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Title: Cedric's Street(Voldar)
Post by: Capher on August 19, 2005, 11:02:22 PM
Cedric street is named after the current king; King Cedric the Fourth.  It is paved with golden cobblestone, but is in need of repair. There are many varied cracks and potholes throughout the whole street.  It gets worse as it goes from the palace and ends down at the wharf and the docks.  This street is the only street that is straight and wide.  This is where you can find any kind of merchant and their wares available for a price anywhere in the world of Caelereth.  The locals call it the "Kings Pothole" <p>Capher.</p>

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Post by: Mac the Slayer on August 20, 2005, 10:39:22 AM
"Blak-smithss mayk wep-uns. I re-mem-buh. Wherr wood I lurn to be a blak-smith?" As he is asking this, they have just passed though the gates to the inner city.

He was silent for a few moments as they ambled through the increasing crowd, and smiled as Grunok stared wide-eyed at the inner city's magnificent architecture. 'It is impressive,' he thought, 'and farther than I realized to the center.'

Idly kicking at a loose cobblestone in his path, Mac answered the Orc's question. "Usually you become an 'apprentice' to a blacksmith for a while. That means you work really cheap, or sometimes just for room and board, until the apprenticeship is finished. In exchange, he teaches you the skills of his trade during that time."

Pausing a few moments, he held up four fingers and said "I was apprenticed four years, but that was longer than usual I think. Perhaps you could visit a few blacksmith shops if you're interested in something like that."

~ Mac the Slayer ~

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Post by: Grunok the Exile on August 20, 2005, 05:29:22 PM
Grunok nods, only half listening. His attention is still on the people around him. Some seem not to notice him, but others look threatening... A little worried and a lot vigilant, Grunok wears a fierce scowl as he stumps mutely alongside Mac.

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Title: Re: Cedric's Street
Post by: Mac the Slayer on August 21, 2005, 10:39:22 AM
A little worried and a lot vigilant, Grunok wears a fierce scowl as he stumps mutely alongside Mac.

The crowd continued to part before them, no doubt mostly due to the Orc's menacing demeanor. Mac shook his head in wonderment at Grunok's determination to fit in a society where he was not only feared and often hated, but which made him so obviously uncomfortable as well.

The crowd thinned a bit as they approached the open center of the town square, with only a small group gathered around the posted announcement of the King's ball. The guest list they sought was nearby, and the few waiting to sign quickly scattered as the pair approached. The man writing his name hurriedly finished and thrust the quill pen into Mac's hand before moving away as well.

'Now what?' wondered Mac, 'I doubt the Orc can even write his name...'

He dipped the quill into the open bottle and signed his name in a scrawling hand, purposely smearing ink on his fingers in the process. Grimacing, he turned to Grunok and showed him the ink stained hand, saying "Great. This pen leaks like a sieve, and there's no sense in both of us getting an ink bath. Want me to write your name while I'm at it?"

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Post by: Grunok the Exile on August 22, 2005, 03:23:22 PM
As they approached the post upon which the list of attendees to the ball hung, Grunok's anxiety got worse and worse. What will I do? he wonders, panickily. I can't write! How will I tell Mac? I don't want to tell him! And with all these people around...

Mac takes a large feather from a man and signs his name on the register. Then miraculously, he turns to Grunok and offers to write his, Grunok's name as well. Relief floods the Orc, making him a little dizzy, and so he looks a little cross-eyed as he responds quietly:

"Yess, pleezss."

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Post by: Mac the Slayer on August 22, 2005, 10:17:22 PM
"Yess, pleezss."

Grunok's obvious relief caused Mac to smile inwardly as he wrote the other's name below his own, spelling the odd name as best he could. Feeling a measure of satisfaction at avoiding unnecessary embarrassment for the Orc, he thought ruefully 'You'll have enough of that anyway my friend, and too many folks glad to see it.'

Wiping his hand and the the quill pen on a cloth provided, he stood the quill pen in a block of wood bored for that purpose and snugly stoppered the ink bottle. Turning to Grunok with a grin, he said "Well, we're now signed up for the King's ball. Do you have any other business in this part of town before we head back?"

~ Mac the Slayer ~

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Post by: Grunok the Exile on August 23, 2005, 06:28:22 AM
Grunok looks around at Mac's words, wondering what else he might possibly have to do here. "Noh, Mac, thatt is awl."

Grunok turns, and begins the walk back down the uneven cobbles that are Cedric's street. As he passes through the gates back into the outer city, the splendour of the buildings fades, but the crowd also thins out again and Grunok is left feeling much more comfortable. As they reach the military barrcks on the left, he turns down the street which runs in front of them, looking to his companion to check both that they are headed in the right direction, and whether Mac has followed him.

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Post by: Mac the Slayer on August 23, 2005, 11:49:22 AM
As they reach the military barrcks on the left, he turns down the street which runs in front of them, looking to his companion to check both that they are headed in the right direction, and whether Mac has followed him.

Huffing from the brisk pace set by Grunok, Mac chided himself a bit, thinking 'I've got to start walking more and stop riding that horse so much.'

Nodding assurance in response to the Orc's questioning glance, he hoped they weren't going to pick up the pace any further...

~ Mac the Slayer ~

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Post by: Grunok the Exile on August 24, 2005, 07:55:22 AM
Grunok notices Mac's laboured breathing and slows down his pace the rest of the way back to Arth's.

((Moving to Arth's thread))

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Post by: Capher on September 21, 2005, 11:14:22 PM
Damien now dressed in just a pair of black leather pants, black soft soled leather boots and a soft linen black shirt, that billowed at the sleeves walked through Cedric street.  He still carred his Kyranian axe upon his back.  As he passed people he could hear the whispers.  He stoically ignored them, but the constant voices of the town crier's grated upon his already frayed nerves.  Suddenly he found himself in the center of town where the sign stood that asked the people to sign if they were going to the ball.  He looked at the names and noticed his name Commander Damien Scar  He took the quill pen out of the inkwell and crossed out Commander and in its place wrote Baron  Satisfied, he continued on his way to Arth's.

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Post by: ratdragon on October 26, 2005, 06:03:22 AM
After a little asking around, Ratdragon finds Cedric's Street. The golden elf charges onto the street, his iron clad boots clanking as he ran.Realizing he had made it to his destination, Ratdragon slowed his pace and studied the street. The cobbles were gold, but in ill repair with loose and cracked cobbles. The elf gazed around at the many merchants lining the streets, he needed to ask about who the orc killed. There was no shortage of people, but who to ask?

Spotting a dark-haired woman selling perfumes, Ratdragon approached her stall. Before she could offer any of her wares, the elf attempted to make gossip. " Hello lady, fine day today isn't it"?

The woman nodded dismissively, and replied, Yes, a wonderful day. Perfect for wearing one of these wonderful perfumes...

Ignoring her statement, the elf continued. Yes, a wonderful day, except I did hear that a woman was attacked by an orc. I of course have nothing to do with the orc, don't know his name or anything. But you wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you? He realized as he said this that it was a fairly weak statement, and probably hinted that he did have something to do with the orc.

Eyeing him suspiciously, the woman inquired haughtily, Look, are you going to buy some perfume or what? I do have better things to do you know!

Losing his temper, the elf burst out. No I don't want any of your smelly perfumes! Just answer the question!"

This of course, didn't get him very far in the conversation. The woman made a sharp noise of irritation before picking up a bottle of perfume and hurling it at the elf's face.

Stumbling back as the glass container exploded on him, Ratdragon quickly walked away from the stall, smelling of cheap cinnamon. Continuing farther down the street, Ratdragon found a burly blacksmith selling his wares. Not bothering to look at the wares, the elf decided to handle this one a little better. Smiling at the man, Ratdragon spoke; ""Hello good sir, nice wares you've got here."

The man smiled at the compliment, gesturing at some horseshoes. "Yea, got some of the finest iron horseshoes there are. Ifn' you be needin' any, go right ahead and find a set you like.'

Not having a horse as a mount, the elf certainly didn't need any horseshoes.  Pretending to inspect them, the elf continued. "Ah, yes. Masterwork material here. I will come back and purchase some later. Right now I need information. What do you know about an orc killing a woman in this city today.?"

The man smiled at the prospect of the elf coming later to buy his wares, and nodded at the question. "Aye, the best person to ask would be Karshi, he should be in the black market."

Nodding to the man, Ratdragon thanked him and promised to come back; then he ran off again to find the black market.

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Post by: Capher on December 29, 2005, 01:19:22 AM
Suddenly the night air is broken by the cries of the town criers:  "The King! The King! The King has been murdered!  The King! The King! has been murdered!"

Their voices rang throughout the city


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Post by: Capher on April 02, 2006, 03:25:23 AM
Damien was silent as he and Grunok walked side by side through the palace grounds, around the garden and out of the palace gates into the city proper.

The streets were already bustling with activity; merchants opening up their shops, farmers coming in from the fields to sell their grain and other goods.  Excitement seemed to fill the air everywhere they went.  The Tournament and the ball afterwards was always a welcomed event, and the people had been starved for it ever since Cedric had banished it almost five years ago.

Damien led Grunok through the crowd who magically opened when they saw Damien and Grunok come their way. Damien nodded here and there as he went along, even saying a brief hello neighbor to someone he recognized.

Finally the crowds thinned a bit as they walked farther down Cedric street toward the more poorer section of town. When they became close to where Wilma lived, the seamstress, Damien noticed a long line of ladies, both young and old standing outside Wilma's door. I should have thought of that, Wilma would be busier than a hive of bees. I wonder if I should just try and buy some clothes for Grunok? he thought.

He turned away when a voice called out to him. "Ey Damien, ye come all this way just to leave?"

Damien turned back and saw Wilma's head poking out of her window. "You seem to be busy old girl, I will come back later."

"Nonsense, ye come right in and bring 'runok with ye." Wilma always had a hard time with her "g's".

Several groans came from the ladies standing in line.

"Maybe later, Wilma. I do not want all these beautiful ladies mad at me or Grunok." Damien replied, broadly smiling at the ladies; some blushed and their was some light twitters of laughter heard here and there.

"Ye were always a flatterer, Damien, even when ye first came here. Now do not make me ask ye twice, come in here."

Damien shook his head, knowing it would be useless to refuse her, besides he loved the old girl. He had known her ever since he was a lowly guard. She was the one who first made and sewed the gold stripe upon the bottom of his cape when he became "Captain of the Guards" or the Commander as he was normally called.

 He was sure surprised to find out it was her that everyone had said Grunok had killed and had hoped that that had not been the truth. Then after Cedric was killed, she showed up and told the truth about the whole matter.  That exonerated Grunok in the people's eyes, well most of them, there were always the few that held prejudices.

He led Grunok pass the line of ladies into Wilma's home and shop. They let them pass, most of them gawking at Grunok as they had not seen an orc up close before.

 A young girl was standing on a pedestal when Damien and Grunok entered Wilma's shop and home. She was covered in a very pretty pink colored bolt of cloth, but Damien could see between the cloth that the girl was only dressed in her underthings.  When the young girl who had been busily talking with her friends saw Damien and Grunok, she squealed and tried to jump off of the pedestal.  Damien tried to hide a smile.

"Sush 'irl and stay where ye be or else ye lose your place. Besides if ye want blood to be added to yer clothes, stand still, those pins are mighty sharp."

"But...But," the young girl squealed looking at Damien and Grunok.

"But what, child. Men in here. Your completely covered. Now sush and let me finish this pinning. Besides Damien is a 'entleman and a pillar of discretion, are you not Damien?" Wilma asked.

"I sure am Ma'am," Damien replied with a twinkle in his eye. "I will never tell that I saw this young lady with nothing on but her underthings." He replied in jest.

"Oooooo," the young lady said and began to cry.

"What?" Damien asked. "Would she prefer that I do tell that I saw her in her underthings?" Damien said, with a mock look of confusement on his face as he looked up and down the line of ladies at the doorway and in the shop.

There were some twitters of laughter heard from the line of ladies and more as the story was told farther down the line.

"Oooo," The young lady said again, this time stomping her foot.

"Commander!" Wilma's voice cut like a sharp knife.

Damien knew he had stepped out of bounds when Wilma called him that. He sheepishly turned his head toward her.

"That is enough. She is only a young 'irl now apolo'ize."

Damien grew serious and really looked at the young lady upon the pedestal. She was looking at him, with tears in her eyes. She had a very pretty round face, with clear white skin that really set off her dark red hair that fell in waved tresses almost to the middle of her back. Damien guessed she was in her middle teens.  He knelt upon one knee, bowed his head, raised it and said seriously, "I apologize miss for my jesting. You are a very beautiful young lady. I would be honored if you would put my name upon your dance card this evening."

The young lady turned her face upwards. "Apology accepted. I do not, however, dance with old men." She said haughtily.

That brought more twitters of laughter from the ladies and even Wilma tried to hide a smile. Most of them knew about Damien's reputation or at least the rumors and to be upped one by one of their own, especially a youngster, was amusing, even if secretly most, especially the unmarried ones, and some of the married ones, would have loved to have had the attention that the young girl was receiving.

Damien rose up. Old? Me? he thought. Then he caught his reflection in a looking glass.  His black eyes stared back at him but he could see more wrinkles around them and around his mouth.  His hair was still black as midnight, but he could see some graying as well.  His mind had fooled him; it had told him he was still in his youth, but the looking glass told the truth, he had aged. No longer a youth in his twenties he was in his mid-thirties an old man in the eyes of young ladies such as the one upon the pedestal. "Touch'e, miss," he said softly.

"Now Damien I know ye did come here just to 'awk at the ladies. What brings you and 'runok here?" Wilma asked as she finished with the young lady who she helped down from the pedestal. "Now be careful when ye take it off. I do not want to pin ye a'ain." she said.

"I was wondering Wilma if you could sew up some clothes for Grunok here?" Damien asked.

A groan came from the line of ladies.

"Now ladies, it will not take me much time to sew 'runok up."

"Well Wilma I was hoping you would sew him a new set of clothes."

More groans.

"Ye sure picked a bad time Damien. But I think I can do it, let me measure him and I will have them ready before the tourney starts. I assume that is why you want the clothes, so he looks 'ood when he is brought before the King and knighted."

Damien nodded.

"Ok, then. 'runok please come here so I can measure you." Wilma asked looking at him.

Damien looked at Grunok and suddenly thought, I wonder what he thinks of all of this?


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Grunok watches Damien tease the girl and, as he doesn't understand teasing in the way humans do it, is very confused.  He is not sure if the commander is actually being cruel to the female or kind to her; he thinks from her reaction that it is probably cruel.  What is going on? he thinks with consternation.  First he was kind to females, now he is cruel?  Which is it?  Ohh, these strange humans. The orc shakes his head and gives a low grumbling growl of confusion as Wilma steps toward him to measure him.

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Wilma quickly measured Grunok. "He be a large fella, Damien. His thighs be rounder than most mens waists, and his arms are almost as bi', not saying anything about his chest.  But I shall make the clothes nonetheless.  They will be ready by tourney time."

"Thanks old girl," Damien said as he kissed her on the cheek. "There will be a tent set up for him, Tregior will have his armour there as well, you can drop his clothes off in there."

"As you wish Damien, now 'it so I can finish with these ladies."

Damien made a sweeping low bow to all of the ladies. "Excuse me ladies, I hope that Grunok and I have not made too much of a stir.  And I hope to be able to dance with each and everyone of you later tonight," he raised his voice a bit, "And that includes you too." he said to the young girl who was still behind the dressing curtain with her friends. He received no reply, though he really was not expecting one and then he and Grunok left and went back into the city.

"Grunok all of a sudden I am awfully thirsty. How about a nice ale before we go back to the palace.  Arth's is just up the street."

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Vylias walked down Cedric Street noticing the sudden bustle as the merchants hurried to sell items before they closed shop and headed towards the tourney. There were signs everywhere naming different competitions for the day, but she didn't stop to read them. If she was going to finish her errands on time she would have to hurry.

She looked at her sack with some consecration. "I should've booked a room at that inn first, instead of carrying the bag around all day."

Sorth gave a sharp squawk as if in agreement. She scowled at the eagle.

"What do you know anyway," she mumbled. She looked into a few shops with pre-made dresses, but none of the ready made dresses caught her eyes.

"If you can't find any to your liking, I suggest seeing the seamstress. Most women are getting theirs done by her," a boy offered.

Vylias looked down at the scruffy young thing. His blond hair curled at his ears and he wore a cap too big for his head. It would slide over his eyes and he would constantly shove it back up. "Where is she at?"

"That way," he said pointing.  "Just keep going in that direction and you'll know when you see her."

"Thanks," Vylias said turning, but she was ready when hands went for her purse. He was quick, but she was quicker. In less than a blink she had caught his hand and her dagger rested at his fingers.

"Now I wonder, should I chop them off?"

The boy looked at her and started to yank back, but she was stronger than she appeared to be, at least stong enough to handle one boy. "Now, now, you didn't answer my question?"

The boy stopped his struggling. He quickly glanced around. Vylias knew that he realized if he kept up he would just draw unneeded attention to himself, since whose going to side with a thief.

The boy looked up at her, his mouth opened to say something, but whatever he said must of stuck in his throat once he fastened his eyes on hers. There was something chilled in her eyes, something that seemed unforgivable.

Then just as suddenly she let him go. The dagger was gone and instead she tossed a few coins. "Right, I forgot to pay you for being so generous in giving me directions. There you are." Without another word she was off, leaving the boy stunned and scurrying to get his coins.

As Vylias hurried in the direction the boy pointed she found her hand resting on the folded fan tucked under her belt and hidden under one of her scarves. The other hand was never far from her dagger. This all could be a trap, sending her towards bigger and worst thieves, and as the street became worst she was sure that was exactly what it was. Still no one approached and then she was faced with a long line of women standing in front of a place that she figured at once was the seamstress.

"Oh no," with such a long line of females she doubt she would have time before the tourney or even the money to pay for such a dress. "Well then it's settled. I'll just have to wear that other dress."

She thought she heard Sorth give off what was to her a very human chuckle, but when she looked at the bird it was busy pruning itself. Just her imagination or her own loathe that she would have to wear the thing. It wasn't that it was bad or even that it showed a little too much flesh. It was that it was bright, much brighter than she was use to and she preferred most of the time to not stand out. Well she'll just have to hope there be more people that take up attention, and that would certainly be possibly with the number of elves in town.

"So maybe they won't notice too much."

Sorth squawked.

She rolled her eyes. "Shut up." She sighed a tiny bit. "Well let's go and see if we can find a leather shop." She still needed to get something for her shoulder so the bird could take off from her shoulder instead of hopping on something then taking off.

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It wasn't hard to find a leather shop; one wasn't far from the seamstress. On entering the building she was assailed by the sharp scent of leather and sweat. There was the bustle of people, more than she would have expected.  Most of the people were gathering up merchandise obviously to bring to the tourney to sell. Vylias watched the crowd, mostly men though there were a few women.

"Miss, you be needing something?" A toothy man, which she guess many might considered handsome approached her. It was something about him, something sly that and dirty that made her want to pull out her dagger. Vylias stayed her hand and nodded.

"Yes, I need something to put on my shoulder so Sorth," she tilted her head towards the eagle, "can take off from my shoulder without causing me any injury."

The man looked warily at the eagle. "I'll need to look at your shoulder for measurements."

Vylias nodded and made a clicking sound with her tongue. Sorth tilted his head then hopped from her shoulder unto a peg on the wall of the shop.

The man grinned and signaled her to follow him. Vylias did, but she was on her guard especially when he showed her into a dusty back room.

"Is this really necessary?"

"Not usually, but with the crowd out there getting a good measurement might be hard to do with people constantly bumping into me."

Vylias didn't say anything. He moved with measuring tape in hand and he was professional enough for Vylias to relax just the tiniest bit, though her heart was beating, the room was so small and as professional as the guy was she couldn't help the warning going off in her head. The room had only one exit and no windows, her claustrophobia heightened even further.

Then she felt his hand on her shoulder and his breath on her neck. "Are you sure that is all you want miss?"

Cool metal rest against his inner thigh, the point of her dagger sliced through his pants to rest against warm flesh. "This wasn't what I was looking for, but I haven't yet gotten a souvenir for my travels. Are you volunteering?"

Her voice though cold was shaky and she cursed herself for that, but the room was getting to her. He seemed to take courage from that though he didn't move, but he also didn't back off.

"I don't think you'll do it little girl, so why don't you put the knife down."

Now she was pissed. It looked like she was going to have to actually cut him and leave him bleeding to death before he got the point. Its not going to look good for her to have a dead body lying around already. Still, what choice did she have and she started to move her hand when the door opened.

"Jay, what'cha doing in here." An older woman voice cut through the room. "Get out there on the floor and help 'em with the packing. You've no time to be a watin' "

Jay pulled back from her, never realizing how close he had been to being unmanned. "I was helping a customer."

"That's my job. Not ye better help 'em before I fire your ass."

Jay left mumbling to himself while Vylias gave a sigh of relief and quickly moved to the door.

"Sorry about that Miss." The woman said by her side. "With all the racket I didn't see Jay brin' ye in here."

Vylias nodded. "It's ok."

"Still I don't expect you cam here to be molested. So want to tell me what ye wanted and I'll make sure to fix it up for you."

Vylias hesitated, but reiterated what she needed.

"I think I'll be able to make that for ye and if ye want ye can pick it up at the tourney. I'll just take your measurements."

"Not in there," Vylias said quickly.

The woman didn't question her response just nodded and led her out of the room. It must have been a pain with all the people moving about to take her measurement, but the woman never complained.

"There, now it'll be ready for ye at the tourney." She then began to give Vylias a description of where she would be. "Just ask for Old Kat."

Vylias nodded and after thanking Old Kat was out of the door with a sigh. Sorth followed her out with an annoyed squawk. She looked over at the eagle.

"At the rate things are going I'll have to kill someone before the day is out." The bird just looked at her and after a while finding a perch not too far from her shoulder hopped on it and settled down as Vylias headed back towards Arth's Spot to see about booking herself a room for the evening at least.

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Captain Norman Graaves

Norman walked straight and tall as he lead Claudirea into the city. "M'lady, if you notice the large building on the hill, that is the Palace and its famous gardens.  If you are not in a hurry to get to the tournament I would gladly love to take you into the palace gardens.  They are most beautiful this time of the year with the early flowers begining to bloom and of course our famous statues and their histories. But maybe you are not interested, besides you will see them when you go to the ball tonight."

He paused, " I forget that you have never been to Voldar.  It is tradition that after the tournament the King throws a ball for all of Voldar and its guests.  It is held in the garden, the ball room, and throughout the palace grounds.  The gardens are lighted up especially for this event and there is an enormous orchestra and of course much ale, food and entertainment."

"Most of the ladies attending will have escorts.  If...If you do not mind I would be honored to be yours. However if you choose not..." He said quite rapidly and then became quiet as he was a bit embarrassed.  After a strained silence he spoke again, "I apologize M'lady. Sometimes I speak before my brain is engaged. But I still keep the offer upon the table. I would be honored to escort you to the ball."


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"M'lady, if you notice the large building on the hill, that is the Palace and its famous gardens. If you are not in a hurry to get to the tournament I would gladly love to take you into the palace gardens. They are most beautiful this time of the year with the early flowers begining to bloom and of course our famous statues and their histories. But maybe you are not interested, besides you will see them when you go to the ball tonight."

" I forget that you have never been to Voldar. It is tradition that after the tournament the King throws a ball for all of Voldar and its guests. It is held in the garden, the ball room, and throughout the palace grounds. The gardens are lighted up especially for this event and there is an enormous orchestra and of course much ale, food and entertainment."

Claudirea looked up at the Palace. It indeed was beautiful. She could only imagine what the gardens looked like. Thinking of the gardens made her think of the wild. Her yearning was made even worse by the captain talking about the flowers. It surprised her that the King would allow simple people to go into the garden and walk about, but then she remembered who her companion was.

"I wonder what Luna would say if she could see me now?" Claudirea thought to herself.

"Most of the ladies attending will have escorts. If...If you do not mind I would be honored to be yours. However if you choose not..."

She was shocked. No one had approached her like this before. She didn't know what to say. "Indeed, this is a strange turn of events. No man has ever approached me like this before. Of course that may have something to do with Luna being around me all the time, but still....He is kinda cute. I mean, not my ideal choice, that scar is kinda a turn off, but's what's on the inside that counts!"

"I apologize M'lady. Sometimes I speak before my brain is engaged. But I still keep the offer upon the table. I would be honored to escort you to the ball."

Claudirea turned and smiled at him. "No apology is need, Captain. I understand. I would quite thouroughly enjoy walking through the gardens with you. For, in fact, I am in no big rush to go watch the tournaments. As for the ball later tonight, I would love for you to be my escort. But," Here she began to giggle a bit. "I'm afraid, my dear sir, that I have nothing fitting to wear. These are my only clothes." She motioned towards the clothes upon her body.

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"No apology is need, Captain. I understand. I would quite thouroughly enjoy walking through the gardens with you. For, in fact, I am in no big rush to go watch the tournaments. As for the ball later tonight, I would love for you to be my escort. But," Here she began to giggle a bit. "I'm afraid, my dear sir, that I have nothing fitting to wear. These are my only clothes." She motioned towards the clothes upon her body.

Norman almost beamed when he heard that she would be willing to go to the gardens with him instead of the tournament.  He almost burst when she said she would love for him to escort her to the ball.  Then she stated that she had no clothes to wear except what she had on.  Norman thought he had a solution to that problem.

"Claudirea. Do you mind if I call you by your name? If not, I will go back to M'lady. "He said the last part a bit quickly again as he had not the experience with women as others he knew, namely Damien.  "Just for decorum's sake unless you say otherwise I will stick with M'lady."

He silently walked by her side enjoying her warmth and catching every once in awhile, when the breeze was just right, her scent.  He walked slowly. "Tis a nice day. Grothar always seems to bless on this day; and Ava has blessed also by sending you to our fair city, making it even more so."

They arrived at the opening of the palace gates leading into the gardens.  Several guards quickly recognized the Captain and opened the gates and allowed them in.  They walked into the begininng of the maze of flowers and bushes.  The early flowers of the year were in full bloom and the intricate designs of the gardens were colored with a myriad hue of colors.

He was silent as he took in the sight and allowed her to take in the beauty of the gardens.  Several gardeners were seen here and there setting up the special torches and surprises for the guests of the ball.  There was much cleaning of the bright cobblestone walkways, and of course the statues.

They came closer to one of those statues and he stopped; "This statue is our oldest statue. It is a statue of Katya the Dragonslayer, who later became Queen of Voldar.  The story goes that she was very young when she tracked and killed the last of the Adamant dragons in his lair after he and his kind attacked Voldar and its villages.  It seems that the dragons killed her family when they attacked.  They killed alot of families, but she or rather her father had forged a weapon, a sword, that could actually pierce a dragon's skin.  It was that sword that killed the dragon, I believe his name was Ol'dem'brey or something like that.  It happend many many centuries ago.  After killing him she came back and became the first Queen of Voldar."

He paused as he looked at Claudirea's face. "You may not be interested in history. I apologize if I am boring you with this. It is just that we are a very proud people with a very proud and distinguished past.  Where are you from?  What was your past like?"  Norman asked, then kicked himself metaphorically for asking such questions. She may not want to answer or think it rude for even him asking such questions.  "The flowers are very beautiful do you not think so?" He asked to maybe help her skip over his previous question without embarrassment.


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"Claudirea. Do you mind if I call you by your name? If not, I will go back to M'lady. Just for decorum's sake unless you say otherwise I will stick with M'lady."

"You may call me Claudirea if you like, Captain," Claudirea said with a smile.

When they walked into the garden, Claudirea was amazed at how beautiful it actually was. She had thought, that since it was the palace garden, it would be beautiful, but she never thought it would be like this. She had to resist the temptation to go up and go walk into the flowers and enjoy the smell and feel.

As they walked, they came upon an old statue. "This statue is our oldest statue. It is a statue of Katya the Dragonslayer, who later became Queen of Voldar. The story goes that she was very young when she tracked and killed the last of the Adamant dragons in his lair after he and his kind attacked Voldar and its villages. It seems that the dragons killed her family when they attacked. They killed alot of families, but she or rather her father had forged a weapon, a sword, that could actually pierce a dragon's skin. It was that sword that killed the dragon, I believe his name was Ol'dem'brey or something like that. It happend many many centuries ago. After killing him she came back and became the first Queen of Voldar."

Claudirea was enjoying listening to the history of this beautiful statue. She had always enjoyed listening to stories, especially ones that had adventure in them. She was never one to go out and actually do the adventures, just liked hearing about them.

"You may not be interested in history. I apologize if I am boring you with this. It is just that we are a very proud people with a very proud and distinguished past. Where are you from? What was your past like?"

These last two questions seemed pretty quick, but she was glad to answer them. As she felt at the gate, she didn't have anything to hide. Especially now, since the captain was being so kind to her. But, before she could answer, the captain seemed to think better of it.

"The flowers are very beautiful do you not think so?"

Claudirea squatted down and gently ran her hands over the flowers, caressing them, in a way. "Yes, they are beautiful. More then I expected, to be honest. You must have splendid gardeners. And do not feel embarrassed about asking me about my past. I don't regret any of it, nor do I have any need to hide it.

"I was born and raised in an Eyelian village. Even though I was a pure Eyelian, I was born with these abnormal coloured eyes. My mother and father said that the Great Spirits told them that I was blessed. I had a normal childhood. Well, normal by Eyelian standards. After I grew up and went through the Seeking of the Spirit, and met Luna, I decided that I wanted to see more of the world. I also wanted to learn more about the various plants. For, you see, I'm an herbilist of sorts."

She stood up, turned towards Captain Graaves, and smiled. "Now, my dear Captain, is there any particular name you wish for me to call you, or should I still call you Captain Graaves?"

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"I...I think your eyes are...beautiful." Norman stammered a bit as he looked down on her after she had caressed the flowers and told him a bit about her own history.  She was very forthright and it was pleasant to find someone so honest...innocent, in a way.

"My name is Norman. If it pleases you, you can call me Norman."  He reached down and plucked a yellow flower from the garden. "Do you mind?" He asked as he placed it in her hair behind her left ear.  "There, I think that particular color of flower brings out the color of your hair.  You are very pretty." Norman said whispering.  He leaned closer to her, wanting very much to kiss her.  

Why? He did not know. Maybe it was the scene? Or just the way she looked at the moment with sunlight dancing over hair and the way she looked at him. Or maybe it was because he had been so alone since the death of his wife and most women never paid much attention to him, because of his scar.  Which did not make sense to him, since Damien had a scar as well, his was from a sword, his was from a burn, but still Damien seemed to have women almost swoon over him.

He suddenly straightened up as he realized what he was doing and knew it was not least not now, or maybe ever. He turned and looked at the flowers. "I think I know how to help you with your problem." he said, "I know of a seamstress on Cedric's street, her name is Wilma.  She may have a dress you can purchase.  After we leave the gardens we can go over there and see if she has one.  If you do not have the money, I would be honored to purchase it for you."  

Again he kicked himself, it would be presumptious for him to think she had no money, and if she did not, it would sound like he was trying to buy her favor. "I apologize again Claudirea for that last remark. It was presumptious of me. I have not had the opportunity to be with a young lady and I am stumbling over myself. I pray that you find it your heart to forgive me."  He said looking at her again, searching her eyes and being drawn into them. He smiled, even if it was a bit sheepishly.  


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Claudirea's cheeks flushed a bit as she heard Captain Graaves say, "I...I think your eyes are...beautiful."

They became even more flushed as he picked a beautiful yellow flower and placed it behind her ear. "There, I think that particular color of flower brings out the color of your hair. You are very pretty."

Claudirea became a bit fidgety as Norman leaned closer in. It seemed to her that he was going to kiss her. She had never been kissed before.

"What am I suppose to do if he does kiss me? I've only ever seen it happen. How am I suppose to move my lips? How do I react? Gods, what a horrible situation to be in." She though to herself.

Quite suddenly, he straightened up as if he changed his mind. He turned to look at the flowers as he spoke again. This time it was about the dress for tonight's ball.

"I think I know how to help you with your problem. I know of a seamstress on Cedric's street, her name is Wilma. She may have a dress you can purchase. After we leave the gardens we can go over there and see if she has one. If you do not have the money, I would be honored to purchase it for you.

I apologize again Claudirea for that last remark. It was presumptious of me. I have not had the opportunity to be with a young lady and I am stumbling over myself. I pray that you find it your heart to forgive me."

Claudirea laughed at his last statement. Not to be rude or anything. Just laughing at the fact that he said it in the way that it sounded like she could never forgive him.

"Of course I forgive you. It's quite alright. Lemme see," She took out a small pouch and opened it up. "Hm...I have some sans and a hak. Do you think that is enough?" She smiled at him, hoping that by doing so it would let him know that he was quite forgiven.

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Captain Norman Graaves

Norman loved the way Claudirea blushed, he could see the blood rise from her chest to her cheeks as her skin colored with the rising.  He smiled as he looked into her pouch, "I think that would be more than enough, if not, then if you would not mind I would add the rest."

He offered his arm once more as he heard the towncriers call out 13 bells. "I suppose we should go and find Wilma. The day goes by quickly and I know Wilma will be busy with other orders.  I know she will not be at the tourney, she never goes."

As they were leaving the wind swept the gardens and certain flowers gave a tinkle of a sound, Norman's eyes swept over the gardens, "I think they are saying that you will be missed, your beauty added to theirs and they knew it.  Tonight, when everyone is here and all of the Noble ladies and their fancy gowns, the flowers will not sing, until you walk through, then they will sing and all will wonder, except I."

He became silent and sadness fell over his face, but only briefly, as if he were thinking of something and then he led her down the street into the more seedier parts of town, but all the shops were closed and the streets were deserted.

They reached Wilma's and her door was closed.  Norman gently patted Claudirea's hand, and then knocked on Wilma's door.  They waited patiently, then right before he knocked again, the door opened and Wilma's gray-haired head poked out of the crack, "Go away, I am busy." She said.

"Wilma, it is Captain Graaves. I apologize for coming to you so late, but I have a young lady with me who I would like you to meet and possibly you have a dress for her for sale?" Norman asked politely.

"Ey, Norman. Tis a long time since I have seen ye. Come in and bring your lady friend with you." Wilma said as she opened her door.

Norman took Claudirea's arm and gently led her into Wilma's shop.  The shop looked liked a wind storm had blown threw.  There were bolts of cloth strewn all over and in the corner was a spindle with a bolt of dark blue cloth upon it that was being sewed.  Many wooden figures had dresses upon them, all sorts of sizes, shapes and colors.

Wilma looked at Claudirea with an appraising eye. "Ye be Eyelian, from the looks of ye." She said.

"Forgive my manners," Norman quickly said, "Wilma this is Claudirea, Claudirea this is Wilma, the best seamstress in all of Voldar, probably the best in all of Caelereth."

"That be enough, Norman. I let ye in. Flattery will not 'et yer lady friend a dress any faster." She looked at Claudirea, "Pleased to meet ye Claudirea. 'bout time Norman began looking at the ladies a'ain. He hasn't looked at another lady like he looks at ye since his wife and child died in a fire a few years back."

Norman coughed, blushed and turned away.

"I love him dearie, but I think Damien has corrupted him." She laughed at her joke. "Now lets see, would ye mind standing on this stool so I can take yer measurements?" Wilma asked Claudirea.

As she waited for Claudirea to stand upon the stool she shooed Norman away. "This be ladies work now Norman. Ye 'o and sit out in the outer spaces, it shall not take me long."

She returned hoping to find Claudirea standing upon the stool, "Now what color or colors would ye think be the best for ye?  Something to bring out your eyes and your skin, I believe ye would know best. I have every color ye can imagine and even some I have made up.  Ye think about it while I take yer measurements."  Wilma said, grabbing a piece of string, parchment and pen and ink.


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"I suppose we should go and find Wilma. The day goes by quickly and I know Wilma will be busy with other orders. I know she will not be at the tourney, she never goes."

Claudirea took the arm that was offered to her once more. She took one more look around the garden, at all the flowers that surrounded her and Norman. She would be back tonight, but then, it would be croweded with people, and it would be dark.

"I think they are saying that you will be missed, your beauty added to theirs and they knew it. Tonight, when everyone is here and all of the Noble ladies and their fancy gowns, the flowers will not sing, until you walk through, then they will sing and all will wonder, except I."

She smiled, blushing slightly at this comment. But then she noticed a change in Norman's face. She quickly stopped smiling and walked quietly beside him.

Finally they came to a shop. It looked just as closed as any of the other ones, so Claudirea began to worry that Wilma had indeed gone to the tournament. Norman petted her hand as if to reassure her, then he knocked on the door. He had to knock twice before an older lady came to the door.

She was kind of shocked to hear the rudeness that she showed to Norman, but he seemed to take it in stride. Being the captain of the guard, he was sure to have several people be rude to him.

After he explained to her that they were there to buy a dress, she allowed them inside. Claudirea felt a bit nervous as Wilma looked over her.

"Ye be Eyelian, from the looks of ye."

Claudirea smiled. "Yes, that's right. I am an Eyelian"

When Norman introduced her to Wilma, she gave a slight bow of her head. But, what Wilma said next sort of shocked her. "Pleased to meet ye Claudirea. 'bout time Norman began looking at the ladies a'ain. He hasn't looked at another lady like he looks at ye since his wife and child died in a fire a few years back."

Claudirea glanced at Norman as he blushed, coughed and turned away. Now she knew why he had been so hesitant in the garden. "So that's it. Well, I'm not going to push him any farther. But, have I pushed at all? I don't think I have, but I'll try not to in the future. Let him take it at his own pace."

"I love him dearie, but I think Damien has corrupted him." At this, Wilma started to laugh. Claudirea didn't know who Damien was, so she didn't understand why Wilma was laughing. She was asked to stand upon a stool, so she did so.

As she was climbing up onto it, Wilma asked Norman if he would mind leaving. He did so. Claudirea was kind of nervous about having her measurements taken. She had never had it done before. Then, Wilma asked her about the dress. Claudirea knew nothing about fashion.

"Well, I'm not sure how to answer your question, Madam Wilma. You see, I've never really had anything fancy like this before, and, in all honesty, I have no idea about what the latest style is, or what colour would suit me." Claudirea gave a look of hopelessness. "Perhaps you would be able to help me on that point. After all, Graaves has told me that you are one of the best."

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Wilma gave the young girl an appraising eye, "I think a beautiful light satin green 'own with some white lace to cover the bosom, but not too much, enough to cover, but still 'ive the appearance of mystery about them.  We 'irls just cannot 'ive everything away, can we?" She asked grinning without really expecting a reply. She continued on as she pinned cloth here and there on Claudirea's body, "Not like some of the women who will be at the ball, they will wear 'owns that are so low cut, that if they sneezed too hard, all the men would know their mystery and what fun would that be?" She asked laughingly.

She finished, took another quick look and nodded her head. "There, I think that your Captain will approve." She took off the certain pieces of cloth she used to measure and pin Claudirea. "You can 'et down now dearie."


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"I think a beautiful light satin green 'own with some white lace to cover the bosom, but not too much, enough to cover, but still 'ive the appearance of mystery about them. We 'irls just cannot 'ive everything away, can we?" Then, the woman laughed. Claudirea politely smiled. She didn't really understand the joke, once again.

"Not like some of the women who will be at the ball, they will wear 'owns that are so low cut, that if they sneezed too hard, all the men would know their mystery and what fun would that be?"

Once again, Claudirea didn't understand what Wilma was getting at. "I....I guess not," she said quietly. She stood as still as she could, getting just a bit uneasy. She had never been fitted for clothes, nevermind the fact that these were fancy clothes for a fancy ball.

"There, I think that your Captain will approve." Wilma started taking off the pieces. Claudirea breathed a sigh of relief inside. She gave another one when Wilma said "You can 'et down now dearie."

"Is that all you need, ma'am?" Claudirea asked as she hopped down from the stool. "Also, do you really think Norman will like it?"

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OOC- Claudirea, Wilma could never say a hard "G"  and I really have a problem with you not knowing what she was talking about.  Are you telling me that Claudirea does not know what a bosom is??  I was hoping for more of a blushing type of response, but she is your character and you play her the way you want to.  All is well.  LOL

"Yes, dearie, that is all and yes I sure do think Norman will love your 'own.  You can pick it up later in the early evening and then I recommend you 'o to Arth's, 'et a room and then 'et dressed.  Norman knows the way.  Now shoo and let an old lady 'et some work done."  Wilma said smiling. "Besides I think Norman is a waiting for you."


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OOC: Yeah. I was actually playing her as not being too shy about her body, 'cause Eyelians aren't usually like that, so I was gong at it from the angle that she doesn't understand what Wilma was hinting at. She's more of a country person then a city person.

"Yes, dearie, that is all and yes I sure do think Norman will love your 'own. You can pick it up later in the early evening and then I recommend you 'o to Arth's, 'et a room and then 'et dressed. Norman knows the way. Now shoo and let an old lady 'et some work done."

Claudirea gave a sigh of relief. "I'm glad that I have a good seamstress like Wilma making my clothes. From the sounds of it, she knows Norman pretty well, so I'll take her word that Norman will like the gown she's making.

Claudirea gave a small bow towards Wilma. "Thank you for doing this, ma'am. I really do appreciate it."

"Besides I think Norman is a waiting for you."

At this remark, Claudirea blushed furiously and stepped back outside. She looked until she spotted Norman and then walked quickly towards him. "Everything is set, I believe. Oh! I forgot to pay her! Do you think it would be alright if I payed her when I pick up the dress?"

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Norman turned when he heard the door open and Claudirea stepped out and hurried to him.  He smiled at the gesture.  Then she said she forgot to pay her and if she would mind if she paid her when she picked up the dress.

Norman shook his head, "No need to worry, I left a pouch with enough money and a bit more to pay for your dress upon Wilma's table. She will find it with a note from me thanking her for her and for helping you.  Besides, I had time on my hands waiting for you.  You can pay me back later if you wish, or you can just accept it as a gift; no strings attached, I guarantee you."

He held out his arm, "I hear alot of noise coming from the tournament grounds. Would you care to go now, or would you rather go back to the palace gardens?  It is your choice."  Norman said smiling and looking into her eyes.


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"No need to worry, I left a pouch with enough money and a bit more to pay for your dress upon Wilma's table. She will find it with a note from me thanking her for her and for helping you. Besides, I had time on my hands waiting for you. You can pay me back later if you wish, or you can just accept it as a gift; no strings attached, I guarantee you."

Claudirea blushed slightly. "Thank you. I don't know what to say."

Once again, Norman held out his arm for her to take it. It amazed her at how normal it seemed to be for her to take it, just like they had been doing it for days instead of only a couple of hours, if that.

"I hear alot of noise coming from the tournament grounds. Would you care to go now, or would you rather go back to the palace gardens? It is your choice."

"Oh, now this is a decision," Claudirea thought to herself as she looked into Norman's eyes. "Do I want to go visit the tournament, or go back to the gardens....alone....with...with Norman...."

"Well, I've never been a large crowd type of person, I have always like being alone or with close friends."[/font] Claudirea said outloud. "But, being in the garden, with just you, would" At the last part, Claudirea began to stutter and blush very badly. She sort of looked down at the ground, her face turning a dark red.

"Good going, now you're going to make him think that you *want* to be alone. Now, if anything happens, it's going to happen because of you. Ah, well, what's said is said."  

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Norman warmly smiled at her as he noticed her blush once she said she would rather be in the gardens with him. "I was hoping you would say that." Norman replied, gently putting his hand upon hers that rested lightly upon his right arm and led her through the streets to the Palace and its famous gardens once again.

OOC next posts should be in the Palace threads, titled Gardens.  


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Claudirea and Luna walked down the street. Luna was a bit nervous as the street was beginning to darken. She didn't doubt her fighting abilities, but rather, she just feared for Claudirea in general. Claudirea was naive in certain areas. She never got use to the larger cities, and she had a very open demeaner towards strangers.

As Claudirea walked the street, she noticed it getting dark, but her mind was on something else. Earlier this same day, she had been walking this street arm in arm with Norman. Gods, how she missed him. Hopefully she could find the way to Wilma's shop easily enough.

Luna was looking from side to side, obviously nervous. As they got closer to Wilma's shop, the light of day disappeared. Luna became even more nervous as she looked at the dark alleyways that looked so cheerful by day, now looked menacing at night.

Even Claudirea wasn't feeling all that comfortable. She hoped that Wilma would still be there even at this late hour. She couldn't remember if there was house where Wilma stayed on top of the shop.


Looking out of one of the dark alleys, a thin man watched Claudirea and Luna walk down the street. He noted that she was an Eyelian, thus that would make her naive, especially since she was wearing typical Eyelian dress. His sharp green eyes also noted that she had the typical pouch that healers or herbal women wore. That would make her an even easier target. Gritting his teeth, he noted that there was a wolf that walked by her side.

"Coor damn it! Ah well, I'll let Geniar'evr take care of that. His club will come in handy," the man thought as he slipped back into the shadows.


Claudirea heard a noise in a nearby alley. Luna heard it as well. Her ears stood up, aimed towards the alley. Claudirea stopped in her tracks. The noise came again, this time more clear. It was the cry of someone in pain. Going against her better judgement, and against Luna's whine of protest, Claudirea hurried to the dark alley.

When she got there, she realized that she couldn't see into the dark alley. "Hello? Is there someone here? Are you hurt?" she asked in a shakey voice.

"Not yet there ain't, a voice replied. Before Claudirea could think of what the voice had said, a hand reached out of the darkness and pulled her deeper into the alley.

Luna saw what happend and gave a loud growl as she bounded towards the dark alley. Her eyes emitted a small green glow as she was moved by Claudirea's Spirit Guardian. A large club came out of the darkness, but Luna doged it nimbly.

A large Kuglimz man stepped out of the shadows, holding the club. His dark red hair was done up in several braids with small iron circles scattered here and there. He was wearing a black tunic that went down to his mid thigh and below that, black britches.

A look of confusion spread across his face as he looked down at the wolf who was snarling and growling at him. "What? Doggy no sleepy? Eriador say doggy need to sleepy sleepy." With that, he raised his club for another strike.

Claudirea was watching from the grasp of Eriador. Her eyes widened as she saw the Kuglimz getting ready to hit Luna. She bit the hand that was over her mouth. Eriador cried out in pain and his hand reeled  from her mouth.

"Luna! Watch out!" She managed to yell before Eriador pulled a dagger from his belt and hit her in the temple with the hilt. With a small cry, Claudirea fell to the ground, clutching her head, a small stream of blood coming from her temple.

Luna looked at Claudirea and gave a small bark of anger and shock as she saw her crumple to the ground. That cost her. She had taken her focus off of Geniar'evr. The Kuglimz's club connected with her body. With a yelp of pain, Luna flew a short ways before connecting with a wall. She landed on the ground in a heap.

"Eriador! I made the doggy go sleepy sleepy!" He called out in a much louder voice then Eriador would have liked.

"That's nice, Geniar'evr. Now shut up and get the 'doggy' in the alley away from prying eyes," Eriador hissed. He was slightly distracted for when Claudirea fell on the ground, her clothes became slightly arrayed.

At the moment, Eriador was staring down at Claudirea as she held onto her head. He had a wonderful view up her skirt as well as one of her breasts. He could feel his pants grow a bit tighter as he thought of her, just lying there defenseless.

He looked over at Geniar'evr who had just finished dragging Luna into the alley. He glanced at the wolf making sure that it was thouroughly out. Looking back down at Claudirea, he knew that he had to have some pleasure from that lovely body.

"Geniar'evr, good work with the'doggy'. Now, I need you to watch the alley and let me know if anyone is coming. I have some business to take care of with the little lady."

"Ok, Eriador." Geniar'evr knew what Eriador meant by 'business'. He had witnessed it several times before. It didn't bother him, as him and Eriador had grown up together on the streets of Voldar and Eriador always knew what was best.

Eriador knelt down next to Claudirea and showed her his dagger. "Now, little missy, we can do things the easy way, or the hard way. Just do as I tell you and I'll think about letting you live." Claudirea's eyes widened at the sight of the dagger, but she was so scared that she didn't say a thing.

Eraidor went on to cut her belt from her waist. Viciously, he slashed it open with the dagger. Tipping it upside down, he spilled all the contents onto the ground. Seeing nothing but herbs and other herbal woman items, he cursed. Ah well, he would get one prize out of this night at least.

He looked back at Claudirea and he felt himself jerk. He leaned close to her and pressed the dagger against her neck, pricking it and causing a drop of blood to come forth. "Now, if you make a sound, I'll take this here dagger and hurt that little wolf of yours. Or I may allow Geniar'evr to hit her a bit more. Understand?" Claudirea merely nodded her eyes wide with fear.

With a sneer, Eriador ripped off Claudirea's shirt revealing her bossom. With another swift motion with his dagger, her skirt was only tatters. He gave a soft moan as he went through in his mind what he was going to do to her. Hurriedly, he slipped his britches off.

A tear went down Claudirea's face as she realized that she probably would never see Norman again. As Eriador moved over her and pinned her arms above her head, she whispered in a small, barely audible voice, "I love you, Norman..."

OOC: I hope this isn't too graphic. If it is, I'll change it.

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Damien had stealthily crossed roof after roof and was heading toward the more seedier part of the city when he heard a womans voice asking if there was anyone there and if they needed help. Damien quickly lowered himself to the roof blending in with the dark slate, thinking that maybe he had been seen but then he heard a man's voice and a growl.

Just at that moment the moon came out from cover and Damien could see a man grabbing a young girl from off the street and drag her into the alley.  A large dog came bounding after her but then another man, this one large, and with red hair came out of the shadows and swung a huge club at the dog.  The dog snarled and barked.  Damien had heard dogs bark and snarl before and this was no dog...but a wolf.  A wolf? And a girl?  Could it be Norman's friend, Claudirea?  What in Coor's name was she doing out at night and down in this area of town? Damien thought.

He watched Claudirea struggle with the smaller of the two men and then she must have bit him, for he yelped, and she called out to her wolf, she called him or her Luna  The wolf turned to her voice and that was a mistake as the large man swung his club and connected with the wolf sending it flying against the wall of a building knocking it out.  The big man spoke and from the way he spoke Damien could hear the heavy Kuglimz accent.

The thinner man dragged Claudirea farther down the alley. Damien followed on top of the roof.  He saw the thin man pull a daggar and begin to tear off her belt.  He saw him throw the things she had in her pouch around, nothing interested him there and then he started doing something that made Damien's blood boil. Robbery was one thing, but rape was a total different animal.  He quickly thought.  He needed to get behind the thin man, take care of him first, though the big Kuglimz might hear and come to the thin man's rescue, it was a chance Damien would have to take.

He rushed farther down the alley way jumping from roof to roof not caring if he was seen or not.  Finally after judging he was far enough away, he slid down a roof and then jumped. He landed in the alley, and rolled to take away from the heavy jaring from his legs from jumping from such a high place.  Still his legs hurt, but he pushed the pain away and ran back up the alley.  He stopped a few peds away from them.  The thin man had cut away Claudirea's top so that her bare bosom was gleaming in the moonlight.  Her dress was also in tatters, and he held her hands above her head with one hand while the other was pulling off his britches with the other.  He was so intent upon what he was doing he had not seen, nor heard Damien until Damien spoke. "I have always been curious why it is with so many whores in this city that a man would resort to rape."

The thin man, startled, looked up and saw a large man all dressed in black staring down at him and the girl.  He snarled, "If'n you know wha's good for ye, walk away."

"You know my mother tried to teach me that and for some reason I never did learn." Damien replied.

The man turned his head to yell for his friend and that was his first mistake; taking his eyes off of Damien.  He found out the hard way when a foot came crashing across and up his jaw snapping his head up and throwing the man off of the girl.  Damien quickly unsnapped his cloak and threw it over the girl. "Huddle as close as you can to the wall. This may get a bit ugly." He told her.

The thin man was at a disadvantage as his britches were half way down to his knees when Damien first hit him.  He spat blood and a few teeth came out as well as he lay upon his side.  Damien laughed, "Now I know why.  With a face like yours and an instrument that small, I do not think there is a whore who would take you. Unless of course you had a lot of money.  I will wait until you cover that instrument only, and I say only, if you promise not to try and call your red-headed friend again."

The man growled. "I d'nt nee' a'ting 'o 'ake care of 'he 'ikes of ye." He spat blood again, pulled up his britches and found his knife that had flown from his hand when Damien had kicked his head.  He carried the knife in his left hand slowly advancing upon Damien swaying his knife in front of him.  Damien watched the knife, but watched the man's eyes more. He just hoped a cloud would not cover the moon as then the advantage would go to the thief.

Suddenly the man struck with a straight jab, Damien quickly sidestepped, grabbed the mans hand and swung him, but the man was quick he threw the knife into his right hand and backslashed. Damien saw the move just a blink to late and was rewarded with a slash across his stomache as he tried to jump out of the way, letting go of the man's arm in the process.

The man laughed, spit blood again, and rushed Damien at close quarters.  Damien waited just a blink then as soon as the man again did a forward slash of his knife, Damien sidestepped, blocked the arm with the knife, and slammed his other fist into the mans belly.  He heard a whoosh as the man doubled over.  But Damien was not finished, he pushed the man away just enough to clear his fist and threw an uppercut that would have taken the man's head clear off if it had connected cleanly, but the man shuffled back far enough so that Damien's blow just glanced off the man's chin.  But Damien's glancing blow was more than enough to make the man yelp in pain as his already bloody teeth and mouth were hit again and the man lost more of his teeth.

That did it.  Damien heard the other man call his friend as he came down the alley. "Eriond need help?"

Damien knew he had to finish this man off quickly or else he was going to have fight two at once.  He dove in quickly, taking Eriond by surprise, with his left hand holding the man's knife wrist, he pounded the mans ribs with his right hand he felt with satisfaction the mans ribs slowly break under the tremendous punishment he gave him.  The man dropped his knife.  Damien swung him against the wall and with both hands just pummeled the man hitting his ribs, his stomache and his face over and over again until the man collapsed.

Damien bent over to catch his breath and the club barely missed his head as it crashed into the wall smashing a hole.  Damien quickly swiveled away and faced a raging bull of a man.  He swung his club, Damien dodged, the man advanced fast, swinging his club at every step.  Damien tried dodging, but he was not fast enough and he put his left arm up to block a swing and the club connected with his forearm.  Damien heard the bone crack and screaming pain tore through his arm and then it went numb.  

Damien roared with pain, as he ducked his head as the club went whistling by.  Damien threw a punch into the big man's belly, the man grunted and then just laughed as he swung his club again, Damien twisted around and out of the way he was facing the man's back.  He threw a quick punch into the man's kidneys, the man grunted again, swung around with his club swinging with him.  Damien jumped out of the way but the tip of the club caught him across his chest opening the knife wound more, causing more pain and blood to flow down Damien's shirt.

Damien was breathing heavily as he warily watched and dodged the swinging club.  The big man just advanced swinging his club.  Damien knew it would not be long before the club would finally connect for he could not dodge it forever and his left arm was useless to him.  The big man swung again, Damien dodged but not before a blow hit his right shoulder. Lucky for him it was a glancing blow but it knocked him off his feet and he fell heavily upon his back and that was when he felt his dagger. Why had he not thought of his daggar before? The answer came to him as quickly as the big man advanced and swung his club at him again. His rage and his overwhelming desire to punish that lump of flesh that lay upon the ground...that rapist had made him forget.

He rolled away just as the club came crashing down upon the cobblestone sending razor chips of stone flying through the air.  The man was roared with rage as he missed Damien again. "Big man move fast. But club move faster."  He swung again.

Damien dodged back and then drew his daggar. The sharp metal blade glinted in the moonlight.  The Kuglimz slowed down warily when he saw the daggar. "So big man has knife. No matter, club bigger than knife. Stronger too."

Damien smiled and wheezed back. "Yes big man has knife. You have club. Club strong, so are you. But club is dull and dumb. You are dull and dumb. Big man is keen and sharp like his knife. Big man will kill dumb man just like his friend."

The big man turned and stared at his friend crumpled up like a rag doll, his face a bloody pulp. He called out to his friend, "Eriond?"  But Eriond did not respond.  He turned, roared and ran at Damien swinging his club.

That was what Damien needed and wanted; a few seconds to catch his breath and then to make the big man angry; for any warrior knows that when you are angry you make mistakes and some mistakes could be fatal.

Damien knew he had to get close to his man so when the big man swung his club he dodged under it and then with all of his strength with his legs driving him he thrust his daggar into the big man. The daggar was driven with so much force that it went up to the hilt just under the man's sternum. Damien then twisted the daggar and pulled down.  The daggar tore a hole from the man's sternum to his waist disembowling him. Then Damien pulled the blade out and quickly backed away.

The big man's eyes widened in shock, he dropped his club and looked down. Black blood was pouring from what had been his stomache. His hands tried to put what looked liked big worms back into his belly.  He looked at Damien as if he did not understand.  He held out his bloody hands filled with his intensines. "What these?" He asked.  He stood there for what seemed liked an eternity then slowly fell to his knees and then fell over on his side, his head slamming into the cobblestone, but he did not feel it as he was dead before he hit it, his lifeless eyes staring at Claudirea.

Damien bent over wheezing, trying to catch his breath, trying to erase the pain that the adreneline he had before slowly seeped away and the pain came back with a vengance in waves.

Damien staggered over to where Claudirea was, knelt down besides her. "Do not be afraid. I am Norman's friend, Damien Scar. We kind of met earlier this evening. If you can walk we should get out of here."  He stood and  reached out for her with his good hand to help her up but then another tremendous wave of pain hit him.  He doubled over and fell to his knees once again. He grimly smiled at her, "I guess I am the one who needs the hand up."


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More tears rolled down Claudirea's face as the man's grip on her wrists grew tighter with anticipation. She gave out a few whimpers of pain and fear. Then, she heard something above her head.
"I have always been curious why it is with so many whores in this city that a man would resort to rape."

Claudirea thought that she recognized the voice, but she couldn't be too sure. She didn't dare try to move her head to see who it was for fear that the man above her would do something. Apparently, the man didn't like being interrupted. Before she knew what was happening, Claudirea saw the man above her fly away from her with a kick to the jaw. A man dressed in black was now standing above her. As she looked up at him, she gave a small gasp as she recognized his face, barely because of the paint and the shadows.

”Damien!? she thought as he threw his cloak over her naked form.

"Huddle as close as you can to the wall. This may get a bit ugly."

Claudirea did as Damien said. She quickly wrapped the cloak around her and scooted over towards a wall of the alley. She curled up so that her knees were at her chest and the cloak hide her body.

She fearfully watched the fight, not wishing to participate since she knew that she would be more of a nuisance to Damien then help. Even though this man robbed her and tried to rape her, she didn’t want to see him killed. She started praying silently to every god that she knew, and even to her Guardian Spirit, that everything would be alright.

Since Claudirea was not skilled in combat, it was very difficult for her to keep up with the fight. She gave a loud gasp and brought her hands to her mouth as she saw Damien get a wound across his stomach.

The fight continued and Claudirea huddled closer and closer to the wall. The fight seemed to be going in Damien’s favor until the man called out for the larger man who had clubbed Luna earlier. Damien seemed to realize the danger of the situation and ended the fight in a brutal manner. Claudirea turned her face away, but the images still dug into her mind. She could taste the acid flavor of bile in her mouth.

When she had recovered somewhat, she turned to see what Damien was doing only  to see him try to block the swinging club with his arm. Even from where she was she could hear the crack of his bone and she gave a slight wince. If they made it out of here alive, she would have to tend to that as soon as possible. Whether  it was because he was in extreme pain and not thinking clearly, or something else, Damien once again got hit by the club. She could see that it reopened the wound  and blood began to flow once more from his stomach.

After a few more moments of fighting, once again Claudirea turned her face away, the taste of bile in her mouth. When she turned her head back around, she nearly screamed at seeing the lifeless giant before her. She saw Damien struggle towards her, pain etched onto his face. He knelt down next to her. "Do not be afraid. I am Norman's friend, Damien Scar. We kind of met earlier this evening. If you can walk we should get out of here."

He stood up and stretched out his hand towards her, but before she could take it, he cried out and crumpled back down upon the ground. "I guess I am the one who needs the hand up,” he said with a grim smile.

Claudirea moved as if to help him, but before she could, Damien cried out again and his eyes rolled into the back of his head. He slumped to the ground in a dead faint. Claudirea bent over him, looking over his wounds anxiously. She got up quickly to try and find some of her herbs that had been scattered. She found a few that she needed and went back to Damien’s side, rolling him over gently to get a better look at his wounds.

He was still bleeding from the wound on his stomach, so she took his cloak from her body. She then removed his dagger and cut the cloak into long strips. ”I’m sorry, but this must be done she whispered. She quickly took out a bottle and opened it. The contents were a green, thick ooze. She half scooped, half dumped it out upon the strips and rubbed it in. Then, she began gently wrapping the strips around Damien and the wound.

Suddenly, her hands began to shake. Tears ran down her cheek as she slumped away from Damien’s body. Images of what happened ran through her mind. She saw Luna getting hit by the club, Damien’s arm being broken, his stomach bleeding, the giant being…

Her sobs grew louder as her body shook uncontrollably. She was at a lost as to what to do. She was alone in the dark alley, naked, crying, with an unconscious wolf, an unconscious man, and two bloodied bodies. And all she wanted was Norman…

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A thick wooden door creaked open, seending an eerie groan piercing through the silence.  A thin beam of warm light and the sounds of the busy tavern within poured around the sillouette of a minute figure, less than a quarter of the size of the door.  The light glinted off his bald head and sparkled attractively off of his new red clothes.  Swiveling his massive head to check both directions, the creature looked to the sides and upon seeing the deserted street, he slipped out the door, closing it behind him with a loud thud, returning the paved road it its usual darkness.  Scuttling along to the side of the inn he hoisted his small frame into one of the massive trash bins that contained the inn's waste.  Fishing his way through, he removed a tattered gunny sack and a sleaming knife, proportional to the midget's body.  Slipping out of his clothes, he folded them cleanly and placed them on a small stone window ledge before slipping into the tattered bag.  As the rough sack brushed against his brown skin, the child let out a sigh of joy ending in a lop-sided smile that revealed his sharp fangs.

Hidding the dagger in the folds of his makeshift clothing, he proceeded to climb the fence, and with a leap, he landed safely upon the otherside.  The little creature immediatly began making his rounds to his various caretakers, picking up various trinkets of affection and pieces of food to keep himself occuppied as he waited for something monumentous to occur.  Deciding to practice his theivery, to satae his hunger for entertainment, he chose a target in the market place.  His victim was an old man, running a small stand filled with exotic goods on the side of the road.  Frolicing over, he flashed a gigantic smile at the man as if to prove his innocence.  Waiting until the vendor was distracted, he climbed up the wooden stall and into the vat of goodies, carefully selecting his trophy.  Seizing a wooden doll that dissassembled into many parts when you pulled a string, he swung himself onto the road with one musclar arm.  Clutching his prize to his minisule chest, he darted through the legs of the crowd, ignoring the frantic shouts of the distressed vendor.  Veering off the main road into an alley, he sat down behind a stack of crates, intent upon his new toy.

A loud scream and the sound of steel clashing interuppted his pleasantries.  Peeking his gigantic head out from the saftey of his hiding place, he watched the events unfold.

Despite the poor light, he was able to make out the curved figure of a woman who appeared to be the one screaming, surrounded by two men, one much larger than the other,.  He watched in horror as the men drew their knives and proceeded to rip away the woman's clothing, tearing it to shreds while they hastily began to remove thier own.  Completely unaware of the true situation, the Mullog watched nonchalantly.  "What odd greeting rituals these people have!" he thought, "What ever happened to the traditional hello? I...."

His thoughts were cut short as a fourth figure joined the action.  Throwing the woman his cloak to cover her naked form, the newcomer engaged the two half-naked men.  Watching with re-newed interest, the child focused on the fight, completely forgetting about his trophy and the woman in his awe.  The new man moved with grace as he flowed through the fight, even when injured and, unsuprisingly, he defeated the two men.

Having lost track of the female during the fighting, he was startled when she came forward to assist the injured victor.  Pulling her cloak around her exposed body, the woman laid the man, whose name he found out was Damien, upon stone street, before searchering through the tattered scraps of her former garments.  Removing a small pouch, the woman dug through the sack, removing a few plants and applying began applying them to the various wounds, muttering to herself in despair.

Forsaking his hiding place, the child's curiosity overcame his good sense as he walked over to the couple to get a better look.  Walking straight up to the woman, he tugged firmly upon her cloak, and shoved his enormous head in her face.  Waiting for her attention, the child, barely reaching the woman's elbow, even though she was crouched upon the ground, pointed one lanky finger to himself and began to speak.  "Hmmbe." he said, nodding affirmatively.  Placing his long claw like hand upon the injured man he spoke once again in a softer voice.  "Damien? he said cocking his head in curiousity.  However, before he let the woman speak, he moved his hand one last time, bringing it to rest upon the lady's exposed arm.  "You be?" he asked.  Plopping himself down upon the ground in a cross legged position, Hmmbe waited for a response.

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Norman stepped out of the palace's warm interior into the cold night air.  He pulled up his collar, sniffed the air and his senses told him that there could be snow coming down from the north.  The brief almost summer like weather they had today was soon going to be gone and they will be back into the normal weather pattern at this time of year.

He stepped down the palace's alabaster steps, out into and through the garden, stopping to gaze for a moment at the statue of "Katya the Dragon Seeker" before moving on. He saluted the guards at the gate as they saluted him and then continued out into Cedric's street.

The clouds and moon played tag with each other as he walked down the silent street.  Most of the businesses were closed up tight, and upstairs from them their owner's occupants windows glowed with the soft lamp light from inside their warm quarters.  The light barely showing upon the cobblestone street as he walked.

He walked slowly, but purposely toward Arth's Spot.  His first thought was to go see Claudirea, but she was probably asleep and besides decoram would not allow him to visit her at such a late hour.  Then he thought about going to his own quarters and going to sleep himself but he was too wide awake for that.  The revelation that Voldar may be going to war weighed heavily on his mind, even if it was a rumor, as the King had stated, though Norman did not think it was a rumor, the King would not have just mentioned a rumor to him and asked him to go and look over the city and start shoring up defenses if it was just a rumor. No, the King knew something and now Norman knew.  He wondered if Damien knew and that is why he finally decided to head for Arth's. He wanted to talk to his old friend about that and other things as well.

He lifted his head as a cloud passed by and the moon came out glowing as almost as bright as the sun. Norman could see that it was a full moon.  He thought he heard a scream but the wind carried it away.  He shook his head, probably nothing but the wind creaking its way through these old wooden buildings, he thought as he continued on his way.


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Claudirea started as she heard a voice next to her. She looked over, half expecting another man.

"Hmmbe," Before she had time to respond, it layed the hand on her arm and said "You be?"

Claudirea stopped crying for a moment as she watched the creature sit down next to her. She eyes once again misted as she looked over Damien's wounded body.

"Claudirea...." she said softly as she pointed to herself. Then, she got an idea. She turned to this Hmmbe and spoke anxiously to him. "You go to main gate. Get Captain Graaves. Hurry. Damien and Claudirea need help." Her eyes still held tears as images from the previous event ran through her mind.

Before the small thing could respond, she moved over to the still body of Luna. Her shoulders began to shake as she started to cry once more, this time for her dear old friend.

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As he continued walking towards Arth's Spot heard several more cries; they were different from the first, but these were different. He quickened his stride to a light jog. The cries were hard to identify where they were coming from since they echoed off the buildings. After several allies, Norman looked into one and what he saw made him sick at his stomach, as well as slightly embarassed.

Claudirea was kneeling in front of the limp body of Luna, crying. A small creature, he didn't recognize what it was, was sitting near the unconcious form of Damien, which seemed to be bandaged from black fabrics. Beyond them, there were two bodies, bloodied with certain innards hanging out.

"First things first," he thought as he looked at Claudirea, thankful it was dark to hide the red upon his face. He took off his cloak and gently wrapped it around her form.

Claudirea jumped slightly as she turned to see who had come. When she saw it was Norman, she grabbed hold of him and began to cry again. He gently wrapped his arms around her, like he had wanted to so many times earlier that day, and held her close. Concern filled his features as he saw the cut and dried blood on her forehead.

"What happened?" he asked gently, as he started to rub her back.

Claudirea could only shake her head lightly as she cried harder. Claudirea looked up at Norman, her face stained with tears. "Damien....Luna...." After uttering those two words shakily, she presently fell into a dead faint.

Norman shifted her body slightly. He leaned over and gently kissed her forehead. Then, he glanced over at Damien's body and the two others. Perhaps it was a good thing that Damien had gotten to them before he could, he thought as his body slightly shook with anger, for he knew that he would not give them the mercy of killing them...not yet at least....

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Niccoli quickly exited the gates area, somewhat encumbered by the weight of the coracle on his back and hoping Arth's wasn't as far as he had originally thought.
"Let's see... it's been... three... no four years, the three was when I stopped down by Strata... all the damned sand. More potholes than the last time I was here... and much less shiny. All the better, that moron Cedric doesn't deserve his name on a street."

Niccoli half tripped in one of the smaller potholes as he walked through to the inn. The general clamour was unmistakably Arth's and Niccoli adjusted the straps on his coracle and made his way towards the noise.

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Ysana was hurring down the street, gathering her blue skirt around her legs, hoping to get to the tavern on time. She was already late. She hoped that Thai wouldn't be too terribly mad at her. After all, she had to take care of her sick mother and younger brother.

As she ducked into an alley, which she knew would be a shortcut, she saw a small person skipping from one side of the alley to the other. From her eyes, it looked to be a small person. It didn't reappear so she went to the side of the alley where it had disappeared behind some boxes. What she saw was the large grinning face of a child-like thing.

"H-hello," she said. "Are you all alone?"

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Norman hesitated a little when Tanari put her arm in his; somehow he felt like he was dishonoring Claudirea, but then he shook that idea out of his head.  He was acting like he was supposed to and nothing else. 

The rain had stopped and only a fine drizzle fell from the cloudy sky and Norman could see that the sun was trying its best to burn away those clouds; even the wind had died down. 

As he and Tanari walked out of the guard house area into the main city he talked to her like he was a tourist guide. "The main street called "Cedric Street" named after our last King and will hopefully be changed, goes through the entire city.  If you look to your right, upon that hill sits the Palace. Inside its grounds are the most beautiful gardens and of course the statue of Katya the Just or Dragonslayer, depending upon which you wish to name her."

He stopped and turned her and himself around to look at the far Palace gates.  The rain had washed away all of the dirt and grime and the gates shone. "I think I have an idea for you, Tanari.  There has never been a painting of our statue's or gardens, come to think of it, I think even our King would not mind having a portrait done of himself and then there is the wedding later on today, perhaps the couple would like a painting done of themselves as well."  The more he talked the more excited he became. "What do you think?" He asked her.

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She noticed his hesitation in taking her arm - but couldn't think of a reason why he would have a problem with it. No matter though, it wasn't important.
Tanari listened with interest as he told her about the city. When he presented his idea about painting for the king or the wedding couple, she became suddenly tense. A portrait? For royalty? The idea was exciting - and frightening. What if it wasn't good enough? Surely they had such high tastes, and she usually drew creatures, not people...painting the gardens or statue might be alright. But than again...this might be her way to gain the king's favour. And who knew what doors might open up if she could do that?
"I...suppose I could. But I've hardly ever done anything for the sake of quality, so I don't know if it's such a good idea or not. But...I could try." She wondered if this was really wise, but nothing ventured nothing gained, she supposed.

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Norman felt her tense as he presented his idea. He looked at her, it was the first time that he noticed that she not quite all human.  There must have been an Orc, in her bloodline somewhere.  Whether or not there was an Orc in her bloodline did not matter to him, she was an attractive woman, though she had a somewhat 'wild' look about her.  That look could make her more attractive some men, he supposed.  Probably men like Damien. The Commander liked strong women.  However as she spoke hesitantly about painting for quality he wondered if his suppositions about her were wrong.  She sounded more like a frightened school girl than what he thought of as a woman with Orcish blood running through her veins.  He thought about asking her about her bloodline, but then thought better of it.  It could be distressing to her.

"Tanari, I have an idea.  How about we head to Arth's. There is a man there, a friend of mine, who is close to the King. Perhaps if he sees your drawings he can persuade the King to have an audience with him and then let the King decide for himself. And since the wedding party is also staying at the Palace, then they could decide as well.  What do you think?  Are you willing to meet my friend and see what happens?"  Norman asked.

Then he remembered that Damien was probably not up to visitors yet.  He saved Claudirea's virture if not her life last night and was seriously wounded.  He knew that the Commander healed fast, but that fast? He was not sure.  Perhaps he had better explain to Tanari before she gets her hopes up.  He should have thought before he spoke.  He became angry at himself.

"Tanari, I may have mispoke out of turn, forgive me," he said softly as he gently took her arm and guided her to Arth's.

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When Captain Graves spoke about having her work reviewed by a close adviser of the king first before actually proposing the idea to him in full, she began to nod, liking the idea. When he mentioned having possibly spoken out of turn, she gave his arm a forgiving squeeze.
"Quite alright" she said. "But, if you're really serious about me doing some work for the king, than I would appreciate it being looked over first. The last time I tried to get someone to take my work seriously..." She gave a sigh that was mixed with a growl. "Well, like I said - some people think that what I have said I have done is outlandish, and I am not confident of my work surviving the scrutiny of others sometimes. But I am willing to try if there is an opportunity, and if there is not, well then; other things will be presented sooner or later, no?"
She smiled amiably at him. "Now, let's get to that inn: I for one could use a drink!"

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Norman smiled. "I think I could use a warm cup of tea to ward off this chill.  I would join you in your drink but I am on duty; perhaps later?" he asked.

He took her arm again in his without hesitation this time and guided her the rest of the way to Arth's Spot.

The rain washed away the mud and grime from the two story building, but the sign of grapes and the name needed fresh paint as some of the grapes, most them were faded and Arth''s was missing the "A" and the "S" so it said "rth pot"

"Well here it is," he said to Tanari, "the man we are looking for lives in one of the rooms upstairs and I have someone I need to look upon.  Once we are inside I will introduce you to Thai, he is the owner of the place. I am sure you can get your drink from him, and if you smile real nice, he may even give you the first one free." he smiled broadly.

Norman opened the door and stepped aside to allow Tanari to walk in.

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Damien Scar

Damien stepped out into hazy sunshine and avoided the puddles of water that had gathered between the cracks of the cobblestone walkway.  He heard the towncriers say it was eleven bells.  It must be close to the wedding. I wonder how Voltigar is going to stop it?  That Clayton fellow would be someone who's head I would not mind putting upon one of our city's spires, but the plan that we discussed would not allow it, at least for now.

Part of the plan was to meet Malgion and explain things to him as he was a very important part of the plan as well as his "MadCaps"  Malgion was an unusual person to say the least; He was a Noble, or used to be, and he was also the leader of the "underground society" of Voldar and he was Damien's friend.

Their history would be interesting reading to even Voltigar, who seemed to know everything and more so to the Nobles of the city.  If they were to ever discover the relationship between their Commander and the leader of the "MadCaps" they would demand his removal of his post, his title stripped and given to someone else; which is exactly what Voltigar had planned and what Damien was now going to tell Malgion.

Malgion did not need to know everything; just enough to make the Nobles, especially Count Run'or, and Clayton think he was disgraced.  He just hoped that he did not miss Malgion.

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The page boy ran through the cobbled streets dodging as many of the water puddles as he could as he raced out of the Palace gates down Cedric Street.  Finally, huffing and puffing he found himself in front of Arth's Spot.

He opened the door and was almost trampled by several workmen who pushed him aside gaining entrance to the inn. "Hey boy, watch where you be walking. Aren't you a bit young to be drinking?" They asked, laughing.

The page straightned up and stared down the men. "I am on urgent buisness for the King. I came here seeking Commander Scar."

The men backed up a little at the straightforwardness of the young man and the mention of the King and Commander Scar.  They did not know who they were most afraid of; the King or the Commander.  One of the men pushed the others away from the door, "Then be on your way young master."

The page looked at him a bit suspiciously but then quickly entered Arth's.

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Norman did not even notice the rain and cold as he wandered the streets.  His head was bowed and the rain covered his tears.  He had hurt Claudirea. He had not meant to. It just happened. He was kissing her, she wanted to be kissed, but then perhaps his kisses became to ardent?  She screamed, and beat at him with her fists and yelled at him to leave.  He was stunned.  He did not understand. Somehow he had hurt her and he did not know what he did?

Suddenly a man stumbled into him and the man fell to the ground obviously very drunk. "W'tch wh're yu goin" He said as he tried to get up.  Norman, who normally would have offered a hand to the man, just stared at him and then walked away.

He felt a hand upon his shoulder turn him around, his eyes opened wide in surprise as he felt the knife enter his abdomen. He smelled the acrid garlic, stale wine breath "Thish wh'ts y' get."  Norman grabbed the knife and looked down and saw blood, his blood spill out and over his tunic as the man ran, stumbling away dissapearing into the shadows of an alley.

Norman could feel his body going into shock.  He knew he needed a healer and quickly.  He looked around and fortunately he saw a temple a few blocks away.  He took of his blood soaked shirt, bundled it up and pressed it hard against the wound.  He shivered in the cold and rain as he stumbled, bent over in waves of pain and nausea, as he made his way to the temple.

He never made it.

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Grant with the two women made their way down Cedric's street.  He recieved a few stares, but no one asked to help him either; they were too much in a rush to get out of the cold and wind.  Grant also noticed snow beginning to fall.  He glanced down at Miss Claudirea and realized she had no cloak.  He looked at Alassiel and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that she had one on.  He stopped, "Sorry Alassiel. I need you to try and stand by yourself for a moment while I put my cloak around Miss Claudirea. She seems to have left without a cloak and the weather has definately turned worse."

Alassiel removed herself from Grants arm and Grant could immediately feel how cold it was. When he had been holding her and her head had been upon his shoulder he had felt much warmer.  He quickly unclasped his outer cloak and wrapped it around Miss Claudirea who was shivering by this time.  He motioned for Alassiel to come back into his arm, which she did gladly, giving him a most appreciative look with those eyes and that enigmatic smile of hers that created such a turmoil within him.

He found her warmth and her head upon his shoulder very nice and disconcerting at the same time. He steeled his resolve and marched forward carrying both women to the Temple.  He then wondered about the Captain and hoped he was still alive.

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Alassiel made her way down Cedric's street, leaning slightly on Grant. When he asked her to stand by herself for a while so he could lend Claudirea his cloak, she regretted that she hadn't lent her cloak to Claudirea so she could be the one who got his cloak, even if she was the one to feel the cold. Then she rebuked herself; that was being selfish... no, it wasn't selfishness. She had felt the feeling of selfishness, and this wasn't it. Then what was it?

When she went back into his arm, her heart started beating fast and hard against her, fluttering like a butterfly. That was when a single word popped into her head. Love. She tried to push it out of her mind, but to no avail. Not possible, she thought fiercely. Why isn't it possible? another part of her questioned. And why are you so afraid to fall in love?

At that moment, Alassiel was split into two different people. She spent a few minutes arguing with herself, then realized that she had unconsciously started to snuggle into Grant's arm. She blushed, and drawing on the last of her strength, she pulled herself free."I'm fine by myself now."  she said, embarassment making her voice sound sharper than usual. She thanked Ava that blushes weren't that obvious on her tanned face, but she knew her blush was noticeable if one looked closely.

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."I'm fine by myself now."
Alassiel said and pulled away from Grant.  Grant looked down at her. "Are you sure?" He asked concerned and bit saddened, as he was begininng to like the feel of her in his arm and when she began to snuggle into it and his side; it felt real comfortable.

When she pulled away he had at first thought that perhaps he had done something wrong, but as he looked down at her he saw a slight tinge of color that had crept from her throat to her cheeks.  He smiled inwardly, "Well, if you are better, then could you go to the other side of Miss Claudrea and help me hold her up from that side?" Grant asked, not wanting to let Alassiel know that he had seen the blush and had realized why she had pulled away from him.  "The Temple is not far now," he added.

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"Are you sure?" Grant asked. I love the sound of his voice... no, no, it's a normal voice. Nothing special. "Well, if you are better, then could you go to the other side of Miss Claudrea and help me hold her up from that side?" Alassiel groaned inwardly. She was feeling very weak by then, and the extra weight of Claudirea on her could trigger a collapse. But she didn't want to let Grant know what had gone on in her mind. Although she wasn't entirely sure, but she thought he might have noticed her blush.

Nevertheless, she walked over to Claudirea and slung her arm over her shoulders. She heard Grant saying that the Temple was not far off now, so she might just be able to handle it. She tried to think of unrelated things, like happy memories, to distract her from her weakness. But Grant's face kept popping into her mind's eye, even though she wasn't looking at him. I quite like his smile, his eyes, his... no Alassiel, think of other things, it's just hormones or something, or you're so weak you've gone delirious. Nothing to do with love. Nothing... and so she was still busy pushing Grant out of her mind when they reached the temple.

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Grant watched concerned when Alassiel went over to the other side of Miss Claudirea. Though she said she was fine, her gait said other wise.  But as weak as Grant thought she was, she steeled herself and took Miss Claudirea's other arm and continued down the street.  Grant's admiration for Alassiel rose a few more points.  He did not think they could rise anymore.

He felt kind of relieved when they faced the Temple door.

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Damien wrapped his cloak about himself as he warded off the last gasp of winter's chill.  He walked slowly down Cedric's street scanning the faces of people he met. Most of them knew him and would nod or say hello. One enterprising young man even tried to sell him some fake jewelry to give to "is lady friend," he said.

He changed his tune when he found out who Damien was and being dragged to the city jail by guards. He should have been glad Damien was in a good mood, he could have found himself in the dungeon instead.

Damien chuckled, "When will they ever learn?" He asked himself as he continued his walk down the street looking for the man that Thai had pointed out to him. Damien had been a bit preoccupied and could only remember that the man wore a beard, which was not much help as a lot of men wore beards, but it was his eyes that he would remember when and if he saw them.

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Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on November 02, 2007, 12:31:39 AM
Cold grey eyes surveyed the streets, one looking so much like another.  It was a little disheartening.  It was so unlike home; so unlike Remusiat.  No where were there carteloreen bone roofs, or wison skins stretched taught to keep out the cold.  It only served to remind him more of why he was here, and how much he wished he were anywhere but here.

Horse kept up his plodding gait.  So smooth was his walk that it was easy for Altario to close his eyes, to drift off into little episodes of half slumber.  The city of Voldar began to fade from existence.  Altario was no longer here, but north, at Urimpaar.  Cut grey stone walls, wison furs and tapestries on the walls and floor, a fire crackling in the fireplace lending its warmth to the room.  The old woman, wiping blood from her hands, her eyes downcast.  The child, a girl, may not live, it was not her time, too soon, it was said.  Riztalyanna had lost too much blood, her life too was in Kor'och's hands.

Altario had found the chapel, not so much from conscious thought, but by instinct, as he wandered the halls, crying out his anguish.  He dropped to his knees before the icon carved in stone of Kor'och, his hands clasped together in an anguished plea.

His voice rang out through the veil of time, reaching Altario's ears through curtains of memory and pain.  "Kor'och, great god of the Remusian people, hear my humble plea.  I beseech you, your loyal servant.  I beg you, do not take the lives of my wife and my child.  Let them live.  Take me, instead.  I shall be your loyal follower in the next life as I am in this one."  Head bowed, he sobbed.

Looking up again at the inanimate carving of the great god, his eyes took on the quality of steel.  "Kor'och, my lord.  There is not a thing I would not give up for Riz and our baby to live.  Give me this happiness.  For that, I shall sacrifice every happiness that my future hold.  Take everything from me, for without their lives now, my own life means nothing.  Give me their lives, and you may take everything from me later.  This I vow, oh great Kor'och."

And the god answered the prayer; the two of them lived.  Riztalyanna would recover, and the child grew into the beautiful Nayriss.  But of the vow?  Never did this vow stray far from Altario's mind.  He even consulted a cleric, who meditated for several days.  His answer was one of forboding.  The god was waiting; watching.  What was a day, or years to an immortal god?  Kor'och would extract his payment at some future date.  The cleric was somber; morose even.  The price would be high.  Altario had given every happiness, and the god planned to have it.  Distraught, Altario banished the cleric.  But banishing the messenger would not keep the god at bay. 

What a fool he had been!  What had he done?  Why could he not have just stopped at offering his own life?  But no, he had given Kor'och the blessing to take everything from him, and he watched in abject horror as the god collected on the vow.  Riztalyanna, pregnant with their second child, began to lose weight, her face sunken, her eyes dull.  Then, the night of his son's birth, she passed away, too much blood had been lost.  The child, a boy, would last a few more days, but he too died.  In his grief, Altario had not even named the child. 

Then, as he foundered, lost in the abyss of his dispair, Denrykmar left in the middle of the night.  Altario had never told his brother just how much he relied on him; how much he needed him.  Now it was too late.  Without his younger brother's lighthearted personality to lift him from the blackness of his personal hell, Altario shut himself away from the world. 

For years it went on as such, until Nayriss disappeared.   Was this the latest in Kor'och's debt being collected upon?  No more.  Altario could give no more to the god.  This latest outrage could not go unchallenged.  Nayriss was his, not the god's.  He would find her, no matter where she was; no matter where he had to travel to find her.  Until then, his soul would remain cold........ so very cold.....

Cold.... Altario was cold.  He pulled his coat tighter about him as he snapped out of his waking dream.  He was still traveling slowly, as more and more people could be seen on the streets.   Damn them all.  Damn this whole entire city.  But, then, that was what Riz was telling him he was here to prevent, was it not? 

He laughed aloud, but the sound was without mirth.

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(OCC- This post is continued from the one in "Alleyways and Backstreets")

The sleepy stretch had dislodged Tojzek’s over-large shirt from his shoulder and he automatically slipped his hand under his tatty cloak to adjust it as Jituska spoke. "So, which way are we going to look for a job for you?" she said before sneezing once more.  Tojzek looked around, trying to hide the flutter of worry set loose by her sneeze.  Her nose was slightly red around the nostrils too, a sure sign that one of her regular colds was about to attack.  He scanned the busy street for potential customers; someone who looked as if they had a few coins and might need an errand or two run.  A hollow laugh drew his attention and he spotted a promising prospect riding moodily down the street.  The horse meant the man obviously had some money, and the traveller’s garb was a good sign too.

“That guy there on the chestnut”, he said quietly to Jituska, nodding towards him.  “He looks as if he might have an errand or two, and enough coin to back it up.”  Changing his direction as he walked, the young man stepped boldly towards the stranger, weaving in and out of the other shoppers to reach the man’s horse.  Without touching the animal, and trying his utmost to be polite, Tojzek spoke.  “Excuse me, Sir, is there anything you need?  A  message delivered maybe, or something you need to be fetched?”  He walked along beside the horse as he talked, trying to look slightly younger than his 16 years and more like a messenger boy who had grown up here.  Unfortunately his blonde dreadlocks and slight eastern accent probably didn’t aid this disguise.

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Damien strode purposefully down Cedric street searching for the man that Thai had alluded he needed to speak to. Damien would rather be curled up with Tanari in his room instead being out here in the streets looking for a man he did not kinow.  His mood became darker the more he searched, but at least the sun was warming things up nicely, though it did make the streets run with water as the snow melted quickly.

A bit too warm, thought Damien as he removed his cloak revealing his dress uniform.

More and more people came out to shop and the streets became more crowded, which made Damien's job more and more difficult, when suddenly he heard the clop clop sound of horses hooves on the cobble stone street and then a laugh.  He turned, and there on top of a chestnut horse was a man.

Damien moved closer as he saw two street urchins one a girl and one a boy. The boy moved closer to the man's horse. Damien closed in quickly. He could hear the boy askng the man on the horse something, but the noise of the crowd drowned out the words.  The man turned his head, just for a moment, but that moment was enough for Damien. He got a good look at the man's eyes and knew that that man was the one.

He quickened his pace, people seeing his black uniform and recognized who it was quickly stepped aside, some of the more knowledable merchants even pushed or conjoled those who did not know Damien to let him pass until he was walking directly toward the man, his horse and the young boy who was walking beside the horse.

Finally he stopped and waited for the man and boy to reach him. His black cape with the gold trim waved around him like a wraith.  The street suddenly became very quiet as the people stared at Damien and then at the man on the horse. They all wondered what the man on the horse had done? Or was it the street boy that walked along side the horse that the Commander was after? Some wondered why the Commander was in his Dress uniform; his pants, black leather, his shirt was blacik with whtie pearled buttons, he wore a huge thick black belt with a large gold square buckle with a large blue colored stone inset in the middle of the buckle. A black cape attached to his shoulders with the insignia of his rank and the gold trim around it hung just mid-thigh along with hard soled, soft topped leather boots finished his ensemble. His legendary axe was no where to be seen and he was not carrying a sword. But those who knew about the Commander knew that his axe hung down his back hidden from you until Damien had need of it and then it came out with blinding speed.

And if there was going to be a fight!

Commander Scar's fights were legendary. 

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Jituska nodded once as Tojzek pointed out the traveller on the horse, but hung back otherwise. As always, she let him handle everything. Still, she watched with interest as Tojzek talked to him. She didn't hear clearly what he said, but she knew the message by heart anyway. Curious to know what the man would answer, she followed his horse, not too far away from Tojzek.

She stopped dead in her tracks when she noticed the man who was waiting for the two. She didn't know him, but he was... impressive-looking. Everyone else who was in this street automatically stepped away from him, creating a field around him which was not easy to penetrate for anyone. Jituska looked, or almost stared at him as closely as she dared. His eyes seemed to be directed at the man on the horse, or maybe on Tojzek, she couldn't see from where she was standing. His black clothes fitted him like a second skin, though sober they were rich-looking and obviously of a good quality. It made her all too conscious of her own threadbare, sagging, faded dress. She tugged it once self-consciously, but her attention returned to the man again soon.

She dared to come a few steps closer. In doing so, unfortunately, she didn't pay attention to others, and she bumped into a man who was also standing watching the impressive man. She stepped back a pace confusedly, then apologised to the man, who was obviously rich, and who seemed to habitually wear a haughty expression. "I'm so sorry sir." she mumbled. The man gave her a withering look that left her about five times as small as she usually felt, muttered: "You peasant." in a voice that suggested she was, in his opinion, not worth much more than the dirt under his expensive shoes, and turned away to look at the proceedings. Well, not much hope of gaining his sympathy for a hungry little girl. She turned back and, skirting around the haughty man, stepped a little closer again, hoping that the impressive man in black hadn't seen what had happened to her. She didn't really want him to talk to her, but she certainly didn't want him to think of her in the same contemptuous terms that the other man had.

The man in black had a scar in his face, she saw. It made him fierce-looking. Or fiercer looking, in any case. Even without the scar, he would still not be someone she'd want against her. But then, she didn't want anyone against her, if she could possibly help it. Moreover, though, he was the kind of man that reminded her of her childhood, who put her back a few years and made her a small girl again. This was not a conscious thought for the girl who was watching everything that happened with big doe's eyes, but somewhere she knew that if the man showed even the least sign that he wanted to talk to her, she would happily run to him. Even if she knew that Tojzek would try to fight with him if that happened. She really didn't want that to happen, because Tojzek would definitely lose any kind of fight against this man, but she still knew she would answer if he called. For now, however, she hoped that he had no eye for her so that she could see everything from her vantage point a little to the side of the little group.

It wasn't so much that he reminded her of her father. Her father had been... less impressive. A lot less impressive. He'd had a lanky frame, which had lacked any sign of musculature. He had also been balding and very, very ugly. Or maybe her memory made him that, in view of what had happened later, but she was confident that he'd in nothing resembled this man here, who managed to exude a sense of power and self-assurance without moving a muscle. No, it wasn't the actual resemblence with her father. It was that self-assurance that made her feel as though she was 6 years old again and safe when her daddy was there. That, at least, was something that her father had had in abundance, self-assurance. Just that one thing that the two men had in common made her feel something she didn't want to feel, and leaving her helpless to fight against the emotion.

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Altario was brought out of his minds meanderings, not by the boy who walked next to him, but by the figure ahead, dressed all in black.  The man stood apart from the crowd, much as a caracal stands out from the tar’andus deer; a predator in a herd of prey.  He felt the hairs on the back of his neck begin to rise, but he forced himself to not look directly at the man, but yet, to keep him in his periphery.  The man was looking directly at him, watching.  Who was he?  What did he represent?

He was about to casually dismiss the boy that walked by his horse.  What need he of a message delivered?  To whom?  But, two large expressive eyes caught his attention.  A young girl also watched the proceedings.  She was watching the boy intently, almost hopefully, but like him, her attention was captured by the man in black as well.  It was apparent others in the crowd felt this way as well.  Whoever this man was, he cast a pall about him that was physical in its force.

Altario studied the girl and compared her to the boy before him.  Siblings.  Had to be.  Street urchins, by the look of them.  If it had just been the boy, Altario would not have given a second thought to shooing him away; just another pest in a city full of them.  But the girl.....

Something in her reminded him of Nayriss.  It wasn't her look, for she looked nothing like his daughter, but something.  Perhaps it was just that he hoped that wherever she was, someone was taking sympathy on her; treating her with kindness, making sure she was fed and warm.  This child obviously had her brother to do that.

Altario reined up on Horse, bringing the Kor'och fey Mologh to a stop.  He reached into his purse and brought forth a couple coins.  He leaned down and held the coins out on his palm, but closed his hand into a fist before the boy could grab them.  "My horse has not had a treat in many a week.  Find me some fresh fruit, boy, and fetch it back for me.  The change I want you to spend on something filling for your belly, and for that girl over there.  Where are your parents, boy?  You should get back to them.  Your sister is too young to be out in weather like this, dressed like that.  Now go!"  He opened his hand to let the boy get the coins.

The black uniformed figure watched him closely.  Altario did not like it.  It made him uneasy, and anything that made him feel uneasy was usually met with hostility.  Unconsciously, he made note of his sword slung across the saddle.  It was within easy reach.  Then he turned his head to study the man directly.  There was no more point in pretending he did not notice him.  The entire street had noticed him. 

The man was a commanding presence.  But, strangely, Altario felt something familiar about him.  His mind flashed back to earlier that day.  Arth's Spot!  That man had been at the inn this morning, for breakfast.  Was this then the man the innkeeper had told him of?  Or was he a harbinger of the evil Riz had warned him of?  The clothing and the facial scar made him seem as if it was the latter, but Altario would know shortly.

He touched heel to flank, and the horse stepped forward.  Time to find out.

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Damien watched as the man on the horse stopped his relentless march down the street and talked to the boy, seemed to give him some coin and then looking directly at him continued his way toward him.

Damien's appreciation for the stranger rose a notch when he saw the man give the boy some coin. It meant that the man had a heart. As the man came closer Damien wondered what the man wanted or perhaps had; information possibly, that would warrant Thai to direct him to the stranger.

He waited until the man halted his horse directly in front of him. The man looked uneasy, wary, and his hand wavered near the sword hanging from his saddle. The man did not know him, it seems. thought Damien.  He decided to put the man at ease.

"Welcome neighbor. I am Commander Damien Scar. I heard that you were looking for me. Well, you have found me," He said solemenly and then his face split into a wide grin and he swept across the crowd. "Go no now and go about your buisness. This man is a friend of mine and we were just jesting with each other. Now, go about your buisness."

The townspeople at first stared back and forth at both men and then began to disperse and soon the sound of merchants hawking their wares filled the streets as well as the good natured bartering that came along with the buying and selling of goods.

Damien quickly went to the right side of the mans horse and spoke low but fast. "Shall we go and have a drink at Arth's and talk? I trust Arth's, but there are too many ears in this place, even if they seem to be going about their buisness. I admire any man who has pity upon the poor. If you wish to wait for the boy to return then we can just talk here, pretending that we are good friends, but have not seen each other in awhile. By the way, what is your name?" Damien asked.

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Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on November 06, 2007, 09:41:03 PM
Altario heard the mans words and his introduction, and he relaxed a bit.  The crowd then began to disperse at the commander's request.  Whoever this Scar was, he commanded much respect.  The very type of man of whom Altario hoped he would meet.  The commander then whispered quietly to him, about the need for privacy.  Altario nodded his ascent.  "I am Altario Shiat-eck-Gorrin, at your service.  No, we need not wait, the coin means little."
He glanced back towards the girl.  She could use the fresh fruit more than Horse.  Still, he worried about that threadbare dress she wore.  He reached into his saddle bag and pulled out the blanket he used for a bedroll.  He maneuvered Horse over to her and held forth the square of heavy material. "Wrap this about you.  When your brother returns, he'll have food for you.  Go back home."  He tossed the blanket to her.

He turned Horse's head back toward the man in black.  He had no time for charity.  He had things he needed to get done, so that he may leave this accursed city.  His own daughter was out there, somewhere, and as such, it was her that needed him, not this pair of street urchins.

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As the adolescent walked close to the man’s horse, his attention on the potential customer, he became unsettlingly aware of a sudden stillness around him, or rather a decrease in noise and bustle. Glancing up he saw another man, standing and waiting in the horseman’s path.  This one was dressed in the type of official garb which Tojzek had learnt to avoid at all costs; town guards were not known for welcoming street kids.  About to give up on the rider and fade neatly into the background, Tojzek saw him take a glance at Jituska who was following at a safe distance.  The young boy’s shoulders tensed and his face became noticeably blank.  However the sudden flush of protectiveness made him brave enough to continue walking.  The man slowed his horse, bringing the slightly shaggy beast to a halt.  Tojzek didn’t step too close until the man reached into his purse.  Trying not to fixate too much on the forthcoming coins he looked up into the man’s bearded face as the guy spoke.  His words were concerned and intelligent, but Tojzek still wasn’t comfortable with him mentioning his sister.  Yes, she needed looking after but that was his job, no-one else’s.  Especially not some random stranger in the street.  Why should he care?  What did he want?  Surely not just some fruit for his horse.

Tojzek shook himself out of his paranoia.  Money was money and they were desperate enough as it was without him getting fussy about who he took jobs from.  He inclined his head in acknowledgement of the man’s request, and even managed a stumbled "Thankyou very much sir," before hurrying back towards his sister.  He watched the official-looking man out of the corner of his eye as he walked, careful not to look at him directly but trying to still get a good view.  However in his desire to study this man, the boy lost sight of his sister among the crowds.  It was easily done as she was such a tiny thing, and he tried to reassure himself as he carried on moving towards the side of the street, scouting around for the child.  Maybe he should spend the money on something bright for her to wear – a red sash or bonnet.  That would make her easier to spot.

After a few minutes of patiently scanning the crowd the chestnut gelding caught his eye once more, moving suddenly away from the man in black and turning towards a little lost-looking girl.  Jituska!  As Tojzek frantically pushed his way through the moving crowd towards her, the rider spoke, dipping into his saddle bag for something.  What did he want?  But Tojzek’s fears were quenched when he brought forth a simple bedding roll and gave it to her before riding away again.  He stepped past the last person, close to her now, and grabbed her free hand more to reassure himself than anything else.  “What did he say?” he asked, torn between his ever-present anxiety and a sudden rush of the most amazing thankfulness.  The two emotions fought for supremacy, making him tremble slightly as he spoke.

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Damien again waited patiently as the man who called himself Altario moved his horse over to a young girl. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the young boy, trying to rush through the crowd to her. Damien immediately recognized the resemblance and the gesture of protectiveness that the boy showed. The boy slowed down and Damien saw that Altario had given the girl his bedroll and was heading his way.

Damien decided to meet him head on, yelling loudly enough for curious ears to hear. "Altario, my friend. I see you still have a heart for the poor. One day though you may regret it. But you are who you are. How is the family? Your wife and your sweet daughter?" Damien asked, guessing that the reason Altario cared so much for this poor girl was perhaps he did have a daughter or perhaps a son or both. 

He walked closer to Altario as Altario came to him, but this time there was something different in the man's eyes; suspicion and anger.  Damien thought, Did I accidently hit a nerve? Perhaps the man did have a wife and children and did could be the operative word here. Damien hoped that whatever he may have said that had changed the man's demenour could be repaired.

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She looked confusedly from the blanket up at the stranger who'd given it to her. She was just about to thank him, but tell him that it really was not so cold that she needed both a blanket and the cloak she was wearing, which was really quite warm enough, when he turned away, without even waiting for her answer. Well. If he was so eager to get rid of his blanket, then they'd sleep a little warmer tonight. She looked around to tell Tojzek, but didn't spot him immediately. This didn't cause a panick-attack, though. She knew he'd find her again, as he always did. And besides, he had that errand to run, no? She'd quite clearly seen coins change hands from their previous owner to her brother.

The assumption that he'd gone on his errand was negated when she saw him coming running towards her. She smiled happily at him, her big brown eyes filled with warmth. She only barely gave him the time to ask what the man had told her when she started: "Look, Tojz, he gave me this." while lifting up the bundle in her arms. "He said to wrap it around myself, but I don't really see why, do you? But anyway, we're going to be warm tonight, aren't we Tojz? What did you have to do for him? He gave you money, didn't he? I saw he did! Are we going to eat?" It was only then that she took the time to take in a gulp of air to fill her lungs again.

She turned around to the two men who were talking, but it was obvious that the man in black wasn't going to call her, so she turned back to her brother. "Go on, go run your errand, I will wait for you here." She felt how her nose started running again, and wiped it with a dirty hand. She didn't want to tell Tojzek, but her throat was starting to hurt. She refused to worry him though, he had to run that errand. Maybe the stranger had another one to run afterwards. Maybe they could even afford a warm meal tonight! Oh, she'd so much enjoy that. She watched Tojz disappearing in the crowd. Then she squatted down next to a nearby wall and drew her cloak around her, while she hugged the precious blanket to her body. She wasn't going to let anybody steal it!

While squatting there, she looked around at all the people walking past on their various businesses. They all looked so... well, rich. Their clothing was good quality, they seemed to be able to eat every night. She unconsciously adopted her innocent-little-girl look, and soon a few small coins landed in the sloshy leftovers of the previous night's snow. She smiled genuinely at whoever had given her something, even though she hadn't been planning to beg, she was just waiting for her brother to return. Still, anything that could help them get some dinner was wonderful.

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Taloon had scored another purse and was looking for another victim when he spied two new faces; one a girl and the other a boy.  He watched curiously as the boy ran up to a stranger on a horse. There seemed to be some sort of conversation between the two and then the man gave the boy some coins.

Suddenly the market became silent. Taloon looked and saw the one person who put real fear into him and all the MadCaps; Commander Scar! Even though the Commander had some sort of arrangement with their old leader that allowed the MadCaps to operate as long as they did not cause an outcry from the citizens. However there were still arrests made by those who unfortunately got caught and then the Commander would administer the punishment.

The punishment varied depening upon the crime and severity of it; to simple jail time, fingers cut off, hands cut off or the ultimate, your head! Normally your head came off in the case of murder.

He listened closely as the Commander first challenged the stranger upon the horse and then told everyone they were friends and to go about their buisness.  Taloon did not believe that for a moment. First of all, the Commander was dressed in formal wear, and second of all the Commander moved too quickly to the stranger's side and began talking to him. 

Then something happened that made Taloon's eyes widen. The stranger went over to the girl and gave her a blanket.  His eyes narrowed and anger rose in Taloon.

He looked across the street and caught Roget's eye and nodded toward the girl. Roget nodded and touched jakal's arm who was close to him and the three began to close on the girl.

Suddenly the boy rushed right by Taloon and went to the girl. Taloon glanced at Roget and Jakal and they had noticed the boy as well and had halted their advance.

Taloon kept one eye on the Commander and his new found friend and one eye on the boy and girl. Then the boy left and the girl sat down, lying against the side of a building holding onto the blanket that the stranger had given him. Taloon grinned wickedly, caught the eyes of Jakal and Roget and noticed that they were already heading toward the girl.

Taloon decided to keep his distance and watch out for the boy in case he came back unexpectedly and let Roget and Jakal handle the girl. He watched as she was given coins as she sat there and that made him angrier still. Finally Jakal and Roget stood in front of the girl.

Jakal's thin stringy yet strong arms were hidden by a non-descrip light brown tunic covered by an overly large dark colored cloak that hung to the waist of a pair of pants the same color as his shrit. His favorite weapon was the knife and he carried several of them all concealed about his body. He had small beady brown eyes, dirty brown hair, with a small shock of it curled above his left eye. He grinned wickedly at the girl sitting below him with crooked yellow teeth. He pulled out one of them and casually picked at the undersides of his nails. " "ey girlie, donch ya know that ya not supposed to beg wit out permission?"

"Yeah,wit out permission," Roget added, grinning as his eyes roamed over the girl. Roget was thin, as was most theives; a fat thief could not climb roofs. Roget wore approximately the same type of clothing as Jakal. His eyes were gray, his chin sprouted a small black goatee and his head was covered with thick coarse black hair. His weapon of choice was his fists. His hands were huge and awfully strong as well as his arms compared to the rest of him, which made him a lousy pickpocket, so when Jakal and him were out, Roget would act as a blocker while Jakal did the actual pickpocketing.

Roget also had an eye for young girls and most of the whores who worked for the MadCaps he broke in,
he was almost salvitaing at the thought of breaking this one in.

Jakal chuckled and then Roget kneeled down and looked at the girl eye to eye. His hands headed for the girl's shoulders. "I like pretty girls," he said, "More than coins," he finished looking at her lustily. He glanced up at Jakal. "She's purty."

"Yeah, Roget, she is and you can 'ave her soon. But I want the coins you were given. Not all of them, just the rightful percentage that the MadCaps get." Jakal's speech changed from the street talk he had started out with to a more sophisticated one. "Now!" Jakal ordered.

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Jituska opened her eyes wide when the two strangers talked to her. Not begging without permission? But she hadn't been begging! Well, not really anyway. She couldn't help it if people threw her a coin now and then. She looked at them for a moment, then told them so. Or tried to, at least. "But... I don't... I mean, I didn't... I..." She gave up, as she realised that whatever she said, they wouldn't believe her. She was sitting there and she'd gotten coins; that was the same as begging for them.

Then one of them got down beside her and looked her in the eye. Slowly what he said, combined with the movement of his hands towards her shoulders, seeped through. She had a flashback of those last years at home, when her father had hurt her so much. He'd had the same look in his eyes as the creep in front of her. The pieces connected and she knew, she just knew without anyone telling her, that he was going to do the same thing, and that he was not going to pay attention to her tears any more than her father had.

The knowledge broke something in her. When she met an older man, she gravitated towards him. They reminded her of the first few years, when the games had been fun and secret, when she'd giggled when he tickled her. But she was disgusted by these thieves, their rotting teeth, the dirt on them - even if she was just as dirty as them. She closed her eyes against the sight of the man's face just nailsbreadths from her own. It made her other senses more accute - she heard the bustle in the street, people still walking past, apparently unconcerned with her situation. Throwing a coin now and then had been fine, but getting inbetween two rugged-looking men and a small girl? No, they couldn't do that...

She also felt the hurt in her throat, which only kept increasing since she'd first felt it. That was one of the surest signs that she was becoming ill. And she felt in her hand the backpack. She'd forgotten that she had taken it earlier, in the alley, but she had had it in her hand all the time and she hadn't let go even when she had been given the blanket. Wait... The backpack... that meant Tojzek's knife was with her! She could defend herself against the leering man and his greedy companion.

With a quick plunge, she put her hand inside the backpack. Good, it was lying at the top, she wouldn't have found it in time otherwise. She was lucky, as it also easily came loose from the cloth in which it had been wrapped. As she held it, she realised that she had no idea how to use it, but it was something. She'd at least have something between her and the hurt. With a shaking hand, she brought it inbetween her and the creep, just as the other one demanded his share. She quickly stood up, pressing her back against the wall. The backpack and the blanket, which she'd still held in her arms, fell to the ground with this movement. A detached thought came from somewhere, that she'd so looked forward to some warmth tonight and now it was all ruined because the blanket was wet. A different idle thought wondered where Tojzek was. Of course she knew where he was, he'd gone to run his errand, but still she wondered why he was not there to protect her, now that she needed it.

No use thinking that, though. She suddenly found her speech and her courage again. She steadied the knife in her hand as much as she could, though she couldn't stop the slight tremor that still shook it. She'd never used metal against a different human being. "Look, I don't know any MadCaps and I didn't know I wasn't allowed to beg." She pointed at the coins that lay scattered between them. "That's all there is, I swear, I didn't pick anything up yet. Take what you want, I don't care, but I'm not going to let you hurt me, and neither is Tojz. He's gonna be back soon and then he's going to protect me and he's not going to let you do that to me again." Her voice cracked, and she suddenly realised that she was crying. The tears rolled down her cheeks unheeded, drawing lines in the dirt on her face. She'd kill herself before they did that to her again.

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As Jituska’s big hazel eyes lit up, Tojzek knew that nothing bad had happened, but then sometimes his little sister had a different view of what was bad. “Look, Tojz, he gave me this." she chatted away happily, and the boy let go of her hand in order to feel the blanket.  It was thick and good quality, and felt like it would keep out some of the wet at well.  Tojzek’s respect for the man grew and he determined to buy the man the best fruit he could possibly find. What did horses like?  Apples seemed right, and there would probably be a good choice in a street like this. A little piece of suspicion still nagged at him but he tried to push the paranoia away.  The man had been so kind, and had not asked for anything in return apart from a few pieces of fruit.  Well that was the problem really wasn’t it.  Why? In his musings Tojzek failed to spot the real danger; three rough-looking men hovering in the background, watching his sister with greedy eyes.

"He said to wrap it around myself, but I don't really see why, do you? But anyway, we're going to be warm tonight, aren't we Tojz? What did you have to do for him? He gave you money, didn't he? I saw he did! Are we going to eat?"  Jituska’s fast-spaced chatter was answered with a grin and a nod from her brother.  “Yes, ‘tuska, we’ll be warm and we’ll have something good to eat too, look what he gave me!”  Tojzek showed her the copper coins nestling like tiny jewels in his pale hand.  “And he only wants some fruit for his horse.”  The boy did not share his worry with her, she would only dismiss it as stupid anyway.  She glanced towards the man in black, now talking to the kind horseman.  "Go on, go run your errand, I will wait for you here." He nodded once more, he’d better be go and be back before the man left, otherwise they could be searching for him for hours.

“Ok ‘tuska, don’t stray far and be careful.”  The little girl probably didn’t need to be told, but it made Tojzek feel better for saying it.  Leaving her alone was not something he liked very much, but he would not be gone long and what could happen to her on a busy street like this?  Tucking a loose strand of hair gently behind her ear, he turned to go and walked right past the three men he had missed before.

Not even three dashes away from where his sister was gaining a few coins, Tojzek found what he had been looking for.   A practical, rough-looking cart stood at one side of the street, horse dozing patiently in the bright sunlight.  The make-shift stall was loaded with local fruit, nothing exotic but fresh and fairly good quality.  The seller watched Tojzek as he came closer, or rather took one look at his dirty, torn clothing and watched the boy’s hands instead.  Feeling a little put off, but not willing to find another stall, Tojzek purchased severn big, round apples, carefully picking out ones without holes or bruises.  Handing over a copperbard for the items, he took one out of the paper bag and began to munch hungrily on its tart firm flesh as he made his way back.  An errand completed, breakfast for them both, and a few copper bards still in his pocket.  Not a bad start to the day.

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Altario felt a dagger pierce his heart, with the words that the man in black had said.  The faces of Riz and Nayriss flashed across his memory.  Anger stirred in his heart.  What did this man know of them?  His eyes misted over.

No, there had to be something more to this.  It was more covering the truth with lies.  Too many ears here?  Riz was right; there was something here, something below the surface.  What?  And his part?

He forced a smile, weak though he knew it must be.  "Fine, my friend.  They are both just fine.  As for the poor... well, everyone needs a helping hand at some time in their-"  He glanced back at the girl out of reflex, and saw that she was engaged in conversation.  Something did not look right about it. 

His face turned back to Commander Scar, and a knowing gaze and a nod of his head in the girls direction was all he needed to show a fellow warrior.  The commander would know.  Altario turned horse about, planning to make his way through the throng of people to get back to the girl.  He could feel the hairs on the back of his neck beginning to rise.

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Roget was startled when the girl pulled a knife out and pointed it at him. He quickly stood up and backed a ped away as he watched the girl slowly crawl up the wall, her back pressed tightly against it. Jakal saw the knife as well and swore, but then he saw the knife wavering in the girls hand.

He laughed; a mean cruel laugh. "Hey Roget, little girlie has a knife, but she donch know how to use one." He brandished his own and with speed and dexterity he swept it around in large circles and then small ones; he would thrust the blade forward, like a snake attacking its victim and then pull back and ever so slowly circle the shiny blade, much like a cobra's head would waver before it would strike.

Roget's fear of the knife the girl carried and pointed at him melted away and raw anger replaced it.

Finally with a quivering voice she spoke."Look, I don't know any MadCaps and I didn't know I wasn't allowed to beg." She pointed at the coins that lay scattered between them. "That's all there is, I swear, I didn't pick anything up yet. Take what you want, I don't care, but I'm not going to let you hurt me, and neither is Tojz. He's gonna be back soon and then he's going to protect me and he's not going to let you do that to me again."

"Everyone knows the MadCaps! We rule the city and we don't like strangers," Jakal said as he picked up the few coins out of the slush, keeping a wary eye on the girls knife. She may not know how to use it properly, but you could always get lucky just stabbing it and Jakal did not want the girl to get lucky.

"Less'n they be nice," Roget added. "You be nice girlie. I like you. donch want to hurt you," he said as he closed in on her.

"Tojz? Ah, your boyfriend, perhaps?" Asked Jakal. "He is going to rescue you," He laughed. "Roget, girlie has a boyfriend and is going to rescue her from us so that we cannot do what you have done already," Jakal said, wondering if the girl was right in the head. "Don't ya worry your little head about him, we will give him a nice welcome too," he added.

Roget, halted his advance upon the girl. He looked stupified at Jakal. "I no do anything to girlie, Jakal...yet."

"Perhaps she be a mind reader, Roget." Jakal said laughing.

Roget took a step back. "She be a what?" he asked looking at the girl suspiciously.

"A mind reader," Jakal said. "She knows what you are thinking," he explained. Jakal knew there were no such people, but he could not help but have fun at his freinds expense.

Roget's heavy brows furrowed as he thought about what Jakal told him and then he laughed. "You funn'in me, Jakal. Only Roget knows what Roget's thinking." Then very fast for a man his size he pinned the girls knife arm against the wall, but not before she nicked him first.  He howled and then one massive hand was around her wrist and the other was heading for her neck when a sharp whistle snapped both Roget's and Jakal's head around.

They looked to where Taloon should have been standing, but he was not there. Jakal scanned the crowd and then saw Taloon weaving his way through the crowd trying to stay hidden. Jakal and him, locked eyes for just a moment, but it was enough.

Jakal turned and looked at the man on the horse advancing upon them and right besides him was Commander Scar. Jakal swore under his breath; he completely forgot about those two and besides what would they want with a scrawny girl and her boyfriend anyway?

"Roget, trouble. Scar!" Jakal said.

Roget's face turned chalky white when he heard the name, Scar. He looked at Jakal with fear in his eyes.
"Scar, bad man. Scar hurt Roget. Hurt friends. Hurt MadCaps."

"Scar coming this way, pick up girl!" Jakal ordered.

Roget tried to scoop the girl in his arms.


Taloon had been slightly watching what was going on between the girl and his companions while keeping an eye out for the boy and one eye on the stranger upon the horse and the Commander.  Out of one corner of his eye he saw the boy coming back with an half eaten apple in his hand and a pleased expression on his face. Taloon was about to intercept the boy, when he saw the man on the horse heading toward his companions. What in Coor's name, did he want? Taloon wondered. It did not matter anyway, for the Commander had joined him. Taloon had several decisions to make.

He quickly gave the whistle of danger and then began weaving through the crowd, hiding himself amongst them; a trick he was taught and was very exceptional at, as he made a round about way to intercept the boy and try to figure out a way to slow down the stranger and the Commander.

A small cart with fruits and vegetables was being slowly pulled down the street by a donkey. Its owner hawking its wares from the back.  The stranger and the Commander were parting the street as they advanced upon his companions when Taloon stepped out from among the crowd just enough to stick the donkey with his knife in its rear haunches.

The donkey jumped into the air, braying loudly and dumping his owner along with the carts cargo all over the street.  The owner, a old man fell face first into the dirty cold slush of mud and snow.  The donkey continued to bray and buck all over the street; scattering fruit and veggies as well as people all over the street. The braying of the donkey started other donkey's and even placid horses to bray and neigh and as the runaway donkey and cart came near another stall, its donkey or horse would shy and try and run away; dragging its cart and owner's goods along with them.

Soon the street was mass chaos. Taloon smiled and melted back into the crowd and finding the boy, who had been a bit startled when everything happened sidled up to him. Taloon drew his knife and jabbed it into the boys ribs; not enough to break the skin, but enough to let the boy he meant buisness. "Be quiet and follow me or else your girlfriend will have a nasty accident, understand?" Taloon asked in a low voice.

When all of the ruckus started Jakal turned back and smiled. "That should hold you off Scar," he mumbled. He looked at Roget who was having a problem with the girl. She was actually fighting him. "Roget knock her out and lets get out of here!" Jakal said loudly.

Roget nodded and swung a massive fist at the side of the girls head, hoping to knock her out.


Damien saw Altario's eyes glower at him and then understanding.  "Fine, my friend.  They are both just fine.  As for the poor... well, everyone needs a helping hand at some time in their-"

"I am glad for them. And yes, the poor we will always have..."  Damien stopped talking and saw the nod of Altario's head. He followed the nod and saw the girl whom Altario had given his blanket to and he also saw danger. MadCaps!

Altario had turned his horse around and was heading back toward the girl. Damien followed besides him, his long legs keeping pace with the horse as it walked steadily toward the girl.

Suddenly Damien heard a whistle. He snapped his head around looking for its owner. He had heard that whistle many a time before. Those two who were by the girl had a lookout. Damien's black agate eyes scanned the crowd and could barely see a body with a light brown haired head attached to it weaving and disappearing among the crowd. "Altario, quickly head for the girl. She is in danger," Damien yelled as he took off in a dead run toward the last spot where he had seen the elusive lookout.

The crowd parted as he ran their way, but suddenly the braying of a donkey and its antics filled the air and the street. When the owner of the braying donkey fell face first in the slush, the crowd roared with laughter as the old man came up sputtering oaths and slush from his mouth.  The donkey along with its hapless cart and cargo was splayed all over the street and Damien's way was blocked as people shoved others out of their way to avoid being trampled themselves.  Soon other animals and their carts and cargo along with their screaming owners joined the fray.

Damien swore. He lost his quarry.

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Altario heard the commander's call that the girl was in danger, then watched as the man broke away from him and went into the crowd, which at this time was in chaos, as a donkey and cart had begun to run amok.  Altario cursed.  He looked at the girl again, and thought he spotted a knife being displayed.  She was in danger, that much was evident.  He tried to force Horse through the crowd, but it was becoming more difficult by the blink. 

Frustrated, Altario jumped off his mount.  If he tried to get there on Horse, he would end up trampling people.  He dropped the reins and moved in and out the crowd, gripping his scabbard; sword safely within.  He kept lifting himself onto tip toes, straining to see over the heads of the people, trying to keep the girl in his sight, which was becoming more and more difficult with the confusion in the streets. 

Finally, he stopped.  His head snapped one way, then the other.  He was sure this was the spot he saw them, but the girl and the other's were no where in sight.  He cursed again,.

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Jituska lost all ability of speech to the fear as one of the men brandished a knife of his own - much more skilfully than the pathetic thing she was holding in her hand. There was so much she could have answered him - That everyone who was actually from Voldar knew the MadCaps, but she wasn't. That Tojzek was her brother, not her boyfriend. That she wasn't stupid, she could read minds only so far as that she could read the expressions on their faces.

Then the stupidest of the two men moved. She only had time to move the hand that held the knife. Somehow she felt it connect, which made her satisfied for about one second. When her hand was pinned against the wall, however, the satisfaction quickly evaporated. Oh no, oh no, oh no. It was all she could think; Oh no, not now, not ever. She felt, more than saw him move again, closing a hand in on her throat. No no no! She didn't know why he stopped moving, she hadn't heard the whistle, so immersed was she in the thought that she couldn't let it happen, even as she knew that she was defenceless.

She did hear the other one order Roget to pick her up. A chance to escape? Instead of letting herself be bodily picked up, she started fighting with all her strength. Which was admittedly not much, compared to the big man that was trying to lift her, but it was enough to stall him. Maybe she could even dive into the crowd, if he ever let go of her wrist for a moment. He was hurting her there, but she was too busy fighting him off to pay attention to it. Actually, by now he'd probably bruised her in places she didn't want to think about, but she didn't feel it, too intent on trying to escape. The other thing she didn't notice... Jakal's cry to knock her out.

She noticed what he was doing just at the last moment, as his fist came down. She tried to dodge. She tried her very best to be quick enough to evade the falling fist. Unfortunately, because of the position of her head at the moment the man lifted his hand, the jerk backwards caused her head to come right into the path of the fist. She felt it connect to the side of her head, and she felt her head snap backwards, she was unable to stop it. It caused her to look down for a second, where she saw the fallen blanket and backpack. Someone should pick that up. She thought. Then: I'll come back for it. Whatever thought was going to come after that escaped her. It flew up and up, like a little butterfly flapping its wings from flower to flower. She wanted to catch it, but could only watch helplessly as it flew ever higher and higher. It was a pretty sight. She lost herself in the sight of her thought flying up.

Her body became very limp very quickly, her eyes rolled back in their sockets. She never noticed how she was picked up and thrown over Roget's shoulder. She didn't wake up as he started running, away from the Commander and the stranger on his horse. Everything was dark for her, once her last thought had gone so far up that she couldn't see it anymore, but she kept looking up, hoping to see the pretty sight again.

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The fruit stall trundled slowly after Tojzek as he slipped in and out of the residents of Voldar.  A short, sharp whistle and a few extremely confusing seconds later, the peaceful street turned upside down.  First the donkey pulling the heavy cart screamed in pain, skitting forwards into another stall and sending most its delicate load rolling everywhere.  Several other equines in the street began to scatter too, reacting instinctively to the donkey’s cry for help by trying to flee.  People pushed frantically either to steal some of the bruised cargo or get away from the chaos.   Going for the former of these two options Tojzek stood for a few seconds, waiting for a gap in the crowd so that he could quickly stoop down and grab something.  It wasn’t as if he could go anywhere anyway – he had to find Jituska in this crush.

Suddenly, and seemingly from nowhere, Tojzek felt a sharp, hard, cold something pushed against his ribcage.  A knife.  His muscles tensed automatically in shock, and as the man spoke he made an effort to relax them, to seem more in control of the situation.  "Be quiet and follow me or else your girlfriend will have a nasty accident, understand?" the man ordered him.  His girlfriend?  What?  Why did this man think he had……oh, Jituska. The young boy’s fisted clenched as he tried to hold himself still - his thoughts turning towards his own knife lying uselessly in his bag.

“Who the hell are you, and what do you want with us.” he demanded clearly, not even stopping to question how the man had made the connection between him and Jituska.  Had they been watched?  Why had he not noticed? He kept his voice low too, but was unable to prevent it from trembling slightly in anger, fuelled by the thought of someone harming his sister.  The small point of the knife held him fixed to the spot; the only thing which was preventing him attempting to throttle this man until he told him where Jituska was.

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Altario helplessly searched the faces of the crowd, but there was no one here he recognized; no one here that could help.  He pushed himself along further along the wall.  Suddenly he spied his bedroll on the ground, laying next to a pack.  He hurried over to them and knelt down, gathering them into his arms.  His head snapped in one direction, then another, trying to see where the girl had went, but it was of no use.

Dammit!  He stood and searched the crowd, holding the pack aloft.  "Damien!  Damien, I have found something!"    He started working his way back through the throng of people, back to where Horse stood quietly by.  He vaulted himself up into the saddle, getting an advantage of height over the crowd, but still, there was no sign of the girl or her brother.

The parallels between this unknown girl and Nayriss were startling.  Whoever she was, she was in danger, taken away from the safety of her family, even if all that was her family was her brother.  Who was here to find here, if her brother was taken as well?  As of right now, Altario would search for her.  If he searched for her, if he could find her, deliver her home safe, then in a way, it was helping Nayriss.  Maybe someone out there was searching for her and helping her.  Altario could only hope.

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“Who the hell are you, and what do you want with us,”  the boy demanded.

Taloon snarled and pushed the knife in a bit deeper. "I do not like the tone of your voice boy and if you do not want to have your insides spilled all over this lovely gray mush and then my friends will have a good time with your girl whether you like it or not for you will be dead. so, if you want to see her again you had better shut up and go where I tell you to. Now move, into that alley!" Taloon ordered, pointing the boy in the direction he wanted him to go, jabbing the knife in the boys ribs to emphasize his point.


Damien's black eyes mirrored his dispostion as he not so gently shoved people out of his way as he tried to somehow see the man who had whistled.  He then heard his name and whipped his head around. Altario was yelling about he found something.  Damien did another quick scan of the crowd, who were now parting as best as they could and still avoid the fruit, and other cargo that had been spilled on the street by the donkey.

Damien headed for Altario's voice frustration rippling throughout his body.  He finally reached Altario's side. "They are gone. I am almost sure that whoever took the girl also took the boy, they are part of an underground society of thugs, thieves, whores, murderers and all sorts of scum called the MadCaps," Damien said to Altario matter of factly.

He paused, "Do you see anything up there, as you have the advantage of height?" Damien asked.

Damien did not think so or else he was sure Altario would not be just sitting on his horse but would be moving towards the girl. Damien wondered why the girl would stir up such emotion from Altario? Well, he really did not know the man so his reasons could be many or just one.

A voice cried out and Damien swivled his head toward the noise. The old man who was owner of the wayward donkey was moaning and crying next to his donkey who was lying down in the street, the broken remnants of the cart that his heels had broken scattered around him and the yoke still attached to his neck.

Damien walked over to the man who looked up at him with tears in his eyes. "My Prue! My Prudence is dead. Why? Why would someone kill my Prue?" He wailed.

Damien knelt down and examined the donkey's flank. The wound was not over large but it had gone deep and had severed a main artery and the donkey with its frantic bucking in pain just made his heart beat faster; pumping out his life's blood that much quicker, until he bled to death.  Damien reached into his purse and pulled out a silverbard and handed it to the man. "Here, this should help you purchase another," Damien said as the man stared in wonder at the coin and then back at Damien.

"Commander, you did not do this thing. Why do you give me this? I could never repay such a sum," the old man said trying to give the coin back.

Damien stood up, refusing the coin and closing his fist around the man's. "Let's just say it is one neighbor helping out another and you need not repay me. When I catch the one who killed your Prue, I will exact my price from him," Damien said with steel in his voice.

The old man swallowed hard for two reasons: one was for gratefulness and the other was that he was glad he was not the one who the Commander would be searching for.  He nodded, "Thank you Commander," He said as other merchants gathered around to help the old man.

Damien turned to go back to Altario, but found him sitting on top of his horse right behind him with a thoughtful expression on his face. "Let's go to Arth's and talk," Damien said, looking up at Altario's face."You can stay here and serach for the boy and girl but I doubt you will find them. If the MadCaps have them they have already spirited them away to their secret underground hide away. We will not find the boy and his sister today. I need to think and I need a drink, but it is your choice what you do," Damien said as began walking toward Arth's.

He did not want to give up the search anymore than he expected Altario did, but he knew it was useless to try and find them now.  What concerned Damien as he walked was why? And the viciousness of the perpetrators. He knew the leader of the MadCaps and they had an understanding. He will have to send a message to him using one of his contacts to find out where the boy and girl were, if it was the MadCaps that had abducted them. It could be someone else, but who?

Damien's stride became more determined as he walked.

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Anger prevented Tojzek from flinching as the man threatened him once more with thoughts of his sister’s suffering whilst grinding the knife further into his ribs.  He briefly considered turning on the man, but it would probably leave him with a fatal stab wound, and even if he got away, how would he know where to find Jituska?  Wordlessly he allowed himself to be steered by the thief, furious that he could not think of a better solution. He spotted the kind horseman as he walked, and silently willed the man to look in his direction, but no such luck.  In fact only person who noticed his plight was a woman clothed to the throat in dark purple, but she merely walked on by, clutching more tightly at her own purse.

Tojzek walked solidly towards the alley entrance, still carrying the bag of apples in one fist.  Just as they passed the place where he thought Jituska had been begging, something glinting in the morning sun caught his eye.  His knife!  Quickly dropping the apples right on top of the makeshift weapon (too quickly to be sure if it had really looked accidental) the boy twisted slightly away from the knife and stooped slowly down to pick up the bag, careful not to seem like he was attempting to run for it, but determined to retrieve his prize.  Grabbing the knife through the paper bag, and holding it close to his leg in an attempt to make sure it was hidden from the man, he rose gradually again.  His heart pumped in exhilaration at his cheekiness.  He was sure he would pay for it.

“I’m not going hungry” he said defensively, taking the cheeky-youngster act one step further, but submitting now submitting himself to the man's directions.  Let the man take him to where Jituska was, and then they would be able to attempt to escape.

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Taloon was no fool and when the boy just happend to drop his scarf of apples on the ground and pick them up Taloon was sure the boy was up to something, but he did not see anything out of the ordinary. It was just the dropping of the scarf of apples a bit too convienent. Taloon half listened to the boy say something about not starving and pushed him along into the alley.

He led the boy down the alley, turned one way into another and then turned again and then suddenly in front of them were Jakal and Roget. Roget had a burlap sack with something inside of it thrown over his shoulder.  Jakal trotted up to Taloon, staring at the boy. "Is this the girls boyfriend?" He asked.

Taloon nodded. "Yeah, and Roget has the girl?" he asked.

Jakal nodded and twisted his head toward Roget who was walking toward them. Jakal grinned at the boy. "You have a spirited girlie, boy," he said and then turned and spoke to Taloon. "She pulled a knife on us, though you could see she did not know how to use one. I scared her enough and then Roget grabbed her wrist until she dropped it and then knocked her out.  We took her into the alley, bagged her and then waited for you. What are we going to do with the boy?" He asked.

Taloon thought about what Jakal had told him, especially about the knife, and then threw the boy against a wall. "Bag him!" Taloon ordered, "and quickly."

Jakal moved as quick as a cat and closed in on the boy and hit him over the head with a short stubby heavy cudgel. The boy sank to the ground and Jakal pulled out another sack and put it over the boy and both he and Taloon lifted the unconcious boy up and put him on Roget's other shoulder.

Roget grunted a little and readjusted the added weight, grinned and then they all took off, taking twisting turns every now and then as they went down one alley then the next.

"You sure did a job on the Commander and his friend, Taloon," Jakal said as they walked.

Taloon snarled, "If I hadn't you two would be in the dungeon or worse! I don't think they knew each other, but the stranger on the horse sure was interested in the girl. I wonder why?" Taloon mused.

"I suppose so. Thank you Taloon," Jakal said.

"Yeah tanks," Roget added.

"Never mind," Taloon said. "Still I wonder why the stranger was so interested in the girl?"

"Perhaps he thought she was a whore," Jakal offered.

Taloon hit him on the back of his head. "Stupid, if he thought she was a whore why would he give her a blanket and give coins to her boyfriend? No, something else about this girl drew that stranger to her."

Jakal rubbed his head as he thought of what Taloon had said. He glanced back at Roget, "Did you pick up that blanket and the pack she was carrying?" he asked.

Roget stopped suddenly, a frown creasing his mouth. His heavy brows furrowed.

"Dammit Roget. Do I have to think of everything?" Jakal yelled.

"Sorry Jakal. Should I go back and get it?" Roget asked, turning around.

"You could not think your way out of a wet sack, Jakal. And Roget are you planning on carrying those two all the way back to Cedric's street where the Commander is probably still searching for them?" He asked in disgust. 

"Oh, I did not think about that, Taloon," Roget answered.

Jakal just stood there, glaring at Taloon's back. He did not like being called stupid. Roget was stupid, not him.

"Do not worry about the blanket or the pack. Even if the Commander or stranger finds them they cannot lead them to us," Taloon said. "Let's get going," he ordered.

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Madcaps.  Altario scowled at the name.  If they were that well known, why not ferret them out and take care of the problem.  It seemed simple enough to him, but then, in Altario's mind, most things were black or white.  He believed in very few shades of grey.

He took another quick look about.  "No, Commander, they've just vanished."  He turned back to the man in black, but Scar had retreated to where the old donkey owner stood next to where his animal lay on the ground.  Altario watched the warrior kneel next to the beast, then give the old man some coin.  He could not hear the conversation, but he could guess as to what it was about.

As Scar returned, a simple smirk crossed Altario's features.  "Seems I am not alone in this soft spot for the poor."    He then listened to Scar's plan, frowning.  No, he did not wish to leave, but another cursory look about told Altario that the commander was right.  They were gone.  If they hoped to find them, they would need a plan.  He paused, wishing there was another way.  Sighing, he dug his heels into Horse's flanks.

He followed along with the commanders long stride pace.  He could not help but feel respect for the man.  He carried himself well.

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"Seems I am not alone in this soft spot for the poor," Altario said to him.

Damien gave a small smile and shrugged his shoulders. "Just one neighbor helping out another," he said as he walked.

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The bustle of the street was all around them as they stepped out of an alleyway. Placing a on hand each on the scrawny shoulders of the kids, he maneuvered them to a small niche behind the many stalls. Turning to face both of them, he started to lecture them about their job.

"You two. I don't give a damn what you do, I don't care what or how you steal anything, just get me back 2 ods worth of valuables. You get caught, scream. I'll be there somehow, I'll get you both out. When you got the stuff, come back here. Watch out for guards, don't get killed, and if you don't get the assigned quota..."

Taloon left the sentence hanging. He always found it more effective if he let people fill in the blanks; their imagination always conjured up something worse that what he could have said. Grabbing their shoulders again, Taloon pushed both roughly into the crush of the crowd outside. Stepping out behind them, he gave both kids a gruff pat on the head, before moving forwards.

In the blink of an eye, he had melted into the surrounding sea of humans, and was now gone. Jitsuka and Tojzek were alone.

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The small blonde girl looked up at Taloon with big brown eyes as he explained what it was they were supposed to do. Steal two ods of valuables? All right... but how was she to know how much two odds was? Everything money-related was always taken care of by Tojzek. And at home she'd never learned how to calculate or even read. However, the thief didn't seem in a particular hurry to give more explanation, so she just nodded her understanding and turned around, facing her brother.

"I think we'll attract less attention if we separate. I'll be careful, and so should you. Good luck, Tojz. I won't be gone long." With that, she stood up on tippy-toes and gave her brother a quick peck on the cheek. Then, without waiting for an answer from him she disappeared into the crowd of people who had come out to enjoy the sunshine. She was fairly certain he would object to her going off on her own, after he'd so recently convinced the thieves to let her stay close to him, but she knew that she'd have most success if she was alone.

Perhaps her skinny frame or lanky dress drew the attention of one or two ladies, but all they did was look at her for a moment, shake their heads, and continue their shopping. Besides, it wasn't as if she was the only streetchild in a big city like Voldar. She was hardly the exception. So for the most part, she was able to remain unnoticed as she stepped here and there, deciding who would be her victim. In the end, she decided on a rather well-dressed man who was talking to a stall-owner, apparently haggling over something - Jituska didn't care to see what. She chose him for a very specific reason - namely that he had been the one she'd bumped into earlier that day, when she'd been trying to get a closer look at the man dressed in black. He'd given her that arrogant reaction, and now she would get him back. The other reason, of  course, was the very fat purse that he'd so carelessly hung on his belt - just too far to really keep an eye on it.

She decided that she was coming from the wrong direction to steal from him - the stall owner would probably see her. She crossed the street, went on a little, then doubled back on the right side of the street again. Now she was coming to him from just the right angle, she thought. She made sure that she made no furtive movements, but not to walk too carefree either - she was just a child without a particular goal, but no reason to linger. The distance between her and her prey slowly decreased until she was so close that she could actually touch him. With deft fingers, she untied the purse, grabbed a few coins, all in the space of a moment. She even found the time to close the purse again - more or less. It would depend on the man whether or not he noticed that something had happened. She didn't wait to find out, instead walking on at the same pace as before, disappearing out of view of the stall before the owner of the purse decided to take it.

In a quiet corner she looked at the coins that she'd pickpocketed. However, the only reaction this caused was a frowning of her eyebrows. So did she have two ods or not? There were some small round coins, and some triangular ones, and there were a few squares. However, she had no idea how much she was holding in her hand, so she decided to just give it all to Taloon and see if she would need to steal something else. When she arrived back at the place where he'd sent them out, she couldn't see him, but she was fairly sure he was around here somewhere - that's what he'd said. So she waited, trying to be as unobtrusive as she could.

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Tojzek kept his eye on the older man as they walked steadily after him.  He wondered idly what would happen if he would just grab Jituska’s hand once more and disappear into the crowds.  There were so many people in this city, would the gang really be able to find them again?  Dark, frustrated eyes glanced at down to the girl at his side….no, he didn’t quite dare risk it, at least not when the quick-fingered Taloon was about.  The boy had seen how fast he could move before, and was wary to test it out again.  Maybe if he waited a little while some other poor soul would step into the man’s path. 

They were led quickly and efficiently back to the same street they had come from earlier.  At first Tojz did not realise this, but he recognised the place where the apple-cart had stood.  People were avoiding walking through the area and a gap in the crowd showed him why; a large blood stain darkened the cobbles.  No-one had been to clear it up yet.  This seemed strange to the young man, as if so much had changed in the last few hours that the small amount of time which had passed was simply not enough to contain it all.  But here was the proof right in front of them.

Taloon spoke the usual intimidating line or two, ordering them to find something worth two ods.  Somehow the threats had less weight out here in the sunshine though, without enclosing walls or ring of men.  Tojz cursed all the fairy tales he had ever heard – daylight had not helped the wretched donkey had it?  Jituska said something, but he hadn’t quite been concentrating, and in the moment it took him to replay the words in his head she had quickly landed a kiss on his cheek and run off.  A shout formed in his throat but he cut it back, not wanting to draw attention to himself or bring the now-invisible Taloon running.  Damn it, where had she gone!?  What if she got caught?  Would the other man help her or slit her throat for being so careless?  Tojz stood quietly to one side of the road, getting his bearings and calming his fluttering heart down.

A couple of minutes later and the strange look from a nearby stallholder made him realise it was time to get going.  He could not do anything for Jituska right now accept find those two ods and hope for the best, so he began walking purposefully down the street as if he was on the way to a real job.  However, his eyes were constantly scanning stalls as he went, checking for badly-guarded wares which were never-the-less small and easy to carry.  A jewellery stall caught his eye but as he moved towards it the craftsman watched him like a hawk, so he walked on. 

Nearly at the end of the rows of stalls, where they were thinning out a little, he spotted something with potential.  The little covered table was covered in hideously-decorated potter;, vases, plates, bowls etc.  On the pretence of avoiding a horse which its master was attempting to push down the street, the young boy backed up to the display, and quickly whipped his hand out to grab whatever it was on the end of the table, stowing it equally speedily in his pocket.  Unfortunately the man on the horse choose just that moment to look around at him, and shouted out to the stall owner, pointing at Tojz.  However, in the few moments of confusion where everyone was trying to work out what everyone else meant, the young thief had stepped unobtrusively into one of the alleyways.  Knowing he had only a minute or so before people realised what had happened, Tojz climbed nimbly onto a pile of firewood and then hauled himself onto a low section of roof.  This covered an outhouse of one of the much taller buildings, and he lifted himself rather forcefully, swinging his legs and body over the edge.  Fear gave him strength and speed, and he was quickly hidden on top of the crumbling stone work – his heart beating fast and his side throbbing from where he had landed rather heavily.  No time to investigate that now however, he was stuck on the roof until the cry died down a little and people gave up looking.  He hoped Jituska had faired better than him and that she wouldn’t worry too much when he didn’t come back for a while.

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Roget still smarting from the dressing down from Horace and still lusting after the young girl Jituska decided to watch her from a discreet distance of course, he did not want Taloon to see him. His pale brown eyes followed every move she made, every swing of her hips, though she was so skinny there was not much of a swing, but he imagined the woman she would turn out to be; with full pouty lips, a swing in her hips and with her blonde hair; she would make any man turn his head her way.  He just wanted that man to be him, but no, Horace stopped his fun. One day old man, like Taloon always says, one day there will come a reckoning and I plan on doing the wrecking. Roget laughed to himself as he continued to watch.

He had to give the girl credit. At first she seemed that she was just going to beg from some old rich broads but she continued on and the broads paid her no attention, like as if she were not even there. Then he saw her pick out her target. An arrogant man who had a healthy purse that hung so invitingly on his waist. Any thief with a good sharp knife could cut those strings and be off and disappear in the crowd before anyone knew what had happened. But Roget knew that the girl did not have a knife!

He crept closer to see what she would do.

She began walking toward the man, but then stopped, paused as if she were thinking, and then crossed the street and came up behind the man instead. Roget at first was puzzled by this when he noticed the stall owner's position. He smiled inwardly, she was smart. Even if she had been lucky enough to get the man's purse the stall owner definately would have seen her do so and she would have lost a hand, if not two, depending upon how influential the target was.

Roget watched and almost jumped up with glee and admiration as he saw the girl actually untie the man's purse, snatch her hand inside and then in a move that even Roget would not thought possible; she tied the pouch back up and then left and melded in with the crowd.

Roget walked away shaking his head...either she was that good, or she had been lucky. Problem was, he did not know which?

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Roget found Taloon with one foot leaning against a stone wall in the shadow of a building cutting off pieces of an apple with his knife. He was wearing a non-descrip, weather worn dusky brown cloak over the same colored pants. The cloak hung almost to his knees. Roget thought for a thief that a cloak that hung that low would hinder, not help, but the cloak was not what it looked liked, at least not inside, where it counted. Inside were many hidden pockets and slits that Taloon could pull his hands out of and in after taking someone's purse and never be discovered, even if he stood right next to the person he stole from.

Roget strolled up to him. "You would not believe what I just saw?"

Taloon popped a slice of apple into his mouth and began to chew. "What?" he asked.

"The girl, she stole some money and..."

"So what? Where is she and how much did she get?" Taloon asked interrupting Roget.

"I do not know. but what I was going to say was how she did it. I did not think there was anyone that good except perhaps you and the Cat," Roget said eagerly.

Taloon swallowed. "What did she do?" He asked, his curiosity now peeked.

"She's smart, that one. She picked her target, a man with a heavy purse hanging on his belt. A thief like myself could have taken it with one quick swipe of a sharp knife, but the girl does not have a knife, remember?"

"Yeah, so what did she do?" Taloon asked, now fully interested.

"She came up behind the guy, untied his purse, snatched a few coins out of the purse and then she tied it back up again and all with several blinks and the guy did not even notice! What do you think about that?" Roget asked proudly as if he had done the deed himself.

Taloon's face became thoughtful and then he pushed off the wall. "I have an idea, but first lets see how much money she got and how her brother did. I heard some commotion farther down where he was headed. I hope he did not get caught. It would be a shame for someone so young to lose a hand so early."

And then he laughed. A very cruel laugh.

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Taloon with Roget besides him went in search for Jit, as they called her for her full name was a bit difficult pronounce. They found her where Taloon had told her to go. She was waiting for Taloon but shied away and pressed her back to the wall when she saw Roget with Taloon. Taloon saw the reaction.

"Roget, why don't you go get something to eat or something while I talk to Jit. Seems she does not like you for some reason," he said with a smile.

Roget scowled. "I don't want to go. I want to see how much she got from that man, besides she is so purty." He grinned at Jit.

"That was not a request, Roget. Now go!" Taloon ordered, with steel in his voice.

Roget looked up at Taloon was about to say something but changed his mind, shrugged his shoulders and sauntered off down the street.  He was very angry and his thoughts turned to killing someone. Perhaps the next person I meet or steal from will lose his life as well.

Taloon watched Roget go down the street for awhile and then turned his attention back to Jit. "Roget told me some interesting story about you. How much did you get from the man you stole from?" He asked her.

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Tojzek lay flat on the low roof, horribly aware of the bright sunlight making his hiding place only safe from below.  If anyone looked out of the windows or even stuck their head over the wall he had hefted himself over, he would be spotted.  On the other hand if he moved, the danger was that he would slip on the slippery surface and the noise would draw someone to him.  Fear and tension made his heart beat faster, and the skin on his wrist was tingling.  He had a nasty suspicion that the punishment for stealing in this city would be the same as in Calamad.  The digits on his right hand twitched in horror at the thought, and he wished Jituska were nearby.  Somehow when he was busy worrying for her, he couldn’t be so concerned about his own fate.  But even with the turbulent thoughts circling around his skull his body remained almost completely still.  Taught, wiry muscles took the strain of the uncomfortable position and adrenalin gave them extra stamina.

After around ten minutes the thud of his heart began to slow, and he noticed the pain in his side was a little sharper than a usual bruise.  Raising himself ever so slightly up from the roof, pale brown eyes scanned the right hand side of is form.  New, fresh blood dribbled from a deep-looking cut, the pieces of his broken prize  lay underneath him, a few tiny shards still imbedded in his flesh.  Mentally swearing at his poor luck and skill, Tojzek shuffled quietly away from them and into what little shadow there was.  Unfortunately there was little he could do about the injury now – he didn’t even want to sit up in order to remove the pottery pieces - flat was better.  Great.  Not only had he almost got caught, he nothing to show for it except a bleeding wound.  Berating himself for his clumsiness at least heled calm his nerves a little.

What Tojzek reckoned to be around thirty minutes had past, and he could hold himself still no longer.  Listening intently to the sounds below, he crept towards the side of the roof, leaving a fresh blood mark where he had been lying.  Lifting himself once more on his elbows, he peered cautiously out onto the little alleyway below.  Tense and concentrating on keeping as still as he could, the boy unconsciously held his breath too as he scanned the area below him.  Was it safe to slip away from his hiding place yet?

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Jakal had been sent by Taloon to keep an eye on the boy. He watched as the boy clumsily took some pottery from a stand. He smiled cruely when the sounds of outrage met his ears and he saw the boy run.

He followed a discreet distance and suddenly the boy had disappeared and the crowd was searching the alleyway's and other streets. Jakal stood at the corner of the alley where they boy ran into and then had mysteriously disappeared. Jakal slowly went down the alley, checking back doors which were locked from the other side. He was confused. Where did the boy go?

He went back down the alley again thinking...and then he looked up and saw several tiles of one of the roofs disturbed and one was cracked.  Of course those things could have happened naturally, with the weather and all but Jakal was sure that the boy had somehow swung his way up on the roof and was either hiding up there or had scampered over the roof and was someplace else.

Jakal slowly looked over the situation and concluded the boy must be hiding up there. The sun was too bright, and if the boy had tried to scamper over the roof he would have been seen. The boy was smart to lay flat upon the roof until the crowd looking for him left.

Jakal looked down and up the alley to make sure no one was looking his way or coming his way. It was clear.

He called up softly, "The way is clear boy. Come on down and let's get out of here before someone comes along."

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Post by: Tojzek Kouba on February 17, 2008, 01:03:42 AM
The few words uttered from the small street below caused Tojzek’s body to freeze automatically, halting the slow and steady motion of raising his head higher from the tiled roof.   However, as his mind deciphered the words themselves and the unpleasantly familiar face, he pushed himself into action.  Body no less tense than when he had spotted the man, Tojz nimbly swung his legs around and landed lightly and catlike in the street.  For a short moment the boy considered attempting to hide the blood from Jakal, but there was little point; the older man had no doubt noticed the dark stain his light blue shirt already. Instead Tojz took a look himself, smoothing the fabric around it and quickly whipping out the largest of the pieces.  The shard was only around the size of his thumbnail, and yet he felt unhappy about leaving it on the floor were anyone could see it. He tossed it down by the pile of wood which he had used to clamber onto the roof; down in the dark shadow where it would most likely be missed.

All the tiny actions had been completed with a fluid efficiency so that now when he turned back to Jakal, only a few moments had passed.  Tojz stood in front of this man, his face showing the hatred from the cellar before, but slightly softened with relief.  It was good to have someone watching his back, but then this was somewhat marred by who was forcing him to steal in the first place.  He folded his arms across his chest, covering the small wound, and waited for Jakal to speak.  The man probably knew the best way back to their little hideaway, and Tojz was not exactly in the mood for small talk.  Anything he said would only delay their arrival, and lying alone on the rooftop had only made him more anxious for Jituska.  He wanted to be sure she had not been caught.  And what would these men do to the two of them if they had both failed the mission? They would probably punish him somehow, and he was prepared for it, but what if they did something to hurt her?  Would they force her into the industry she had only just narrowly escaped?  Eyes fixed on Jakal’s chest, but glaring at it with a sharp, angry intensity, the boy waited.

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Post by: Jituska Kouba on February 17, 2008, 01:42:17 AM
Jituska glared at Roget as the two men approached, pressing back into the wall as he came closer. The other one, Taloon? told him to go away. Jituska felt relief washing over her, gratitude even, despite her knowledge that he'd been part of the group in the basement. One last glare at Roget's retreating back satisfied her, then she smiled at Taloon, who was asking her about what she stole. She shrugged, a bit nonchalantly, and extended her hand to give the coins in it to the thief. "I dunno how much it is. You'll have to count it, I don't know anything about money." Or calculating things in her head, for that matter, but she didn't tell him that, it was no business of his.

When she had given the coins to Taloon, she leaned back against the wall again, this time more relaxed than she had been. She looked to the left and to the right, trying to determine where her brother had gone and if he was coming back yet. If he was, he was not in sight yet, though, so she fixed her attention back on Taloon, waiting for him to tell her if she needed to steal more.

She sniffed as she waited, then wiped her nose with the back of her hand. Her throat was tickling, and started to feel... well, red was the only thing she could think of as a word for what it started to feel like. She knew it didn't actually look red on the outside, but she kinda imagined that was the colour on the inside. Red and starting to swell shut. She just knew that within days, probably even within hours, she was going to have difficulty eating anything. Ah well, she'd survive, like she'd survived all her other bouts of the cold.

She sniffed again, then coughed, trying to rid her throat of the tickly red feeling. She bit her lip for a moment in anticipation of Taloon's reaction, hoping for it to be a good one. She'd like to get some praise, and not for being 'purdy' and worthy of their... attention. The kind of attention that she wanted had nothing to do with their lower body, and everything with their words and the look in their eyes - not just these particular men, who'd made her feel horrible with their actions, who'd made her steal. She needed it from everyone, she needed to feel that what she'd done was good. She looked at his face intently, trying to read it as he counted. What would he say? Please let it be good...

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Jakal watched as the boy came off the roof. Jakal appraised the movement; the boy moved well, he did not face Jakal right away and seemed to be brushing himself off. Jakal was wondering if the boy was trying to hide some coin somewhere and his eyes narrowed as the boy turned to face him.

They boy was a bit disheveled, and held his hands in front of his chest and glared at Jakal. Jakal glared back, as if a boy was going to scare him, besides if the boy wanted help from someone watching his back he better cool off his attitude. In a way Jakal could sympathize with the boy, as he had been forced to steal himself or have his one of his fingers cut off by another leader of the MadCaps when he was about this boy's age, perhaps a bit younger, more about the age of the boy's sister he reckoned.

Jakal took another quick furtive glance up and down the alley and saw no one at the moment, but that did not mean that they were safe, for anyone could show up at anytime and usually it was at the wrong time. "Let's get going. You can show me what you stole after we move out of this area," Jakal ordered.

He gently shoved the boy forward and noticed the boy give a slight grimmace but quickly overcame it and began to walk where Jakal directed. 

Jakal led them through several streets and alleys and then made the boy stop. "Ok, this is good enough. Let's see what you got? And no holding back, if I think you're hiding something I'll gut you like a fish!" Jakal threatened.

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Taloon watched Jit glare at Roget as he left and then when he was gone, she seemed to loosen up a bit, she even smiled at him as she gave him a palmful of coins.

I dunno how much it is. You'll have to count it, I don't know anything about money."

Taloon looked at the coins and gave a slow whistle. There were at least one gold bard and several silver ones, not one coin was below a san. She had stolen what most thieves would consider a lord's ransom, and she had no idea what she had?  He looked at her suspiciously, but she gave no sign of lying to him as she wiped a runny nose with her sleeve.

"Little sis, I think you have the makings of a great thief. You did well, better than that, you did great! I think that Horace and the others will pay a bit more respect to you after I show them this. However, to be a good thief you need to know the value of what you stole. So, once we get back to headquarters I am going to have someone teach you," Taloon said a bit proudly of the girl, "let's get going. I wonder how your brother did? If he did as well as you did, then you both have made your "nobs."

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Stepping lightly after Jakal, Tojzek retained his angry countenance and kept his arms uncharacteristically wrapped around his form.  He followed as silently as possible, wanting nothing more than to see his sister again, and to clean the wound on his chest.  It was not large, or particularly deep, but he had enough experience of living on the streets to know how these things could go bad and turn far worse.  Maybe there was one good thing to having to live with these madmen – there was a chance of washing.  Perhaps.  And a small part of him was warming to the idea of back-up; someone wanted to give him protection, and had the means to do it.  The young man was used to being the only hope when violence threatened, and he bore it well, but just now, right here, it was nice to be putting a little of the responsibility in the armed man in front of him. 

Tojzek’s feet willed the man in front of him to go faster towards where he hoped Jituska was waiting.  No such luck.  A few streets from the convenient rooftop Jakal halted and Tojzek’s heart ftered once as the man turned towards him.  He quickly chided himself for the momentary blip of apprehension, and stood his ground.  There was no point putting off the inevitable after all, and the man’s harsh words left him in no doubt of what Jakal thought of him.  So much for enjoying the man’s support.

“I stole a decorated pot, but when I jumped onto the roof it smashed.”  Tojzek considered showing Jakal the blood on his side, but thought better of it.  Why make things worse?  “I’m not much of a pickpocket, sir”, the boy added, putting a little extra stress on “pickpocket”.  His eyes rested on the man’s chest again, although this time in slight embarrassement rather than anger.  Caught stealing without even anything to show for it?  Clumsiness was not a trait he was proud of, or one which he usually showed.  He waited once again, prepared for the older man’s retaliation, but refusing to show any snippet of fear.  Like always, he pushed it far down inside, breathing slowly and deeply and storing it encase a reaction was required.  If the man hit him, he would probably take the blow and the punishment to lessen their anger later, but if Jakal drew a knife he would want to get out of it’s path.

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Jakal listened and almost laughed when the boy told him the pot he stole was smashed when he jumped on the roof.

Jakal tried to keep angry but he could see a slight stain on the boys shirt and the boy continued wrapping his arms around his body. He also recalled the first time he tried to steal something and came away with nothing himself either; he had tried to steal a purse from a woman, but managed to only cut her dress, missing the purse strings and barely escaping from the guardsl.

"Well, lets see what kind of pot you would have, if you had not smashed it. Do you have any pieces of it? And why are you holding your arms and hands like that?" Jakal shot question and question at Toz.

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Post by: Tojzek Kouba on February 22, 2008, 08:03:47 PM
Tojz relaxed a little as the man made no move towards him, and the unhappy smile dropped a little as Jakal even seemed to smile a little.  Strange.  The man was not unkind he thought, but then his the memory of what had happened in the cellar came back to him and he dropped his eyes. It would take a long time for Tojz to forget just how he had been coerced into this.  And why wasn’t he angry?  The boy’s experience of working for people was one in which he often got clobbered for the smallest offence.  After all, who cared for the welfare of a street child?  Every job he got he was usually grateful beyond words for, this one he was the first he really wanted out of.  And yet….but no, these men were as unpredictable as the sea, they could turn nasty at literally any moment.  He had seen the way they acted together.

“No, I left the pieces on the roof” he reported to Jakal. Letting the tense breath gently from his lungs in a slightly resigned sigh, he moved his arms away from his chest, revealing the wound to the older man.  “I landed on the pot”, was his explanation.  There didn’t really seem to be the need for much more, and he was now not quite sure how this man was going to react.  Increasing worry for Jituska was not helping either, and his mind seemed slightly unable to focus on the situation; constantly reminding him that he should be heading back to his sister.  A foot twitched shakily, betraying his nervous impatience.

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The boy showed Jakal his wound after telling him he left the broken pieces of the pot on the roof. Jakal bent down and examined the wound. A piece of the pottery was jammed into the boys side and it was that that had caused his wound. Jakal took out his knife, looked up at the boy and said, "This might hurt a bit, but you have a piece of that pot you stole inbetween your ribs and it needs to come out before an infection starts. If you need to put the meat of your hand into your mouth or better yet, use this," Jakal said, as he cut off a small piece of leather off of his belt.

"Put that in your mouth and when I start probing around clamp your jaws on it and bite hard."

Jakal fished in his pockets until he found his flint, and some parchment. He started the fire and put his knife blade in it. He was glad he had listened carefully to Vika, their healer, as she had explained some emergency healing procedures.  He saw the boy looking at him curiously.

"This is to sterilize the blade so that when I cut into you, the blade is not only going to not give you any infection, but the heat of it will seal off the bleeding as well," Jakal said as he slowly turned his blade in the fire continuing to glance up and down the alleyway for intruders.

Finally the blade was hot enough. Jakal tore open the boy's shirt a bit more so he could see the wound better. The piece of pottery was just between the boys third and fourth rib as far as jakal could determine and there was a small part of it sticking out. That gave Jakal some hope that the piece was not that far in, of course, it could be a large piece and this little part was just the tip. Oh well, no time to ponder that right now, the time to get that piece of pottery out of the boys side was now.

Jakal looked up at the boy, "Ready?" he asked.

The boy stuffed the leather in his mouth and bit hard. He nodded his head and leaned back against the wall.

Jakal knew the boy was frightenend, but he gave no signs of it and that raised his estimation of the boy a few notches. He took his knife and began to work.

The boy made a small grunt and flinched when Jakal began but then there was nothing from him. Jakal worked as fast as he could and was pleased when he pulled the piece of pottery out of the boy's side. The piece was not as large as Jakal had feared, but still if it would have been left in there it could have caused an infection. Jakal was also quite surprised as most of the boy's bleeding had also stopped, I will be dammed, he thought, It actually works!

This was Jakal's really first time he had done such a thing and though Vika had told him what would happen, he had his doubts. But as he looked at the boy's side he was quite pleased and astonished at the same time.

Jakal quickly sheathed his knife, stood up and looked at the boy who was staring at him. The boy had watched everything and had hardly made any noise.

Again Jakal's estimation of the boy rose.  "It's over. Now we just need to have you seen by Vika, our healer to finish the job. Are you ok enough to walk?" Jakal asked.

The boy spit out the leather, nodded and began to walk; a bit unsteady, but he was walking on his own power as he wrapped his arm around himself, his hand pressing on the fresh wound.

Jakal came up behind him and began to reach for the boy to help him, but the boy shoved him away. "I can do it myself," he snarled.

Jakal backed off, surprised. He at least thought the boy would be thankful for what he had just done, but instead the boy seemed as angry as a nest of disturbed hornets. "You have no idea where you are going. Follow me," Jakal said, taking the lead, glancing back every now and then to make sure the boy was there and had not fallen or tried to escape as he led the way back to one of the many MadCap's hideout entrance ways.

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Cedric's street was crowded and noisy but Silver weaved his way through the crowd; some just took one look at the huge wolf and just stepped out of his way, others were not so kind and were going to object until they saw the orc with the huge hammer in his hands and a towering bearded man following the girl and the wolf.

A lady with noble bearing sneered as she watched the tro go by and remarked to her friend. "They will let anything and anyone in this city nowadays. I wonder if his Majesty even knows what is going on in his own city! Imagine, letting a dangerous animal roam loose and an orc! Who would have thought that our proud city would sink so so low? Let us go, Lady Gretchen, the stink around here is making me nauseus."

Seh'nara's elven ears picked up the conversation and she was about to reply but Silver barked and took off running down the street and she ran to keep up with him. She wondered what Grial and Altario had thought of the lady's remarks?  For herself she wanted to scratch the woman's eyes out and cut out her tongue; a thought she had never had before, for she was normally a kind person, but that woman just...just...

She dropped the thought because it distracted her from what she was doing and besides did not her sister tell her not to worry or concern herself what other's thought of her or of Silver; "be true to yourself, sis and that is all that matters," rang through Seh'nara's mind as she followed Silver.

Suddenly Silver stopped by a corner of a building he was sniffing all around; he went that way, then turned around and sniffed the corner again and went another way, suddenly he stopped, sat down, shook his head and sneezed. He sneezed again as he rose and went back to the corner. He was sneezing all the time now.

Seh'nara had stopped and was watching Silver and had first thought that Silver had lost the scent, then he found it again but went another way then when he stopped, sat down and began sneezing. She had no idea what was happening. She watched with concern as Silver came back to the corner where she now stood watching her poor friend sneezing almost every step he took.

She ran to him, knelt down and looked at Silver with concern in her eyes. "What is wrong, Silver?" She asked.

He answer. A sneeze.

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Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on April 21, 2008, 06:05:38 AM
Altario followed the wolf, the girl and the orc.  He would not let an armed orc stay at his back.  As such, he was able to see the looks the people of Voldar cast towards both the wolf and the orc.  The same looks he cast.  They were animals.  Yet, something inside Altario twisted when he listened to the woman speak about the orc.  Her words were true, were words Altario had spoken many times, but hearing her tone made a strange feeling of shame come over him.  He quickly dismissed it.

It was then that the wolf began to act strange.  What had happened?  What was causing its sensitive nose to tickle it?  Altario strode forward purposely, passing both the elf and her wolf.  His eyes scanned the ground, searching for a clue.  There was something here, he could feel it.  He glanced at the elf.  "What building is this?"

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Cedric's street was very busy as Norman and Claudirea walked side by side up the street; side stepping those who were perusing the goods of the vendors that streamed on both sides of the street hawking their wares.

Norman kept an eye on Luna as people who saw her quickly stepped out of the way. Norman did not want anyone to be afraid of Luna and attack her which could be disastrous for those who would, for Norman was certain that Luna would protect herself and it would not be a pretty sight.

He wrapped his arm tighter around Claudiera's waist as he gently guided her through the throng, when suddenly Luna noticed another wolf against a building sneezing. The wolf seemed to accompanied by a female elf, a large bearded man and of all things an orc with a small human girl child next to him. All of that piqued Norman's curiousity. He wondered what was going on.

Suddenly Luna started acting crazy, scratching at her nose and then she began to sneeze as well. Norman looked down at Claudirea and saw the concern on her face. "Let's go find out what has happened to Luna. It seems that this other wolf has the same distress," he shouted over the noise of the crowd.

Norman, with Claudirea close to his heels ran to Luna. Norman left Claudirea to take care of Luna and he went over to the other group and the other wolf. He got close enough so that they could hear and see him. "My name is Norman Graaves. I am the Captain of the Guards. What goes on here and why is your wolf sneezing? Whatever it is it has made my fiance's wolf do the same. I want, I demand an!" He ordered, with authority bellowing from his voice.

Norman usually did not address nor communicate with others in anger. However his emotions were a bit high and tight when it came to Claudirea and Luna.

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Post by: Seh'nara Celebrindal on April 27, 2008, 04:57:34 PM
Seh'nara's gaze turned downwards. Silver was... chain sneezing? No, that couldn't be possible. Silver never chain sneezed. It was unheard of. The mildly shocked look in her eyes turned to worry as Silver continued to sniffle, without any sign of letting up.The elfess knelt down beside her canine friend. Her hands rose to gently hold Silver's head, stroking it softly, while her eyes searched him for any signs of injury.

Altario's question piqued her mind. Perhaps the reason Silver was sneezing was enviromental, not physical.  From her vantage point on the ground, the building looked awfully like every other building on this street. The girl pushed herself off her haunches and stood tall, her stare turned on the inconspicuous building. 

Behind her, a sudden flurry of activity and a rude shout interrupted her observation. The human was yelling something about being a Captain and why was Silver sneezing. A small bubble of anger rose in her. What was it with humans and their lack of manners? First, she was saddled with a "strong and silent" human who hated her other companion, and most likely will fight in the long run, then two kids need to go and get kidnapped, and even after all that, her wolf was somehow injured or something.

Seh'nara's hazel orbs bruned with a silent irritation and not a little anger as she looked straight in to the Captain's eyes. "If I knew what was happening to my wolf, I wouldn't be here doing nothing, now would I, Captain? And I'd thank you to be little more polite to people. Just because you have a rank in this accursed city doesn't mean you can demand things from complete strangers." The calm demanor of the elf hid her slowly growing annoyance at everything in general.

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Claudirea was enjoying her stroll through the crowded street with Norman when suddenly, Luna started rubbing her nose and sneezing. She was confused, for she could smell nothing with her nose that would affect Luna so. She ran with Norman to see what was going on, but she could not, for the life of her, figure it out.

Bending on a knee, she was close to Luna, scratching her behind the ears and gently stroking the top of her head. Norman ran on ahead to where there was a small group of people with another wolf who was behaving the same way Luna was. Claudirea tried to communicate with Luna to find out what was wrong, but Luna was sneezing far too much to be of any help.

Standing up, she noticed that Norman was shouting, far more than was necessary and the Elf, for she had slightly pointed ears, seemed to be aggravated by what Norman was shouting. Claudirea felt her stomach turn, for Norman shouldn't be shouting and overexerting himself so close after being released from the Temple.

"Norman, what's going on?" Claudirea asked, as she wrapped her arms around one of his. Looking upon the Elf maiden, she was for sure that Norman had upset her greatly. Giving Norman's arm a slight squeeze, as to remind him to be a bit more curtious, she decided that she needed to take matters into her own hands if she was to help the two wolves.

"I'm sorry if Captain Graaves has upset you, miss, but I assure you, he only does it for he is worried for me and Luna," Claudirea said, motioning towards Luna, who had joined them and was lying on the ground, sneezing still. "I am sure you are as concerned for your wolf as I am for Luna. I suggest that instead of fighting over who is at fault or anything like that, we need to work together to figure out what is wrong with these too. I tried to communicate with Luna, but because she is sneezing so much, I can't get anything out of her."

Claudirea hoped that would smooth things for the time being. Her eyes were full of concern for Luna and for the other wolf. She looked down at them, biting at her bottom lip, trying to think of what could possibly be doing this to them.

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Norman was about to cuff this insolent elven girl and throw her in the dungeon. Does she not know that I am the complete authority in Voldar with the exception of the Commander and the King himself? To lecture him on manners! How dare she! When he felt a familiar arm slip into his and Claudirea's voice speak.

She gently squeezed his arm as she asked him what was going on?

Her presence calmed Norman down and his mind began to rationalize once more as the fear for Luna and perhaps danger to Claudirea calmed him and his anger slowly drained from him.  Immediately his steel trapped mind began to work as he sifted through the elven girl's response to his question. She was as much concerned about her wolf as Claudirea was about Luna. There came several questions to Norman's mind: One, who was this elven girl and her companions and why were they using a wolf? A wolf who suddenly begins to sneeze. The obvious answer is that they were tracking something or someone. But what caused the elven girl's wolf to start sneezing and when Luna also came close to where the other wolf had been she also began to sneeze uncontrollably, though the sneezing and pawing at their noses seemed to be lessing.

"I apologize for my rude behavior," Norman began. "However I am the Captain of the Guards of Voldar and I need answers as I can see you do as well. First, what are your names and can i see your papers?" He asked calmly.

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Grial continued to follow the elfess , when his sharp ears picked up a conversation between two human females .
For a brief moment his eye flared not with anger but with contempt , he has heard all before , monster, murderer, animal and more names that Grial can count for ...
Never he met such a race capable of such distrust against a race other than their own , yes Grial was an orc , but like the human race , not all orcs are evil .

Not giving another look towards the women , his attention was now at Silver , for some reason he had started sneezing and when Seh was trying to found out the reason for such strange behavior a man stand before them yelling , saying he was a captain , Another one , does all this city and his authority behave like this ? .
Before he could say anything to the arrogant captain , Seh´nara respond with dignity , making a rare smile appear on the old orc face , This young one has personality
Then a small female appeared with an wolf as well , apologizing for the human behavior.
Somehow she seemed to have the gift of calming the human , since his next question was made with a calmer tone "I apologize for my rude behavior.However I am the Captain of the Guards of Voldar and I need answers as I can see you do as well. First, what are your names and can i see your papers?" 

Resting Lyra on the floor , since the child was beginning to become restless with so many screams and people around , Grial felt her still holding his leg , placing herself was near as possible of his guardian .
Raising his voice , trying not to sound angry , but truth be told he was becoming annoyed with this , first his "companion " with all the hate on his eyes , then this city population with and now this captain ..
"My name is Grial captain , and i would rather resolve this as fast as possible .
As you probably notice I have a small child with me and you are startling Lyra , while I understand that you need to do your job ,she is my primary concern and I would not allow someone to frighten her ..."

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Post by: Seh'nara Celebrindal on May 15, 2008, 09:30:15 PM
Curiously, the elfess appraised the human lady. She seemed to be someone of importance to the Captain, as when she spoke, he had calmed down somewhat. Norman then apologised for his behaviour, and requested their particulars. Grial had answered swiftly, asking that they resolve their disagreement peacefully, as Lyra was getting restless.

Seh'nara's hazel eyes flicked in Lyra's direction. She hoped that the girl was okay; the whole day must have been a strain on such a young person. A slender hand slipped into her cloak, rummaging inside for her papers. "I apologise for being sharp as well, Captain. My name is Seh'nara." As she searched for her papers, she mulled over telling the Captain about the children. It would certainly seem unlikely, an orc with a child in tow, an elf with a wolf and a silent human looking for children. Did Damien say anything about not wanting to let anyone else know? She forgot.

Her fingers found a rough piece of folded parchment, and she gently pulled it out. "My papers, Captain. I hope you'll find them in order." I think I shall keep silent. If he asks, I'll tell, but not until then. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tell or not, anyways. Seh'nara gave a sideways glance at Altario. He hadn't said a word since Silver started sneezing. As usual with him, his expression seemed unreadable to her. Seh'nara turned back to the She didn't try to anticipate what he was thinking; she just hoped that he wouldn't be overly angry at this particular snag in their investigation.

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Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on May 17, 2008, 10:53:05 AM
Altario stood back a moment, watching with irritation the developments in their investigation.  If this Captain wasn't here to help, then it was a hindrance.  One or the other; there was no middle ground.  When it seemed that things were not going to be resolved simply and quickly, he took a long step forward.

He nodded toward the woman, acknowledging her if only to size up the bond between her and the captain.  The two were close.  Married?  Lovers?  Something along those lines.  Though civility was not Altario's strong suit, he needed to try something to ease the tension here.  "Lady, we do not know what afflicts the wolves, though it seems it is no more serious than the sneezing."

He then turned his attention to the military man.  "Captain, I'm Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin, and I- we, travel under the auspices of Commander Damien Scar."  He nodded his salute to the man.  "As for papers, I have none, nor have I needed any before.  My honour is my bond."

Title: Re: Cedric's Street(Voldar)
Post by: Claudirea on May 17, 2008, 11:47:34 PM
Claudirea left the working things out to the rest of the people who seemed to know what was going on. She was still new to Voldar. The best, and worse, things had happened to her all so quickly and all in this new city, which was to be her home. She knelt down and began to stoke Luna's head gently, noting that the sneezing began to subside just for a bit.

As she was knelt down, that's when she noticed the child hanging onto the leg of the orc. She never payed any attention to race, although she thought it strange that a human child should be so close to an orc.

Suddenly, she felt something that she had felt before, but not so strongly. Perhaps it was because she was older now and understood the world better. Or perhaps it was because she was preparing to become married herself. Whatever it was, Claudirea felt a certain pulling towards this child. In her mind, she could only call it her motherly instincts taking root.

Her bright green eyes looking straight into the bright blue eyes of the child, Claudirea gave her a warm smile. Then, never taking her eyes off the little one, she gave a small wave to show that she meant no harm. She had no idea what kind of life this child had been through but she thought that by being friendly and showing her that she meant no harm, that she could get this child to trust her, if only for a moment.

She had no intention of taking the child away from the orc. That thought never even crossed her mind. The main concern, besides befriending the child, was wanting one of her own. Just now, that ache came up so badly that she wished the wedding day to hurry so that she and Norman could start a family of their own.