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Title: Remusian Embassy
Post by: Rellech Arnevahr on April 08, 2010, 04:13:57 AM
He stood looking at the building.  To say he was disappointed would not even scratch the surface of the emotions he was now feeling.  He stared at the building that was now going to be his home.  It might have been impressive once; if by once you meant 600 years ago.  Now, it looked only slightly better than the hovels that most Remusians lived in back in Remusiat.  The main building was three floors of stonework that was faded, stained with moss and cracked.  A guard tower on the northeast corner was even in worse shape.  Of the windows, many had broken shutters or no shutters at all.

"I- I'm sure the inside must be better."

Rellech turned his gaze to the man beside him.  "Really?  That's what you think?"

The man blanched.  "I hope so."

Rellech snorted derisively.  It had better be improved inside.  He marched up the front staircase to the main door and swung it open.  Stepping inside, he was somewhat mollified by the interior decorations.  Rich tapestries and paintings lined the wall, luxurious rugs covered the floor, candles burned in golden chandeliers.

On both sides of the great entranceway, servants lined up, as soldiers on display.  There were maids, cooks, guards and servants of every stripe, each distinguished by their uniforms.  Rellech strolled slowly between the rows, looking at them with a bit of pride.  His anger and anxiety were somewhat assuaged.  

Rellech cleared his throat.  "I want to thank you all for turning out.  As you probably know, my name is Rellech Arnevahr.  I am Remusian, though I doubt any of you would know what that means, or where I am from.  But it does not matter, for I doubt any of us will be having any meaningful conversations.  I am the new Ambassador from Remusia, and I am here to establish relations with Santharia.  To that end, I shall be very busy and demand that this home run efficiently and effectively.  To make it run as such, I will need to trust those who work for me."

Rellech stopped his walk and took a deep breath.  "Therefore, you are all fired."

A ripple of gasps ran through the assembled group, and the man who walked with Rellech stammered his objections.  "Sir, I don't think-"

Rellech waved off the objections with a dismissive wave of his hand.  "You are all fired, but may stay working here until I decide to replace you.  If I see that you are the type of person that will fit in with my vision, then I will keep you on.  Many of you will be replaced, but some of you will stay on.  You will be paid handsomely in the meantime, so there will be little disruption to your duties unless you are given notice."

The man sighed audibly and smiled at the ambassador.  "Oh, thank you, sir.  You gave us all quite a scare.  I'm sure everyone here will prove themselves worthy of employment here."

Rellech looked at the man.  "Except you.  You are fired now."  He looked to the guards.  "Get him out of my embassy."

"Sir?  You can't be serious?"

Rellech raised his eyebrows and spread his arms wide while still looking at the guards.  "Hello?  This is the start of the test."

Three guards suddenly came alive and rushed forward and grabbed the man by the arms and started dragging him toward the great doors.  The man began struggling, but it was to no avail, as were his many pleas for Rellech to rethink the matter.

Rellech made the motions of wiping his hands clean.  "Your things will be sent to you," he stated, matter of factly.  Then, to the rest of the group.  "I think I'll take a meal before I get to work."

Immediately, a cook broke ranks and rushed toward the kitchen.  Rellech smiled to himself, then looked at the three remaining cooks.  "And why haven't you rushed off to get my meal?"

One of the cooks looked uncomfortable and his voice trembled as he spoke.  "Because we have never met you and don't know your likes yet?"

A smirk crossed Rellech's lips.  "Who's head chef?"  The three cooks all pointed in the direction of the cook who had rushed out.  Rellech nodded.  "Now you are head chef.  Tell him he's fired."

The new head chef nodded timidly and took a step, followed by the other two cooks.  He then turned around.  "What would you like for your meal, sir?"

Rellech shrugged.  "Surprise me.  I don't care really."

The first order of business had now been taken care of.  He was in charge.

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Post by: Tervild Jorek on April 09, 2010, 07:59:05 AM
Pulling on his jacket, Tervild stood outside the Remusian Embassy with a slight case of anxiety. Traveling was getting difficult and with pirates marauding the high seas, Ulf hadn't much time to worry about anything else. Friss had been writing, but coin was a little more important than paper ... for the time being of course. It was by a stroke of luck that he'd happened to over hear a conversation pertaining to this particular embassy. Supposedly the current Ambassador had gotten rid of all the old staff and was now looking for trust worthy others as replacements.

Without knowing why, he'd sprinted down to the embassy with a strong sense of anticipation. Of course, he was now well aware that panting like a dog while being interviewed for a position was probably not something his soon-to-be-benefactor would want to see. Concentrating on the ounia of Water in the air around him, he created a "chilled" zone for himself. In relative comfort he waited for his breath to catch up with him while he went over his understanding of his own skills. The gods only knew that Ambassador Rellech would probably want the whole bit.

Several moments passed, before Tervild found that he'd been wasting his time standing around. With a deep breath he steeled himself for whatever was to come, and proceeded to the entrance of the Embassy. Focusing his mind, he intensified the frigid quality of the air in front of his face and gave himself a could clap to remove any remaining traces of sweat. Shaking his head he knocked politely on the door and waited for whatever servant or master would come to great him. If nothing else, the Embassy itself was bound to be an interesting place.

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Date: 30th Singing Bird, 3rd Hour of Daybreak (8AM)

Rellech stood staring at the map ( that hung on his wall.  It was a large map, specially commissioned by him on the ship voyage south between Milkengrad and Chylikis.  It was a reproduction of a map originally drawn by an Artimidor Federkiel; some sage who belonged to a group of researchers who were writing the knowledge of the world in a series of books and scrolls called the Compendium.  The details of this bored Rellech, and he had no interest in it.  As if all the knowledge of the world could be captured in the pages of books!  How foolish.  These people had no knowledge of Remusia.  They were completely ignorant of the ways of his people.

His finger traced the northern border of the Nermeran province, stopping briefly at the town of Astran.  Was that a pass there?  A pass through the Tandala Highlands, which he was told was impassable?  His heart raced.  So many possibilities.

Suddenly, he spun about, facing the young man who stood in the office.  "Forgive me, Master Jorek, but I've many things on my mind, having only just arrived here less than a week ago.  So, you say you are looking for employment.  What, pray tell, is it that you do that I might need?" 

He gave the stranger a more scrutinizing look.  "You do not appear to be the soldiering type.  A bit small for that, I would think.  Hopefully that portents that your mind is a bit sharper than the average man."  A thought suddenly came to him and he sighed while looking upward.  "Please, Kor'och, do not let him say that he is the assassin I've been looking for!"  He looked back at the man.  "Forgive me, but it seems every second person that comes in here is an assassin looking to sell his talents.  I swear that there must be more assassins in this country than there are farmers!"

Rellech seemed to become aware that he hadn't allowed the young man to speak.  "But, please, do speak your piece."

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Post by: Tervild Jorek on April 09, 2010, 08:50:38 PM
Date: 30th Singing Bird, 3rd Hour of Daybreak (8AM)

Entering the Embassy, Tervild had found himself pleasantly surprised by the quality of the interior. The stone structure had clearly not been scoured in the last decade or so. A semi-terrified servant had opened the door, and had almost immediately lead him to the Ambassador himself. It was clear that the man was not only in complete control of this embassy, but it didn't seem like he wasn't going to be leaving in a hurry.

The man's study was of course and impressive sight, as well as the magnificent map that hung on the wall. Hand behind his back, Tervild listened with relative attentiveness to Ambassador Rellech. Simultaneously he began dropping the temperature of the air around Ambassador Rellech, so that the area about him was a little more comfortable than it would otherwise have been.

"Ambassador Rellech, if I may I'd like to call you Rellech. Your right in assuming that I'm not a soldier, but I can assure you that my credentials are nothing to laugh at. In my humble opinion, I believe assassins are only good in the business of killing, and lack finesse when it comes to talking through problems. I'm actually an entertainer of sorts, an actor if you will, but I can do a great deal more than just talk. If you'd be so kind as to have two glasses and water brought in, I would gladly demonstrate some of my skills for you."

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Date: 30th Singing Bird, 3rd Hour of Daybreak (8AM)

A sly grin crossed Rellech's face and he nodded to one of the two guards at the doorway, who immediately left in order to get water.  

Rellech then took a seat at his desk, and offered for the younger man to sit across from him.  "An actor?"  Rellech, like most Remusians, saw no use in actors.  What did they do, other than pretend to do the deeds that real people did in life?  He might have asked the young man to leave then, but something told him to wait until he saw everything this Jorek fellow had to offer.  Besides, it seemed that these southerners did put some stock into the worth of actors.  While in Milkengrad, on the stopover, he had been invited by the Thane of the town to see a play with him.  It had bored Rellech near to tears as well as not understanding the point of it, yet the Thane seemed quite thrilled to be in attendance.  Strange.

The water arrived and was set on the desk.  "Very well, Master Jorek, impress me with the water."  If the young man were to even start to drink them both through his nostrils, Rellech vowed to have him tossed out on his ear.

"Prune a few more of the red ones."

Young Nenio Dragus took his shears and snipped off the heads of three more red flowers, then swung his head about to where his grandfather stood watching him.  The old man seemed to study the entire layout of the garden before nodding his head.  Nenio climbed up from his knees and stood next to his grandfather.  "We seem to be doing a lot of work for a man who'd rather fire us," he pouted.

The old man chuckled and placed a wrinkled hand on the boy of thirteen's shoulder.  "You think I wouldn't be this exacting without the threat?  He doesn't want to fire us all, not really.  Just some men, like our ambassador, only know one way to act.  They hold the whip rather than the carrot."

Nenio shrugged.  "Is it because of where he's from?"

The old man considered it a moment.  "Maybe.  But I think it's because he's just simply an ass."

The child laughed heartily.  "I think you're right, grandpa."

The old man faked a stern face.  "And don't you be telling anyone I said that."

The boy rolled his eyes.  "I won't." His eyes then sparkled.  "Can I go fishing with Geffen later this afternoon?"

'Fishing?"  The old man stared at the boy.  He didn't believe for a moment that fishing was in the plans.  "Not today.  You know I don't like that boy.  Always getting into trouble, he is."

"No he isn't!"

The old man ignored the protesting.  "Besides, Geffen is too old for you to be hanging about.  He should be off joining the army or something.  What interest has he in a child?"

This infuriated the boy.  "I'm not a child!  I'll let you know, I'm starting to get a little bit of hair!"

The old man brought a cupped hand quickly up to his mouth, and gave the boy an incredulous glance.  "Sorry.  I think I just threw up a little bit in my mouth."

The child raised an eyebrow, perplexed, until it dawned on him and his mouth went agape with indignation.  "Ewww.  I meant here!"  He placed a finger on the soft downy hairs that were beginning to grow on his top lip and stroked them with some pride.

Relieved, the old man laughed heartily.  "Oh, thank goodness."  He looked back at the garden of brightly growing flowers.  There really wasn't that much work left to do.  "Okay, once we are done here, you can go 'fishing'."

Nenio threw his arms around the waist of his grandfather.  "Thank you grandpa.  Thank you."

The old man's face grew stern again, though his blue eyes twinkled.  "First, we work."  He ruffled the boys hair.

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Post by: Tervild Jorek on April 11, 2010, 05:13:58 AM
Date: 30th Singing Bird, 3rd Hour of Daybreak (8AM)

Tervild could already tell within the first two minutes that the man was unimpressed with his occupation. There had to be something with which he could impress the Ambassador. if he didn't get this job, money was going to be put into an even tighter spot. The only plan left was to introduce his business background, and magical abilities.

"Well Ambassador Rellech, my family owns a whaling business, and I've got enough of a brain to do mathematics and I can write well enough," said Tervild, turning up the left corner of his mouth. "I'm also a magician of sorts, and water so happens to be my Element of choice."

With a twirl of his fingers, Tervild moved the water from one glass into the next. Still intent on the water, he forced the liquid to retain the shape of the elegant glass it had been brought in. Once more he employed the frigid nature of water, and created a cup of ice to hold the remainder of the liquid.

"I'm afraid that it's rather hot outside, and I must thank you for the refreshments Ambassador," said Tervild sipping from the cup. It was all for show of course, but stopping the ice from melting in his hands was beginning to become a bit of challenge so he quickly drank from the cup as he listened to Rellech's reply.

Title: Re: Remusian Embassy
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Date: 30th Singing Bird, 3rd Hour of Daybreak (8AM)

Rellech started out interested.  A whaling company?  With all the products used with Carteloreen back in Remusia, perhaps there was some aspect of Jorek's family business that could be exploited for the benefit of all parties.  And if this young man was skilled in numbers, that could all work in well.

Then his excitement was dashed.  A mage?  He felt the Remusian revulsion toward magic fill his chest.  He watched the young man put on a flashy display of his talents.  He was about to dismiss the young mage, simply because of his own personal bias, when another idea popped into his head.  It was not a new idea.  On the contrary, it was a very old one.  Fifteen years old, give or take.  If he remembered correctly, he had originally pitched the idea to a silly young girl who had fancied herself a merchant, back in Remusiat during the war.  She had not the foresight to see the potential in the idea.

"Interesting skill, Master Jorek.  How much ice can you create, and for how long?  I'm afraid I know next to nothing about magic.  A Remusian bias, I'm afraid.  And is it easier for you to create ice, or stop natural ice from melting?"

Title: Re: Remusian Embassy
Post by: Tervild Jorek on April 14, 2010, 06:55:33 AM
Date: 30th Singing Bird, 3rd Hour of Daybreak (8AM)

Tervild grinned on the inside as he gouged the man's expression and listened to his questions. If what he'd just asked was anything to go on, this job was probably in the bag. If the idea of business was in the head of the Ambassador, it simply meant that he was going to have to explain things to his brother when he got back. Friss would no doubt be excited to hear that they'd be getting a nice contract. Still the deal wasn't set in stone just yet, and there was still some work to be done.

Cooling himself a little bit he did his best to address the questions that the Ambassador had placed him. "Creating ice is relatively difficult, and I can make enough to create a shield of sorts. I can't make a great deal more as I've never actually needed to create more than that, but I'm sure I could do more." It was all a matter of control, but he didn't know for certain just where the Ambassador was going. "I'd like to believe that I can create more ice while the ice melts, but again, I've never actually tried to stop ice from melting. What exactly did you have in mind Ambassador?"

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Date: 30th Singing Bird, 3rd Hour of Daybreak (8AM)

Listening, Rellech was a bit disappointed, but still saw a glimmer of hope in his plans.  "What I have in mind is something novel, I should think.  The one thing my country has in great abundance, besides oafish warriors, is ice.  Strals and strals of ice.  I have heard tales of lands, even further south from here, that have never seen ice.  I would like to remedy that.  I would like to load the holds of several ships with ice, using plans I had commissioned by a shipwright in Milkengrad at the same place I had my map of your kingdom commissioned."  He indicated with pride the large map on the wall.  "Of course, this was years ago, before I had ever visited that city.  Remusia suffers from a dearth of qualified shipwrights."

"Now, ice on its own might not survive the journey on its own, but with a mage in each hold, controlling the temperature, or however you abom- er mages, do it, I'm hoping that enough ice can be safely exported to make the venture worth my while.  I don't think I have to explain the advantages of having access to large amounts of ice, with keeping fresh meat from spoiling and other usages."  Rellech stopped himself.  Talking about it only served to get him excited about it again.

"Perhaps you could put some thought into this and we can come up with a plan together.  In the meantime, I think you should meet with the new Captain of the Guard here, I forget his name at the moment.  Capable type, I suppose.  He is new as well."  Rellech stood up.  "Welcome to the Remusian embassy.  I must warn you that I run an ordered household and will not tolerate any disruption of that."

There was one last piece of information he needed to pass on to this man.  "Oh, one last thing, Master Jorek, you can call me Ambassador Arnevahr, or simply Ambassador.  Rellech I reserve for my friends and equals.  You, sir, are neither.  Good day."  He smiled dismissively.

Date: 30th Singing Bird, 4th Hour of Sunblaze Known as Sunreign (12 PM)

The sun was at its zenith by the time that Nenio reached the banks of the Thaehelvil river.  He watched the southernly travelling current for a few moments before setting down his fishing pole.  He began poking around under dead leaves and sticks until, after pushing over a fair sizes rock, he found what he was looking for.  Carefully, he put the wriggling grub onto the hook at the end of his fishing line.  Taking his pole, he eased the baited hook into the water; a deep hole under the mossy bank where he sat.

It wasn't long before he heard rustling of grass behind him.

"Catch anything, yet?"

It was a girls voice, and Nenio turned his head to see a girl of his age walking up and sitting down beside him, carrying her own fishing pole.  She held out a handful of wriggling dirt, which contained more red worms than it did soil.  "Brought some worms from our garden.  Don't think pa will miss 'em much."

"No, haven't been here long enough to catch anything.  I'm glad you were able to come."

The girl smiled; the prettiest smile he'd ever seen in his life.  "Told ya I'd be here."

Content, Nenio beamed as he stared out over the river.  His grandfather had been correct in not taking Nenio's story to heart earlier, but it wasn't the fishing that he had wrong, it was the company.  It hadn't been Geffen that Nenio was to meet, but Sharlah.  Sharlah Vudens, the daughter of one of the city's blacksmiths.  The girl who had stolen his heart.

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"Ambassador?" inquired Thaelel as he walked into the room, "May I come in?"
Without waiting for a reply, Thaelel began speaking. "Ambassador, I have some bad news. Several of the staff you fired have begun to spread some nasty rumours about you. They seem to hold a grudge against you, and are trying to damage your reputation.I have taken the liberty of instructing several of my spies to watch them, but decided to consult you about the next course of action. How should I deal with the troublemakers?"

Thaelel stood there, composed and smothering a grin at the thought of the gossipers' fates. He took in the scene, and was not surprised to see another man in the room. He expected the 'aristocratic ass' to introduce him to this man any second now, so he waited patiently, taking in the ambassador's reaction to this news.

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Post by: Tervild Jorek on April 21, 2010, 07:32:16 AM
Date: 30th Singing Bird, 3rd Hour of Daybreak (8AM)

With a serious face, and stern mindset, he had to wonder just what he'd gotten himself into. The man was like some giant block of ice, and his plan to bring ice to the rest of the world was not only going to be difficult but finding the magicians to follow through with the job was going to be incredible. It wasn't impossible, but the number of people, risks, and money involved were going to be enormous. If the man honestly intended to go through with it though, he'd better be prepared to follow through with the funding.

To make things worse, it was obvious the man didn't like magic. Tervild was an actor, and he could already sense the man's sever dislike of not only his abilities, but of him as well. If all Remusians were like this, then they were bound to be just as thick, and obviously upsetting as Rellech had just been. Still he was here to get money, and that's all that mattered. Once he'd picked up enough funds he would be able to return to his hunt for more hidden talents.

Having finished his speech, the now highly annoying Ambassador made his exit faster than quickest stage hand. "Of course," he said with an icy smile that didn't exactly touch his eyes. Not a moment later the Captain of the Guards stepped into the chamber and had begun to give some sort of a report.

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Date: 30th Singing Bird, 3rd Hour of Daybreak (8AM)

While Rellech waited for Jorek to leave, his new Captain of the Guard stepped in, asking to enter but not waiting for permission.  Rellech frowned.  He'd need to remedy that habit, but now was not the time.  The announcement of bad news made the Remusian stiffen.  He listened intently as the Captain spoke his concerns.  As he did, Rellech's apprehensions eased.  

A smirk creased his lips.  "Troublemakers?  I see nothing but peons and not worth our attention.  But, I'm curious; what do you propose we do?  Start a war with Santharia by killing citizens in cold blood?"

Rellech turned his attention to Tervild.  "Master Jorek, may I introduce you to my Captain of the Guard, Thaelel Swordmar something or other."  He waved his hands about dismissively.  Too many names.  Houses of some sort.   Like that meant anything about you, that which someone of true value did a hundred years ago.  Real men made a name for themselves, not traded on the name of an ancestor.  "He, apparently, is a mercenary of renowned repute, as he is fond of saying, though I'm still trying to discern if no one has heard of you, are you still renowned?"  Rellech chuckled at his own joke.  "My Captain here is the type of man you and I discussed earlier."

He returned his attention to the Captain.  "It is just as well that you arrived.  Master Jorek here will be joining our staff.  Perhaps you can help get him settled.  Find him a room on the second floor.  The third floor is for me alone.  Nothing too large, I might have more important people coming here at some point."

Then again back to Tervild.  "Get settled and we shall discuss this more later."

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Date: 30th Singing Bird, 3rd Hour of Daybreak (8AM)

Tervild listened to the exchange with continued dislike. This Rellech was not someone to be tangled with, but to make matters worse if he was to be seen in public with the man, his lot would be cast with this estranged aristocrat. It felt as if he'd just been thrown from the chopping block into the frying pan, and things were not looking for the better. Regardless this was going to be one mission he was going to have to deal with.

With a smile and nod to Rellech, he then turned to Thaelel. The man was obviously Erpheronian based simply on his appearance, and from the shape of his body he was probably a skilled fighter as well. If he could be trusted, then the two would definitely be able to get along.

"A pleasure to meet you Thaelel, I hope we can get along in our work here," he said extending his right hand.

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"I may be afraid of water, Tervild, but I think as long as you don't drench me we will, Tervild." smiled Thaelel, before whispering, "That is, if Rellech lets us."

"Well, Ambassador," said Thaelel as he turned to his boss with a forced smile, "I believe we should threaten them, and if that doesn't work, then either spread rumours about their sanity or buy them out. If neither works, which I sincerely doubt, we could always bribe a few thugs or innkeepers to take care of them."

"As for my renowned repute, I am renowned in Santharia, not in Remusia. Still, you never know what I might do in the future."

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Date: 30th Singing Bird, 4th Hour of Sunblaze Known as Sunreign (12 PM)

Raworaan heard the splashing water as he made his way through the streets of New Santhalos, capital of Santharia. The wind also carried voices to him, young, one male, one female. He followed the voices and the rustling grass and before long came upon the bank of the river. Sitting at the river's bank was a boy, about Raw's age, perhaps a bit younger. Nearby was a girl. She seemed to be a similar age to the boy, and for now they were both silent. Raw didn't know how to behave around girls, sometimes they made him feel funny, at other times, they were just funny. He stood there, his fishing pole in hand before he decided to move out to say hello to the boy. This took guts from him to do this ... he normally preferred his own company, and in some ways he would have been happier had there been no one here, but there was nothing he could have done about it now.

"Hey there," he said to the boy, "I am Raworaan Chesabaltt, though I'm normally called Raw. Do you mind if I sit here and fish as well? Have you caught anything yet? If I am in the road here, I can go to another place to fish."

Raw wasn't happy how he'd respond to whatever the boy's response was to his request. Would he be more disappointed if the other boy said yes or no to his questions.

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Date: 30th Singing Bird, 3rd Hour of Daybreak (8AM)

Rellech scowled.  Obviously, this new Captain of the Guard had some learning to do in the art of subtlety.  "No!  You will not be threatening anyone.  Do you understand?  Those people are nothing!  They cannot hurt me, nor this embassy.  Foolish acts of violence can do far worse to us.  Remusia is no mere province of Santharia.  We are our own country.  We are guests here, and must look the part; at least until we get what we came here for."

He shook his head.  "We don't want undue attention right now.  What we do need, is to set up meetings with the Ambassadors of Vardynn and Nermeran.  Especially, Nermeran.  I need to know where they stand on the orc issue.  As well, I need to get in to see the Santhran himself.  You will, of course, be up for the challenge of providing ample security?"  He raised an eyebrow in the captain's direction. "I heard that the Nermeran Embassy had a nasty incident last night.  I don't want that repeated here."

Date: 30th Singing Bird, 4th Hour of Sunblaze Known as Sunreign (12 PM)

Nenio stared at the slow moving water of the Thaehelvil river.  It was comfortably warm as the sun neared its zenith, but it was more than the weather that kept him flushed.  A secret glance to the side revealed the reason for that; Sharlah Vudens.  "Think we'll catch anything?"

Sharlah nodded in a matter of fact way. "Oh yeah.  Fish love garden worms.  Bigger the worm; bigger the fish.  Gotta few big'uns today, though most of the worms be scrawny."

Nenio nodded dumbly, taking her words as gospel.  Perhaps if his grub didn't work, she'd lend him a worm.  Not that he expected her to want it back.

Sharlah looked at him.  "How come you never bring garden worms?  You got a garden bigger than my daddy's house, forge garden and all put together."

Nenio shrugged.  "Dunno.  Not really our garden.  And grandpa calls the Ambassador an ass, so he'd just as like chase us off the grounds if he caught us stealing worms."

Sharlah giggled at Nenio's cursing, which caused him to blush both because of the word he used and because the thought of making hert happy caused him to nearly explode in his chest.

There was a sound of someone coming through the tall grass and both heads turned to see a younger boy approaching.  Neither recognized him.  He suddenly introduced himself as Raw and asked if he could join them.  Nenio prepared himself to politely decline when Sharlah spoke up next to him.

"Of course, Raw.  River's big enough for all of us.  I'm Sharlah, and this is my friend, Nenio."

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Date: 1st Rising Sun, 1st Hour of Sunblaze Known as Lightthrive (9AM)

The young man approached the Remusian embassy.  In his hand, a scroll, bound up in red ribbon and sealed with wax.  He was charged with the delivery of this message, which was stressed to him as very important.  This note needed to make it to the embassy.  Finally, here it was, though only in his hands for the last few days, having been given to him by the last man to have carried it, and the whole string of couriers before.  He approached up the well worn pathway toward the older looking embassy building.  He was soon set upon by a pair of fierce looking guards who crossed long spears before him.

"Who approaches the Remusian Gate?"

The courier stopped his approach and raised an eyebrow as his eyes darted back and forth across the pathway.  "Gate?"

One of the guards looked embarrassed.  "Well, it will be here," he pointed to the ground, where chalk marks were laid out showing where walls would someday be constructed.

"And you act like it's already here?"  The courier was a little perplexed.

The guard rolled his eyes.  "You don't know the ambassador here.  If he says there is a guardhouse here, then there is a guardhouse here."

The other guard nodded in agreement.  "Must be a Remusian thing.  Strange folk these northerners.  No sense of humour.  Glad there's only a few of 'em."

The courier reached up and scratched the back of his head.  Perhaps he was better off not going all the way to the embassy.  On the other hand, he didn't feel comfortable leaving this very important letter with two guards dumb enough to pretend there was a gatehouse standing where no gatehouse would be for years yet.  "Well, I'm supposed to deliver this here letter.  It's supposed to be delivered to someone of importance."

The first guard nodded and looked over to the other.  "Hey, Graydle, why don't you go find the Cap'n.  He should probably take this."

The second guard nodded in agreement.  "Ya, yer prolly right there.  I'll get Cap'n Thaelel."  He then turned and started back toward the embassy, leaving the courier behind.

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"Cap'n Swordmar, there's a man here."

Thaelel rolled his eyes. Graydle was a good fighter, but he was a bit stupid at times. Continuing to write his report on the embassy's security, he shouted to the guard,

"Incredible, Graydle. That's never happened before." called Thaelel, his voice dripping with sarcasm, "What's he here for? Obviously not to admire the scenery."

As he stood up and pushed his chair back, he surveyed his work so far. Several huge schematics were annotated in his characteristic scrawl. Satisfied, he turned around and walked out the door, grabbing his cloak on the way out.

Graydle's mouth was hanging open, drool dripping from his lower lip.

"Uhhh.... Umm... Uhhh... Message?"

Thaelel rolled his eyes again and turned to the messenger.

"Thaelel Pathburner of House Swordmar, renowned mercenary and captain of guards at the Remusian embassy. Sorry about Graydle here's lack of a brain. We have people studying him day and night, but to no avail. If you happen to have a spare brain.... Anyway, what is this message?"

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The courier awaited the captain of the guards in silence, and when the man came, he watched in silence as the man undressed the guard.  He smiled in agreement.  When asked, he held out the scroll. "This message is for the Ambassador.  I'm supposed to give it to him or someone important."

He stepped back.  It had been a long trip and all he wanted to do was find a nice soft bed and get some sleep.  "I'll let my people know that I delivered it to the Captain of the Guard.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I shall take my leave."

The courier spun on his heel and marched away.  His duty had been fulfilled, and now he was free to go in search of his next assignment.

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Post by: Thaelel Swordmar on June 17, 2010, 05:09:07 AM
'Should I read it?' thought Thaelel to himself, 'Well, it might have its merits, but Rellech will probably share it with me if it's of any importance. I hope I don't have to resort to subterfuge to find out what that letter contains.'

Taking the scroll in his hand, he strode out of his room and into a long corridor leading to Rellech's office. The three sharp knocks he delivered were piercing, and as the guards on either side of the ambassador's door winced, Thaelel smiled, imagining the aristocratic ass' reaction. Then, he took a step back from the door and whispered to the guards.

"What kind of mood is he in?"

"Are you kidding? Of course the usual. We could hear him shouting earlier, and a man walked out of here crying."
responded the guard.

Glancing a furtive glance around before he answered, Thaelel groaned inwardly. "Just my luck." he sighed.

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Post by: Rellech Arnevahr on June 18, 2010, 02:28:15 AM
Rellech was happy.  For the first time since coming to this heathen country.  He wasn't sure why.  But from the moment he had awakened, he felt good.  The cooks had finally made him a meal he could enjoy, there was a breeze coming through the window, so it did not feel as hot as it usually did.  He had even had a good morning so far with business.  A merchant who had been charging a hefty price for goods and short filling the barrels was caught and after a long and heated berating, Rellech had sent him out with no contract and in tears.

Yes, it was a good morning.

A knock on his door interrupted his self satisfied reflection and a scowl crossed his face.  What now?  "Come!"

The Captain of the Guards entered the room and stepped toward the desk, holding out a scroll.  "A message for you, sir."

Rellech raised an eyebrow and took the scroll.  A quick glance showed that the wax seal was unbroken.  Well, the Captain at least knew the meaning of privacy.  Rellech then broke the seal and unrolled the parchment.

Ambassador Rellech Arnevahr:

This letter is to inform you that a second contingent of Remusian delegates will be arriving in New Santhala around the 5th day of Rising Sun.  Most will be the usual persons needed by you to fully staff your Embassy; those not able to join you at the time of your leaving.  Cooks, soldiers and others.  200 in total.

Also, after your departure from Remusiat, there was much talk in the privy council about the wisdom in appointing you to such an important post.  Though you have my unflinching trust in this assignment, it was decided that the Temple of Kor'och should have had a larger voice in this.  In order for a proper representation of the Remusia to be put forth, as well as the Temple's assessment of activities there, a representative of the Temple has been dispatched to you with your staff.  I am pleased to announce that Xandreth Sallahd will be joining you in New Santhala.

Although you will continue to act and hold title of Ambassador, I should not have to remind you of the importance the Temple has in my advisory council and in Remusia in general.  Therefore, you will give Master Sallahd the same courtesy you would in my council.  You speak for Remusia, but he speaks for Kor'och.  I trust that in all cases, that the outcome will be the same.

Good Luck in your mission to form a positive alliance.  I can see your efforts one day putting a final end to our enemies the orcs and their allies, and vaulting Remusia to a higher standing on the world stage.

His Royal Highness,
King of Remusia

Rellech sat back in his chair.  All that had started off good this day was now ruined by this letter.  Fidgeting from the Captain caught his attention, and he was about to dismiss the man but changed his mind.  Instead, he offered the man to sit down.

"Captain Swordmar, I am about to trust you, and I have rarely trusted anyone, let alone one from an inferior people.  But, before I do, I need to know if you are worthy of my trust.  Will you give me your solemn vow that you will obey me without question and swear your allegiance to me.  I need your bond."

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Date: 30th Singing Bird, 4th Hour of Sunblaze Known as Sunreign (12 PM)

It was a girl, not a boy who responded to Raworaan, and she said he could join them. He wasn't sure about girls ... it had been him and his uncle for so long, and he was so used to being by himself that a girl might be too much for him to handle. But he didn't run ... he stayed there and grinned foolishly at the girl, before sitting on the ground and beginning to fish.

"So yeah, I'm a Kyranian, and my uncle is a merchant, and I'm here with him," Raw said, not knowing what else to say, or even if he should say anything, "sorry, I'll just keep quiet now. You two can do what it was you were doing, just pretend I'm not here."

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Date: 1st Rising Sun, 1st Hour of Sunblaze Known as Lightthrive (9AM)

The days had begun to drag on for Tervild. He was an actor, but he wasn't used to constantly being in character. In part it had been his blunder, but he couldn't help feeling that Rellech had a part in his current predicament. Magicians had their place in society, but he hadn't before meet a Remusian man. How was he to know that magic was abhorred by the frozen men of the North? Unfortunately nothing could be done about that now, all that was left to do was make himself useful.

Which of course lead to the next truly large predicament. Rellech wasn't someone who was easy to get a long with. That in itself was putting things very mildly. There were several things that he would have said to the man's face if he wasn't in such desperate need for money. All he could do was pretend he was alright with everything, and move on with his life. Still, he had to admit that this was significantly more difficult then he had initially been prepared for. At least Captain Swordmar was in the same boat, and between the two of them they would just have to deal with Rellech's abrasive personality.

At the moment, the household was surprisingly silent. It had been only a few days before bustling with busy servants, a majority of whom had been fired. Rellech wasn't very fond of other human beings for that matter, and he certainly was not an advocate for good relations between the nations. If the man had been left to his own devices, well, Remusia may or may not have remained with the Embassy. Regardless his job was pretty simple, he handled some papers, and assisted in providing a cool breeze when the days were hot. Today he intended to at least discuss matters of the embassy with Rellech.

Two guards stood on either side of the door. With a nod of greeting to both soldiers he attempted conversation with the duo. "Gentlemen, is the Ambassador with audience?"

In silence to two gave an nod of affirmation. There was no helping it, he would just have to wait until the audience was finished. Until then, he decided he would wait in the gardens. He told the guards to send someone to fetch him once Rellech had finished his audience, or if Thaelel came by to have him come to the gardens. With that he set off for a walk outside of the Remusian estate. It was a beautiful day, relatively speaking.

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Date: 18th Rising Sun, 2nd Hour of Sunblaze (10 am)

"They're here, Ambassador!"

Rellech lifted his eyes from the reports he was going over to see one of his outer guards standing in the doorway to his office.  "You're sure?"  There had been two false reports so far.  The King's letter had said the High Cleric would arrive on the 5th, and here it was already the 18th.  Delayed by weather, no doubt.  It was damnedably hot here, and no doubt the High Cleric would not have liked traveling during the hottest part of the day.

Rellech stood, smoothed out his uniform, and quickly strode through the embassy's long hall to the main doors and out into the midmorn sun.  He stepped down the granite stairs to the cobblestone pathway, his hard heeled boots echoing in staccato fashion.  Once there, he waited and watched the large procession of riders approach, each mounted atop beautiful Kor'och-fey-Mologh.  The expense that must have cost!

High Cleric Xandreth Sallahd reigned in his horse.  He waited for one of his servants to rush up o the left side of the horse and drop to his hands and knees, before Xandreth slung himself out of the saddle and stepped down, first onto the servant's back, then onto the ground.  He ignored the audible grunt as his riding boots dug into the man's back.

Rellech stepped forward and bowed. "Greetings, High Cleric.  I trust Kor'och has granted you a pleasant journey."

Xandreth barely acknowledge the Ambassador's presence.  "There is very little here in this part of the world that is pleasant, Ambassador."

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence as both men sized up one another.  This was to be no alliance between kinsmen.  This was to be a battle of wills, where ultimately, only one would survive.  The two men knew it.

Rellech was the first to give in, though he would not have seen it so.  Instead, he saw it as a charade of acquiescence.  "Would you care to rest after your journey?  Or perhaps a walk through the gardens to relax your soul?"  He outstretched his arm to indicate the large flower garden across the courtyard.

Xandreth followed the direction of Rellech's arm with narrowed eyes, which widened somewhat with the vision of the garden caretakers standing at somewhat attention in the garden, each dressed in brightly coloured overalls.  "Gnomes, Arnevahr?  You have garden gnomes?"

A smirk crossed Rellech's face while the High Cleric's was turned from him.  He knew the reaction it would garner.  "Why, yes, High Cleric.  Industrious little buggers, they are.  I find they do a wonderful job, particularly on the Yneia, which are a favourite of mine."