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Title: About The Kann
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The Kann Kemruhnt is located just inside the main entrance to the dwarven trading settlement, Tyr Donian. The entire city is carved into the Mithral Mountains. The main entrance isn't as small as you would expect dwarves to make it. There is enough room for several wagons to fit into very comfortably and tall enough for there to be extra room for even an elf. The dwarves wanted a trader of any race to be comfortable here.

In most shops and inns, there is both dwarven and normal sized furniture for the other races to enjoy. For instance, the Kann Kemruhnt has both dwarf and normal size chairs and tables spread through-out the main commons area. Upstairs, there are rooms made for dwarves to the left of the stairs, and other races to the right of the stairs. Each room has a bed, chair, small table, and a small fireplace. At the very end of the hall, there are 4 different washrooms. Like the other rooms, the smaller sized washrooms on the left and the larger washrooms on the right.

To find the Kann Kemruhnt, you won't have to travel very far into the city. It was conveniently placed as the first tavern and inn to be seen when entering the city. It was built in typical dwarven fashion, and was created in the wall of the tunnel. The entire building was chiseled out of stone and furnished with wooden furniture. The front of the Kann Kemruhnt has a large wooden door with holes on either side for windows. Above the doorway, a large sign hangs with a paintings of hammers on either side of the words, "Kann Kemruhnt." When translated to Tharian, this means "Marble Warhammer."

Right next to this building is a smaller building with a big open doorway. This building is the stable for the patron's animals. Inside, each animal gets their own stable spot, separated by low, stone walls. In each spot is a bunch of hay for the animals to lay in, as well as a trough for both food and water. The dwarven stable boy, Arhung Yegerinn, can often be found here, tending to the animals.

As you walk into the Kann Kemruhnt, you will probably see people bustling around and enjoying themselves. A smell of freshly cooked food will drift to you from the kitchen behind the counter. The counter has stools all along it for you to sit, and enjoy your drinks or food. Scattered around the room are both normal sized tables, as well as smaller ones. They are spread apart enough that you can walk through the room without bumping into most people. On the right wall is a large fireplace that is always burning. Along the left wall is the staircase leading to the rooms.

Title: About The Kann
Post by: Galein on January 29, 2009, 05:56:37 AM
Dwarven Ale
Dwarven brewed Ale with a almost nutty aroma. 3 Sans.

Should be drunken only by dwarves. Is said to eat through leather and dissolve paint off a wagon's side. 3 Sans.

Hlarn Ale (Scorch Ale)
This Ale is made by the Kavogerim dwarf, Hragnúr. This is the dwarven variant of the ale Hragnúr makes. Should only be drunken by dwarves, unless you think you are strong enough for it. 3 Sans.

Shorr Brew (Child Brew)
This is the other variant of Hragnúr's ale. This is a much milder version so other races can drink it. 3 Sans.

Apple Ale
Dwarven Ale mixed with mashed malusapple. 3 Sans.

HearthBerry Juice
Warm non-alcoholic drink, with a sweet taste. 2 Sans.

Savq “Sober-drink”
Tarty, bitter tasting drink that makes you sober in a few moments. 2 Sans.

Water taken from the Mitharim well. First is free and refills are 1 San each.

2 pieces of Liobl or dwarven Borwul bread with a choice of goat, lynx, or pig meat in between.. 4 Sans.

Goldsponge Cabbages
Cabbages fried with goldsponge pulps and chopped Sulcho mushrooms. 2 Sans.

Cucumber Ak-Ak  
Light and tangy Cucumbers served with  “Weeproots” and a piece of Borwul. 3 Sans.

Sulcho soup
Selected and hand picked Sulcho mushrooms, boiled with chopped vegetables of the customer’s choice (i.e. caroots) and seasoned with powdered black khmeen seeds. 3 Sans.
Steamed Mithanjor
Fat and large Mithanjors from the cavern pools of Een Puvtyr, cooked with equally large rootweeps, mushrooms and spiced with cinnabark. 4 Sans.

Grilled goat  
A large slab of goat meat grilled and spiced with cinnabark, served with mashed potatoes, mixed caroots and onn’garg beans, and gravy. 6 Sans.

ThuuthFer unai, alv anjor (Fired slow, long fish[eel])
Slow eels grilled to perfection, glazed with honey and topped with sulcho mushrooms. 4 Sans.

Roasted Taenish  
Taenish cooked until skin is golden brown. Served with vegetables. 5 Sans.

Doch Nuts  
Small, nutty tasting nuts with a buttery aftertaste. 1 Bowl for 2 Sans.

Peppered Hearthberries
Succulent hot, crispy nugget with a fiery core, which stimulates the tongue and encourages appetite. 1 Bowl for 2 Sans.

'Petitioners' (Also known as pretzels)
Salty twists of baked dough dough. 1 Bowl for 2 Sans.

Salty seeds of a Sunflower. 1 Bowl for 2 Sans.

Breddengrain Bun  
Fluffy bread filled almost to bursting with fruit or rosemint jam, smeared with a generous portion of honey on top. 2 Sans.

Sweets and Desserts
Honeyed Meldars  
Small bite-sized pieces of apple, covered in honey. Served with a sharpened stick to avoid messiness. 4 Sans.

Kao-Kao and Doch Nut Cookies  
Delicious cookies with bits of Kao-Kao and Doch Nuts embedded on the cookie. 2 cookies for 3 Sans.