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Title: Return to The Vale
Post by: Aueniteri on May 08, 2008, 11:24:42 PM
The sun is sinking quickly behind the mountains to the West as Aueniteri and Capher step into the Vale of the Brownies from a path few had ever used before. 'Teri inhales the revitalizing scent of fresh greenery, a brief, slightly pained smile crossing her face. The sunlight charges her momentarily with new strength, and she raises her pack in her hands, lifts her chin and marches boldly forward.

At first, she is several paces ahead of Capher, then, she is immediately before him. A short distance later, and she is immediately behind him; when she falls several paces behind, she sets her pack down and calls out, a little weakly, "Capher, can we rest for a bit? J- I just need to rest my arms."

She doesn't wait long for a reply, using the pack for a seat, though not the most comfortable one, and staring at the ground for a few moments, then looking back up to the dragon. "Capher? Can I ask you something? Something personal? I'm... I need to ask someone, and since my father is dead... You're the closest thing I've ever known since, Capher." With a light, and again slightly pained smile, she adds, "I won't be looking to Talia for a mother, I promise. She's a dear friend, but certainly not my mother."

Title: Re: Return to The Vale
Post by: Capher on May 09, 2008, 01:14:44 AM
With the sun sinking fast behind them Capher wanted to move quickly to get to the Brownie's Council tree and to see their friends before it became dark. He was glad to see Teri pull ahead of him, though he was still concerned how long she would last until her wounded arm would slow her down. He thought of offering to carrying her pack, but thought that could be seen as a weakness from her that she was not yet willing to show.

Tulpje was jabbering in her language in his ear telling him about certain places that only she and the Brownie's knew as they walked along the path. Capher paid scant attention to her and just let her talk. She was very excited to be back with her people; and Capher did not blame her.

Suddenly Teri fell behind him, he slowed, she caught up and passed him, he then caught up to her, but soon she fell behind him and then finally she stopped altogether, put her pack down, sat upon it and asked for Capher if they could rest for awhile.

Capher blew out a deep breath. He needed the rest as well. They had been travelling since early that morning in the dark of the mountain and now here they were in the Vale and still travelling. They had not stopped all day, except for a few brief moments to drink some water and chew on some hard beef sticks.

He nodded and did the same with his pack as she did with hers. He picked up a twig and stuck it in his mouth. Teri with a pensive look in her eyes stared at him and then asked him a question.

"Capher? Can I ask you something? Something personal? I'm... I need to ask someone, and since my father is dead... You're the closest thing I've ever known since, Capher."

Thing. It stung Capher to think that his companions thought of him as a thing. But what else would they call him. They knew he could not be human. They had seen him change too many times; whether it was of his own doing or of some other force, they have all come to the conclusion that he is not human.  However he was pleased that she felt like she could trust him to ask whatever question she wanted to ask and had the expectation that he would answer her if her could.

Capher pulled out the twig and threw it on the ground, looked at Teri and smiled."Teri, it would be my pleasure to answer any question you may have if I can. So what is it you would like to know?" Capher asked.

Title: Re: Return to The Vale
Post by: Aueniteri on May 14, 2008, 12:46:25 PM
Pausing, she looks to Tulpje, then smiles, feeling perfectly comfortable with her about. She begins slowly, with, "It's... about Morcaanan. I suppose you could have guessed."

Again, she looks up to Capher, then to her hands folded in her lap, and her thoughts begin to pour out to him. "I'm not thinking clearly, and I know I'm not. I'm so lost in him, he's like a g- he- he's everything to me. But, I know there's more to him than... I know. His past, I don't know. I know there's something... I guess I was hoping you would know, if he really... if we really... If there's something about him that I should know, that I'm not seeing, that might..."

Hope, pain and fear mingled in her face as she looks up to Capher, hanging on his reply, wishing, praying for him to understand, and not daring to hope what his reply might be.

Title: Re: Return to The Vale
Post by: Capher on August 16, 2008, 01:27:50 AM
Capher listened and could hear the fear, confusion and lastly the hope in Teri's voice. He looked deeply into her eyes as she spoke, trying to think of something that would give her some sort of comfort, but there were part of her questions he did not know the answer to.

Her speech faltered and drifted off as she stared at him.  He sighed.

"Teri, you know my goddess is Seyella and therefore I believe in destiny. If it is destined for you and Morcaanan to be together then it will be; whether now or in the future. If it is not meant to be then it should not be something to worry yourself about. If you believe in destiny as I do then there is no need to worry for what will come to pass will come to pass if destiny decrees it will."

He paused, picked up a twig and scratched it in the dirt making symbols only he knew the meaning of. They helped him to remind him of his purpose and who he really was. He looked back up at the questioning look in Teri's face.

"You also know or have guessed that I am a powerful being and not human as I appear but as much power as I possess I do not have the power to see into the future. My master does, but even he has told me many times that the future is always in motion each decision made by each person, being and even and animal or bird can change the future. As far as Morcaanan is concerned his past should not be a concern to you if you truly care for him as I see you do. He has his own path to follow and do you and if destiny decrees that the two of you should be together once again then it will happen."

He paused again as he saw some of her hope die from her eyes. He felt sorry for her but he did not know what else to do. Finally he scooted closer to her and leaned his right shoulder toward her.

"I can offer you my shoulder if you want," he said.

Title: Re: Return to The Vale
Post by: Tulpje Sweetshade on August 16, 2008, 02:10:58 AM
Tulpje looked with interest and compassion at the obviously distressed 'Teri. She wished she could do something to help her, even if she only imperfectly understood what was troubling her. When Capher offered his shoulder, however, she felt that it was time for herself to vacate the same spot. She felt that now was the time for her to deliver on her promise of help, that she had made in connection with the bridge.

Balancing up on Capher's shoulder, she walked to the tip of it and, her face in the direction where the Council Tree could already be seen, she let out a whistle. It would be hard to call it piercing; even for herself it was extremely high, and she was fairly certain that for the others it would be near impossible to hear. On the other hand though, 'Teri was an elf, as far as the tiny Brownie could discern, and Capher was, as he had just said, not entirely human, so perhaps they did hear. It didn't much matter though; the whistle was not destined for them. For a small time, she waited, balanced on the tip of the Storyteller's shoulder as she was. Then she let out another whistle. Another moment lapsed, then the form of a brown owl could be discerned, first small and gradually growing bigger. Before long, Nash was hovering near and landed on a branch.

"I go to Clan leaders, for help on bridge!" She almost shouted, hoping that not only Capher, but also 'Teri would hear. Then she asked Capher if he would set her next to her owl. He was not saddled, but she had often practiced flying him without the aid of her saddle, so that shouldn't be a problem. When she was standing, she limped over to Nash and quickly clambered up on his back. When she was comfortable, she nodded to Capher and 'Teri, saying: "We go soon!", then urging Nash to start. He drifted off in the direction of the Tree on silent wings.

Soon enough, she found herself in the Council Tree itself, and addressing the Clan leaders of the Skydiver clan. She explained everything as she had heard it. Then everything was pretty much taken out of her hands. The Skydiver leaders notified the other Clan leaders, and before long a whole caravan of Brownies, from all different clans, made its way to the bridge. The Hamm'rers worked on the bridge itself, the Ferretmasters went for and brought back the materials, the Skydivers overlooked the whole operation from the sky, and everyone else helped in any way that they could. What would take one Brownie ages to do, was done very quickly by the cooperation between many Brownies. In the end, the bridge was broad and solid enough to allow the humans to pass in single file, and for three Brownie wagons (four if squeezed tightly) to pass on the same spot. By the time they were finished, Tulpje figured that Capher and 'Teri must have almost reached the Council Tree, so she drifted over there to wait for them, at the same time properly saddling Nash.

Title: Re: Return to The Vale
Post by: Aueniteri on August 25, 2008, 04:25:09 PM
Aueniteri waves to Tulpje with a weak smile, and leans on Capher's shoulder gratefully, thinking in silence.

A few minutes pass before she breaks the silence. "Capher, I remember you saying... you didn't want to be... what you are, that you wanted to be human. Because you wanted to love... I... I didn't understand. I didn't think... When you said that, I didn't know why... I thought love was when you cared a lot for someone, and wanted to make them happy. ... I never knew... I hadn't felt this way. It is, like I said, but... it's hard to say. I want to make him happy, but I think of things that I never... strange things, things I thought would be scary or painful."

She looks up to him, confused. "I'm not making sense, am I?"

Title: Re: Return to The Vale
Post by: Capher on August 27, 2008, 12:51:55 AM
Capher gently puts his arm around Teri's slender shoulders as she leaned her head against his shoulder a long pause ensued as they both sat there the sun already low in the sky. Suddenly he heard a sharp whistle, he quickly became alert but only his eyes as he scanned the area. Then he heard it again and he then realized it was Tulpje who was doing the whistling. He was about to ask why, when he saw the dark shape in the sky floating like a ghost on air currents that even Capher could not negotiate. Soon Tulpjie's ride settled down and Tulpjie hopped on her owl and took off. Capher was going to ask her where she was going, but decided he would know soon enough.

Teri began to speak. He listened intently, his right eyebrow rose in contemplation: Love to humans and elves was just to care for a lot for someone and to make that person happy? That was what love is? Certainly there had to be more than just that? He felt a certain care for those who chose to follow him in his adventures and even felt sorrow when one would either die or leave for some reason or another, but he would say in his heart that it was Seyella's destiny for them and he would move forward. Animals even cared for their a point and Capher knew that all living things cared for their young; though he did not think they cared about whether they were happy or not; fed maybe, but not happy. So if love to humans, elves and the other species of Cealereth was just caring and wanting to make them happy then he had been loving all his life.

That revelation startled him!

He gazed into Teri's eyes, saw them sparkle in the sun because of the tears that were in them. He slowly brushed her hair back and felt the tips of her elongated elven ears. He cared for her, he wanted to make her happy, so did that mean he loved her?  It must be if that is all what love is? But as he sifted through his memories of watching humans kiss, hold hands, go through a ceremony of what they call courtship and then another one they call a wedding; the look they gave to one another, the way they talked to one another, the way they touched each other and even his most recent observations of Ta'las and Terra told him that love was more than just caring and wanting to make someone was a much more complicatied and deeper emotion, an emotion that he did not possess and the one that he desired the most.

Capher caught Teri's last remark, smiled at her and replied..."I am not sure Teri. I think the emotion that most humanoid species call love does not make sense: at least not to me. However if that is what you want for Morcaanan and if destiny decrees it to be so, then it will be. That is what I believe."

He glanced once more into the lowring sun. In the distance standing like a huge monolith with arms stood the Council Tree. There, their friends awaited them, hopefully all healed and ready to continue on their adventure. The thought of going to Ximax still irked him some, but it was destined that he go, so go he will.  "I think we should get a move on. We want to reach the council tree before night falls. I think also that our friends will be happy to see us again and hopefully Lady Talia and Lady Terra have been healed. Our enemy is still very much alive and more than likely has been working against us and more importantly against my master during this time. It is time to go and meet our destiny."

He rose from the ground and let down his hand toward Teri to help her up.

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