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Title: The NPCs of Bardavos
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Lucirina Telor Vevan (

Name: Lucirina Telór Veván
Sex: Female
Age: 197 years
Race: Elf
Born under the constellation of: The dove
Weapons: Long bladed dagger
Inventory: a silver flute, a magi potion pouch with several medicinal herbs. A thin silver chain hangs around her neck, the talisman is formed into the elven symbol "Change".
Wished title: Bard
Tribe: The Injerín
Home town: Lyeil'soula

Lucirina is a young wood elf, only 197 years old. Standing 1 ped 2 fore high. Long chestnut hair with small purple strands hangs down to her waist as green eyes sparkle joyfully at anyone that she looks at. She is wearing a red dress with silver weaving on the sides, at the waist and at the sleeves that are long and baggy. From a woven belt at her waist hangs what looks like a magi potion pouch, a long bladed dagger and a silver flute.

As most bards Lucirina is a light at heart and joyful.
As an elf she has a insight that most humans don’t gain in a life time.
Talkative and friendly she may seem naive, but under the surface lies the heart of a philosopher.

Born in the city of Lyeil'soula Lucirina learned the art of music since she was very young.
Lucirina grew up in a loving family, her father Saylon Krói Telór and her mother Yurie Ór Vevan always encouraged her to study the art of music and poetry.
An art the young Lucirina embraced with all her heart.
Soon she was recognized to be one of the most talented bards in her hometown.
At very young age Lucirina found herself in the forest as she saw something the caught her attention, a young man with blood red hair was sitting on a fallen tree whistling terribly out of tune. Being the musical creature that she was she quite shyly approached him, wanting to correct his tuning.
After some days of meeting him in the forest she came to know his name, Anathus. And at he end of the season the heart of Lucirina held much more that just friendly feelings toward the young human.
Unfortunately for Lucirina, Anathus was a well know thief and he ended his day as most thieves do, hanging by his neck from a tree.
When Lucirina saw her love dead , something inside her snapped, blocking off her ability to love and dream, thus also silencing her songs.
Leaving her home and parents she wandered of. Escaping the ghost of her lover and the people that stole him from her. Trying to find a reason to write songs and sing again.

Many a years she wandered the Celeste lowlands, reaching the Crystal lake and the land of the Hovel Frond forests where she stayed living as a hermit for several years, finding a certain amount of peace among the dark forests, yet no songs came to her heart and no words to her quill.
Soon the wanderlust invaded her again and she left the safety of the forest to once more move south, as far away from her birthlands as possible. Crossing the mountains trough the Dragon's maw and wandering the Talandra highlands she finally arived to Nymersys where she lived as a beggar for a few months, feeling the despair and pain of those forgotten by Seyella.Soon she started wandering once more, until she reached the Thaelon forest where she stayed only for a few weeks, no longer finding solace in the solitariness, before once more feeling the need for puting as much space between her and her home lands.
Wandering as far as the port city of Naios she decided that she wanted to know the sea a bit more, having already fallen in love with the rolling waves. With what little money she had left from her beggins in Nymersys she managed to get a fare ticket to Thalambath.
Reaching the port city she started wandering once more, her blood as unsteady and restless as the tides of the ocean andthe cycle of he moon. Exploring the desert, marveling over the fact that tere was life among the burning dunes, she reached the city of Strata, she tried performing on the streets but was thrown out by the city guards.
Not knowing where to go next she headed north for the city and found the tavnern known as "The Thirsty Herald", and stayed there for a time, rediscovering friendship and love, and again finding her songs after making peace with her past.
But the tide never stay still in one place.
Soon she felt the wanderlust come over her again, she decided to continue wandering Caelereth, this time not to escape her memories, but to see again the many wonders she encountered on her travles, to capture them both in paper and in song, thus the songbird became a migrating bird, moving across the lands, leaving behind her a trail of music and tales.

Good in close combat and dagger fights
Very good dexterity, fast and agile.
Good endurance
An agile mind and fine imagination gets her out of most dangerous situations.
A very good liar when faced with a dumb opponent.

Not too strong.
Tend to be very selfcompassionate.
Like to drink, specially R'unorian Brandy

Title: Re: The NPCs of Bardavos
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Name: Tanis

Age: 23

Race: Human

Tribe: Erpheronian

Overview: A young guard at Tinholt's Gate

Height: 1ped, 2fores, and 2nailsbreadth

Weight: 175ods

Hair: Red

Eyes: Hazel

Skin: Fair and often sunburned

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Name: Iaim

Age: 154

Race: Elf

Tribe: Injerin

Overview: Guard at Thaehavos' Gate

Height: 2peds

Weight: 190ods

Hair: Long blonde locks often pulled back.

Eyes: Gold

Skin: Fair

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Name: Jorud

Age: 127

Race: Dwarf

Tribe: Thrumgolz

Overview: Guard at Santhros' Gate

Height: 1ped

Weight: 2pygges

Hair: Dark brown with reddish highlights

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Tan

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Name: Fluffin McFluffin

Age: 26

Race: Human

Tribe: Stratanian

Overview: Fluffin McFluffin lives to brawl. He goes by the name of the Bardavos Brawler and is very loud and repungant in terms of language, personal habits and appearance. He does not realise it, but he is essentially a walking cesspit. He is a blight upon the landscape that is the City of Artists.

Height: 2 peds

Weight: 2 pygges

Hair: None - he is completely bald

Eyes: Blue eyes

Skin: Potmarked and blotchy. He has multiple scars on his body and has a story for every one of them.

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Name: Mirell Harleis

Age: 42

Race: Human

Tribe: Mixed - looking this up again.

Overview: Here is the broken son of genius parents, the younger brother of a genius man, and every bit the self-destroyed wannabe of a professional drunkard. Mirell once dreamed of adventures, booze, women, and great tales. Now he drunkenly tries to recall the once he broke into the prisonhouse to rescue a wrongfully imprisoned elven maid whom he's entirely certain swooned over him, or his showdown with some infamous criminal or another.

Favored Location: Pig 'N' Whistle

Height: 1 ped, 2 fores

Weight: 1 pygge, 2 hebs

Hair: Balding rust

Eyes: Dark brown

Skin: Tanned