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Title: What happened so far...current state and plans
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A note to all who read this and wonder, why some magic artefacts are used here which are quite strong (Talia's sword and flute) or why the char description of some players are not up to the standards or even not allowed anymore:

This is the oldest story on the board, it started soon after the Thirsty Herald was invented and before any major rules and restrictions were set up. And because this story runs without interruption since then, these things are still allowed here and nowhere else.

Summary of the adventures our brave heroes had to undergo till now :D    

The plot Capher created before we started and how you can read it underneath the title:

A new, yet old evil has arisen from the ashes of Tak'Dinal. The Wizard in the White Tower sends his faithful companion Capher to find Three lost artefacts of power, Thalambath's Heart, Kruik's anvil, and the Sword of Fury. Their adventure will take them to places they have never been and face dangers, and trials to test their mettle...

Chapter 0: In the Thirsty Herald and
Chapter I: Infiltration
Chapter II: Encounter with Bium

Please read the char de*****ions to know who travels with you. Here you find just a short characterisation.

Capher , an older,  human looking cleric. Find out who he is. He is at the beginning of the story in the Thirsty Herald looking for companions to help him fulfil his task.

Koldar, Knight of the Moonlight , a skilled human fighter of unknown origin with a mysterious past, who doesn‘t want to talk much about himself .

Terra Artemos , an excellent human warrioress of Sophronia  with a partly lost memory of her past, her moonblade being her favourite weapon, very true and reliable to her friends. Her familiar is a black war horse called Coór.

Talia Sturmwind, a Shendar , lost her distant past as well, more adventurer than fighter, though carrying a special sword. She doesn‘t admit to herself, that she is in love with Koldar (he is younger!), but there is never time for a romance either. Her riding animal is a Aj‘nuvic called Swing.

Avour, half elf, half human, a female ranger, nothing can describe her though, personal encounter necessary.

Gean Firefeet and  Silfer Darkflare start with them but get lost in Strata, as do two others they rescued during their trip to Strata, Almenda and ..

The story:

Capher, true servant to the Wizard of the White Tower, has a task to fulfil he can‘t manage alone, and so he sits in the Thirsty Herald looking out for companions. He finds a small group which is willing to help him, though he doesn‘t reveal much what the tasks are really - just that a big evil arising has to be fought. It helps though, that he has a lot of jewels to cover the expenses they have.
Their first goal is Strata. On their way they have an encounter with Bium, a gorba who is about to have a meal - two poor adventures which the group rescues, but who disappear in Strata - as do Gean Firefeet, who is sent to fulfil other task and Silver Darkflare, who vanishes soon after they have arrived in Strata as well.
On this trip the group learns, that Capher is a shapeshifter, but they don‘t know his true form though.

Chapter III: Strata, Thieves, Romance and Jewels
Chapter IV: Sewers, Thieves, Brownies and Hero's

Important NPCs.

Chief of the „Dockers“, strongest  band of thieves which dominates the underground, the sewers. Description lost. The Heart though is in the posses ion of another group and kept in the sewers in a hidden room.

Soya Merell
Soya is an about 25 year old thief from the streets of Strata. She has long, red blonde hair and green eyes and from slender build. She has joined the Dockers already long ago and was promoted in their hierarchy pretty fast. She now has the responsible position of the "nightwatcher" of the guild having to deal with all kinds of partners, spies and business men at the official meeting place of the guild.

The story:

Shortly before they arrive in Strata, Capher tells them their first task (or maybe he did this already in the Herald): To retrieve an artefact out of the famous and feared sewers of Strata: Thalambath‘s Heart, a fist-sized green emerald.
After a fight at the quay and some inquiries of Koldar, who meets an old love - Soya - they finally step down into the sewers. They manage to steal the artefact Capher wants to have and  to escape and to get on the ship they hired the night before to travel up in the north.

One thing has to be mentioned here: The flute Talia wants to buy a flute in a shop, but decides against a special one the shopkeeper offers her. Later she finds it in her pocket. The flute is a magical item which has to be covered well, otherwise it affects the mind of the person who touches it. It hums, when friends are in need, the louder the bigger the danger is. When taking it in your hands, you have a vision of where your friends are and  what endangers them. But using it too long can drive you insane - or give other, maybe evil forces access to what you think as well.

Chapter V: The Dangers of a voyage at Sea

However, the owners of the ship, the dwarves betrayed them. Their intention is to enslave them and sell them in the port of Shan‘Thai. They don‘t succeed of course, but are forced to disembark the group at the beach near Chylikis. During this stay, Capher however is overtaken by something evil and shapeshifts into a Chasm Demon, nearly (just nearly, something holds him back) killing his friends. He is not seen afterwards. On this ship, the friends met another passenger, who is  in their company for the next time:

Hajarian Ryelliin, an old ice-elf , a male sorcerer with a high skill level. The friends are not sure, how far they can trust him.

Chapter VI: Dangerous Paths

Meanwhile they have arrived in Chylikis , but instead of a nice rest, a bed for the night and some stories, Koldar and Terra have managed to run in their enemies, masked and  black dressed elven riders, and all the comfort an inn can provide is again lost. Terra is hurt severely in their fight later in the town and stays  in Nehtor‘s temple (god of healing),

Chapter VII: Heading North

Important NPC.

A elven fighter, with black armour/clothes and black mask - like the ones who were obsessed by a demon back in Chylikis. However, she seems more friendly and more interested in information about Koldar , the group and their goal than in killing Talia or any of the group.

Talia leaves Terra to get their belongings, but when in the inn she decides out of a quick intuition, that it might be better to bring the Heart away to not to endanger her injured friends any more. Maybe the enemy who seems to search the heart will cease hunting them.  Her riding animal is extremely fast, so she hopes to escape them. She rides till the night is nearly over and rests then for the last few hours near the road not far from the river.
Meanwhile Koldar leaves with Terra northwards to ask an eremite on the way to help him solve the puzzle of the black elves and to bring  Terra  to a healer  who might help with her head injuries.
Hajarian stays with Avour in the temple, but it is attacked by the people who Koldar and Terra had to fight earlier who turn out to be demons. They can flee successfully.
Hajarian follows the track of Koldar and Terra, but when he arrives there, Koldar has already left to search for Talia on his own. Avour stays with the old man, Terra and Haj leave soon heading north.

Talia and Shati
Unfortunately most of the posts with Talia and Shati, another black masked elf (Koldar's‘ NPC) is missing. Shati wants to know what Talia knows about Koldar , their plans and secrets. Talia doesn‘t want to say anything to a strange woman, but now and then something escapes her. Still at the place where Talia rested over night, she takes out her flute, because it is humming slightly. She is afraid her friends are in danger and wants to see, if she should return back. But when touching the flute, she just feels an evil presence which causes her to get unconscious and, sitting already on her aj, she falls down. Shati brings her back by pouring a bucket of cold water over her face. They travel both northwards along the river and then carry on in the direction of the Quallian after the bridge over the Thaehelvil to Vezash. They don‘t cross the bridge and the river!
Finally  they decide to rest. In this clearing near the road they meet Teri. Some time after they have gone to rest - let‘s say it was guardoran - Talia awakes, for her sword is humming and she feels, that something is totally wrong. The air had been humid and sultry the whole day, but now something is pressing on the soul itself. She gets up, shouting at Teri and Shati. The campfire seems to come to life again and gets bigger and higher, something forming in it. Talia's sword is humming loader and loader till it nearly emanates an very unpleasant noise as well. Talia pushes it in the ground towards the fire and calls Teri and Shati to hide behind it, for the sword has protective qualities, but only Teri follows her call. But it is obvious, that the sword can‘t stand up to what is forming in the fire, and so Talia grabs Teri and they both flee on the back of the aj‘nuvic which gives its best and runs for hours and hours till they reach exhaustedly the border of the Quallian. Just inside the Quallian they both - and the aj, collapse on the ground and sleep where they are. Talia had to leave back three „things“ in this clearing: the sword, she lost the flute - and her dune mouse was hunting and away while the demon appeared.

What happened to Shati is not known (Koldar left the story for some time).

The sword
It is a magical item as well, but with Talia not having many magical abilities if any, it  is used only in extreme situations. It can protect its bearer and all who are standing behind him against magical attacks of all kinds and strength by simply reflecting the magic back to the originator. It acts like a shield. And it hums - like the flute, if danger of any kind . but mainly magical is coming up.

Back to
Hajarian and Terra

Both leave the hermit, leaving Avour back and travel northwards as well. The accidentally find the clearing where the demon appeared, and Terra finds Talias burned sword (which seems to be quite ok) - and a little animal - the dune mouse. They go on and enter the quallian about a day later than Teri and Talia.

Chapter VIII: In the Quallian

Garrek, brother of Aueniteri, who hates her and tries to threaten her and bring her into trouble wherever possible ,

Important NPCs

Quallian's most gifted fire mage, with the flaw of being obsessed from power and easily deceived by evil forces.

An elder of the high circle, gifted with Oh‘Mod, wise old elf

Siroled Seer of Seyella, has visions of the current events and about the significance of the group and their goal and helps so to takes actions against the coming.

A young elven woman who finds first Teri and Talia, later Hajarian and Terra and brings them to Geaf-a-ch'ian, the door to the southeast.

Melor Assassin, helps Garrek to terrify Teri.

The story:

Siroled, a gifted seer of the Quallian, has visions about a thread from the south, about fire and a burning woman. Therefore Furchego, a mighty firemage,  a man in his best years, is sent to protect the Quallian,
While Teri and Talia find in the Quallian the protection from the fire demon,  Furchego,stands at the border of the forest and fights the demon, preventing him to enter the Quallian in his natural preferred or any other form. However, what he doesn‘t realise is, that the demon has taken over part of him, influencing his mind, that the demon has found a way to infiltrate the Quallian.

Teri and Talia are found by a young elven woman, Yllfiri, who brings them to the border town of the southeast, Geaf-a-ch'ian. There Talia claims, that they need to see the high circle and the Leias of the Ylfferhim. They are heard, because Talia claims to know their former Leias, Wren.

Furchego, back in Geaf, is ordered to bring the two to Aer'Ylferian, where the high elven circle resides. They are followed by Melor, at the behest of Garrek, who wants to terrify Teri. They all leave and ride all day long, till they reach a clearing, where Furchego leaves the two woman, promising to come back in the morning  to lead them the rest of the way to Aer‘Ylferian.

Melor is in the nearby forest and teases first Teri, then Talia during their nightly watch.

Meanwhile, some hours later, Hajarian and Terra reach the Quallian as well and are led by the same young woman to Geaf‘. There they hear of Talia and Teri and decide to ride through the night to meet them as soon as possible.

Garrek follows these two as well, but has earlier in the day already ordered three boys to follow Melor to control, what he does actually. These boys are near the clearing as well hiding in the trees and watching.

Siroled, in the Aer'Ylferian can‘t sleep anymore, for the visions of the coming evil fill her dreams.


Nightsban is nearly over, when Furchego arrives at the clearing. But he is not his old self. During the night the demon in him has  - due to his greed for power - overtaken him. But what Talia and Teri are seeing is still the firemage.
Furchego demands, that Talia (who has the heart with her) gives him the gem, but Talia refuses to do so.  

I can‘t recall, how it was exactly, did Haj and Terra see talia still standing, or was I already burned to my near-liveless stage?

Furchego sends a wave of heat towards Talia, burning her clothes and hair away, the gem, which she was holding  in her pockets in her hand, falls to the ground.

Terra and Hajarian arrive at/near the clearing while Talia is burned. Seeing Furchego use his power to burn Talia prompts Terra and Hajarian to try and attack Furchego. Terra is knocked from her horses in the initial attempt of attacking and  begins succumbing to her old wounds and decides it is better to safeguard Talia and the Heart instead of attacking directly. Haj‘s efforts show some result, but only to a small degree , he is thrown back, but tries to get up and attacks a new.

Terra standing next to Talia, tries to retrieve the heart, lying on the ground, but Furchego prevents this - suddenly a boy runs out of his hiding, snatches the heart and vanishes in the bushes again, giving the heart to his older brother.

Melor gets into a tangle with Coore, at this time Terra is busy chasing the young elf into the forest trying to recover the Heart. Terra  catches the young elf after he passed off the Heart while he is watching the fight, and brings him before Hajarian.

From about here on, the posts have reappeared!

The demon in  Furchego realises , that the heart is now out of his reach. Haj attacks him, melting the ground on which he stands . that is the end of Furchego. He begins to transform - into the fire-demon Faerhorál. Nothing seems to be able to prevent the demon now from eliminating the whole group.

Suddenly, blue-white shimmering arrows are flying towards Faerhorál , coming from three directions around the clearing, arrow after arrow, icicle after icicle is hitting and penetrating the Lord of Fire. However, not for long, and then the unimaginable happens, Faerhorál transforms, he stays no longer in the form of the gone Furchego, but shows his true form - or one of his true forms, the most terrific one:

A ray of fire is emerging his head, downward curved horns are framing a face which is not more than fiery red eyes and a mouth of melting metal. Huge wings with the colour of fresh blood just dried fill the clearing suddenly. The upper body seems to consist of black armour, full of hooks and spikes, though this is no armour, but the demon itself. No lower part is seen, for now the ground has opened and the demon is hovering in a blaze of fire.

Lieofin, one of the most potent elven mages of the Quallian has come to rescue the group, and along with him, all the magical power the Quallian has to offer.  And Faerhorál is forced to return from where he has come.

The party is looked after by elven healers and brought to Aer‘Ylferian.  

Chapter IX: In the Quallian: Aer‘Ylferian

The wounds are tended and Haj and Terra recover soon, though Terra still suffers from her old injuries. Talia however is still unconscious, terribly burned and at the edge of death.

Hajarian leaves, though asked to stay,  Aer‘Ylferian to search for sword and stone on his own.

Teri and terra are  interrogated by a group of high level elves, but after that, they are unsure, what to do now. Terra feels the urgent desire, to go back to the place , where the demon appeared to chase Talia and Teri away, the elves agree and give them Lieofin as company.

Chapter IXb: Capher‘s and Ta‘las‘ Journey

Chapter X: Reunion

***Astropic of the day***
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Title: Re: What happened so far....
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Correction: Koldar managed to run into a few new enemies! ;)  

Koldar Mondrakken, Knight of the Moonlight

Title: Re: What happened so far....
Post by: Capher on January 13, 2004, 01:37:22 AM
Very Good, Talia.  That summarizes it very well.


Title: Re: What happened so far....
Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on March 28, 2004, 06:22:22 AM
We progressed not much since the last update:

Koldar, Dasson , Avour and Terra are in a temple of Nehtor. Terra is still unable to travel, despite Avours help with the blood.

Talia has left the town with the heart to bring some distance between their enemies and the artefact, hoping that will help the others out of the threat of the black-dressed elves.

Unfortunately Capher left in the moment Talia had found him, so I edited and rode on and I'm still sleeping somewhere north the town, not far away from the Quallian.

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How to continue: A proposal

Present state:

All the following players are in Aer'Ylferian:

Aer'Ylferian (Old Ylffer Elvish "Home of the Ylffer People";)
The largest settlement in the Quallian Forest. It is the administrative centre of the Ylfferhim, and is the seat of their monarch, the Council and the only stables in the forest. It is unlike the cities in that it is made up of 7 extended families instead of one, and has a population of about 700 individuals. Built in a large natural clearing, much of the city is at ground level, surrounded by huge city walls. The city centres around the huge Council Camber. It is the biggest building in the Quallian, built of marble quarried very carefully from cliffs on the outskirts of the forest. Overhead are many levels containing housing and "businesses" of every nature, linked by walkways, beautifully sculpted from intertwining of tree bows, boarded over to give a level surface and paved in either marble or malachite. The magnificent Arshisi (a blue volcanic glass) city walls of Aer'Ylferian are one of the wonders of this part of Santharia. The tribe is highly elusive, and not many have seen it.

Terra, quite beaten up, in the hand of healers, old injury breaking up, headaches etc..

Talia, on the brink of death, burned severely by the fire demon, (no hair left, Haj), unconscious.... in the hands of healers

Teri, looking around, doesn‘t really know, what to do and why she is here

Hajarian, exhausted, but not too bad injured, tries to retrieve the heart against the wish of one of the leading elf-mages, Leofin (or whatever his name was)

Garrek, has the heart

Melor(?), has the sword

Somewhere in the south:



Somewhere in the north:


Gar‘s dwarf


Other chars (Kenriil? Khiera‘s char?)


Next step:

What do we want?

Please look at this map:

and this one:

We have now two options:
Either we go to Santhala and take any path up to Milkengrad
or: directly up through the Vale of the brownies in the North without proper path.

What fits to our situation?

My Proposal
While Terra is getting slowly better every day, Talia is hurt too much in body and soul, so that though she is not near death anymore, she stays unconscious.

Terra, Teri and Haj are asked to go to Kurrun (?), one of the most influence elves of the Ylfferhim and tell him, why they are here, what has happened.
Terra and Teri follow the request - Haj - what are you planning?
The high elven circle is not yet summoned, for Talia is still unconscious.

After the inquiry the elves try to wake Talia up.
There was a man coming to them from the south a few days ago (Ta‘las), who had said he was sent to help a burning woman. He said, a Baveras  aid of the Seven Jewels had shown him in a water mirror a burning woman, and he described her so well, that the current leias recognised Talia, whom she knew from talks with the former leias Aseia (Wren). so they allow him to stay, fearing the worst.

Ta‘las task is now to talk to Talia in her native tongue, for this may be the only means to persuade her lost mind to turn again to life and consciousness. It doesn‘t work at once, Talia starts to move, but her mind stays absent. Ta‘las sits at her bed for three days without visible success, but when Terra visits Talia, she brings her dunemouse with her, and this animal licks her face and brings her finally back.

Meanwhile something has to be done to get the heart and the stone back! No idea what, that is up to you!

Talia recovers a bit, but not really. She stays week and without drive to live on. she is glad to see Terra and Haj, but is very sad, that Koldar is not with them. Only now, she realises, that she has fallen in love with the younger man.She is glad, that Ta‘las is with them, but though she knows, that it was mainly he, who brought her back to live, she doesn‘t take much notice of him, lost in thoughts.

The high elven circle is finally summoned, for the leias is back from a voyage to Saleh, where she talked with the leader there about the coming threats. Siroleds dreams and the coming of Ta‘las were initially the reason for this journey.

There is no additional information, which the group can give the elves (Talia doesn‘t know more than Terra and Teri), but they now give advice to the group:

They need to travel to the Vale of the Brownies, out of two reasons:
Talias life-force is injured, and only brownie-magic can restore it.

The elves know, what the green gem is - Thalambath‘s heart. They know about the sword, the gem, and that it has to be brought together with Kuriks anvil (Capher help!). They don‘t know however, where Kuriks anvil is, just that it is somewhere in the north.
They advise the group to go to the brownies and ask for their help to contact the dwarves in the Rimmering ring, who might know more about the whereabouts of the anvil.There we could meet Gars dwarf (Gar - enough time to do your char, what about an Thenthrum??!!!)

Dwarven clan located at the western part of the Rimmerins Ring, just east of Kor Donion and the Vale of Brownies - there exists much trade between this clan and the Brownies. They often have the latest Brownie technologies, and some long-standing friendships have developed between dwarf and Brownie craftsmen in their respective fields. As a result, the Tenthrums have a reputation for being the "liberals" of the dwarves, and are looked on with some mild suspicion by the other clans. Of course, the fiercely loyal nature of Thergerim society means that outsiders would never be able to exploit that suspicion to their advantage... "They'se may be odd uns," as one old Boltgrumm Granny was overheard to say, "but they'se our odd uns..."

He knows about the lore and decides to help the group, he knows of rumours, that it is in the Prominent mountains.

Eden we could meet in the vale of the brownies (the brownies brings us to Eden, Eden to the dwarves..) she joins us, for she „knows“, that Urtengors help is needed to join gem and sword.

But back to the Quallian:

The elves tell the group as well of Siroleds visions:

Two possibilities:

Either you found a way by now to retrieve sword or gem, or we introduce Siroleds vision:

The gem will follow us, we can go northward without it.

What about the sword? Talia will miss it, for it was a nice enchanted item, but she can‘t retrieve it. WE DON‘T know, that it is the sword of fury, and Talia thinks anyway, that it is broken - burned down.

That aspect is still open for ideas.

This could be the time Capher comes in.

Capher, I‘m not sure about your shapeshifting possibilities and about your state of mind - you have forgotten all, right?

Well, then: While sleeping under this tree near Chylikis, you shapeshifted unwillingly to something small, so that Talia couldn‘t see you back then. You wake up the next morning and travel north - what else should you do? You miss Koldar, Haj and Terra passing you (hey, you were in the bushes for an urgent reason) . After Terra and Haj have passed the campfire, where the demon frightened Talia and Teri away (it is a place of used magic, so you as magic person are drawn to it. ), you come to this place as well - and you find the FLUTE! You know it, a glimpse of your memory comes back, for short. You take it, and it tells you, that a friend is in danger. You don‘t know who, but you know now the direction you have to go as well. You arrive in the Quallian after some days - with the flute. either they know you now, or not, doesn‘t play a matter (that is up to you, if the high elves tell the group who you are, or what they know about you).
Talia has already spoken of her flute and what she has seen with her - back then with Shati. So the elves know at once, that this is the same flute. they bring you to see Talia and Terra - both know you - do you know them?

The elves advise you, to join the group again.(Siroleds vision is a good explanation for everything!)

Ah, enough for now!

What do you think?

***Astropic of the day***
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Title: Re: What happened so far....
Post by: Capher on June 03, 2005, 10:17:22 AM
Sounds much better than anything I could have come up with...and you did it in such a short time.  I am awed and amazed at your abilities, Talia.

Ok, so most of my posts, until I get to the temple where you are will be me following you all.  wondering why, but something inside urges me on.  When I find the "Flute" some of my memory returns, and I continue on until I end up in the council chambers?

OK, what are we going to call the chapter and when does it start?


Title: Re: What happened so far....
Post by: Talas Anthavin on June 03, 2005, 11:34:22 AM
For my part, Talia, I think it's great!  

I will make some modifications to my introduction (ie. he will no longer be seeking Talia in Milkengrad, but rather in the Quallian itself) and post when the appropriate forums have been set up.  It is probably desirable to skip past Ta'las' actual travel to the Quallian, and move to the point where he has reached Aer'Ylferian.  

Terra and Talia, would you prefer that I forward my initial post on to you both for review?  Just to be sure I haven’t made any glaring mistakes or assumptions.


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Post by: Fox on June 03, 2005, 04:33:22 PM
Terra, Teri and Haj are asked to go to Kurrun (?), one of the most influence elves of the Ylfferhim and tell him, why they are here, what has happened.
Terra and Teri follow the request - Haj - what are you planning?

Hajarian will probably not go with Terra and Teri to Kurrun. In fact, Terra and Teri will probably not be able to find Hajarian without a bit of investigating while he is attempting to find the Heart.

What I am planning is a bit of solo RP concerning the investigation for the Heart, while the rest of you finish up your business in the Quallian. Either before or after the High Elven Circle meeting, Haj will find the Heart (I think, so long as there is no conflicts to the story by doing so) and will be ready to leave the Quallian for where-ever we go when that time comes.

Teri perhaps will come with Haj, but I'm not sure. Before the posts were deleted, she had come up with Haj and I guess was going to go with him.... though it might be better for her to stay with Terra and Talia, I assume. *shrugs* Her choice.

Is there anything the rest of you want me to do to further the story? Anything I can tie in and such?

As my part will for the moment be a side-quest rather than part of the central plot, is a good place to weave in little stuff, I think.

Contact at

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Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on June 03, 2005, 05:14:22 PM
Dasson, it might be better you retrieve the sword, for Melor has no reason to follow the group other than curiosity,while Garrek with the heart tries to find out, what's the matter with it - so he has a reason to follow the group. But that is of course open to discussion.

Maybe we could up with a story which includes - Garrek, the heart and any new char which might join.

***Astropic of the day***
"For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path   that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel looking, looking, breathlessly. ~Don Juan"

Title: Re: What happened so far....
Post by: Capher on June 04, 2005, 12:36:22 AM
That last proposal Talia sound very interesting...sort of like a very important sub-plot. I like it.

Are we going to continue to have two OOC's or eliminate one or close it down and then that way we can concentrate on whatever discussions we have before we continue on?

I am not sure what OOC thread you asked for help concerning Kurik's Anvil.  But from what I have written in the Dev board long ago.  Kurik's Anvil, was the anvil given to the dwarves by Urtengor, to help then make their tools and weapons.  It is hidden in the deepest part of the Prominent Mountains.  I never said anything else about it.

My proposal, once we get that the Priestess dwarf of Urtengor leads us along with the other dwarf character through the many traps, pitfalls, corridors and such in the mountains...Garrek and whoever he has as his allies, are following.  We can't forget Melor, or Eckor, he will be sending his own minions to try and stop us.  Eckor, is that his name?  I have problems with memory lately.

Anyway I am rambling, I think.  And may have gotten way to far ahead of the story.  Talia and Terra, since you two seem to have a better grasp on this story now...I will follow your lead.  I do not want to interfer with your ideas.  Besides, they are much better than mine.  And I like it!!


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Post by: Fox on June 04, 2005, 04:45:22 AM
Dasson, it might be better you retrieve the sword, for Melor has no reason to follow the group other than curiosity,while Garrek with the heart tries to find out, what's the matter with it - so he has a reason to follow the group. But that is of course open to discussion.

The problem is that I don't believe Haj knows ICly that the group had the sword, nor that it was stolen. And if the sword is Talia's, but the group does not yet know it's important, then Haj would definately not go after it while searching for the Heart.

Also, he has already begun the search for the Heart, so it'd be pretty unlikely to take him off that quest.

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Post by: Terra Artemos on June 04, 2005, 01:58:22 PM
Sounds like a pretty good plan to me.

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Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on June 11, 2005, 08:04:22 AM
Found this hidden somewhere - Caphers lost description of what the heart does

The Heart carries within itself all of the powers of the wizard of Thalambath. A wizard that possessed powers that cannot even be imagined by even the most powerful of wizards in these days as he was a wizard in the days of the War of the Chosen.

No evil person in his heart can possess or use the Heart. It can only be used by someone of a pure heart. Such as Talia. Remember Eckra was also a wizard during the time of the War of the Chosen so he is most powerful. Though he inhabits a man, that man possess Eckra's powers, therefore, it must be one who has powers like his to be able to defeat him. The Heart must be melded to a sword (the sword of fury) to be able to give the possesor of this great sword to get past Eckra's powers and finally kill him. His spirit must be killed or else he will eventually come back and inhabit another person. Only the Heart can protect and the sword of fury kills. I hope you understand why both need to be used: one for protection, other for the killing of body and spirit.

BTW Kurik's Anvil is hidden in the Prominent Mountains. I am not sure which dwarven clan at this time inhabits those mountains.

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Post by: Capher on June 11, 2005, 11:54:22 PM
Hey Talia, great work.  But I think I amended that description in one part after some discussion.  The word "Possession" It does not mean that anyone can carry it.  Anyone can carry it, handle it, etc etc...what I meant was to Possess its "Powers"

In other words to use it.  I hope that helps as well...since Garrek has it and has possessed it as well as the elven boy, etc etc.

I hope that clears that up.