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Title: Odin Songsteel/Centoraurian Human/ Blacksmith
Post by: Odin Songsteel on August 02, 2010, 01:39:49 AM
Name: Odin Songsteel

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Race: Human

Tribe: Centoraurian

Occupation: Blacksmith

Title: Mounted Mercenary

Character Portrait:

Height: 1 Ped, 2 Fores, 1 Palmspan, 6 Nailsbreadths, 1 Grain.

Weight: 1 Pygge, 6 Hebs, 4 Ods.

Hair Colour: Dark brown

Eye Colour: Hazel

Physical Appearance:
Odin is a very tall young man compared to most peoples of the Centoraurian tribe. Standing at over one Ped, and two Fores; he isn't short. Though he is tall, he is by no means lanky. In fact, Odin's frame is muscled and toned like that of a sculptured marble statue. His trade and lifestyle are to blame for his healthy size, keeping him physically active all day, week, and year. Even in winter months, his body fat is extremely low, and every tendon, and rippled muscle can be seen beneath his rarely exposed pale flesh. He has a powerful jaw line, but not so much that it takes away from his youthful appearance. With dark brows hovering over his deep set, almond shaped eyes, well shaped nose, and full lips; it is no wonder he is taken for being much younger than twenty cycles old. Atop his head sits a mop of messy dark brown hair, and though it is not well kept, it is clean. Just like the rest of his face, his ears - though mainly hidden by his hair - are well shaped and relatively proportioned to his other features. He is not the most handsome of men, but he is by far not the ugliest either.

Odin's mother being a leatherworker, has crafted her son a set of soft garments. Around the crown of his head, he wears a dark brown leather band to hold his hair still as he rides. At his throat there will normally be a scarf made of black cotton, used to protect his face from mud and insects as he rides the many dirt paths surrounding his homeland. Sitting over the rest of his clothing on his torso, is a large cotton cloak. Black in colour, the thick material is heavy, but comforting and warm in the cold. Beneath it, dark leather bracers cover most of his forearm, with the rest of his torso wrapped in a snug, dark leather tunic. An off white cotton shirt sits beneath that, the cuffs of the sleeves pinned beneath his bracers. Calf high, dark leather boots with flat soles and a slightly raised heal are pulled up over soft leather pants. They cover off white cotton leggings that extend from the hips to the knee, ensuring the thighs and crotch are padded against the hard saddle of his mount.

Odin is a fiery, indecisive, and young man. Being raised on a small farm, his knowledge of the outside world is limited, as are his skills. His father was a herder and made his living from breeding fine horses. Odin's mother is a leatherworker when she has the time, and contributes by crafting saddles and even armour. Odin therefore picked up the slack, and at the age of fourteen began working for a blacksmith. At the age of twenty he has finally completed his training, and has not only learnt how to work metal, but also how to wield a blade.  

(I know I could put more detail into this, but for now I'll leave it simple and rely more on detailing his History.)

Odin's personality can be described as indecisive, and his mood effects it greatly. For the most part though, his is friendly, though quite reserved when it comes to meeting new people, or going to new places. He is certainly not one to try and attract attention from a crowd, but can be bold when trying to catch the eye of a pretty female. Two describe his nature in two words, chaotic, and good come to mind. Though he is a mercenary, he only became one due to a lack of funds during his travels. Fighting for money is appealing to him, but when it comes down to it, he is far more likely to fight for what he believes is right. Centorauria is his families home, and as such he will always try to protect it.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Height and build: Due to Odin's size, he finds it easier to overpower small opponents.

Sword Skill: Odin's time crafting weapons - mainly swords - also had him learn how to use them quite well. Being far from a master, he knows how to defend himself, and would be at a similar level to a young soldier.

Centoraurian Horse
: Odin's father, Aurelius, gave the stallion ‘Thodarius’ to his son after the foal was born. Since then the horse has grown large, and has a powerful athletic build just like it's rider.

Archery: Odin is efficient with a bow, and carries one with him wherever he goes. Just like many other Centoraurian men, he has learnt how to time his shots, and is quite accurate while mounted.

Blacksmith: Odin is a young blacksmith, and as such he can forge and craft basic weapons and equipment. Things such as swords, horse shoes, and other everyday items are no trouble for him.


Intimidating: Due to his height and build, many smaller races, and even his own people find him intimidating. Many people will steer away from him, or treat him differently to others.

Clumsy: With large feet, long arms, and a bulky frame, Odin finds himself far more at home when sitting atop his loyal steed, rather than trying to move himself at speed overland.

Young: Being only twenty, Odin finds himself struggling at times. Wisdom is something for older men, and knowing when to hold your tongue comes with experience. An isolated farm boy visiting a tavern, will often get himself into trouble.

: Odin's small companion; Ahei’ee “Evie” Birchbark, has come close to the young Man's heart in a short time. He will go to great lengths to ensure her wellbeing, even if his own suffers as a result.

Temptation: Odin is at times, very weak willed. Though he is not a thief, if an opportunity arises to make quick coin, he will often take it. The subtle flirtations of a woman may also distract him from his main objective, and on occasion has gotten him into considerable amounts of trouble.


Odin Songsteel, son of Aurelius and Elizabeth Songsteel; was born on a small farm just below Milkengrad in the Aurora Fields. The son of a moderately successful herder, and skilled leatherworker, his childhood was a good one. Despite his parents financial success in a harsh world, they were not socialists. This meant that though his childhood was good, it was not an overly privileged one. As an infant he was fed well, and was in general a healthy baby who grew quickly. Aurelius was not a short man, being of average height for their people, and it was the same for Elizabeth; Odin's mother.

Odin had been born in the thirtieth cycle of his mothers life, and the forty forth of his fathers. Before his arrival, they had been married for eight celebrations of both Chemonar and Elenear. Their son was born in the 12Th of the Awakening Earth, only nine days before they shared their ninth celebration of Elenear. The bright hazel eyes of the child Elizabeth bore ensured he was an instant hit with both parents.

As soon as he was able to walk, he would be out in the fields with his father, working with the horses. Owning only a small farm, the family were busy, but could afford some recreational time. Odin's father Aurelius was an adventurous and creative man, always wanting to learn and create new things. This meant that in quiet times, father and son would often travel to unexplored parts of the hills and make camp beneath the stars. On these nights, Odin would enjoy detailed stories of his fathers past, and stories of the history of his homeland.

Aurelius dedicated his life to breeding, and crossbreeding the famous Centoraurian ‘Gothar’s child’ horse. Some were a success, and sold for good prices. Others were failures and became cheap draught horses, or riding horses for poor peasants. Odin's life was as eventful and exciting as any child born in or around Milkengrad, with a few exceptions. Being productive workers, both his parents were relatively knowledgeable in business, literate, and somewhat good at math. Beyond that, Aurelius was a very talented man when it came to horses, riding, and using a bow. Elizabeth, Odin's mother, was a well known leatherworker, and produced fair quality clothes, armour, and many other leather products.

Odin was destined to become a tradesman, but he always admired the soldiers and guards of Milkengrad when his family visited on business. At a young age he decided that one day he would be a fighter, with his own horse to ride, a bow and quiver on his back, and sword by his side. Aurelius, his father, was proud of his sons ambitions, and told him that he would achieve his goals if he worked hard. At the age of fourteen, Odin began his trade as a blacksmith. The Songsteel family would be dedicated to all things related to working with large, hoofed animals, especially horses.

In his first year, he was treated as little more than a dog, made to fetch tools, food, almost anything you could imagine. None of this bothered him though, and he enjoyed rushing through the city of Milkengrad to do his daily work. Each day he would admire the guards as they went by, and questions would always pour from his lips when he had the chance to ask them about their duties. It wasn't often the boy was permitted to speak though, and he would often get in trouble for interrupting his teacher. Nevertheless, Odin eventually earned respect among his elder, and was soon on his way to learning far more about his trade, and the men they supplied weapons and armour to.

Most days were spent in the blacksmith shop, his skills being honed on basic tools and equipment as the blacksmith worked on more complicated weaponry and armour. Most days that he was not at the smith shop, he'd be home with his father, working the horses and practicing with his sword and bow. On days when there was no work to be done, the boy would set up targets on fence posts, then flash past them on a borrowed horse and train his accuracy. Determination comes naturally to a boy with nothing else to do, and no friends to distract him.

After his sixteenth birthday, Aurelius saw fit to give his son a horse. A shiny black foal was born only a month later, and without a second thought, it was given to Odin. The aging horse breeder would soon come to regret this slightly, as the Centoraurian mare gave birth to a future stallion. Odin named the foal Thodarius, and spent much time training the new horse.

So, when young Odin was not working, he was camping with his father, practicing with his bow, honing his skills with a sword, and training Thodarius. Aurelius was a very proud father, but the years were taking their toll on his body. Aurelius was now sixty, his young son sixteen, and his wife had started her forty sixth cycle too. An especially cold winter came to the fields that year, and Aurelius's life slipped away in the night. Needless to say, Elizabeth and Odin were shattered. Odin had idolised his father, and his mother Elizabeth had always said that she couldn't live without strong family head. For many months the pair grieved, Odin finding himself in a deep depression, as was his mother.

With time Odin's deep emotional wounds of loss healed. Unfortunately his mother never recovered, and in the next winter, she too perished. Alone at the age of seventeen, young Odin could not support the small farm, and sold all of the horses and land. The money from the small far would last him some time, and part of it was used to support him as he finished his apprenticeship. Nothing would stop him now, he was determined to honour the memory of his parents.

It was a long three years, but he managed to earn himself the title of blacksmith. But with the success there came a price, much of the money he'd made from selling his home and the animals had been spent on feed for Thodarius, and also on tools for his trade, and providing for himself. Without a second thought, Odin hit the trail, determined to find a new life. What he did find, he never would have expected.

One night, Odin had made camp inside a shallow cave. Thodarius was hitched to a tree a little way outside, and the night was a quiet one. Early the next morning though, he was rudely awakened. To his surprise, a small girl stood beside him, her fingers clasping a shiny gold coin that had slipped from his coin purse as he slept. As you can guess, he immediately demanded the coin back, only to receive a sharp poke to the eye with a tiny arrow.

The brownies name was Ahei’ee “Evie” Birchbark, and she'd given him a jab as soon as he'd raised his voice and startled her. Somehow her sassy attitude and intelligence had her riding on his shoulder by that afternoon, and also a shiny gold coin to keep. Since that day, the two travel together, and Odin finds himself growing fond of the tiny girl. An odd pair though they are, if any harm came to Evie, Odin would dedicate a good part of his time to punishing whoever was to blame.

Recurve bow: Odin has a well crafted Recurve, with a draw weight of 60od, and a maximum distance of 0.6 dashes.

Centoraurian Short sword: Odin has crafted himself the most common sword of his people, and he knows how to handle it as well as any man his age.

No belongings worth mentioning.


Name: Thodarius

Breed: Centoraurian ‘Gothar’s child’ horse.

Type: War Horse

Age: 4


Height: 15 hands

: 9 Pygges

Physical appearance: Thodarius is a large, muscled horse with a very dark grey coat. The long hair on his mane and tail are a silvery colour, as are his eyelashes. His slender muzzle is tipped with soft, furry lips that often nip at Odin, much to his annoyance. Thodarius has dark brown eyes, and will usually be found with his slender, muscled neck down along his front legs of a similar appearance; eating.

Personality: Thodarius is a very cheeky horse, and is often disobeying or annoying Odin in some way. The stallion is very temperamental, and tends to give Odin the cold shoulder when he doesn't get his own way. Selfish is one way to describe the stallion, especially when he abandons his rider to chase a mare on heat. Though most of the time he is misbehaved, when he is needed, he always seems to come through in the end.

Equipment: A well made, dark saddle rests on his back most of the time. On the sides are large saddle bags that Odin uses for storing his personal belongings, and many of Evie's collected ‘shiny things’.

Title: Re: Odin Songsteel/Centoraurian Human/ Blacksmith
Post by: Alexandre Scriabin on August 06, 2010, 07:49:06 AM
Even in winter months, his body fat is extremely low, and every tendon, and rippled muscle can be seen beneath his rarely exposed pale flesh.

In all reality, a physique such as this is actually unhealthy. Him barely having any meat/fat on his bones means that he is rather dehydrated.

Title: Re: Odin Songsteel/Centoraurian Human/ Blacksmith
Post by: Odin Songsteel on August 06, 2010, 09:13:21 PM
I didn't mean to make him seem unhealthy, but more on the limit of toning without reaching dangerous levels. He'd probably be hovering around 10-12% bodyfat. As for hydration, he doesn't really drink much during long trips on horseback. Being a blacksmith ensures great loss of body fluids through sweating, even in the winter months. But such a thing was normal, and most would only drink on the verge of passing out, or when they started to get a headache. Also, men are at their physical peak at twenty, and as such usually have a very fast metabolism. Not to mention Odin would mainly eat foods low in fat, but high in fibre. A heavy workload would see that most of the fibre went right into muscle repair after excessive repetitions of hammer blows or thigh muscles extentions as he bobs on the saddle. Drawing his bow, over extending tendons when practicing with his sword, etc, etc.

Would you like me to add that to his bio? :)

Title: Re: Odin Songsteel/Centoraurian Human/ Blacksmith
Post by: Alexandre Scriabin on August 07, 2010, 07:16:27 AM
But such a thing was normal, and most would only drink on the verge of passing out, or when they started to get a headache.

Can you quote from anywhere to confirm that that was normal? This isn't Earth, this is Santharia. Also, working habits, etc. may be specific to his tribe. It may have been normal for a serf or other kind of forced labor, but Odin is not a serf, and therefore he would be wise enough to take care of himself. Such a thing as 10-12% body fat would have to do with something other than working to make a living. Maybe he has a vanity problem? Or it might not even be that. You might be able to make your own little Santharian eating disorder.

Title: Re: Odin Songsteel/Centoraurian Human/ Blacksmith
Post by: Odin Songsteel on August 07, 2010, 02:19:40 PM
Santharia may not be Earth, but humans are the same everywhere. The average male, is required to have an essential body fat percentage of 1-3%. For women it is higher at an essential body fat percentage of 8-12%, due to childbearing etc etc. The minimum total body fat for a human is much higher than the essential body fat percentage. I'll provide a link at the end of my post, with a simple chart with the percentages.

A body fat percentage of 10-12% is very commonly found among athletes, and Odin does exert himself physically quite a lot. Horse riding is extremely good cardio, not to mention horse riding whilst doing archery. Odin doesn't just work, he practices daily, as stated in his history.

I didn't mean to make him sound unhealthy, and with the information I've provided, it doesn't seem that he is. Extremely physically fit, yes, but an eating disorder is a little insulting.

The American Council on Exercise chart on Wikipedia: (

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Hey Odin! I was just looking through your section when I noticed just this tiny point - Your Familiar needs a History section. Just pointing that out.

Title: Re: Odin Songsteel/Centoraurian Human/ Blacksmith
Post by: Odin Songsteel on August 08, 2010, 06:56:21 AM
The horses history is included within Odin's own history. Being a horse, he doesn't really have an interesting one. From reading Odin's history, you can see that Thodarius has always been with him. As for interesting events, those would be found in Odin's history as well. To be honest I'm not sure what I would put in Thodarius's history, mainly just that he was born when Odin turned sixteen.

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Post by: Alexandre Scriabin on August 10, 2010, 06:34:07 AM
Thank you for the clarification.

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I'd be happy to clarify anything else that anyone finds incomplete or lacking description.  :grin:

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This looks good to me. First Approval.  :thumbup:

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Thanks a lot! I'm eager to get into the RP here, but RL has been calling me away a lot more recently. Sick parents you see. I hope to be able to start reading through more of the forums though, as I get more time on my hands. ^^

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Looks good to me as well, Odin.

Second Approval.

I'm sure that an admin will be by to archive for you. Make sure any editing colours are removed.


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Thanks everyone, I'm sure this is going to be lots of fun. -Grins like an idiot.-

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Titled and Archived.  Congrats. :)