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Title: Destiny Information Desk- Please Read
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on March 02, 2009, 11:23:08 AM
You must obey Greybark's 10 Commandments of Roleplaying

1. Thou shalt not play God
2. Thou shalt not solve all the problems of the universe all by yourself.
3. Thou shalt add details to your writing to keep it from being boring.
4. Thou shalt be true to the character of your character.
5. Thou shalt make sense.
6. Thou shalt not kill other characters or decide what damage they get.
7. Thou shalt be patient for other characters to post.
9. Tho shlt nat us fels spillin n gremmmer.
10. Thou shalt not decide thy neighbor’s actions, or his wife's actions, or his ox's actions....

Posting Guidlines

As a general rule of the players in Destiny, there is a minimum post length. The post window that we enter our post into would be sufficient length for a minimal post. This will force us all to try just that much harder to make this an enjoyable experience for every player. Thanks for your cooperation, we are all capable of posts of this length.

In addition, please try and keep your character active. If you're going to be absent for more than a week, post in the appropriate thread to let us know, or you will be removed from the story.

Title: Destiny Information Desk - Maps
Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on March 08, 2009, 07:37:39 PM
For now - have a look at the map of the Ráhaz-Dáth here (

It will show our future progress, how far we have proceeded.

In the attachment you will find the ugly, unfinished, but hopefully useful Strata City Map!
Note, I have added more town between the Citywall and the Harbour.

The Leaf: Big Trade and Warehouses --> New Harbour
The Eye: The biggest market for all goods, however, you will find the most exclusive goods only in the town itself.
Old harbour: Fisherboats, the Fishmarket should be there, but a market for vegetables, grain and daily goods as well, and the little exception from the rule as always.

The lines are roads, just imagine houses to both sides, not as nice than those in the town of course. But also of a yellow to orange colour. Between the 'Southern Beauty' and the Baveras' Temple poor fishermen huts could sit a few peds on a rocky coast. Betwen the leaf and the city wall more slumlike buildings.

Anything else? I put our tavern on the beach/kai in the old harbour. Is this a good place for a good tavern? Or should we place it elsewhere, in the city itself?

There is a broad road along the Eastern town wall..

Title: Re: Destiny Information Desk- Where we are right now!
Post by: Ta'lia of the Seven Jewels on February 03, 2010, 04:37:00 PM

Lili's Overview:

Overview for Newcomers

I am not going to summarize the plot so far (the mysterious letter, the journey from the Thirsty Herald to Strata, etc.), but just outline the current situation.

At present, it is evening and dark. Destiny features three main scenes. All are set in Strata.

Scene 1. Somewhere in Strata: Altario and Drustai are on a quest to find Altario's brother, Denrykmar.

Scene 2: Pirate Ship (docked in the Harbour): Tyrr, Quar and Ques, three NPCs played by Damien, have, with the help of Grallen, taken Lili prisoner. Lili is now being held on Eric's pirate ship. At present, all these characters are in a room within the ship's hold, and are having a tense conversation.
Orly somewhere in the harbour.

Scene 3. Seashoal's Inn: Garret, Damien, and Ana’Mirl have just found out from Lori-Lo and Kassandra (Lili's gossiper bird) that Lili is in danger, and that she is possibly being held on some ship. Ana’Mirl has given a stable boy, Kero (NPC), the task to organize a search party made up of street urchins.

Lyth is in the inn right now as well.

Title: Re: Destiny Information Desk- Please Read
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on February 05, 2010, 12:32:21 AM
Story Summary

Chapter One- Part One

Our scene opens at sundown at the Thirsty Herald Tavern, a days ride north of the city of Strata in the Rahaz' Dath desert at the southern tip of Sarvonia.  We find one of our protaganists, Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin, about to propose marriage to his new-found love, Valannia Incendarious.  The beautiful elfess accepts the dashing hero's proposal and all looks wonderful until (dum dum dummmmm), Garret Arroway arrives, bearing a letter for Altario from his estranged brother, Denrykmar Shialt-eck-Gorrin.  The letter bears news about Altario's vanished daughter, Nayriss, and a warning, to not trust anyone; Garret being the only one that Ryk would trust.  Altario discovered that Ryk was in Strata, and so made plans to travel there.

Along with Altario, there were other intrepid adventurers in the Thirsty Herald that night.  Among them, Grallen Gast, an orc on the run from the city guard in Strata.  A thief, a scoundrel by nature, she trusts no one in her life.  Finding refuge at the tavern, she tries to draw as little attention to herself as she can, as she plans her next move.  Sullenly, she sits there, paying attention to all as she fills herself with alcohol.  By night’s end, not having the money to pay for a room, she finds shelter under a canvas in the back of a cart in the barn.

Another guest is the Kuglimz woman, Lil the elfcat, and her daggerbeak bird, Kassandra.  Garish and loud, the bird and the woman reflect each other, as they search for the hidden details of Lili's past.  But what does not attract the attention of children like garish and loud?  Or birds?  So it was with little Lori Lo, the adopted daughter of tavern owner Ana‘Mirl Goodwill, who was immediately taken with the exotic Lili and her outlandish bird.

Our final guest is the sweet and innocent Airyn, an elven mage in search of a destiny she has yet to define.  Like Lori, she is enthralled by Lili, who captivates the crowd with tales of her exploits with a sea captain with a roving eye, and how she had humiliated him to teach him a lesson.  It gives the elfess enough courage to try and strike up a conversation, and the two make friends.

As Ana agrees to lead Altario to Strata, Airyn pleads to accompany him, and to lessen the chance of bandits, Altario offers to take on anyone who wishes to join him.

Meanwhile, in the city of Strata, an old friend of Altario’s has spiralled downward into a life of self pity mixed with an ample amount of booze.  Damien Scar, Baron of Voldar, is tended to by a follower of the Temple of Baveras, Yriss.  As he recovers, he meets and forms a relationship with Rhia, a singer who has found employment at the Seashoals Inn, where Damien is staying.  She helps him when thugs decide to teach the haughty baron a lesson in manners, leaving him bleeding in the streets.

The city of Strata, being a civilized, law abiding city, has little compassion for those who break the law, and casts a suspicious eye on those who appear to pose a threat and disrupt its peaceful streets.  One such suspicious looking figure is the great orc, Tharoc Wargrider, who is searching for his missing warg.  Though happily content in his own wistful endeavours, Tharoc is sent to jail, where his cheerful nature proves to be nearly impossible for the guards to take.

Title: Re: Destiny Information Desk- Please Read
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on February 05, 2010, 07:20:25 AM
Story Summary

Chapter One- Part Deux

Our next scene opens the next morning.  Altario, having had an ominous dream for which he cannot tell if it portents good or ill, finds that his newly betrothed, Valannia, has left with nary a word of goodbye.  Needless to say, his day is pretty much ruined right at the outset.

Kassandra, too, has had a rough morning, as her companion, Lili, suffers an episode in which she reverts to a childlike state.  The episode does not last long, but the bird has had her feathers ruffled none the less. 

Still, the two of them, with Ana and Lori, and Airyn and her dog and Garret and his wolf join Altario and begin the trip to Strata.  Unbeknownst to the entire group, is that a hungover and moody orc lies asleep in the back of Ana’s cart.  As they travelled, it was Lili who first noticed the movement in the cart and removed the canvas, revealing the miscreant orc stowaway.

Once revealed, Altario is outraged, while Lori is thrilled, and everyone stakes out an opinion somewhere between the two.  Altario demands the orc leave, but Ana comes to the orcs defence, much to the Remusians chagrin.  He has little choice but to capitulate to his guide.

They continue the trip, resting during the hottest part of the day at a small oasis.  Grallen has become the center of attention, at least Lili’s and little Lori’s.  Airyn, in need of medical aid from an injury to her hand, accepts help from Ana, who uses local plants to dull the pain and slow the bleeding.

By day’s end, the group reaches Strata and the northern gates.  Without anything being said, they all realize that Grallen will soon become a liability.  Each tries to distract or dissuade the guard from checking the cart, but Grallen has disappeared.  All are incredulous, except Altario who is simply relieved to be rid of her.

However, it is during this altercation that the guards recognize Garret’s name and ask him to follow them, though they will not completely divulge the reasons why.  Garret promises to return to Altario as soon as he can.  Without Garret, Altario suddenly feels very alone, and asks the group to help him find Ryk, in exchange for paying for their food and rooms.  They agree, and set off for the Seashoals Inn. 

Once there, Ana and Lori part company with the group and head back to Ana’s family’s house.  Lili slips into her alter ego, the child, once more.

In Strata, Tharoc, our big green orcen friend, is making the lives of the jailhouse guards nearly impossible.  His incessant warbling echoes throughout the jail, scaring the rats and annoying all within earshot.  Unable to take it any longer, the guards agree to look for someone to vouch for the orc; who names Garret as his character witness.  And so a call goes out to look for Garret Arroway.  Late in the day, Garret is found and comes to the jail and has Tharoc released.

Rhia, the songstress with the heart of gold, continues her vigil over Damien.  She makes friends with two other of Baveras’ Aids, Y’riss and Salome.  When Damien awakes, it does not take him long before he again begins drinking, and this bothers Rhia; especially when he takes a fancy to her.  After a trip to the market, he passes out after a day’s worth of wine.  Upon waking, Damien takes up where he left off, with more wine, and decides to do a bit of gambling with some unsavoury characters.

After winning most of the money from a troublemaker named Tyr and his two compatriots, Damien spies Lili and Airyn and tries to befriend them.  Not recognizing the drunken Damien as an old friend, Altario warns the Baron to stay away.  When the two men do recognize each other, Damien’s happy reunion is ruined by Altario’s harsh denigration of him.

Lili returns to normal once more, and Grallen skulks about the back alleys, stealing clothes to wear over the rags she has on before going into the Inn where a tense moment elapses between the Remusian and the Baron.  Humiliated, Damien retreats to find a hot bath and a sharp razor.  The rest of them sit down to a warm meal.  Before meals end, Damien returns, clean shaven and freshly bathed, and somewhat more sober than he had been all day.  He and Altario call a truce.

Grallen, not exactly invited to Altario’s table, instead finds herself approached by Tyr and his gang.  He makes her a business proposition, one which she is inclined to pass up, but is forced by circumstance to accept.