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Title: Brin Rowé~ Mélad'rhím ~ Curator
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Brin Rowé

Curator of Arcane Knowledge:Elven Equivalent of a Level VI Ximaxian Water Mage.


1st Day of Córt'ometrá, 1389 A.S.


.::Age by Appearance::.

600 years

.::Skill & Knowledge::.
Approximately that of a 38 year old human.


Mélad'rhím (Grey Elves) (

Hoarfrost Harbinger
♪ღ♪ Overview ♪ღ♪
An elf very much in the here and now, Brin lives life like each day is a new horizon waiting to be explored. Her feral, almost primal, appearance is alluring and exudes vigor coupled exquisitely with a tinge of tenderness. A potent sorceress with extensive woodland skills makes her a rather diverse being with a multitude of interests. With a prominent gracious nature, it is not hard for her to befriend many within moments of meeting.

Near a Palmspan under two Ped.

1 Pygge, 3 Hebs, 1 Hafeb and 1 Od.

.::Eye Color::.
Taupe Grey

.::Hair Color::.
Blonde with hints of strawberry.

♪ღ♪ Appearance ♪ღ♪
A sognastheen hued, wide brimmed, conical hat rests slightly misconstrued upon the sorceress’s rounded head. Its brim and cone slightly ruffled with age, hints at the fidgety nature of the owner. Wavy, blonde locks sprout in an unrelenting cascade from beneath the faded fedora. They flow over her delicate shoulders in a lustrous expanse, coming to respite a few palmspans beyond mid-back. A forest green ribbon that normally holds them in restraint usually slips, permitting these shimmering tresses to rest in a frame about her countenance. When Brin lifts her head, metallic grey, almond shaped eyes stand out against her pallid skin. People that catch her gaze will find they exude a deep feral, almost primal intensity.These orbs peer from beneath long thick eyelashes, granting the elfess a doe-like aura. Their gleaming surfaces are poised just below elongated, willowy brows.

A slightly plump nose is posted symmetrically upon the center of her face, with a duo of pudgy cheeks poised on either side. Each accentuated by a pair of dimples that become radiantly apparent when the elf grins, which is quite often. Perched just above a slightly pointed chin is a pair of softly curved lips, their texture tinged with a lustrous fyrite gleam. When her lips part in a smile, glistening pearly whites are revealed. The vigorous twinkle of unrelenting joy heavily displayed in their perfection. If one does not become lost in Brin’s blissful beam, rather elongated ears can be garnered peeking from within the confines of her abundant tresses. One could effortlessly note, during these brief glimpses, that their surfaces remain unblemished by any piercing or other adornments.

Not surprisingly the magician wears a sognastheen long-sleeved, woolen shirt with flowing cuffs. Its entirety is vaguely faded towards gnastheen but the sturdy craftsmanship is quite evident. The neckline is embroidered with white lace in a wide band over each shoulder and narrowing to a few nailsbreadths across the bosom. From the bottom of the lass’s bust the garment fits snugly over her petite form to her alluring waistline. A tiny white bow is poised just below her breasts, pulling the already taunt article firmly about her. This leaves an ample amount of her pallid neck and chest exposed to would be viewers. The sleeves of this top end a few nailsbreadths beyond her fragile wrists and are accentuated by an intricate band of woven white stitching.

Supple arms flow from Brin’s petite shoulders, lean muscles rippling along their surfaces. Not a single scar can be noted along their length, leaving observers with the impression of shaded porcelain under a moonlit sky, glistening and regal. Lengthy sognastheen gloves are usually slid over each of the elf’s nimble hands, extending up each appendage to her delicate elbows. Snug over her lithe digits, fragile wrists and delicate forearms they appear as a second layer of flesh. Their texture is a smooth forest green sheen marred extensively with wear from their usage. A true sign of the maiden's inclination to set her hands upon any task.

From her rather attractive waistline to her feet, the elfess wears a form-fitting pair of leather breeches. At the ankle they flare slightly and come to rest upon the tops of her feet. One can see attractive musculature rippling beneath the sublime garment. A casual observer is granted a visual testament to Brin’s wandering nature. It is not hard to note that the maiden is possibly a smidgen overgrown for these pants to fit properly. This causes the waistline to dip low, revealing a tinge of the elf’s derriere. Yet with her lack of money she clings to the garment for every year she can. The whole attire is clearly eye-catching, which works well for distracting attention away from her obvious foreign appearance.

The Mélad’rhím’s supple, well-toned legs are the epitome of a long distance runner. They have carried her over thousands of strals in the near three centuries of her life. Their slender, enthralling span ending with petite slightly pigeon toed feet. The curvature of said appendages have an obvious turn inwards; although noticeable, they are not malformed as to cause debilitation. These quaint limbs are encased in a pair of sognastheen boots that ride to mid-calf. Strong leather laces run through brass eyelets along the front of this sturdy footwear.

About her appealing waistline is fitted a wide ebony leather belt, over-laden with a variety of pouches. Respectively this plethora of purses contains coins, reagents, flint, jerky and the occasional oddity she has acquired. Poised upon her right hip hanging from the belt is a pair of sheaths. One of which contains a sturdy eating knife whilst the other holds a small book with a binding constructed from the planks of an ironwood tree. The spine is wrapped with a well worn weave of sinew from an unknown animal. This simple tome is where the mage notes the places she has visited on her sojourn.

Brin also possesses an extensive cloak made from the hide of a rather large stag, which flows to respite about a nailsbreadth above the ground when she walks. An abundant cowl is also designed into this garment and is used to protect her from rain, snow and northern winds. The front has a series of wooden cogs, approximately a palmspan apart which can be slipped through the opposing side. This gives some added protection against the elements and the simplicity of it grants the elf easy repairs along the road.

About her fragile wrists the maiden wears a duo of bracelets on each. They are leather straps woven in a braid with alternating strands of cinnabrown and eophran brown. Attached about the circumference are a variety of seashells, no two sharing the same qualities. Upon the maiden's delicate neck she wears a leather collar, decorated with worg teeth and seashells in a sequential pattern. The teeth taken from Rhom'oc riders and the shells acquired from the shores of the Aelyvian Sea.

Without fail the elf constantly uses a variety of items as decorations throughout her golden-strawberry tresses. In the spring and fall an assortment of multi-colored leaves find their way into her locks. Flowers and feathers also make frequent appearances; they are normally displayed with an aura of delight. These normal exhibitions are on occasion combined or replaced with glittering stones, bones of small animals and delicate butterfly wings. This ensemble changes regularly, seeming to be only inhibited by Brin's imagination and ability to find things that garner her interest.

Brin like most females of her tribe has a complex pattern of Sú'ufán'lohoán upon her back, between the shoulder-blades. Using grey ink produced from the poeritt flower the design flows from ithilid to wispy shadows of barsha dusk across the elf's majestic skin. Unlike the standard practice of her brethren, the elfess has this same pattern flowing over each shoulder and down her arms to near the elbow. This facet of her body art is usually reserved for males of the Mélad'rhím, setting her vaguely apart from the norm.

The elf's tattoos are not limited to those upon her back and arms. The same barsha dusk hue found throughout those found in other areas is also used about the Mélad'rhím's feral eyes. The design is of a duo of arches cascading down each of her beautiful cheeks. The longest of these starts at the center of the eye and flows eloquently for about four nailsbreadths, to a crisp point. Whilst the shortest begins at the outside corner of each orb and streams down just short of two nailsbreadths, ending in the same brusque tip.

♪ღ♪ Personality ♪ღ♪
Brin at first seems to be like a timid forest animal, her feral gaze not dissimilar from one of these creatures studying their surroundings for possible danger. Even her fidgety nature lends some credence to these observations, yet this facet of her persona is more an indication of a wandering spirit. She is never comfortable with merely sitting idle and finds it to be excruciating, mentally, merely remaining inactive. The elf’s life has been one of constant change and migration, so much that her soul stills longs for it, if only in her subconscious.

The elf has a vast sense of communal existence and prefers distancing herself from conflicts. Yet should these quarrels involve her or another person she perceives as one of her personal pack, she would show little restraint when it comes to stepping in. The elfess adamantly believes that every individual is accountable for the safety of those around them. Although not inclined towards physical violence she is also not above it, still all other options would be explored before such. In truth the seemingly placid Mélad'rhím can be tremendously intuitive when diffusing precarious situations.

Where as most elves would find great sorrow in the burning of a forest the Mélad'rhím, like many of her tribe, only views a natural change with hopes of rebirth. She is not indifferent to the woe these events might cause but she is also exceptionally realistic in the constant natural flow of the world. Floods wash away, but deposit fertility, winter freezes yet brings about the spring, whilst the night falls it will flow into a new dawn. These viewpoints are deeply religious convictions as she merely views Coór as an equal aspect of Avá, much like the Ecuá and Xeua flux of Caelereth.

Brin is quite confident in her knowledge of the natural world and the delicate relationship magic grants her. Those that travel the pathways of Caelereth with the maiden will find a comprehension beyond most others in the way of survival and understanding. On a mundane level she will share a vast reservoir of everyday information and reveal herself as an insightful teacher, for those that listen. On a magical level she is adept at making long journeys somewhat easier on small groups. This once again is a showing of the elf’s desire to become useful within a pack environment and her innate yearning to lend a hand.

Rural environments are a preference for the wood elf, as she has spent the majority of her life in them. Prior to finding her way into Southern Sarvonia, she had rarely been into a city. The Kuglim towns she had visited were quite unlike those found in the south. She is moderately uncomfortable in most big municipalities and somewhat dependant on friends when entering them. Should the elf find herself alone upon coming into them, she would most likely seek-out the largest gathering of sentient beings. The closeness of others would garner her a sense of safety, real or imagined.

Although as a young child Brin was exceptionally shy, she has grown out of this over the centuries. Within recent years she has become relatively friendly and open when surrounded by others. It may take some time for her to truly feel comfortable in crowded places, but eventually such reservations are pushed aside. This reveals the elegant, if not semi –raw, nature of the being hidden behind her somewhat feral exterior. Few could ignore the majestic and kindly sensation the elf consistently exudes.

Prejudice has been an outstanding hang-up for the elf, yet slowly she is overcoming this. She gets along rather well with most sentient races and many woodland creatures but orcs are another matter entirely. Over the centuries she has had a few brushes with the Rhom’oc and Losh’oc, finding them to be extraordinarily dangerous beings. Although she has run into a few southern orcs, the elfess still holds vast reluctance towards openly befriending them. Should Brin be finagled into a position of companionship with one, her stance would be one of distance and disdain in the beginning.

Oral tradition is the way of the Mélad'rhím and Brin is no exception. She knows a multitude of legends and stories regarding the northlands, this does not diminish the verity that many southern ones are known in addition. Anyone that spends a stint of time with her will soon find she openly shares these tales and will listen intently to ones being relayed by others. A more attentive ear would be difficult find, while her ability to recall them in minute detail is exquisite perfection. In times of solitude the elfess will habitually mull them over, seeking tiny variations from what she already knows.

♪ღ♪ Magic Section ♪ღ♪
As a somewhat potent mage within the Mélad'rhím she was called upon daily to suit a variety of roles amongst them. The following dissertation is only a minute, although accurate, summary of a few incantations available to the elfess.

Brin spent a great deal of time with the hunters of her tribe; one incantation that proved rather useful in this regard is the weakening of the spiritual representation of thought. By weakening this property of Water in sI, she can cause prey animals to stand motionless for short periods of time. It's mind rather incapable of a flee response while affected by this incantation. This grants the elf some time to engage the beast and dispatch it, with little fear of flight.

Against predatory creatures she frequently resorts to a sII application of this exact same principle. By shifting the abundance of water ounia within the animal’s car’all to its head and then weakening the property of thought. This without fail causes a magnified loss of organized thought, granting the hunter a far safer approach. The animal cannot formulate an attack response in the brief blinks before a killing blow can be executed.

When serving as a forerunner for her tribe, more commonly defined as forward scout, the elf commonly manipulates the physical properties of Water. While traveling ahead of her brethren the elf would frequently strengthen the property of hydration around the area of wild fruit or vegetables. Generally sI applications of this property are enough to entice growth from many plants in the locale. Yet in particularly arid times of the year, sII manipulations of this property of Water are needed, although it garners far less abundant results. In either case, great caution must be exercised and copious amounts of time is needed to ensure the plants are not drowned in the process.

By strengthening the Water property of ice in a targeted car’all the mage can, by touch, turn the object into a frozen block. Brin normally does this as a way to preserve food items during warmer months, granted repeated castings are necessary to maintain this over a day. It does permit the tribe time to find cool storage for these perishables before any of them go to waste. If needed this particular aspect of her manipulation of the element could be an invaluable defensive tactic in combat. Although debilitating, it is also a non-lethal way for her to subdue an enemy. As any car’all targeted reverts to its original state once the spell is dismissed.

Some might find the elf’s ability to recall rather detailed stories in minute detail to be disturbing, yet this is mainly due to her elemental practices. By using sII, Brin disperses the water ounia within her personal car’all in an even pattern throughout. This calms the inner storm of thoughts that all sentient beings seem to possess. In this tranquil state her mind becomes more conducive to the here and now, permitting the mind to garner more from what is heard during the incantations duration. Once cast the influence over her car’all remains for about fifteen minutes before it returns to its natural state.

In wintery climes the elfess is quite adept in influencing ice with sI, Sphere of Manipulation. Given enough of this element she could easily construct an icy shelter. The main limitation for her in this regard is readily available snow and ice to be used in the construction. This is only limited to what can be found within range of the incantation. Brin is not limited to only havens from the elements, as she can erect about any item from ice or water in this way. It should be noted that anything built from water will act as such and fall apart once the maiden quits concentrating. Her ice sculptures on the other hand are quite permanent.

In a more offensive perspective the elf generally uses sII to move an abundance of water ounia into the torso of an enemy, whilst she strengthens the physical representation of the liquidness property. This purposely causes a beings cár'reóll to give out, as it becomes overburdened by the profusion of fluids pressing upon it. The incantation can also be used to fill the targets lungs with liquids, causing them to drown. Brin is not fond of the latter, as it is an excruciating way to die and the victim can linger for some minutes.

♪ღ♪ Strengths ♪ღ♪
Magic: Brin is a water mage of no small caliber, with well over two centuries of implementing all that entails on a daily basis. As an elven taught sorceress she is a master of sI and sII manipulations within her chosen element. Such knowledge places the elf on par with a VI level Water Mage trained in Ximax. Every aspect of her magic has been honed on the grindstone of life with an unwavering will at the helm.

Endurance: In her homeland the elf was in a near constant state of migration, following the herds which fed her brethren. This has turned her body into finely tuned running beast. She could for example, break into a full out sprint and keep that pace up for many a stral. If she were to turn this down a notch, into a quick jog, the elfess could run from sunrise until sundown, pausing only to drink and catch her bearings. Although Brin may not be winning any feats of strength, there are very few that could equal her vitality.

Survivalist: The Mélad'rhím is like all of her tribe, a natural in the untamed regions of Sarvonia. With the ability to discern edible plants from the dangerous gives her an exceptional ability as a gatherer in wild areas. As to be expected for one of her tribal heritage the elf can track a multitude of nature’s beasts, rarely losing track of her quarry. On a solo journey Brin could keep herself well fed and keep her bearings with minute chance of mishap. If one combines her magic with inherent training, she could survive indefinitely whilst keeping a small group equally as fit.

Mount: Artajénan is a Cloaked Elk ( of nearly five summers in age. The beast is powerful and fully accustomed to having the elf upon his back. His natural weaponry are sometimes used to protect himself and his mistress, although he prefers flight over confrontation. The beast is trained much like any horse and functions as such for Brin. This includes pack animal, mount and traveling companion. The two are nearly inseparable and the elfess treats him much like her own child.  

Shortsword: The blade is of Kuglimz construction and much like its creator it is sturdy, obviously designed for use and less so inclined towards aesthetics. As weapons of wrought steel are a luxury amongst her tribe, the weapon is a badge of honor for Brin. Although it has been mostly used for hunting purposes the maiden is not wholly inept in its utilization on sentient beings. Against warriors of greater prowess she would be woefully out matched and required to turn towards a more magical means of defense.  

♪ღ♪ Weaknesses ♪ღ♪
Ague: In recent years the elfess has become beseeched by random shivering, fevers and fits of perspiration. The frequencies in which they appear have gained momentum with a sharp spike in their severity. Unbeknownst to Brin she is the carrier of a non-lethal but highly contagious disease that will become debilitating over time. It was caught during her boat ride to the south and with no previous knowledge on the matter she is perplexed by its onset.

Inquisitive Nature: With the elf’s perception that everything is a new horizon to be explored and her inherent nature of migration. Brin frequently puts her nose in where it is unwanted. In general she is rather friendly and open, never imagining that there are many less than savory individuals along the roads. This has led the elfess into a menagerie of dangerous situations and has become more prevalent since arriving in the south.

Uncivilized: The Mélad'rhím might be aesthetically beautiful in an untamed primal way, but her gruff edges detract from it ever so slightly. With her obvious feral nature she frequently wears on the nerves of civilized people, who are not inclined towards the matters of the deep woods. Initially she may be able to befriend them, this course often takes an about face as they delve deeper into her psyche. The wonders of the natural world and the creatures within it are not a matter of high priority amongst the educated.

No *bling*: Like all of her kind the elf is accustomed to a barter system more-so than forms of currency. Where she is from you traded your skills and items gathered from your surroundings to purchase everyday necessities. In the few years within Southern Sarvonia the maiden has learned a bit about the significance of printed coins but little of their value. She has taken to selling furs and other items to help support her daily living but she is destitute by most standards. Her miniscule understanding of monetary worth would make it easy for someone to exploit her financially.

Dislike of Orcs: The elf has had some harrowing encounters with Losh’oc and Rhom’oc over the course of her life and it habitually finds its way to the surface. Although Brin is usually a being without prejudice, there is little doubt she dislikes all members of this species. True, she may be able to hold her tongue but the tension when in the presence of an orc is nearly palatable. There are even times when the somewhat serene elfess will hurl unwarranted insults at them. This could possibly be a fatal mistake, with an orc warrior's obviously superior combat skills.

♪ღ♪ History ♪ღ♪
Born in the month of Córt'ometrá in 1389 A.S. the Mélad'rhím was raised like all of her brethren. The first years of her life spent being carried by her mother on the constant migration for food. Once she was old enough to walk, she began to run alongside them. Continuously they ran through the snow, spring grasses, the deep woods and across the vast heaths. Never did they pause longer than a few months of deep winter, spending those times in revelry on the shores of the sea.

By the time she was late into her teens, the elfess knew many a tale told by her elders and the morals several of them relayed. The harshness of life in the wild was one of joy and a lesson in the necessity for all hands to be brought to task. Brin learned to love the freedom and constant roaming her people clung to, their innate knowledge of the world began to seep into the very essence of her being. The young elf slowly became a natural in the vast expanse of the rural existence she was born into.

As the maiden reached her early twenties, she had begun tutelage under a magus within her brethren. The study of Water magic was prevalent amongst the Mélad'rhím, as it granted them some protection from the elements they frequently found themselves in. It was an honor for her to have been chosen, as she would become a focal point for carrying on the oral traditions of the tribe. She would be required to relay all she knew and would learn, to the youngest of the elves. Although it would lead her down other paths as she progressed in skill.

By the time Brin reached the age of thirty she had taken on the role of a hunter-gather in her tribe. Her magic began to grow as she gained more familiarity with the natural world and the creatures within it. She used her magic to great affect on the world around her and in the hunting of the creatures in it. With the vigor of youth she ran amongst the supreme of the tribes hunters, following the herds that fed them over vast treks of land. The mage implementing her magic in their protection and quite frequently aiding in swift and merciful kills.

Near her seventieth year the elf encountered the first humans and their city she had ever seen. It was a Kuglimz settlement and their words were foreign with very bizarre customs. After listening to the elder members of her tribe, the elfess took note of their fluency. It was obvious why they had come; her leaders had come for trade. Directly after departing the city the maiden sought enlightenment in the human language and garnered tutelage from the wisest of her people. It took some years to grasp the language in its entirety, with nearly daily lessons.

Upon her eightieth birthday she gained the right to be tattooed as a full-fledged adult amongst her tribe. Yet over the course of the coming decades the elfess expanded on these initial ones and became an extremist amongst her tribe. The stylized tears upon her face were etched after the tribe had run into a small raiding party of Rhom’oc on the Heaths of Wilderon. Where the maiden had lost a few of her brethren to the spiteful rage of their warg-riders before escaping into the south. It was the first time in her life she had lost anyone close to her by the hands of sentient beings.

Around her one-hundredth year the elfess had accumulated a rather large quantity of furs, which she used to purchase a steel shortsword from the Kuglimz. Although many of her tribe considered such a weapon useless in their everyday lives, the hunter used it to great affect on prey. With her ability to cause momentary confusion in animals they would hunt, she showed them quickly how it could be used mercifully. This gained her some respect from her fellow hunters, proving that such a valuable item could be used in such a humane way.

Near her one-hundredth and twenty-fifth birthday, her brethren ran afoul of yet another band of orcs, the Losh'oc. The confrontation turned brutal, with the elf using both magic and blade to escape with her life. Sadly, she had lost more friends to the vicious nature of these beasts and garnered a newfound hatred for them. She had been told and had told many tales of these hate filled beings but at last she had learned the harsh morals of these stories, first-hand.

Over the next century of her life Brin continued to learn magic, hunting and survival amongst the Mélad'rhím. Although she was always in a constant state of learning the legends of her own people and those about them, gaining knowledge from the Kuglimz on their own myths and tales carried from as far as Strata. Always she endeavored to know more from the furthest reaches word of mouth could carry. Her willingness to pass these tales on in great detail gained the elfess much respect from her tribe.

As the mage had used her magic frequently to alter her ability to garner information from tales she had heard, the nightmares had begun. Some of her brethren proclaimed that her altering of her own car'all was starting to affect her mental state. Yet the dreams were constantly deeply vivid, including sights, sounds and scents. Always she wondered if her sanity was beginning to slip, or she had been gifted with some form of far seeing. But none of these explanations seemed to be true, the visions always seemed to be of the unfathomable past.

Brin knew that it was only a dream, one that would become recurrent over the coming decades. There was no reason for her to feel fear. She knew that the danger, the chaos, the blind, sickening terror that filled the screaming night were not real. The city with its dark, unfamiliar architecture, these fleeing crowds of panic stricken men and women. Were only vivid dregs of an overloaded subconscious, wraiths that would melt with daylight. Even knowing these things, she was afraid.

She seemed to be standing at the foot of a flight of green marble stairs, fading into a square courtyard. Fleeing people were shoving past her, jostling her back against a gigantic pedestal of a malachite statue. Gasping, wild-eyed people with terrified faces bleached corpse white by the brilliance of a cold quarter moon. Their hair was wild from sleep for it was deep night. Some of them were dressed but many were naked or tripping over bedclothes hastily snatched. Brin could smell the rank of terror on their bodies as they brushed against her. None of them saw her, none of them stopped they stumbled upon those vast steps of moonlit marble.

But she knew. In her heart she knew as things are known in dreams. That this frenzied escape was even now being repeated. Not unlike the hundredfold reflections in a doubled mirror. The knowledge and the horror created a chill that crept along her skin, crawled wormlike through her guts.

They all felt it too. For not a man would stop to lean on the pillar behind her, nor a woman stumble upon the steps at her feet. They looked back with the blank, wide eyes of madness, their frenzied gaze drawn, as if against their will, towards the cyclopean doors of an ancient time-greened bronze door on the wall opposite. It was from this that the people fled. The horror was building, as water builds from behind a weakening dam, soft, shifting and bodiless evil. An unspeakable eruption into the land of the living from out of the blackness of the void.

There was motion and voices in the cavern of the arched gateway behind her, muffled footfalls combined with the ringing whine of swords being drawn. Brin turned, her thick hair tangling in her eyes. The wild, jumping dance of windswept torches silhouetted crowded forms, flickering across a face, a blade edge and the dull-pebbled gleam of chain mail. Against the thinning tide of desperate civilians, the guards stepped into the cool pewter moonlight, their forms composed of man and woman alike. The elf could catch a glimpse of a nervous rabble of hastily armed citizens massing behind them.

Brin saw the guards gaze shift towards the blue flickering shadows that began to form about the gate. They raised their swords, which sparked like summer lightning. Then an explosion rocked the courtyard, sundering the very stone upon which they stood. The doors burst open and blackness poured over them like smoke. The elf saw what was in the darkness and her own screams of terror awoke her.

So the nightmares had continued into the elf's two hundred and seventy-fifth year, gaining intensity and frequency with each passing summer. In that year she heard a tale describing a city quite similar to the one perceived in her dreams, its name was Elving. As was the right of anyone within her tribe, she decided to leave and find the place. It took her near three years to gather the necessary provisions for such a journey. She then waited for the coming of winter, so she could take a ship into the south.

In the winter of her two hundred and seventy-eighth year the elfess took a young cloaked elk buck from her tribal herd and signed on with a ship full of Artyrhón elves. As they set sail on the Aelyvian Sea, Brin swore she would return with her answers or not at all. It took the ship some time to reach their furthest point south of the Tandala Highlands. Where the mage bid them adu and set out in search of Elving and hopefully for the answers to her dreams.

Although the elfess has wandered the streets of Elving, the answers she seeks have led her far astray in recent years. Forever clinging to the anticipation that the sights viewed in her dreams would become tangible. The strals have passed beneath the hooves of Artajénan and his mistress, always listening and seeking an answer to her burning questions.

♪ღ♪ Weapons ♪ღ♪
Shortsword: The leaf style blade is of a Kopis design, slightly over one fore, two palmspans and two nailsbreadths in length. This leaves little doubt that it’s a very effective weapon, quite capable of splitting bronze helms and wooden shields. The fullered blade is constructed from uruyant and has a polished stag horn tang with steel spacers and tip. It resides within a leather scabbard over the elf’s left side by adjustable shoulder straps.

♪ღ♪ Possessions ♪ღ♪
**A vial of Stibium, a make-up used to darken eyebrows and lashes.
**A half bar of Rosemint soap stored in her backpack.
**A variety of leather pouches containing coins, reagents, flint and jerky respectively.
**The clothes mentioned in the ‘Appearance” section.
**A shortsword of Kuglimz construction.
**A large backpack constructed from wison leather.
**A leather cloak.
**A long knife used for eating.
**A water-skin filled with fresh water.
**Quill and ink.
**Bit, bridle, saddle and saddlebags.

♪ღ♪ Pets ♪ღ♪


Cloaked Elk (


Artajénan is on the big side for a Cloaked Elk standing two peds at the withers and well beyond a ped and a half from chest to tail. While his antlers are great, they are not massive for his kind, slightly over two fores and four nailsbreadths wide. The Unique features of his kind are not lost, long hair that grows from the withers; chest and belly grant him a barrel-chested look.

The Cloaked Elk is barsha dusk with black and white accents. The back of him is grey, whilst most of his legs, tail, and chest up the inside of the neck is a clean white. This cyhalloi snow hue continues across the bottom of the chin, wrapping around the nose and inside of the ears. The skin of the elk is nor’sidian; all that is not covered in hair has a black tinge to it.

His hooves are black as well but they carry white vertical stripes, a clear indication that the majority of his life has been spent in the snow. With cloven hooves, it is obvious that the elk is accustomed to travel over rough ground and deep snow. These grant him immense balance even in the most dire of terrain. Allowing him to climb rocky areas with relative ease and to run through deep drifts with minute fear of losing his footing.

The antlers of Artajénan are covered in a thin skin of black fur that wears off during mating season. The antlers are substantial with blunt-ended tips, very much like the branches of a pruned tree.

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As a general comment, this is a great looking CD, Bin.

Just a couple of quick suggestions from me:
- I believe that as you are a mage, Brin, you shouldn't have a shortsword as well.

That might well mean that you can then pick up another strength in its place, or the other CD mods may well feel that it is then balanced. I personally think another strength would be suitable.

- The following sentence needs an apostrophe in warriors, I believe. It is from your weakness called "Dislike of orcs" ... This could possibly be a fatal mistake, with an orc warrior's obviously superior combat skills.

Finally, I like the way you have used a 'non traditional' mount for your character.


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Post by: Brin Rowé on January 19, 2011, 04:42:47 PM
Thank you for the compliments and quick comments Dek! :heart:

In regards to your first point: I am not a fan of weapon wielding magi myself. But as a hunter tribe she would need something to kill an animal once her magic set it up. The standard weapons of her tribe granted range with deadliness, definitely too much IMHO.

As there have been a few magi in recent times with weapon skills, I figured something close range with minimal skill to be adequate for her purposes (I figured a blade the length of a shortsword, to be enough for large predators.). Even if I were to temper it down even further, she would still have a weapon listed as a strength, as a peasant wouldn't possess a weapon. If you'd like I could clearly define it as simply a hunting utensil, if that would make it more feasible? Which it basically is.

I was happy to see Elk as a riding animal, especially with her tribe using them as herd animals. :heart:

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Post by: Alexandre Scriabin on January 23, 2011, 01:03:39 PM
It makes perfect sense to me, her being a weapon brandishing magi, what with her being Meladrhim. But, I guess I'll leave that issue up to Dek.

So, what else is there to think about here?

Here are some specific questions about her personality:

Where as most elves would find great sorrow in the burning of a forest the Mélad'rhím, like many of her tribe, only views a natural change with hopes of rebirth. She is not indifferent to the woe these events might cause but she is also exceptionally realistic in the constant natural flow of the world. Floods wash away, but deposit fertility, winter freezes yet brings about the spring, whilst the night falls it will flow into a new dawn. These viewpoints are deeply religious convictions as she merely views Coór as an equal aspect of Avá, much like the Ecuá and Xeua flux of Caelereth.

Is this because of pragmatic thinking, or religious thinking? In other words, I read through this paragraph and the last and I really can see some elven religion present, but you haven't tacked onto the subject of religion itself. While I might not ask this of a more simplistic character, yours is an elf and there have only been vague parameters set up (even though you are very specific about her ideas about ecology, rural environments in other words "sociology", and her culture of oral tradition).

Some might find the elf’s ability to recall rather detailed stories in minute detail to be disturbing, yet this is mainly due to her elemental practices. By using sII, Brin disperses the water ounia within her personal car’all in an even pattern throughout. This calms the inner storm of thoughts that all sentient beings seem to possess. In this tranquil state her mind becomes more conducive to the here and now, permitting the mind to garner more from what is heard during the incantations duration. Once cast the influence over her car’all remains for about fifteen minutes before it returns to its natural state.

Excellent idea. Instead of just using the spiritual qualities of water for simple diplomatic or therapeutic purposes, she opts for a kind of mentat state.

As for your S's and W's, I found that the "ague" and "no bling" weaknesses were inventive and useful.

Considering all of this, your personality makes sense, your history makes sense, and you have a balanced character, so I give you my approval.

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Post by: Brin Rowé on January 23, 2011, 02:04:10 PM
Thanks for your comments Mr Scribbles!

1) I do hope that Dek and I can work-out his main issue with this. As her tribe is set around every member lending a hand where needed and them being hunter/gathers really dictates some sort of weapon ownership. Hence I endeavored to make it as minute as possible. :heart:

Is this because of pragmatic thinking, or religious thinking?
It is the general viewpoint of her entire tribe, both pragmatic and religious. It is how they earned the name 'Grey Elves'. They see that Light and Dark share a basis in the world, that they are merely the opposite sides of the same being. Making both a necessity for life to continue.

Hope that kinda cleared that up for you. :)

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Post by: Alexandre Scriabin on January 23, 2011, 05:13:39 PM
Yes, I have no problems. Really, it wasn't so much your issue as it as mine, because I was the one that was confused there.

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Post by: Deklitch Hardin on January 23, 2011, 07:02:05 PM
You make a good point with what you say, Brin. It was more of an automatic response with seeing a mage character with a weapon skill. Your tribe, as you say are hunter/gatherers and require every member to provide assistance with protection of the tribe ... so it would make sense that they all would at the very least know how to grab hold of a weapon and swing it around madly in front of them, and may in fact do some good with it. I'm happy with your explanation regarding it, and now having the chance to think on the tribe, etc, and the fact that you aren't suggesting that Brin is a swordsmaster who can kill an enemy with a single blow, or anything like that, my concerns with that are allayed.

I'd feel comfortable if a magic expert (either Kalina or Malexia) or someone with a few magic characters checked over your CD's magic section prior to me giving you another approval. Even though I've got a mage CD myself, I don't really consider myself an 'expert' on magic. :) I'll ask for someone to give it a once over for you.


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Post by: Malexia Vendu on January 24, 2011, 12:40:49 AM
The magic section looks fine, written by the well practiced skills of a long-time mage writer.

~Second Approval~

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Post by: Brin Rowé on January 24, 2011, 05:53:28 AM
Thank you Dek, Mr Scribbles and Malexia! :hug:

I made one edit since your approvals, I forgot a saddle and such for my mount. Added them to the Possessions section.

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