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Title: An idea, a long post and lots of quotes!
Post by: Alyssa Mineu on May 06, 2008, 04:57:58 PM
Hey guys!

Just bringing up an idea, here. I had been reading entries about the capital cities of the provinces, and after that the “Spring Cleaning” thread. It came to me that Marcogg (capital city of Manthria) had great potential. Lots of its facilities are listed there (look at the Description! It’s a sea of information!!), as compared to other entries (like Voldar).

Anyway, I’m not saying that Marcogg should be developed into a full-scale city RP, like those of Voldar and Nyermersys. Perhaps some little parts of it could be made into a newbie RP?

1) It's very hard to actually have a reason for your character to visit the house, or know where it is in the first place.  How about encouraging people to make their own shops/small bars/eateries/breweries/temples....somewhere a character would want to go for another reason than knowing the homeowner, and might be helpful in moving a char's storyline along too.

2) People make characters who travel around so that they can enter any story. So most characters just don't have a home.  But the solution in 1) might help this too - the character might only be running the shop/business/temple etc temporarily, earning a bit of money.

In the entry of Marcogg, there’s an inn called Tarhand’s Cothouse, which is situated near the Fish Market. Perhaps an RP could be set there? Characters can “set up shop” at the market, doing trade. From what I read, the other two markets’ locations are not specified, so you could say that the markets were all close by. This way, characters of all trades can, in a sense, trade. And us travellers can stay in the inn. Inside would be rather “tavernish” though, but we can add facilities inside.

I think a big issue with the Home Threads can be largely attributed to character chemistry. Talk is cheap. What I mean is, yeah roleplaying a conversation can take many forms and pique many interests, but in the end I think everybody wants to, you know, do something.
Well, the Marcogg entry does state:
If seeking entertainment in the evening, the East Side of the city, just off Achare Route, is an area a visibly-armed man may choose to wander with sufficient coin to purchase more exotic drinks, emotion-altering substances, or paid companionship. However, the second-lowest Step of the city (along which runs Lawfish Road) is somewhat safer and has the more discreet establishments such as the simply-named ‘Jenny’s’ to recommend it.

Entertainment is offered! Perhaps in the night, characters can head on to “Jenny’s” or just along the street for some fun. ;)

And I think this quote applies most to my proposal:

I agree with the comments above that there should be something that enters the more domestic domain of life. Maybe we can have a market forum? It’s like a city but much smaller. Maybe 1-2 inns. There are also market places where players can become merchants or interact with each other just like in TH. There will be shops and stuff where 'hobbies' can be found. It will be a busy marketplace where there a variety of people: Merchants, thieves, guards. Maybe players can also apply for a job in an inn. At least now they have a job and know where their money comes from  :grin: !

Like I said before, Marcogg has three markets, and three inns. However, perhaps this RP could be centered around ONE of the inns and all three markets. This allocates more space for socializing. I mean, markets are open spaces, while inns are closed spaces. Furthermore, markets are known to be more… lively. :grin:

One thing I think is a problem, at least compared to older stories in years past, is that there is a huge proliferation of 'city-style' stories. Freeform RP like this is very, very difficult to control and get involved with. As much as I hate the term, 'adventures' tend to be a bit more active because they're more directed, they have a single goal, the players know exactly why their characters are in the story and what they're aiming for, and so on. This allows you to jump directly from plot point to plot point and keep all characters on an equal active footing. Separating into many different location threads means that some players might be alone while others might be full, some only have 2 or 3 people that have no reason to interact with each other, etc. Often times, one person will drop out for awhile, and then the other characters in that particular location can't do anything anymore, so they leave too--adventure stories allow it to continue because the characters are all in the same location and can find activity with other characters even if one or two leave. City-style stories can work when they are few. But when you have multiple city-style stories lying around, with little choice for anything else, people are more likely to sign up for multiple stories in order to get more activity, and when this happens, they're less likely to be as reliable for each individual story (not that I'm one to talk about reliability, I know. ;).

Right now, we have two categories for stories... city-style and adventure-style. Problem is, currently, most of the 'adventure-style' stories have, in fact, been city-style. Only 2 of the stories are truly adventure-style, Twilight and Thalambath's Heart. For players who want a more directed experience, they have very little choice--especially with both of the adventure stories being full. City-style tends to be very... 'tavern/civilian'-ish. I don't know about other people, but for me, personally, sitting around in a stereotypical RP bar chatting and flirting is exceedingly boring, as Luca said, talk is cheap, and there is no dynamic and action to such threads (I don't mean action as in combat action, mind. Just drama and direction in general).

I’m quoting lots. :D Anyway, I’m addressing quite a few points here. I’m suggesting characters join non-adventures with a specific goal in mind. For example, the TH. Why would you go all the way to (almost) the end of Sarvonia? Not just for adventure, I’m sure. For adventure, you could go anywhere else. But why the TH in particular? Be specific, be creative! This reason could be a sub-plot in your time in whatever plot you are in.

Also, different location threads can be quite messy, as Josephine has said. Perhaps being general could help. Like, “markets” as opposed to “produce market”, “fish market” and “central market”. Get my drift? ;)

And also, as I’ve said, there’s entertainment in Marcogg’s nightlife. Besides, bargaining does much to one’s mood. Bargaining wouldn’t be like normal chatting, in the sense that you are talking for a purpose.

Hmm, yep, I think that’s all. To reiterate, I really do think Marcogg could work. :) What with all the detail in its entry, the imagination doesn’t have to do much. Besides, characters can find background information in the city entry, so mods will not have to put so much information in the thread itself.

~Lots of love, Alyssa. :)

Title: Re: An idea, a long post and lots of quotes!
Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on May 06, 2008, 05:08:00 PM
The way you are explaining and setting this up so to speak, it would really be best to create a city game of Marcogg in and of itself. Otherwise, you are trying to limit the characters to specific areas and it could be complicated in such ways.

Title: Re: An idea, a long post and lots of quotes!
Post by: Alyssa Mineu on May 06, 2008, 05:13:00 PM
But a city game of Marcogg would complicate things, and also cause some of the problems quoted. Besides, most of the action would happen in the east side of the city -- the inns, markets, nightlife. Maybe it could be confined to just the eastern side of Marcogg?  :huh:

Title: Re: An idea, a long post and lots of quotes!
Post by: Twén Aråerwén on May 06, 2008, 05:16:54 PM
Though the idea does sound very interesting and you make some excellent points Alyssa. There are a few base issues that really concern me, at least personally. With a city-adventure already faltering and quite possibly being taken down, due to lack of participation ... Is there really a need to remove one and consider replacing it with another? Would it not be just as easy to implement many of these ideas into a story already up and waiting for some drive?

Title: Re: An idea, a long post and lots of quotes!
Post by: Alyssa Mineu on May 06, 2008, 05:20:39 PM
Perhaps, if it could fit in. Like I said, it was just an idea, up to see if it made any sense. :grin: Hopefully, some of these little ideas could be used. :)

Title: Re: An idea, a long post and lots of quotes!
Post by: Azhira Styralias on May 06, 2008, 08:25:15 PM
Absolutely, Alyssa. I think as Twen already mentioned...implementing your good ideas into an already established city thread would be great! (Bardavos could use some of your enthusiasm and participation...*HINT*)  :D

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