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Title: Temple of Kor'och
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Horvahn Ottfyor stood before the personal desk of Xandreth Sallahd, while the high priest looked at a report in front of him.  The big warrior knew better than to interupt the cranky cleric until he was finished.  Finally, Xandreth looked up.  "Are you sure about this?  He was seen using magic?"

Horvahn nodded solemnly.  "Yes.  There is more than one witness to this."

Xandreth pursed his lips.  Then that was it.  There was nothing else to be said.  Taking a large chunk of coloured was, he used a candle on his desk to melt the wax, then held it over a sheet of vellum.  After a small pool gathered, he sat the wax and candle down, then picked up a large brass object.  He pressed it into the wax, and when he removed it, his personal seal was left in the wax.  He handed the vellum to Horvahn.  "Arrest him.  Then after a quick trial, we'll burn him.  Let that be another example to these heretics."  Would they never learn?

Horvahn nodded.  "There is one more thing.  The men have heard of someone they think will be a boon to us.  They think he will join our cause."

Xandreth shrugged.  He cared little how Horvahn conducted his business, as long as it accomplished what he directed.  "Then I am sure you will use him to our advantage."

Horvahn paused for a moment.  "I had him sent here so that we may question him before I bring him into our fold."

The cleric rolled his eyes.  Why was Horvahn always trying to think?  It wasn't his best suit.  The man was better at following orders and getting rid of problems.  He sighed, clearly perturbed.  "Fine, but keep this quick.  I want to get to the palace later.  I hear rumours that the shaman's are trying to work out an agreement with the nobles.  We can't have that, now can we?"  His voice carried more than a little tone of condescending in it.

Horvahn stiffened but said nothing.

Xandreth pulled on a velvet rope that hung near his desk.  A moment later the door opened and a young cleric opened the door and peered in, as if afraid to step inside.  "Yes?"

"If there is a gentleman waiting outside, send him in." 

The cleric nodded and disappeared..

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Horvahn Ottfyor

The young cleric returned a moment later, followed by a man that immediately caught Horvahn's attention.  Horvahn was not a man easily impressed by general looks, and man behind the cleric was no exception.  He was tall, but he looked far too kind to the kind of man Horvahn needed to do the jobs required.

The cleric bowed.  "May I introduce Sir Malevolent?"

Horvahn waved off the cleric, who closed the door behind him.  "Sir Malevolant?  You are a knight?  Or has that fool of a cleric just promoted you?"  It was hard to picture this man as a knight.  He had a certain innocence about him that did not seem to fit the knight profile.  He wondered briefly about why his men had recommended him.  "And please, tell us why you want to join in the hunt for heretics?  Something in your past bring about a hatred for mages, for obviously you are not Remusian."  This last bit was spoken with a tinge of superiority.  If nothing else, Horvahn was a loyal and proud Remusian.  In fact, he somewhat resented the recent influx of newcomers, since King Araman started opening up trade with the south.  It wasn't that he had anything against trde, for in truth, he gladly enjoyed some of the items that were now available; exotic foods, warm and luxurious cloth, sturdier building materials.  But with it came greedy merchants, as well as explorers and adventurers. 

And the mages.

These were the worst of all; wielders of that dark arcane power who had no respect for the traditions of his people.  It was up to people like him to rid the vermin that practiced that craft.  And he excelled at it.  It was more than a job, it was a calling; a passion.

He gave the newcomer another once over.  Did this man have what it took?

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Strange was fate , the way Malavon found himself in this strange land , but did he had really other choice ?
Forced to flee , he was at a tabern reminding of the mage he killed when a young cleric asked Malavon to accompany him .
It seems that my fame had reached even here ... , Malavon thought sadly as he followed the cleric .
As they arrived the temple Malavon stood before a giant of a man , that seemed to have some kind of highter position , the young cleric introduced Malavon and left  "Sir Malevolant?  You are a knight?  Or has that fool of a cleric just promoted you? And please, tell us why you want to join in the hunt for heretics?  Something in your past bring about a hatred for mages, for obviously you are not Remusian." 

Malavon chuckled and said with a toneless and cold voice , " A knight ? Hardly ... you can call me Malavon not Malevolant , it is a nickname reserved for my enemies and you are not one ... yet ."
About the second question you need to hear about my history to better understand why i hate magic and mages ...
I became a orphan in a tender age when my father died  and fate wanted that i was adopted by my father employer , a mage ....
He was a cruel man , but i endured it all because of another child he adopted as well  Amelia she was called , as years passed we became in love and promissed in our 18 birthday to flee , However the mage refused to let Amelia go , since she was his daugther and like i late become to know he was the man that killed my father .
As we tried to run , Xarhaz ( the mages name ) launched a fireball that killed his own daughter and nearly me as well , leaving me with this as a reminder ..."

Malavon then slowly took his left glove to show his completaly burned hand , with eyes burning with hate as he reminded , he continued his story " By mere chance i was rescued and taken to an assassin guild , where i trained with the sole purpose of revenge , a thing that i got , Xarhaz was the first mages throat  i sliced .
Now you take your own conclusions why i became "The Wizard´s Bane "and why i wish to join you  ...."

Malavon waited for the answer with a flare in his eyes . 

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Xandreth Sallahd

The High Priest listened solemnly to the man’s dictation. As he spoke, xazure eyes studied him closely. The man… man? No. Xandreth guessed at a half-elf. The maelf spoke of a love lost but not forgotten. His story was one of almost routine vengeance, but it rang true. He obviously hated mages. Or, at least that particular one. Thin lips curved into an evil smile as The Wizard’s Bane resounded in the room. There was a fire in those eyes that spoke volumes. Emerald eyes stared from him to Horvahn with anticipation.

If there truly was a heretic using magic in his city, Xandreth would be rid of him. Why in all the wastes must they set food anywhere near Remusia? Scowling, folding his hands before him on the desk, the High Priest’s feet tapped rhythmically on the stone floor. The light of torches flickered about the room, playing in the fiery maelf’s expression. Horvahn, as usual, assumed he was in charge. Did he not realize he only succumbed to the High Priests bidding, with little power of his own? The man was sometimes pathetic, but Xandreth had to admit he served him well.

A thought crossed the Priest’s mind. Perhaps this was an employee from Surinaam? That fool wouldn’t know the need for change if it sawed off both his treelike legs. Staring hard at Malavon, Xandreth looked for truth in his words. If anything, the fire in his eyes told him he had the passion for something. If it was excitement beneath those flames, the excitement of fooling a daft man, it was something he certainly would not accomplish. Xandreth knew that disgusting man would stop at nothing to tear the Temple of Kor’och from it’s foundations, but was he intelligent enough to try this ruse? No, certainly not.

Standing, Xandreth was much shorter than Malavon. A little disappointed by that, the priest waved it aside and strode to stand next to Horvahn. Glancing at him, he asked skeptically, ”Why have you come to Remusiat, Malavon? What gain has it for you?” Xandreth understood the man’s hatred for the magical very well, but why come to a city lacking in mages? Surely he could not have known of the Ximaxian Delegation ahead of time. Staring hard at the man, Xandreth tried to find the truth in his emerald eyes.

Before Malavon answered, Xandreth snapped, ”Horvahn, fetch me clarification in all of this man’s answers as soon as he gives them. If he is to be trusted, his story must prove true.” Xandreth knew it was a dull, and most likely unnecessary task, but he took the precaution nonetheless. After all, that was the purpose Horvahn served.

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Horvahn Ottfyor

Horvahn listened to the man, stifling a yawn as he did so.  He waved his hand before him, impatiently.  "I really don't need to hear your life story.  I'm anything but interested in it, or you.  I just need to know that there is a need for you to hunt mages.  I want someone I can count on."

Horvahn heard a rustling behind him and he turned to see Xandreth stand up from the desk.  He watched as the priest scrutinized the man, the began questioning him.  Suddenly, Horvahn was jolted from his malaise.

”Horvahn, fetch me clarification in all of this man’s answers as soon as he gives them. If he is to be trusted, his story must prove true.”  

Just what in all of Remusiat did Xandreth expect from him sometimes?  How was he going to get clarification?  It wasn't like he could read minds.  Did the priest expect him to send people south to check on the man's story?  It could be months, or even years for them to hear back.  He looked at the priest with a questioning gaze, the returned his stare to the man, Malavon.  He blinked in amazement.

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Malavon eyes move from one man to another , it was not hard for him to understand who really was the one with power here .
Giving a cold look at Horvahn for his lack of sympathy for his story , Malavon turned towards Xandreth and said " I didnt have much choice , i was forced to seek refuge away ...  , Malavon then gave a small smille that showed his white teeth and with a voice filled of irony continued " It seems that some mages took resentment towards me for killing their brethren ."

Malavon then looked at Xandreth thinking carefully of his next words , Xandreth was frail but something in his eyes made Malavon uneasy .
"I have little to gain here but you have much with my help , i can be of much use ..."
Malavon then took Zaroc of his sheeth and with his eyes mirroring the eery dark blade that is said to had taste more mages blood than any other , Malavon concluded " And this sword will taste soon mages blood , with or without your help..."

Waiting for Xandreth answer , Malavon stood on the defensive , maybe this old man could see Malavon words as a lack of respect , and Malavon didnt trust him or anyone in fact ...

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Xandreth Sallahd

So his hatred for mages drove him. Yes, yes… good. It seemed as though this Malavon may be suited for the job after all. Xandreth looked at the man. With delegates from Ximax entering the city, he wished he could have more like him about, patrolling the area, assuring him the city would not be set to ruin by the poor decisions of the King. With or without your help, the man ended with. Help? Xandreth shook his head, the man had obviously set his sights on the same goal as Xandreth and others like him, so help would not be an issue, nor would his man need to guilt him into giving it.

Waving a hand in dismissal, keeping his eyes on Malavon, Xandreth snapped to Horvahn, ”Never mind that. Show Malavon to his quarters and find out where that blasted mage is.” A twinkle entered the man’s eye and he looked Malavon over again. Yes, he would be a valuable tool in all of this—if he did as he said he could. ”You are more than welcome to a stay of any length here in the marvelous city of Remusiat.” A smile played about Xandreth’s lips, but it was not a joyous smile, nor a smile of amusement. The corners of his mouth curved in a cruel grin, the blood of mages was just the type of language Xandreth wanted to continue to be heard spoken.

With a weapon of this size in place, and possibly more, Xandreth’s next work would have to be that of convincing the King. The old fool may be easy, but his adviser was a pest beyond his years, much too wise to be anywhere near when Araman and Xandreth spoke. Had even the King no idea of the loss of value the traditions of their beloved city would take if he allowed magic to penetrate it? What were they to gain from magic at all? Clearly it was a foolish decision, ask any of the common people, and…. Well. Xandreth’s face fell at the thought. The common people had trouble accepting Kor’och as their god, they may not be as intelligent or well suited enough to make an executive decisions on the matter.

Ah, soon enough they would all follow the decision of their King and crown prince to worship Kor’och without question. As the God of War it was only natural they would. Mages, on the other hand, would not be accepted, not while Xandreth still lived and considered himself Remusian.

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Horvahn Ottfyor

Horvahn bowed respectfully to Xandreth, and indicated to Malavon that they should leave.  Out in the hall, he glanced at the newcomer. "Make no mistake.  Xandreth is in charge here, but I am the caracal he keeps on his leash.  I am the bringer of justice for him and this Temple.  And as such, I do what I must to keep his name clean and the integrity of the Temple pure.  Your blade will taste blood ONLY when I tell you.  This mage we are going to bring in will be taken alive.  He will stand trial and then he will be burnt.  Do you understand?"  His voice was menacing, as he watched the newcomers expression.  He would not let anyone bring disgrace upon this church.

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Malavon eyes flashed dangerously as Horvahn spoke , if it existed something he hated was someone threatning him .
For brief moments Malavon taught of cutting off the man head but decided to wait Lets see how this goes . But i will not forget you ...
Smilling slightly he said " Whatever you say Horvahn ... I will follow your orders ."
At least for now .... this fool really thinks that he could intimidate me hah .
Looking briefly at the hall around him , Malavon asked " Now if you could indicate the way to my quarters i would be most thankfull , but only if you aren´t busy with something now , being you such a important man and all ."
Malavon last words was slightly ironic and he waited for Horvahn to indicate the way .

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Horvahn Ottfyor

Horvahn heard the slight insult in Malavon's voice, but chose to ignore it.  He cared little what the man thought of him, as long as he did what he was told.  His was not a position where friendships were needed, nor particularly wanted.  He wasn't here to be liked, just heeded.  He entered a back room, and reached down and lifted a trap door in the floor.  He stepped to the wall and took a torch from the sconce on the wall and indicated the trap door.  "Follow me."  He gingerly climbed down a ladder about 15 fores to a dirt floor.  The air here was stale and dank.  They followed a twisting narrow tunnel to where it opened up into a larger room, where one corner was separated from the rest of the room by a set of thick bars, and a thick iron gate.

He couldn't help a grin from twisting his thin lips.  "Our accommodations for our special guests."  He indicated the cell.  He continued on, the dirt now completely replaced by stone.  As well, the air was now warmer, breath no longer able to be seen.  The tunnel then opened up into another wide room, this one replete with furs on the floor and walls.  There was a few cots against the walls, and a table fashioned from carteloreen bone and stretched rawhide in the center, with similarly fashioned chairs.  A fireplace in the corner provided a heart comforting warmth.

Horvahn stopped and turned back to face Malavon.  "You will stay here.  There will be others here from time to time as well.  Its warm, its hidden, and clerics will bring you fresh food and water each day.  I hope this is to your liking, as you are such an important man and all."  It was his chance to reply to Malavon's insolence, and he took it.

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Malavon lips turned into a cruel grin , I will not forget you fool ...   Horvahn words meant little to him but Malavon never liked people who does not know his place , " Yes this will do fine , i require little .
Now do you have need of me or can i rest ?", Malavon eyes flickered with irony as he waited the mans answer , Horvahn could not like him but he needed Malavon and in the fight against the vile mages every hand was precious , even more a man as Malavon !

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Horvahn Ottfyor

Horvahn arched an eyebrow in a disapproving fashion.  "Rest?  If you must, though I hardly think that is what Xandreth had in mind when he agreed to take you on."  He shrugged.  "But, do what you must.  When we next meet, I shall be bringing a mage here, to stay in our cell."   He turned his back on the man and began to make his way to the temple.  Rest?  Is this how the Wizard's Bane acted?  More "Horvahn's Bane" if this kept up.  He would let it go this one time.

Now, it was off to the Wison Breath Inn.  He had an informant who would have information on this new mage.  Hopefully, they would be able to catch this mage off guard.  He did not need his men getting hurt, nor did he particularly wish to see the mage dead.  Not until after the trial, at any rate.

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With cold eyes Malavon watched Horvahn going away , he sure was not happy with Malavon response , with a grim smile he decided to follow and catching him , Malavon said " Wait Horvahn , perhaps i have been a bit hasty on my words , the hunt for foul mages comes first before anything , even my rest ....
Now there something i can do for the temple ?"

As he waited for Horvahn answer , Malavon mind raced , perhaps joining here was not the smartest thing to do and this man ... he was starting to get on his nerves , but Malavon decided to wait and see how everthing unfolds ...

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Horvahn Ottfyor

Horvahn neither slowed, nor turned around, but a smile creased his lips.  Perhaps there was a bit of hope for this one.  "It is good to hear you say that.  We go to the Wison Breath Inn.  My people say the mage is expected there."  

Horvahn made his way through the tunnel, its dank musty odor making him feel at home.  It was strange how he preferred it down here, especially when there was a mage locked up in the cage.  Soon, he would be spending much time here again.  His life would have new meaning again.

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No sooner had Horvahn and Malavon left the Wison, that they were beset upon by two young boys carrying lit torches and clamouring for the right to walk them home and light their way.  Horvahn dug into his purse and pulled forth a copper coin.  He tossed it to one of the boys, having no real preference to which one it was.  They would need light to make their way through the streets.  Most Remusian houses had no windows, so the nights here were dark.  The poor child had to nearly run in order to keep up to the two men, though Horvahn paid no heed.

Horvahn hurried through the cold night air, as snow begun to fall, swirling about in the wind that accompanied it.  He listened with irritation to the remarks made by the newcomer who followed obediently.  Finally, he could not stand it further and he stopped, whirling about.  "Were you not listening to that fool of a surgeon?  An orc army stands poised to crash through our gates.  Until Xandreth is informed of this, and gives us the word to keep on with our investigation, we shall do nothing.  It may be that he wishes us to go back, and if so, then you can question the girl who washes the dishes for all I care, but only after Xandreth gives us the word.  He may have other duties for us to attend to first.  Either way, he needs to be given this information."

With that, Horvahn turned his back once more on the man, and hurried toward the temple.  With his long strides, it did not take him overly long before the large building came into view.  His heart already felt lighter upon seeing it.  Kor'och would protect them.  Xandreth would lead them. 

Horvahn burst through the large iron barred wooden doors that closed out the temple.  His boots echoed off the stone floor as he strode purposely forward.  A cleric who was lighting candles along the far wall stopped in his duties and looked about to see who had entered.  It could not be discerned wether or not his look was one of relief or consternation.  Either way, he returned to his duties.  Horvahn ignored the cleric.  His attention was firmly focused on the room at the back, the one that Xandreth would be within.  He reached the door that separated that room from the temple proper, and knocked loudly, and impatiently awaited Xandreth.

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Post by: Malavon Despana on May 18, 2008, 04:18:19 AM
Silently Malavon listened to the ramblings of Horvahn , the man was beginning to get on his nerves and that could only turn bad for Horvahn.
Controlling his dark thoughts , there was something that made Malavon think , an orc invasion ...

Truth be told , magic users was what brought Malavon to this frozen city , and he liked too much of his self to jeopardize it .
He never faced personally an orc but according to the stories of someone who did , the creatures are bred to fight , natural born killers .
Shaking his head , he dismissed such danger and giving a small smile he taught to himself , "Well , strong an orc may be but as far as I know they are mortals , and I never seen someone breathing without an head , lets just see if they can after I chop theirs off ..."

Waiting for the High Priest , Malavon wished that his orders was to continue his job , still the two females he observed on the tavern was on his mind , if they were mages , he would see them burn ...