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Title: Rover Nancy's Carriage
Post by: Deklitch Hardin on May 05, 2010, 06:52:01 AM
Outside the pink carriage stood Rover Nancy. She was wearing a dress with lots of frills that was also pink in colour. When ever she saw men that weren't from the troupe, she encouraged them to come into her carriage for a 'talk'. It had been slow so far ... hopefully soon she'd have some gentlemen callers to 'entertain'.

Each of the Rovers had a talent that contributed to the Black Buttterfly Rovers, hers just happened to be in the area of entertaining men. Oh, and she was also a good shot with a bow.

Rover Nancy looked around and straightened up her right strap on her dress.

"Nancy!" she turned at the sound of the voice, it was Medoc Hardin, father of that Deklitch Hardin.

"Medoc, how is that fine boy of yours going?" she asked.

"He's going well, has he stopped coming into your carriage?" Medoc replied.

"Yes," Nancy replied with a slight smile, "I don't think he fully knew what he was going to see ... at least the first time. Now, I check the entire carriage ... including UNDER the bed."

"Good," Medoc said.

"What is it, Medoc?" she aksed.

"I wanted to check to make sure your carriage is sound, the wheels don't need replacing, that sort of thing," he said.

"Medoc, I think we know each other well enough to speak the truth, don't you?" Nancy asked fondly.

"But ..." he grinned suddenly and said, "it is just that ... I could do with companionship and well ..."

Nancy sighed, "Medoc, we both know why I do this. We both know I don't do this with others from amongst the Rovers. The answer is the same as the last time you raised this with me. NO! Maybe you could see if there are any females of an appropriate age tonight, and find 'companionship' with them."

Medoc nodded, and said, "I'll try that again. It has been a long time though."

"That is something you need to deal with," Nancy observed, "nothing I can do about that one."

Medoc nodded again and walked away, Nancy watched him head back towards the firepit and turned her attention back to the approach to the camp. The children were returning, she could see them in their colourful clothes. If they were successful, soon people of all walks of life would be coming to see the Rovers.

Title: Re: Rover Nancy's Carriage
Post by: Deklitch Hardin on May 01, 2012, 12:54:29 PM
Nancy smiled as men were included in groups of people that were coming up to the Rovers Camp. Mentally, without meaning to, she began crossing some off her list of clients ... too young, too old, too hairy, an elf, too homely, wife and kids, a priest ... oh wait, the priest was coming up to her.

"You offer services," the priest asked, cutting through any polite chit chat.

"I do," she replied, "10 sans for 10 minutes or 25 for half an hour."

"Let's go for the full half hour," he said.

"Payment up front," she told him, "and then, put aside your cassock, Father."

He handed over the requested money and followed her into her wain.

Outside, Medoc looked at the wain with a sigh. Deklitch was at his side and reached up and grabbed him on the shoulder, "you know, dad, why it is wrong for her and you to ... well you know?"

"I do," Medoc replied, "I wish it was possible, but it isn't."