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Title: Trolls not mentioned in the race guide?
Post by: Vesk Lyricahl on December 16, 2012, 09:09:25 AM
They're too big to overlook like that...

Would be the guide I mean. (

Title: Re: Trolls not mentioned in the race guide?
Post by: Shen Caz'na on December 16, 2012, 12:31:12 PM
Trolls... really?! Who would work on such a creature with any depth of caring. *whistles innocently* ;)

Title: Re: Trolls not mentioned in the race guide?
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on December 16, 2012, 12:46:23 PM
 :shocked:  Seems strange.  Perhaps we could find a Troll expert to write up an entry.

Title: Re: Trolls not mentioned in the race guide?
Post by: Vesk Lyricahl on December 16, 2012, 01:52:35 PM
Say the word, and I'll follow Rayne's format to add the best race in Caelereth to the guide!

It probably wouldn't hurt to add the two tribes with entries to the tribe guide also.

Title: Re: Trolls not mentioned in the race guide?
Post by: Altario Shialt-eck-Gorrin on December 16, 2012, 02:31:55 PM
Word (to yo momma)

Title: Re: Trolls not mentioned in the race guide?
Post by: Vesk Lyricahl on December 18, 2012, 10:06:10 AM
I'm throwing the race guide up here so someone with admin privileges (thinking something in a Remusian flavor) can post it in the right place. My formatting is also not quite spot on. I'm realizing now that I don't know how to link to other parts in the post like Rayne does in the guide. I also apparently don't know how to have text on one side and a picture opposite it.


Trolls are a minor race within the world of Caelereth. That is, as a people they are considered to be minor due to their lack of sophisticated culture or any influence in history and politics, but if one were to meet a Troll face-to-face the adjective would scarcely seem to apply! Their brutish appearance and great size lead many members of the other races to avoid Trolls whenever possible, though the Trollsí voracious appetite may also be a reason for such evasion. They are believed to be myth by many, but a confrontation with a Troll would convince any skeptic of the reality of their existence.

Trollish Appearance (#post_TroApp)
Trollish Personality (#post_TroPers)
Trollish Abilities (#post_TroAbil)
Trollish Beliefs (#post_TroBel)
Trollish Perceptions (#post_TroPerc)
Trollish Tribes


Trollish Appearance
  • Trolls tower over most other races with their heights ranging from three peds to slightly over four peds.
  • Their facial features could be said to resemble that of a human's but with grossly nonproportionate aspects such as their oversized noses and long ears.
  • Both males and females sport cruel looking tusks in the corners of their mouths.
  • Sharp claws extend from the ends of a troll's long fingers with the lengths of the claws varying from tribe to tribe.
  • Their hair tends to be wild and long; this is true of the males' beards as well.
  • Hair, skin, tusk, and claw color varies from tribe to tribe.

Trollish Personality
  • Trolls are incredibly social with their own kind. They live and hunt in bands with every other troll of their own band thought of as family. Trolls do not even have the concept of parents; cubs have no knowledge of which female troll actually bore them.
  • A band has two leaders: the alpha male and the shaman. The alpha male leads in any aspect relating to the physical world, such as where to hunt and live. The shaman, however, leads the band spiritually and communes with their ancestors for guidance. The word of the shaman supersedes that of the alpha male only when the ancestors have warned about an upcoming disaster. The Ghereghut (cave trolls) are an exception as they have no shamans.
  • It is rare for a troll to live on his own or away from his kin. Such trolls always have good reason for no longer living in a band with other trolls.
  • Trolls are always hungry. It is often their appetites that motivate them to act. Anytime trolls raid a human settlement, it is with one thing in mind: food. They are not particularly picky eaters as anything of flesh and blood is likely to be considered delectable by a troll.
  • Compared to most other races, trolls are incredibly primitive. They do not build homes in the conventional sense and mostly live underground and in caves. They also do not make use of any but the simplest of weapons: uprooted trees may become makeshift clubs and boulders will be hurled with great force. Cave trolls that have been captured as cubs and raised by Gob-Oc orcs are an exception as these trolls wield larger versions of their masters' weapons.
  • The language of trolls, TrulTrul, is primitive as well. It is a language of few words with the occasional grunt. Most trolls never learn even a single word of Tharian, the common tongue. As such, it is difficult for most trolls to communicate with a member of another race. It is possible for a troll to learn a smattering of Tharian, but they would never be fluent in it. Cave trolls are unique in that a few of their number have a basic understanding of the orcen tongue, Kh'om'chr'om.

Trollish Abilities
  • Trolls are immense brutes that are incredibly strong. They toss boulders and trees around effortlessly.
  • Their thick hides provide protection from the elements and from many weapons. It would take a strike of some force to wound a troll. Even then, only an edged weapon has much hope of doing damage.
  • The sharpness of their teeth, tusks, and claws should not be underestimated.

Trollish Beliefs
  • Trolls worship their ancestors and do not recognize the existence of any gods.
  • It is the shaman of a band that guides the trolls in everything spiritual. The shaman is blind and relies on his/her band to survive. In return, the shaman's role is to commune with the ancestors through trances induced by staring into open flames. The ancestors provide warning regarding upcoming disaster, but the visions they send are difficult to interpret as the dead have no sense of time and may warn of a future five months or five years hence.
  • The body of a troll turns to stone in the sunlight. The trolls believe that their ancestors reside within these statues that were once their bodies. They guard the bodies of their ancestors diligently both out of reverence for the ancestors and out of fear of what would happen should one of the statues be shattered. Such a tragedy would banish the spirit of an ancestor from their eternal rest, forcing them to wander endlessly among the living. The spirits that wander so go mad and visit natural disasters on their descendants.

Trollish Perceptions
Trolls typically consider the smaller races to be food.

Trollish Tribes
There are six tribes of trolls in all. However, only two of those tribes currently have entries. Thus, the Ghereghut (cave trolls) and the Kloighut (mountain trolls) are the only two playable tribes at the moment..

Title: Re: Trolls not mentioned in the race guide?
Post by: Vesk Lyricahl on December 18, 2012, 11:14:39 AM
And the tribes. Go forth and play trolls!


                                                 Ghereghut (Cave Trolls) (

Race: Troll

Level: 34 (Challenging)

Stature: 3 peds - 3 peds 1 fore, very slender for trolls

Hair: Dyed red once a troll comes of age, naturally black

Skin: Incredibly pale

Eyes: Yellow with slit pupils

What you need to know:
  • Live in the Tandala Highlands, the mountain range that separates North and South Sarvonia.
  • Sunlight burns their skin. Venturing abroad would require them to be covered at all times during the day.
  • See incredibly well at night. But their eyes burn and they get headaches with any light brighter than that of twilight; even twilight brings mild discomfort.
  • Have dagger-like claws capable of cleaving through stone.
  • Are the most cunning of any troll tribe; some of their number even learn the orcen tongue.
  • Have no shamans and rely on the clarity of orange quartz as a crude substitution for a shaman's commune with the ancestors.
  • Will occasionally be captured as cubs by the Gob-Oc orcs (goblins) to be raised by them.

                       Kloighut (Mountain Trolls) (

Race: Troll

Level: 25 (Moderate)

Stature: 4 peds - 4 peds 1 fore, bulky

Hair: Brown or black

Skin: A mottled grey-brown

Eyes: Yellow with slit pupils

What you need to know:
  • Live in the Troll Mountains in Santharia.
  • Voracious appetites, even for trolls.
  • Strength is respected above all else.
  • Any of their number thought to be weak will likely leave the band due to a lack of interested mates.
  • Simple brutes that do not display malice unless provoked.