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Title: The Thief
Post by: Roy Tmofl on September 14, 2013, 02:15:06 PM
Roy wandered into the tavern and out of the nights chill. Not that the colds bite held much of threat to him anymore. Not since he had begun his training in the second sphere of fire magic. Though admittedly when he began to manipulate and add fire ounia to his car'all he suffered from some various emotional...drawbacks. Perhaps not worth the heat that it brought to him. So for the most part he increased influences and properties of heat within himself whenever he absolutely needed to. Looking around into the room which was hardly lit at all only by a mere chandelier and a few lamps on some tables. There were very few men in here and even fewer who looked trust worthy.

Roy walked forward to go sit in a chair near an empty table in the dark corner looking actually probably the strangest and most shady of all the men here. He looked over to his lamp and noticing that a couple of men were watching him he lifted his hand slowly until his thumb and fore finger. Then still staring down the few men who were looking at him he removed his hand and revealed for a moment a bright blue flame on the candle illuminating his ghastly face underlined with an eerie darkness under his eyes accented unnaturally by the shadows from his hood which covered his features most of the time.  Quickly the flame lowered and turned into a sharp willowy red after a moment lowering the light around Roy so that once again Shadow overtook his face.

The men in the bar quickly turned away from his penetrating and burning gaze. Roy lifted his hand again to the barkeep who had also been watching him out of the corner of his eye and nervously he came over and stuttered out something about getting him something. Roy whispered harshly to him.

"Water, Hot. Clean glass. And bread."

Pulling out seven sans and a small bag of herbs he handed the coins to the man and began dividing the tea leaves he had brought with him occasionally glancing up to see if anyone was willing to meet his gaze. No one was. By the time the bar tender had poured him his cup of hot water in what he was hoping for this mans sake was the cleanest glass he could find. He began to put the leaves in and mix them with the spoon at his table. He looked up only once more at the man quizzically and he responded wringing the towel in his hands as he spoke.

"Your bread sir, It is cooking. I shall bring it to you as soon as I can."

Roy remained silent and went back to mixing his tea doing nothing as the man hesitantly left him probably going back to check on the bread.

Title: Re: The Thief
Post by: Krausus on October 08, 2013, 11:25:32 AM
Krausus walked into the small tavern and sat down, his boots clanging slightly. He raised his eyebrow, blew a strand of greying, formally crimson hair off his forehead. He cringed at the thought that passed through his head, and stood up, walking to the back corner, adjusting the small eye-plate, and asked.

"Can i sit?"

Title: Re: The Thief
Post by: Roy Tmofl on December 12, 2013, 01:56:25 PM
Without a look at the man and in uncaring cold voice, Roy spoke to him responding absolutely and simply.


Roy was unaware of why this man had thought this would be a good place to sit, but he did not care. If there was any concern over the matter then his staff was easily within hands reach and his dagger, hidden among his person even closer. He was not much a fighter with weapons, but he was deadly accurate when he had to. Though he doubted this would come to blows, and if it did he would probably use his magic to deliver the brunt of the damage. The dagger most probably only being a distraction. Physically Roy showed no signs of concern over this man, his body language neutral, relaxed even. But he was not a man to take anything lightly, he liked to prepare himself for the worst no matter how unlikely, he owed his life to this habit.