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Title: Chapter 6: A Spirit Dragon in Alvang
Post by: Sinen Darkchild on April 09, 2004, 05:43:22 AM
The journey to the island in the sea took a little over a day. To say it was eventless would be an understatement. While the sense of being followed only grew heavier no persuer was found. Sinen knew quite well that their persuer would not be lost easily. Of course, losing him was not Sinen's intention either. He had not told the party but he felt that they would need their persuer to attain their goal as much as he would need them to attain his. It was only a matter of who could overcome who at the end of the quest. Stepping down onto the docks in Alvang, Sinen spoke to his party without turning to face them as he walked down the dock. "Go do whatever you like in town. Enjoy what free time there is now as all too soon we may not have any time to enjoy ourselves. I'll be in the tavern collecting information."

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Title: Re: Chapter 6: A Sprit Dragon in Alvang
Post by: Bobbo the Beggar on April 10, 2004, 07:18:22 AM
As he exited the ship and went onto the docks of Alvang, Bobbo looked around with a cautious eye.  He could sense that something was heavy upon Sinen's heart, but he could not place what it was.

The trip had been traumatic for Bobbo.  Though he stayed away from the rest of the party when he vomitted, he felt less a man for his unsteadiness at sea.  He did not let the rest of the group members know about his weakness, though it was not really a weakness, but rather an inexperience.  Bobbo had not traveled at sea before in his life, and he prayed to Ava that he would not have to do it again.

Though he was quite happy to be off the ship, he felt a dark mood about himself.  His first impulse was to go and get something good to eat, as he had not been able to keep anything down for the trip.  He searched around town until he found a small local restaurant, where local specialties were served regularly.  Bobbo really enjoyed eating foods from different cultures on his voyages and the experience was something he would not miss on this quest.

As he finished his food, he wandered around town for a while, looking for a thicker cloak to wear, for he felt he was going into lands far cooler than his desert home.

Title: Re: Chapter 6: A Sprit Dragon in Alvang
Post by: Kim Sandrage on April 10, 2004, 10:03:22 PM
Kim got off the ship and looked around. It was a very dull looking place compared to some of the other places she had visted.
Turning to Sinen she questioned him.
"Would you like my help in getting information? I can be very persuasive."

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Title: Re: Chapter 6: A Sprit Dragon in Alvang
Post by: Captain Shaendru on April 12, 2004, 10:06:22 AM
Shaendru personally hated getting off the ship as he loved the sea, and he stirred up a melody on his flute, that attracted quite a crowd from the town...

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