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Title: Rules and Story Information
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The Ten Commandments
And of course you have to follow Greybark's Ten Commandments of Roleplaying!

Thou shalt not play God
Thou shalt not solve all the problems of the universe all by yourself.
Thou shalt add details to your writing to keep it from being boring.
Thou shalt be true to the character of your character.
Thou shalt make sense.
Thou shalt not kill other characters or decide what damage they get.
Thou shalt be patient for other characters to post.
Tho shlt nat us fels spillin n gremmmer.
Thou shalt not decide thy neighbour’s actions, or his wife's actions, or his ox's actions....  

What is Bardavos?

The City of Bardavos is a DM (Dungeon Master) controlled RP game based on the happenings and characters of a city, Bardavos, in Southern Sarvonia. Bardavos is famous for its artists, musicians, poets and other creative minds. It is located in the western parts of the province of Brendolan, near Occen's Lake, and it is the capital of this province.This city game is opened to all titled players, although the decision to admit players into the city for play lies within the Story Mods' discretion (more on this below).

How do I join?

1. First, please read all information relevant to this city game as posted within this forum.

2. Then, please post a request to join in the Join Requests thread. After this, wait for a Story Mod to post their OK before commencing posting in one of the IC threads.

4. Once you've received the green light from one of the Mods, feel free to begin posting at one of the three gate threads to gain entrance into the city:

Santhros' Gate
Thaehavos' Gate
Tinholt's Gate

Or, if you have already been in the city, you can post an introduction post in one of the taverns/inns.

5. Once you have made your first post, a Mod will post in response and your adventure will begin!

Why do I need Mod approval?

As mentioned above, the City of Bardavos is opened to all titled players. However, there is still a need for Story Mods to "screen" prospective players in order to ensure compatibility of the characters with the story and ongoing plots in the city. For example, a Story Mod may determine that there are too many elven warrior characters in the city already, thereby causing a gross imbalance of the diversity of characters needed to run an interesting and engrossing game for all players in the city. Rest be assured though that rarely is any player turned away from Bardavos (or any city game for that matter), so once your CD and request to join has been posted, you should hear back from the Story Mods shortly in the OOC thread directing you to begin at your convenience.