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Title: Pivital Plot Points.
Post by: Capher on September 01, 2010, 02:52:12 AM
This is an excerpt of an OOC written to Terra about her proposal and my reply. My reply outlines a very pivital plot point in the story. Everyone in the story should read this.

Terra I hope you are happy with your new apt and we all will like it when you get internet accsess once again. There is a problem however with what you proposed. If you have read my posts you will already know that Eckra has left the building, he even left Ximax. If you want to post that you threw your knives that is fine, however I am at a loss as to how your blade will guide you out for one thing and there must be a trial and error period with the symbols, which Sondirra, I am assuming will write down and tell you what star constellations moved and where and if any constellations joined up in a manner that allowed the scrolls, tomes and books hidden in the keep to be seen, but not touched, for if they are touched they disappear back from where they came from.

Eventually, as the air begins to get stale and there is not much left Ta'las, you and or Sondirra or all three stumble upon the correct symbols to open the scroll that tells you to talk to the dwarves, and give them a special word that was written on the scroll that Sondirra writes down because it is in the old dwarven tongue or language that will tell them that you were sent to find Tristian's Treasure. It will then be soon after that that the real Capher rescues you all.

I am looking for interaction between you three; your fears expressed, anger, frustation, love, desires...etc as you try and find a way out. i am looking for some dramatic writing from all of you. It will/can be a great interlude until Talia returns, and Teri and Roosjie I expect to begin their own interactions as they meet one another and then try and find you. In the meantime I expect the storyline that Dru had outlined for herself to commence so that by the time Capher rescues the ones in the Keep, Dru will have been imprisoned and we will be all united and then try and get Dru out of her imprisonment and then we head to the dwarves, where the scroll of Tristian, which you three found in the Keep told you to go to get more clues about where to find Tristan's Treasure.

I hope that everyone in the story will read this OOC for it is a pivital point in the story.  Perhaps I should put this elsewhere and make it a sticky, just in case not everyone reads this. I just may do that.