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Title: Santhros' Gate
Post by: Eléyr Fásamár on May 07, 2008, 08:56:57 PM
At Santhros' gate, a lone guard stands out front. His taut figure is unmoving, as though he is in a trance. He looks straight forward, almost unblinking, out into the horizon, watching for incoming travellers. This prestigous honor of guarding the Main Gate is shouldered by none other than one of the members of the Elite Guard of the city of Bardavos, and his name is Attor. He stands, with a cold, stoic expression on his face to the right side of the gate.

Above him are the other guards of the Main Gate. Their job is to raise and lower the gate on Attor's command. Also, on Attor's command, a volley of arrows can be fired at any troublemakers seeking access to the city of Bardavos.

Attor is a very grim looking man, and from the maze of scars on his face, you can tell he's been through his share of battles.

To gain entry it is somewhat apparent that you will need to ask him. For he will not greet, nor make the slightest notice of your arrival until you ask for entrance to the city. He might deny, drill you for answers, or let you in immediately. Though he does his best not to be infatuated on the job, he has been known to allow a pretty lady in, regardless of their intentions. His lusts have always been predicted to be his demise.


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Post by: Alyssa Mineu on May 13, 2008, 06:39:05 PM
It had been a long ride. From a distance away, Alyssa Mineu, or Lyss as known to friends, rode her Centoraurian horse towards the City of Artists, Bardavos. Quillý’fá’lýth neighed, and trotted to Santhros’ Gate.

It was rather sunny, and Lyss was happy about that. A nice weather for the day of reaching Bardavos! Jumping down from Lýth, Lyss led her mare to the gate, where a grim-looking guard was standing. Lyss’s crop of brown hair was pulled into a pigtail, which was swinging in time with Lyss’s movement. What with the riding towards Bardavos, a few strands of hair had fallen out of the pigtail. They now framed her face, mellowing the severe hairdo.

With the sun shining down on Lyss, the back of her orange blouse was stained with perspiration. Lyss quickened her pace, her legs, clad in black cotton pants, moving faster.

Finally, she reached the gate. The guard was decidedly unnerving – there were so many scars on his face you couldn’t tell where one started.

“Excuse me, sir. I am Alyssa, a dancer from the town of Thyslan. Please, may I enter Bardavos?” As Lyss finished talking, Lýth whinnied, as if seconding the request.

Title: Re: Santhros' Gate
Post by: Eléyr Fásamár on May 14, 2008, 08:35:32 AM
Attpr the Gatekeeper

Staring into the distance, a single drop of sweat rolling down his battle marred cheek, Attor awaited the next individual who desired to enter the city on such a day. It was not unusually hot, in fact if he had not been wearing such massive armor, it would probably have felt pleasantly warm. A distant silhouette, almost the hue of the hallowed mithril, approached far off in the horizon. After coming a bit closer to the gate, the effeminate figure upon its back became visible.

After approaching the gate at a moderately paced canter, she spoke while the silvery beast came to a halt. Tempted to swipe a bead of sweat from dropping into his cinnabrown eyes, the man stood up even straighter than he already was and grasped the long pole of his spear more firmly. Despite his self vows to not become infatuated on guard, Attor had always been known to make a strapping impression in front of women. The honorary red cape that draped his back was drenched with sweat, and he worried that he would not smell nice for the statuesque lady. His first instinct was to drill her with questions before allowing her to enter, but the Centouraurion were not at all uncommon, and he could not help but desire to be nothing but friendly to the toned maiden.

”You may enter the city, milady, and trust me, Bardavos certainly considers dancing to be one of the finest arts. There are stables for your companion just a few buildings inside the entrance, however.” Taking in a deep breath, and making a quick glance at his fellow guards upon the top of the wall, he continued, ”If you do not mind, I would like to escort you into the city, as one of your beauty is certainly not fit to have to do much without assistance.”

The mouths of the men upon the wall dropped open simultaneously, as it was unheard of for the honorary captain of the main gates to leave them unattended. Some of his fellow elitist opened their mouths as if to reproach him, but a foreboding stare and a slap of the end of his spear upon the ground silenced them. His gaze softened as it came to a respite upon Lyss’ delicate visage, and he held out his hands for her to place the reigns in if she would accept him. Addressing not only the dancer, but also his peers as well he spoke, "You realize, milady, that I would only be able to escort you as far as the stables and assure that your horse was taken care of, before returning to my post." He then beckoned for another elitist to take up his position while awaiting the woman’s response.

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Post by: Alyssa Mineu on May 15, 2008, 07:07:12 PM
As the guard spoke, Lyss noticed that there were others at the top of the wall. It was rather amusing seeing their reactions to the guard’s words. He was allowing her entrance to the city, and offering to escort her to the stables. She could see that the other guards were shocked, and she was a little startled, too, at the offer. Lyss soon got over it, though, and a little relief crept over her.

It would be nice to have someone bring me to the stables. I definitely wouldn’t get lost, then, and there would be no need for me to go about aimlessly, Lyss thought.

She smiled demurely up at the man, and, placing Lýth’s reins in his outstretched hand, replied, “Of course you may escort me, and I am not as pretty as you make me out to be.” Lyss’s cheeks reddened a little, and she looked down.

Just to make some conversation, she asked, “After the stables, I would like to go to a tavern where I can stay in. Is there one you would recommend?”

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Post by: Menweh Reolláolásh’miés on May 21, 2008, 07:54:43 AM
Menweh cringed as pain shot up her leg, her already fair skin turned ashen around her knuckles as they clenched the white staff in them.

 “Menweh yer a damned idiot!” She cursed herself, the sailor’s accent that she kept hidden most of the time spewed forth, when she realized this she corrected herself,  “Menweh yoou’re ah dolt”. She took a swig from her wine skin that held her curative tea. The effect would not be immediate and she knew she’d have to deal with the pain until the tincture was coursed down into her legs. The elfess shook her head. Menweh was a learned woman, she knew about concepts and ideas that would spin a sailor’s head. The wizardess should have paid more attention to the time. Slowly she made her way to the gate, every step causing her pain.

The elfess needed something to get her mind off of her leg. Menweh pondered for a little bit, she decided to call up a little wind. With that in mind she picked some dirt off the ground, an action that she quickly regretted. Sweat had begun to drip down her face from the pain and the heat. It was one thing to wear a white, flowing robe; it was another to wear a white flowing robe and a very thick dark green traveling cloak.

Menweh let the dust and dirt flow off her hand and trail behind her. She felt her magic strengthen the wind ounia, and with in a few moments she had a slight breeze playing with her hair. Slowly she worked the air up to where it began to pull at her cloak. The elfess grinned, she loved wind! It was so playful, so gentle and so cooling. Wind was her friend and this was the easiest spell she knew, plus it helped that she had spent two more years than the average elf on each level of spellcraft that she learned. The result was a much more powerful spell than those who just rushed along learning the more “Powerful” spells.  She laughed to herself.

As she came up to the gate she noticed that things where abit in disarray. She presumed that it was just a changing of the guard or something of that nature. The Yllferhim woman waited for one to notice her. She had a feeling that it would not be wise to enter though the gate, magically or otherwise. She felt a few of her golden-white hairs free themselves from her braid and dance in the wind that blew about her.

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Post by: Eléyr Fásamár on May 21, 2008, 10:53:26 AM
Attor the Gatekeeper

After leaving Lyss in the care of Trom, Attor made a beeline back to his post. More travelers could have arrived by now, and it would an embarrassment to have them see the Main Gate of Bardavos in such disarray. His peers already were annoyed by his running off, and if he dawdled they would be furious. A trio of guards now talked idly on the other side of the heavy metal bars, which the men on the wall opened hurriedly seeing their captain come back looking quite irritable. They just seemed to be noticing a Lyth’be haired elf hovering on the edges of their group, turning to drill her with questions upon seeing the grim look on his scarred visage.

”I leave this gate for but a  brief fraction of time, to escort a distinguished guest,” at that phrase a few mumbles broke out amidst the crowd, as they obviously considered this entire circumstance to be his fault, ”And you insolent fools cannot manage the gates!” A scalding gaze shifted from each of the three men before alighting gently upon the woman, ”I’m sorry that you had to witness this… disrespect, milady, and I apologize if these… underlings kept you waiting.”

”Now get back to your posts!” Taking care to redeem his composure, and remove the karikrimson hues of anger from his face, he resumed his solemn position next to the now closed gate, and waited for his soldiers to return to the top of the wall. Afterwards he broke the tradition of making the guest inquire first, as odd times called for different measures, ”If you wish to enter the city, Lady of the Fair Folk, I must inquire your name and business in Bardavos. And perhaps a bit more detail on your ancestry. The city of artists has had trouble with elves in the past, though I believe that particular one had much darker hair.” Looking up and down her slender figure, she appeared to nice enough, but then again one could never know for sure. Only a minuscule consideration of her beauty sprouted in his mind, but the frost of fresh memories killed the buds, as he sure didn't want that blossom of passion to bloom again.

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Post by: Menweh Reolláolásh’miés on May 21, 2008, 12:38:29 PM
Menweh smiled through the pain of her leg, this old dog’s words sent heat through her cheeks, “Nae not worry about me my dear sir, I’vae been told I have patience that can last for a voyage.” her voice was melodious chimed to him, she chuckled a bit, “For my name, good guardsmen, is Menweh Reolláolásh’miés. I am a daughter of Captain Reolláolásh’miés, thae captain of the Paél’shatán if that helps any.” She smiled at him. Her conjured wind still tugging at her cloak, and now would seem to be coming through the gate to her.

She cringed a bit as she moved her leg just the tiniest fraction. The tincture would not have worked it way down to her legs just yet. Through gritted teeth she muttered, “And as for my ancestry I am pure-blooded Yllfehim.” She shouldn’t have stopped walking. It would be a pain to walk until the tincture set in.  Sweat was becoming more profuse upon her brow. She really needed to get the thing reset and rehealed by a more skilled healer than the one her father bought. She didn’t like that idea, but it would stop the pain in her leg, but it wouldn’t be worth going through the pain all over so she might as well leave it as it was. Menweh clutched her staff again hard again. The wizardess needed to sit down soon and wait it out. She looked back up at the Guard, smiling weakly.

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Post by: Eléyr Fásamár on May 22, 2008, 06:26:04 AM
Attor the Gatekeeper

Looking Menweh the elf up and down, he once again got the impression that the woman meant no harm to the city. She just didn’t look like a thug. Although with the Thieves’ Guilds stirring lately, no one could be trusted for sure. He preferred not to ask the entrants too many questions, just for sake, and it was near the peak of the day, and at that point there could be lines in front of the city that he had to get people through quickly.

Besides, he was positive that the other elf had looked distinctly different, and he had heard the name of what his fellow guards considered her people, and there was one man on the force who knew more than a bit about elves and their various bloodlines. He knew it started with an 'A' and fairly confident in the ending sound being 'on.' Besides, he had heard that for the most part, elves were supposed to be exceedingly righteous. That other one must have been an exception.

Sending a squinty gaze over her one more time, he spoke one more time while beckoning for the guards to open the gate. "I shall let you in for now, milady, however just know that older folks in Bardavos have a certain bias against dark elves. Just be happy your hair is not black, for then they would dislike you even more. As I mentioned previously, there was an... incident a while ago, with a certain elf, and we now fear her return. If you are caught misbehaving, the punishments shall be extra harsh I assure you. Now it may sound as if I am judging you too early, but I am merely trying to warn you of some people’s opinions on elves. Perhaps your entry into the city shall alter the current prejudice, but it would only do as such if you were to follow all the rules."

With the heavy wooden gates fully raised, he nodded at her, before adding, "The Sleeping Dragon Tavern would be a nice place to stay, if you would like my recommendation, but only if you are a more stately woman. However, the Pig N' Whistle will certainly give you plenty of revelry, though don't get too wild." Giving her a friendly wink to apologize for his previous gruffness, he stepped aside holding his arm out towards the gate.

Post in either the Southeastern or Western district, depending on what sites you most wish to see. Remember, if you have any questions regarding what you could do, feel free to ask in the OOC thread. ;)

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Post by: Mika on June 21, 2008, 03:37:52 AM
The journey south had been beautiful Mika mused as Softly clopped along sedately beneath him. The trade path they had followed down ran through the Narfrost plains, and although he had been repeatedly warned about leaving the path, Softly and himself had done so on occasion She seemed almost a foal again when he had taken off his saddle and bags allowing her to run free for a few hours a day.

Even having stocked up on trail rations as best he could at Mehmetsh, his stocks had started to run low. Softly didn't particularly care that there were no more sweetcakes, it had been such a long time since her Sire had let her run so free, plus there was the lush expanse for as far as she could see and run! Over the last few days Sire had increased their pace a little, as well as restricting her playing but he was kind, and each night they stopped he left her unfettered unlike the other lesser sires she had seen. She felt sorry for those poor mares and half stallions, but Sire could not help them.

They had carefully negotiated the cliffs to the north of Bardavos after spending the a looking down on the bright lights of the city, occasionally the wind would bring a solitary note up toward them making Mika pause for a moment at the plucking of his own Lyre. The notes he could play were a bright copper to the sparkling silver trills and lilts he heard up on that cliff. There was much he wanted to learn down there. The least of which was a few more tavern favourites.

So it was that Softly and Mika decided to follow the river toward the city of Bardavos, Mika had dressed for comfort rather than for protection, he didn't think he'd need the heavy armour he usually wore and so it was packed into a large sack that rested atop the other saddle bags. The morning had been clear with no great sign of rain and so he unwrapped a brightly coloured kilt, its surface a dark red with brilliant blue and yellow lines traced across it. The morning was still cool so he packed away the sleeveless shirt he had worn under his sleeping leathers and retrieved a cream long sleeve collarless shirt, the sleeves he would roll up as the sun crept towards its highest point. He wore as always his tall hardened leather boots, which reached most of the way up his shins.

He judged that they would make the city for around time for a midday meal, so he ate enough to make himself comfortable, noting he only had two more days short rations if he was wrong. With his sabre tucked into one of the saddle bags and the bow and quiver in their waterproofed holders, he looked more like a townsman than the cavalry man he was.  With a final check to ensure all his papers were readily accessable he mounted Softly and slipping his quarterstaff into the lance cup near his right stirrup, he nudged her forward.

It turned out he was right, he was riding up to the gate as the sun crested its zenith, his sleeves were rolled up now, the shirt opened at his neck cooling him and exposing the Centoaurian crest that hung on a pendant around his neck. The dun scarf that was normally tight around his throat to hid the mass of scars there, was now draped around the back of his neck to protect it from the sun. He looked up at the gates, admiring the solidity they displayed, whilst it was a place for artists and other soft professions, he was glad to see that it was prepared for a hard war. He made a mental note to try and find out its history, there were surely songs about it.

Mika could see the gate as he rode closer, dismounting out of respect he folded a small improvised leather strap over the body of the quarterstaff so it stood up in place against the saddle. He walked the last thirty or so paces toward the gate, guiding Softly toward the older and evidently more experienced of the two guards. In response to the guard who stood there implacably he raised his left palm, open in greeting, the other hand holding Softly's reigns. 'This could take a while' He thought to himself.

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Post by: Eléyr Fásamár on June 21, 2008, 04:23:20 AM

Attor the Gatekeeper

Having completely regained his composure after the excursion with the pretty dancer, the subservient guards who sat atop the wall had learned in the recent gap of time that it was best that they stifled their giggles. Solemnly, the man's gaze lingered upon the horizon, spotting another possible entrant to the City of Artists riding in upon a majestic cinnabrown horse. Obviously in an act of respect to Attor, the Head Guard of the Main Gate at the Prestigious City of Bardavos, Great Realm of the Arts, as the arrogant man tended to refer to himself, the rider dismounted before walking the rest of the distance.

Attor kept silent as the man approached, continuing to stare in the distance as if no one had approached, as was the tradition for the Head Guard. It was only after a few awkwardly silent moments that the man noticed no one was talking. The shrill calls of several birds that circled perpetually above the lonely gate dribbled down from their lofty rotation, being the only noise that filled the otherwise total oblivion of silent. Swiftly, his gaze flickered over the newcomer's slim form, coming to a respite upon the heavy scarring on the man's throat. He didn't no what, but something about those hideous mars made the man catch his breath, sending a shiver of sympathy through his mind. Of course, Attor's own face was a scribble of similar tissues and lines, and this common pain must have only enhanced his feelings of sorrow at the sight of the old wounds.

After noticing that the man had held out his hand, the Head Guard reached out and grasped it, shaking it as a sincere expression of empathy and welcome into the city. At the speed of a lightning strike, another thought zipped into the guard's head. Suddenly, it occured to him why the man seemed to reverbrate an aura of silence. He had only extended his hand as a greeting, because he had no other way of communicating. The man must be mute. Shedding thoughts of his responsibilities as the Head Guard, Attor knew that a man with such a predicament deserved special measures, and spoke first, despite custom.

"My good sir, if the reason you are not speaking to me is due to a problem you have with your voice, then I can assure you that you are excused. We rarely meet mute men at the gates, and therefore we may have to improvise a bit for your access, but I'm sure we can work something out. I ordinarily ask entrants to state their name and business in Bardavos, but I suppose you cannot tell me very well. Hmmm.... Anyways, perhaps because of your predicament you have some official papers to allow you entry into the city that I can peruse? Or if not... well... maybe you are literate in some form that you could write down what information is required?"

Attor knew he was ranting on an endless monologue, and that he was stuttering slightly, but it was awkward for the military man to try and work with a man who could not speak back. He smiled slightly at the mute man, hoping that the man could read and write for his own sake. What an embarassment it would be if he found himself unable to admit the man, due merely to his inability to adapt. This was a greater test of his combatic cunning than any field assignment, as this was a difficult project to tackle. Hopefully, he could manage it, with luck, as the ordeal with Lyss had already kindled enough rumors amongst the guards, who chittered away on top of their battlements.

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Mika grasped his hand firmly, recognising in the scarred young captains eye's the inevitable confusion that Mika had caused. As the guard captain carried on talking Mika nodded gently at the need to improvise 'Well that's a taken fella, you wouldn't be in your position if you couldn't Im sure. There's more to guarding than a strong bladder'.

"Anyways, perhaps because of your predicament you have some official papers to allow you entry into the city that I can peruse? Or if not... well... maybe you are literate in some form that you could write down what information is required?"

As the captain stumbled to a halt Mika's smile broadened and he released his grip. 'Sure, lets just turn the girl so you guys don't get nervous'. He turned back to Softly, turning her so she faced with her left flank to the gate. With a look up to the battlements and the captain he opened one of her numerous saddle bags, rifling through it for a moment to find a long sheaf of paper detailing his name and discharge with honour from the Centaurorian army as well as his most useful military skills and the notes of his achievements, among them the ambush that him and his men had narrowly escaped. The other was a small simple piece of paper that he had used on his travels south containing small common phrases.'These should do nicely in explaining who I am, and because I don't want to serenade you chum's I'll just show you this'. Looking back at the captain he smiled and opened another pouch, this one padded with sheepskin to protect its contents, partially lifting out a small Lyre. It had been painted once now however it was slightly battered with the odd nick in its frame and worn from use and travel.

Sliding it back into its pouch he took a half step toward the guard captain offering out the long sheaf for him to read as he looked down the smaller for the most applicable phrases. 'Now somewhere on this is.. Ah there we go. I'm going to Bardavos to learn some new songs, Where can I stable my mare, Where can I get a good drink and a bath. That one's a definite, its been a long ride.' He waited patiently for the captain to finish reading the paper before him, admiring his uniform as he did so. 'Looks like you've had a hard time to get to the fore, then they've saddled you to this ceremonial duty, I wonder if you resent that. But then again with that shine, you must be happy...' He brushed his fingers through his sun bleached hair sweeping away the beads of sweat that rested on his forehead before adjusting the open collar of his shirt partially to try and promote a cool breeze there, also to unobtrusively display the regimental pendant around his neck. When the Captain had finished reading his papers he would be able to show him the required sections on the smaller sheet he still held in his hand.

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Post by: Eléyr Fásamár on June 23, 2008, 10:30:08 AM
Attor the Gatekeeper

(OOC~ I did some minor puppetry above, to have Mika point out the phrases to him, and I hope you don't mind. It was merely to get you into the city before I had to leave again. And I thought you made it obvious that you intended for him to point to the things in the next post, so I hope there was no problem. If it's a problem we can edit it out of the post, but you'll have to wait until I return, in that case.)

Attor's regularly piercing, cinnabrown gaze, softened slightly from the usual potency because of the man's plight, watched carefully as the entrant reached into his saddlebags to draw out a few leafs of paper. Being a relatively high ranking captain, from a renowned family of military leaders, the Head Guard had an advantage over his subservient soldiers in that he had the ability to read and write. Taking the sheaf gently from the mute, he could not help but feel slightly awkward in the utter silence of the man, yet knew it was unfair to treat him differently.

After first giving a quick glance over the many sentences, a few caught his eye, and he found himself reading in detail each section of Mika's qualifications. It was now clear that the bard had almost as much military prowess as Attor himself, and suddenly the captain realized that his inability to speak must be due to battle injuries rather than a lifelong illness. He glanced up from the papers every once and a while, once noticing the man tenderly handling an instrument, that looked like a small version of a harp to the Head Guard, who had little knowledge of instruments, despite him living in the city of the Arts. This man was obviously mutlifaceted, and had achieved so much, despite his disability.

Attor even found himself admiring him after completely reading the long list of his accomplishments. He noticed how the entrant casually revealed what appeared to be a Medal of Honor, of sorts, and it was clear that he was proud of his great deeds. "Your papers are certainly impressive, my good sir, and I am envious to say that you rival even me in your wondrous military achievements." Sincere compliments, other than flirting, from the honorary guard was rare to say the least, but Mika had truly earned them.

The man held another sheet, with numerous phrases listed upon it, in his hand, and after handing him the Centourarian qualifications sheet back, Attor moved to Mika's side to look at the sentences, while the mute pointed them out. After he pointed out the various questions, the Head Guard opened his mouth to answer, whilst wiping away a drip of sweat just before it ran into his eye.

"I can assure you that the City of Artists will host plenty of opportunities to learn new music, be it from some friendly folks in a tavern, or at one of the schools. The Ijenji Stables are just north along Santhros' Road from here, then turn on your second right, avoiding the Beggar's Alley, and turning left onto the main road of the Market District. It will be the second building on your right after that. The most reliable tavern in the city would be the Sleeping Dragon, and their Baneg Beef is absolutely sumptuous. The rooms there are undeniably comfortable, and I'm sure you've had a long ride. Now I believe it is time to admit you into the city, as all of your information seems to be accurate and complimentary."

He beckoned for the guards to raise the gates, and stepped aside to allow the man through.

You may post in the Southeastern District thread, Mika, describing your walk to the Ijenji Stables. Feel free to ask any questions in the OOC thread. :)

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Post by: Belyan Cuivizanel on June 30, 2008, 11:38:52 AM
Lady Belyan Cuivizanel was not amused. Sleeping in this horrible inn last night was annoying enough: The lights in the two-bedroom suite she had rented were too bright, the dinner did not deserve this name and she was rudely woken up by her maiden Rina two hours after sunrise. And worst of all: She was running out of wine…she took a sip from her well-filled glass and absently tickled Sasha’s head, her favourite Rimrunner. “What a horrible journey”, she whispered to herself, “this carriage shakes too much, it is too light and see how I look!” She straightened her sumptuous, perfectly clean robe. “Who even made this robe? When I’d been younger I would have taught this inapt couturier how…”. “We’re there, Nana, look!”, Rina interrupted her thoughts, “Bardavos, the city of artists! Isn’t this exiting?”.

“What? Where?” Belyan was confused. She took another sip. “Bardavos, the city of artists! We’re finally there, Nana”, Rina reiterated. She was used to her mistress’ spleens. “Oh! Finally, this coach is too small anyway, remember me to tell this coachman off, would you my dear?”. Belyan finished her glass and Rina put it back in one of the various coffers. She knew her mistress would forget that anyway.

The coach stopped in front of Santhros’ Gate. “Why do we halt, Rina darling?”. “Hmm…this guard seems to want at least some sort of introduction, Nana.”. Belyan put her dark veil on to venture a look out of her window. She sighed and made sure that her pointy ears were covered by her hair and her jewellery was at its place. She had to look good, like the lady she was. “Tell this grimly looking….guard that…Yes my darlings, we’re there, this obnoxious trip is finally over! Come here, come to mummy! Yes!” She tickled her three beloved Rimrunners until Rina patiently cleared her throat. “What?” Belyan looked at her maiden whom she loved like her own granddaughter, “ah, yes. Well, tell this man that I am here and want to visit this…this…what was the name of the city again darling?”. "Bardavos, the city of artists!". "So be it then, the city of artists..." She almost spat the last words, although it was her very desire to come here and spend a couple of nights in its libraries and shop a little bit. But first she needed to sleep properly…and maybe a glass of wine or two.

Her eyes under the dark, heavy veil followed Rina while she advanced to the admittedly attractive guard. “And tell this stud I would be pleased if he showed me around!” She thought and chuckled inwardly. Yes, it's been a long time indeed…

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Post by: Eléyr Fásamár on June 30, 2008, 11:56:25 AM

Attor the Gatekeeper

Staring off at the horizon, he watched as yet another carriage bumped along the road towards the Main Gate of Bardavos. It seemed by the aura of... class about it that the passenger was of a considerable wealth, though Attor noted that if he were of that sort of affluence the carriage would have been considered exceedingly small and mangey. But why fancy for things he knew he couldn't have. After all, he was in a position of great honor, and lived a relatively comfortable life, despite his purse containing little more than a peasant's salary.

A young, raven haired girl peered from the carriage, and the Head Guard noted to himself that she was quite attractive, but quickly doused the thoughts upon recalling the ordeal with the lovely dancer. After ducking back into the carriage, he heard her converse with whoever was inside, though only heard the murmur of conversation, but no precise words. The young woman then stepped out and was followed by a regal woman, who was much closer to Attor's age than the younger handmaiden, though perhaps a bit older, and her already classy features seemed to be mixed with a tinge of elven regalia. In fact, the presence of the feyfolk in her lineage was quite blatant for one who was familiar with the people, but it was obvious that she was not pure in this regard.

She walked casually behind the younger girl, who approached Attor and introduced herself and Mistress, saying that they wished to visit the City of Artists, mostly for its... art, but that was a given. Attor ignored the subservient maiden, and nodded at the older woman behind her, noting how well groomed her hair looked and the jewelry that bedecked her form. How could he deny a request from an alluring noblewoman? "Of course you may enter the city, milady. I'm humbled to be in your presence, and I hope your stay will be enjoyable. For one of your social status I would recommend the Sleeping Dragon Tavern as a suitable place to stay."

He then gestured for his fellow guards to raise the gate, and allowed the woman to step through.

You may commence posting in either the Southeastern or Southwestern District threads, Belyan. You can consult the maps to see what attractions it is you wish to visit, and post in the thread that would lead you there quickest. :)

Title: Re: Santhros' Gate
Post by: Elspeth on August 30, 2008, 12:37:24 PM
With a leisurely gait tiny feet covered the final stral leading towards the city of artisans. The moment that the splendor of the town was revealed unto her hazel green eyes the hobbit paused for a short time, starring in wonder. All the mage’s days she had hoped to visit this place and it was no small jaunt to at last arrive. Nonchalantly the lass looked towards Injera, taking note that it was in fact on its way down. Gingerly her nimble digits grasped the Baych walking stick placing it firmly on the road, whilst taking another step onwards. The hobbitess’ miniscule stride picked up the pace as she endeavored to cover the distance hastily.

Strangely Beth noted that the gates were indeed closed, with a solitary figure stationed sentry at the barred entrance. It would not of been hard for the little hobbit to have skirted the guard completely, but such impractical approaches would’ve been questionable to say the least. Elspeth had come to the city to seek entertainment and with any luck a bit of shopping, if not only to view the craftsmanship of the instruments within the cities confines. At last she took the final strides of her journey coming to respite just a few Peds from the guardsman. A temperate grin swiftly flowed over her plump cheeks before addressing the man.

“Excuse me kind sir but I seek entrance into your beloved city.” Casually she brought the walking stick behind herself before bowing graciously towards him. “I am an entertainer myself and merely seek to observe those of similar interests.” Straightening up Beth lifted almond shaped eyes towards the man’s stoic figure. Honey milk tresses prancing about her smiling countenance as a tender zephyr washed over the area. In the few blinks that she had been stationary the hobbit’s feet began to ache from the vast distances she had covered to come here. Yet the balmy grin never faltered upon her lips as she casually awaited the warrior’s reply.   

Title: Re: Santhros' Gate
Post by: Eléyr Fásamár on September 01, 2008, 01:13:23 AM
Attor the Gatekeeper

With the time approaching long bells, Attor anxiously awaited the sun's setting, but it still had only covered half of the journey from the peak of its rise, to its evening chambers. The sultry rays of the golden orb had evoked a thin layer of sticky sweat over his armor-clad form, and the heavy layers of leather essential for his protection only intensified the discomfort of the beams. As his short fingers wiped a pervasive drop of sweat from his eyes, a woman of equally short stature approached.

As she made her advance, the sweltering heat decreased slightly, as a gentle breeze stirred about his warm exterior. The cool relief was relaxing after the long day in the sun. Although he was not sure if this entrant was the true cause, her arrival had certainly been accompanied one of the infrequent reliefs of the day. Listening to her friendly utterance, he was pleased with her manners, and almost forgot to ask of her title before admitting her to the city.

"I'm sure you will find plenty of such people in the city, though whether their talents rival yours, I cannot be certain." Attor always spoke with a certain reverence when adressing any, but the kindness of which the lady spoke only encouraged him to further reciprocate the friendliness. "I simply require your name for the records, and perhaps a clue of your ancestry?" The second question wasn't essential, but he had not seen many of such proportions as the maiden, and was curious as to what these smaller people called themselves. They piqued his curiosity.