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Title: Baw-dee, Kloighut "Bard"
Post by: Baw-dee on December 03, 2012, 07:33:52 AM
Name: Baw-dee
Gender: Male
Age: 49
Race: Troll
Tribe: Kloighut
Occupation: “Bard”
Title: Boisterous Bard

Height: Four peds and two palmspans
Weight: A lot
Hair color: Dirt brown
Eye color: Strata yellow

Overview: He's a monster of a bard.

Appearance: Despite his immense and intimidating size, Baw-dee is heard long before he's seen. A rough, booming voice reminiscent of tumbling boulders and scraping gravel disrupts the activities of anyone unfortunate enough to be nearby. Strangest of all, the words the troll possesses in his limited vocabulary are shouted in a sing-song manner as it becomes apparent that he is indeed singing. His songs are rarely comprehensible and seem, more often than not, to simply be a jumbling of words the troll himself does not understand. But their sound pleases him, and who would try to dissuade a troll?

The songs erupt from a maw that consists of sharp, yellowed teeth. A bone-white and cruelly curving tusk dominates each corner of his mouth. His smile radiates the voracity that exists always within the belly of the bestial brute as even a jovial expression will have that tinge of hunger to it. Beautiful strata yellow eyes with slit pupils light up with every smile to grace his less-than-becoming visage. A bulbous and bumpy nose shatters whatever slight chance that face might've had at being called comely. His ears, long and pointed affairs that extend for a short distance beyond the back of his head, perk up at any song or music to reach them. The ears will even give an occasional quiver of appreciation.

It's a rare occasion when Baw-dee is not seen singing raucously to the heavens. He resembles an immense boulder when glimpsed from a distance. Broad, rounded shoulders and the considerable bulk he possesses overall lend credence to such a comparison. With a grey-brown hide, his coloration imitates the coloring of rock. Dirt brown hair falls to his expansive waist. Not to be outdone, a beard of the same hue tumbles from his chin in a series of tangles that also terminate at his waist. Yellow-brown claws a palmspan and a half in length occasionally stroke through his long beard with a motion that is a mimicry of elderly men doing the same with their beards.

Clothing: Grey wool and hides from yah-nork goats form the loincloth that girds the troll's waist. It extends almost to his knees and is undoubtedly a garment everyone near him appreciates. Baw-dee has no need for boots, cloaks, or other such things the lesser races customarily wear as protection from the elements.

Personality:  Laid-back and fun-loving, Baw-dee would be the perfect party-goer if not for his massive size and ravenous appetite. Any song is sure to get him singing along with a ditty of his own. Wide, immense grins habitually form on his lips; it's entirely possible that he knows only that one expression. No attempt to conceal his emotions is ever made with each one broadcast on a face that is childlike in its refusal to deceive.

Loneliness lies at the heart of the troll's willingness to associate with those that should be his next meal. His own kind, other Kloighut trolls, will no longer associate with him, as he shamed himself in the past by failing in his challenge of the band's Klohtrul. His failure to claim the leadership of his band and his unwillingness to remain where he would be constantly shamed led to a solitary existence for a troll that had lived and breathed as a social creature until that moment.

Anger comes rarely to him, but it does come. Beware to anyone that would think to rudely interrupt any singer the troll is enjoying. Worse yet: offer harm to the performer and truly experience Baw-dee's ire. It is yet another emotion that presents the most danger to those around him whenever it afflicts the troll with its pangs. Hunger. An inkling of reason remains to the former troglodyte in the form of a preference for the taste of livestock over that of those he considers amiable. Still, the greater his hunger grows, the more willing he becomes to dine on anything nearby that's flesh and blood.


  • Troll Strength: His strength actually proved to be less than that of his band's Klohtrul. But a weak troll is by no means weak when compared to the strongest of nearly any other race. All but the greatest of boulders and the thickest of trees are torn from the landscape with ease whenever the mood to toss them around lights on Baw-dee.
  • Tooth and Claw: The troll fights as a beast of the wild might: with raking claws and gnashing jaws. He is not above literally trying to take a bite out of a foe. Don't expect him to spit out such a morsel either.
  • Thick Hide: It takes more than a glancing blow to cut him. Some measure of force behind an edged weapon is required to wound the great lug. Blunt weapons have nearly no effect unless swung by a strength similar to that of the troll's.
  • Monstrous Appearance: Baw-dee's huge and toothy grin, well-intended or not, presents a fearsome display. Few choose to linger and discover why he grins so. Those that choose to attack him will usually have some measure of fear motivating their assault.


  • Language Barrier: His vocabulary with the Tharian tongue is even more limited than it seems. Most of his songs are composed of words he does not understand as he's simply repeating words he's heard before in the songs of others. It's incredibly difficult for him to actually communicate with anyone.
  • Primitive: Much of the civilized world is beyond his comprehension. The troll is a thing of the wild, and he is very much out of his element in any settlement. Worse yet, he will not recognize most weapons until they're swung at him.
  • Loneliness: The massive brute longs for the company of his own kind. A social creature at heart, Baw-dee shames himself by allowing himself to see the small races as something other than food. He trusts too readily instead of adopting the standard trollish perspective of seeing everything smaller than him as food.
  • Monstrous Appearance: There is no such thing as casually entering any town. The very sight of the troll stirs up fear and hostility in others. Baw-dee longs to hear the songs of the bards but often finds himself driven off even when he tries to listen from outside the taverns.

History: He began life as any mountain troll might. The Troll Mountains were his home. His family was the band of trolls to whom he was born. Any male and any female in the band might be his true father and mother as a human would account them, but such things do not matter to trolls. Every adult looked after the young trolls, the cubs. As he grew older and bigger, the troll that would later be known only as Baw-dee joined in with the other cubs in their mock hunts, their mimicry of the hunting undertaken by the adults. Yet he always envied the great strength of the adults and constantly made attempts to prove his strength to them. At the young age of twenty, his actions were simply light-heartedly laughed at as the antics of the young.

But Baw-dee was serious and foolhardy. The ambition to lead the band took root within his hot-blooded mind. He possessed just enough sense to realize that the Klohtrul, a troll nearly twice the youngster's size, would easily win any challenge of strength. So, for another two decades Baw-dee lived with the band and even found himself included in the hunts with the adults as he reached his fortieth year. Unfortunately, that inclusion went to his thick head, puffing up an ego that had no need of bolstering.

Call it teenage rebellion (for a troll), but Baw-dee issued the first and only challenge of his life. He was not even fully grown yet at the tender age of forty, but still he dared to issue the challenge to the band's leader, the Klohtrul, by far the largest and strongest among them. It was customary for such a challenge to be handled through a display of strength with each troll lifting boulders until one or the other failed to lift his. The outcome was inevitable. In only moments the Klohtrul was lifting a boulder that Baw-dee could not even budge. Laughter filled the air during his attempt before he staggered back, his shame written boldly across his face.

He ran. He kept running. His feet halted finally in the foothills of the Troll Mountains. His luck served him well in finding a cave to call his new home: a secluded cave for the now solitary troll, a place to brood over his pangs of loneliness. Ironically, these aches of his soul were to be his steadfast companions over the next few years. He even learned to hunt on his own with mixed success. But it was a miserable existence.

His forays from the foothills of the mountains came closer and closer to the township of Acht. Baw-dee did not dare to actually approach the human settlement, but the sounds of the town from a distance piqued his interest. On such a foray he came across a young woman on a venture of her own. She sang beautifully as she bent to collect herb after herb, her voice melodious and mesmerizing. Her voice was the first he'd heard in years. His loneliness and hunger waged a war within him as he watched and listened to her.

A short time later found Baw-dee lounging against the wall of his cave, idly picking his teeth with one of the woman's bones. He realized then that he could never hear her sing again, and the thought saddened him. It was in that moment that he resolved to not eat those that could produce such wondrous sounds. He even tried to mimic the very few words he could remember of her song.

Nearly full grown now, the troll ventured out again, daring to come closer still to the human town of Acht in hopes of overhearing singing like that of the girl's. A huge grin plastered itself across his broad face as the sound of such singing came to him on the wind. He plopped his considerable girth down where he was, in the middle of a field, and happily listened. His enjoyment was short-lived, however, as humans with pitchforks and dogs took note of his presence. More startled than angered, Baw-dee dashed off into the foothills.

The behemoth learned something of tact then and began to linger at the edge of forests whenever he would near a town, using their foliage to somewhat conceal himself. From there he would try to listen to any bard that might be performing within taverns in the town. But, more often than not, he would still be too far away. It was then that he would dare to move closer to the town, only to inevitably be driven off by the townsfolk. After some time, he began to sing the words he'd heard before, accompanying the Tharian words with the grunts that were common in his own native tongue.

It was rare that anyone would be curious enough about the strange, singing troll to linger and listen to him. But, among those few that would listen to his singing, one word became the most common way they described him. Gleefully, he assumed his new-found albeit diminutive friends had named him and began to answer to that name as he interpreted it: Baw-dee.

Title: Re: Baw-dee, Kloighut "Bard"
Post by: Baw-dee on December 13, 2012, 10:11:48 AM
Why Baw-dee no get comments? Approvals?

Title: Re: Baw-dee, Kloighut "Bard"
Post by: Shen Caz'na on December 13, 2012, 10:24:37 AM
Dearest Baw-dee, you have not been forgotten. I've been reading troll related material for two days, on and off. You know... with me knowing nothing about them and all. I'm more of the elffy type. ;)

My main concern is if a troll can be accurately played with any hope of being part of a group. Since I think you are our local troll expert under another guise, I have been reluctant to approach you for ideas on this character. Instead I'll leave it to an Admin for judgement on the trollish aspects and if a blood thirsty killer of minimum intellect and a ravenous hunger could be played.

Overall, the character is well written and very researched. For this I applaud you. :heart: 

Title: Re: Baw-dee, Kloighut "Bard"
Post by: Baw-dee on December 13, 2012, 10:40:34 AM
As to whether or not a troll can find his way into a group... ogre characters face the same difficulty. Trolls are smarter and more sociable than ogres actually...

He might end up as more of a cameo character.

Title: Re: Baw-dee, Kloighut "Bard"
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on December 16, 2012, 05:22:27 AM
I like this CD. :D  To the issue of whether or not a Troll is a wise decision to take on in creating a CD, I've always been of the mind that you should have as much freedom in the CD process as can be allowed under the rules of the world created by the Dev side.  In other words, if you want to make a Troll, then make a Troll according to the entry.

My only caveat, is that I give more discretion to the Story Mods than the CD Mods in limiting what they will allow.  So, just because you have a CD approved does not mean that you necessarily get to play him.  If a Story Mod fears that your Troll will unbalance their story, or cause unwelcome chaos, then they have every right to deny your application to that story.

Of course, you can get around that by creating your own stories, with your Troll as the lead.

So, with that in mind, I liked this CD.  First Approval. :thumbup:

Title: Re: Baw-dee, Kloighut "Bard"
Post by: Ryvic Darkveil on December 16, 2012, 06:33:52 AM
Overview: He's a monster of a bard.
I would question whether that accomplishes the purpose of an overview; a condensed refresher on the character. It seems short to me.

Appearance: ...
On the rare occasion when Baw-dee is not seen singing raucously to the heavens, he resembles an immense boulder when glimpsed from a distance.
This sentence is a bit awkward.

History: ...
His strength failed him earlier, but his luck served him well in finding a cave to call his new home, a solitary cave for the now solitary troll.
Again, a bit awkward.

Over the next few years, he learned to hunt on his own with mixed success. But it was a miserable existence.
I suggest combining these with a comma.

I like it! I have no serious corrections, but he doesn't have a belongings or weapons section. Is it then safe to assume he has none?

Title: Re: Baw-dee, Kloighut "Bard"
Post by: Baw-dee on December 16, 2012, 08:37:31 AM
@Altario: Thank you for the approval!

And I realize all of that. A troll is something any story mod might choose to pass on. But I think there's a flip side to that. I think he's interesting enough as a character to be desired as a cameo appearance as something the adventurers encounter. And I wouldn't mind that in the least.

@Ryvic: I changed up those sentences a bit (without adding any new content like the ability to fly). I feel like the overview serves as a good teaser, though. It also gives the two most important details about him (troll + bard).

Also. Baw-dee's only possession is the loincloth he wears, and the clothing section covers that. He doesn't have any weapons either. But thank you for making me think about how he'll fight, as I feel that the CD didn't really come out and state that (apart from saying how strong he is). I added another strength to outright say how he conducts himself in a fight.

I thought about giving him the troll classic: tree trunks as clubs! But it doesn't really suit him. He's not your typical troll. Honestly, if he does get into a fight, he'll still be thinking with his belly and trying to eat the other person.

@Altario...again: You might want to review Baw-dee's S&W to be sure that your approval is still given with the new strength. I don't think it'll make him overpowered, as he already had the teeth and claws. They just weren't mentioned in the S&W until now.

Title: Re: Baw-dee, Kloighut "Bard"
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on December 16, 2012, 08:50:36 AM
Heh, a Troll, by nature, I think is overpowered.

But, as you and I have RPd together for years now, I know that you are diligent in playing in a story to the betterment of all and won't abuse it.  With experience comes a little leeway in my thinking.

First Approval stands. :D

Title: Re: Baw-dee, Kloighut "Bard"
Post by: Baw-dee on December 16, 2012, 09:03:58 AM
They are overpowered! Ogres, psyrpents, and ulvur are too, I think.

I even wrote Baw-dee to be a little bit on the short side (for a mountain troll), but that hardly helps things considering that he's about 13'9.

I was worried that trolls were too strong to ever be characters on the roleplay board, but I think the removal of their ability to regrow limbs and heal (I have no idea who originally wrote the trolls, but that ability came from the original entry) makes them possible characters for the board, at least for an experienced player.

Title: Re: Baw-dee, Kloighut "Bard"
Post by: Shen Caz'na on December 16, 2012, 12:27:13 PM
Well as Altario has given his consent on this lovely troll... I too shall give an approval. :heart:

~Second Approval~

Title: Re: Baw-dee, Kloighut "Bard"
Post by: Baw-dee on December 16, 2012, 01:40:47 PM
I could kiss you, Shen!

... but you might run screaming.

Title: Re: Baw-dee, Kloighut "Bard"
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on December 17, 2012, 02:58:39 AM
 :cry:  No kiss for me?

Fine.  Titled and archived.  Congrats.