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Title: Thaehavos' Gate
Post by: Eléyr Fásamár on May 07, 2008, 09:03:08 PM
The Thaehavos' Gate looms in front of you, one of the points of entry to the famed city of artists. The Occen lake laid gleaming a silvery sheen on its surface within sight not far away from where you are standing.

On top of the wall, small shadows busy about, representing the many soldiers that bear the responsibility of opening or securing the gate, and also the task of showering any unwanted visitors with arrows and burning warm tar.

As you approach the doors of the gate you notice two guards, standing on each side of the gate, their eyes fixed on the road leading to Bardavos, scanning the horizon for travellers approaching their city. The guard on the left was a tall and lanky male, his eyes locked in an anxious expression. The guard on the right wore an oversized helmet which shadowed the facial features. However, you notice that the guard on the right had a lithe and seemingly feminine figure.

As you come closer to the gate, the guard on the left barked out:

"Halt! None can pass this gate without the approval of our commander!"

Title: Re: Thaehavos' Gate
Post by: Ryldor Gadriel on May 25, 2008, 05:47:51 AM
"Bardavos… finally," thought Ryldor as the city walls came into view. He reached down and gave yet another appreciative pat on Shadow's shoulder. "Once again you've proven yourself." He dropped to the ground, turned to his right and looked out at Occen's Lake. He let Shadow nibble on a carroot and said, "It's a view worthy of a poem my friend, but I'll spare you my pathetic efforts at one."

He waited for his Rusik to finish the snack and then he looked down and took stock of his appearance. A rare frown followed. His dark pants and green vest were wrinkled and covered in dust. He ran his hand across his face and found it too was caked with remnants of the road. He debated changing but decided against it. Instead he took a moment to shake off his clothes, wipe his face and retie his ponytail. "It'll have to do I guess." He climbed back aboard and made his way to the gate.

Two guards were clearly visible, though the moving shadows suggested many more had eyes on him. "Luckily, I'm harmless," he thought. The guard on the left was your typical male guard, but the form of the one on the right was promising. He spoke to both, but kept his eyes to the right, trying to get some glimpse of the person's features.

"Well my good man, I'm sure your commander will have no problem with a tradesman such as myself entering. You may call me Ryldor." He turned deliberately to the one on the right, "And you are?"

Title: Re: Thaehavos' Gate
Post by: Azhira Styralias on May 26, 2008, 09:22:08 AM
Gate Guard

The guard took a step towards the approaching stranger. The sword sheathed at his hip clinked against his chainmail shirt. The tall halberd gripped tightly in his right hand moves steadily back and forth as he walks. With a furrowed brow, the guard's gray eyes study the newcomer under bushy pale brown eyebrows. His mouth twitches anxiously under a thick moustache and a field of whiskers growing under his chin.

"Well Tradesman Ryldor, this gate is restricted to special persons needing entering,"
the guard replied in a husky, deep voice. "I'll need to know your business in Bardavos this day and how long you plan to stay. The commander will have the final say on if you can enter."

The guard stood tall and recited his pronouncement with ease and nary a pause. The guard sniffed and cast a glance beyond the man in front of him for a moment while awaiting a response.

Title: Re: Thaehavos' Gate
Post by: Ryldor Gadriel on May 26, 2008, 10:35:16 AM
Ryldor turned his attention back to the other guard, disappointed not to get any response from the feminine one. "Perhaps I look worse than I thought. I'll have to rectify that as soon as possible."

"I deeply apologize my good sir," Ryldor said with a quick bow. "Had I known of any restrictions I would certainly have chosen another gate." "If only to escape greater scrutiny," he thought. "I'm here to find interesting things for trade. Your craftsmen are, obviously, amongst the best ever, and I'd hope to take some of their wares with me and maybe set up a regular route. Good business for all concerned." Ryldor leaned in a little and lowered his voice. "Plus I'm a… bit of a craftsman myself. At least, I was." He leaned back away and rubbed his right shoulder "Old wound in battle. Never healed right. Anyway I'd love to see what your finest are up to. Shouldn't take more than a couple of weeks."

His blue eyes flittered back and forth between he guards, still hoping to catch a glimpse of the face of the lithe figure on the right. "May I now pass?"

Title: Re: Thaehavos' Gate
Post by: Azhira Styralias on May 28, 2008, 12:14:05 AM
Gate Guard

The guard nodded at Ryldor's explanation and glanced back at his companion still standing at the gate. He waved a hand and made a motion at the gate. The second, slimmer guard nodded in understanding and proceeded to open the gate and move through.

"We are checking with the commander of the watch if we are to allow you in," the guard said. "It shall be a moment."

The guard looked up at the tip of his halberd and back down. His gloved hand moved up to wipe some sweat beginning to bead down his brow. He frowned and sighed deeply, suddenly feeling nauseous and light headed. He dug in his halberd in the ground and leaned against it while shuffling his left foot.

Then, the guard fell to one knee and collapsed to the ground. His halberd fell forwards and his helm rolled off his bald head and stopped against a nearby rock. The man groaned once before closing his eyes. His chest heaved up and down showing he was still alive, but now unconscious.

Title: Re: Thaehavos' Gate
Post by: Ryldor Gadriel on May 28, 2008, 07:43:04 AM
The elf's eyes followed the slender guard as the figure walked away, presumably to get permission for entry. Praying for powers he didn't posses, Ryldor mentally commanded, "Turn around," but it was to no avail. He continued watching the door, paying little attention to the other guard's comments.

His gaze upon the door was so intent that he missed the beginning of the difficulties the guard started experiencing. By the time Ryldor turned back around, the guard was already falling towards the ground. He asked, "Are you okay?" even though it was clear the guard wasn't. Ryldor quickly looked around trying to find… something, anything that might be responsible, an archer perhaps.

Finding nothing he closed his eyes and cursed silently, "Feff!!! I'm going to get blamed for this. I just know it." He turned and yelled toward to the gate, "A little assistance please!" Without waiting for a response, he dropped to one knee near the guard and tried to figure out what was wrong.

Title: Re: Thaehavos' Gate
Post by: Azhira Styralias on May 30, 2008, 01:00:22 AM
Gate Guard

The second gate guard poked her head through the open gate and gave her fallen companion a blank stare. She then glanced at the man kneeling over him and suddenly came marching over to the elf. Her oversized helm pitched forwards covering her eyes. She growled and tossed the helm off her head with her left hand sending the helm spinning under a bush.

"Curse Burris and his drinking!" the woman guard exclaimed as she knelt next to Ryldor. "He's fallen ill again."

Without looking up, the lady guard took hold of her comrade's shoulders and shook him gently. Her chainmail shirt rattled and swayed and her eophran brown colored hair, now uncovered, fell loosely over her shoulders and face. She stopped and gripped his cheeks with a thumb and forefinger and squeezed. After no response, she sighed heavily and sat back on her heels. Her round face was etched with worry and her small mouth formed a frown. She brought up a hand and tossed back her hair to reveal more of her face. As she did so, the tops of her ears could be seen having gently angled points. She looked pleadingly at the stranger with dark green eyes.

"Yer name be Ryldor, correct?" the woman asked. "Mind helping me drag Burris to the gates? He needs a healer quick."

Title: Re: Thaehavos' Gate
Post by: Ryldor Gadriel on May 31, 2008, 10:57:08 AM
Ryldor ran his hand through his dark hair and continued his futile examination of the fallen guard, all the while thinking, "What the feff am I doing? I don't know what I'm looking for." He was just about to give up when he heard the sound of the helm sliding across the ground.

He turned toward the gate, his eyes catching a glimpse of her legs first. In what he hoped wasn't an all too obvious leer, he slowly moved his gaze upward, eagerly awaiting his first glimpse of her face. He took in her countenance and her green eyes and was mostly pleased, except for her worried expression. Ryldor always preferred his women happy and smiling and the frown she wore detracted from her appeal.

As he watched her unsuccessful attempt to shake the life back into Burris, Ryldor once again ran his hands over his dusty, wrinkled clothes, trying to remove any evidence of his long journey. "This still isn't helping," he thought, as his appearance did not improve. "I should have changed. I'd be presentable and he'd have passed out before my arrival." He shook his head at the uselessness of his ruminations. "Might as well make the best of it… Hey, she's an elf." He looked up when she spoke.

"I am Ryldor, though I'll gladly answer you whatever you call me, my dear," he said with a big smile. He moved to the opposite side of Burris and said, "Shall we?"

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Post by: Azhira Styralias on June 03, 2008, 03:15:38 AM
The half-elf guard seemingly ignored Ryldor's comment, although her gaze did linger upon the man for a bit longer than she wanted. She set her halberd down on the ground along with the blade sheathed at her hip. The chainmail shirt she wore was a bit too large for her and she struggled to tighten her belt so the shirt wouldn't hang loose as she bent down.

She then proceeded to lift the unconscious guard's legs. Her strength was considerable given her small size, as she cupped her hands under the man's boot heels and lifted.

"Let's get him to the gate," the woman said. She lifted her head and blew the hair away from her face. "He's in trouble if the commander hears of won't tell a soul about this, will you stranger? Ryldor?"

Title: Re: Thaehavos' Gate
Post by: Ryldor Gadriel on June 03, 2008, 04:15:32 PM
Ryldor put his hands under the unconscious guard's shoulders and lifted him… barely. The elf spent most of his time avoiding exercise and hard work and physical exertion of any kind. He was certainly weaker than the half elf and Burris, though thin, was far more than he was used to carrying. Ryldor could only raise Burris a couple of inches, leaving the guard's hands dragging through the dirt. The second Burris was off the ground and the mage took a step, Ryldor knew that he was in trouble.

His knees buckled, his arms trembled and beads of sweat formed on his brow. Then he took his second step and it got worse, but for her sake he tried to maintain a brave face. For a moment, he considered using magic, but figured it would best if she, and the rest of the guards, knew nothing about that.

He realized he hadn't answered her query. Through gritted teeth and between grunts he said, "I guess I might be able to keep this to myself. But I wouldn't do so for a stranger. Maybe for a friend." He grunted again and carried on with renewed effort. "Of course, friends know each other's names."

Title: Re: Thaehavos' Gate
Post by: Azhira Styralias on June 06, 2008, 10:15:16 PM


"I am Sarya," the half-elf replied as she set down the man's legs. The two of them had dragged the unconscious Burris down the path to the gate just on the other side of a large row of hedges. The guard's body was sufficiently hidden from view from passersby and from anyone poking their head out of the gate.

The woman stood and wrung her hands nervously. She frowned and stared at Burris some more deciding what to do. Finally, she gave the man Ryldor a look of concern. She started to say something but decided against it for now and went to retrieve her weapon. With an effort, she picked up the halberd and strapped the sword to her hip. The weight of the weapons gave her a slumped look, but that was partly because of the unspoken burden she now carried. She came back to face Ryldor again.

"Thank you for the aid, stranger, but I can handle things from here," Sarya nodded towards the gates. "You'd better get inside before more guards arrive. It's best if I do the explaining without you or suspicions might arise. Please, though, say nothing of this. Burris has a troubled history with the guards and the only reason he is one is because of his father, the current baron of Bardavos. It's rumored...well...I can't say..."

Sarya looked away before continuing. " me tonight at the Sleeping Dragon Tavern. They'll know you're involved no matter what happens now...and I would hate to see you get hurt. Meet me there at the seventh bell. Alone."

Title: Re: Thaehavos' Gate
Post by: Ryldor Gadriel on June 07, 2008, 12:23:18 AM
As soon as Burris was on the ground, Ryldor's hands went to his knees and he hunched over, panting and groaning, sweat still pouring off his brow. The distance had only been peds, but his arms ached like it had been leagues. He tried to say something witty and charming, but failed. She seemed nervous... "Worried about Burris I guess." He tried to speak again, but before he could catch his breath, she was walking away. He started to call after her, but realized she was just retrieving her weapon and that she'd probably return.

Ryldor managed to stand straight up (more or less), wiped the perspiration from his face, and took a few deeps breaths, hoping to halt the panting. He knew his overall appearance was still not good, but he hoped that when she returned he just looked bad, not terrible.

Sarya spoke quickly upon her return. He listened to her pleas with great interest, thinking how lucky he would be to have a favor or two owed to him by the city guards, especially one of them the son of a noble. "This would almost like have the baron himself in debt to me. That could be most useful."

Two specific words snapped him out of his reverie: "get" and "hurt". "Why exactly would I be getting hurt?" he pondered silently, a look of curiosity forming on his face. "Well I guess I'll find out soon."

"Seven bells at the Sleeping Dragon. I'll be there, " he said with great determination. He beckoned for Shadow, the trained russik hurrying over. Ryldor paused a second and altered his tone, making it more fun and flirty. "I eagerly await our next encounter, hopefully under more pleasant circumstances," he said with a wink. With that he turned and led Shadow towards the gates.

Title: Re: Thaehavos' Gate
Post by: Silmarwen Elanessë on June 24, 2008, 11:48:38 AM
      Just then a girl approached the same gate looking around in silent awe, thinking to herself, "The traveling was worth just seeing this place! Now if I could just find someone to help me find. . .       She shook her head. "Don't be anxious or hasty. It'll only bring trouble."      She was walking towards the gate where she saw two frightfully stern looking guards and decided to wait until she ventured forward. She was about to start off again as she felt movement in the pack she held on her back.
     Taking it off she carried it over to a shadowy ledge where no one would see her as she opened the pack. When she did out popped the head of her pet Fley who immediately looked around the area. "No, Fley stay in there. I'm not even sure if your allowed here!"      Instead of obeying, Fley jumped out bringing with her a jumble of papers flying out of the pack. And the twinging of lyre strings rose also from the pack. Silmarwen grabbed them quickly before sitting down with her dog next to her.

      She stacked the papers neatly and set them next to her, taking out her lyre. She looked at the white cocked head of her dog who looked at her expectantly. "Come on Fley, this is no time to play. . . but then it is a lovely day, and no one's around. I guess I could."      And as she started gently running her fingers over her beloved instrument Fley lay down folding her paws and looked on through half closed eyes filled with bliss.

      Then without looking down at her papers Silmarwen started reciting. "Where wild river, falling hill, wind and rain at last are stilled, beneath the shadows of time and age will rise a dawn of beauty un-caged, and there we shall find peace."      The dog looked almost asleep now, with it's head on it's paws, but when Silmarwen suddenly stopped She jerked her head up and nudged her arm. Silmarwen looked down at her and said, "Well, it's not that good, it's one of my first. And I feel almost disrespectful, if you get my meaning. Just coming here, where so many great things have happened. . . "      

      While Silmarwen was talking Fley's attention was drawn to the fact that Silmarwen's papers were blowing silently away one by one. She nudged Silmarwen again and when she turned around she saw with a start, what was happening. The papers started blowing away faster in the wind and telling her dog to stay where she was (and hoping that she would obey for once) she started running after them in an urgent rush.
     The hood  of her long cloak blew around in her face as she gathered up her papers one by one and she noticed how rugged a shape her boots were in. She sighed and went on stacking her papers filled with writings and notes. Catching glimpses of poems set to song she paused and read to herself. She followed one paper so close the the gate that she didn't notice the guards standing right in front of her and she narrowly missed bumping into them. She grabbed the paper and stepped back shocked and afraid.

     "I'm looking for the Circle of Dreams in the City of - "      but she was too frightened by the intimidating eyes of the guards. Oh, why was it that she could talk to her animal friends just fine, but when it came to people all her talking ability froze? She took a deep breath even though it was only one word that she had to say. "Bardavos."      she finished in a whisper, closing her eyes.

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Post by: Kelodin the Outcast on June 25, 2008, 04:37:31 AM
Friend, you would do well to move, muttered Kelodin as a bulky Thegrim blocked his way. The dwarf grudgingly bowed aside, and the tall, white-robed stranger approached the gates. He glanced around at the always-interesting group of pilgrims traveling to the city of bards. Tempting targets, all he thought. One girl, in particular seemed particularly tempting.

A bumbling, mumbling girl was lost, and apparently alone. She appeared to be speaking, and she also appeared to be ignored. She did concern Kelodin- at least not yet. For Kelodin was hungry, Kelodin needed money, but most importantly, Kelodin needed a way in.

"Excuse me, ma'am! But you seem to have dropped this!" Kelodin handed the girl a paper, and grinned a grin that could be described only one way. It was the grin of a man who had seen much pain, the grin of a man with morals flexible at best, but it was also the grin of an exceedingly good liar.
So the only way one could, and the only way one should, define the grin is- charming.

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Post by: Silmarwen Elanessë on June 25, 2008, 02:27:32 PM
      Silmarwen turned to see a stranger holding out one of her flying papers. Anything was better than the grim faced guards in front of her. She pulled her long brown hair behind one ear revealing a somewhat pointed ear. She received the paper noticing the strangers exceedingly charming smile, yet quickly looked away nodding her thanks. She turned around to face the guards once more but was growing more and more uncomfortable as she noticed that the stranger was still behind her, and she guessed still smiling.

      This made it altogether more hard to face her previous dilemma; how to find the Circle of Dreams, and more importantly to get inside the gates away from this strange man. "If you could just give me some directions, please, I seem to have lost my way and I don't know how to find my way through the city. . ."       By now Fley had walked over to her dragging Silmarwen's pack along, and as she reached down to pick it up she was distracted by the man who had just given her her paper. Not knowing what he wanted of her, and fearing his somewhat (to her at least) ominous presence, she tried to ignore him as best she could. This, however,  did not work. He came around to her side and stood next to her as she waited for a response from the guard.

Title: Re: Thaehavos' Gate
Post by: Kelodin the Outcast on June 26, 2008, 08:54:30 AM
"Ma'am, you turn too quickly," Kelodin muttered. He had placed his hand around her waist, and the girl could feel a point underneath the man's finger. Did you not stop to think what a man like me might desire from a girl like you? There is nothing, dear, that you possess that I can not take away. But there is something you can give me, and there is something I can give you back." Kelodin paused for a moment, allowing the words to sink in. The girl was visibly scared now, sweating and looking away.
"I am in a bind, dear, and I need passage into this fair city. I have no papers, no warrants, no nothing. And without you and your parchment, I may well perish outside these city walls." Kelodin was growling now, audible to no one else.
"And in a city like this, young girl, there are many men like me. But those inside the wall's will be much worse, and not a single one, may I add, will have a debt to you. The choice is clear. Allow me to enter with you, disguised as your servant, your uncle, whatever you shall, and I will protect you, guide you, and above all, bring you no harm and leave at your first command. However, betray me to these gaurds, and there will be more then a prick in your side. Desperate times and desperate measures, ma'am. Kelodin glanced behind him. Is that Kasumarii an apothecary or an assassin? That gryph a bo'en or a bounty hunter's pet? Time was running short, and those who wished Kelodin harm would soon be near.

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Post by: Silmarwen Elanessë on June 27, 2008, 03:44:18 AM
Silmarwen was shaking. She was always afraid something like this would happen to her. She didn't want to get caught up in anything that would get her in trouble. This man was obviously not supposed to go into Bardavos. As she stood there listening to him, even through her fear, she started forming a plan. She said to the guards, "Excuse me, I feel. . . one moment."   And she staggered away with the man following her. To anyone it would look as if he were supporting her from falling, but only they knew what was really afoot.

      Fley was growling at the strange man handling her master but a simple movement from Silmarwen's hand and she stopped. "Help me down. I won't run."    She barely had the words out of her mouth when he had helped her against the wall looking in her eyes, telling her through them not to do anything sudden. Silmarwen caught her breath and continued. "You need to get in, is that right?"    Without waiting for an answer, for fear of loosing her nerve,  she continued. "I can give that to you but sir, in payment for this I must ask you one thing."    She took a deep breath. "I do not want to be caught up in this. I want a normal stay here, so please I am begging, let me tell the guards."        He grabbed her by the arms none to gently. Fley growled again and sat down next to Silmarwen.  She held a scream back, silenced her dog again,  and carried on in a hurried tone.

      "I will make sure that you are out of sight and will wait for you to find your way in the city. I will not tell them where you have gone but I will not go in at all if I must carry this secret! Please, to repay the debt. Let me just inform them that the man who helped me in was not my servant. I don't know who you are only that you mean to hurt me if I do not cooperate. I will say nothing as to where you go just tell them that you were not meant to enter, or something like that! I could pretend that I knew you but you weren't allowed to go in and I felt sorry for you, but could not bare the guilt. They will believe me if I say I don't know where you are!"

      Through all this she could see him thinking, she had merely kept talking to keep her own nerves down. She didn't dare hope for any agreement, and she believed that if he did agree she might easily find a knife in her back as soon as he caught her alone. He slowly released his hard grip on her shoulders, and she waited nervously for an answer, while Fley licked her hand still staring at the stranger angrily.

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Post by: Azhira Styralias on June 27, 2008, 10:13:25 PM

Gate Guard Terras

The gates opened again soon after the half-elf guard Sarya vanished form her post. Terras poked his head out and sighed. Once again, the guards at the Thaehavos gate were lacking in their duties. Could the Watch never keep anyone guarding this gate for more than a few days without some kind of trouble? It seemed unlikely. Terras was the fourth guard to rotate shifts at this gate in so many days.

With a sigh, Terras stepped outside the gates. He tossed his dark brown hair back with a flick of his head and pulled down his chainmail uniform. He held his halberd high as he cleared the gate and surveyed the area.

Nearby were two people and a dog. A girl, young and pretty, followed by a man. The dog seemed agitated and Terras wondered if the girl was hurt somehow. Surely that man beside her would get some help. Grumbling to himself, Terras moved towards the pair and the animal to get a closer look.

Indeed, the girl was young, as Terras had thought, but only because she was elven and her elvish heritage gave her the look of a young human girl. Such was the eternal youth of an elf, he supposed. The dog had Terras alarmed, for the girl seemed a bit troubled, but the animal was clearly upset at something. As for the man beside her, Terras couldn't make out his face or hear what he was saying. The elf girl had just finished speaking as Terras came up.

"Ma'am? Is there a problem here?" Terras asked firmly but gently. "I apologize that there was no guard on duty earlier...seems they've abandoned their post. Are you three here on business?"

The guard did not want to get too close for fear of upsetting the dog further. He hoped the pair could provide an explanation. He also hoped they would be on their way as soon as possible.

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Post by: Silmarwen Elanessë on June 28, 2008, 12:29:31 AM
      Silmarwen stumbled up, to relieved to say anything right away she ran to the guard signaling Fley to follow, with her bags. Her "servant" stood up as soon as possible but with nothing to do while she stood next to the guard. He scowled at her as she opened her mouth to speak.

      "Yes, this man. . ."   At the look she received from him she seemed to change her mind about something, and continued. "This man has seems to have lost track of his master, who carries his papers for the city. He tried to use me to get into Bardavos."    And while three different looks were placed on three different faces, Silmarwen's was the look of someone who had been relieved of a huge burden. And whether or not it was the whole truth, she could explain that later, far far away from this strange man who had threatened to harm her.

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Post by: Kelodin the Outcast on June 29, 2008, 03:22:21 AM
An unexpected development- surely this young girl could not have been so bold? A look of disbelief, however, was quickly washed away by a look of avoidance, fear, and nervousness. "Yes, sir. This girl is correct. My master though.... I did not lose him. We were ambushed, and my master perished in a bandit attack. I come to bring a token to his wife, good sir. Surely you can not deny a servant from obeying his master's dying wish, no matter what foolish actions I have taken?"
The girl looked scared, but relieved. To her, Kelodin had a thinly veiled warning.
"I apologize for your involvement madam, but I must insist my story reaches no other ears. Let those deserving of respect deal with these events in their own way. If you, sir," and this he spoke to the guard. "If you, sir, so desire to let me cross this threshold, I will assure you this girl will be left in peace. I pray she will not hinder my journey, as I will hinder hers no more, fates bless this wish."

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Post by: Silmarwen Elanessë on July 06, 2008, 12:46:34 AM
 Silmarwen heaved a sigh of relief. He wasn't going to kill her, and she hadn't done anything to make him kill her. That was when it hit her. He could be lying. Maybe he would go into the city and hunt her down. Maybe she would find a knife sticking in her back as soon as he caught her alone! What if the guard allowed him in without any questioning?

        She  knelt  down and stroked Fley who had stood by her during the conversation. She glanced over at the the guard and then at the stranger, trying to read the look on his face. She pretended to be tying her retying her shoe, while secretly slipping the largest of her throwing knives out of her shoe and up her sleeve. The words of her old mentor and teacher, Andúnë Táralóm, entered her head. "You're a healer, you're here to save other people's lives. That doesn't mean that defending your own isn't a priority as well."   

        She stood up and straightened the bow in her hair, letting the knife slip farther down her sleeve so it was less noticeable. She hoped the man hadn't seen anything strange, but he was looking at the guard waiting for a reply.

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Post by: Azhira Styralias on July 08, 2008, 05:26:42 AM

Gate Guard Terras

The guard's eyes moved slowly from the man to the woman before him. Something was odd, he was sure of it. The woman especially seemed a bit on edge. She looked anxious and a bit scared. The man, for his part, was quite calm and told his tale with ease. Still, the guard was anxious to get these travelers through the gate and on their way.

"Miss, step away from him please," Terras ordered. "I will need to speak with the both of you privately. Miss, step over by the gates. You, sir, stand where you are."

Terras extended a hand to the lady and motioned to the gates.

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Post by: Silmarwen Elanessë on July 08, 2008, 05:42:56 AM
        Silmarwen was now relieved more than before, knowing that the guard was suspicious. And as she sighed once more, she picked up Fley and walked over to the Thaehavos' Gate, where she had stood not too long ago, wondering why she had even journeyed there. Now all she felt was a light sort of feeling. She would soon be in Bardavos, where, when she had told the truth to the guard  and cleared everything up, she would be able to relax and write her soul out in the Beautiful Circle of Dreams. Fley licked her face, and Silmarwen smiled. Then the gate was before her, and she took a deep breath.

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Post by: Kelodin the Outcast on July 08, 2008, 06:56:23 AM
"My good sir," Kelodin said with a smirk. "I am already standing where I am. And please, allow the girl to pass through, there is no need to keep her from her business. The wrongdoing was mine, not hers." And with that, he smiled warmly at Silmarwen, as if to apologize and wish her goodwill.

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Post by: Silmarwen Elanessë on July 08, 2008, 07:07:37 AM
        Silmarwen looked at him. She could tell he had no warm feelings of any kind.  She decided to tell the guard as soon as possible. She suddenly grew angry at this person who had ruined her day. Forgetting her usual timidity she walked back a few paces and looked him in the eyes, pulling her hood down.
        "You are forgiven, kind sir. Now why don't I leave you two to have a pleasant chat with one another. Oh, and,"       she said turning to the guard, "I wouldn't get to close if I were you. He holds many nasty surprises."   She turned her back to them. "Give my regards to your... "master" when you meet with him once more."    Then, surprised at her own outspokenness she resumed her position by the gate.

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Post by: Azhira Styralias on July 09, 2008, 09:24:01 PM

Gate Guard Terras

Terras regarded the girl with a grim smile and said: "Very well, miss. You may pass through. I shall speak to your friend here. Enjoy Bardavos and watch your step. Some of the thieves guilds are causing some trouble of late and I wouldn't want you to get involved in that silliness. Be off then."

Not waiting for a reply from the girl, the guard turned to face the gentleman who stood waiting. Terras was a young man, relatively new to the guard post, but he had a bad feeling about this man. Nevertheless, it could also be that he was still feeling the awful headache from the party he attended the night before. Bardavos did enjoy a lively party.

"Alright sir, you say your master was killed?" Terras asked. "From what land do you hail? And who was your master? I wish to get this story straight before I let you through. The girl seemed a bit put off by your presence."

Terras locked eyes with the man and awaited his response.

Silmarwen - You may proceed through the gates if you have no further replies.

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Post by: Kelodin the Outcast on July 10, 2008, 03:49:28 AM
"My master, Gods Bless His Soul," and Kelodin did indeed pronounce each word with a capital letter, "My master was none other then Jaksen of House Myrkorson. Both he and I hailed from the great city of New-Santhala." And, good sir, if the girl seemed to be put off, it was only because a noble elf like her is certainly not used to dealing with a petty servant like myself."

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Gate Guard Terras

The guard creased his brow and gave the man a quizzical look. He had never heard of a House Myrkorson and had never even been to New-Santhala. It was just as well. Terras was not much of a traveler anyway and only knew Bardavos. The man seemed truthful enough and Terras was eager to see him on his way.

"Alright, alright...on your way then," Terras said. "Go about your business but stay away from that elf girl. I don't want to hear any complaints from her or anyone else concerning your affairs. And, get your papers in order, too."

Terras waved the man away to the gates and stood aside to let the man pass.

Kelodin - you may proceed through the gates.

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Post by: Aváíyá Enayái on January 28, 2009, 06:08:34 AM
The city walls of Bardavos rose high above to protect it’s inhabitants, and yet the most eminent danger was within those walls. People were truly stupid enough to think they’d be safe within those walls, then again… The guards let in more nightmares then they knew about. 

Whistling softly, Aváíyá turned slightly on the rock she’d been sitting at to Toren who was now slowly making his way over to her. Be damned the Kev’lor horse was slow, but he could certainly pack a punch. She wrapped a hand around his neck once, letting him rest his large head lightly on his shoulder. She kissed him on the cheek once, sighing softly as she leaned her own head against his and sighed softly.

“ I’ll be different this time, I’m only here to kill some merchant who cheated that noble. And maybe a few more till you know… Clientele picks up. I’ll be good I promise. “
Toren blew air, knowing full well it was a promise already lost. Kissing him again she got up, grabbing the large saddle and tacking up Toren. She mounted him with ease, the rock enabled her even more manoeuvre and so in a light canter she set for Theahavos’s gate.

Once she got closer and crowds were apparent, she settled into a trot and finally a walk. She smiled, Toren dwarfed everyone and everything, making passage towards the gate was easier. Once she reached the gate, she pulled the reins softly and searched one of her saddle bags, her hand came out with a neatly wrapped and sealed parchment. Aváíyá didn’t even come down from Toren, instead she bent slightly forward and extended the parchment towards the guard, taking an air of someone who had better things to do then be here.

Upon the parchment was written:

To whom it may concern,

You are to let my employee enter the city at once, she is on an important duty and it must be done without any delay. The duration of her trip shall depend on what the lady decides to do afterwards.

Good day,
Lord Josef.

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(Sorry Avaiya! This isn't normally my thread, but seeing as Azhira doesn't seem to be around I can post for you) ;)


Gate Guard Terras

Terras sighed heavily as yet another horse pulled up to the gates. It had been a while since someone had last arrived, and he'd rather been enjoying the break. There were some small crowds of bystanders, but they had been there for about an hour, and were apparently grabbing a quick bite to eat before entering the city. He didn't particularly mind work either. Terras just went with the flow.

As the horse drew closer he could see it was a woman, and found her to be vexingly aloof. She didn't speak when she approached, simply handed him a piece of parchment from her saddlebags. Opening the envelope, he glanced over it. He wasn't an *extremely* good reader, but he could make out a few words. Seeing "important", "lady", and "must", he figured she was good enough. After all it was signed by a lord.

"Go ahead on in, milady. Everything seems in order. May I humbly ask for your name for the records, before you proceed however?" The guard smiled sheepishly, daunted in the presence of what seemed to be a woman of high authority. Terras didn't even consider to ask what her 'duties' may have been.

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Aváíyá quirked her brow, she didn't have the time nor the patience to offer the man any words. Although she knew that she couldn't walk into that city without him allowing her clear passage. So looking down at him she lowered herself in the saddle and lowered her voice to a soft almost inaudible whisper.

" Aváíyá Enayái. "
She leaned back up and didn't speak another word, weither he'd heard her or not wasn't her problem. She didn't want people knowing she was in town, yet. But for now she's wait and be patient.

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You may proceed through the gates, Avaiya. We don't really have any other active players at the moment but I'm doing my best to get them rounded up and posting. ;)