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Title: NPC's of the Herald
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Please read here for descriptions of your friendly staff!  :grin:

Title: Re: NPC's of the Herald
Post by: Kareesh Valendar on January 06, 2011, 09:36:00 AM
Name: Tristessa Stonebridge

Gender: Female

Age: 29

Race: Human

Tribe: Helcrani


Appearance: Tristessa, or Triss as she's known to her friends, is still lovely, even though she thinks of herself as past her prime.  She has strata yellow hair with streaks of cinnabrown. Her eyes are cinnabrown with flecks of korwyn gold. Her skin is lightly tanned. Her face is without a mark.  She wears what is considered a traditional tavern wench's outfit; a yealm beige shirt underneath an eophram bustier. Her skirt flows to the floor in the color of adlemirene. The bottom has become frayed from dragging across the floor for so many years. Triss would rather focus on her children's clothes than her own, so she doesn't have a lot of time to fix her own clothes.  

Personality: Triss has a gentle way about her. She always seems to have a smile upon her face when she is entertaining guests. Charitable to a fault, she will always offer a bowl of hot soup and bread to one who needs it. This can irritate her father, Russel, who has a business to think about. Ever since her husband, Ethan, died, a touch of sorrow can be seen behind her eyes, but she tries to brush it off. Every once in awhile, she will get the strength to flirt with a customer or two to gain an extra coin.  She still loves Ethan, but at the same time, she longs for a man who can fill the hole in her heart, and who can be a father to her children.

History: Tristessa was happily married to the love of her life: Ethan Stonebridge. They were completely in love. They were married when he was 22  years old and she was 17. Three months after they were wed, Claudirea gave birth to their one and only child; a daughter they named Claudia. Ethan knew he was going to have to work extra hard to support his new family, and to prove to Triss that he wanted to be involved in Claudia's life, he made her a crib.

Triss was a stay-at-home mother while Ethan worked in his carpentry shop. She guided Claudia's life gently, allowing  her to be herself. The one thing she could lose herself in was her cooking. She loved to cook for her family. Ethan always complimented her on her cooking while Claudia…well, she was just a kid being a kid.

When she was 25 years old, a terrible tragedy occurred. At first, nothing major seemed to be wrong. Ethan just started getting more and more tired. After awhile, he didn't want work in his carpentry shop at all. Triss was worried, but she figured it was a phase of some kind. To help them survive, Triss worked at a local tavern cooking food. Ethan stayed home with Claudia.

After a year, Triss began to become really worried about Ethan. Not only was he showing no motivation to work again, but he refused. In fact, things seemed to be getting worse for him.  He seemed to be losing his sight as well as the feeling on his left hand and right side of his face. Ethan would get cuts on his hand and not even notice until one of his family members pointed it out to him. The cuts would often get infected, causing Triss to become worried about Ethan's health.

Triss thought about taking her husband to a healer, but Ethan refused. It wasn't until his headaches started that he finally relented. Triss took him to the local healer, who diagnosed him with Miaelean disease. ( Triss was confused at first, but then heartbroken when the healer explained to her the dreaded "Undead Disease". The healer suggested Triss keep Ethan separated from other people. It broke her heart, but she agreed for Ethan to be kept in a segregated apartment at the healer's house.

Ethan got worse and worse. Triss was a mess. She didn't know what to tell Claudia.  It wasn't until Ethan started into the last stage of the disease when Triss decided to tell her child that their father wasn't going to be coming home any more. She saw him one more time before he passed away. He was in so much pain, he could hardly focus on their conversation. At times, he seemed to be out of his mind because of the pain.

After Ethan's death, Triss stayed out on her own for awhile, doing odd jobs around various taverns to make ends meet. Above all, she did not want her daughter to end up in the street.  Soon after Claudia turned 12, and Triss started taking her with her to the taverns to help her work, her mother passed away from becoming lost in the desert on her way to the tavern her father had bought, the Thirsty Herald.

Triss was saddened by this event and she consoled her father at the funeral, but he became a recluse and didn't seem to want her help. Back to her odd jobs she went until the workers at the Herald begged for her to come and help with her father. His mental capacities had suffered after her mother died and he didn't appear to be able to run the Herald by himself. She packed everything she owned and moved with Claudia to the Herald. She took stock of the situation, and decided that it would be best for everyone if the family just ran the Herald, as her father seemed troubled by the "strange people" who were in his tavern. She gave them letters of recommendations and told them of taverns she herself had worked in and sent them on their way. It was seemingly cruel, but much better than them possibly being stabbed in their sleep by the crazed owner.

Triss decided that she would be the cook as well as manage the books. As much as she hated to do it, she let her father work the front desk. She knew it wasn't the best situation, but she was only a few peds away. She made Claudia work in the stables while she tried to find someone to work out there. After thinking about it, she posted a Help Wanted sign by the bar and outside the door, hoping someone would see the sign and take interest. She would feel a lot better if her daughter was helping to deliver the food instead of taking care of the animals.

Title: Re: NPC's of the Herald
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Name: Claudia Stonebridge

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Race: Human

Tribe: Helcrani


Claudia is not horrible looking but she is quite plain, with almost unnatural looking white skin framed by long adlemirene brown hair. Her eyes are just like her mothers cinnabrown with korwyn gold flecks in them. She wears a simple, many times mended, cyhalloi snow skirt, that stops just below her ankles. Above her skirt she wears a yealm beige blouse that was once her mothers, its slightly too big. She wears a charcoal bonnet on her head and to finish off her outfit she wears a once cyhalloi snow apron that is badly stained and is more the colour of spilled soup rather than what it's suppost to be.

Claudia is a klutz, she is clumsy and unbalanced, she also has a bit of a temper, which came to life when her father died, so though she is a small girl she does have 'claws' excuse the pun. Claudia is smart though and as long as people don't mind wearing their soup, she is a rather good serving girl. Claudia loves animals, adores them infact, and wishes she could work in the stables, but no, somebody has to serve the customers.  

Her father died and Claudia with drew her self into her shell, and stayed there for months, not talking, hardly eating so when her mother announced that they were all moving in with their grandfather, she did not protest, it was a chance to get away from her sorrow. When they got to the old Tavern that her grandfather ran, her sadness was replaced with anger, not at anything or anyone in particular, just as a coping mechanism, she found she didn't like serving people, but she had too it wasn't up to her, she just had to do what her grandfather asked of her, much to her dismay.

Title: Re: NPC's of the Herald
Post by: Kareesh Valendar on January 06, 2011, 09:37:58 AM
Name: Russel DePriest

Gender: Male

Age: 68

Race: Human

Tribe: Helcrani

Overview: Having been a businessman, and an avid foreman and craftsman for most of his adult life, years of manual labor and financial stresses have reverted him in his decrepitude from a man into a beady eyed child. Because he has become less and less manageable as of late, his widowed daughter and grandchildren moved in with him so that his needs could be tended to.

Also of mention in this situation is the fact that he will, of course, entrust his assets to his daughter and grandchildren for caring for him in his dotage stage.

Character Portrait: (

Appearance: While the ego of yesteryear gives itself a healthy representation in his well fitted suit of black linen and his sharp looking handlebar mustache and beard, the bright gleam (the gleam of a child playing with toads and crickets) in his eyes and his unkempt, bushy eyebrows and wavy hair give character to his countenance.

Moreover his stale breath, oily hair, body odors, and dirt encrusted fingernails make it clear he isn't all there.

Personality: There are now two different personalities to consider with Russel- The tenacious businessman and intelligent craftsmen, in contrast with the absentminded, spastic old codger, who likes to run about playing pretend war and soliciting fights from customers.

Here are some of the thoughts that he tries (albeit unsuccessfully) to vocalize:






Our young Russel DePriest was something of a marvel (and a nuisance) to his parents, Ethel and Norton DePriest, because he ate like a horse and smelled like one as well. And, on into the rest of his youth, he didn't concern himself with much more than bugs, mud, and frightening his mother and little girls.

At the age of 14, he started changing without warning, and his parents were relieved but concerned to note that he was becoming assertive, communicative, and keenly interested in learning carpentry and masonry. Now, what else would have whipped this tadpole into shape but the yoke of a woman? And the name of the surreptitious young lass holding the yoke was Claudia Bach.

The white hot passion of youth:

Gone were the lazy summers and cozy in-home winters. It was time to get to work, and Russel now had just the incentive he needed to whip himself into shape.

It wasn't so long from then that he turned 17 and married his wife. They bought a house, and furnished it with just a bed. So, after a week with no furniture, and no kitchen to speak of, he was shooed away to look for some more work. Russel left the house and made sure not to come back until he found another job, which meant he was in exile for about 2-3 days.

The first night of sleeping on the street was tolerable, but by the second the cold of the fall was really starting to get to him. Luckily, he found his second job and became an apprentice of a mason that day, so he snuggled up in bed that night.

Years passed, squabbles with the wife and parents thinned his cheeks, and hours of stone carving and crafting in his other jobs turned dimples into creases. He settled into this domestic fulfillment, and began to sire children in his 30s (a son named Herman, and a daughter named Trisstessa).

The quiet life of the domestic worker:

He didn't spend much time with his children, and he wasn't very outwardly affectionate, but he was an apt teacher and a stern disciplinarian. You see, as far as he was concerned, the most affectionate thing he could do was to provide for them. So while they didn't look forward to those late night study sessions with papa, they became work oriented at a relatively young age, and really started to appreciate the teachings and estate they inherited from him.

Triss, unlike many other children, didn't need any encouragement whatsoever to get herself out of the house. They married her off to a carpenter named Ethan Stonebridge, who had been courting her on and off for a few months.

Of course, Russel's brow distended itself out when his daughter was with child after a paltry three months. What a fertile young lad! He then came over to check up on his daughter on a regular basis, with medicine for her and lecture after lecture for Ethan.

In a few weeks, Ethan reached the end of his tether with Russel, and shooed him away. Russel protested heartily, but he was assured that his son in law wouldn't have any trouble fetching medicine himself.

So, with their child Claudia (which he was delighted to hear his wife was the child's namesake), Russel kept out of their nest and started to focus more attention on his wife. Knowing her, she got sick of him dawdling around with her and insisted that he think of starting a new business venture.

Just north of Strata, the city that housed his estate, Russel was out riding and found an inn for sale. The sign read "The Thirsty Herald", and he didn't think he'd want to change the name. It would keep the old clientele happy, and it would mean less work in making the place his own.

The deed was entrusted him the next day by a messenger in the city, and Russel found some of his regular workers so that he could arrange a meeting outside the house. That evening, they got the gist of what he wanted from them, and left for the inn.

He left for the inn the next day early, woke his men up, and harried them into getting the job done within a few weeks.

After a few years of going back and forth between the Herald and his wife, the passion of youth cooled off a bit and he decided it was time he just moved into the Herald. His wife could visit whenever she pleased, and he wasn't anxious enough to spend time with her and lay up with her in the night to get sent on errands all the live long day, at which these facts she wasn't very nonplussed about.

Unbeknownst to him, his son in law left work and started to fall ill. Only after his daughter found it prudent did she mention it to him, and Russel nagged the day lights out of Ethan to go see a physician, but it was out of his hands. He had to stand by and worry until the very day Ethan died, and he did his best to stifle how disgruntled and worried he was at the funeral procession.

Not so long after his granddaughter Claudia turned 12, his wife got lost on the way to the Herald. He took his men and hounded them until they finally found his wife, who (in her frailty) had died of exhaustion and malnutrition a few days earlier.

Russel became a recluse until the ceremony, and only stayed long enough to bury her himself.

The funeral procession:

Retracted from family, friends and work, Russel spent his days drinking and stewing inside his own head. Age and depression crept upon him until he fell headlong into senility.

He came back to the Herald suddenly, and started to take an active role again in running the place, but all of his previous intelligence was being tempered by his new, childish sense of humor and absentminded antics. His men didn't know how to deal with it, so they begged Triss to come visit her father again.

She arrived the next day and decided she and her daughter would need to come live at the Herald with him.

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