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Title: In the Quallian
Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on November 19, 2004, 06:00:22 PM
Siroled‘s head is aching from her last vision. Yesterday it came to her the first time while awake, and it was so strong. Before she had seen not much more than an immense wall of fire and two small dots in front of it. But now the wall of fire had a face, a terrible one, and the black dots were fleeing this face. And with the vision came the impression of fear, of a threat so big the Quallian hadn‘t experienced for a while - and agony. It was sometimes a hard life being a seer of Seyella.

It was time to speak to Kurrun.

She walks along the highest path of Aer'Ylferian to reach the home of one of the best mages around. One who was able to sense Oh'mód'hál, maybe the best of all who lived in the Quallian in the moment.

Sitting with the back to the incoming Siroled, at a desk beautiful formed out of the living branch of the Euwentree he is living on, the old, whitehaired elf greets her without having looked up and seen her.

„Come in, Siroled, and have a seat over there.“

Siroled goes to a bench formed out of a branch like the desk and sits down. Kurran closes a scroll he was reading in and turns to her.

„ I was expecting you, I sense great evil coming from the southwest, what do your dreams tell you?“

Siroled looks at him, her face showing great worry.

„ Fire which has a face now, fleeing people which seem to be important somehow, I see them fleeing in our direction, the Quallian. And I see a future without hope intermingling with a prosperous one. And  I see a green stone, but I don‘t know its meaning.“

„A green stone, you say, an emerald? I heard rumours about a green emerald when I was young - I don‘t know its importance either, only that it should not fall into the hands of evil forces. “

He walks around, thinking and not noticing Siroled, who sits quietly , watching him.

„We need Furchego. I write you a message, could you bring it to him? He lives on the ground floor near the entrance to the south as you know. I will inform the Leias. “

„ Yes, of course.“

Siroled rises from her seat, bows to the old elf and bids him farewell, after she has received the notice for Furchego.

She hurries down the pathways leading from tree to tree , down the levels till she reaches the ground floor. Near a gate in the great Arshisi city wall Furchegos house can be found. He is a mage as great as Kurrun, but oh so different. Where one senses only wisdom by Kurrun, the younger Furchego emanates raw power. Maybe this is caused by their different occupations. Where Kurrun senses the Oh'mód'hál like no other elf around, Furchego masters the fire. But his personality is like fire as well, he is not a man with whom small talk is possible. Siroled doesn‘t have to knock here either, but she is not sure, if he saw her coming or just knew it like Kurrun.

A tall and for an Ylfferhim muscular elf with an unusual fire-red hair is standing in front of her.

„ Kurrun has a message for you, master Furchego.“

With no more words than these few, she gives the message to him, bows to him and quickly goes away. She doesn‘t like him much, despite his advances he mad several years ago, or maybe because of them.

Furchego reads the message. He furrows his forehead and looks quite unwillingly, but not long after he has read the notice he leaves for the southwest, crosses the lake and takes walkways and hidden paths towards Geaf-a-ch'ian, the door to the southeast.

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Title: Re: In the Quallian
Post by: Terra Artemos on March 27, 2005, 06:19:22 AM
As the gap between her and the fire mage falls away, Terra beggins to focus where she wishes the blades path to follow, her Moon Blade held high behind her. Almost as if in direct reaction to her commitment a wave of heat and pressure hit her with such force if knockes her from Coore's back while he was still at full charge. Terra manages to break her fall, but she still hit the ground with enough force that a grunt of pain escaped her lips, and with it the breath from her lungs, and her head swam from the sudden stop. She recoveres quickly, but it was obvious that her head was not fully well yet.

As her breath returnes she take stock of the situation. Coore seemed to have an elf withdraw behind a tree, the elf keeping it beween him and the large horse. Terra also noted that Talias sword was missing from the saddle bags where Terra had secured it, no doubt the elf tried, perhaps successfully to steal it, and perhaps came to more resistance from the large animal than he had hoped for. Hajarian though found himself in a bad position, with the fire mage having moved in behind him, Terra concidered breifly involving herself with the fire mage again, but with a light haze moving in her head she had to admit that she could not handle attacking him again. She was not well enough yet for a fight of this size, despite having her strength back it is still fragile and she fears having taken too much already, her only option is to go to Talia. If the worse had happend and she was dead, Terra had to find the Heart and keep it for those who chased them.

Having decided her course of action, Terra quickly and gracefully rolls from her back onto her feel, her Moon Blade sweeping out gracefully and then tailing her as she dashes toward where Talia lay on the ground chared from her ordeal. Hoping Hajarian could handle the fire mage and Coore could handle the elf, Terra slide her Moon Blade into its place at her hip before kneeling down, and cheching Talia for signs of like. Terra is force to wonder how many others would come near death or would die for the quest.  

'I am grey. All but those like me see only darkness and light, they do not see the grey between them. In this greyness I dwell. I would not wish this fate on any other.'

Title: Re: In the Quallian
Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on March 28, 2005, 08:29:22 AM

A terrified animal is staring at the flames and at its companion of life, lying lifeless on the ground. Horror fills the heart of the aj. Slowly it approaches the lying figure, lowers its head to sniff at the burned body. The smell is so different of that it knows from Talia. As if intelligence lives in its eyes, it looks at the other known woman for a word of comfort - or an answer.  

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"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path   that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking, looking, breathlessly. ~Don Juan"

Title: Re: In the Quallian
Post by: Terra Artemos on April 04, 2005, 10:58:22 AM
Terra as gently as she could checked her fallen comrade's breath, and pulse. Talia was alive for the moment, but just barely. Her breath was so shallow that it could easily be missed, even by Terra, and her heart beat so thin, as if every beat hung on a fragile thread. Afraid to move Talia as if doing so would upset some fragile force that was keeping her comrade alive and with nothing she could do to ease her comrade's suffering, Terra resolved herself to collecting the Heart laying near by, and protecting Talia till some aid could come to her.

Coming to her feat Terra made her way the short distance to where the heart lay on the ground, purposefully scooping it up, and wedging the large gem securely behind her belt. Then drew her Moon Blade as she moved to a defensive position to protect Talia against anyone who may come to finish her. Terra dared not give the animal that seemed so bonded to Talia any reassurance, as she feared that would only lead to a false hope, though Terra did not wish Talia to die, she had to stay steadfastly excepting that it may be inevitable.

'I am grey. All but those like me see only darkness and light, they do not see the grey between them. In this greyness I dwell. I would not wish this fate on any other.'

Title: Re: In the Quallian
Post by: Aueniteri on April 05, 2005, 07:51:22 AM
'Teri hadn't moved much, except to make sure she can still see the opponent. On a sudden, her view is blocked by a wave of heat and flames emitted from the opponent. Uncertain, she watches it for what seems like forever before finally deciding that she must move out of the way of the attack, or face being scorched by it, and in a last second decision, attempts to jump it. She stands up straight, bringing her sword down, and readying herself for a high jump, scarcely having left the ground when it hits her, knocking her off course. She takes the tumble gracefully, and moves back toward Talia, noting a red-haired human woman approach while watching the mages battle.

It isn't so bad, if you're into that kind of thing. Only that I've lost so much...

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Title: Re: In the Quallian
Post by: In the Quallian on April 08, 2005, 04:45:22 AM

The demon-man is angry, he had not thought, that he would have difficulties to lay hands on this stone, from which he thinks he will get even greater powers as he already has - the power to overcome his divine foes, add to the glory of his dark master and rule the world. Those over him, Gelgath, Kalkoroth and Tsalokath will be weak compared to him - then.

But unfortunately an old weak elven magi has dared to send fire in his direction, and other minor things are crawling around. They never seem to learn from the fate of their comrades.

So Furchego summons his powers, and a hot sudden fiery squall blows this pest of an elven mage from his legs to the rim of the clearing where he hits the ground hard, little flames starting to lick over his clothes as well. This time he didnÔt bother to produce a show effect like on this woman before. He turns immediately to to this other woman he hasnÔt seen before. He had well observed out of the rims of his eyes, that she has looked at the burned body and then taken something and put in her belt, what only could be the gem.

The mage still lying on the ground, he approaches her. This time he doesnÔt dare to burn her, for the gem might take damage if exposed too often to the soaring heat.

So he just lifts his hand slightly in her direction, and a ray of fire is touching her belt, burning it away with anything else underneath. It falls from her hip, releasing the gem, which falls again to the ground.

And then he comes, he needs no weapon, a shell of immense heat and fire is approaching Terra, fiery red glowing eyes are piercing through her mind.

Title: Re: In the Quallian
Post by: Aueniteri on April 08, 2005, 06:44:22 AM
'Teri, although still frightened, raises her blade defensively. The red-haired human is obviously the center of the thing's attacks, and 'Teri moves closer to her new comrade. If it does anything else, she is ready to strike...


A little rested, he takes to the treetops again, moving closer to the demon-mage. Now, this very moment, is his chance to prove that he is their ally. As he nears the demon, he thinks he feels the sword getting warmer in his hand. Maybe it is vibrating, or maybe he's simply been holding it too tightly. Either way, it means nothing in relation to the death-blow he is about to deal.

Carefully, slowly, he watches from directly above as the human's belt is removed, and the gem falls to the ground again. Now, he must decide on two attacks. One option, the most dramatic, would be to fall between the demon-mage and the human and slash at the former. The other, and his most preferred method, would be to simply drop down behind his opponent and drive the sword into the spine from the base of the neck.

Finally, he stopped hesitating, tossed the sword from his right hand to his left, then clutching it in both hands, dropped, aiming to drive the sword into his target's spine.

It isn't so bad, if you're into that kind of thing. Only that I've lost so much...

Title: Re: In the Quallian
Post by: Hajarian Ryelliin on April 08, 2005, 06:30:22 PM
The mage side-stepped as Hajarian neared, dodging nimbly out of the way as Hajarian swung his dual weapons, missing. He growled, quickly turning around to reface his attacker. But wait. His eyes opened wide and he held up his arms to block himself as another blast of flame arched out of the demon's hands and hit him, throwing him far back into the clearing, searing his flesh and burning his clothes. His bones cried out in aged pain as he struck the ground from the intensity of the blast, several cracking along several points. The magus took a swaggered breath, coughing out blood. But he wasn't done.

Using his staff and sword, he pushed himself to his feet, shaking but holding his strength. With a surge of will he used the high content of Fire Car'all in the area to converge on him, feeding him and restoring his own energies. His wounds began to slwoly heal, spurred on by the waves of heat that accelerated the growth of the sinews of fleshy fiber to tie together and restore themselves at a quicker than natural rate. He took a deep breath in, then straightened himself, before returning to a combat stance at the edge of the clearing.

Hajarian looked around for his opponent. There! By . . . Talia! And Terra! A fine beam of hot flame melted through the air, confined on a single point on Terra's belt as if to blast it off. Another elf descended from the trees above like a spear, but the demon-elf was quick to send a wave of fire towards him, blasting him away. Hajarian shook his head. Whatever the intention was of the demon-mage's focused attack on Terra's belt, Hajarian was not about to let him continue. Swinging his rod in a full circle over his head, he then carved a circle beneath his legs and pointed at the demon. His eyes surged open as he shouted an elvish command. Within moments the ground beneath the demon-elf became a searing plate of liquid magma, and fire and brimstone spewed from the gaping hole, lighting afire grass and leaves and branches. The attack did not stop the demon-mage though, who though had halted his attack, was quick to move away from the area of assault. Hajarian was ready though. He followed the demon-mage with his rod as it jumped away, then uttered another command, causing the wave of magma to become a swirling vortex liquid flame. It arched from the ground, then flung itself quickly towards the demon-mage. A hit! Hajarian's eyes and lips twisted in an evil grin as he watched the demon-mage take the blow, washed over by the flame of the attack, hurling whatever was left to a far edge of the clearing. But wait . . . no . . . the mage was not dead. Hajarian could only watch in fear as the target of his attack soon began to absorb it! The fire disolved into wisps of red smoke and mist, swirling around the demon-mage before converging in on him, feeding his strength and healing his wounds.

Hajarian could only watch on in dismay. But he knew now that his efforts as a fire mage would be no use against an equally powerful one, let alone one consumed by a demon of incredible power. Fire could not hurt fire. Not in this situation. The elder magus only sneered, as he ceased his elemental attack, which had left much of the surrounding area scorched and burning from the hot timbers and ash and smoke. Hajarian though, did not care. He scowled at the demon-elf as he spread his arms, then twirled his dual weapons around. A burst of fire energy exploded from his position, twirling around his form before convering in on him, causing a faint barrier of red, as transparent as glass, to appear all around him. Traces of flame licked at the edges of the 'shield'. With yet another exertion of will, Hajarian felt his muscles begin to bulge with newfound strength. His size increased slightly, and his hair and robes began to billow out behind him, flames licking every part of his being, his eyes glowing with a crimson-red flame. Soon he looked nearly the same as the demon-mage, an almost elemental form of raging inferno and hot burning eyes. And with that complete, Hajarian raised his sword and rod up in combat positions, and charged, shouting a battle-cry sounding like a combination of man and beast.

The approach was met with another powerful blast sent by the demon-mage. It struck the shield, only to richochet off and into the trees, setting light to them and causing smoke to burn high into the air as they burned. Even if Hajarian failed here, he knew that the fire would alert the rest of the elvish people. Hopefully they would realize who the enemy was here and not foolishly go after the foreigners. He twirled his blades around again as he continued his charge, his battle-cry rivetting through the air, intent on causing fear in the heart of his enemy. Again another magic attack came at him as she charged forwards, richoceting off of the shield to bounce into another nearby tree. The shield flickered with signs of weakened, but soon flashed again with renewed strength. Hajarian was summoning up all his reserves to maintain his battle fury and the shield . . . he knew he would be left very weak, if not on the verge of death, after the fight . . . if he survived and managed to win at all.

As he closed in, his firey eyes squinted as he cast another spell. Suddenly, the hot air around him shimmered as normally when in high temperatures of heat, but also displayed scenes of mirage. To everyone else, it looked as if 20 times more of him had appeared, all charging at the demon-mage in the same manner . . . all illusions that could do no harm except one. Hajarian sensed his opponent falter in confusion. The demon-elf made a last-second decision to try and evade, but was unsuccessful. Hajarian's sword cleaved through half his chest, but to Hajarian's dismay, only what appeared to be liquid magma poured out from the wound, not blood.

Hajarian's charge done, he spun around to swing again, intent on finishing his prey. His body heaved with weakness. His old age was slowing him. His strength deteriorating. He couldn't keep this up much longer. His turn was executed slowly, and his body lurched as he faced his assailant. The demon-elf was wounded and showed some signs of weakening, but was not dead yet. It used whatever energies it had to bounce back away, firing blasts at Hajarian as it did so. These made it through his shield, which shattered from the impact and from his own loss of the necessary willpower to maintain it. Hajarian was thrown back, landing on the ground and remaining still, the flames surrounding his body quickly fading away. He tried to get back up, but fell to the ground again. He was too weak. His body groaned with frailty, and he fell to the ground again. Using whatever strength he had left, he rose his head to look at the others scattered about, his eyes saying what his mouth could not:

"Finish him!"

- - - - - -
Hajarian Ryelliin
Elven Magus
10th Circle

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Title: Re: In the Quallian
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The assassin lands as gracefully as he can, and watches the entire display from a kneeling position. When both mages drop, he stands, and with a deliberate step, walks toward the demon-mage, but stops well before he is within striking distance. The heat is too great, and he stops. Readying the sword to defend himself if need be, although he's not sure from what, he sacrifices his only other weapon, embedding it deeply in a spot on the opponent that would normally be a critical, if not mortal, wound.
With everyone's eyes on the mages, the unseen hand of an elven child wraps around roughly a quarter of the bright gem. Quickly and quietly, he withdraws, clinging tight to his treasure, a ways into the forest, where he proceeds to ogle the prize. However, before there is time to study it, another elf, his elder brother appears, and quietly demands the gem. The younger brother is obstinate and insistent about retaining his prize, but soon the elder brother's logic and force wins out, and he pockets the gemstone, congratulating his younger brother, and warning him that he must watch especially close now. Although it never entered the conversation, both of them are frightened to a nearly panicked state by the fires, and the elder brother, not possessed of the simple nature of the other, dares not enter the clearing.

Without a further word, he departs, leaving his little brother to sneak back to the edge of the clearing, and watch with interest the strange proceedings. On the far side of the clearing, he spots his other elder brother, the one between him and the brother who has just taken the gem. The pretty, bright green gem...


The aj is desperate, his life companion it is bound to is near death - and violent things happen in the clearing, but it can‘t flee with its bonding partner on the ground. Finally it grabbes with its strong teeth what is left from the Rahaz-Estar armour and tries to pull Talia away from the centre of all the terrible action. But though it is tall and strong, it only manages to move the body a little bit, a handspan, a fore, but not enough to bring it out of the area of danger.

Seeing the desert animal struggling to move Talia, 'Teri quickly sheathes her sword, closes her eyes and holds her breath against the heat, and takes hold of Talia under the arms, opening her eyes at times to see what she might be doing wrong. Soon, she has Talia a good distance away from the heat, and sits back, exhausted.

It isn't so bad, if you're into that kind of thing. Only that I've lost so much...

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Title: Re: In the Quallian
Post by: Terra Artemos on April 11, 2005, 04:42:22 AM
The Demon-Mage knocks Hajarian back, then turns his attentions on Terra. She readies her MoonBlade ready to strike at him, though at the same time knowing that if he used his magic from too far away there would be nothing she could do. The likely hood that she would end up like Talia occurred to her, and she hoped that this would not happen. The Demon-Mage then directed his attack not at her, but at her belt where she had tucked what was now undoubtedly the target of his desires, with his hand raised a stream of flame burnt quickly through her belt, releasing not only the large gem he was after but her long dagger and MoonBlade's scabbard as well.

The Demon-Mage was not content with relieving Terra or her belt however and unleashed a shell of heat and flame at her, as well as trying to influence her mind. Terra could feel the fiery red glowing eyes trying to penetrate the walls of discipline and focus that she had put in place to try and hold her own torments at bay, and yet the glowing eyes themselves lost their light to the darkness that had stripped her of her past. Terra drops low and roll out of the way of the attack, as she does so tries to grab the Heart with her free hand, the Demon-Mage did not bother to redirect his attack if he could, likely expecting whatever mental influence he was attempting to hold her in place.

Just before Terra could grab the Heart a tiny hand snatched it from where it lay. Coming back to her feet clear of the Demon-Mage's attack, she sees Hajarian rejoin the attack, and risks a glance to see a young elf making for the tree line. Still low Terra spins, snatching up her MoonBlades wooden scabbard in the hand she intended for the Heart. Then as she began to dash toward the young elf Terra made a quick move with the hand holding the scabbard bring it to the proper position in her hand before sliding her MoonBlade into its place.

Though Terra was making up distance at first, but the young elf is on home ground and swifter in the forest, though as she broke through the tree line she was suddenly hit with a wave of dizziness. It drove her to one knee, and to steady herself with one hand, as it slowly cleared she could feel the slightest throbbing in the back of head where it had been struck only a few days ago. Resting where she was, waiting for her head to stop swimming, Terra though she could hear unfamiliar voices off in the forest but is still too dizzy to move to investigate, instead she turns and leans against a nearby tree for support as she scans the forest for any others that would sneak up on them.

After a bit of time and she had regained some of her balance she spotted the the same young elf had returned to the edge of the clearing. Terra stumbled toward the young elf, her balance not yet fully recovered, the elf seeming to be watching the happenings in the clearing too intently to give her any mind. Dropping to one knee beside the young elf and turning him to her seemed to have started the elf, but with her hand firmly on he should and her inadvertently putting more of her weight on him than she intended kept him form bolting. It took a few moments while her mind wavered in dizziness to find the words to speak, and when she did, the wavering of her mind let her urgency come through in what is usually her level, cool tone.

"Where is the gem you took? Where has it gone?"

The young elf seems dumbfounded by her words unable to understand them. Looked out into the clearing, not releasing the young elf, she watches as what should have been the death blow strikes the Demon-Mage, relieved that the young elf was focused on her. Seeing it was safe from the immediate Terra quickly but gently moved her grip from the child's shoulder to his hand before he could decide to bolt. Terra needed to know what the child knew about where the gem had gone, it would only bring suffering to those that unwittingly possessed it, and since she knows Hajarian can speak the tongue of these elves he was the only one he thought to turn to.

With a firm grip on the young elf's hand, but not too tight as to make him panic, or too gentle to let him slip away Terra spoke only one word "Come.", hoping he would understand the idea, again with the wavering of dizziness her urgency was gain present in her tone. Terra proceeding around the clearing, the young elf in tow, toward Hajarian who lay at the edge of the clearing apparently exhausted. She was careful as she stumbled along in keeping not only her distance from Talia's burnt form and the Demon-Mage, but kept herself between the young elf and the horrible sights and dangers as well.

"Hajarian, this young elf took Thalambath's Heart, we need to know where he has taken it and what he did with it."

Terra's tone spoke of great urgency, and after she spoke she was again hit by a crushing wave on dizziness that drove her to her knees still holding the young elf's hand.

'I am grey. All but those like me see only darkness and light, they do not see the grey between them. In this greyness I dwell. I would not wish this fate on any other.'

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The rage of Faerhor‡l rises. The gem lies again on the ground, ready to be taken by him, when this incredible arrogant elven mage attacks him again. And bound to this elven form of the greedy firemage, he is vulnerable. But he needed a convenient form to transport the gem and to not to destroy it. It is not possible for Faerhor‡l, to take it in his true form, in neither of his true forms. So he has to fight the elven mage, but with the advantage, that he is the Lord of the Fire, the elven mage just an inferior person to him.

But then comes the incredible attack: The mage melts the ground below him and forces a flame of liquid fire to attack him.

That means the death of the firemage, for this assault no elven body can withstand. And so Furchego dies unnoticed in a matter of seconds. The demon takes in the energy of the nourishing flame , still occupying the form of the former firemage. A moment of nonattention allows the old mage to come near - and to force his sword into his body. But Faerhor‡l«lonly laughs, for  no metal weapon can harm him any longer.

OOC: Teri, now I assume your throwing knives from Melor. would he interact at all? maybe he still thinks the gem is on the ground somewhere? For I need the stings...
Terra, maybe you have found your way during the battle around the clearing and you see now Haj lying on the ground near (!) the edge of the clearing)?

The elven mage is now defeated, he will no longer hold up Faerhor‡ls to grab the gem - though he is no longer able to do it, with Furchego gone just some minutes ago.. ... he needs to get another mind he can use...

Stings in his back, in normally vital positions, let his rage grow even farther. He turns around, faces another elf, who seems to have no magical abilities, at least not strong enough for Faerhor‡l to sense them. But Faerhor‡l senses another mind, which might be one he could evade... and he doesn't burn him to death immeditely, but stares at the elf known as Melor.

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An assassin's greatest desire may be at times to stare death in the face, but now Melor began wondering if there was not a difference betwixt staring death in the face, and death staring him in the face. Still, his eyes did not leave those of his opponent, hoping by sheer willpower to finish his opponent. He contemplated using the sword to finish the opponent, but it currently doubled as a shield, and he fully intended to put it between him and any attacks the enemy might use. Still, without flinching, he continued to keep his eyes locked with those of the dying Furchego-turned-demon.

It isn't so bad, if you're into that kind of thing. Only that I've lost so much...

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Faerhor‡l narrows his eyes, meanwhile red glowing eyes, and though they have still their iris, the rest is shimmering like bright, hot yellow lava. But still, his face is that of Furchego, though distorted somehow.

Sick of the creatures of red blood and soft flesh, he considers to set them all an end, now that the gem is obviously lost for him in the moment. His presence here is already known to the elves of this forest, with the burned ground in the clearing and the trees around the clearing, though they didnÔt catch fire, have dry and brown leaves.

He slowly lifts his hands, and old, though unnecessary move, with the intention to set all on fire, the ground, the few people around, the trees, the whole clearing. Hate, not blood, not fire is running through his veins. The heat in the centre of the clearing rises till the group of people scattered around the empty space, nearly canÔt bear it and try to flee into the forest. But Faerhor‡l reaches out with his mind, and bans all who are not fully able to use their forces, or who are terrified, or just overwhelmed by the unbelievable things they see happen.

Suddenly, blue-white shimmering arrows are flying towards Faerhor‡l , coming from three directions around the clearing, arrow after arrow, icicle after icicle is hitting and penetrating the Lord of Fire. However, not for long, and  then the unimaginable happens, Faerhor‡l transforms, he stays no longer in the form of the gone Furchego, but shows his true form - or one of his true forms, the most terrific one:

A ray of fire is emerging his head, downward curved horns are framing a face which is not more than fiery red eyes and a mouth of melting metal. Huge wings with the colour of fresh blood just dried fill the clearing suddenly.The upper body seems to consist of black armour, full of hooks and spikes, though this is no armour, but the demon itself. No lower part is seen, for now the ground has opened and the demon is hovering in a blaze of fire.

But before the heat sets the trees on fire, another kind of arrows are piercing through the demons hull, and this time they donÔt cease too soon. The bright yellow red gets dull, dark spots are appearing, and the blaze of fire is wavering.The demon lord turns around his centre, but seems not able to do anything else, and then slowly, barely recognisable, the immense heat lessens till it vanishes. With the heat getting less and less the form of the demon lord gets transparent, and smaller, till with a last sudden burst out it is gone entirely. The temperature of the air drops farther and farther, till the former liquid ground gets solid again and to the surprise of all the travellers, a round patch of ice forms where the demon has stood not too long ago.

Silently the elven mages of the Quallian are stepping into the clearing, all looking exhausted and old, though most have young features. One of them looks around and finally asks, not addressing anyone particular:

Ò Who is the leader of your group?Ò

For Haj:
1. Spear of frost
2. Arrows, ice enchantment
3.  Area of frost

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At the first sign of the demon's transformation, 'Teri once again takes hold of Talia, and with some help from Swing, pulls her completely out of the clearing and a good distance into the trees, but not out of sight. With awe and fear she watches the demon, and then with amazement and wonder its defeat. With the demon gone, she puts a hand on the desert creature, and in Styrash speaks the word "stay", leaving it for the moment to guard over its master as she moves to the clearing, hearing the question, "...the leader of the group?"


The assassin smiles grimly as the demon begins to move, but suddenly realizes the fight is far from over. He brings the human blade up quickly between himself and the demon, and backs away as slowly as he can, cautiously staying just far enough to not get seriously burned. When it ends, he too re-enters the clearing, and is about to answer the mage's question when Aueniteri enters. Instead, he remains silent, waiting to see what response she or some other of the group might make.


'Teri watches Melor closely, almost expecting him to make a response, but none is forthcoming. Realizing this, she turns her attention to the elf, and assuming Talia to be the leader, responds, "I have carried her just a little ways off, over here. She was this... mage's first target, and I believe she's hurt badly..." Her voice fades into silence, recognizing their exhausted state.

It isn't so bad, if you're into that kind of thing. Only that I've lost so much...

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Terra has her full attention focused on Hajarian, and only notices the light produced from the flaming demon form behind her, but before she could look to see what was happening a wave of heat overcame her. In the dizzy state Terra is in the heat only served to further sap her strength and concentration diving her to the brink of unconsciousness. Still holding the child's hand firmly though her strength failing, Terra's vision began to grow dark as the increasing heat take her into near unconsciousness, then as suddenly as quickly as it came upon her the heat died off.

Terra raises her head weakly to see the elf child firmly returning her grip as if to be sheltered from whatever had happened and mages stepping into the clearing, one looking around and finally asks who their leader is. It takes a few long moments for Terra to gather thoughts then finally remaining in a kneeling position, still feeling unstable even on her knees she responds to the one who spoke.

"We do not have a leader, though many of us work together toward the same goal. Some of those present I am not yet familiar with however, and I can not speak to what goals they follow."

Terra could not be sure if what she had spoken made sense to the mages but it was the best she could piece together.

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A presence near him. Lady Artemos? Yes, the red-maned human woman was standing beside him. It was so hard to tell now. He could barely see her, barely hear her. And his senses could not pick up any trace of her fiery spirit. She had a young elf with her. What was she asking? Thalambath's Heart? The child took it . . . what has he done with it? He squinted his eyes as he tried to sit up. Surprise met him though when suddenly blue and white magic poured from the sky and into the demon-elf, destroying it within moments. In the back of his mind, as his senses finally all returned to him, he knew exactly what it was.

So, you did decide to show up afterall.

The apparent leader of the elven contingent addressed them, requesting the name of their leader. Leader? If any were leader, it was Koldar. But he was not here at the moment. Hajarian looked to Terra as she replied, noting the weakness in her form. The elder mage picked himself from the ground, groaning in agony as he tried to stand. His actions only managed to bring him to his knees, but that was better than lying down completely. He turned his attention then to the Ylfferhim leader, and, with another groan, finally brought himself to a stuttering stand. He bowed his head, and then began speaking in the Ylfferhim tongue, as a sign of respect to the culture of their saviours. "The 'leader' of our group is not with us at this time, my kin. However, if you must seek one to blame for the destruction caused to the forest due to the exchange of combat, then I shall assume that position, as my exile has already condemned me from these lands under similar circumstances to this. Know of me or not, my name is Hajarian Ryelliin, a Ylfferhim elf, as you are."

He peered around, noticing Talia in the distance, with another figure standing over her. "I am here with two companions of mine, the red and black maned humans. Though the latter is one of whom I and Lady Artemos, the woman in red near me, were seeking to find. The others I cannot speak for, as I do not know them or their motives. However, enough of this. I ask that you put the misgivings of our people towards foreigners aside, as my companions, human or not, are in need of the healing aid of the Ylfferhim people. Any judgement, if there is such needed to be passed, should be considered later, after wounds are tended to."

Again he glanced towards Talia. "With the hope that the wounds she has suffered are treatable. Please make haste, my kin. Do not worry about me, I shall be fine, although I am sure such treatment is not worthy of an exile such as myself and as such is of no concern to you.. but treat the black-maned one right away, for she needs the aid immediately."

He turned towards Terra upon finishing. With a whisper he said in Tharian, "I am not sure of what you requested, Lady Artemos. I am still weak, and confused. You spoke of the Heart, and of this child? Where is the Heart?" He glanced towards the child, and narrowed his eyes, and spoke to the child-elf in Ylfferhim, "Where is it. Have you done something with it, child. Speak now."

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They all are well, regarding that they were just in close contact with one of the great demons, they still live, even the severely wounded over there,, Lienofin thinks, who just has addressed the group. He looks at Hajarian, frowning his forehead very slightly, barely noticeably and says:
ÒYes, I know you, Hajarian Ryelliin, and we will talk about your coming back and its consequences later. It seems there are other necessities first. Please allow us to take care of your  shattered bodies, yours as well, Ryelliin.Ò

The other elves, maybe a dozen or even more are standing behind him, more are coming out of the forest. When the old elf waves slightly with his hand, three of them are coming to stand close to him shortly,  two women with ageless faces, and another  elf, whose face shows clearly the signs of old age - an unusual sight under the elven folks. Then after a speechless moment of understanding all three are going to Talia and lay their hands on her head, over her heart and over her belly. After some minutes of silence, the old elf looks at Lienofin and nods slightly, who talks again to Terra and Hajarian.

Ò Rielliin, your friend over there with the once dark hairs is now stable enough to be transported, however, if she will regain conscience again is not yet clear. Need your wounds be treated as well now, or are you able to make the way to Aer'Ylferian? Then you will be treated here, while we bring your friend into the town. But I would recommend to leave this unfortunate place.Ò

Turning to Teri, he asks:
Ò May I ask, who you are, you called the burned one the leader. And who is this elf next to you?Ò


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'Teri shies slightly as he responds, more from force of habit than actually being afraid. "I am Aueniteri Seiana-Driel, of Quaelhoirhim descent. This man is..." She hesitated, not certain if she could, from her distinctively biased point of view, give a fair introduction for the Melor, who took matters into his own hands, by simply saying, "I am known as Melor." It should be enough, he thought, that an Ylferrhim would identify themselves as a shadow.

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LIENOFIN     "And what is your bussiness here? " Lienofin inquires.  And then, he looks at Terra:   "And why are you holding ths young boy's arm so tight? You are from Geaf, aren't you? " he addresses the child.  

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As events continue to unfold around her, Terra found heself having trouble mustering her thoughts, and to tired to speak, even to answer the questions asked of her by the leader of the elvem mages. Terra sank on her heels with one hand supporting her body, and the other still holding the hand of the young elf boy, who for reasons she does not know continues to hold hers despite her grip on him easing to a weak gental squeeze. Depite being exausted to numbness Terra could feel her head throdding anew, and everything else seemed so distant.

As Terra struggles to remain concious and wake, the young elf boy keeps his eyes on the tired looking elf that had adressed him. The young elf was not sure about alot of the things happening right then, but remembering the woman holding his hand speaking her stange words to this elf, and her hand still holding his though weakened reasured him. The young elf after a few moments finally answered in his native tonge, studdering at first, "We... we were told to watch those people.", ge glances in the directions of Malor, Teri and seems to be looking for another, "Then I saw a big, shiny, green stone and took it to my brother.". The young elf wished one of his brother were around, he was not all to comfortable with all the activity around him alone, but at the same time seemed shealted by the strange woman.

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Lienofin is tired from battling the Fire demon, but it seems , that rest is still far away. The redhaired human woman is more injured than it is obvious. Maybe she is nearly as seriously ill as the other, for her appearance is that of a determined warrior, and as such she would never show her weakness, if it would not be grave, would never fail to answer a question posed.

The boy on the other side talks about a green stone.Could that be the one, Siroled has dreamt of? Action has to be taken in this respect. So he asks the child, where his brother would be, but when he gets no answer, he asks one of his companions to take care of the matter.

Then he turns again to Terra and Hajarian again.

Bending down to Terra and putting his hand very lightly on her shoulder, he asks her:

„Are you able to ride your horse, Lady Artemos, if we help you to get into the saddle? Otherwise we can carry you like your burned friend.“ Looking up to Hajarian, he adds in a less friendly tone: „How about you, Ryelliin?“  

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Terra releases the child when he is beckoned away by another mage, placing the freed hand on the ground to help support her as she comes to a more dignified kneeling position. Lienofin asks if she could ride, Terra had to put little thought into it as she felt very much like she had when she collapsed upon arriving at the hermits’ cottage near Chylikis. She had not fully recovered from hitting her head in Chylikis, and it would likely take some time before she was back at full strength. She had barely made it to the cottage then, and only by sleeping away most of the day had she made it this far. She was certain she would fall from Coore's back if she tried to ride now, and saving what little strength she had she responded with a simple shake of her head.

Lienofin speaks some words in elf tongue to the others that she does not understand then turns to Hajarian. Hajarian eases himself to his feet in response, using his staff to help support himself as he made his mount, and with the aid of one of the mages made his way into the saddle. The two elves Lienofin had addressed returned with litters they had constructed secured to their horses saddle, one stopping by Talia, and the other continuing and stopping near Terra. As the healers lifted Talia into one litter, the mages helped Terra into the other. Once all are ready Lienofin lead them from the clearing, with Hajarian following closely behind, then the mages with pulling the litters with Talia and Terra and the healers. The healers kept a close eye on Talia, though directed some attention towards Terra as well when it seemed that she was trying to stay awake such as a person who had struck their head and knew not to allow themselves to sleep would. Swing seemed annoyed at not being able to get closer to is companion, likewise Coore did not seem all that happy about being led so far back from Terra, in this it seems that the animals intelligence are almost equal though Coore is not as sophisticated as Swing. Teri followed among the remaining mages, and Malor trailed behind.

Ending their trip they come to the city of Aer‘ylffherim, it is a large and lively elven city, with concern over that ever happened out in the forest on the faces of its people. The precession also draws a lot of attention from the people in the city, and murmurs between the locals. It is not lost on them that something unusual was happening, especially with the strangers in their midst.

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'Teri stayed close to Talia, as best she could the whole way, slightly stunned over the whole transition.
When they reached Aer'ylfferhim, Melor left them, taking one of the higher paths. There were people he needed to see here. Maybe, if he worked it right, he could set her up against anything Melor might try to do next. Then again, he could be setting himself up a trap.

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Garrek puts down the codec once again. He has read the thing three times now, but still it bothers him. Stepping out of the building he is currently housed in helps a little, as the eldest of the three Kinnit brothers approaches.

"What have we? Good news? How fares the quarry?"

The younger elf, scarcely an adult, smiles. "Things have begun coming about, yes, but not as planned. By now, your quarry has arrived at Aer'Ylffrhim. Their path has been most interesting, though. It seems that they were attacked by a great demon. Here, in the forest, oddly enough. The object of it's interest, it seems, was this."

From his pocket, the young elf produces a large, bright green gem. Garrek extends a hand to take it, but the boy quickly covers it with his other hand. "What might I ask for this prize?"

"Let us add the tally, shall we? First, this was in the possession of a group of strangers. Combatively minded strangers, at that, which is a sure sign of trouble. Second, this group, by your own confession, was attacked by a demon, which, if you've learned anything from your ancestors, are not to be trifled with, and generally take little to no interest in the dealings of elves or men, without specific purpose. So, this 'prize' is not only previously owned by those more powerful than you, but demons seek to take it from them. It is an attractant to danger; give it to me, and you will not be troubled."

The boy's smile widened. "You're not even speaking my language."

Garrek lifts from his coin pouch a single od, and holds it between his thumb and index finger, dangling it in front of the boy in much the same way as one would a treat to entice a dog into obedience. "Take this, and the knowledge I will be doing you a favor."

"And why? One od would buy me a meal and possibly a bed, if one is partial toward moldy straw. Come, now. This gem weighs easily thrice, no, quintly that od, if not even more so, and the substance from which it is derived is far more rare. I think something a bit more rich is in order."

Garrek sighs. He'staught the boy well; too well. "I also give you the piece of mind that comes with knowing you have disposed of a piece of a potentially fatal conflict. Take what you're offered, boy."

"What am I offered? Fodder for a beast, or the patience of a human? Keep your od and your safety. I know of a few merchants who would grovel for simply the sight of such a rare piece."

The boy turns to leave, and Garrek reaches out, stopping him. "Come."

Together, they enter Garrek's temporary shelter, and Garrek indicates to a small leather pouch on the table. "How much can a simple case as this be home to? What kind of treasure might lie within?"

The boy is confused, much to Garrek's relief. "It is simply a bag, generally filled with all sorts of random coins." Then, Garrek's dismay returns as the boy picks up his pace. "The company you keep depends on its treasure, naturally. He in company of generous friends is sure to be generously supplied, and silverbard will abound at the blade's request. The peasant will give you a rich reward of many colors, but beauty is his only claim to happiness. He in the company of pickpockets, the purse-cutter will move easily, but only because the hole has been traced and retraced, innumerable times."

Garrek simply watched. He had never been taken by his own style before, but then, he was usually on the proper side of the debate. He hefted the bag from the table, let it jingle a little, and tossed it toward the elven boy, who, instantly before catching it, tossed the gemstone to Garrek. "I knew you'd come to your senses." With that, he left.

It wasn't long before Garrek had come about a temporary mount, and was swiftly on his way to Aer'ylfferhim. In order to appreciate the gem's value, he must know it's history. Of course, he couldn't let them know he possessed it, although they would suspect as much. A smile spreads across his face as he rides out. This promises to be amusing.

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The group travelled through the city of Aer‘ylffherim, though at a pace too slow for Hajarian's liking. He recognized the faces of some of the locals, and knew they recognized him. Still, he held his head high despite the hatred some perhaps had of him, for returning to the lands where he had been exiled.

He glanced over his shoulder at the wounded women, Talia and Terra. He let his gaze rest on Talia, wincing in shared pain as he witnessed the scars upon her flesh from the demon attack. She should not have gone off on her own . . . her recklessness had nearly cost her their life, and *had* cost them the Heart.

He sighed, turning back to face the front. That was their new goal now, to retrieve the Heart from the brother of the young child. Unfortunately, they had no idea where to look, and it was likely that the brother would not want to part with the gem kindly, or had already done so with someone willing to pay a high price for the gem. Still, they would stop off soon enough at the house of the brother, and with hope be able to retrieve it then and there. Though Hajarian had doubts in it being so easy. Foul deeds were at work here, and nothing was as simple as it appeared.

The convoy soon stopped off at the local temple. Talia and Terra were quickly taken inside, and Hajarian followed close behind, though brisked off any healers that sought to help him and instead ushered them to Talia. He would be fine, all he needed was rest. Though his body ached with pain and was scarred slightly from the battle with the fire demon, his wounds were not severe enough to warrant aid.

The magus turns to look around for the one known as Lienofin. Thankfully, he seems to have remained travelling with the group, and was still here with them. Hajarian approached the native elf, and, speaking in the Ylfferhim tongue, said, "Now that we are in a secure location, there are matters to be discussed, kin-elf. One of the natives here, a youngling, made off with a stone most valuable to I and my companions. According to him, he has since given the stone to his brother, though I know not where to find this brother, or if he even still possesses the stone. I request your permission in aiding in the search, though I am sure you know that I will do so on my own even if do not have your acceptance. I only ask that you do not interfere, for the stakes of this matter are far too high for petty matters, such as my return from exile, to get in the way. When I and my group have what we have sought, we shall make prompt leave, and bother the people of the Quallian no further. But know that any impedment in our tasks here will not be met well." The elder elf finished his statement with an icy glare towards Lienofin, to prove his point.

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Lienofin listens to Hajarian patiently gathering any information that may be of use, he knew of the child and the green stone. The child was a side issue, what he was interested in was the green stone, and more importantly if this stone was infact the on Siroled has dreamt of. What he must say next was clear and had nothing to do with Hajarians's past.

"I am afraid I have to insist that you remain here for now."

Lienofin paused for a moment considering how much he should say, but given Hajarians insistence on searching for the stone, he decides to be open about the matter.

"It seems your badly injured companion there," indicating in the direction of Talia who was surrounded by healer, "Has requested an audience with the high elders. As she is unable to speak for herself, nor is Lady Terra in little condition to speak for her, it is best you remain here until you are summoned."

Lienofin glanced toward Talia again, then toward Terra being tended to by a single healer before returning his gazes to Hajarian.

"I will have my mages search for your stone, but I must again insist that you remain to take the place of your companion when summoned. Your exiled status will make things difficult for you before the elder, but I am sure they are aware of the larger events surrounding your return here.

I must leave you now to pass my instructions to my mages. Consider your actions carefully, as I am sure you know there is much more at stake that trivialities."

Terra Artemos

Terra is confident that she can walk with some support, but the healers are quite insistant that she save her strength and that she be carried in, and gently push her back when tries to get up. The healers have her carried into the temple and layed down. Terra resigns herself to the rest she dearly needs, and drifts off to sleep under the watchfull care of one of the healers.

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Hajarian held back a glare as Lienofin turned and walked away. Have *his* magi search for the stone? Hajarian himself was not even sure of its potential, let alone let it fall into the hands of someone completely foreign to it. No, it was not safe to let it be tended to by Lienofin's magi. Not safe at all. Whatever meeting Talia had arranged... it could wait. Hajarian couldn't speak on her behalf in any case, for he knew not of what she was having the meeting for, and therefore no idea on the topic of discussion. The elders would have to wait until Talia was ready to speak on her own time.

On the meantime, Hajarian would find and reacquire the Heart. Yes, there was more at stake than trivialities. Much more... and Hajarian didn't even know them himself. To let others in on the matter was unsafe, and unwise. The elder mage rolled his eyes at the irony of it all. One would think that, in his position, he would try to stay on the side of the ones who had exiled him, to keep from further punishment. Instead, he would be giving them even more reason for their decision.

Nevertheless, the Heart was what was important here, not the rules and doctrine of the elves of the Quallian.

He turned to glance at Terra and Talia. Both were wounded, and resting. That was his only concern. To leave them unattended. But what was more important? To leave the Heart's fate in the hands of the magi, or the lives of his friends in the hands of the healers? In the end, they were as safe as they could be now, and the Heart was only getting further and further away.

Hajarian turned to one of the nurses. "Mistress, I will be taking my leave. You are to watch over the raven and the red haired humans, and make sure that they remain safe, and heal well. Should Lienofin ask for me, tell him only this: 'There is much more at stake here than trivialities.'"

And with that, he spun on his heels and briskly moved out of the temple.

To where, he did not know yet.

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*OOC* No Problem Dasson, we all know who you are. ;)

The Healer

Hajarian turns to an elder healer after appearing to concider his actions for a short moment and told her he was leaving. The healer is old enough to know of the exile, and thought that if she were not a healer she would break his legs to force him to do as he was told. She also thought that if he was not going to listen to Lienofin there was no use in her arguing the point, the exile did not care what anyone sayed and seemed bent on doing what he willed. Her final descission was to leave him to his own end, it was of little conern to her anyway, but that did not stop her from scowling after him as he left.

*OOC* Normally I would post for Terra at this point, but I think its best to wait till Talia is back for now, unless there is something Terra is needed for, in which case I will post then.

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'Teri waited, feeling somehow she was safe for the moment with the healers and the group that had come to their aid when the demon had arrived. Somehow, as hard-hearted as he had been, she felt sorry even for Furchego, although there was nothing that could be done now. He had chosen to become the demon.

'Teri attempts to approach Talia, but gets only a glimpse of her before she is quickly ushered away by the healers tending to the human. Finally, a friend, only to have them rendered nearly ash by a demon. 'Teri wonders whose luck it was that drew the demon, whether her own or the human's. With some consideration, she decides that this had to be the Talia's fight. Although 'Teri's luck was condemnable, it had never reached so... deep.

Feeling slightly lost, 'Teri finds herself wandering slightly, but never daring to leave. A male elf, the mage that had joined them with the red-haird human and helped to fend off the demon is here, she notices, but not for long. He is in the act of leaving, apparently very intently, when 'Teri places herself in his path, looking up at him, due mostly to her Eyelian heritage. Hopefully, he might have something. If not comfort, at least some kind of directive. His actions do seem rather directed.

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Word around the board is that this should bring the thread back.

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