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On this page you can find general RPG Board rules as well as roleplaying rules that all members are expected to follow. If you spot any posts that break these rules, you can use the "Report to Moderator" or "Report to Admin" link found at the bottom of each post to inform the Moderators and Administrators of them.



All members must respect each other, regardless of status, race, gender, age or sexuality of another member or his or her role-play character. Every member has the right to feel safe from prejudice here on the RPG Board. In addition, the Roleplaying Board is not a platform to spread (non-roleplaying related) beliefs, political opinions or ideas in general. Those who insult or discriminate based on any of the items previously listed will be given a warning or, in extreme cases, be banned from the board.


Refrain from using language that others may consider to be obscene, offensive or otherwise inappropriate. Every member has the right to be comfortable here on the RPG Board, and every member must respect that. We may allow some swearwords given they are used in good taste, especially in roleplaying posts, but failure to adhere to these rules may result in a warning or, in extreme cases, a ban.

No advertising is allowed anywhere on the RPG Board. Advertisements will be deleted immediately, and repeat offenders will be banned. Some exceptions may be made if a member comes across something that he or she feels other may want to know about, it is always a good idea to check with an Administrator first.


No conducting of illegal activities will be tolerated on the board. Activities such as spamming, hacking, and similar actions are strictly prohibited and can be punished by banning.


All signatures used at the RPG Board must be kept to a reasonable size in order to ensure that people with slower modems and smaller screen resolutions can still view the board properly. Here are some limitations of the limitations you should observe when creating your signature:

If you are using a picture in your signature, it can be no bigger than 350×70 pixels and no larger that 30KB. No animated GIFs or Flash movies are allowed either.

For text signatures, refer to the following table:

Font Size Maximum Number of Lines
7pt or smaller 5 lines
8pt 4 lines
9pt 3 lines
10pt 3 lines
11pt 2 lines
12pt 2 lines
13pt and above Not Allowed

If your signature contains both text and images, take into account the total amount of space they take up. A large image should not be accompanied by more than a line or two of text, and a large block of text, or text which take spans many lines, should at most only be accompanied by small images.

If your signature is found to be unsuitable for any reason, you will be asked to alter it.


All members must respect intellectual property both of this site and of other sites you wish to use images or material (text) from. Text from this site, other sites or additional sources is only to be used for reference or inspirational purposes; other uses may be considered plagiarism, and the member may be asked to remove and or rewrite the offending text. Anyone who wants to use an image that is not their own should obtain permission from the creator, and be fully aware of any restrictions the creator may impose on the use or alteration of their work. Anyone using images commissioned for their use should also be aware of any restrictions on the use of these images and alterations of the images in question. Anyone found to have not conformed to this will be asked to change or remove the image in accordance to the creator's wishes. If a creator choses to take legal action against the Board or member in question, due to copyright or trademark law, this will be handled under the Illegal Activity rule (see above).



A player may not exceed the abilities that they have laid out for their character. A character’s abilities may improve over time within a game, but this improvement must be realistic. Failure to adhere to this will result in a warning. If improved abilities are to be used by that character in a later Story, they should be edited into the Character Description. An account of how these improvements came about should also be made in the History section.


A player should remain true to Caelereth and not deliberately work against the world design. That is to say, players should heed the limitations and the qualities of the world in which they are playing. Mistakes and certain contradictions may be forgiven if they were not done on purpose, but those that may affect the Story in decisive ways or represent violations of defined Santharian history may result in a player’s post being altered or even deleted. Habitual offenders may be expelled from the Story they are taking part in.


A player may not kill or decide the reaction of or injury taken by another player's character. Killing of characters (including NPCs) without permission is strictly prohibited, and failure to adhere to such rules may result in a player’s post being modified or deleted. Repeated offenders may be expelled from the Story they are taking part in. Deciding another character's injury or reaction, while a lesser offense, may still result in a player’s post being modified or deleted. This of course lies mainly in the hand of the Story's Moderators.


A player is not allowed to decide the actions of a character that he or she does not have permission to control. This is called autoing, and may cause posts to be modified or even deleted by the Story Moderator, as well as a warning being issued. Repeat offenders may be expelled from the RP story in which these offenses were made. A player may neither decide the actions of a fellow player's character nor the actions of a NPC that is under the control of to another player or a Story Moderator.

If a player has to be away for a period of time, he or she may give permission for the Story Moderators or one of the other players to control their character until they return. If a player is AWN (Away Without Notification), the Story Moderators are allowed to take control of that player's character for the purpose of moving the plot ahead or writing the character out of the Story.

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