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Author Topic: Chapter Two: Resurection  (Read 70379 times)
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Oscar Lotus
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« on: February 27, 2003, 03:25:22 AM »

Troas Troas did not sit long in his chair.  Even before the sun came back out he was barking orders to clean up the place.  He had stormed back into his private library and was sifting through the sand looking for the "thought globe" given to him by Malok.  His servants were buisily sweeping up the sand, and some were already replacing the broken windows.

A guard walked in. "M'lord, a man named Nahor stands without asking for an audience with you."

Troas stopped and thought a moment, then replied. "Send the man to my lower chambers.  I will meet him there."  He continued searching for the globe as the guard nodded and left.  Finally he told one of his servants, a pretty young Shan'thai slave girl, "Find the globe, once it is found bring it to me.  I shall be in my lower chambers."

"Yes, M'lord." she said and began ernestly looking for the globe.

Troas made his way down to the lower chamber and entered in.  A man dressed all in black stood with his back to him.  He turned at the sound of Troas's entering.  The man gave a slight bow and said. "M'lord Troas, Malok gave me this message to give to you."  Nahor reached into his glove and pulled out the written message and gave it to Troas.

"I already know what the message says and Malok knows the answer.  Now tell me what do you know of this storm?"

Nahor's eyes grew wide with awe. How did he know what was in the message and how did Malok know the answer.  Is Troas a magician as well?  Nahor stammered. "I...I do not know anything about this storm, M'lord.  I was heading toward your place when it hit.  I was thrown off my horse and had to walk the rest of the way here."

"Pity, the you did not break your neck.  I need information, not excuses!"

Nahor's eyes narrowed.  He did not appreciate being talked to like this, especially by this two bit tyrant.  He smiled though and replied. "Ah, M'lord, information is something I can get for you.  I know many people...However information does not come cheap."

Troas weighed the person in front of him.  He had heard of Nahor, heard of his connections in the underworld Strata, heard of his own prowess as a master thief.  Bahar and even his other generals and advisors recommended and had high praises for him.  Troas nodded. "Name your price, master thief.  But it had better be information I can use or the next head upon the spires of the Northern Gate will be yours."

Nahor swallowed hard. "The price for the information will cost at least as much coin as one bar of Uryant.  My price for my services... will be...much higher."

"You think highly of yourself master thief, however I accept your terms. But remember my terms."

Nahor smiled and nodded. "I remember, M'lord.  I shall not disappoint you."

"You may leave now."

Nahor bowed, raised his head, turned upon his heel and walked out of the room.  A wide evil grin spread across his face. The price will be more than you expected, M'lord.

After Nahor left the servant girl walked in with the globe.  She kneeled and presented it to Troas.  She was about to leave when Troas motioned for her to stay.  She knelt down at his feet and he caressed her head, like someone would pet their dog and then he tried contacting Malok.

The globes mist vanished and instead of Malok's face, he saw a very beautiful female face instead.  Her eyes mesmerized Troas.  He shooed the servant girl away.  Then he asked the woman. "Where is Malok?"  

The woman replied emotionless. "Malok is dead.  I now am the Lord of the Fire Druids."

Oscar Lotus
A beer in the belly is never a bad thing.

Damien Scar
Commander of the Gates
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« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2003, 03:00:22 AM »

Damien cursed as he walked through the sewers and passageways under the city of Strata.  The leader of the rat brownies running along side him, trying not to get himself squashed by the big human's boots. "Hey big man, watch it! I am down here you know."

Damien stopped, peered down and lifted the little brownie up and put him on his shoulder. "I forgot Minch.  I am angry.  Years of work, down the sewer. No insult intended.  Secret passageways, destroyed.  Rubble and sand everywhere.  Where in Bavaras name did the sand come from?"

Minch rolled his eyes.  Damien eyed him through his peripheal vision. "Don't, I know we live in a desert.  But we live in a city, right beside an ocean.  We also live underground.  But this?  This is not normal.  I have people out trying to gather some information.  What have your people discovered?"

"What we discovered big man, is that our homes are destroyed!  You big stupid humans have done something to make the gods angry!"

"Don't go blaming me for your misfortunes you little rat!  Look at my place.  I live below the house of Troas, the richest most protected place in Strata, and my men are still cleaning it up.  I wonder how Troas survived?" he muttered.

One of Damiens men came to him through one of the tunnels. "Lord Damien, Nahor has come and is asking for you."

"Nahor? Hm.. Is my throne room cleaned up?"

"Most of it."

"Then I will meet him there."

Nahor was lead to Damiens throne room.  Nahor looked around, smiled inwardly. Damien thinks this is a throne room.  He always thought too highly of himself.  Look at it now.  Suddenly a wall opened to the right of Nahor and Damien walked in.  Nahor could see the rat brownie upon his shoulder.  Damien walked up the makeshift dias and sat down upon his throne.  It was only a chair, but Damien had it covered with black satin.  It showed off the inset jewels of diamonds and rubies throughout the legs and arms of the chair.  Nahor waited patiently until Damien got settled; which meant he had to have a drink in his hand, and a pretty woman serving him.

Finally Damien looked over at Nahor, motioned him to come forward.  By this time most of Damien's captains and officers had arrived with news and hungry and thristy mouths and stomaches.  "What is it, Nahor?" Damien asked.

"I send greetings to you from Troas.  He is willing to pay greatly for information concerning the storm and of course anything about the Resistance.  I am to be his liason between you and he."

"Really? How did you acquire such a position?"

"It does not matter, what matters is this."  Nahor pulled out a sack of money. "This and much more is for you for the right kind of information."

Damien's eyes widened when he saw that the sack was filled with gold coins. And the sack was not a purse, but a sack, as one would fill a half barrel of grain.  "Troas gave you that?"

"He did."

"Just for information?  What else does he want?"

"Just information." Nahor replied.

There was a buzz of voices throughout the room.  Damien glared until the noise died down.  He spoke. "Does anyone have any information worth this coin, or even part of it?"

A voice spoke up. "M'lord, my cousin Verhz, a guard at the Northern Gate, told me that right before the storm appeared, several travellers were seeking entrance into the city.  When Verhz asked what their buisness was, he recieved no reply, but then this storm hit.  He says it blew the gates wide open, and the travellers entered the city.  He said that one of them looked liked a... troll."

A huge uproar erupted.  Minch almost fell off of Damiens shoulders. "See I told you, I told you, big stupid humans. The gods have sent a troll to destroy you all, and we brownies will be destroyed as well."

Damien took his finger and flicked it at Minch.  Minch went flying through the air, fortunately he landed on one of the servants girls laps, but she screamed and tried to beat him off of her.  "Hey big bosom.  Stop trying to hit me.  I get off. I get off."  Minch ran around her lap trying to dodge the blows of the scared girl.  Finally he jumped off her lap and ran toward a crack in the wall and disappeared.

"A troll travelling with others? Impossible!  I want a meeting with this Verhz.  Set it up.  Usual place."

"Yes Lord Damien.  At the Merchants courtyard.  Say around 25 bells."

"Yes, that will be fine."  Damien motioned to Nahor.  "Well we will see if this information turns out to be the cause of the storm.  Until then can I invite you to partake of some wine, and other dainties I have."  Damien's eyes swept across several of his servant girls.   Nahor smiled, and replied as he walked up to one dark haired, dark eyed beauty and stroked her face.  "Don't mind if I do.  I always did say Lord Damien, that you had excellent taste."

Damien laughed.  "Yes I do, don't I."

You can think about it, even plan on it but don't try it.


I have travelled far and wide.
And Foiro's must have been my guide.
For I have discovered these things to be true;
A man must have two, mayhap three things in life to be truly happy.
A good weapon at his side.
A virtuous wife, if he can find her.
A quver full of children.
Sadly, I only have one;
A good weapon at my side.
Oscar Lotus
New Santharian

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« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2003, 03:24:22 AM »

Sasha Sasha felt the wind tear at her establishment and then the walls began to buckle and several chandeliers fell from the ceiling. Most of their candles blew out when they hit the floor but some touched her silk curtains and they went up in flames.  Her customers, some of the richest in the city and world, scattered like mice.This is not supposed to happen to the Glory Inn.  She was throwing water upon the curtains as were her helpers when the door to her inn burst open and several sand dusted people came crashing through.  One she saw was a woman, girl, but elven and the other was a male elven.  The male called for others to enter.  And one other person did.  He at least was human. But he was shabby looking.  Sasha did not like this at all.

Then a brownie came in!  That was all it took.  She yelled.  Alot of her customers, especially female ones yelled, and tried to jump on the tables.  Sasha screamed. "Get out! Get out you vagabonds.  This place is not meant for your kind. This inn is meant for the most refined of Strata.  Your kind of establishments are nearer the waterfront.  Now get out!"  

Then she noticed that the male elf collapsed in the middle of her front door, holding it open so that sand began to fly into the room.  She looked at several of her bouncers.  "Throw these uncouth people out of here, and call the guards.  They are scaring my customers. And kill that brownie!"

One very large, ornately dressed woman, screamed at the word and the sight of Raoneth and fainted.  A large thump was heard as her overly heavy backside hit the floor.  An elderly man sitting next to her began to laugh so hard he fell off his chair. He continued to laugh, as he rolled on the floor.

The bouncers advanced upon Keelin, Shaint, Atri, and Raoneth.  Wooden staffs swinging in their well muscled arms.

Oscar Lotus
A beer in the belly is never a bad thing.

New Santharian

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« Reply #3 on: February 28, 2003, 04:15:22 AM »

Shaint's eyes slowly opend an dthe sandstorm died down his head shook lightly fying sand from his loose strands of hair he looked over his shoulder only to see a very large and muscular man swinging a staff at him "GAhhh!" Shaitn was suddenly pound in the back by a staff "Uggh, You shouldent have done that".

Shaint pushed himself off the ground with his arms and rolled over a staff missing him with every roll He threw his knees behind his head and then thrust them forward sending him upward in the air he landed on his feet a bouncer was behind him as he though Just my luck...this is going to hurt Shaint spun quickly on the ball of his foot and met the bouncers face with a firm back-hand,

The bouncers head turned as he grasped and rubbed his jaw lightly he soon noticed a bouncer was headed for just about every person in his party....and where in Av'as name was Gararion?!. Shaint's eyes narrowed as a Bouncer headed for Keelin, A scowl crossed Shaint's face as his fists made themselves tight and the mucles in his arms rushed with blood,

His veins rolled over his fore-arms  "STAY AWAY FROM HER!" Shaint was about to reach for his sword and quickly slash the head of the man strait from his shoulders but shook his head as he muttered to himself "There just doing there job...." he calmed down a little but rushed to Keelin but then being hit in the face by a staff sending him backwards.

Shaint grasped his face as blood came from his lip he stood and a staff headed for his face yet again "I dont want to fight or hurt anybody just let us leave!!" Shaint grasped the end of the staff that was headed for his face and pulled it form the mans hand snapping it over his knee "ah, Good A'va that hurt!" he shook his leg slightly and then grabbed Keelin rushing twords the door to get out.

He looked down to Keelin's face "Sorry about all this saving stuff but I can't just let you get hurt I might kill the person that hurt you" he extited the Inn an dlooked back at his companion sthat had came in after him "C'mon!" he looked around and awaited his party members as-well as if the bouncers where going to chase them or not.

He who lives by the sword Lives with Pain Anger and Sorrow
But he who lives by the sword lives not with regret for he who lives by the sword lives with Redemtion

Atrii Redwood
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« Reply #4 on: February 28, 2003, 07:31:22 AM »

As soon as Shaint was struck with the staff Atrii drew his long sword with extreme skill slicing the closest staff in half before backing out behind Shaint and Keelin watching the bouncers. He stood at the door, sword drawn waiting for the others to exit the Inn.

New Santharian

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« Reply #5 on: February 28, 2003, 10:38:22 AM »

A few screams and yells came from the inn.  Radaroc looked over just in time to see Shaint and Keelin dash out.  "Is anyone still inside?" not waiting for an answer he ran to the door.  Slamming it open he saw Atrii standing with his sword drawn facing a number of bouncers.  Sooo not good he thought to himself, I hope this works...  Reaching in with a long arm he grabbed Atrii around the neck and tore his sword out of his hand.  "Nobody move or the guy gets it!" he roared holding the sword to the ranger's exposed neck.  Leaning his face close to the human's ear, he whispered, "Play along and we might get out of this ok."  Slowly backing back out into the street he was careful to keep his face under the hood.  He then pulled Atrii along he brought him over to the others.  Then it dawned upon him.  He turned to the others, "Where's Raoneth?"

In the begining I was weak.  Now I have purpose.  Stay me from my path and the Gods themselves cannot save you.

New Santharian

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« Reply #6 on: February 28, 2003, 02:57:22 PM »

Keelin yanked her arm free of Shaint's grasp with an angry glare for good measure. I though he was with you... She signed at Radaroc. She glanced around and thought an oath that probably would've made a sailor blush if the sailor could've heard it. She spun on her heel and sprinted back to the inn and slipped inside. She thumped one of the bouncers between the eyes with the pommel of her sword and scanned the inn for Raoneth.  

There isn't enough time to do everything and too much time to do nothing.

New Santharian

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« Reply #7 on: March 01, 2003, 12:22:22 AM »

Raoneth trotted in to the inn everyone seemed to be entering. A place to sleep, that's exactly what I need now...
When the screaming started he looked around nervously,
what's happening?
Then he noticed all the people who were looking at him. Not looking happy.
Oh, joy. another city, another type of prejudism... Honorless filth

Suddenly all the people he traveled with rushed past him, and a bunch of bouncers were going after them.
Or are they? Some of them are looking at me! Baithag!
"Uh, stand back or I'll... ah, sod it..."
He picked down the front man first, his expression changed from amusement from Raoneth's unfinished threat to shock from feeling his lifeforce being drained before he fell like a sack of grain on the floor. Raoneth felt better, not because he'd just knocked out a man ten times his size but because he was more awake.
He could hear fighting behind him. Probably Shaint and the others
Another bouncer jumped over the unconchious man. The fighting behind him had stopped, he looked over his shoulders The troll and the human were still there. At least one guard lay on the floor.
Probably dead... What a way to win a combat... Maybe not as pathetic as running away, though.
He turned to the direction he was looking and started running, he could hear a loud thump behind him and the floor shook.
They're trying to STOMP me?
The floor underneath him started creaking and he could hear loud noises behind him. He didn't look back, but he knew...  that somehow pieces of the floor were spraying up behind him. He could also hear shouts of, "follow him" and "kill the little demon" as Keelin rushed past him, she seemed to be looking for something.
The violent noises from the inn started to die down  

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Oscar Lotus
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« Reply #8 on: March 01, 2003, 02:56:22 AM »

Sasha Sasha stood there, jaw open wide as she saw her most trusted and strongest bouncers being decimated right before her eyes.  She would not have believed that an elf, and even a female one, could do such damage.  Then when that big whatever it was came bursting through the door and grabbed the human, a ranger, Sasha saw, sword and threatened him but pulled him out of the tavern.  Sasha grew suspicious.  Then just when Sasha thought all was well the female elf, comes in, whacks her last remaining bouncer right between the eyes, he falls like a sack of grain. And she begins looking around the place.

Several customers fled before the elven girls gaze and her shiny blade.  More threw gold coins at her and told her. "Here take the money.  Just spare our lives!"

Then out of the corner of her eye she spied the brownie.  She grabbed a broom and was going to chase the little rat out, when she noticed he did not look like a rat brownie.  but still, a brownie is a brownie.  However before she could move, and she was wary of the female elf, the brownie just walked calmly as you please outside.  Sasha sighed a sigh of relief, but the female elf was still in her establishment, brandishing her sword, and all her bouncers were on the floor.

Sasha finally screwed up her courage, picked up the gold coins thrown on the floor and handed them to the female elf. "Here, take the money and go.  Please, my customers are frightened enough."

Oscar Lotus
A beer in the belly is never a bad thing.

New Santharian

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« Reply #9 on: March 01, 2003, 12:40:22 PM »

Keelin looked surprised for a minute. Great, now they think I'm a bandit... She handed the coins back to the innkeeper and noticed Raoneth creeping outside. She sighed mentally, gave the innkeeper an apolgetic look, and followed him outside. Well that was fun.

There isn't enough time to do everything and too much time to do nothing.

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Wind Waker
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Elf, Ylfferhim

« Reply #10 on: March 01, 2003, 12:58:22 PM »

Gararion had helped many people now within the city walls and now it was time for himself to rest a little.

As he looked about he saw a dock nearby and a building bearing the label "Bavaras's Anchor'.

Gararion watched a few men come and go within this establishment, each seeming to be a little drunk and some poor or even broke as they just spent their wages in drink.

Surely this was a tavern of some sorts.

Gararion walked up to the building and was about to push open the door when the doors were suddenly opened by another leaving.

"Hikup....good da-up"

Gararion looked this man over and could tell he had drake his wieght in ale and now was not full of his senses.

Gararion now walked through the opened doors and sat down near a table near the fire, receiving a few strange looks from the other customers within the establishment.  Surely they had seen very few mages Gararion thought, and wearing his most prized garmet, he didn't look like a person who had just been through a two sandstorms or even adventured that much.

Gararion waited for some one to come take his order...hopefully he didn't have to yell out his order within this establishment Gararion hoped....


Oscar Lotus
New Santharian

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« Reply #11 on: March 02, 2003, 05:22:22 AM »

Sasha Sasha felt somewhat like as if she was in a dream.  She stood there with the coins the female elf gave back. What seemed strange was that the elf never spoke, just with her eyes, and her eyes told Sasha that she was a kind person.  Some of her bouncers began to get up, a little groggy, but at least they were alive.  The servants began to turn the tables and chairs upright, women came down from off their chairs, Sasha returned the money to whomever said they wanted it back, and things became normal, again.  Sasha wondered if anything was going to normal again?
Grunkez Grunkez or Grunk as he was better known was filling his pockets with some stolen money from a drunk sailor he had just found lying on the ground after the sandstorm had passed.  He thought it his good fortune, the sailor had just got paid and had three silver pieces in his pockets.  He then noticed a stranger walk into the Anchor.  The stranger looked rich, at least his clothes did, so Grunk followed him. Why would a rich man go in the Anchor? he thought.

Grunk situated himself in a dark corner so he could watch the man.  He seemed to be just sitting there, as if he was waiting to be served or something like as if he were in a place like the Glory.  Grunk smiled evily.  He sauntered up to the bartender. "Hey Boris, give me two tankards of Brown, will ya."

Boris looked at Grunk. "Lets see the money.  You already owe me almost a silver piece for the drinks I have already gave you."

Grunk took out one of the silver pieces. "Here you money grubbing shark. That should even us up and then some.  Now give me two Browns."

Boris took the silver, bit it, surprised it was real and even more surprised that Grunk had that kind of money.  He filled the Tankards and handed them to Grunk along with a couple pieces of copper coin for change.

Grunk took the tankards and walked over to the strangers table, he had a rich looking cloak on.  He placed the tankards down, spilling some of the contents on the dirty table cloth and his hands.  He wiped his hands upon his tattered, dirty, shirt, held it out, then decided better and pulled it back.  "Name is Grunk, you being a stranger here and all I thought I would be neighborly and buy you a drink.  Mind if I sit down?"

Grunk did not wait for an answer he sat down opposite the stranger.  The low light in the tavern did not allow Grunk to see the stranger clearly, besides the stranger had his cowl pulled over his head.  Grunk took a long sloppy slug of the ale, wiped his mouth, and slapped the table.  "Hey ar'nt you drinking?  It's the best ale you will ever drink and the only good thing those dwarves ever made.  Brown it's called.  By the way, where ye from?  Need a guide.  I come cheap and know this town like the back of me hand."
Troas "Dead? How?"

The mesmerizing woman smiled. "I killed him.  Breach of contract.  Any problems with that?"

"Ah, no.  I would much prefer to deal with a beautiful woman anyday." Troas replied giving her his most dazzling smile. I would have never thought Malok could be killed, at least not by some woman. I wonder what she wants?  "So if you are now the Lord, Lady of fire, it would be crass to call you a Lord, when Lady fits you much better. I assume you knew the terms of contract I had with Malok.  In fact as I look at you, I seem to recall seeing you with him.  Isn't your name Issrah?"

The woman's eyes turned icy. "No, that was my sister.  She is dead also.  I am called Rhaz."

"Um.. did you umm.."

"No fool I did not kill my own sister.  What kind of person do you think I am?  No, some Elven witch we had captured in Thalambath's fortress did so when the Resistance's forces attacked."

"The Resistance!  Attacked!  When?"

"At night.  I must go.  I will talk with you later."

The globe went dark.

Oscar Lotus
A beer in the belly is never a bad thing.

Bobbo the Beggar
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« Reply #12 on: March 02, 2003, 06:53:22 AM »

Bobbo was satisfied with Qui's answer and let him go. He was quite startled when the man pulled out his sword. But then he heard them say that they had found Oscar in the sand. Soon the storm ended. Bobbo threw back his hood, and in the act of doing so, showered himself with the sand on it. He quickly dashed to the other tent, forgetting Lucirina for a moment. Then he saw that Oscar was dead.

Bobbo stopped and stood in shock for a moment. He closed his eyes, but soon opened them again. Tears began to fall down his face, the cleansing water washing away the sand on his face. He went to the dead man's side and knelt beside him.

In much sorrow, Bobbo lifted his hand and gently closed the good old man's eyes one last time. He also closed his mouth. He coughed and stood up.

"If any deserved the title of lord it was you, Oscar," he said solemnly, "Farewell."

He heard Qui accuse him of being the cause of Oscar's death. He turned around in time to see the Tristin slap Qui across the face. Then Qui asked for his forgiveness.

"You are forgiven by me," said Bobbo, "I wish I would have known that you had Lucirina safely out of the tent. I could have stayed and helped. I feel I must thank you for saving Lucirina's life, Qui, for I fear if it hadn't have been for you, she would not be alive."

Bobbo turned and saw Lucirina say something to Oscar in elvish as his body was bore away. He saw she was in great sorrow. He rushed to her side and put his arms around her, letting her cry on his shoulder. As he embraced her, he found himself crying as well.

New Santharian

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« Reply #13 on: March 02, 2003, 12:35:22 PM »

As everyone emptied out of the inn...well that was in his party anyway he saw Radaroc holding a sword to Atrii's neck Shaint threw a brow up at him aswell as an odd look "Drop him Radaroc" Shaint looked over his shoulder "You may follow me, however if you do not do what you wish" Shaint slipped his two hands into his pockets and began to walk forward across the sand from the sand-storm,

Shaint slowly walked through the city looking at a few recovering people but groggy from being hit so hard by the suprising sand, He came to around a dock on where a Tavern sat....he could tell so by a slight smell of ale and wine mixed aswell as the occasional drunkard dragging himself out, "I could use a drink....." Shaint came closer to the tavern as a drunk passed him "Hick-'ey go shee' the Hick-newsh 'uy"

Shaint looked at the drunkard and shook his head slightly " go rest my friend" he walked passed the drunkard and into the tavern Shaint didn't pay attention to heavilly or he would have noticed that Gararion...or someone that looked like him was sitting off at a table where another man had just approached him.

Shaint sat down at a table and rubbed a hand through his hair he glanced around as a waitress approached him "Can I get any-thin for yea darlin?" Shaint looked at her oddly "uh...just a wine please" Shaint looked back and folded his hands he began to think about this whole thing but mostly Keelin....

'Perhaps it is a waste of time....perhaps not....now I wonder why I ever gave up feelings......but at the same time why did I bring them back?!

He who lives by the sword Lives with Pain Anger and Sorrow
But he who lives by the sword lives not with regret for he who lives by the sword lives with Redemtion

Lucirina Telor Vevan
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« Reply #14 on: March 02, 2003, 12:42:22 PM »

Lucirina felt the warmth of a pair of arms embracing her and once more she could feel guilt over the death of the old man wash over her once more... this was all her fault..... had she not returned to the tent crying as a child both Qui, Bobbo and herself would have been there to aid Oscar and maybe the kind old man would still be alive.
Filled with guilt and self loathing she wriggled herself free of Bobbo's arms and walked away in silence, the tears already starting to dry on her cheeks as her eyes grew distant and cold as they had been the day she entered the tavern of the Thirsty Herald.
She walked over to a soldier that were trying to kindle a fire and placed a hand on his shoulder, as she spoke the voice could well have come from a corpse, so flat and cold it was.

"One dosn't mean to bother you Milord. But One needs to know if there is someone in this camp, besides Qui, that can teach One the art of the throwing knifes."

The soldier looked down at the elven woman and shuddered slightly, it was like looking into the void as he met her emotionless eyes, he had seen her early this morning as she had gifted him with a smile, and he was amazed that she was the same woman, she seemed so changed.
"You may ask Valach, the man standing over there, close to the gate, he is a master of the knifes, his skill almost rivaling that of Qui himself."
He answered her  and pointing at the man he called Valach, a soldier who had his face marred by several scars and that leaned quite heavily against the gate of the fortress.
Lucirina bowed slightly at the soldier without smiling before heading toward the gate where she bowed at Valach before speaking.

"Greetings milord, One is sorry to bother you in this time of mourning but One was told that milord is skilled with the knifes. One needs someone to teach One the art of the throwing knifes but milord Qui has other things on his mind at the moment.....
One's question is simple, will milord teach One?"

Valach was amazed over the fact that there suddenly was a short elven woman standing beside him and asking him to train her in the art of the knifes.
He scratched the back of his head and was about to ask her to leave him alone when he looked into her eyes, cold and empty as the void. Eyes that had decided to shut everyone out from her heart and only care for herself.
He frowned and leaned down to look better at her.
She was fair, as most elven women, the air of coldness around her only making her seem more attractive.
Curious about her and about the reason for such coldness made him nod at her, speaking with a low and almost growling voic.
"I will train you, it will not be easy but I suspect you have lived a harsh life and you have survived it up to now so I guess you can take the training.
My name is Valach Ezard."
He stretched out a massive hand to take hers that almost dissapeared within his grip.
The elven woman smiled, a smile that didn't reach her eyes that remained cold and distant as she spoke her name.

"Ones name is Lucirina Telor Vevan.... Milord can call One Nightbird"

With a soft shake of hands the two wandered off to a distant part of the camp and started the training, the eyes of the elf carrying a look of determination in them.... and emptyness

From sunrise to sundown I live my life as a song.
Listen to the songbird, don't ignore it.

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