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Title: Ethari Xilophent
Post by: Hadidir on January 16, 2007, 12:13:20 AM
Name: Ethari Xilophent

Gender: Male

Age: 361

Race: Elf

Tribe: Ylfferhim

Occupation: No specific job only can sell things for a lot of money

Title: Elemental Wind Mage

Physical Appearance: He is about one and a half peds and slim like the others of his races. He has white hair and gray eyes. He is not well built. He has a spiral tattoo on his left arm

Cloths: A thin gray vest with a long sleeve white shirt underneath and long gray pants. Wears on sliver ring on his left index finger. Also has a gold medallion on his neck with a flower on it and the words etched Xilophent.
Personality: Is happy and cheery. Rather talkative and can talk some one into a deal. Has an almost egotistacical way of walking and practically struts everywhere. Loves money and other people and smiles a lot.

Strengths: Some of Ethari's strengths are that he is rather agile and educational and can help change someone’s attitude with words. He is good at making friends and has very good eyesight

Weakness: His weaknesses are that he can forget someone’s name easily and is not very strong. Hates people who bully other people and hates when people judge someone by there appearance.

History: Grew up in a normal eleven family and was destined to inherit the family hunting and selling business. Instead he ran of to a magic school and he never speaks to them except his youngest brother who has similar goals. He changed his last name from Hilin to Xilophent. His brother has adopted that name in secret as well. Has a strong bond with educational teachers due to his fascination to learn. His mother helped him learn how to talk someone into a deal so now he has that skill.

Weapons: Uses a metal boomerang because he is always interested to see how that weapon works. He also uses a crystal dagger because he likes making new and interesting medicines and poisons

Belongings: Keeps extra beakers and bottles on him and has a hand crafted Xilophent family pendent that only he and his brother have.

Familiar: Has a Chatter Bird named Canan constantly on his shoulder

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