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Title: Rules for playing Dawn of War!
Post by: Oscar Lotus on December 03, 2002, 04:12:22 AM
1- To be considered a player you must first ask in the OOC thread first.  Then if you are voted upon to play then, and only then, should you post your Character Description in the Character Description thread.  Any Character not voted or approved of will be deleted.

2- To be fair to all players you must be willing to at least post once a day or at the very least once every other day.  If for some reason you cannot post, IE; vacations, groundings, emergencies, etc then you should contact me or someone else and tell them so.  The best place is to put it in the OOC thread and before it happens.  That way the other players can decide what to do with your character, IE, carry him/her along, or wait until you come back.  So this rule should be one of your primary thoughts about playing in this game.  If you do not think you can post as often as is suggested, then maybe you should look for another story.  I am not being mean, just trying to be fair to all concerned.

3- NPC's,  There will be plenty of NPC's in this story for you guys and gals to kill, maim, torture whatever.  However if it is an NPC that I am playing then you must allow me to decide whether or not that one dies, or talks. Ok?  And since I will be playing most of the NPC's, especially Troas's cohorts you will be playing against me. Oh, before I forget.  Anyone else playing a NPC should just "BOLD" the name of the NPC before acting for him/her/it.  I will do the same.

4- The story will be written in Third Person.

5- I expect since we have youngsters playing that you keep your language appropriate.  Also any love scenes should be considered that way also.  I like tasteful romance, it adds to the depth of the story, but I will delete any vulgar language or scenes and warn that person.  Only once.  After that that person will be asked to leave the story.

6- Read the History!!  That way you know where and what is expected.  Also familiar yourselves to the lands of Truban, which include Strata, The city itself should also be one of your primary research projects as alot of the action will take place there as well as the surrounding desert, cities, and people.  

Take care as to how you are going to be dressed. Remeber this story takes place in a desert, no forests, etc.  So make your writing appropriate.  Wearing a hundred pounds of armour in 100 plus degree heat is unwise.  Also consider your weapons.  How are you to resupply them, sharpen them, etc.  And the food.  Remember water is scarce. There is one Oasis(I will call it Thalambath's Tear.) between Strata and the Thirsty Herald.

7 Above all else HAVE FUN!!!  And if there is anything else that is missing I will post it here after discussion in the OOC thread.  

Oscar Lotus
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