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Title: Pig n' Whistle Tavern
Post by: Kalína Dalá'isyrás on January 09, 2012, 12:14:07 PM
Close to the Tinholt Gate, by the military barracks, stands the Pig n' Whistle; a large tavern and inn. As you enter through the door, a thick blanket of pipeweed smoke seems to hover over the patrons. Busty tavern maids move between the tables, smiling and laughing with the many patrons as they bumped their hips into anyone bold enough to pinch their rears.

Behind the bar stands a burly man, possibly a old soldier. His face scarred as if he had been in many a battle. He handles the numerous bottles and barrels from where diverse alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages flow into mugs and goblets.

The atmosphere is jolly as people chatters about current events and some of tales from far away lands. Over the bar, behind the old man, hangs a large sign.

Be jolly and happy,
drink what you like,
but pay your tab
and don't pick a fight.

Considering how close this tavern is to the guardhouse and the prison, it may be a good idea to obey the sign. If not, you will soon find yourself in a quite uncomfortable cell.

Title: Re: Pig n' Whistle Tavern
Post by: Arinda on January 26, 2012, 09:03:45 PM
Leaving the marketplace and the shops behind her, Arinda moved closer to the inn that she had spotted. Off to the side, right next to the inn, she could see a building that was quite obviously a prison. She shuddered, she did not want to end up in there - though surely she could rent a room in an inn without anyone knowing her history in Nyer and dragging her to the guards? She had told nobody that this was her destiny, she had only dropped the name of Voldar to put off pursuit. No, she could probably be safe here, so long as she did not draw attention to herself.

Stabling Agatha in the inn's stables, with the promise of some food and a good brush-down later, she turned to the door. "Pig 'n Whistle Tavern" she read. That did not sound too disreputable, so there really shouldn't be a reason for her to go inside. Pushing open the door, she allowed a moment to let her eyes adjust to the dimmer light inside. She saw a man behind the bar. With a winsome smile, and trying hard not to notice the scars, she approached him.

"Might I take a room here for the night? Possibly longer, but for now one night should suffice. I would also like some breakfast, please."

Title: Re: Pig n' Whistle Tavern
Post by: Aueniteri on February 02, 2012, 05:57:37 PM
The man offered her an easy grin, and drew out a key, and barked to the kitchen, "A breakfast!", turning his attention back to Arinda. "New in town?", he asked casually, placing the key on the bar and deliberately keeping his hand on it as he wiped, filled orders, and turned his attention to her once again.