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Title: Aueniteri
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29 yrs(actual age)

After her father's murder, Aueniteri adpoted the title Crusader, due to her vow to eliminate all thieves and assassins from Caelereth.

A bard by profession, Aueniteri, when not hiding or defending herself, entertains to small audiences for what few coins she does possess.

Haunted by her brother's crimes, Aueniteri, or 'Teri as she generally refers to herself, spends her time fleeing or defending herself from the various low-lifes that inhabit Southern Sarvonia. A gentle girl, plagued by frequent bouts of nervousness due to the battles she is forced to fight.

Aueniteri stands at  1 Ped, 2 Fores, her youthful countenance sporting thin, slightly elongated face, high, somewhat flat-ish cheeks.

Her figure is not highly pronounced, the bust a definite yet light ripple from her otherwise nearly blade-straight form. This appearance, however, may be intentional, as it seems to change drastically, and at her will, as she dances. A choice accentuation either way is her knee-length forest-brown hair and bright green eyes.
Her attire is drastically different pending two kinds of activity. When traveling, or expecting to travel, she dons a loose-fitting leather vest over spun pants and blouse. Over that, she usually, although not always wears a steel breastplate. Boots reaching nearly up to her knees and her hair braided tightly and tucked beneath her vest finish the look.

When not expecting to travel, she wears a long dress, a collar covering just the bottom of her neck, the sleeves coming to just shy of her wrists, and a skirt falling roughly mid-way down her ankles. The dress tightens in front with a pair of laces through carefully sewn couplets, actually a jacket attached as part of her dress, from a palmspan above her navel clear up to just below her collar. Either barefoot or in open, silent sandals and her hair brushed, clean and free, and she is ready to become again what Garrek has tried to take from her.

Pyschological :
Shy, although not reclusive; frightens easily, tends to trust those she considers friends without reservation, cyinical, especially when with an unfamiliar group, almost instantly suspecting every shady-looking person of being an assassin sent by her brother to kill her. Prone to nervous spells, particularly after battles, but also triggered at times by the attention of large crowds. Tender, polite, and well-mannered. Although trained in martial-style fencing, prefers to take any and all possible approaches to avoid a confrontation, except possibly where a friend's well-being is concerned. Has a deep hatred against thieves and assassins, even to the point of prejudice.

Aueniteri's three most notable strengths are firstly, her prowess with song and dance. At times, she will fully entrance an audience of the unaware, inebriated and/or simple-minded.

She is extremely agile and dexterous, allowing her to react to nearly anything she is aware of, even to, at her best, possibly dodging an arrow after it is fired.

Her martial style with her longsword is not to be underestimated, either. Best one-on-one, she twice defeated her former trainer, when he in all earnestness informed her she would not be.

Aueniteri possesses little physical strength, particularly for an elf.

Her gentle nature shows through easily, and with stress, she tends to undergo a nervous break-down, some times remianing unconsoled for days.

Among her greatest weakness is her psychological necessity for a protector, and at times when one seems to appear, she will attach herself easily to them. The same is with allies of any kind, whom she quickly misconstrues as friends.

Aside from this, though, she sees most any person of a darker nature that she may happen to cross as a hunter, whose sole purpose is her own destruction. This paranoia is definitely one of her greatest weaknesses.

In a fight, she has a problem trying to focus on more than one enemy at a time. This problem is compounded to its fullest whether there are two opponents against her or some unspecified mass of enemies. Combating any number of opponents greater than one at a time is severely problematic for her.

Aueniteri's history begins with her ancestry, particularly her grandfather, one Dinik Driel. Dinik was a son of a poor farmer from a long line of poor farmers; his mother, however, was the daughter of a not-so-poor Eyelian merchant. His mother took special interest in her youngest son, Dinik, and taught him much about financial maintenance, so that by the time he was twenty, he possessed what, in his neighborhood, could be considered a small fortune. Dinik was a hard worker, and any leisure time he might have had was spent focused on how to make more money. Then presented itself to him the idea of a lumber farm.

Wood was not truly scarce, but Dinik knew that to make it even more accessible, and with finer types of wood, would make him a fortune beyond his wildest dreams. Time and again, he petitioned the Yllferhim elves for a tiny plot on the borders of their beloved Quallian to begin his dream of a lumber farm, and time and again he was coldly refused. Then he tried the Zeiphyr, testing the Quaelhoirhim for several years, with roughly the same success. Many a time he tried even underhanded methods to achieve his dreams, but each time they failed.

Finally, at the age of forty, he succeded and under a heavy supervision of the elves, took his first lumber farm, and plotted it out in a section where he knew the trees would grow well. The first harvest was ready, and nearly again he lost his business when the harvest was made, but true to his promise, he replanted everything that was cut down. His plots, eventually, broke down into a set of three plots, each in a different season of growth.

His first and second sales were a success, but he would see no more. His adventures in the Quallian had worn hard on his small, fragile body, and at sixty, he failed, and died. His only son, through the daughter of one of his elven partners, named Sean, took control of the business, but his taste in it waned.

Not having his father's passion in favor of the lumber farm, Sean Driel passed on the farm to sub-contractors, keeping a large portion of the proceeds for himself, and took to the sale of elven arts. These brought the frugal Sean even more income, and soon his resources were nearly inexhaustible.

He bore two children, a son, named his heir, and a daughter. Garrek, in honor of the human bloodline, and Aueniteri, the name given by her mother's father. Garrek, although the chosen heir, seemed to have other things in mind.

Aueniteri was a charming, intelligent and innocent child. Wanting her to have and be the best, Sean filled her days with learning of all kinds, and she could soon fluently speak several languages from across Santharia, dance like the flowers in a summer breeze, sing, both by voice and with her violin, to melt a heart of stone, sketch a scene as though it were straight from reality, and fence adequately with even the guards of Dinik's mansion.

A dark scheming seemed to overtake Sean's heir, and several times he was imprisoned for involvement in some crime. Then, the indictments ceased, but Garrek grew ever darker. Sean said nothing of it to anyone, except Garrek himself, that he had renamed the heir, and it was to be Aueniteri. Knowing this, Garrek struck into action.

Aueniteri turned 23, and a large celebration was had at the mansion Dinik had created. This celebration was to last three days, the first with the extended family, the second with the closer family, and finally, the last day would be to Sean, his wife, Garrek, and Aueniteri alone. Great feasts and festivities were had, and most, if not all, of the relatives and business partners left the first day feeling pleased to know Sean. The second day was a little les gleeful, and a bit more intimate. The third night, although planned, never took place.

Garrek had ill planned for them, and his blackened heart carried it into effect without the least cringe of remorse. At roughly midnight, during a change of guards, a horde of assassins overtook the place, plundering and vandalizing everything they touched. Aueniteri, who had been unable to sleep and was caught wandering the mansion, was dragged up to her room, and thrown in front of a trunk at the foot of her once-lovely and well-kept bed, which had been torn to pieces in their rabid search for any kind of treasure. On her way, she witnessed a good portion of the death of her father, who had been outnumbered and bludgeoned to death. She could hear her mother's screams and wails as with a trembling hand, she opened the trunk. In it, two things of marked value lay. One, a necklace given her by her grandmother, who was still in elven terms a blossoming woman. The other, her longsword. She tossed the nearest thief her necklace, and as he reached out to catch it, she brought the pommel of her sword deftly into his groin. He buckled, laying on the floor before her, and in an instant she was on her feet.

With a quick step, she stood on the groveling man, and from there leaped onto the back of another, forcing him down as she did so. Her next move was to make her way to her father. Reaching his corpse, she slashed at one of his murderers, tearing a huge gash from his left shoulder almost down to his right hip, deep enough to reveal the spine. Oozing and spewing blood, the man fell. Without hesitation, she shoved the murderer's corpse away, and for a second shed tears over her father's mutilated figure. Then, knowing they would not be stunned forever, she took from him a pendant, and his longsword.

Then, as she stood, the mob came from their shock and sprung into action. Three of them grabbed her from behind, and several closed in on her. Struggling was futile, and she was certain she, too, would die. However, fate would not have her that day, and she, through some strange providence, was knocked unconscious and hidden under some shrubbery in the mansion's garden. When she awoke, human soldiers from the same Eyelian outpost as the mansion's guards and their familiars were scouring the place, and among them her brother Garrek, looking genuinely worried. She could have swore a dark quizzical look stole across his face when he first spotted her, but it was gone in an instant, and he was poring over his "poor, yet fortunate sister."

The story was one of all too great conveniences. The soldiers arrived just in time to frighten away or kill all the assassins, though none were captured alive. Frequently Garrek told relatives the tale, and as frequently Aueniteri watched in horror and surprise as each of them offered their condolences and support to the supposedly grieving Garrek.

Things grew continuously worse, as together the two of them alone occupied the mansion. The tension rose to such extremes that often Aueniteri would break into tears, but Garrek kept a face of stone. Never would he say a word of the death of their parents directly to her; never did she dare breathe a mention of it in his presence. The tension was to culminate in her breaking eventually, but providence again asserted its hand in her behalf, and her grandmother sent for her. Willing to go, she took everything she could find that was still of use, and petitioned her grandmother for replacement of those things that were ruined.

The party that came for her were not well armed, as they expected no danger. Offering as presents the items she had requested, gladly she moved with them. It was late on the third night of travel that suddenly a realization of Garrek's plan struck her. He had allowed some of the assassins to survive, and now they were sent to finish everything they had started. Her eyes clouded with tears, she quickly gathered her things that night, as everyone slept, or at least as she supposed, and feld.

Everyone had not slept, though. The leader of the camp had called for a guard, and the guard called for her as she ran. This awoke others, but the next thing she heard of them was the one set to guard screaming in pain. The tale was told in the next elven village she passed, how everyone in the camp had been killed, maimed beyond recognition, and had been spotted by a patrol only a few hours after the massacre.

She left the elven forest, it was hard for her to feel secure there. Soon, however, she learned that even as she traveled eastward, nowhere was safe for her. Garrek knew she had survived, and since has never ceased plaguing her with assassins and mercenaries of all kinds. Somehow, providence has intervened at every path, and cautiously she walks the fine line between being the trusting, gentle girl in her heart, and the deadly, defensive woman fate has chosen for her.

Aside from her clothing and armor, Aueniteri carries with her a pack, capable of containing
A bedroll,
Her violin,
Sketching equipment,
All of the clothing/armour she is not currently wearing.

Around her neck at all times is the pendant from her father's corpse, a circle containing a perfectly symmetrical cross, a bright green gemstone set in the center.

Her father's longsword. Although lighter than most, and constructed more for parade than combat, it is a deadly weapon regardless.

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Title: Re: Aueniteri
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Aueniteri, I think most details are as you wrote them, though your speech was more fluently back then - but rewriting is not much fun, I believe .
Just edit your start, so that it looks a bit nicer! Explain your title thing later and remove your 3/4 elf from the gender, add some space between the paragraphs - you know, what I mean.

I wonder, if you just wrote Garrek in first person?

Your balance might need some more weakness (you are a good singer, player , dancer AND excellent with the sword). Just add a sentence and stress more your fright of being killed every moment, your difficulties to trust anybody etc.. I know, your char is balanced, others might not.

If done, I move you down, as this is a repost and needs just one mod who knew your char. ;)

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Title: Re: Aueniteri
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'Teri's history was in first person, but I just re-run the whole thing int the same POV.

Okay, after reading the comment twice, I think I understand. Mostly, the thing was because Arti said he couldn't find it when I was originally titled :lol

Will do.

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Okay, I think I've done everything you asked. Warn me if I need to do more.

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Just re-read reposting rules, and I don't think I'll change the title to reflect those, as I cannot assure that every detail is identical. The character is more or less the same, though...

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All things look good here. My approval.

Also, you could add having assassins after her from her brother as a weakness.

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I was actually considering adding... something, I remember it every day, but I can't seem to think of it when I actually want to write it down. All I know is that isn't it.

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