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Title: High Queen MserÝß (Tavern/inn)
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The last song of High Queen MserÝß (

The building is located close to the marketplace in the city of Bardavos. It is an old 3 storey building mostly of brick and stone and it bears the mark time passing. The parts of the building that are made of wood are new constructions. In the yard there is a large green area behind the building. Officially the a local lord bought all the Winter ice, but rumor has it that both the Elf Elyssia and the Dwarf Thorgrim have some extra that you can buy when the owner is not present, but it is 5 times the normal price.


The building and yard are surrounded by a wooden fence. The yard is covered in gravel and there is a well and a barn with stables in the corner of the yard, where guests can park their horses and wains. The yard has been paved for visitors coming in from the street, the pavement is approximately 1 ped wide. All the windows can be covered with shutters. This is clearly an upper end place.

When you enter the building you come into a large room that is well illuminated by candle light.


A broad shouldered and quite tall Dwarf stands behind the bar. He is an elderly Dwarf, the hair is deep gold with more than a few gray hairs showing and his voice is quite loud. There is also a raven haired human female behind the bar. The dwarf is chatting with one of the regulars. If you listen in then you will find that he is telling an old war story, and seems to be in a good mood. There are also 2 barmaids buzzing around, and a huge human female bouncer is standing in the door, she could be Serphelorian (

There are a pair of soldiers sitting on one of the tables. They are drinking some fruit juice and look up every time some someone comes out of the kitchen. They seem to be on duty and keeping an eye on someone in here, but they also look very boored.