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Title: Thaehavos' Gate
Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on January 07, 2012, 05:46:17 AM
The Thaehavos Gate rises in front of you as you approach from the Northwest, one of the handful of accesses to the famed city of artists. Occen's Lake, shining like silver, is not far away from where you are standing.

On top of the wall, as small shadows, you can see the many soldiers that have the task of opening and closing the gate, and also the task of showering any unwanted visitors with arrows and burning tar.

As you approach the doors of the gate you notice a tall man standing by the gate with his eyes fixed on the road leading to Bardavos, searching the horizon for travellers approaching the city. His face is cheerful in appearance, but do not let that deceive you. A trained soldier and warrior of many seasons, he is not easy to cross. Golden hues watch your every move, so be wary of your step.

"Halt! None can pass this gate without the approval of our commander."