, the girl watched the waitress turn away.

The interaction as she passed the two men did not faze the young assassin. She sat idly watching, until she was mentioned. It was unavoidable, her ears pricked up and tuned into the conversation. That woman, and even the bartender were awfully protective towards someone they’d never met. Copper orbs stared intently at them. Although she wasn’t worried, she was extremely curious. Her fit twisted and twitched in her soft shoes, wanting to stride across the room and suggest they speak with her face to face if they were interested.

To her utter delight, the red haired man named Link approached with her water. Eyes widening a little with a friendly expression, the Kasumarii’s pink lips stretched into a thin smile.  He sat at her table and dropped the water. Deftly the girl’s hand rose to seize the tankard and take a long gulp. Thirst wetted, she looked confidently into the eyes of the stranger. She was not self conscious; Joey did not glance once at her own figure. She knew what she looked like and recognized the wandering eyes of the man.

A flush did not creep onto her cheeks either; the confident young woman did not flinch at the compliments. ”Link.” She smiled, her voice smooth, ”I’m Jo, good to meet ya.” She held the tankard up in greeting before taking another gulp. The water hit the spot. Sure, it wasn’t strong, but it was what her body needed. Leaning back in her chair, the front legs lifting off the ground, her voice took on a light, mocking tone as she looked coolly at the man, ”Thanks for the water. Say, d’ya ask to serve other patrons here often?”