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Title: Vallari O'Neil - Caltharian Artist
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Basic Information
Name   Vallari O’Neil
Age   18
Gender   Female

Race   Human
Tribe   Caltharian
Title   Avant-Garde

Height   1 Ped, 1 Fore, 1 Palmspan, 4 Nailsbreadths
Weight   1 Pygge 1 Hafeb
Hair   Very Light Cinnabrown
Eyes   A mixture of Baveras’ Eye and deep Cerubell

Occupation   One would say that Vee is an artist, but she doesn’t tend to sell her artwork unless offered a high amount of coin for it. Mostly she finds little jobs here and there, working at taverns as a bar wench for short amounts of time or stealing small things and pawning them off for a little bit of coin.

"To put it simply, Vee is an eccentric. First and foremost, she is an artist who is prone to horrendous migraines and who wants nothing more than to be able to wander aimlessly, which is exactly what she is doing. Unpredictable in her actions and moods, she never seems to have a plan. The only constant in her life is the fact that she is practically always has paints, charcoal, or other various artistic implements staining her hands. Shiny objects grab her attention, but not for long. One to quickly become bored with people or things, she tends to have a short attention span."

Vee is a peculiar girl. She cares how she looks, but only to herself. How others may perceive her hold little to no significance to her. However so, she does tend to be a bit of a clean freak. This may, at first, not be apparent though, simply because she always seems to be in such disarray. But, hygiene is immensely important to her and she is known to bathe extremely often. Therefore she generally smells good the majority of the time and will only skip a bath should she be trapped out where she has no access to water, whether it is cold or hot.

Her face is clear and free of blemishes. Smooth pallid skin lain over high, somewhat pronounced cheekbones and a squared jaw. Short brown brows sit high above her eyes. The first that is to be truly mentioned of this exceptionally pretty girl is her eyes. Captivatingly mesmerizing in all their sparkling splendor. It is as if the gods themselves took bits of the un-tameable sky and ocean just to form the nearly liquid depths that are her eyes. Fiercely expressive gems, swirling between vivid Baveras' eye and a deep cerubell, are set into her pretty face, framed with thick brown, lacy lashes. Light freckles are sprinkled across her cheeks and her thin, slightly pointed nose, which is positioned almost perfectly in the middle of her face.

Then there is to mention what one might then notice should they be able to compel themselves to pull their attention away from her gaze. Her plush, sensually shapely lips are naturally hued a light pink color  and, though they might not give her a perpetual pout, they are what many may refer to as 'simply kissable'. Her mouth can usually been seen curled into a sly, mischievous grin to reveal straight white teeth which she takes good care of.

Her complexion is pallid, seemingly to be unable to tan even with days of wandering around out in the sun. As pale as she is, she tends to look sickly when she dyes her hair darker hues than the very light cinnabrown hue that it already is. And, yet, this is exactly what she does on occasion. Sometimes she can be seen with her hair dyed nearly black. Styled choppy and extremely uneven, she obviously cuts it herself and does so ruggedly, cutting it in varying lengths between 4 nailsbreadths long and jaw length. Though she keeps herself extremely clean and mostly well kempt, her hair still tends to do as it pleases and refuses any attempt made to tame it. Unless wet, her hair is messy and sticks out almost in every direction. Should boredom find her, she will spend the time dying her hair various colors, mostly reds, blues, greens, and purples or tying various objects into braids such as feathers.

Standing at a such a short stature may leave Vee giving the impression that she is rather weak. But, regardless of her small size, she can pack one heck of a punch. Her body is mostly lean with a distinct definition of muscle beneath her skin. An elegantly long and thin neck smooths down into small bony shoulders, muscles lain beneath which are only noticeable should she flex. Her long arms are thin and distinctly defined with obvious muscle, sparsely covered from wrist to shoulders with small scars coupled with freckles and end with small, thin hands with short nails. And being the artist that she is, carving wood and painting and dying clothes, her hands show it clearly. Small hands lightly calloused from wood working, fingertips stained with dye and, should it be later in the day, her hands will often have paint on them.

Her collarbones stick out slightly, making her look slightly underfed. Her breasts are small and are bound close to her chest with cloth bandages, though are still noticeably there. Her breasts are what she prefers to call "a handful", as they are small but not so much so that she can successfully bind them flat to her chest even if she were to try. Her stomach is mostly flat and toned, though isn't as lean as it could be. A small waist flairs out into hips at least as wide as her shoulders.

Vee's rump is what one could call a "bubble butt of sizable quality", yet it remains in proportion with her body. Upon the right cheek is a light brown thin, oval beauty mark down near the bottom of her rump and out towards her hip more. Her legs are long and shapely, though she still manages to be nearly perfectly proportionate. Her legs, like her arms, are covered in scars which grow more sparse the farther up her legs you go, from the ankle to her knees being most scarred. A dark brown oval birth mark is lain upon the front-outside of her left thigh about halfway down. Thickly muscled thighs flow down into defined calves and end with small ankles and dainty feet. Her feet are small and kept very clean, a long dark scar running down the shoe-lace of her right foot from her ankle to her big toe.

Despite how well put together Vee may look, she seems to just give off the feel of always being in a constant state of disarray. Oddly, this image is befitting of her. Flattering, even. And, though she has two different changes of clothes, she only wears the second set should it be necessary due to the loss or damage of the outfit that she is commonly seen it.

A plain nor'sidian, over-bust corset is snugly wrapped about her mid-drift, providing just a nailsbreadth of cinch about her waistline and pushing up her cleavage. The corset is styled in such a way that she can easily get in and out of it. The back laces up via a sturdy nor'sidian cord, while the front is held closed by three buckled straps. It makes it much easier for her to undress, only needing to unbuckle the front and no longer needing to fuss with tedious lacing. Beneath her corset, she wears a white cropped shirt that ends just above her bellybutton. Two rows of eight small, empty brass eyelets are meant for holding the shirt closed via lacing. However, the lacing is left out and the shirt is simply left open. The sleeves are long and poof out slightly at the ends, the cuff buttoning at the wrist.

A well fitted pair of treated deerskin breeches cling to her almost like a second skin. Despite being slightly tight, they are amazingly easy to slide off of her, possibly do the the fact that her body noticeably tapers. Gently hugging her dainty feet are ankle high boots, which are held in place by a single buckle at the ankle. The soft leather boots, made from treated deer hide, are dyed nor'sidian. The top of the boots are folded down and slightly floppy and the soles are reinforced with a harder, more durable leather so that she can maximum amount of use out of them.

She wears two identical belts. Both are thin, sturdy strips of leather, one being worn right below the other about her hips. A small assortment of items that she had deemed necessary to keep close at hand are attached to her first belt. Things like: a compass, a cutlass, a carving knife, a pouch of miyu beans, and a leather money pouch. Her second belt is used just for the five large lockets that she keeps with her. She calls them the pieces of her heart.

The lockets are all the size of her palm and are heart-shaped, but are otherwise completely plain. There are no elaborate designs on the front, back, or insides and only a simple small latch keep the hearts from swinging open to reveal their content. Despite having two spots for a rather small portrait to reside, she will only assign one person per locket. Only two of her lockets are occupied. One holds a sketch of her elder sister. Beautifully elegant, Vee loved her sister fiercely. The second dwelling in a piece of her heart is her first love and, though she loves and hates the boy with all of her heart, she couldn't bring herself to simply push him out. The last three lockets are, however, still void. Waiting. Yearning to be filled.

A second set of clothing, rarely ever seen upon her, is tucked away in the bottom of the leather bag that she carries with her. The outfit consists of two rather simple pieces. A cotton dress and cloth shoes. The mid-thigh length dress is dyed a dark green and has thin straps and a modest neckline. The cloth slippers are dyed to match and has a ribbon lacing that ties at mid-shin. Both items are in near perfect condition due to the fact that she barely ever wears them.

Easy-going and quick to laugh, Vee is usually the first to try to make light of any situation. She finds it rather hard to take most things seriously, much preferring to shrug it off or make a joke. She feels that life is simply too short to be taking things seriously most of the time.  "Our lives are fleeting. We exist for barely an instant in time. A moment, a breath, a blink. We humans are so short lived that we barely even exist at all."   Sure, there were situations that required a certain amount of seriousness. Some things just aren't things to jest about, even if it is just to lighten the mood. However, she has found that her sense of humor has absolutely horrible timing at the worst of moments. It sometimes tends to take a very morbid turn- most of the time at very inappropriate moments, as she gets nervous during uncomfortable and/or tense silences. However, she is often spontaneous, her actions and words are hardly ever thought out. Hesitation is a foreign thing to her, an odd notion to even consider. At times, she can even be endearingly childlike, with her wide eyed fascination with the world around her.

Regardless of her carefree demeanor, she is a die-hard realist and has absolutely no delusions on just how wrong things could go. She knows that the world is not dandy with kisses and candy, filled with wonder and magnificent miracles. However, she in no way a pessimist, though many may think such of her. Her realism is, some how, unhindered by her horribly optimistic outlook on life.   "The world is not a nice place. People will hurt you. People will kill you."   She knows that it fluctuates between the bad and the good and is very apt at knowing just how terribly wrong it all could go.

Vee is just bursting with energy, this girl is almost always on the go with a broad grin on her face and is very excitable. She seems to be in a constant state of motion, always doing something as she can't stand to sit still. She tends to fidget a lot if she has to stay in one area for too long, often pacing in circles to the point of dizziness. Hyper and highly awake almost all of the time, she hates the idea of having nothing to do for too long of time. If she's not painting or engaging in a highly interesting conversation, then she's up on her feet moving around. Exploring where she is, even if she's already been there before. Climbing trees is a favorite pastime of hers, and though she injured her knee as a child doing it, she still does it anyway. One of the worst things that could happen to Vee, in her opinion, is to be subjected to bouts of boredom where there is absolutely nothing to do.   "If your bored, then your boring. Just because, if you weren't boring then you'd find yourself something to do."

On a good day, Vee is considered kind, friendly, and even caring. Her carefree ways make it easy for people to get along with her. Open-minded and optimistic, she has made a hobby out of talking to strangers, a natural social-butterfly, and is usually able to make friends quite easily. She is most likely one of the most unbiased individuals someone may ever have the pleasure to meet. Indiscriminately befriending those around her, she accepts everyone as they are. Whether they look like they just crawled out of the grave or are a breath-taking beauty matters very little to her. Whether they commit horrendous murders for a living or have never gone hungry or had to work a hard day in their life is of no great significance. She absolutely loves to talk to people, hold intelligent or simple conversations, find out all there is to know about one particular person who may catch her eye. Her sweet kindness can be mistaken for flirting. Though, she very well may be flirting with someone and not know it. Unfortunately, Vee couldn't tell if someone was flirting with her even if it were to hit her over the head like a war hammer.

Quick to fall into infatuation with someone, she is just as quick to fall out of it should she find the person to cling to her too readily. More than anything else, Vee cherishes her freedom and should that be taken away from her, she wouldn't know what to do with herself. Getting into a relationship with someone isn't a likelihood when it comes to Vee as her fancies are, more often than not, very fleeting. Open minded and openhearted, she is highly susceptible to being hurt emotionally. Secretly, Vee wants nothing more than to be loved and cherished. Of course, her previous encounters with love have been nothing short of heart breaking experiences. Unfortunately, Vee has an automatic defense mechanism towards even the prospect of being subjected to emotional pain. She panics and runs. Should she get into a relationship with someone, it will be very short-lived. Within a few days she will panic, thinking about the 'what if's of all the possibilities of how bad things could go between herself and her new lover.

Relationships are something that she is very inept at dealing with and instead of trying to work it out, confused and scared, she does the only thing she is good at other than art. She will often run away from it completely, she will disappear to the next town, in the midst of the night she will pack up and leave. Of course, somewhere in the back of her mind she wishes hat the person she was in the relationship would follow her. In the back of her head, in a small secret part of her, she is a completely hopeless romantic- hoping that some man or woman will just completely sweep her off her feet someday.

However, despite the fear and the panicking that often happens to Vee whenever she gets involved emotionally with another person, she is still an extremely sexual person. Being the extraordinarily open person that she is, including sexuality, she can't help but be undeniably sexually active. Though she is no whore or any kind of slut to be had by anyone, she does tend to make a valiant effort to bed those that she does hold a particular attraction to. Be it male or female, she doesn't care. Love is love and sex is sex. While men are delicious and masculine, women are beautiful creatures to behold and who is she to deny such splendor?- Though, far be it from her to pressure any woman uncomfortable with it into anything that they didn't want to do. One thing, however, that she is particularly attracted to are older men. Being anywhere from 3 to 20 years her elder gives one a greater opportunity of succeeding in any attempts to get this nearly eccentric artist into the sack.

Though making friends comes easily to her, she can make enemies just as quickly. On a bad day, Vee can be vindictive, ill-tempered, and rude. Short tempered and irritable, it can sometimes be difficult to get along with her, especially since she has a streak of feminism that often causes her to strongly dislike chivalry. Set in her stubborn ways, she is completely unwilling to change her mind and will hold fast to any notion, not matter how outrageous, until she is proven wrong. No one can be nice all of the time and as such, Vee is periodically shallow and mean. There is truly only one kind of person that she is intolerant towards, and that would be anyone who thinks that they are above everyone else. Frankly, Vee just doesn't care if someone is of royalty or not. But she finds it hard to come to hate anyone, even if they are enemies, and, unless they hurt one of her friends, she can hardly even bring herself to dislike them.

Contrary to her outward demeanor, Vee is has a very deep seated depression that lurks in her soul. Sometimes she can lose her flair for life and will isolate herself from everyone else. These bouts of depression can plague her for days on end. However, she has gained control of this aspect of herself for the most part and is usually able to control when and just how long this will keep her down in the dumps. During these times, she usually finds somewhere to sit by herself so that she can think while she stares off into space without being bothered. Somewhere like high up in a tree or on a building that she figured out how to climb up onto. When she is in the grasp of depression, filled to the brim with inconsolable loneliness, her artwork and writings, should she feel so inclined to write something, can become twisted and morbid.

Honesty is something that Vee is very firm about. She'd rather tell the truth and be considered horribly mean than tell a lie to make someone feel safe. Her honesty is often considered brutal and she is usually very tactless when it comes to phrasing sentences. Brash with both her actions and words, she is a very unrestrained person and as such it causes others to look at her oddly. Though she doesn't mind this, as she is used to it, others that are in her company can feel awkward or annoyed with her. But don't let her strange ways fool you. Vee is in no way stupid. Bright and sometimes even brilliant, her intelligence is not something that she is lacking. However, she is hardly efficient when it comes to math and as it is her downfall, sometimes she is swindled out of her money when bargaining with someone.

Vee's artistic streak runs deep and seemingly oozes from her over pore. Almost constantly drawing and painting whenever she isn't exploring or chatting up an acquaintance. She also enjoys singing, though no one would ever know it. Excelling in the area of literature, she enjoys sitting and reading a little or writing a short story or two, though she never shows anyone them. She keeps her singing and writing entirely to herself, singing softly as she travels between cities. Shy about her work, it usually takes a lot of silver-tongued persuasion to convince her to change her mind. Charm tends to help too.

Picture is Worth a Thousand Words   First and foremost, before and above everything else, Vee is an artist. Often seen drawing, she likes to sketch anything that catches her eye or simply make up fictional creatures and characters that don't actually exist. When sketching a person, she has an odd innate knowledge of anatomy and is fairly good with lighting. Also, having a photographic memory tends to help. Almost anything that she can see in her mind's eye, she can translate onto paper either via ink, paint, or pretty much any other medium. Her artistic talents work well for her and should she be low on money she will often take a job in painting a portrait for someone. She offers her artistic abilities in exchange for coin, though she comes at a high price and doesn't do it often. Vee prefers to hold onto her work, though there have been occasions where she has freely given out her work to people she considers to be newly acquired friends. Possessive of it and sometimes shy about sharing it. Should she take a liking to someone, fancy the pants off a particular person, or simply find someone interestingly attractive, she will sometimes spend hours just drawing them over and over again. Not out of obsession, though one could call it a type of obsession, but simply because she feels like it.

La La Laaa   Her favorite past-time, next to drawing and painting, would have to be singing. Though her normal speaking voice is of no great particular tone or sound and can actually get unpleasantly shrill, the voice she sings with is completely different. Now, one might tend to think that Vee's voice escalates to a shrill loudness which is unnecessary and can be considered quite unpleasant when she is angry or excited, but once she sings everything changes. Shrill is no longer shrill, instead it is a high, soft note that is actually pleasing to the ears. Give this little girl a song to sing and she can deliver it in a beautifully melodic voice. One wouldn't think that one so small as Vee could belt out a song with as wonderful range as she can. Though she tends to lean more towards soprano, as she can easily hit strikingly high notes should she feel so inclined, she can still delve down into ranges as deep as a contralto. To put it simply, Vee can sing and loudly. But most would never know it as she tends to keep it to herself.

Just How It Is   Vee is undoubtedly a realist. Many may think that she has her head up in the clouds the majority of the time, but the fact is that she knows how bad things can get and doesn't try to fool herself into thinking differently. Some may think of her as pessimistic in this sense, but she's not. If anything, Vee is horribly optimistic and yet still manages to retain her realistic outlook on life. She knows that certain things may happen and, when they do, one must deal with them accordingly. She doesn't believe that the world is a sweet and happy place filled with wonder and magnificent miracles, but knows that it fluctuates between good and bad, though it tends to lean more towards the bad. 

Use That Noggin!   Though Vee can sometimes be an extremely ill-tempered and rude individual, she still has a good head on her shoulders. She tends to often look at things from a detached point of view, thinking things over logically without the influence of emotions. Often, this helps her keep herself out of too big of trouble and out of serious harm's way. Vee is not a stupid person. She is very intelligent, albeit her math skills are a bit off, but she is good enough to avoid being gypped out of her money. Though her intelligence leans more towards that of street smarts, she does have a reasonable amount of book-smarts as she is able to read and write very well despite the fact that she dropped out of her schooling rather early on.

Stretch Those Legs   Skittish as a Strata Cat, Vee is can be easily startled at most times, but this keeps her alert and on her toes usually. She is also much stronger than she appears, though it is of no great proportions. Due to long durations of simply walking from one place to another carrying so many items, she is very fit and thus has more to pack into a punch than someone would first suspect. However, this isn't of huge significance and doesn't really work to her advantage in an actual fight with someone. Her only advantage to a fight is her quick legs. What she lacks in fighting abilities, she makes up in swiftness of foot. Quick to flee, she is fast on her feet and can run for long distances if she absolutely needs to, especially if she is helped along by a burst of adrenaline. All of the defined, lean muscle on her has been formed from spending days walking for extended periods of time. Strength built more for endurance rather than brute strength. Weak, she is not, but place her in a fight she would be quickly overcome if she can't out run them.

You Liiike Me! You Wanna Huuug Me!   Amiable and extremely sociable, Vee is a good person to be around. Being as open minded and laid back as she is, she finds it easy to accept people for who they are whether they've done horrible things in their lives or not. This is mostly because Vee refuses to live in the past, thinking that it's pointless to, nor does she live in the future. Her mind is strictly set and focused on here and now. What happened yesterday matters very little to her and she finds all the 'what ifs' that people question tomorrow with insignificant. Though, should you ask her the reasoning behind thinking this way, she will most likely say something along the lines of  "We focus so much on the past and the future that we forget to use the moment and day that we are in for living."

Whoops, Ouch!   Unfortunately, Vee is extremely accident prone. One could call her a klutz, but that wouldn't accurately grasp the seriousness of this problem. You see, Vee isn't just accident prone, she is a super-duty unintentional self inflicted physical harm magnet. She just seems to be brimming with bad luck when it comes to keeping herself out of harm's way. A day where Vee doesn't accidentally hurt herself is most likely spent sleeping- but even then there's still the very likely possibility that she'll fall out of the bed and hurt herself. She walks with a slight 'pigeon toe'- which is something to the effect of walking with your feet turned in slightly so that the toes are pointing inwards instead of straight forwards. Because of this she often kicks herself when walking or running and will thus trip up and send herself sprawling onto her face. It seems almost as though her depth perception might be off, though it actually isn't, as she often walks into objects that she thought were actually farther away from her than they were, such as tables, chairs, people, trees, and walls. A favorite past time of hers' seems to be stubbing her toes, though she really would prefer avoiding such. Due to her accident prone ways Vee rarely wields her cutlass, which she has no training with anyways, for fear that she'd probably hurt herself more than her opponent. Her hands are usually covered with small cuts, due to slipping up while carving something or while preparing food, such as skinning a rabbit or something. But even butter knives can be a danger to her. Often she will find bruises that she isn't even aware that she had and one can only speculate as to the events of which could lead up to such bruises that seem to appear here and there.

'Thump Thump Thump' Goes My Head   Vee is plagued by daily migraines. The majority of the time she will wake in the mornings with a horrible thumping in her head. Even the smallest of things are capable of spurring a brand-new migraine and she often is susceptible to having more than one a day. Should she run out of Miyu Beans, her migraines can escalate to blinding pains. A day without the precious little beans can cause Vee to act meaner than usual, often becoming extremely irritable and rude.

No, I Don't Think So   Being as horribly stubborn as she is, Vee is sometimes extremely difficult to deal with should she determine that she doesn't want to listen. Set in her ways, she will do some things purely out of spite. Take for, example, someone tells her to stay where she is, she will move around if she thinks she can get away with it without being killed. Should she think something is one way, and there are many people telling her that it was the other way, she will simply refuse to believe them until they show her solid evidence, even if she knows she is wrong. Often she is simply frustrating to deal with.

Get Me Outta Here!   Claustrophobia plagues Vee. She absolutely can't stand to be in cramped areas, the prospect of being trapped in a small space simply terrifying to her. Being bound and unable to move is also tied in with this. Should she feel completely surrounded with no way out or enough room to breathe, Vee is very prone to panic attacks. Mostly this problem is physical to her, but should she feel trapped emotionally then she can also be susceptible to senseless hyperventilation and rash feelings of hatred for whomever she thinks it the cause of her discomfort.

I Did It Wrong, Didn't I?   Vee has a very deep-rooted inferiority complex. Due to her childhood, she often feels that she is completely incompetent and can't do anything right. At times she will constantly apologize for things that she simply didn't have any control over, thinking that in some way it was actually her fault that it happened. Tied in with this is also her extremely low self-esteem, which often becomes a problem when having to speak to people as she often simply refuses to, thinking that the person would simply find her annoying and insignificant. She is almost fearful of doing what she's told while, at the same time, driven to attempting to do it anyway simple because she hates disappointing people so much. Yet, even if she does a task correctly, she will worry about it, thinking that she did it horribly wrong unless assured otherwise.

aixelsyD   Sometimes she has difficulty reading, though she is in no way illiterate. She often will read words backwards and thus end up confused. However, if she is nervous enough sometimes her dyslexia will translate into speech problems, causing her to jumble he words, say words and sometimes half of a sentence backwards. Thus, understandably making it difficult to comprehend what she is trying to say.

Muh-Nyy? No! My Knee!   Early on Vee injured her left knee from falling out of a tree. Of course she should have known better than to be climbing way up in a tree, but she had done it (and still does it) anyway and now faces the consequences. Her left knee will periodically hurt, a sharp pain seeming to pierce it from both sides. This often comes into play when she is running. The pain alone is sometimes bad enough to make both of her knees buckle, which is a bad thing when trying to get away from trouble. Occasionally it will cause her problems when walking for extended distances. Cold weather also poses problems towards her knee, causing the joint to ache constantly and sometimes stiffen up, making it hard to move.

Scruples? I Have No Scruples!   Vee is horribly, terribly, brutally honest. She doesn't quite pay attention to how she's saying it, she just tends to say it however it might come out. Many times this will coax a bad reaction from the person that she's speaking to. But, though she knows this happens almost every time, she does it anyway. Honestly, the girl would rather be honest, however horribly mean it might sound the way she says it, than being nice and telling people lies that give them false hope- no matter how minuscule. Often, she is brash and blunt, saying what she thinks whatever it might be no matter who it might be that she is speaking to. Her way of saying and doing things are accurately described as tactless.   "The filter from my brain to my mouth is broken," she would say.   Tied in with her horribly brutal honesty and brash, tactless ways are her lack of morals. For some reason, Vee has a hard time grasping the concept of right and wrong, good and bad. When it comes to what someone should and shouldn't do, Vee simply has no high ground to escape to. She has a very hard time differentiating between what is good and bad. To her everything is in color and the terms "shades of gray” mean nothing to her. She also tends to lack a good bit of moral modesty. Nudity isn't something that would make her blush and politely look away. To her it is just another state of being and is nothing of consequence. However, many may find her ways of thinking indecent.

Oooo Shiny   Having a short attention span tends to cause Vee many problems. Often she will simply cut off in the middle of a conversation, sometimes in the middle of saying a word or sentence, because something else has caught her interest. Of course, this is viewed as rude but, frankly, she just can't help it. Though she does struggle to pay attention to what she's currently doing or who she's currently speaking to, as not to seem rude, but most attempts are futile. Her short attention span also translates over into her artwork and actions. Sometimes she will walk to a certain destination just to forget what she was going there for. Many times she has started a painting or drawing just to get distracted by something else, such as a new idea, and lose interest in the picture that she's currently working on. A lot of her work is half-finished.

Upon her leather belt:
    * A compass.
    * One carving knife.
    * A medium sized leather pouch, containing an undisclosed amount of currency.
    * Four big silver heart-shaped lockets, each the size of her palm.
    * A large amount of Miyu Beans in a thick cloth pouch Vee dyed red.

And in her leather bag:
    * A leather canteen upon which she painted a colorful fish.
    * Two days worth rations of bread, meat jerky and dried fruit.
    * Tinder box which contains flint and tinder.
    * A small box containing bandages, needles and thread.

    * A thick book with thin canvas pages used for sketching and paintings.
    * A variety of paints and a couple paintbrushes.
    * A small wooden box containing charcoal sticks individually wrapped in black cloth.

    * A small black booklet inside of which she keeps all of her writings.
    * A quill made of a feather that she dyed green.
    * A small bottle of green ink.

    * Two icemilk scented soaps.
    * One gnastheen green towel that she keeps particularly clean.
    * A shirt identical to the one that she is usually found wearing.
    * A second set of clothing described in her clothing section.

Hanging upon her left hip is cutlass of no special value or particular design. Styled with a very simple plain basket handle, the sword is clearly old and is slightly rusted in spots. Though, beyond figuring out the best way to draw the blade from it's slightly ratty leather sheath, she doesn't much bother with the weapon.

Day of Birth   Smól'evathón 17th
Place of Birth   City of Carmalad

Vallari O'Neil is in no way a person of any significance. She is not well-known for her art. Her image is not of any greatness, she is not a beauty of any sorts. There are no rumors about her or her singing. She is not famous for her odd ways and has never been, and most likely will never be, thought of as 'that mischievous prankster of a thousand names'. Nor is she well-known for any other reason that may be of any interest. In fact, Vallari O'Neil is not well-known or greatly amazing in way at all. Sure, she may dress a bit odd and have a knack for the arts, but there are those who are better at singing than her. There are undoubtedly those who are better at painting and writing than herself. There are no extraordinary happenings that occurred in her life to cause drastic changes in her life-style or attitude towards the world. There are no horrific deeds that traumatized her early on in her life. No terrible crimes committed. Nothing of particular significance or interest has happened to make her see the world the way that she does, or act the way that she acts.

Life has a funny way of working itself out. Not for the best or for the worst, but just straightening out and clearing some hazy things up. Things happen. Maybe not for any reason or maybe for a hundred reasons. You never know. I guess what I'm saying is that life is what you make of it, right? Cause life is just that, life.

Born in the city of Carmalad, Vee was raised like any child with two attentive parents; her mother (Jean), her father(Scott) and an elder sister(Jenna) whom she loved fiercely. Her father held a steady job while her mother seemed to be constantly between jobs. But they lived in a humble house on the outskirts of the city quite comfortably. A childhood overflowing with good memories, she was no stranger to happiness. It seemed that it was her constant state of being. Nothing was able to keep her down and she seemed to be everywhere all at once at all times unless she was sleeping. Outside digging holes for no reason, climbing trees, making odd little creations out of sticks and leafs and mud. Curiosity gripped her and was the influence behind her every move and every thought.

Vee wanted to know everything. See everything. Do everything. Nothing seemed like it was out of reach of her tiny hands. And even if it was, she seemed to always find a way to reach it. She explored every inch of ground that there was to see as far away from her home as her parents would allow.

Light twisted it's fingers into my hair, laid it's hands upon my back. It warmed me. And when I opened my eyes, I felt that I was seeing everything for the first time. When I took a breath, I felt as though I was breathing for the first time. When I licked my dry lips, I felt like I was tasting for the first time. And when the sounds of birds singing outside my window hit my ears with their soft songs, I felt that I was hearing everything for the first time. Wonder, it was the first thing that I felt, and my first memory was light.

The years of her early childhood life rolled on uneventfully until it was time for her schooling. She learned about a lot of things and she enthusiastically soaked up all the knowledge that she could while she was there. The older she got, the less interested in her surroundings she became, becoming absorbed in the world inside her head out of boredom with the world outside of it. Clutched tightly in the grips of her own imagination, she quickly excelled in literature and art. However, she began to realize that staying in the city of Carmalad was beginning to limit the supply of inspiration that she usually received from the world around her. Everything began to dull down and nothing was quite as great as it was before.

Angry and depressed, Vee slowly became to hate the city of her birth. She wanted nothing more than to leave it all behind. And it hurt her to think such. Whereas one piece of her heart wanted her to stay, another bigger piece told her to leave. To go and explore what was over the horizon. But this notion was absurd at her age. She was only 13 at the time and didn't see much hope in leaving and actually surviving the world outside of the city.

In the span of the next four years, she watched as her elder sister flourished into a person more beautiful than she could ever hope to be. An odd kind of magnetism had developed for her sister, drawing people to her like a moth to a flame. Vee watched her sister transform into a dancer, and then watched her move away. During this, something else happened to Vee which had given her the boost of inspiration that she had been searching for. Love.

Love wrapped it's arms around Vee and held her close in an embrace so intimate that she couldn't even begin to comprehend how deep it truly was. Bryan was older than her(14) by over two years. Almost desperately, she clung to him for the next three years, loving him and being loved. He was the fuel to her fire, and she wanted and needed him. But her first love was to be short lived. She began to notice that everything between them began to dwindle down. He wouldn't come see her as often and he seemed to only have one thing on his mind. Where had the times gone where they used to sit and talk for hours? Where had the times gone where they would simply enjoy each others' company while she sketched little portraits of him? Where had it all gone?

But it hadn't really mattered. For it was, in fact, all gone. Depression was threatening to wrap itself around her and she dropped out of schooling. The connection between them had disappeared and shortly after her 16th birthday, she realized that her boost of inspiration had been short lived. Her fuel had been depleted. She spent almost a year trying so hard to trick herself into believing otherwise. But it was simply too far gone.

Love... My love wasn't a tragic one. Nothing amazing happened. He didn't die or cheat or lie. It wasn't horribly interesting in anyway. It was simple and sweet. I loved him and he loved me. Simple as that. And, just as simply, we drifted apart. Just as simply, we found ourselves not loving each other as strongly anymore. If it was merely a strong streak of infatuation, I don't know. But it felt like love and that's what I wanted it to be. So that is what it was and is to me. Love.

Over the last four years she had painted and drawn countless little portraits of her elder sister, Jenna, and Bryan. She kept them with her so she would never forget them, though she doubted she could even if she wanted to. Shortly after her 17th birthday, her sister had left for good with a group of traveling dancers. It was then that she decided that she needed to leave. She couldn't stand to remain in Carmalad anymore. So, one night she packed up and left her childhood home. Upon her empty bed she left a note for her parents stating that she would eventually come back to visit and that she loved them dearly. Before she completely left the city that night with only the clothing on her back and a pouch full of money, she stopped over at Bryan's house one last time. They spoke late into the night, like they used to, and she almost didn't leave.

The world turned out to be so much more than I could have ever dreamed up in my head. Everything was a wonder. Everything was fascinating no matter how many times I had seen it before. When I was little, the small world that my life consisted in was enough. But things like that change as you get older and I found myself bored with my much too familiar surroundings. I can't stand to be bored.

She never regretted simply up and leaving her parents like that. Nor has she ever searched out her sister. There was nothing she could do about the past. No way to go back in time and change it. And even if she could, she knew that she wouldn't. Events in life occur for a reason, she figured, and there was no use on dwelling on the past. A bright, sunny day, approximately a month after leaving Carmalad, she discovered a vendor whom had five rather plain, very big heart-shaped lockets. She purchased all five of them. Who knew? Maybe she'd have more than just her sister and Bryan to put in those silver pieces of her heart some day.

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Please observe proper use of grammar. For example, "plane" should be "plain".

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Well Done, I love this CD, I think it is perfect

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From either belt are various trinkets and items that she feels the need to keep. The first items upon her cloth belt, and most likely most noticeable due to the fact that they are shiny, are four silver heart-shaped lockets which are all the size of her palm. All four lockets are completely plane and in each is a miniature portrait of which she personally drew of her previous lovers. Along with the lockets are a few other items such as: Her leather money pouch, cloth pouches of herbs, two wood carvings, and a large spoon. Hanging upon her leather belt are typical things of which one might use almost every day such as: a compass, knives, a cutlass, etc.

Four big silver heart-shaped lockets hang from her cloth belt, each the size of her palm and completely plain with no designs on the front, back, or insides. The lockets are all slightly battered looking, but are otherwise in perfect condition. Inside each locket is a sketch that she made of the people closets to her heart whom she will always carry with her though they are far away.

The way you have this now, going on to describe what else hangs at her belt and then going back to a further description of the lockets interrupts the flow of the writing. I would suggest changing the order so that you finish describing the lockets and then go on to describe everything else.

But anyway hon, that is minor enough. You have your first approval. :)

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Grammatically speaking there are still a few minor mistakes, even the one Thorgas mentioned was not altered. But overall this is an excellent CD with nothing holding you back from a ~Second Approval~.
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