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In order to role play here on the "Adventures of Caelereth" Role Playing Board, you of course need to first have a character which fits into the fantasy setting of Caelereth/Santharia. You can have several characters at the same time if you want, but make sure that you can handle playing them all. You will need to write a Character Description and get the approval for it from the game moderators/admins. So take a seat, get some Santharian ale, and read through this page to get introduced to how you'll get your character approved.

Also don't be afraid of the length of this page. While it might be long, it contains everything which you should ever need, related to creating a Character Description.

Note: Character Descriptions are often referred to as CD on this board, so don't be confused when we start speaking about your CD; we are not talking about any music CD you may have, though we are sure it is a good. ;)

In the following paragraphs we cover the listed topics. If you want to know answers to a question below, simply click on the question and return to the top by clicking on the arrow at the end of the answer.

And here are the answers to these questions. If you are new to Santharia/Caelereth, please make sure you read the information below. If you have further questions, which these do not answer, please do not hesitate to post and ask the knowledgeable people here on the board.

ow do I create my role playing character?
To create a character, you need to have some minimum requirements fulfilled. So take your time to describe your character according to the rules laid out (see below). This isn't really as complicated as it sounds - no novel writing is needed, but we do expect something well written and described.

Also make sure to have a copy of your Character Description stored on your computer, so you do not have to rewrite it in case it is lost for whatever reason.

When you're done with your Character Description you should post it in the Character Description Forum with the character's Name/Tribe/Occupation as the subject of the post. The first part on your side is done now, as this Character Description post initiates the character approval procedure, for which you need a little patience. This world is large and original, thus we have the desire to make sure all characters are properly written for this world. The length of time for the process varies, especially with different types of CDs. A mage will take longer than a fighter typically, and any character with special abilities will take longer than a commoner. It is just the nature of the beast. Also, do not beg for comments, as this will turn many off to giving any advice. We all have lives outside of this fantasy world, and we voluntarily give our time to help on a daily basis. (We don't get paid to do what we do here.) Return to the top

hat happens during the character approval process?
During the character approval process, Character Description Moderators and Administrators will take a look at your Character Description (often referred to simply as CD) and comment on it. They will point out if you have forgotten something which is a basic requirement or if there are contradictions or factual errors in your CD, which you will need to fix before the final OK can be given.

Therefore you may need to work a bit more on your character to get him/her approved, iron some problems out, add something here and there, till everything fits and you're finally ready to play. So make sure to do your homework when you first post your Character Description, because the better the description and the more accurate it is, the speedier the approval process will be! We are all here for your success! Return to the top

ow will I know when my character has been approved?
The final stage of the character approval process is the titling of your character, the character's quality seal. A custom title, defined in your CD (see below), will be added to your profile by an Admin when your character is approved and ready to be played. The title should then show up beneath your display name in all posts you make. With the integration of the posticons, you can also follow the progress of your CD by the Moderator's standards. They will be changing it with you, as needed for getting things integrated and commented on. Return to the top

ow can I tell how far character approval has already progressed ?
The current state of the character approval process is represented by the posticon you can see in front of the Character Description thread. Below is a summary of the posticons used for the character description approval process. The posticon of the first post should always be edited according to the current state of completion of the Character Description (by the player, a Moderator or an Administrator depending on which stage of the process it is at). Details are as follows:

1) PLAYER - The CD is incomplete or undergoing major changes. Use this symbol if your Character Description is still being worked on. 4) MODERATOR - The CD has already been checked in detail by at least one CD Moderator and given a first approval. Now a second CD Moderator's or Administrator's approval is required for you to be titled.
2) PLAYER - The Character Description is complete now awaits comments from the CD Moderators. Use this symbol if you're finished working on your CD and ready to have it checked in detail by the CD Moderators. If your CD has not been commented on for several days, post here to bring some extra attention your way. 5) MODERATOR - The Character Description has been checked by a second Moderator or Administrator, and both have given a second approval. An Administrator should soon title you, and you will be able to start playing after that.
3) MODERATOR - There is a problem in a certain area (magic, race, history etc.) which needs the attention of an expert in this field. The title of the post will be updated to reflect what specifically needs attention. 6) ADMINISTRATOR - An Administrator just titled you and your character is now ready to be played. The thread will be moved to the Character Archives where you can then put a link in your signature to this moved thread if you want. Return to the top

o what are the basic requirements for a Character Description?
In order to ensure your character has the minimum information required, you need to include the following details in your Character Description, in the layout shown here:

CD Layout and Requirements

  • Name
    Please choose a name which fits into Caelereth (you can use the Elven or Dwarven dictionaries on the site if you want). Also, note that your display name should be the same as your character's name. If it is not, you may either change your character's name or your display name (the latter can be done in the 'Account Related Settings' section of your profile).

  • Gender
    State your character's gender, male or female. Don't be afraid of playing a gender opposite of your own, it may turn out better and more fun than you expect.

  • Age
    Upon choosing an age make sure that your character could realistically achieve the skills you'd like to give your character (eg. a young mage won't be able to cast high level spells, a young warrior won't have as much experience as an older one, etc). There is also an Elven Age Calculater available if needed.

  • Race
    Decide upon a race. If your character is a crossbreed between two races then state the two races. You can find out more about the races we have at the Races section on the site. Do note however, that a number of them are banned from play. More details about this may be found in the Restrictions.

  • Tribe
    In the context of Caelereth/Santharia, the term 'Tribe' refers mainly ethnicity. Thus, you will need to pick one for your character. Characters which are crossbreeds will need to have both tribes listed here (if applicable). The Races section on the site contains a lot of information concerning the various tribes as well.

  • Occupation
    This is what your character does to make money.

  • Title
    What is your character? This should tell players what you are at a quick glance (fighter, mage, thief, etc.). Your title will always be visible left to your post once you are titled, just like your character portrait. This does not have to be a title by which your character is addressed, though it can be so. Be creative and unique when choosing this. Don't be afraid to add an adjective to a mundane job.

    If you need help coming up with a title, take a look here.

  • Character Portrait (optional)
    You don't need to have a character portrait, but it is nice to have one in any case. If you need some advice on where to find a suitable portrait, take a look at our Character Portraits page.

  • Overview (optional)
    If you want, you can summarise your character concept in a few short sentences in an overview paragraph here. This way people can see the most important characteristics of your character at a glance.

  • Appearance
    This section is where you describe your character's appearance. It contains a number of sub-sections:

    State your character's actual height, rounded off to the nearest nailsbreadth. Please remember to use the Santharian measurements. The Santharian Measures Converter makes this fairly simple.

    A description of your character's build should at least be present somewhere in the Physical Appearance sub-section, but we like to have a number to help picture your character.

    Hair Colour
    State your character's hair colour. Santharian Colours

    Eye Colour
    State your character's eye colour. Santharian Colours

    Physical Appearance
    What are the physical attributes that your character possesses? Do you have a slender, curved female body or the muscled build of a dwarven warrior? These attributes are to some extent defined by your race, tribe, and gender, and may also limit what you can do. Also what are some of the characteristics that might set your character apart? Perhaps a scar of some sort, a tattoo, a hunch, or a missing limb? There are many possibilities, and can give your character its own uniqueness. You should also re-state things mentioned in the previous sub-sections, such as height, hair colour, and eye colour, here. Paint us a picture with words!

    Note: Please make sure you use Santharian measurements. (click here for more information about them).

    How is your character dressed? You don't need stick too close to what your tribe wears, though this is always nice, but keep it sensible. Jewelry and other accessories should also be mentioned in here. Like the Appearance, we use this section to help picture what your character looks like. The more details provided, the better!

  • Personality
    What is your character like? Don't simply go by "good" or "evil". Rather, describe the way your character views the world. Are you happy and outgoing, or grim and silent? Maybe dark and sinister? It is up to you, just remember that this should be kept somewhat consistent throughout your roleplaying. A silent person would not just start talking unless there was a very good reason, and a character that lives for money would have to have a good reason to do something without reward.

  • Strengths and Weaknesses
    Strengths and Weaknesses are used to gauge a character's balance of power (Advantages and Disadvantages). Every character must have balanced strengths and weaknesses. In other words, the more potent a character's strengths, the more potent the character's weaknesses must be, so that the character will not be too powerful. There is no limit to how deep or complex your character's strengths and weaknesses can be, but you are encouraged to have a least a few of each. Your character's strengths and weaknesses should be listed separately, in their own sub-sections with two to three sentences of explanation:

    These are things that are of advantage to you character. Anything your character is better at than the average person is considered a strength and should be included in this section. These include the possession of any skills, knowledge, or advantageous physical characteristic which the average person does not have. Each strength should be listed separately, with a short explanation of how it is of advantage to your character.

    These are things that represent disadvantages to your character, and should not be easily changed, though as the character develops these can be more easily overcome. Weaknesses should counter your strengths, and can even be present in areas your character excels at. Some areas to consider for weaknesses are lacking skills, knowledge or a physical attributes, particularly in areas that most influence your character. The lack of skills and knowledge that the average person does not have, such as weapon skills or magical ability, is not considered a weakness. Each weakness should be listed separately, with a short explanation of how it disadvantages your character.

  • Magic (magic-users only)
    If your character possesses any magical ability, they should be mentioned here. Do not simply give a list of spells; the spell list on the main site is very incomplete and in any case is applicable to Ximaxian magi only. Instead, tell us how powerful your character is, what sort of things he or she can do with his or her magic. Having magic is highly discouraged for a first time character. It is a complicated system and will lengthen the approval process greatly as things are discussed.

    The following table shows the minimum age and length needed to reach each level. The earliest magic training can begin is 12 years old. Please make sure your character is of a suitable age.

    Level Minimum training time Minimum age
    1 2 years 14
    2 3 years 17
    3 4 years 21
    4 4 years 25
    5 5 years 30
    6 6 years 36

    Note that the values shown here are for Humans. If your character belongs to another race, please convert them to the equivalent values for that race.

  • History
    This is one of the most important sections. It should explain why your character is the person that he or she is today. Mundane things such as where you were born and where you moved are important, but not nearly as much as other things. Did your parents die? Have you been in many battles? Did you have a sheltered childhood? These are some of the things you could include in your history. You should also mention how you obtained the skills that you have.

    Keep in mind that all relevant information, whether it is known to your character or not, should be included. Amnesia and the like is no excuse for leaving out any such information. Also, the older your character, the more information we will expect to see/read. A 300 year old elf, should have a good amount more than a 15 year old human.

  • Weapons
    State any weapons your character possesses here. You might want to look what we have already developed specifically for Caelereth (click here to open an overview in a new window). However, you should keep in mind how easily obtainable each weapon is to your character. If your character possesses a weapon that he or she would not have been able to easily obtain, you should mention how it was acquired in the History section.

  • Belongings
    You only need to mention the important ones, and anything you have that people would not normally have. As with weapons, if your character possesses anything which he or she would not have been able to easily obtain, you should mention how it was acquired in the History section.

  • Familiars (if any are present)
    Do you have a horse which you ride? Or a rat in your pocket? If you own any animals, it should be stated here. Also, describe what they look like and how long you have had them. This is especially important for the longer lived races, as you are going to out live your companion by a good margin. Setting this section up much like a character often helps. Return to the top

hat are the measurements used in Santharia/Caelereth?
At this roleplaying board we use measurements that are unique to Santharia/Caelereth. The two main measurements you will need to know for your Character Description will be mentioned below. But feel free to use other measurements which can be found at the Measures and Weights page (click here to open in new window).

  • Height
    Your character's height is considered a line measurement. The most commonly used measure to describe height is the ped. 1 ped is 1 meter or approximately 3.3 feet. You must state your character's actual height in the CD, but only to the nearest nailsbreadth.

  • Weight
    Your character's weight is considered a heft measurement. The most commonly used measure to describe weight is the pygge. 1 pygge is about 100 pounds or approximately 50 kg. Stating your character's weight in the CD is optional, as long as a description of his or her build is present. Though, the CD Moderators will greatly encourage this measurement, as it also helps to picture your character.

As stated above, feel free to use other measures in your Character Description as well. It may allow greater precision and helps to connect your character more to the world of Caelereth. Return to the top

can't think of a title for my character - any suggestions?
Having trouble coming up with a title? Then take a look at the Santharian Titles List. The titles here were originally compiled by Rayne, Uragel and others to help those creating their Character Descriptions come up with a title. If you are having trouble coming up with a title, this list of over 500 titles and will hopefully inspire you to create a suitable one.

We encourage you to individualize your title. Instead of simply "Warrior" or "Knight," have it be something like "Black Warrior" or "Knight of the Blue Rose". Keep in mind that a title should describe your character, and does not have to be how others address your character. Be creative and make an interesting title!

Click here to go to the Santharian Titles List

Alternatively, click one of the links below to go directly to a category:

Titles for Magic Users

Titles for Fighters

Titles for Criminals and Outlaws

Titles for People of Authority

Titles for Merchants

Titles for Commoners

Titles for Outcasts and Vagrants

Titles for Artists and Performers

Titles for Sailors
Titles for Members of Religious Orders

Titles for Adventurers

Titles for Scholars

Miscellaneous Titles Return to the top

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