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Title: History and Story Line for Dawn of War!
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618 B.S.  Troas 1st hatches a plan to eliminate the Royal family of Strata.  He hires the infamous "Templars of the Black Pearl" assasins of such cunning and skill that they are mentioned as myths.  However Troas's plans went awry when one of the Royal family the "Drafas family" escaped and fled with his family to Marcogg.  There in Marcogg he and his family is befriended and harbored by the "Lotus" family.  There the dethroned Drafas begins his plans to one day put his family back upon the throne.  

Over two hundred years pass and within that time the Troas's have become the most powerful family in Strata.  But with the help of the Lotus's and their wealth the Drafas family set up a network of spies, mercenaries, and even common folk to arouse resistance and rebellion to the Rule of Troas.

206 B.S.Our story opens with Oscar Lotus; a seemingly common tavern and innkeeper in the desert a day and nights ride north of Strata but who secretly helps the last Drafas's heir and the Resistance.

Oscar has confided in an young elf named Shaint to help him smuggle the supplies, weapons and armour to the Resistance.  Oscar allows Shaint to choose any whom he deems trustworthy to help him.  In their way is Troas V the Ruler of the House of Justice and his cohorts.  

This is the last attempt by the Drafas's heir to regain his throne.  If he fails then Strata will forever be in Troas's hands.

Oscar Lotus
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